Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, April 17, 1903, Image 5

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    Spring Medicine
Tlioro Is iiu otlinr season when Rood
' mcillcliio Isiotnlich nccdoil niflu tlio
Tlio Wood la lwpiirn, wcnlc and
ImiOVorlJiect a condition indicated
'by pimples mid olhor eruptions on tlio
fsco find body, by deficient vitality,
Um of iiiiulltu, luck of strength, niul
tynut of uiiliuiitlon.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
and Pills -
,JIwo tlio bloml puro, vigorous and
rloli, cretito npiiotlto, glvu vitality.
nr. iigtn jinu itiiiiimuon, anil euro
nil eruption. Jlavo tun whole, family
. begin to tnlco lliam today .
"Hood's Barsapnrllln tin been used In
. nor family tor tome lime, anil alwaya with
' good result. I-iut spring I wns all run
down anil got n loltl u( II, and as ustial
received great benefit." Mm lliuuu
Hover, Stowo, Vt.
Hootl'o Snrnnpnrllla promloco to
euro una r.ei)o tno promloo.
Marijr to Knowledge.
lniing I.ady Worn yon pleased with
tlm now school, llltlo boy!"
i.iiuo iray pnwi i;cy in ail o mo
wimh inn faro, nn' when I wont liomu
du (low bit inn 'caitKo Iiii didn't know
luul Uhlrngo fvevta.
For Infant nnd Children.
Ths Kind You Ilavo Always Bought
Signature pf
Didn't Have To.
Dr. Pnlloy (loiklni; at tlio thormom
clr-r) lliumnl I don't llkn your tctn
Hick Rtiidont Tliitiiwliydldyoii take
UT Harvard Lampoon.
flood Catsup.
If you hnvo never been rnrfoctly sat
IslloJ with tlin catsup you bato boon
getting, wo want yon to try a bottle of
Monopolo. Men II you aro satisfied
vin want you lo try It anyway, for wo
aro sure jou will heroine n permanent
user of It. No otlier brand In ' tlio
markot baa tlio fluo taito, tlio delicate
flavor and gilts to any dish that auix
tltlnx mat as doe) Monopolo. (Jot
Mnnopolo catsup from your dcalor.
Wndhama A Kerr flron., Monopolo
urocora ana Dry tolloe Koaslcrs, Tort'
laud, Oru.
Latakla Tobacco.
tatakla tobacco obtalna Ha peculiar
navor inrougn tmintr tprinkled with
watir and allow! lo fennout after
thorough fumigation with tlio smoke of
rvalnotis nrmnatlo wrod grown In Hyrla,
states a consular rrjort. .
Little Liver Pills.
RSuat Doar Stfjnnturo of
ttt Pac-Slmllo Wrapper tUlvn,
II n a nrrn'n
I Vcary aaaaU and aa easy
to tahe aa eagar.
iron iiwdaciid.
p. I iimiiaiiB wmaM awwi. I
. Stats I furoir rwuauv&iirir
Making ft l!aiy.
"My Hoar Mr," wrolo tlio adltor to
Iho t oralttnut young author, "In ordor
lo simplify mnttrtrs riimowliat wo am
uiolo.lng n l.imoli of our 'docllnod
with tliimkn' notices. If you will put
nun ot tlino In nn envelope with your
niniiuecrlpt nnd mail It lo yourself It
will niiiko It easier for all of us, snd
oit will Im aaving totuuthliig In pont
age us well," ,
Long Time n I'nsliuniter.
Tim iltmn nl IoiiMIi'uIhm piiptmntlois
UMIIoT WliK'licttor, of Houlli Anion
In, N. Y., who lnifi ln!n In ofllru filly
lour yar, linvlnu l.cmi nppolnted July
III, 1HIII. Tim Hilary of lna position In
133 per yniir.ninl lliiirn hna nuvor koii
n (oiiiilnliit iiKalnat liln olllco.
Squeaky, I
A lllllo Ihrco jinr old mlfa wiillo
her mother ni trying to et her to
elcop bucflinn liitiinulrd in n iecullnr
liohe, nnd utked ulmt'lt wna. I
"A (flclot, ler," replied her
"WVll," remarLml thn lltllo lady,
"h onuht to yet hlttolf oiled."
Young 1'nopln'a 1'npor.
Juallflalile llnutcur.
rnnlliio Have you nothing to bo
proud I7
rrnido;o Yea. I'm prond that I
haven't nny fnlto pride.
Vic It.
Ono of thn lief t plrccfl of advlco for n
mln jonrnoy tlirouuh lifo I aaw on n
rlgn at a railroad croraing. Tlio alrn
reml: "fltoj.l I.ookl Matenl" UaN
tlmoro Amuricau.
Half- Sick
Tlio lna and Oata of It.
"Is your matter In?" aeloJ the cal
ler of thn aurvant at the door.
"'Dowl, uh, I don't kuow fo' uro."
"Can't you Und out?"
"Well, ml,, H'a din way! Kf yo'
fOtne to nav llllt vn lu.rrna n,l nt
him, ho fay he'a In Jos' dat muchj but caurrh c"
" I first used Aycr's Sarsapurllla
In the fall of 18-18. Since then I
have taken It every spring as a
blood pttrlfylne and nerve
strengthening mcdlclno."
S. T. Jones, Wichita, Kans,
If you feel run down,
arc easily tired,- If your
nerves arc weak and your
blood is thin, then begin
to take the good old stand
ard family medicine,
Aycr's Sarsaparilla.
It s a regular, nerve
lifter, a perfect blood
builder. u.,m,. Atuntiiiit.
Atk imr lnlar wfi.t fi. think, nf A..p.
fiir.finar1lla. Il bnww. .11 .Imut tlit. ur.rifl
bM f.inllf m.flt.ii9 Volltw til. adrloa&d
w win b'i
,j.ii ran w uiwiji, uui.
Itiiasell Huge, tlio nged financier, In
a very nblu article printed In New
York, dcfliiea the aecrot of his success
nnd tells young nien how to auccccd.
ilo snys:
"A young man to succeed must
necessnrlly have n definite Idea of
'whi he wauls to do, and must con-
'tliiunlly keep It heforu his mind. He
must work ns hnrd as he con to no
.eompllsh It, and must not be dismayed
or turn from his course by discourage
ments. Wlmt measure of success may
have been renched In ty long life
Iiiih lii-eti due almost entirely lo tlnse
.four things. -
"I have been a very busy man for
u v rw vh i
si '
Inventor Ilia Mind.
M. Oouliot, Inventor ol tho suhma
line Iwat, tno patHiits of wliich wore
jiurchax'd by an Kngllah company, lire
been removed to an asylum.
Between Trlcnda.
"I'm getting tired of boarding
homes," raid tlio young man who parts
lilt liair In tlm middle. "I've liall a
mind to get married."
"Of i-onrfe," growled tho old bachel
or. "It takes Just abint that ainn'unt
of mind to think of such a fool thing."
A prominent Southern lady,1
almost seventy years, and I nm nb- Dlancliard, of NasllVllic,
solulely eonvltued that n young mnn y i .. , , .
who makes up his mind to succeed 'pnn., ICIIS HOW SI1C WaS cure J
almost luvurlnhly will do so. If be OJ DflCKaCllC, 0IZZII1CSS, nainilil
lit hliiiU rs f II, al,tif fttntuflnt n fl il fl f 1 1 I aWTI 1 1 A f Wt ff tf1 2 f Xt I 1 fI t tl R !
C0nc'lltrtG8 III! Ills effort. Willi llje YinUUncA!tiMn. Cmnntinii I
rlnia miHiiiiaji In el., trf I "
' I tii.l.rwimu a n 4. nabtinw .
I I . .. LI. . A .1 .. f I uimnumj wuiiviii iuu W u,n uu it a-
for any young man who desires to tabo Compound. I have kulTered for
succeed nnd It Is this; That under no four years with. Irregular and painful
vlrcumstnnccs should he yield to (be menstruation, Av dizziness, pains In
temntnllmi nf irambllns- In stocka. the back and lower limbs, and fltful
I Now. I do not mean by this that lie 'fjP; 1 dreaded the Ume to eomo
!., , 1 n.vr ..u .;. il,ri, wWch would only mean aufTerlng to
the medium of speculation, but, rather. Pinklmni'a A'ori-.talilnCoiiirioinul
that he should always observe some brought mo health and happlnesa lu a
business method In all ills deallucs. tow snort months, ana was wortn
In Canned Fruits aud Vegetables
ono word is all you need to know.
T hat one Is
Get them from your dealer. 'Wad
hams & Kerr Ilros., Monopolo Groc
ers aud Dry Codec ICoastcrs, I'ortland,
St. Helen's School for Girls.
Thlrty-thlnl year, Commodloui bul)Hna.
Moiiorn equipment. Atadenileand solhxro
jireirtory eourac. fepeclal oouriea In
muiieaiKjart. IUuitrated cililogue. All
acpartmcnti now open.
MISS nLtMNOW TnnnmTS, Prlnelp.
Theo two areat
loader are wurtn
' attenLlonofovnrr
U.,ltAnl Vnnuin larmer and Deaf.
naiumii an u nil or M. ,,,..
FlnnslHII R 1". quallt
iltcrcsj In your town.
TIFflflTIIY dr,!counTr0nIM'UTn
I I in U I il I thy t?elmpTyoMiula"cd
jii ijusiiit. itrue ir.r
prices aau samplea de-town.
184 Front St., I'arUand, Or.joii
Will alao Mnd you at ume time urn
plea and pricei of ray great ipeclalilea.
Wo offer Oat nundred liollari Reward for any
raaaof L'altarrh Ibal can ool bt cured by Ililri
of yo come to borrow some mo', ho aay
ho'a out all bn's gwmo tor be, sub."
Ued lo It.
Towno You don't moan to lar vou
didn't notleo that i-arthnuakc shockT
Ji'owne l guess I was borne In Aim-
hurst at tho time.
loans Hut tho shakt must have Uiatritein
oeen percept Iblo tbsrn. , j uttvVr.
iiruwD" i (ussa ail oi ns toon it lor
our malaria. Philadelphia l'rass.
, r. i - Cll lCi.EY A Co., Trvpe. . Toledo. O.
w. tliAilnner.l.riMl.h.lrTi.vnl.Vj ,'Vi.n.w
(or Ue pa.t l.iveari, and Ullot. lilin p-rfeci:T
sonor.ble In ill m-ln-. Iraotwtlon. and On.
anolallr able to carry out any nblltatioua uada
Hm4 Tacix.
TTholeiale Urunlin, Toledo,
WlLblKO KfKM.H Jt Ui.Tiir
Waolo-ale PrueiHK, Taledq.O.
ITaira CalArrh flnf 1. t.k.M I 11 .
Ilrectly aa tba blond and nnooui lurl.eeaol
rrlce 7M-p.r boitle. avid ky all Itt.
ramlly rill, are the Lett.
All the Warld'e a 'Pathecary Sbp.
Fimo ftuyter Is not an authori ho'a
a liorn chemist.
Tlrao WhyT
Hesao Etery novel be writes baeomei
drug on the market. Brooklyn
What Jhe Waa Thinking.
Oladya I'm something of a mind
reader myaelf.
Kthel Indeed?
Oladva Yoa; I can nsually tell at a
glancowhat a pcrsou thinks of ma.
Ethel Wonderful I But don't yon
often And It awfully embarrassing?
Would Surely Ratio Revenue.
In tho old days they spoke of a li
censed-fool, If all the fools wore re
quited to have a licsnie now. the gov
ernment could do nway with its 'other
taxes and (till maintain the surplus.
Theia's "alnglo lax" for you.
Just What Happened.
"Penelopo," said tho anxious mother.
'tell mo trnly, did Charles kits you
laft night?"
"riierowas a slight labial jnxta'-
poaltlnn aa Charles took bis leave,
mother, but I niiuio you It waa only
momentary and therefore Inocuous."
Thwarted Tliem.
"Why did old Itolllngold giro away
all his monev?"
nil: 1.1 1. 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 imnrauce. h'o..
iiu ne niiaiii inn ruiaiiTvn nuiiiu (f; it umy help mu
have him adjudged Incapablo of taking Why the l'cmi Mui
Knew Her Uuilneta.
Boftleigh Are you cult aura
Banka Is not In?
Tho Maid 01 course I am. Bhe
gave me one of your photographs In
ordor to make me doubly sure.
Berlin's Oldett "Welaa Beer" Saloon.
Berlin's eldest "welss bier" saloon
Is being torn down. It waa in the
Gharlottenatrasse and bad been open
121 years.
It Couldn't fie.
The other morning llltlo Howard got
np unusually cross. Roy triad to play
with him, but at last ha became impa
tient nnd said:
"I guess you got up on tho wrong
aide of the bed." Little Howard
promptly rep'led;
"o, 'uy. 1 uot up on mamma's
aids." .
more than months under the doctor's
care, which really did not benefit ma
at all. I reel nua another nerftan now. I. reallv i
My aches and p.ilna have left rac. I , " n'r.!d.are,11-,
am K.itlncd there la no medicine so ; cure of manr dlwasci. new war.
good for aiclc woman aa your Vcge- . money and get employment, to nur and care
table Comnonnd. and I adrrvnte It to en
my lady Irienus in need ol medical
hcp."--Mns. B. A. ULAXCltAsn, J
Broiul St.. Kaslivlllo. Tenn. ssooottr.
I ( If trljlnal ef about Utter prulnf qtnulrnntu
Conner. w product j.
When women are troubled with
menatrual Irregularities, weakness,
lrucorrhtca. displacement or ulceration
of tin womb, that larIng-down feel
ing, Inflammation of the ovaries, back
ache, they Uiould remember there is
one tried and true remedy. T. villa E.
Ijf ,
I BffuBT AreRoldinbjoettoap. Ej
V8W 1 t"oval and at n prlf M
Wfly I t that Kill enable you Pj
f J on K ttW CIW, -fho
f VaSai clraneet, falreat ma- 3
. chlnelnalllhe vorld.
. UuUtlt.i i iu nui mtii uimii any m
f olhor, via: g
f Clote Sl.lmmlng-. Caiy Cleanh I. ffl
I Usht Runnlnz. . DurakUlty. H
I M Writs for tree catalogue. H
SPOKANB, Willi. 10ISD. Idaho N
Won Medal, Parli, woo.
It tellM von ulefliiC
nfty dlC4iTerwl Jtotantcal Kenv-sirei for tho
to make
i And care
to nrolontr tiM Atrsi and lira liMl
yetrn, tto newly dlfcoyered Anfl Worm oil
, mwnaxe ior rfriioviiig wrinmep una wauuiy
lug tho comi'lexlon, netr Tarletlas of ronB,
f rulu and regftat tt, iho wjirat, corn and sun
flower food, cereal codec, imitation eat, euld
and silver, itands addx, preventing fiualli-or
, ttlttlngn, niaple nyrnp and luear from wuwl.
imngn too neen not a, ir.e nocior, a real nointj
doctor book and encjcloptlla of gviieral lnfor-
.man ana woman mai
h Tobacco
V -st:
1. mmOFBX!
Vrtte for
Eu ftoi,rooitmrrj
Ttienhone MamJSt
nusszu. sAar-
Wben sonnd, good-paying stocks a(c
low be might do well to buy tbem
as an Investment only, but not other
wlie. The fever f .speculation baa
hern the ruin of thousands of young
men ana tne wreck or mnny ronuuei,
and It wlll-contlnuo to cast wrecka
Mothers will dna Sirs, mnslow's Sooth- j
Shlldran during Uie teething period.
Learning by Degrees.
Little Charlie being asked by his
tear her Iho Vubject of hla geography
lerson, answered promptly:
"Longitude and8hortitndo."
Much vou mav hare rue.nd about life In.ur.
aoee n ay I wrmir Mr. M. C. IJpidneeti, of.
i uu, in .uw ni.'a, ,urtiii'-, iii.ur i
nllinrlllM. nl tl.m .m h.a MtiVPl.'htad . lO
'My boy John writes mo that he is
stoppin' at tho bed hotels," remarked
Mrs. Corn.
"Is he a commercial traveler"
"No; he's drivln' a parcola delivery
van." Uasselrs Journal.
Satisfied With Dog' Warning.
When a dog entered the cell of Maur
ice Bouche, Imprisoned at Lille.
by the wayside as long as most of France, and nnder sentence of death
us are mad to get rich quickly. for the mutder of a woman, and licked
A young man whe really and earn-1 oil hand, on the morning ol the day ol
eatly desires to succeed should never execution, the murderer, who had all
waste any time In dissipation. He along protested his Innocence, and ex-
should, of course, allow himself the pressed confidence lo a reprieve, iinme-
neccssary amount of recreation and ulately prepared for death
rest, and be should Jry to live a
healthy, regular life. He should try
to acquire regular habits that Is. sleep
and eat nt the same hours each day
and night, so as to keep In perfect
physical health. Then he should make
a rule each week to put by a certain If
amount of his earnings and acquire
the bnblt of aavtmr. There are very
j few men who are not able to make nJ
i uouar. out ine luaKing or a' uouar is
not the most Important thing.' It Is
far moru Important to know how to
save It.
"All a young mnn has to do Is to
work hard aud save money. That
may souud very easy, but It Is the
main point. It Is uot saving alone
that counts; It Is knowing how to
save. No, one rliould stint himself
of anything really needful. The fault
of most of our young men of to-day
Is that they do not stick close enough
buslneai. The man who always
tries to get off as easy as possible.
things you need not a., the doctor, a real tioine
ocior oooz ana encycio
mallon. wanted bTeeerv.1
wants tealth and wealth. I aliout 100 paree,
, paper cover. Cuntenta sheet free.
The California EoUalal HtJiclae Co.,
ro08 orUl Alvirndo L. Jas Angeles, Cab
t 1
ID i
Stem Ihipj
IaRred tlitorlnrcnort1i dnumtd
with protrudirf pllra broiirliL on by constipa
tion with which 1 waa aiTUUd for twentr
years. I ran acrow your CASC'ARETS in the
town of Vewtll, la., and oerer found aa;lbIo(t
to equal them. To-day 1 am antlMlj free from
piles and feel llkn a new man."
a Il.KitTZ, 1411 Jones St.. Sioux CUy, la.
wnorvmon m voouyemr welt liana
Sftvrcdrrooosz) ctoeo(f,an anyothor
will be ril to anrone who
Can disprove tali .uueaent.
Becauso W. L. Douglas
ha can liny cheaper and
produce Ids ahoca at a
lower out than other eoa-1
cems, wlik-h enablea him'
to sell show for 13.50 and
ertnal m every
way 10 inoeo sola eise-
wnero for Wand J3.00.
.1 -r.t nriv. I
cms or t inlnr ta bottori erlea producel abso-
iCSaH'VSS lfl
' ?' Mfl-Tn-f!
TaarjiMAaa ciewnnco
'tn thm for jltla u& will i
or money.
lc5a?-r tIVor tAnni r fn th world.
i rftTtmorat.'i'ia doubled the past ftmr
rf"-'1 vriu suriicrtr. Way not
tT W. la.louc-A ahoea a trial nd saT moner.
JHotlrn Iiitf.m f s-rj Ptvlff ; 15,2011, Mmi,tl
lnUutluiMI V.C2 KjaJtll e.,024( It 40,00
A vain of 330,4rto.701ii Four Tears.
Worth $0.00 Compared with Other Makes.
The bttt tmporftH ani AtMrtmn trathtri, HtapM
Patent Calf. nmet, D jt Calf, Calf, Vlcl Kid, Corona
Cort, anst National Kantnroo. Fat t Color EytleU.
V.rfltU aim end rrica itxrared on bottom.
Short 6(1 Mfi, tor. extra. 171 m. Catalog frtt,
Plexnnt. Palatable, rotent. Taite Good. Po
Good, luster bicken. Wet ken, or Gripe. 10e.35e.60o.
at-riU, Kwar4f t,uj, CbUr l-tlnal. S. f .rfe. SfJ
P. N. U.
No. 16-190J.
K BUMU-liflO ti.uto CUUK-rotiieco llaclu
TT'HKN writ In r to advertisers please
mention tbta-papar.
By socthlnff ird rubdulrs
the pala, th.t's tlia iy
llltlo Unit entlllcd "The lluw and IVti.
t-.a. U-eu adupled by .ereral Kaalern evlleres , ..... .i,. . 4?
to leach iho nt nrlui-li-ali of li iii.ur.n, and when working for othera does as $
and mar be had free tr eddreolnr tth.ruisn
BTltl liariuuil. crner.l i(ut. i ena aiuiuii i.i e
caro of It."
Scientific f act,
Frod lio you know anything about
Too -Do I? My dear boy, I'vo made
It u lifo study.
Fred-With what result?
Jooj-Wcll, I'vo aucceoded In reduc
irg my Ignorance ol It to u science.
" Vat bronchial trnuldee try I'lso'a Cure
for Ootisiimiitlmi, It Is a K""d rough
tuodiclur. At ilriiggl.ts. prlre 2ft cems.
Had All tic Wuntcd.
"I doi't llko yor story," raid the
Ollivillo render.
"Mavbo not now," rcpllod tho auth
or, "but it will grow on yoiii"
"I hope not," waa tho reply, "or
I'vo got thrt'o carbuncles now." At
Inula Constitution.
A Dllfcrent State.
Towno Fleimati'n home for a short
trip from his now rniHi in Texas.
Iirowne tea, I saw him.
Towno He's so full of Texas ho
can't talk of anything elto.
Iirowne When I taw him I noticed
that ho couldn't talk. of anything, but I
thought It was becana ho wn full ut
Kentucky. Philadelphia I'recs. tlUIIMI.I., llllllllM.
mu in unu.r.ianu now ana
luiual ilnrinr lri wrntA a
lirL-er imnunt (if In.urince In Oreirun than mi
over tieiora written In tUo state by any com
I any lu one year.
No Amateur.
Illll That man is a horrible liar.
Jill 0, I don't know; I think he's
good at it. Yonkers Ktatesman.
Quite Appropriate.
Ho I wonder why Mrs. 8nlugg
dietfrs ro loud?
1.0 Oh, her hubennd is quito deaf.
If H 111 fl I
little as possible for the wages he
receives, will uever get ahead and
never amount to anything In life.
"Every young tnah should through
nil his business career constantly keepl,
In mind the nnrable of the faithful
servant In the nlnctccnlh chapter of
St. Luke and the reward given to him:
'llecnuse thou hnst been faithful In a
very little have thou authority over
teu cltlrs."
Mr. .Sii go Is In good health, goes
regularly to bis ofllee each day nnd
looks after 111," many Interests as close
ly as be did ten yeur3 ngo.
I St Jacobs Oil
Tttct, 25c oitrt 50c.
Boys' and Youths'
JacI;: Knife Shoes
Ask your dialer for lie lack
Kr.i'e Shoe. Every boy geta a
pocket knife w-'ti his pair of J
snoea. lxsi v.carug luces, luaor 4
steel knives. '
KRAUSE & PRliNCE, Wholesalers, 87-S? First St., Portland, Or. ;
t. AAA JkJkaVasVA.
..Scarcely a Bay mm
I apcs bnt w are called njm to ior.oni
n.e dlQIi ult dental operation that It
the direct rtmltof neglectln ti.e leetn.
We nnnt urge too a.ronirly the bnc!lt
stid et unmny of c nuUlnK adeutUtat
Iteery ilrmtvljin if totn trouble At
ttc r'arr theie tn nbles are ct.rrecifa
qulcklr and at small cust. i ur methoJi
a-e ran.ieFn ana our wore yuarauiet-a
Olun-bla ojifu etenliiK
tili v.
nr. a. wim
or .. . uimi
SOS.Sy.!l . 11,312.11, Kallin,' Bug.
('nr. T nlrd and waihlngtoa ti.
Who Enjoy the Choicest Products
of tho World's Commerce.
CITC r.rmRneenr nuimi Mo Sr. or ncrvoti.uasl
I I lO slisr llr.1 ('. ij'.iiftir klln.'.nrtNT
;io.Uir.', S.oforftl!litVJ.OOliUni.,iil..ii.llnl.
W Da.K.ll.KuxK.l'ia. idiarcbduriill.d.lrbu.1'
the filthy secretions nnd mucous mat'
ter find their way Into' the Stomach
ind are distributed by the blood to
every nook ntul corner of the system;
the Stomach and Kidneys, in fact
. r . i . .. 1 i.. i..
i svciy uikuu unit iJ.nk Ul iiiu uuuy, uc-
Ambition Ucallzed I tome infected with the catarrhal
Whon Andrew t!riri.eSl0 was com-' 'poison. This disease Is rarely, If ever,
pelle.1 to oorrow n dollar to plato in u eyenInitscarlleststnf;es,n.piirclylocal
contribution box tho,othec night It lUense or simple iiinammnt on ol the
must l.a'vo been tho happlct mouiont . nose nnd throat, nnd thhjiswhysprays,
of hla life,. At last his great ambition, J1"' powders nnrTllie various in
bad boon'- realised. He was i.onulluas. 1 M"S mixtures fall to cure. Heredity
When the cold wave flag Is up, freezlnfr .weather is on the way. Winter
Is here in earnest, mid with it all the miserable symptoms of Catarrh
etum blinding headaches nnd neuralgia, thick mucous discharges
out the nose nnd throat, a hacking cough nnd pain in the chest, bad
tatr in flit- mmitli. f.-tlil lirrnth. nnuson nnd nil that tunkes Catarrh the
ninst nicbenhir' nuil iliRfiistlnir nf nil cnmnlailits. It causes a fcclklir of per-
tonal defilement nnd mortification that keeps one nervous nnd anxious while
In the company of others.
in spite ot nil ciiorts to prevent it,
Tlioy Aro Kluiwlnc Ulrils.
'The sparrow Is certainly a know
.Ing bird," said n man who Is employed
it the ulrard rolnt grnln elevators.
"He can figure out a thing for him
self tn a way that la astonlshlu
Down around the clevatora there ure
thousands of them who feed on the
XEnowledKo ot WliatIa Dcst UXore Xtu
porlaut Than AVeultU AVtlU
out II.
It must bo ncparent to every one that
qualities ot the hlehest order aro necea-
m ,, ,, . - ... . I UU1J- IU CI.U U IIIU UC.I Ul .1113 lUUUUUkOU.
trains of wheat that fall to the ground, mnArrn Pmm,. , ,,, Jmw
aui rvi-euiiy we uuveii i uecu getting l to universal aoceptanoo. However loudly
my wheat. In fact, for some time neralded.tneymaynothopetorworld-wldo we haven't been linndllnir nnv. Preeminence unless (hey meet with tho
n.i.. i... I trenerni approval, not ox inaiviauais oniy.
iiii.iH uui vuiu. . , , - ,, ,v ,,;
Xow, a kernel of corn Is rather too faculty or selecting, onlovlne find loarn-
uirge ior a sparrow to awouow, outline tno real worth ot the choicest prod-
lust the samo I watched u lot of them nets- Their commendation, consequently,
ntidclm. nn Hn kpriiola tlm nilmi. i,.v hocomoa Important to others, since to
One day little four-yonr-old Corn was
trying to- stand qn her head. Her
mother asked hor what eh,o was doing.
Hlio aiisworodf
"I'e standing on my head ti rest my
foot." Lltllo Ohronlele.
Manchester, Va., March 0, 1001.
Qeutlemoni-I had all tho symptoms
that accompany this dtaeaao, such aa
rouous dropping- In tho throat, a con
stant degtro to hawk and spit, feeling
of dryueas in tho throat, ooush and
aplttini; upon rising lu tno morning-,
scabs forming; In the nose, which rs
eulred rnuoh effort to blow out, some
times causing tho noso to blood and
leavlnir mo with a stole headaohs. X
had thua aufferod for five yaara.
X comruoncod to talc. S. B. S. and
after X had taken three Urge bottles,
X notlood a ohang-a for the bettor.
Thua enoouracod, X continued to tak,
it and lu a ahort whtlo was entirely
SXalu and Vino 8ts., Blohmoud, Va.
i ltd what do you suppose they did with
tlii'iur vou win hardly believe mo
when I tell you, hut It's gospel truth.
Bach sp.u-row Hew over to tho railroad
mil carefully deposited his kernel of
:orn on the rail. Then they all hopped
meet tho requirements ot tho well In
formed ot all countrlos tho method of
manufacture must bo ot the moat per
fect order and tho combination the most
excellent ot Its kind. The above la true
riot of food products only, but la espe
cially applicable to medicinal acenta tyvi
after nearly a quarter ot a century o(
- - ihisi iicmijr u quurier ui u vcruury i
roil lid nnd chattered until a shifting growth and general uso tho excellent
Successors to John "oole.
Koot of Morrison street, I'ortlaud, Oregon,
Write ui ur call for prliwi on everything In
tho maoklnery line. I'lustnrouiaiooit: waa-
on., uug
nnd haui
iiaoalnery line. I'losinrouiatotiit: Waa
Itugalas, Cream Separators ulm All mo
hand goods, to laals room for now llflo.
13 sometimes back of It parents have
It mid so do their children.
T.i tlm rntmi-nfr nf Pnlnrrb. nnl!
septic and soothing washes are good for cleansing purposes or clearing the
Head anil luroat, uut mis is me extent oi mcir uumw.. v...-.
permnneutly, the blood tttust be purified and the system relieved of its load
of foul seeretlons, and the remedy to accomplish this is S. S. S. which has
no equal as n uioou punucr. u !
the b(oot to it natural, healthy state and
the catarrhal poison and allete matter
are carried out of the system through tlio
proper channels. S, S. S. restores to the
brood nil its good qualities, and when
rich, till re blood reaches the inflamed
membrane and Is carried through the circulation to all the Catarrh lnejed
oortUns of the body, they soon heal, the raucous discharges cease and tlft
patient is relieved of the most offensive arid humiliating of alt cbmplaliitj.
0, S. 3. is d vegetabte remedy and contains, nothing" that could failure tun
most delicate constitution. It cures Catarrh In its most aggravated fbrrus,
and cases apparently incurable arid hopeless. Write us If ydu have Catarrh,
nAour physicians will advise yqu, without, charge. ,
s win spEoifIo do., a tlanta, oa.
engine ciulie along, After It had pqss.
?d the corn was ground Into meal and
the sparrows nte It. Don't tell me a
ipnrrow hasn't nuy brains." I'hlla-
lelphla Record.
We'll Koreet, -forget
the whiter Its wrath
When the sun comes out and the days
oru mug,
When the blooms bend down
With the bees lu brown.
And tbo wind to the river clngs Its song laxative.
tlio blooms fall thick where the
doluli'i throngl
Atluutu Constitution.
remedy. Syrup ot Flss, is everywhere
accepted, throughout the world, as tho
heet ot family laxatives. Its quality Is
due not only to tho excellence ot tho
combination of tho laxatlvo and carmin
ative principles of plants known to act
most beneficially on the system and pre
sented In tho form ot a pleasant and re
freshing liquid, but also to tho method
of manufacture of the California Fig
Byrup Co., which ensures that uniformi
ty and purity essential In a remedy In
tended for family use. Ask any nhvsl-
clan who Is well Informed and ho will
answer at onco that It la an excellent
If at alt eminent In bis pro-
Iiosa on TolCKraph System,
On at lli-Italu s government tclosrnnli
system Is being-conducted ut u loss. In
(he lust blx yon ih the expenditures have
been lueioaslng.raoro rapidly In pruiw
tlou th an the receipts. The llgures tor
1000-01 were: Itocelpts, fa,3SS0,Mt8; e.-
leud.tures, f3,C5-t,70!. Tho expend ture.
however, includes tho outlayi for new
Hues, i .
fesslon and has made a aoeclal atudy of
laxatlvca and their effects upon the sys
tem ha will tell you that It la tho best
o( family laxatives, because it Is aim
plo and wholesome and cliansea and
sweetens th, system effectually, when
a laxative !j.najla. without any un
pleasant afUr-etfacte. Every well-informed
druazttt of reoutabla atandnur
knows that Syrup of F'ei Is aa excel
lent laxative and la glad to, sell It. at
mo regular price ot fifty cents per bot
tle, becawf it gives general satlifac
tlbri. hut ona ahOuld ri-mfrhhtp that In
Order to ckt the beneficial effects Of
8yrup of Figs It is necessary to amy tho
tfenutne. -which la sold In Orlclnal cack-
A man's pantaloons aro always either ds only s the .name of the remeMy
. .i.i... ..... i;... . I uyrun or firs tfnd alaa th full inn. of
iwu ...uu UK I" mil in iiiiiv vuai-ai ..fv f,hll,hMr..ti.)...i- B.J...Z f. '
-Familu vB
j Laxative 0m
I Recommended bu '
1 ' Many Millions
f The Wejl-Iiiforaijd. .
i Throughout thelTO
Sain Fratnciacp), 'sjlafb ''" '-X
IVouUvlUo, By, ' ' 1 VfXT Vora. N. V.
.n't nr tun ii wnm.iiT'a uklrt hiinin. iiii u0 .ompany-uarornia nff ' Byrup Co. , 1 ' M , . I
Ight WH"'dMS,rS5lrt,l)aigs,.Just,nUaioa the , front'- of every package, foil iLB'BT ALL IEADIKO DUlggisfS. j .tufa Wrr omra'PSD nWZh