Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 14, 1902, Image 3

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Some of tlio Happcnlngi About Town During thelMst Week.
Dr. Lowt iK'HliHiilli'tnii-KiiKi'iic. Miiyor V. W. ClirlMtnmi wiin In Umi
Will DhvIiImoii vImIIiiI Kmicmu tho c"-v ",Hl """""'
II. 1". Hliilth untile ii IiiihIiii'hh trln
In KtlKi'lM 'ii Monilny.
(.'nil nl II. C. .MiiiIhcii'h neiv More
1 1 I'm t of I ll( tvii'lt,
I'Mim cut kIiimm (or Wi'tlilliiirpivwiittf
at II. 0. MiiiIhuii'm. IIMI
lllll.v IIIukIum wiih ilitwn from llu
imiiiln IiihI I "rliht.v.
.IiiIiii linker Ih visiting IiIm brother
In Knloni this u irk.
' McI'IkTI UllKlli llll' IIHHM.VtT, WIIH III
tliKvll.v IiihI Krlilny.
(1111 MtmdtiWM wits down friini Ho
IiimiiIii lint llrnt of tlio'wivk.
itml Ilic llin-Hl linn of Jewelry In
town, j.'-1 1
Kmc nil of I'nuik HiwiiliurK's little
KiriM nnvn iHi'ii itiiie in with M'lir
luthiu. I'm ilk .Jorilun returned Tni-sdny
uflcriinon from unhurt IiiimIiichh trip
.Mlrlmel (IimjIU. .Ir,
from llolicinlit IiihI rtiitiirilny.
U. O. Knmtii'l umi I. A. I .like, of
Jiincllini, wen-In the i lly Kiiltinluy.
A new millinery Htoclt Iiiim Ihvii
UH!IK'il lip In I he Medley hulMlnif
tlllM Week.
The Mimke hIkhv Hint wiih here lul
l-'rlility nml Hittnrilny In nt IviiRene
thin week.
.Mm. Dr. I'nlni'.of Kiiki'Imi, Is visit
ing In I lie rlly the guest ol .Mr. nml
Mm. W. II. AlirmiiH.
MImm .Mnrln TIhiiiiimihi. lonelier In
the liulillc si-hnul ul our illy vlnllcil
nl I'.iiKeiie InHt Kiinilny.
Ally. I.. I". Harris wiin In tlictlly
Monilny evening on legal IiiimIiichh,
returning Tut-sdny iiiornlnir.
Clmnli'f (lie youngest hoii ol ('..I.
Howard, him Imdii ijultu nick with
Hcurlellnii lull h Improving.
Wnller 1 1 ohm nml wife, of ICiinene.
who him Imi-ii vlaltlug hero several
ilnyn. returned lininoHuiitlny.
Mr. Kl .lonos cniue over from
Oonii IiihI Hittnrilny returning to
work nt the iiiIIIh Monday.
l'o 1'rlln, who wits formerly n
resident of thin pliiee, hut now of
Dmln, wiih In the city the llrnt of the
W. II. (Inrmitn wits ipilte hulls.
Mr. nml Mm. llv lllinrhiini wen.
wiih ilitwn ;ilown from lloliemln Hutunliiy nml
.Minors tiro arriving from llnhemln
everyday, iiillllng tln diggings for
Hid winter.
Churliiy Vnn Deiilinri: returned
Monilny from u IiiihIikkh trip, to the
county win.
ItufiiH Dllluril wiih In the city the
llrnt of tlm week lonltendhlnhrollier
Hubert's funernl.
llnrwlu llrlntow. pi-cnldeiil of Hid
Klml Nntlonnl llmik of thin clly, n
I limed Hunilny Irom n Hum iIu.vh
liiintueHM nojourn at Portland,
A red hot howling content In on
In'tweeii the liowlern of our clt vmul
u iluli from lloolh-Kelly mill No, I,
which will lake place next Katiinlny
In the n I ley h here.
Mr. mul Mm. Inane TIiiiiiiiih went
tlown to ('roswiill hint Hunilny mul
attended the wedding of Minn Dora
catch, n nlnter of Mm. Thomas,
They returned Monday.
W. C. Conner, of the ItoHchlirg
riiilnilealcr, wan in t lie clly tliellmt
of tla week visiting hln parents who
reside near town mul truiisiti'tlug
liilMlueHM, Mr. t nnncrreportM ugrvnt
building boom on for hln town mul
seems to have rent faith In the fu
ture of t lav place.
A Mm. O'Connor nml iluiiKhU'r, of
pom-'il hint I'rhlny nml Snturil.iy Imt I ri.mtllln. Ort'.. lir tlil
wiiH Imck to hln pont of iluty fu the w.i-k. leaving rl.lny. They n old
inVni Mmiiliii- I nclKhliom mul frli'iuln of Harney
Miotv jionuuj . O'Neill nml lire on n ImihIiichh ileal In
(leo. Kerr, one of the I'ncllle Tlm-
ln;r Coiupany'n oIiIIkIok clcrkn, In
ipilU) nick nml nt prewnt limler it
phyHlc.lmi'n enrw.
.Mr. nml Mm. U-ntor Toxer nml
CIiiim. Murtlli went to Cn-nwcll Hun
ilny to ntlciul the wcddliiK' of.l. II.,
Martin to Minn Dorn Vcitlch (limnl.
Kcllx Currln lirounht In n Mm load ;
of Iiokh hint Monday anil nohl them
to llurtel .V Watch. Their were ten I
III the loiul nml they nveniKeel aiillin ,
the city which, II elowd will miike
them n-nldcnln of thin the llvllent
Utile city In OrcKon.
Mm. I'hllllpn. of Mountain Home.
Idaho, nml daughter Mm. I'mmle
I'hllllnn. of Alleumi county. Mich..
arrived In the clly Hunilny from their
lioincnanil will liuiKo tlivir mime in
ColtiiKC Hrove thin winter. They
nn mot her mul nlnter of Ileal Mntate
Awnt 11. I'hllllpn. mul come here
for their health.
ouch. i Darwin llrlntow went down to
Kiivprul rich HiMchiieim of oiv from I Kma-ne Tiiewlny to iH-tirewiit at au
HmdohlCronn wciv 'iroiiKhl In from Imporlmit mectlm: of the kitMtvrii
lloheinla the llrnt of tho wtvk nml Uir. It will 1h rt-niemlH-ri'i that
phu-eil on exhlhltlon nt thcHhcrwood Mr. llrlntow wiih elwtcil to the Im
L.,.,1 portunt olllre ol Worthy (Iriiml
... .... , 1 MiiHler of the 1 State recently, which
Atty. Miilloy mul wife ivtiirneil i miv uux hU ireneiuv turennnry
from Hum-no Hunilny. Mr. Meilley n.rl (MVnnloiin.
Iiiim Ui'ii nttetulluj;. court nml Mm. i ....
Tllllh IIINrill 1 1 Iv IIIIIII
euroule home Monday from llonwell
HprlliKH, where he hud taken hln wife
for n two wtvk'n Hlay nt Hint fmiionn
heultli renort. ..Mm. (Illnlrap lutn
iKt'ii ncrlounly troulileil with rheit
inatlnm for wvcrul yenm mul we
hope nhe will Mud irllcf lit the cura
tive powcm of thene nprliiKn.
A. Itlm-low, who Iiiim Ikvii a rent
lent of the Dorcii'i iielKhhorhooil for
neven or elfsht yenm Ih iiiovIiik onto
the tlooilrlch plme two or three
tnllcHfrom town. Mr. lllgclow for
nierlv llveil In Sherman county, Ne
ItriiHKU, nml Iiiim lived In Tuiiiichmcc,
hut he Htn.VH In Oregon ultho he
nold hln farm over a yeur uko exiKt'U
liiK to move to Kantern Oregon.
Verily, the count country, with Itn
mlntH ami Hiinnhlne, hath clmruiH too
niimeroiiH to mention.
Jliilley vlnltlnit her pari'tilM who n-
Hide then.
(X A. Nelnou rnlncil a lot of line
llahlwlu applcH on hln place near
town thin Hcanoii If we tuny Jiulue
hln entire npplecrop from the one he
left at thin olllw one iltw hint wwk.
ThoC. M. A. footliull team of thin
city uxiH-cteil to mcvt the Dmln
team at thin place next Hal unlay
hut for Home reiiHon the Drain team
Ih minim to come. Tho Drnlu tenia
wan (lefeateil by llonImrr Innt wivk
ll tod.
The loolhall Kmnc iH'twevtl the
Unlvemlty tenia nml the AKHciilttirnl
t.'ollcKe team of CorvnlllM at the lat
ter tilnct hint Hnttirilay renulted In
neither team ncorliijr. Them tcntim
will (lotibtlenH mit't nunla thin wiihoii
mul ilwlilo the unit tor.
Frank Wooloy Ih IiiiIIiIIiik a new
cot ti won hln lot ami niljolnlnir hln
renldfiicv near the raltroail upon
which work Ih ImjIiik punheil rnplilly.
When completed It will tlotihtlwn Ik
forn-ntiiH Trunk can't live la two
There will lie hctvIccm lioth morn
IiikiiiiiI eveuliiKiiext Hunilny at the
MiithodlHt church. The piiMtor'n
moniliiKHiibJect wllllH.','The.Natloiial
(.hrlntliln." Kvealnj; Htibject "With
put Occupation" or 'WnrmltiK At A
HtrniiKo I'lre."
Them will bun (Irani! Mank Hall
Klven ThnnkHKlvluK Km Nov. nt
Mnrtln'H hull under mmplcen of Cnlla
poovnTrllH Iniliroviil Order of Ited
then. TIckelH fl. Hiuttntom iV.
Oooil mimic. kooiI order ami a kooiI
time KimraaHvil to all who tuny
participate. Com.
I'rniik V. Tnlklnttton, a prominent
liiinlnenH mint of Hnlcm, wiih In the
city liiHt Friday ami Saturday look
Inj? after hln extennlve InteivHtH on
(Jharp'H twk ami lullolieinla. From
heivlie went to Hun Franclnco to
HiK-nil the winter with hln family
which hud preceded him.
The Upwortli league hail a well
attended and eutniiHtantlc meeting
hint Monday lilKht. It wiih decided
to hold a ThunkHKlvliiK nervlre on
TliaukHRlvluK tiny, nml n ThnnkH
Klvlnir entertainment the nlRht be
foro If a Hiiltnble proKrnm In time
vnn Ik iiinile. Heyernl pernonn Ik--came
memlM-m of tnln youiiK people'H
.ImucH Toetoi'H, of Tivtem' ci-eek,
Wiih a pleimnnt caller at thin olllce
Tuemliiv. Mr. Tcetem In one of the
old time ivHldelltH of that nectlou
having wttled on the beautiful trout
st mini that bourn hln iiuuie, many
yeain iik. Althouuli a fulthfiil Iron,
clad democrat Mr. Teelem taken con
Hlderiiblo Htock In the NiiRitot hh a
niiiVHpnper and keopH In kooiI Htand
(UK on oiirHiilmcrlptlon bookn.
Hlullwooil nawed Into Move wood
loiiKtlrrt Ih helm; nohl at l.oiiK &1HHK
liaiu'H hiiw mill at forty conta per
tier nowadnyH, An luventment of a
tow dollar m thin Htuffwlll proven
wonderful hiivIiik In fuel iih noon iw
It liecoau'H dry euouKh to burn
roadlly In a cook Htovu. Slnbwnod
at fort v centH per tier will Ihj a boon
to tlio people nore who are nltimted
jo afl to take advnntngo ol It.
T. W. JoukliiHwnB a pleanant caller
at thin olllce Friday leavliiK the
nocoHHUry coin to keep him Hiipplled
with thin hoiiHoliold uecenHlty ftir
tho noxt year. Mr. JenkliiH left
Monday for lloneliurK wheix) ho will
rotnnla a few weekH In thelntorcHtHof
tlio Modora Urotherhood of America.
i.'.,. ii.nn, hit will iro over la the
aotwdlay connfry; to remain iliirtlitf
ii. wintjir In the InterentH of tliw
New Mining Company.
The Coiinolhlateil Mlulnix ami
Milling Conipuny filed artlcleniit In
corporntlon with the m-cretary of
Htate hint week ntHalum. Thin new
company Incorporate for 2(H)1t)(KI
amlKlvenC. U, .IoIiuhoii, Win. Weeh
termulA. F. Ilonieyer iih Incorpo
ratom. It holdn nine clalmn ada
cent to and IiicIiiiIIiik the llennou
hotel proiierty In lloliemln mul In
prepnrliiK to put Home Htock on the
miirket for the further development
of Home of Itn valuable cIiiIiiih.
Found Oullty Of Murder.
The trial of llert lleatou for the
murder of llenlon Tracy nt .1 unction
hint Hummer came to an cad at Kit
none lnnt Friday when the Jury re
turned n verdict of murder In thowc
onil dei;m ami Jiulue Hamilton wn
teuml lilm to a Hie term in the ivenl
teutlnry. On Monilny Sheriff Wlthom
took 111 in to Halem wlietv ho will "do
time" for IiIh crime. Then Ih quite a
a fccltiiK In KiiReiie nml .Itinetlon,
when everybody In luteivntcd In the
cune. Hint he hIiouIi! lmve Iiuiir for
hln cold-blooded crime, nml perluipn
he would hut tor the fact that hln
conviction wiih a ntmlt of clrcium
ntantlal evidence only. '
Robert Dlllanl.
Hubert Dlllanl, who dltil at hln
home uenr thin city on Saturday
Nov. 8, HK12 at the iiRe of (IT yearn, :i
montlix ami II dayn wiih a native of
Mlnnotirl, and cronHcd tho pluliiH
with hln father mid mother In
ltal mid located In l.ane cimnty
where he niualneil until IiIh death.
He wiih married June 1, tSTij, to
MIhh Mary ICiikIuiuI, who Htm'iven
him. He united with the I'nniby.
tetiiitt chiin'h In S70 umi luut Ihh'ii a
prominent ami conwlntcnt tmniilHr of
tho church ever Hlnce that tliiK. Hln
fnullH were not nival faultH and
Withal ho wiih a genial, Kvueroun
henrtiMl Kentletuun, a tjootl neighbor,
klml liiiHband and a niaa who will
bo greatly inlnHcd In the coniiuuulty
In which he Iiiih ho long n'nlded. He
wiw cloncly related, to the Dlllanln
for whom the utatlon elRht nillew
Hgutho! HonetijitB. wan named, am
wan ac(niln(of our tovlinmen V". 1.
and Finns Dlllanl.
IMItor of the llohemla NiikkcI:
DenrHIr Thlnkliur tlml iierliiipnyoii
would like Home iiuwh from one of
Hie nlale liiHt It lit Iimih I have vent u red
lo write Home Iteiiw of Kcncral Inter-
enl from the Oitroii Hlnle Normal
School located nl Monmouth.
I entered HiohcIiooI nt the Im-kIii-nliiK
of the year. On the llrnt morn-
liitf, Kept. Ill, nt nine, o'clock, I'tvnl
dent lletinler comliii'ted chuvlexer
cIhch In the anKeiuby room on the wr
Olid floor, IlenldcM the Htuileutn, a
number of townnin-ople wen preeiit
by hhcIiiI Invltatloim. After nil In
len-ntliiK lulk by the pn-nhlent, we
weiv l veil direct lonn iih to nwntrn.
Iloii, etc. Thone HtmlcntM who were
fortunate enough to get their ntudy
curdn iniule out iM'fon noon (mil the
n-iuulmler of the duy to neml an
they ph-iiMcd. Hut commit htm from
the ('hrlntlan Annoclutloiin met every
motor mul hell hi I the new HtmlenlM
find congenial boarding placeH nml
n'nilerany other mailed aHnlntauce.
Then followed the n'gulnr routine
work of the nchool. Mont of the ntu
denlM feci that It In nccennary for
them lo complete the niiilnil work
In an nhort n time iih piiHHllile and ho
lake from live lo neven HiihJcctM for a
nomcMtor. l'hln In of eoume tnon'
than they can do luntlcu to although
they mi-iii to do fair work In nil of
them. We have Jun't llnlnlied the
llve-weckH-cxaiulnatloii.iinlt Inealled,
ami the average of the work w'uh
Many Mople would perhupn like to
know Homethlng of our excellent
corpM of teuchem, nml no I will give
their nanicn and the HiibJectH tnughtd
rn'Hldeut Itennlcr, niKtiul methodn;
II. II. lliicklimn, pnychology, hlntory
and I'lillonophy of education; MIhh
Hut hill, Kngllnh lltcnitunelocuilon:
A, I'. Cmiipliell. htntory, mutlie
miitlcH; It. ('. Fivucli, prlnclpul train
ing dept. methodn; Mm. I'ennrll
rhetoric, grummiir; Mm. 1'n-nch,
cliemlntry, biology; 1. O. 1'owell,
inutliemutlrn, book-keeping; (. A.
ForticH, phynlcnt training; Minn Hlg
glun, drawing, tuiinlc: I.. A. Hobln
noil, pliynlcn, iniitlieliiutlcn: Minn
Hnillh, Mr. Mnhoney ami Mr. Allen,
critic teachem.
We have neveral up-to-diiteHtudent
orgmilintloiiH nucli an literary ho.
cletlen mid athlcllc ctubn for both
ladlcM and gentlemen, a prohibition
league, Chrlntlun nnnoclutlotiH, orn
torlal anniM-hitlonn, mid a nchool
baud. Several of thene brought
honor to the nchool In their Inter-
ncholantlc ndatlonnhlpH hint year.
We do not Intend tolH' Injliehluil thin
yeur ami our foot bull ami banket
bull tcauiH nri' almnly hard at work
preparing to win nnown.
The liiunlc teacher In milking a
nHt'lalty of chornn pructlce once a
week a id the Hinging In chapel Iiiim
noticeably Iniproveil In conmnuente.
I hud meant to tell you of the
pretty town of Monmouth, no well
nltimted, In thin In-ailtlfnl valley with
the low-lying Count MountaliiH on
one nlde mul the hiiow KukH of Hie
('ancmlcM on the other, to lie the
home of nucli a nchool; but I'm nun
Hint npnee forbhln. In my next we
hIiiiII have had time to ui-compllnh
noinctlilng worth the telling, but I'm
nun that I've aln'iidy hnd time to
catch nomelhlng ol the fraternal
nplrlt which clmrnctorlioH every
.Monmouth ntmleut.
Monmouth. On.. Nov. 1IKU.
Fiiom; Co.
Unlled StiiliM Ijii.iI Onh e.
Uotebutg, Ore., Oct. 0, 11)02. 1
Niillcoia hereby given Hint In coin
l hi nee with Hie provlnlotm of the net ol .
t'onicreeii of Juno 8, 1B7H, uutlllcil '"am (
net lor the tnln of IIijiUt IiiihIh In the
Klnleii of CnHfortiln, Orcgoii, NkvihIhJ
ami WnkhliiKloii," HUexIvMili'd to nil Hie!
Public bund HtHlc by net of Aiigimt I, )
1M'. Kmiiin N. Bnltztiiun. of Criiwcl 1. 1
(bounty of I.HH0, Hlnte ol Orcou, Iiiik
llilniliiy linn in tmn olllce tier nwiirn
ntiitemeiit No. 3010, for lh purcliaiio of
the H 14 UK 1-4 8 HH l-t of Section
So, 2, Townnliln 2.( WoutJi, of llniiiro 2
Went, mid will olrvr nroof to iliow
Hint tlio land nought In mor;; vnlunhlo
lor na 1 1 inner or none tiiiia tor nun
cultural iurHMei. ami id cMnWlim lier
clnlm to mild laud before Mnrle I.. Wnre,
i, n. coinmiiitioiicr ni t-.tixeiie, uriuoti,
on Weilnetday the Hint ilny of fec.,1U02.
t-hf nnmea n wrltnemen :
JnnivM N. Itnnille, of I'mrmoimt. Orc-
gon, Jninex Hoffman, In In II Komi ol Ku
itene, Oregon, Mnrtha V. King, of Crin-
well, i regno.
Anvnnilnll ncrnoin claiming adverne
Iv the nhove-ilencrilnil Ininln urn re.
uueeted Iodic their chilnu in thin olllce
onorbcforenalilfllatilayol Dec. 1002.
.1. I. IIRIIHIEM Itl-glKter.
;j-:fHH5-ife--- jr. y. :: :f: -Jr. &MHbrqHr&ifryH -'Mi$
Ulectrlc Light Improvements.
W. II. AbntniH, the proprietor of
the electric light pluut, Iiiih had a
font of workmen buny for noiue time
putting up tlie m-cennary polen ami
wln'H rovnhvd for two curcultH la-
Htead of one which linn Ikvii In tine
heivtofon'. They um nlno n'palrlng
and Inntulllng another dynamo,
than doubling the cnpaclty of the
plant and euubllng them to give iih
good IlghtH an can lietHt'iuvd In any
city In Oregon.
Thin mow wan made neceHnnry by
the wonderful Incn-une In their bunl
neHM during the pant year or no
which Iiiih grown with the city, and
will warrant the outlay nccennary
for the Improvements.
It giH'H without naylng that Mr.
AbraiiiH o.icctH to ki-ep pace with
the .growth of the city and nlno that
the'icoplo of Cottage drove an 1h-
gtnillngto nppni'late the plant mid
pntronUo It ncconllngly which pat
ronage In duly appnvlated by the
Damaged lty The Rain.
Owlhg to the mvat heavy ralan
the O. &. H. Iv. track wan Homewhat
daumged out at Chatln'n cut about
nix allien from town ami the tralnn
dd not make their uhiiiiI ruim on
Siitunlay and Monilny. However,
the ilmunge wan npalu'd and the
traliiH an now running iih iihuiiI.
Theilmuage wiih due 0ntlnly to the
nettling of the road lied which wan
canned try tho ralan iih Ih always tho
cane on grndcH that have Junt Ikhui
put. In. The new track out to Long
& lllugham'H logging camp wiih nlno
Homewhut damaged but not nerl-ouBly.
Thin Is tho month of coughs. coUlu mid
uiMite ciitnrrh. Do you cntcli cold easily?
I-inn yuumeii noatue, wunii iicKlltig in
your thnmt and au annoying rough at
mgiii7 I nun, you tuiouiu alwnys nnve
handy, ii bottlo ol Mallard's Horeliouml
Byriin. J, A. Aiulorson, 851 West 6th
St., Halt Lake City, writes. "We use
Hal hint a Ilorehound svrui forco chs
audi colib. It gives lininudiato relief.
Wo know It's tho bout remedy for thene
trouble". I write Induce other
people to try thjs pleasant ,and elHcleat
reuieily." I'ftc, BOound lint New Eru
United Blatei) Ijind Olllce',
Honeburg, Oregon, Oct., 10. 11)02.
Notice in hereby given that in cumuli-
unco with the provisions of the net of
Congteimof June 3. 1878. entitled "An
Act for the mile ol timber Inudn in the
Ktflten of California, Oregon, Nevada,
mid Wiinliliigtou Territory, 'ns exlemleil
loulltliu l'ulillo 1-niel stnien by nclot
Angimt -1. 1802. Henry M. Wilson of Ku-
geneC-oimtv offline, hlnlu ol Oregon has
this day filed In this olllce his sworn
nliitemeiit No. 3M3I, for the nurclinne ol
I he H 4 NW H A W SW K
offcief. So. Hi, Townnliip 'J3 South, of
tnnge J est, nun win oner prooi to
show t lint the Iniul nought is more
vnlnnhlo for ilir tilnlmr or stone than for
agricultural purinMen, ami to twtuhlish
liln claim lo sulu land i-lore Jlorie I.
Ware. U. 8. Commissioner at Ivu
gtiiM, Ori-gini, on wcdlienday the 7th day
oi jan., iuu.1.
lie iinmes ns wltnenses:
.lumen N Itundle. of Kalrtnount. Ore.
Jniiicit Hoirman. Annie Wilson, of Kit
gene, Oie., Austin Hoot, of .Springfield,
Auy and all iersons clnliiiluginlrerse
ly tlie alKivoileHirljel lands are re
uuested to Hie their claims In this olllce
on or Iwlore said itn uav ol Jan., IUUII,
t n it, i,
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Unllrd SUIM Unit OHti.
Ililrr, Oct. 3s, IV"!
Kntlr U hirt,i rlrsti thai In fAmi.llaii,
with thV iTiirWnin Af th art of CiMicreu ul
Junol. IMS. emltlrtl -An Art for His m1 of
Tllnlr imiilBIhe Hteo CallluniU.OK-
fon, vts. ami natiiiaiMnn Territory,
sllrixlnl In all llr Illbllo I -unci Ktatcal.j- act
ofAUKUtlt. vm, Jlnl I'. Cubll.ol EuKtnr,
County of Ijine, Stale of Oregon. Iiaillili ilr
flleil In this office lisr.swom sutement No.
877 for the pnrrhaM ol the K w V of Hecilon
So. 3 In Tiixu.hll. No. 3 Soudi of Kama No.
t W. ami will ofler iroof lo nhow that the lamt
aouslit Ii more Taluablf for lit ttmtr or stone
than for agrlrnltural puriea- and to vtal
llh her rlalm lo .aid land before Marie I..
Ware, I 8. Comnilloner, Kugene. Oregon on
paiupiar iue aar oi jannary tajb.
Hhe names as witnesses:
John W. cubil. Charles II. I'olloek. of Xn
Rene, Orviron. James N. Kauille.of Kalrmnunt,
Ore.. Aliilln ICoot. of HnrlDaHelii. Ore.
Any and all persons rlefmlns sdrervelythe
above described lands are reiDeted lo tile
llietr claims tn lbloniceonnr belore said llh
iiar ol January. ust.
J. T nsibacs. Reirller.
ItoeKBCno. Obxikix.
October llih IW2.
Notice of anullcallon of the Anaconda Gold
Mining Comiany of llohemla, a prt.ate cor
poratlon. anion by and through lis treaturer
C. M. Vounr. for a iteiil for the Okm Coxmiu-
hated Qi ikti Claim, Uohemla Ulnlng Ills-
net, uineaua oouiiss cououes, Oregon
mroKi Tilt L'mitsd
Statu Lxhd Orrin at
Rosebcko, Ore.. Octo
ber vnn, iwz
Notice Is herebv given that the Anaconda
(told Mining Company ol llohemla. a ortrsle
eoriiorsiion. orgnnlxeu ana esullug under and
bv virtue of the laws of the state of Oreiron.
with Its prlnelil oRlce and place of bustneM
at nugvne. iJine rimniy uregon, acting or.
through and under tit trvasurerC- M. Young,
w hone iMMofflce Is said Kugene. Lane countr.
Oregon, has filed application for teut for the
Gem I'ontolldaled lurli Claim, In
the llohemla Mining District. Lane and Doug
las couutlss Oregon, and destgngteit by the
Meld notes and oltlrlal plat on tile In this office
as Mineral Hurrer so. ta. and iring In section
11 low nihlu2B south, rsnse No. 1 east, the aald
Oem Consolidated Quarts Clstm, consisting of
the Slide lode mlnlug clslm. clalmlLg l.Vi
linear leei increoi wiin suriace Krounu as
shown uKin the o.lclal plat on tile In this
ofllceexcent a ronfltctof 2.004 acres with the
Vesuvius lode mining clslm. which conflicting
aroais nereDr esciuucu:oi ine new louemining
claim, claiming SW linear feet of the said lode
with surface ground as shown upon the said
lilat' atidofinetiem mining claim, claiming
1871 feet of said lode with surfsce ground ss
shown upon said ofilrfal plat. The magnetic
variation Is f rflli 2o deg to 21 deg W lnlti east
The said Slide lode Is dcscrltN.-d as follows:
lk-glnnlng at corner Sola post S1 feet long, 4
Inches squsre set is Inches tn the ground
scribed 1-IU, fir 20 Inches dlsmeter bears S.
1 deg w 191 feet. A nr 24 Inches diameter bears
8 Hdt'gW 41 fcelboth fsced andierlU-dt-4U IIT
The mineral monument erected lu survey No.
2J3 bears 8 72 deg Si niln 7147 teet. fuel,
section corner on line lielween sectlous It and
II, of IpSIs, tl e Willamette Meridian, bears
8'jadeg Umln w7lli
Thence N W deg U mln w lsifi feet to cotner
no 2; thence ? M df R H fioi) feet to comer,
NoS: thence south 52def 15 mln east loiW feet
to corner No 4; thene south M deg west 900 feet
to corner No. i: Ihenre south SJ deg so mln
wesllKgl feel toeorner Sol and place ol begin
ning, auu cuuiaiiiiiigtxciuMiu oi iue eonitit
with the Vesuvius mining claim, 17 l acres.
The llcco lode Is dei-erlbct as follows : llesln-
nlng at corner No 1 it 4 feel long 4 Inches
sijuare set IS Inchesln the ground scribed 1-4 IS.
A tlr8 Inches In diameter bears norlh 21 deg
essl 31a feet. A pine 10 Inches In diameter
bears south I1, KM tt-ct. both farmland scribed
1-113 IIT. Theli secllon corner belueeu sees
llandllTpaaa HI K UarssonlU27deg 11 mln
K UWi feet. Thence north 7 deg 15 mfii W.WJ
feet Id cor No 2;tl'iuv mirth M dog K luafeet
tociirNo.l: I hence south T7 degSOmluK Mil
tocor Noli thcuce south. U deg W initio cor
No land place of beginning, and contatnlng
.S acres.
TheOein lode fsdescrlbetl asfollous: Ileglu
uinuiit iir No t tdeiuleal tlh cor No 2 Ueco
loile ami with SKivr of the location. The t.
H'Ctlon comer betneeusecs II aud lltp23Slt I
K U-ars south SD dee S5 mln K-JHSfl; thence
uurtli?Jileg2i)mtn V 1271(1 tocor No 2; thence
north 51 deg K mill in cor No 3; thence oulh72
deg'.X)inln K 137411 locor No 4; thenro south 51
deg wceiaft Incur Not and place ot beginning
ami containing 10.812 acres.
The not area lor which patent Is applied (or
ot tho said Oem Consolidated Quarts Claim,
after excepting the said conflict Willi the Ve
suvius lode, which said conlllcllugsres Is not
Claimed by ilioappllcmii. is I0.1i! acres.
1 lie lull lev ol iochiioii oi ill, an iii ouue uiuu la
of record in the olllce of the t nnnly Clerk of
Douglas Couulr, Oregon. In Vol.5 page 12a llec
onls of Mining t'lAlms for said County, and I
also of reconl lu the olllce of Ihe County Clerk
Oregon, lit Vol Noll pagesA
i ii
The notice ol location of the Itecolode Isof
of Ijine Counlv.
Itevordaof MIiiIik
jatms for Lane County.
reconl In the olllre of Ihe County Clerk ol Lane
County, Oregon. In Vol No 4 page4tti! ltecords ot
Mining Claims forsald Lane Counly, Oregon.
The notice oi locanouoi ineiicm loue isoi
record in I lie olllm ntlhe County Clerk of Lane
Counrv. Oregon. In Vol a page mo ot i no rci
of Mining Claims oj ljuie County, Oregon.
Tl.n oreaiimcil ireueral course or direction ol
the safd Gem Conwiltdated Quarts Claim rein
Is northwonierly and souiheasterly as shown
niton said otllclnt plat
The said Oem Consolidated Quarts Claim
conflicts willLthe Vesuvius lode as aforesaid
and the Kawu mlnlug claim adjoins on the
Any and alt persons claiming adversely the
mining ground, vein, lode, premises, or
any portion thereof so described, platted, and
applied for. are hereby not 1 lied that unless
their adverse claims are duly tiled according
to law. and the regulations thereunder, within
the lime prescribed bylaw, with the Itegliler
ol the United Slates Laud Ottlce at Koseburg,
Douglas County, Otegou. they will be barred
by the provisions otthe law In such cases
made and provided. .
J. T. lttttouKs, Register.
Date ottlrsl publication, October 17, A.J. 1302;
Pate of last publication. December.- Ayl). 1802.
Rough Lumber,
S7 pea?
Saginaw. Ok.
Unitetl StatW! ltnil Office,
ltoseburc. Ortvon. Sent. '.'4. 1902.
Xotlcu is hereby given that in compli-1
anee wltli tlie pruvlsiuns ol the set of
CoiiKreee ol June3, 1878. entitled "An
act for the Bale of timber lands in the i
Stnteu of California, Oregon. Nevada, i
and Washington Territory, 'as extended
to all the Public IjiiiiI States bv act of
Aujrimt 4, 18ltt. William K. IVudfiotne.oI !
l'ortlnnd County of Multnomah State of I
Oregon has this day filed in
this ottlce his sworn stHteii.ent No. ,
3522, for tho purchase of the fractional t
SVfof Section No. SO. ir. Township 21 i
South, ofKange8 West; and will offer i
proof to show that the land sought la more ,
valuable for its timber or stone than fcr
agricultural purposes, nnd to establish i
his claim 1 1 said land before the Key
ietcr and Keceiver of this olllce nt Host-1
biiru.Oreuon. onSIonday, the2th day of
.Mar., 103,
Henry C rnidhome, James S. Tvr
rell, Lydia C. Tyrrell, and Ueorjse
McClintock allot i'ortlaud, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming advera
ly the aliove describeil lands are r
quested to file their claims In this office
on or before euid 2th day of Mar , 1003
J.T. Briixies. Register.
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United States Land Olllce,
Koseburg, Oregon. Oct 9, 1002.
Notice is hercuy given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
Stales of California, Oregon. Nevada nnd
Washington Territory," as exte- ded to
nil tlie Public Land Slates by act ol Au
gust 4, 1802, Iula IS. liond, of Eu
gene, County of Jjine. State of Oregon
has this day tiled in this office her sworn
statement No. 3618 for the purchased the
SV NE 4 & 8, NW 1-4 of Sec No. 2, in
Township 23 South. of Uange2 W. nnd
will offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for its timber or
atnnntlinn for agricultural tiurnoseg. and
f to establish her claim to said land before
Mnrie L. Wore, U a Commissioner at
Eugene, Oregon, on Wednesday the .list
day of Dec., 1902.
she names ts witnesses:
Emma N Snllzuinn, Martha V. King,
of Creswell, Oregon. James N Handle of
tairmount, Uro., James uoiiman, ot
Eugene, Ore.
Any and nil persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to tile their claims in this ottlce
on or before said 31st day of Dec., 1902.
J. T. IlRtDoss. uegister.
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Notice l hereby Klven that lu com
pliance with the provlHlmw of the
net ot CoiiKtvrw of June 3, IS78, en
titled "An not for the mile of tlnilwr
Innilrt In tho Stiiti of Cnllfoniln, Ore
gon, vcvntin. mul vi nriiiuiKion ter
ritory. n oxieniieu to mi iiw aiiu
llc Lnnd StnteH by net of August 4,
181)2, WiUliim W. Unities, of Eusi'tie,
County of Lime, Statu .ol uregon
lm tills day Hied In this olllce iuk
HworiiBtnteitient No. 3414 for the pui
cluiHO of the Lots 3 & 4, S NW &
NW SW J, of Sift Ion No. 2, Township
No. 20 South, of Kiuiko 2 West mul
will offernroof to hIiow that the liunl
nought Ii moiv vnluablo for Its tltn-j
ber or Ktone tniin tor iiKi-icuitunii
purpoHOM, mul to t'rttiililfuli IiIh claim
to mild land liefore Mario L. Wnre,
U. S. C()ininInloner nt Kiikviun
OivKon, on Slimdny the I8t, ilny
of lHv.. 100-'. !
He tinmeH ns wUiiohwh:
11. T. Dow. JaniesSlileo, of CottiiKO,
tirovo. Ore., Charles Haines, .lolur 4g
iiiiliwH. nl Kiiirenu. ure. n
Any anil all iH)rsOns tlaimliiK nd-
versclv the above-ilescrllieil minis
are reiiuested to tlio their claims hi
this olllce on or U-foiv said 1st day
of Dev., 1U02.
.1. I . lluiiuiKs, tU'Kister.
United status Land OAlro,
Itnssburir. Ore.. Oct. 28. l'AM.
Notli-u Is hereby ulyen thst in compliance
with tlio urovtiliius ot the set ot Congress of
Junes, M, entltleil "An set for the ssleuf
Timber Lands tn the States of Calltornla, Ore
gon, Nevsils. suit MsililuKton Territory," as
extended loall the rublleLand Slates by act
otAinrilsH.WW, John V. Oublt. 01 fcuuene.
toiiniy 01 tjine. oisieui unrsuu
lllinlln this onloe his sworn staiement No.
11771, lor the purvhas ot the M. ii
at Secllou No. SO, Tonlislilp IB sonth, of
Rsugel west ana win oner proona snow inst
,l faml snuirht Is muru valuable forlts timber
or stone than for agricultural purposes and to
establish his claim to said land before Marie U
Ware. V. S. Cominlsstouer at Kugene, Oregon,
on Saturday the 17thdsy ot January, 1WM.
(ieome W. Hunter. Charles II. I'ollock, of
VntiA nn.fl.nii. Jmuss N. ltaiidle. of Kalr-
mount Ore.. Austin ltoot, ofSprlngtleld, ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands Kte requested to tile
thelsolaitnsln this olllce on or before said 17ib
Uayot January. WW. . ..
I 4 4tnt".l9 stviiV'
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