Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 09, 1903, Image 1

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ilf. w w w aa
llll AlnKlrll-IM. MI.IMI'M,
& U &
Pevoted lo tlie MIiiIiik. Lumbering "d Knriitiug IiitorenWof tliinCoimmmlty, to (iootl Oovcrtiment, nnd Hustling for a Grub Stake
NO. 52.
Tin1 wenl mi Ike In the l-t'Ituy
llllllll III lllllllfilllll llllM I'llllKI'll Wllll-
Hjuwtil mnillH'lll III ftoino IliHliinrw
uxclli'iiivat iiuloiilylnroltiwctiriivo,
lllll III otlH'l1 Illlll'l'H MH Wfll. HInie llll'
noWHof IIk HliiUt weiv llwl Klvi'ii
Ollt tll l'lltlllll,V llOn' llHH tllH'll I4-
luged with letter imMnit forntilhen
tic Information i'rirltiije tht Hirlke.
'I'ln riiiiiiiniiv drifted :hki fitii.
mill then crown I 101 fit't In tlu
foot wall. HUrt-four feel of IIik KM
full In fiiiiMMitrnlliiK "iv. with :i fit'l
very heavy, the luxl four feel of
which I Milht irfllt'iiii anil copper,
TI10 drift hii already Ihvii hum
inenewl mi tho (nut wnll, a full crew
Ik'Iiik Hlettdlly lit work, ri' niaii
Hitemetit unite Unit Hit' report re
cently circulated to theeffeel Hint 11
hUH ImmI.v f lie' iiillllMK oi'" wum
yirn.'U lii thin tlrlfl Willi error. Tlit
eoiuwiiy hiw Htrui'k 11 Hplcmllil vein
nf frit) mllllliK ore In level Nun I mill
!f. lint nut III thW level, mill It W tilt'
ihttli' of tin' innnniteinenl that any
fab report that Imvi' IHii i'Iivii
luted 1m( corrccti-d. fwllnic that the
ciimiwiiy Mill MlmiilonllHivHliui'rllH.
Tim s lty hit enjoyed a phennmc
mil wiieee clnce II"' ni'irmiUalloii of
the company. At no lime linn con
tldeuet lll Hhakcn III the property,
ami tho condition of the mine nt IIiIn
time warrant tho eoiiihleuco be-
The I'nclllc Miner imlilWhitl at
Portland, Waller I". . I. Hani. -ere-Iin
v of tho On'uou MIiiIiik HxehmiKe.
II tiiakiw Miiiiu rather liohl ehawd.
emlH'llHluil by lettern from M'vernl
hrokeix In I'orllaml. The NiiHiP't
known nothing of the liffHlnt of the
Kxt'lmiiK! which the .lonrnal rlw n
the Iwiek; hut It Iihm know that In
inany wii.vh Mr. Ilanl Iiiih iIoiih
liiui-h for the 111I11I11K lutenwln of On-.
Kiii. ami that he W iit'iti''l I'v
iiihiiv imM'rM, uliiiw liiinirtani'i-
In tin- iiiIiiIiik; worhl W far Im- I
the poillilee.ortatlou of thi'.lnnr
mil. Ill vknv of the fact that tlie
TeleKram Wcnlhil In to iiiftloii ami
that the pulriiiumi' Mr. Ilanl Iihh
wentltlo K''e the Tekuram mvu
to lie the flicker, one wouhl Infer
tliat the .loiirmil thW on the ImimW
that the alleKatloiiH of tlie .loiirmil
aiv true might lie willing lo !
UhcoIuiuiim to Mr. Ilanl .ami hl
cluing)' If that gentleman uonlil
throw 11 little of hW hanl earm-.l
inonev that way. It iihimmiii that
thvnWa law governing frauilnli-iii
miHniriww 111 wirfcuii n ..... ..-,,,,
other dtiileK, ami II the nlWgtttltiii ,f.
maile Uirougu llio Junnmi iuv
lit II..I..I utiil lilx l!ieliiiliue rilll i
iMMiut oiit of luiMlnewi In nhort order.
and In view of the money conxlilern-
tlon alhidetl to iM'tween Mr. Iliml,
ami the Telegram It would ivlltrl
iMhcu ii .. .iwiii "" -
linrille the niiiM'r to countenance any
(rand. notwItliHtaudhiK the .lour-1
nal'M anxiTtlon.
A Chicago dlHiiatch iintlcr .late of
. .. .... .i.,.. ii,. ,.i,i M'l,,
.lanuary ilatate that I at til I luunp-,
ho ne of the Itwtt-knowii pro-1
pectoralu the lllark 11111m over which t
country he Iiiih hunted gold for 17,
yeaiv, Htruek a 'letlge of great rich-,
anil after 1(1 mlnutex tit
Htratlon of ilcllght fell tlead
XllfU 11 I
illxpaluh to the Tribune from Itou
balx, H. D. An oxiimlmithm mutle
later by phyMlelmiH hIiowciI a blood
vexxel in the bruin to lmvc'beeii
ArtlcleM ol Incorporation weiv
lllctl In I'.ugene .Inn. 0 by two new
mining couipauleH to oiH'rate on
proH-rtlea actUlivd In lllue Itlver
Mining Dlxtrlct known ax theSuuxet
group. The nainu of the new organ
UatloiiH are the l.'ilbii MIiich Co. and
the Olatou Promoting Co. T. S.
Cogawell, Otto Olxton and C. A.
Hardy aiv the Incorporator. The
capital Mtock of the Hint, named W$t,.
(hh),(HK) ami the other f.-Jfl.otHl.
The (Irlxily Mining Company have
thlx wix-k oieneil up the coinpany'M
heaihiuarleiH next tloor to WHImoh'm
reHtiiuruut, whuro they aiv alivady
traiiHiietlng hiixluoMH. The eoinpany
own hoiiib of the bet ground In llo
hoinla ami will bo looked after by
mining men who huvo nny acijimliit
anco with the dlxtrlct.
i huh:
Just opened in the
"WnlUer HniltHiig near
Depot on South Side
ol' Main Street. We
will snppl.v yon with
Menla or Short Orders
at anv time- We ly
only the freshest and
l)e'.st the market ftf
fords tind prepare in
any style yon desire.
l.t Poor Vit nt Point
gniith Hl'lo iif Main Btrcot.
anechil lviuieHt Dr. Lowe tho
.nculo-optleluii will bo hi . Cotlago
rflrovoHaturday .inn. tiio.'itn,
How tln Churches Honored the llvcnt j
InlvrentliiK I'mgrnm nnd Wntcli ' 1
I'mtlciC !
II. 1:. 1 lll'licil.
Will Ii' no wutch parly wim held lit
the MclhoilUl l".il iiinl church New
Year eve, till' Her lev mi (lie I'Vt'lilllK
of the llrnl ilnv ol llii' Miiithful vcnr'aml wlllbe ailileil to IhollHl n we
more thmi maile 1111 for any him-
crcpeticy 011 llio eve.
lr. Foul ile-
llvereil a Hplemllit leelure on
oillxm ami The New Oregon,
Moth -
u'mm highly iiiiiii'liili'il hv a hirge
amlleuce. A irogram coUHlxtlug of
I iih 1 r 11 11 it'll 1 11 1 miwlc, HougH ami reel
tathimt wan mImu rcmleretl, afler
which a li(iiiiiliilMUi'r wuKHrcitil.
I 11111X11 AN I'lll'IH'll.
At the ChrlHtlmi cliurcli u large
aiulleiice of ohl anil young gatheivd
on the eve of the eventful tlay, to
waleh the old fellow k aud the hoy
01 im Hll' nun III" "I'll tvurii iiiiii
of eventful jeaivi yea ceiilurleH of
them. Mix" Dolly llnwkju had her
Mtaff of .llinlorn there who weru well
tlrllled III ll cleverly iremivd jirognim
that fiirnlxli"il mmiHcincnl for all.
A line dinner wax xiri'ad on New
Venr'x day and Itev, lin k lead In an
ahle aihlremt commemorative of the
day. AproKram parllrliateil la by
the lnt talent In Hi" church HOtletleM;
wiih iviiiIi'IihI mid nearly the entire
afternoon wax taken up In llx reudl
thin and in nhort aihlrexwx hy the
AMONtl till! I.ODOIIS.
The Cot tnge drove Camp No. HI'JI
held an Installation ami ineetlugln
the I. o. o. 1'. hall and currhxl out a
very xmvtwfiil nnd Interextlug pro-
gram on the night of Jan. ti. A
xKf'h ivlallve to the order of M. V.
. wan dellveivd hy .1. W. Sliiiniinix,
Niate itepuly of Ore;tiu. The Inxlnl-
Intlou of oltlceiM wiim then wltnewetl
by over a humlntl lu-ople. (it'orgi1
Coiner. V. C; llert Mcllole. W. A: Joe
linker, banker: N. U. Compton, clerk;
ifeo. Ilerry Sentry: Oxwir McDole.
Wa chmaa: I'riink llcuilervou, iuau
ager fur three yearn; Ductorx Wall
and Amlerxon, I'liyrlchinx. After
completing the program couxlHtlng
of limtriiiiiunttil muxleamlnrltatlimH
le hungry crowtl ivpaln-tl to the
ilhiulng hall when' they did them-
m - Ivch proud with the contetitM of the
k. nr r,
The K. of 1'.' I.oilge No. 4 of thW
..11. ...... , I Vim, im inn-f IV
I-'. II. Itoxetihiirg. V.C.j Frank Joi-
' dan. I: lleo. Wall. K. of It. ,V ; .). s.
! Metlley. M. of K: C. .1. Howard, M. of
A: . It. Diitton. 1. t ; D. Itvnnett,
": Alter liiHtiillatlou, the ban-
( ((mri WUM m tlll.M
H.,.M enjoieil a Miibxtanthil aptvad
and Htnoke.
i;mami'MI:nt I. o. o. K.
CumxI I'nrk ICucmnpmeul No. 10 I.
m-io. u. r. win nieei una momii every
" VIIHTT...!.., .......... ......f,
I Willi ill'AL 111.111,11 llll iiin'iinxn
la every other Wislnexday. Twenty-
eight memburri have alivady la-en In
itiated, anil much luteivxt la taken.
The lledmeti of thlx city held In
Htallatlon aa followa Momlny night,
ll. A. WIIImoii, prophet; Dr Anderaou.
S; tieo. Coiner, S. s: Fred HartelH, .1:
S; It. W. Veatch, It. Scribe; .1. F. Mil
ler. K. of W.
i:. r. Kiv the well known mining
iniiu wiih In thecjty thlx week.
Jim .lennlugM left for a few day
vlxlt In the hllla Thurxday afternoon.
Long & lllnghmu thl wivk re
ceived an order for I.WHi.OOO feet of
.Ian. 7. 1IKI2.
Mix. Kuiniii Iliiinewonil aud fauilly
of Doivuu lvturned homehixt Friday
afler a week' vlxlt with ri'latlvea
Kliucr Culdwell iviurned homo
Sunday afler a two week' vlxlt at
Fox Valley.
Tliox. itluluirdHou who ha lavn ao
very 111 Ix aleadlly Improving In
health under the clllelcnt caiv of Dr.
Itohlnaoii of yourtowli.
Thoxe on the lck Hat hint week
weiv: Mr. L. Single, Mr, tieo.
Thoinpaon and Mr. Ida Caldwell.
Win. Medley hud the mlxfortune to
loxo one of hi team of horae laxt
Satuftlay night.
NellleCoiuer hoartlcil the one p. m.
t I'll t ii laat Sunday for- Portland
where ahe expect to iiiukea tay of
alx mouth.
Aren't you all glad you live In Ore
gon? While the lillzxnidx rago ami
iuv freezing to death In the eaat,
llower are blooming lu the yard
and our blackberry patch la white
With bloHaoin, ami by tho way wo
hud Hlrawberry. xhorlcuke the other
night for wuppcr, Who wouldn't
like to llvo In t)regon?
Professor Hurt G. Wilder, of Cor
nell University, 1ms only recently
presented a paper on the "relation
of mail to the npe." It is uow up
to the professor to determine the
relation of some men to the hog.
Mining Stock Of llolicmla,' wi'Klv.'iill-tof Ihi- li'iiilllixl I'lMh-i-'lat.. of ix-inl-r Huh lh'
mbilm, ciiiiiMi.teM of Hit' lloli.'inht HoiUlKTIl Pacific wmb. out n circular
Mlntlitf DlHtrlft mill (he market inlet'
of tho Mtot'k of tin' Mime. Tlii'if are
womo, however, thnt ah' not In
clmh'il In Hie llt yet -lime not Ihhmi
oinltleil IlilcnlloiiMlly, while there
arc other that are new compunleH
. wenre me neciwnry oaia
Oivjiihi Kcimrltlo Co " SI IHI
, Oregon & Cohinulo Mining Co,
I Vexuvlu
lloheiula Hold .Milling Co.:
(Itllllfll .SIIlM'f Vl
lllawalha - Hi
1 ryatHl t'oimolhlnleil 20
liohl lllll &, lloln'lilM... ir
tlolcDilda 0." (
jIHjMIII1 jt,M,j.
North I'alrvlew
(Itval IvtMterit
Notice of Stockholder McctliiK.
.Notice Ix hereby glvun that thelO
will lie a meeting of the xtockhohlerx (nJ.Hi
of the. ludxiin lloek Mining Coinpany ni,oimiement W of mvIiiI
held at the" olllre of.l.S. Metlh'y, at J (inportauce hk It Inmirex the iietett-
Cottagellrove. l.mie(.tinnty.On'g Harv cheap rattM ttml arraiigeiiientH
on Monthly the lth tiny of .iHiiuary,' ,,, "i,,.,, iliri!p immigration to
1IHKI. at the hour of one oVIock p. in. j VeHteriiOrngon ixt Hprlnr. I'leax,
for the purpoxe of electing a Hoard of . ,llVl. V()1r WH,,H,M.M KVo it pnbll
DIltrtoiMof HaldcorporallontoH'rvi) ..ltv ,. ,ubt a irivnt mniiy of
inxxiicli for the imtIoiI of one year
anil until their xiicccxxiirx xlmll have
'xi'ii duly elcctetl mid tpuilllleil mid
for the tranwactlon of ntieh other
bUHlnew mx may prox'rly comelM'fon'
wild meeting.
lliiliil iHremlierlMh. A. I.. 1!-.
J. S. Mkiii.kv. Secretary.
Mn. JiilmmiH Soderhohn, of I'nrw'iix
I'hIIh, Minn., fell ami diidocrttctl her
t-hoiililer. She had a iiriieou Kl't it bark
i.. ..i . .... i.... i, .......
j III IWIT HS P,H MX JI.IWIUH-, ,'..l , nan
: ijinle wic and pained her very much.
Iter win uifiiliontxl tliHt lie had kmmi
I l.aii.iierii. ni. rain nam. auvcriiMj.1 inr ,,,,, ,rou,,,t. lof. K lutls, alio
pralii. and mnene.- and a it.keil l. m , , , , j w Mvprirtbtxl
to buy her a bottle of it, Inch he .1.1. , , , W(J 'wwk9. t
II .pifrkiy iWleve.1 her and enahletl her 'n it I.iglilv. it lll
loalwp hich he had not done for "" '.' . . - . .. h s .
Mneral day-. The h.ii h ho much) , ' ' ' '
pleixAl will, the relief it gave Ida mother ' rB "'"V Sl"rtf'
that he ha nince leeouiinemlerl it to J"
many thr. l uf.W W. ,,U.'M' HtvttCK X)it rmLICATlO.v.
AppltVte, Drain, iletiwn DrusCo. i
Vocal Music l.casotis.
Mix Kuiiitu A. Ilrynn wWheH tomi
iiounce to the people of our city that
nfler .Ian. lat, 1 tKKt ahe will be jht
nuincntly ItK-atetl In rooin In the
Hun building when- ahe will la
ptctiM'tl to meet nny one
viictil lexxonx. Term n'tixouabl?.
Card Of 1 hanks.
J. E. Vonnir. F. B. I'hllllua, Kllla Koulnxm.
Ileivln let tlx extend our thatika to'MSi
the kind IrleiuW who at) nobly aa- alv.. .Iwrllxxl lalxli are reu.u-.teil to Ik
, . , , . ., iii their i-latini In thlaonit on or oefoie .HMh
xlxlcd 11 III word, action uml deed, , day of January 1.
tliirlng thelllnexa of our ladoved Iiiih- 3Ir !lZ!mm"- KeL"erV
band, father ami brother, ami to the I nj- x I INIMI'NT 0 K KTII
C. I'. chnn-li we aiv gn-atly thank-! .' , ",, w'i.
fill, while to Itev. mid Mm.
L. D. !
llcck we nre uver grateful.
.Ioxci'iiim: A. Caiiiiwki.i.,
Dni.i.A CAitnwin.i.,
ItOHA It. Wll.l.lAM.
The habit of drawing piling tim
bers through the city streets over
the several crosswalks is not con
ducive to the best financial inter
ests of the city. It costs money to
put in said crosswalks and keep
them in good repair, and nothing is
more wearing upon them than the
snaking of such timbers over them.
Several dollars can be saved the
city each year by restricting the
traffic to certain crossings and
designating a certain place on each
crossing for the transit, or exacting
that the timbers be hauled on
United Stntet Lund Oll'ice.
Itoefhunr. Oteiwn. Den. .'LlOOi.
Notice Is hereby elvcn thnt in com.
nliniico with the provinloua of tho net ol
Cotutreax of June', 1878, entitled "An
art for tlie aule of timber land in the
Stiitex of California, Oregon, Navatla,
mid Wimlilnulon lerrltoiy, tin ex
tended to till the Public IjiihI S tut oh hy
nctof AiiRiift 4, lS'.ii', MnttU Monih, of
Mirth, County of uine, Slate ot Ore.
rou, has thin day filed In thla oll'ice his
aworimtateineiit No. 4101 for tho pur
chne ,,f the S NIC ),' A NW Nli )', &
K y, NW Y, of See No. 38, Tn South,
of itiiip,o Nn.:l Wont; iiiHlwilloHerpioof
Iobiiow Hint tiic;iniiu wiucnt lamorovai
uiiblcfor Its timber or ntonu thmi for rig
rlcultiiriil puriioiH,Riid to cdtnlillsh h
clniiii to mild umd befoie Miiriu L Ware
IT S Coiiiiniaitloticr at 1'iuteiie. Ore,
tton, on Thumlny, the l'.'th dny of
Miiroh, 1003
lie mmicHtiH witucuxea;
Martin IlimKcmton, o( Kucne, Mine
Co., Ore., Clmrloy Olson, of CJottngo
Orove, umo Co., Ore., Mnrtln OUou, of
llluo Klvcr, inno Co,, Ore,, l'edcr
Upliiis, of llluo Itivcr, MineCo.,Oro.
Any and all persona claiming tulversd
ly tho above-described hinds nre re
qiioettHl to llio their claims In this olllco
on or before mild l'.'th day of Mur., ll)0:i.
J, T. lliiniuts, Honlstor.
This olllco I In iwelpt of nn Inter
esting eommuiitcatlou from Saginaw
regarding the organization of tho
l'tinuorn' Union Club at Walker, hut
too lato for publication. It will up
pour next week.
licJuccd Kate I'rr tn f he l!at.
letter to thell' ngeiilx which remix iim I
It Iiiim lii'i'il ikfliled to tilare In
effect on rehrunry Kiih, Mm. onllii
Ing initll April :mih. Iiu-hixlvc, the
wiine one-way waul clnxx Hi-itlcrx'
rutin to all Oregon Minx polntH,
ami north, an wm' In effect during
liinutliH of September anil OcIoIht
!nxl, -r.
HWi.lM from Mlxfourl Illver ioIii1h
HIoiix t It.v to Kiinxan i iiy mciuxive.
from Ht. r.oiilx.
$81.00 from l'e(rla.
im.W from Chfengo.
Itaten to he no higher from inler
luedhiteMtatlonH. ! TlM' rnten will Mpply via all roiilcM
I through I'ortlHiitl, hut will not tip
ply via Hacraineilto. Tlckctx routcil
via t'lllou I'Hclllfi.Oregoli Short Line.
(). It. Ac N. to rortltind, will lie al
' lowed top-overH not to exceed ten
I ilnyn, lit all point went of I'ocatc llo.
and In order toewitble Intending wi
tleiM to look ovpr tlie Wlllmm'tte
Valley ami Wwlimi Oregon t horoubl.v
itllll fulilpuny will allow mm nmny
I Mtoil-ovetx ait ilexln-tl at xlallonx Ii
j Icrnieilliite to HnnJ tlextlnntlou of tlie
! tlekft. each Ktop Hot to exceed ten
our jK-opIe who have alivady moved
to Oregon from the middle xtatex
ami tlweaxt wlllfttlclxe their frleiidx
and ivlatlvift who will take advnut
(w, , tIl. Utw mt :ti ,,, v, onnn,
; Your tnd.v.
W. B. t.'OMAN, (1. 1'. A.
Try it BOeihottle ot Hfrl'ine, notice III"
Improvement i.x-eilily cirwiol in your
ApiMjllte, Hneruy, Sunmth and Vluor.
W'nU'h how it hrlirfilciiii the spirit,
civ freedom from 1 Nil wertum anil He
hilitv! Immc Sonrr. A-. Mo.. rltw. Sept.
10th. ItKltl. "1 wan in ln I hcttlth. I hail
V iiuehnrir. Ore. OftWr.
v..i!a I. , r.l.r tflVMti th.t In Mmidlfintw
wttti tlie iTiivliloiin ol tht art ot ('oiiarmiit
June . l-'s. Mitlll-Hl "An Ael tor
Hie Hie ol nnibr Ijindi In th Sulei ftlCall
Inrnl. Orvion. Srvuli, ami Wmliliiiltoli Tr
rllnrr." ienilJ to all Hie 1'aWlc Uml
SItM hy rt ot .Unu.t I, lMt, Frank 1).
W hrlbr. ol t'otuge Grove Co. o( lane, Kutenf
Ormon. h thin ilay nleil In tlili olHec liU
worn lUlement No. STTi. tor llio imrchneol
Ihe K 1, tilrvellon No a. Timnilifp Jisxnh,
..fK.ti.M I ivmi ami ulll oirar i.root to ibow
! tht ibe Uml oiKhi Ii more valoable lorlu
,,,nh- ..,i,. fcir airrliiulluriil purtMie
ml In etUbllili hll claim IomIiI Unit Ix-fore
Marie I.. Ware, V. 8. Commlnloner at Ku-iene,
l)re(on,onThurlar Hip IMh day ol January.
Iltf n.mM aa wtlnaMa
Wnrl. " SlillllallHPI. U'ia . writOM: "I
1 1 mo ttie.1 nmny kitiHa of liniment, hut
Iiiivd never received much IkmicIH until
I used Hallnrd's Snow Liniment for
rhcumutliiiii and pains. 1 think it the
beat liniment on earth." Sfic, rate mid
$1.00 bottle at New Km Drug Store.
Oilloe on Main meet, Weil Side
Attorney ail Lnw,
aoTVAUK GJtori:, oitu.
Repairing at reonable enaruei.
" All work uranteil Hwl-elaM.
WatehM.CIoeVianJ JetlrjrtlAett 1'rtcei
uorrAoiv uitovK. oke.
rnofiiiETons ok
Matnitrect. Outturn, (Iruve, ".
Con uxiOTi
Rough Lumber,
7 pep M. at
Saginaw, Or.
For n bud tasto In tho mouth tnko a
few doses ot Chimiburlaiu'B Stouuich
nnd Liver
rer Tablets, l'rico so cents.
W'arrunted to euro.
Drug Co.
For sale hy Heneon
Great Reduction Sale
Wc have debided to close out our entire line
of Ladies and Misses
Wc have some Jaekets unci Coats remaining that we will
Sell for Fifty Cents on The Dollar. Wcwill
Also sell otts entire line of k
Now is the Time to make your Purchase.
''Money Saved
Odds and
In Holiday Goods
Sold at Cost Next Week
Commencing January 1st our En
tire Stock of Goods, Excepting
Groceries, will be offered at a
Great Reduction.
fnlteil Staten Ijintl Office,
ltoeburg, On-., Sept. IS. 11)02. i
Notice In hereby nlven that In com
pllance with the provision of the net I
ofComrrosH of June It, l.sTs, entitled;
"An act for the wale of tlmlier IiuiiIk
la the State of California. Oregon,
Nevada, antlWaRhhiKt on Territory," 1
iiHextenihsl to all the I'uhllc I.iinil
State by act of August 4. 1MI2, Danel
. UlelmrilHon, of St. Heluim Co. of
C'alumbla State of Oiv., Iiiih thixilay
lllcil In tins office lilHH worn Htateuient
No. !V."S for the purchase of theSWJof
Stf No !H, TowilHhii. 21 S of ltaiw !)
Went anil will offer proof to nhow
that the lanil noni;lit In more valu
able for itH tlmlier or ntoue than for 1
agricultural purposcH, ami to estal)
HkIiIiIh claim to wild html before the
KeKtxter anil Itwelver of this ollice at
ltoK'burr,OreKOti,oii Weilneinlay the
-Ithilay of March, 1!K.
He name n wltncxM'K
It. T. HoaN. of Mayer, Ore.. W.
V. Slaughter. St Helen. Oiv.. J. E.
Itlack, I'ulton, Ore., A. L. llutler. of
Klkton. Oiv.
Any ami all ih'ikoiih clalmiui; ail
veively thenbovo-iIeHcrllH'il lamlii art
rcqiientetl to tile their elaiuiH In thU
office on or lieforo Kald 4tli tlay ol
March. UKKI. .
I T. IIuiikikh, ItcKlxter.
United States Land Ollice.
noseburt;, Oregon, Oct., 10, 1002. ,
Notice is hereby kIvch that in compli
ance with the provisions ot the net of :
Cohkiws of June 3, 187S, entitled "An
net for tho siiln of timber hituls in tho
Btntea of California, Oregon, Noviuln.
uml WiiahiiiBton Territory, n extcndiHi
to nil tho Public Lnml btntoa by net of
Aiigust 4, 18'J2, Henry M. Wilson of Ku
lienoCoimtv of Ume, Stntef Oreijon hns
this dny tiled in thin ollice hU sworn i
Ktiitcnient No. 8(184, for the purchase of 1
the S NW U & W , SW
of Sec. No. 12, Townsliip 28 South, ot i
ltiuiKO 2 AVet, and will oiler proof to I
show that the lnml sotiidit l moro
viiluiihlo for Its timber or atone than for
iiKrictiltiirnl purposes, nnd lo catnhliuh
his claim to wild land before Mario L. I
Wiiic. U. S. Commissioner at Ku-
l?eii, Oregon, on viHlnulny tho 7th dny
ol.ian,, um.i.
Ho niiinm n's wltncwses:
Jiiinoa N. Unnille. of Kuirmoiiiit. Ore,
.Tnmi'H Holl'iuun. Annie Wilson, of lUi
Sene, Ote., Austin Hoot, of Springfield,
Any ml till persona claiming adverse
Iv tlie tibove-dccriUHl limits nro ro
quested to llio their clnlma in thla olllco
on or befoie said 7th day of Jan., 1003.
J . T. Humous, Hegistor.
Wo guiiinnteo every bottle of Chnm
berlalii's Cough Uoiucdy nnd will refund
tho money to nnyono who la not antla
fleil alter using of tho con
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and whooping cough and la pleasant
ami auto to take. It prevents any ten
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