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    Bohemia Nugget
iiowaiui iimnvH. robs.
Comnrthnlve Review of the Import-
nt Happenings ol the Past Week,
Presented In Condensed Form, Alost
Likely to Prove Interesting.
The cool etrlko commission bus near
ly completed Ita work.
The trlnlol Major Glenn la nearly
ovor ana It is nicely mo court win
acquit lilm.
Marconi will chargo ono cent a word
(or tho transralsslcn of wireless mcs'
eagea actoaa the ocean.
Teller liaa been olectod to congress
by Colorado Democrats, but the Repub-
Means Kill not oppose it.
Tlio bouso has passed llio agricul
tural bill. It carrlos an appropriation
ol $300,000 for free seeds.
The coal miners' convention, In sea
Inn at Indiananolls. voted down n
proposition to endorse socialism.
Bowen la confident that ho will soon
bo ablo to reach satisfactory terms
with Groat Britain and Gormany.
Senator Mitchell was 111 for teveral
days tho latter part of lastjweek and
unable to attend to ma routine uuues.
Great Britain liaa entered a protest
oontnit tho Cuban reciprocity treaty.
claiming it will hurt the sugar Indue
Tine Fuh Slang baa been proclaimed
emperor of China in opposition to the
Droecnt ruler and will begin a war to
kill off all foreigners.
After thrco years' delay, tho treaty
nrnvldinc for the filing of the Alaskan
boundary, has been signed by the
TInlteJ States and Great Britain.
- vero earthquakes shook South
Can-Una and Georgia.
Pernor Chamberlain baa signed
the l'ortland charter bill.
Germana say Venciuolana began the
recent fight at Fort ban Carlos.
A driving snow storm in Central
Kansas baa demoralized business.
An explosion of dynamite in a tunnel
at Pittsburg resulted In lour deal lis.
A wealthy JcrsoyCity produce merch
ant was doped and robbed ol fii.uuu.
Ex-Governor Charles R. Ingersoll, of
Connecticut, is critically ill. lie is
81 years old.
The bill providing for a fire boat at
Portland liaa been passed by ooin
houses of the legislature.
Action baa been brought in New-
York to havo tho famous "Flaliron"
building declared a nuisance.
At Olympia Friday the vote for een
ator stood: Ankeny 55. Preston 44,
Wilson 9, Turner 22, scattering 0,
total 130.
The vote for senator at Salem Frl
day stood: Fulton 29, Geer 15, Wood
13, scattering 10, absent and paired
17, total 00.
It is said that President Roosevelt
has turned againtt the admission of
Oklahoma. New Mexico and Arizona
because of a suspicion of jobbery.
Coal miners arejdemanding the gov
rnment ownership of mines.
A bljzzard in tho western part of
Colorado baa blockaded a:: railroad
Mild weather and free imports have
caused the price of coal to drop slightly
in New York.
An Illinois Central train ran into an
open switch at Memphis, Tenn., fatal
ly injuring three trainmen.
A Chicago & Great Western train was
wrecked at Freeport, III., and three
men killed and 15 others injured.
The second ballot for senator at
Olympia resulted as follows: Ankeny
50. Preston 42. Wilion 12. Allen 5,
Crow 4, Graves 1, Turner 22, total 130.
The third ballot for senator at Olym
pia resulted as follows: Ankeny 62,
Preston 41, Wilson 11, Turner 22,
6harp 5, Allen 3, Crow 1, Sanders 1,
total 136.
The third ballot for senator at Salem
txd- Fulton 32. Geer 17, Wood 17,
:'ittock 4. Williams 3, Mills
2, W,J
rion, Carey, Hermann, Hall,
Barrett, Paxton, one each,
., tal 00.
The second ballot (or senator at
Salem stood: Fulton 31, Geer 18,
Wood 17. Plttock 5, George 4, WiJ
Hams 2, Mills 2, Llntblcum, Wolvor-
ton, Carey, Hermann, Cako, Fenton,
Kundret one each, nsbent 4, total 00.
The agricultural aproprlatlon bill
carries (6,238,800, an increase o( (20,
000, but (400,000 less than tho esti
mates. A movement baa been started in In
dianapolis to buy a residence to bo pre
sented to John Mitchell, president of
the MIneworkora' union.
The number of striking garment
workers In Vienna has increased to 10,
000. It la expected that the employers
will be obliged to caplatulate.
Mayor Wells, of St. Louis, has sus
pended Patrick It. f ltzglon, tho city
registrar, who Is charged with corruptly
contracting (or city printing and bind
ing. President Roosevelt will speak at the
bl-centenaryof John Wesley in New York
on 'February 25.
The American Federation of Labor
will begin a campaign in (avor o( child,
labor laws and tho bill making eight
hours n day's work on government con
tracts. It will Investigate the charges
of Inhumanity to Porto Itlcan laborers
In Hawaii.
Tho Spanish minister of marine be
gan action in Edinburg, Scotland, to
recover (375,000 from the Clydebank
englncerlng'and shipbuilding company
because of tho company's failure to de
liver in contract time four torpedo boat
destroyers which had been intondod (or
pee during tho Spanish-A merluan war.
a Watery waste.
Southern Oregon Streams on a Rampage,
Owing to Heavy Rains.
Grants Pass, Or., Jan. 20. Tho ro-
cont warm and heavy ralna havo caused
tho greatest Hoods that Southern .Ore
gon has known for many years. Tho
Itogtio river reached tho highest point
in this city Saturday night that it has
reached alnco 1800, when tho brldgo
spanning it hero was washed away. No
trains have boon able to reach hero
from tho north or south slnco Saturday
morning, and nono are expected befoio
aomo timo today. Much damage baa
boon dono tho Southern Pacific all
through this section of tho stato.
Improvement at Ashland.
Ashland. Or.. Jan. 20. Tho storm
and Hood situation liaa greatly im
proved in Southern Oregon tho past 24
hours. Tho temperature (ell lato last
nlsht and the rains abated in tho
valleys, whllo In the mountains what
precipitation tlioro was camo in tho
form of snow. Streams Immediately
began to (all, and tliey havo been grad
ually teccdlng from their Hood stago
during the day, so that little' further
damage la expected to result from high
water In this ration. In this county
mncii damago has been suffered by
county roads and bridges.
Still Riling at Salem.
Salem. Or., Jan. 20. The Wlllam
et'e river lat night registered 23 feet
above tho low water mark and was
still rising. This is tho highest stago
the river has attained this year, and
there la occasion for alarm. If the
present moderate weather continues
for a few days a further rito of prob
ably (our feet is expected In tl.o stage
o( tho river. It will bo at least 24
hours longer before tho effect of the
recent rains on tho river's stage will
bo exhausted, and until then the
stream will not recede.
Engineer and Fireman Lose Their Lives
In an O. R. & N. Wreck.
Pendleton, Or., Jan. 20. Passenger
train No. 0, on the O. R. & N., which
left Portland at S:15 Saturday night
and passed through Pendleton at 4:45
Sunday morning, ran into a washout
on a fill 24 miles east of Bingham
Springs. Tho englno was thrown into
Meacham creek in six or eight feet of
water and on top of it were piled the
baggage and mail cars and the chair
car. The engineer, Thomas Patty, and
fireman, William Milllgan, were killed
almost instantly. William Maxwell,
of Portland, a passenger, was seriously
injured, but aside from this tho Injur
ies were slight.
The wreck was caused by a washout
about two miles east of the new steel
uridge which lias been built on Meacb
am creak. The heavy snows on the
mountains have been melted by a ehl
nook, and tho waters were raging. No.
23 freight train pissed over this par
ticular piece of road a few hours before
.So. 0 and reported everything O. K.
Free Qold Bearing Ledge 3,000 Feet Long
Which Yields $5 a Pan.
Butte, Mont., Jan. 27. A special to
tho Miner from Weiser, Idaho, says
advices Just received 'there tell of a
most wonderful strike of gold made on
the Big creek about two and a half
miles east of Profile gap. The nearest
settlement is a place called Golden on
the Big creek. A letter from reliable
parties at Thunder mountain rays that
Edward Stamley and Edward II. Martin
and several others have located 10
claims on a massive porphyrized quartz
dyke which measures 3,000 feet In
length and is impregnated with par
tides of gold. A ledge 250 feet In
width accompanies the porphyry dyke
and it is also highly aurifercus. Rough
pan assays made of the ledge show the
poorest specimens to assay (5 in free
gold. Other specimens show yellow
metal to the naked eye. Old pros
pectors declare the discovery f urpasses
anything within their knowledge and
that (1,000,000 worth o( ore ia in plain
Better Than Marconi.
Berlin, Jan. 27. Professor Ferdi
nand Braun, of Slrassburg university,
whose application of Leyden Jars in
propagating electric wavos is said to
have enabled Marconi to telerapb with
out wires across tho Atlantic, has an
nonnced that he has discovered s. meth
od of producin electric energy of unlim
ited volume, and projecting it into
space In the form of electric waves, to
any desiied distance. The now method
secures greater accuracy of transmis
sion through a more perfect attuuement
of the transmitters and receivers.
Edward Pleases the Germans.
London, Jan. 27. The invitation
extended by King Edward to the Ger-
in ambassador here, Count Wolff-
Metternich, to dine at Windsor castlo
tomorrow, Emperor William's birth
day, has aroused considerable interest.
It Is tho first timo that Emperor Wil
liam's birthday has been (orma'ly ob
served by the British court, and there
fore tho king a action has given much
satisfaction at Berlin, where it is re
garded as emphasizing tho friendship
between the. two countries.
Wrecked by Robbers.
Trinidad, Colo., Jan. 27. A Color
ado & Southern passenger train waB
wrecked last night four miles south of
Watorville, N. M., under circumstances
Indicating an attempt at train robbery
The train was running at a high rato of
epeed when the wreck occurred. Tho
ougliie, express car and smoker turned
over. Four passengers were injured.
two of whom may die. All of tho pas
sengers were shaken up.
Coal Prices Tumbling,
Now York, Jan. 27. There has been
further break in the price of inde
pendent coal, in some casos as low aa(7
ton f. o, u. being nekod, while no
dealer was willing to buy at a higher
prlco than (8 a ton. In order to gat
the embargo, ordered a few days ago,
laicen on, tome oi me independent
operators whoso coal is carried by the
Lehigh valley railroad, wore telling
their coal at anything above (4 a ton
at tho collieries for delivery at points
between New York and tho collieries.
$250,000 A YEAR.
Has Practically n Perpetual Lease, with
Full Control ol SIx-AUIe Strip -Ports
at Both Entrances Will 11c Guarded
by United States Colombia at first
Asked $650,000 a Year.
Washington, Jan. 24. Yesterday's
meeting ol tho cabinet was ono ol tho
most Important hold In several weeks.
Subjects ol great moment were dis
cussed fully, tho session continuing for
two hours. All tho members of tho
cabinet woro present. Secretary Hay
presented n dralt of tho Panama canal
treaty, and both tho president and his
associates In tho cabinet expressed
satisfaction with the results achieved
through tho long and dtlllcult negotia
tion. Th treaty la identical with that
drawn by tliia government several
months ago and at that time submitted
to the Colombian government, with the
single exception ot tho amount of an
nuity to bo paid Colombia for tho right
of way. This government proposed an
annuity ol (100,000, whllo Colombia
demanded (050,000. Tho Colombian
government's demand was bated, It is
raid, upon the oscertaiued returns from
tho Panama railroad conipny in
duties, etc , which Colombia did not
desire to havo seduced.
During the several months of nego
tiations, Colombia agreed to all points
in tho treaty proposed by the United
States with tho oxception of the annui
ty. That has been the point of differ
ence for many weeks, and at one timo
it threatened to break off negotiations
entirely. Secretary Hay communicat
ed directly witli tho Colombian govern
ment, intimating that como agreement
must be reached scon, as the United
States desired to enter on the construc
tion of tho canal, if it were toAfi con
structed by the Panama route.
For teveral days active efforts havo
been making to secure an agreement
until finally they wore successful.
The Colombian government, through
Mr. Herran, charge d'affaires here,
agreed tcaaccept an annuity oi (250,-
000. This was entirely satisfactory to
tho president and Secretary Hay, and,
while it is a larger amount than was
offered at first, it is believed by ad
ministration officials that the senate
will undoubtedly accept tho figure
named in the treaty, particularly after
it is maJo clear that a lesser amount
would deprive Colombia of Income
which sbd is now actually receiving.
All other points than this one ol
money compensation remain as they
stood in the original draft of the treaty.
and are completely satisfactory to th
United States government. The United
States will havo control ot the canal
practically in perpetuity, as required
by the Spooner act, this result having
been attained by the adoption of a plan
for a lease of 100 years, renewable at
the pleasure of the United States,
Colombia having nothing to say about
extension. The matter cl police and
judicial control ia settled by a scheme
ot joint action, although it especially la
aaiured that no citizen of the United
States will be tried by any other than
hip own courts. Control of tho waters of
the ports of Colon and Panama is vested
in the United States just as far as may
be necessary for the operation cf the
canal, and it is assured that our extra
territorial Jurisdiction will be unques
tioned as to waters and streams per
taining to the canal. All port dues on
vjssels passing through the canal are to
go to the United States by way of offset
to tbe annuity payments.
Soon Ready for Business.
New York, Jan. 26. Marconi ar
rived hero today. He says that his
system will be ready for commercial
nee by tho public in an exceedingly
short time, within two or three months
at least. This statement was made at
the office of the Marconi Wireless
Telegraphy company ot America, at
the cloto of a meeting of tho board of
directors, called Jn order that Marconi
might personally acquaint the members
of the board with the result of his re
cent experiments and work at Wellfleet.
Hurrying Coal Trial.
Chicago, Jan. 20. The fight of the
Indicted coal men to clear themselves
of guilt cf "conspiracy to do an lilt gal
act injurjuos to public trade" was
rx-gun ueiore juuge norion late touay.
Motion to quash in behalf of each of
the 18 corporations composing the asso
ciation were quickly overruled and
pleas of "not guilty" entered. A stip
ulation cf facts was then presented to
tho court, and it was announced that
a date for the hoaring of tho argument
and taking of briefs would bo fixed
early this week.
Whole dun Crew Now Dead.
San Juan, P. R., Jan 20. Alexander
Newton DaBeett, of Durham, N. C.,and
Ja-nes Garfield Patterson, of Pittsburg,
landsmen of tho battleship Massachu
setts, who wre injured by tho explo
sion January 10 ot the powder charge
of an eight-inch gun, died in tho mill
tarv hospital here last night. The
body of Dasfcott will be embalmed and
shipped to the United States. Patter
son's body will probably bo buried
hero. They were the last survivors of
tho gun s crew of nine men.
Change of Engineers.
Washington, Jan. 20. Captain W.
W. Harts, formerly local engineer In
tho Colombia river district, and who
made the plan for the opening of tho
Columbia river by means of canals and
locks, between Tho Dalles and Celilo,
but who has been for the past year and
a half on duty In the Philippines,
has been ordered to- Portland, to re
lieve Captain William O. Langfltt.
Captain Langfltt is ordered to Wash
ington when relieved.
Cattle Without Food In Montana.
Great Falls, Mont., Jan, 20, Report
comes (rom Popular that the range in
the northorn part of the stato is in vory
bad condition and that stock aro dying
for lack o grass, Tiie snow baa crushed
the grass and cattle are unablo to do
any picking. Unless a thaw comes at
once there will be great loss within
tho next few days.
Colombia at Last Agrees, Ohlng United
States Full Mice Control.
Washington, Jan. 23. The treaty
between tlio United States ami Colom
bia (or tho construction o( tho Panama
canal by tho United States was signed
yesterday In this city.
No details of tho signing o( tho treaty
were obtainable, but nt the presidential
reception at tho Whllo House last night
tho nows that tho treaty was an accom
plished fact nt last leaked out. I-ntcr
the news was confirmed In official quar
ters. It had bion Intended not to mako
tho signing ol tho canal treaty public
until today, but tho nwa apparently
was too good (or somo o( tho friends
ol tho canal to keep. Foara bad been
entortanled until this week that Coloin
bla would not bo willing to nccedo to
tho wishes of tbo United States In tho
matter and that recourse to tho Nlcarn
gna canal project might bo forced on
tho government of tho United binies
But this week events took a nitre
favorable turn, and Colombia transmit
ted Instructions to Dr. Herran, Its rep
rosentatlvo in tho United States, that
made possible a conclusion ol tho long
negotiations. The principal obstacle
for somo timo to tho conclusion of tho
treaty, It Is understood, has been tho
price that tho United States was to pay
In tho shane ot a cash Payment ami by
way of annual rental for tho strip ot
territory along each aula ol tlio canal
right of way. It could not bo learned
last night what was tho price finally
agreed upon.
Somo timo ago there was a bitch over
tho question of the extent to which
control by tho United States ovor this
strip of land should go, Colombia ob
jecting on tho ground that tho provis
ions required in the treaty by tho Unit
ed Statea would mean a relinquishment
ol covoroignty by Colombia over part
other territory; but this matter was
amicably settled, ac was a difference as
to the llfetimo of tho loaso ot tho strip
of land In question, tho final result
being a practical cession In perpetuity
to the United States for canal purposes
and incldontal police control and pro
tection ol tho canal right ol way.
Senate Committee (lives Heed to Sugar
and Tobacco Men.
Washington, Jan. 24. Tho senate
committee on the Philippines today
authorized n favorahlo report on the
Philippine tariff bill, which recently
pasted the house, but with important
amendments. The bouse bill carried a
more uniform reduction of the tariff on
Philippine goods imported Into the
United States, making tho rato only
25 per cent of the rates imposed by the
Dingley law.
The ecnate committee amended the
bill so as to provide for tho admission
ot all Philippine produtod articles free
of duty except sugar and tobacco, and
on these two commodities fixed the
tariff at 60 per cent of the Dingley
schedules. This change was made to
meet the objections of tho sugar and
tobacco producers of this country, who
have claimed that a duty ot only 25 per
cent on tboso articles would result in
ruinous competition.
Mysterious Underground Explosion Alakcs
Cracks In the Earth.
Whitman, Miss., Jan. 24. Two fis
sures In the earth about three feel deep
and a few Indies wide and running lor
a distance ot a quarter of a milo aro the
only evidences of a mysterious explo
sion which shook this town just bofore
daybreak today. Houses were shaken
violently and cro.'kery waa broken In
aeveral realdencea. A number of per
sons, aroused by the explosion, began
searching for the cause at da) light. In
a meadow they found a crack in the
earth's crust about three (eet In depth
and two or three inches wide. They
followed it foi three-quarters ot a mllo
before they reached the end. Later
they discovered another fissure of the
same description about 70 leet away
from the first and parallel with it. An
explanation of the explosion Is lacking.
Big Tunnel Plan.
Chicago, Jan. 24. A broad, well-
lighted underground driveway, passing
beneath the bed of tho Chicago river
and stretching, from tho art lnslltuto
to Illinois and St. Clair streets, ia for
mally announced to bo tbe plan finally
ogreed upon by tbo pare boards of the
North and South sides to make tho
long-talked-of connection between tin
boulevard systems of theso two por
tions of the city. A bill authorizing
a (2,500,000 bond Issue containing
referendum clause will bu prepared by
committees from tho two park boards
France Hopes lor Reciprocity. -
Paris, Jan. 24. M. Jusserand, tho
new ambassador of France to the Unit
ed States, had a lengthy conference
with tho foreign minister, M. Dolrasse,
yesterday, at tho latter's residence on
rranco-Amerlran affairs tha rcclpro
city treaty and Venezuela, The
trench officials continue hopeful that
the treaty will be ratified. 'lho am
bassador Is not likely to tako an acthe
part In the Venezuelan negotiations, aa
the French claims havo already been
arbitrated. M. Juosorond expects to
tail on tlio La Touraino today.
Will Join Western Body.
Uutto, Mont., Jan. 24. President
Dan McDonald, of tho American Labor
Union, announced today that that body
will bo swelled by tho affiliation of
38,000 members of the United Brother
hood of Railway employes, with head
quarters In Denver. The amalgama
tion will mark an epoch in tho history
of labor of in the West, mere ia no
doubt, says Mr. McDonald) that tbe
American Labor Union will grant this
charter at on early date.
To Become a Coal Hulk.
Victoria, Jan. 24. Tho steel bark
Baroda, which stranded on August 28
off tbe Oregon coast and waa floated
alter much work and baa slnco been
lying at San Franciaco.has been pur
chased by It. Dunamulr's sons, of tlila
city, and will be towed north by the
steam collior Tollns on hornext voyage.
The Baroda will bo converted into a
hulk for the coal carrying trade between
the island mines and Vancouver.
Snonplow Telescopes Freight Car Loaded
With Workmen In Okanogan County,
Washlnglon-Eletcn Alcn are More ur Seriously Hurt Only Two Es
caped Injury.
Uavonnorth, Wash., Jan. 22.
Twolve niou dead and as many more In
jured la the result of a rear-end collis
ion Unit occurred cm tint Great North
ern five miles west ot Chlwaukiim at ft
o'clock yesterday morning. An extra
(rem Skykomlah loaded with lumber
mid three cars containing laborers ran
into a rotary snow plow, killing or In
juring nit ot tlio 25 workmen. Ten
cars arc piled up In a heap, with nine
victims ot tho wreck still underneath,
rhu names of tho dead aro not obtain
able. Tbo engineer, I,. K. Adams, and
Fireman Uiwls Pecker, of tho freight,
escaped only by a miracle, Tbo box
cars that were used for transporting tho
crew wero coupled next to tlio uiiglno,
with tho ears of lumber following, and
when tho clash camo thu lumber tele
scoped the lux ours loaded w ith tholr
human freight, killing and mangling
tho entire crew. Only two escaped,
and they were thrown bodily into tho
air, landing 30 feet upon an embank
ment. Thu men were in tholr bunks and
asleep when tho accident occurred.
Thoso that escaped had Utile clothing
and were nearly chilled to death while
waiting for aid.
American Residents Say It Is American
Won't Pay Taes to Cuba.
Havana, Jan. 22. The Americans
residing on tho isle ot Pines deny the
general assumption ot tho Cuban guv
eminent that the United Slates has no
special Interest in the Island and la not
likely to Insist on tlio eventual owner
ship of it. In my event, they seem
confident of having thu support of tho
United Statcti, if necessary, in their re
sistance to being governed and taxed by
Cuban officials, pending n settlement
ot thu question of ownership of the
si and. Tlio matter Is expected to re
ceive imoitaiit consideration in con
nection with tho settlement ot thu It ca
tion of the coaling stations nnd other
(lending questions between Cuba and
tho United States.
Recently tho American residents ol
tho island unitedly notified the alcalde
of the Isle ot Pines and tlio Cuban gov
ernment ol their intention to resist, by
torco it necessary, tho collection of
taxes or any assumption ol authority
over tho island by thu Cuban govern
ment. Tho taxes are now falling duo,
and every American has pledged him
self not to pay them.
The Americans' contention is founded
on tlio section ot tho Piatt niuundlnent
which expressly o iiits tho Islu ot Pinna
from tho boundaries of Cuba ami leaves
tho title to It for further adjustment by
treaty. Somo 300 Americano ha o
slnco tho war taken up their residence
in tho lalo of Pines, and It is estimated
that 600 Americans havo Interests In
the island. Tho American portion of
tho population Is not of an adventurous
character, but ia large'y vcnmposed ot
people of mature years who bare en
gaged in the businesi of fruit raising,
riieir desiro that tho Island remain
American ia not purely senllmontal,
since, they claim, as a Cuban posses
sion it would receive no moro than 20
per cent tariff preference, while at ter
ritoiyot tlio United States the Islands
bono for freer trado with America.
The government, while acknowledg
ing that tho matter of tho ownership ol
the island is open, holds that It has do
facto control over tho Island for the
timo being at least, and that It there
fore Is authorized to levy taxes and per
form other governmental (unctions. It
In bolleved that thu United States will
approve of this sitoatoln as against
the protests ol tho American residents
who refute to pay taxes.
Wreckage Coming Ashore.
Victoria., B. O., Jan. 22. -Tlio
steamer Queen City, (rom tbo wosl coast
of Vancouver Island, brings news that
a large quantity of now lumber, mostly
12x12 and planking, has drifted ashore
at several points. Kstovon point, near
Hesquolt, and tho Islands outsldo Kyo
quot, aa well bb tho mouth of Quatslno
sound, are littered with lumber which
has evidently not been long In tho
water, and at Hesquolt a lifebuoy with
tbo name "Irving" cn it.
Union Pacific Strike Spreading.
Omaha, Neb.. Jan. 22. Sovunty.fivo
men, comprising tho entire torco in tho
woodworking and steamfllting depart
ments of tlio Union Pacific shops In
Omaha, went on strlko today becauso of
the inauguration In their departments
of tlio plcco system. Theso branches
woro not affected by tlio order ot last
Julv putting tlio shopmen on tho piece
work basis. On tho posting of an order
today stating that tho wood workers and
steamfltturs would bo paid by tho
piece, tliey walked out.
Will Pawn the Customs.
Tnmlnn .Tun. !i'2.m Tim stntnmnnf.
that Mr. Ilowen has boon authorized by
President Castro to offer thu Venezue
lan customs as a guarantee for tho ful
fillment of hie country's obligations la
confirmed. The offer has not yet been
accepted, but It Is thought horo that
It may afford tho opportunity for a
wtlliilrau-fil nf thfi hlnckndo. A dis
patch to Reutor's telegram company
(rom Port of Spain, Trinidad, Bays that
inn l.tA.tra.1n innn.,, I,fivn TAn
JlOttliy IUU UiUVAHUV M.,.V.U ,,.,w
captured slnco the blockade of tho
Venezuelan coast began.
Sensational Jail Break,
Santa Fo. N. M., Jan. 22. Albort
Telles, in Jail for murder, and Albort
Ilarnpo, imprisoned loraminor ononso,
last night overwhelmed anil bound
the assistant jailor, VlctorlanoCaeados,
seized his revolver, killed Jailer Kpltao
do Gallegoa and tlion escaped, A
poseo with bloodhounds ia In puieuit.
Or.ltMANS SllllLI. A I "OUT.
I'lcrct Engagement Between Three War
ships nnd Venezuelans.
Marlcalbo, Venezuela, Jan. 2!!.
Three German warships, miporcd to bo
the Panther, Vlnuta and Falko, began
shelling tho tort at Sail Carlos nt SitJO
o'clock this morning. Tbo fort re
turned thu lire. Thu engagement was
atlll In progress nt 1 o'clock this ntler
noon, Tho correspondent ot tho Associated
Press, In n row boat, approached to
within three miles ot tho fort nt noon
Tho roar of tlio guns was terrific. Thu
Panther appeared to ho not moio than
M0 yards from tho fort. Tbo guns
were being fired every minute. Thu
fort could not bo seen (or thu clouds ot
smoke, but It waa lilalu that tho Veil
emolan gunners wero answering tho
Gorman tiro splendidly and with great
At 1 o'clock In tho afternoon an ez
plosion occurred, apparently in the
tort, aud a cloud of smoke covered part
ot tho ramparts. A number of Indian
fishermen were Intercepted ileolng I rein'
tho direction nt tbo fort In their dug
out canoes. They reported that the
amoko seen was Ir- iii tho burning vll
livgootSau Carlos, which had been
shelled by tho German ships nnd was
In Haines.
Thu shelling nt San Carina has crrat
n.l much excitement allium? tho German
i r.xaldimtrt tit ihiit imifI. ulin liavo pro
tested against tho action ol tho war
Various Statea Whose Legislature Hate
Agreed on Alen.
Stone's Election Pinal.
JclTersoii City, Mo., Jan. 2:1 Tbo
general arsembly mot In joint session
todnv an formally declared former gov
ernor William J. Ktono elected United
States senator to succeed lion, (leorge
G. Vest, alimo term will ezplro next
March. In hoiwr of Mr. Vest, who
lias been a member ot the national body
slnco 180, a salute ot 13 guns was
Clarke formally Chosen.
Little Rock, Ark., Jan. S3. The
legislature In Joint session today elected
ox-governoi Ularko to uorcvd Minnior
J. K. Junes in tho United States sen
ate. The iole was: Clarke, 70; Jones,
65; Remett, (Itep.) 2.
Alger Represent Alkhlgan.
Lansing, Mich., Jan. 2.1. This legis
lature ill joint session at noon ratified
the election ot Itmsell A. Algrras
fulled States senator to fill the unex
pired term ot the lato Senator James
Hopkins for Illinois.
Springfield, III., Jan. 23 Albeit J.
Hopkins' election to the United Htntes
rennto today was conflrinod by tho two
houses ot tbo legislature In Joint Mis
sion. Connecticut Sends Piatt.
Hartford, Conn., Jan. 23. The gen
eral assembly in joint session formally
confirmed tho rc-elcctlon of Orvillo II.
Piatt as United States senator.
T. C. Piatt from New York.
Albany, N. Y., Jan. 23 Tho gene
ral assembly In joint session today (or
tnally elected lbomaa C. Piatt to the
United States senate.
Fairbanks Irum Indiana.
Indianapolis, did., Jan. 23. Unllod
States Senator Charles W. Fairbanks
was ro-olectod today in joint session of
the legislature.
Ilanshrough from North Dakota.
Bismarck, N. !., Jan. 23. At th
Joint session of tho legislature today II.
C. Hansbrough was elected United
Statea senator.
South Dakota Elects Klttrcdge,
Pierre, H. I)., Jan. 23. Both bouses
in joint session today olected Hon. A.
B. Klttrudgu United Statea senator.
Americans May Prospect In Siberia
Seattle, Jan. 23. Thu right ol
Americans to prospect for gold and
other minerals in Kastern Siberia has
been granted. Within tho area ol
200,000 square miles bordering on
1 leh ring sea and tho Arctic ocean given
as a mining, trading and development
concession to tho Northwestorn Siberia
company, the samn privileges have
been extended to lite American ores
pec I or s as Russians. Tbo nows of this
concession on tho part of tho company
camo in a cablegram from John Rlscno,
of this city, thu American managing
director of tho corporation.
Would Exterminate Scgls.
Wnal, Inutnn .Tnil. ItimrAQffnf n
live i;oiuier today introduced n rosoiu
tlon providing for tbo consideration of
hla bill for tho extermination of Hi
Alaska seal herd, save 1,000 animals,
preservod for breeding purposes, unless
(Jreat Britain gives assurance of co
oporatlou in an effort to put a stop to
polaglo sealing, llo hopes lor conoid
oration tomorrow, If thu Alaska dolrga
to bill Is disposed of in time.
Railroaders After Better Wages.
Tokepa, Jan. 23. Tbo Kansas City
Southern omployes at 1'lttsburg nro tho
latest to tako part In tho movomont
among Kunsaa rail mad men (or moro
wages. A demand for an incronao has
been mado and a conference ia being
held In Pittsburg with tho officials of
the road. Further efforts wire made
there today to eottlu tbo controversy
betwoon the ttiinta fo and lho conduct
ors and trainmen, nut no reoult waa
reached. Rumors nro yet current horo
that tho Santa lo telegraphers will ask
(or more wages.
To Open Alaska Coal Lnnd,
Washington. Jan. 23, Tbo bouse
public lands committee todn authorized
Chairman Lacuy to draft a bill provid
ing for tho entry o( unaurv.eycd coal
lands in Alaska by allowing entries to
bo mado ol 320-acro trade, but only in
rectangular form, twica as long as wldo,
and further providing that audi entrloa
shall bo clearly marked when mado,
and lio prlvatoiy survoyed prior to sub
mitting final proof. Tho coal land
laws now extended to Alaska aro piac
llcally Inoperatlvo, as tho lands nro un-
01' Till! STATU
Harney County After (lovernment Irri
gation -A RaMill Extermination aoci-ely-A
Trusty Skips Out-New Stale
Land Agent S. P. Makes n Low Rate
un Stock for Breeding.
Master Fish Wnidoii H. (1. Van
i. i.... ...... In,.. I Hi, i itmrrciriitu slllll
ol (103.60 lo the-statu treasury, (.16.1.61
of which represent urn nmuiuit
money collected on lis" licenses miring
IVcemlier, 1001-'. " represents a
line Imposed.
Tho Masonic temple ot Grants Pass,
which wan to have been completed tho
I.., ..I ll...,,,l-.r I ml''. Is still In
mrfc " -- - ' ... . .
course ot construction, .and will bn lor
several months yet " i'"" "'"'I '"
..ill In, II, e Ismest nt Its kind In lho
tale south of Portland.
Hd White, a tru-ty convict In llm
penitentiary, boa urn away, llo waa
son lug n term for burglary In Cool
county. He was revolved about live)
)eara ago, and had about four ) yet
lo serve. By bis good conduct list hud
earned tint privileges ol n trusty, and
waa employed as assistant druggist.
llainey county residents havorleared
the way tor government Irrigation. In
a roKrt sent to Hecretary Moore, ol tbn
Oregon Irtlgiitlon association, In Ixi sent
to this government, (acta am given about
thn feasibility of Sllvles valley (or a
reservoir site. A matter ol 274,210
acres jf land could ho Irrigated or re
claimed and Instead ol tho present "Op
illation cculd bo mule to stiort 50,
000 (Hipulatlon.
The Grand Hondo lumber company,
01 U Grande, Is getting an unusually
largo number ol I h rlvr for thu
season's drive. '" - "i" Urn
facilitated tho w-..s ..! '. "
puny will have !V .io i nu i .i, u'o'U
the usual season -"'
Tint Polk roiiir " " y
hus tiled article il imuipoiuiiuu Willi
County Clerk Roland. Tbo company
I, as a capital stock of (1100. Ita pur
h)s Is to oxirato a suburban telephone
Hue that will servo Httruns residing In
I'o IX loiiiity mid conncci mem wiiii
Thn Southern Pacific has published
its new tariff offering reduced rate on
pure-bred llwwtmk for breeding pur
poles. This applies lu cattle, sheep,
giMtl nnd hog III less than carlcad lots,
t'bo reduction is not horizontal, but
applies in varying degrees In tbo differ
ent weights, rlio O. R. A N., thn
Northern Pacific, thn Great Northern
ami thu Oregon Short Lino will put In
thu same rate In n few days, applying
to nil Kilnts In Oregon, Washington,
Idaho and Montana.
Thn citizens ot Culver and Haystack
have organised for thu purpose of lid
ding that section of tho stato of thn
rabbit pest. Tbuorganltatlon Is known
as the Haystack Rabbit Rxtoriiilnatlng
Governor Chn lierlaln has apimlntnd
J. W. Morrow, of lleppiicr, Morrow
county, to succeed L. II. 1 1 stir as stale
land agent. Tho app-ilntment will lakn
eftict April 1. Morrow served four
terms ut clerk ol Morrow county, and
one term us stain senator troin that
county. llo has Ik en eminently sue
cesilul In business.
Senator Pierce has Introduced a bill
In tho sciiato for thu pur;), of chang
ing thu time ot paying taxes from
spring until fall. Under tho terms ot
this bill assessments will ba mado ear.
ly In thu year and tho taxes aro to Ixi
paid in Novumber and lK'cembor ot thu
same year. This Is oi:o of n number of
hills tkat will be Introduced at this ses
sion of the legislature tor thu purpose,
ol changing thu timo ot paying taxes.
Reports from Kcho ray that a com
pany from Seattle, under tho direction
ut local engineers, is now surveying tho
lino for n propo-ed Irrigation canal
from a point on lho Umatilla river
aliotil ono mllo nhoto Nolan station,
to extend to n body ol vacant land ly
ing north ol Kcho. Tho coinpjnv mil
npply (cr 26,000 Inches of ii',- ,d
will begin operations early
spring, Tlio lsudy of land i y
tafobrtiah tract, comprising - f
near 36,000 ncres, and is of such a
character that many of thu most con
servative and experienced Irrlgatloulsta
belle. vo that ono good soaking during
the winter season will produco two
good crops of alfalfa without further
Wheal Walla Walla, 73c; blue,
stem, H2c; valloy, 70077c.
Barloy Feed, (23.60 er ton; brow.
liiR, CM.
Flour Best grade, (3.1)03 1.20; grah
am, (3.2633 60,
.Mlllstiiffs Bran, (18I0 por ton;
middlings, (23 21; shorts, (10(320,
chop, (18,
Oats No. 1 whllo, ll.16rjtl.l7Wt
gray, (1.12(31.15 percontnl.
Hay Timothy, (11(312; clover,
(8(21); cboal, (UQI0 per Ion.
Polatoea Host Biirbauka, 00376a por
sack; ordinary, 4U60u por cental,
growers' prices; Merced sweets, (2Q
2.26 por cental.
Poultry Ghlckoiu, mixed, 10llc;
young, 10c; hens, 11I2o; turkeys,
live, 13l6o; dressed, 163 0c; ducks,
(7(37.60 por dozon; gcosu, (78,60.
Chcoso Full cream, twins, 10WQ
17Mo; Young America, 17);18Kci
factory prices, llKc loss.
Butlor Fancy creamery, S03'liia
per pound; extras, 30c; dairy, 20
22c; store, 1618o.
Kggs 22Jtj332ii por dozon.
Hops Choice, 2520io por pound.
Wool-Vnlloy, 12biC415c! Kastarn
Oregon, 8QI4jo; mohair, 20Q28c.
Bbo( Groa?. cows. 3fil3?io
pound; stcon, -10 lo; dronac-d, 7c.
Veal 7S8o.
Mutton Grofls. 4o nor nnnnd-
droBsud, 7yc.
Lambs Gross. 4d ner nnnnll.
dressed, 7)(Jc. ""
Hogs Gross, OJio nor round !
d rested, 77Jtfo,