Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 07, 1902, Image 8

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-Cl .It BIIC Willi III
, Gallery ooiMWMirf j
f " act for the ft
NOW Ol'tiN
Untied States tand Olllcc,
i i n ., oiiioiv.
Noll 1 hereby given that In complb
unit1 witn tne
NoricK ton puhlication.
United States Unit Office,
lto'elauy, Orrsoii, Oct., 0, 100.
Notice In hereby given that In coinpu
aci 01
New backgrounds and ncces
gorica. Best Lenses and Cameras.
15 ears
8 years in
ntiiritntiit the net of inn with llie lirnvlMnns of the
line 3. 1H7S. cnlllloi "An loinmwsol Juno .1, isis, eniiiici.
alnnf HiiiIht mint 111 llin ni't lur tin' aale of timber Unit III
Minlna ( f".,li(,iri.ln (lnv,ui. SlulM of CaI i ll ill . Ori'i!On. Nevada IIIHl
mid Wellington Tcrrltorv,"ascxlcnded ' Washington Territory,'' as extended to
to nil the Public Uml Stales by act of nit I lie Public Unit State tiy net of A u
AiidflU 4, 1S02, Kihtar O. Tobty, Ei.i-l.lSftt,Marlli V. Kltig.otCrwell,
of Kiigfiic. Coiinlv of lame, State County of Ijiiio, Statu ol Oregon,
of Oregon, has this fay Hied In thisultlce ha- this day Hied In this office his sworn
hid sworn statement ro. aoou. lor ine sisichieni .o. .winiorme mi.cuaru ui
'Township 23 Sooth, of lUligv 2 U'wl.
purchase of the ., NIC J, A Lot ISA IX the N, SK. AN, SWtj ol Section Xo,
' . tr... o.V.l I 1, . tt .....I O ...I.I.. C.....I. ..Ml ... V'.vt
Ol P-CC IJ, 11 A, COlllll, Ol II I . nmi inn iimiiii Mvtim, mi i.iiukv ..
mil offer proof to show lint tin" laivd , and will otter ptoof loshow-that tholund
ought In more valuable form timlier , sought is more valuable tor it timber or
r Mono tban for agricultural purpose
anil to establish ma claim iu smki lami
before Marie L. Ware. U.S. Commis
sioner at Kngene, Oregon, on Tiies
ilav, tlio rd day of Deo., HHtt.
fli names as wilnewe :
X. It . .Martin. John I. Palmer, J . W.
Parrlsh, of Cottage Orove, ljine Ck.
Nothing but first-class
All work guaranteed.
Lowest prices, call and examine Ore., J D Damnum, Eugene, Lnnc Co..
i Oregon,
work. Any and all persons claiming adverse-
j. ly I fie abovo-deserlll lamli" are re-
nnnnmt!. Mmcnnlp hall West quested to rile their elnima in this ottlee
Opposite Masonic nan. w est or Mon nh (Uy q ,xv hh
side, Cottage Grove. T. Uhiihiiw. Kegister.
stone than for agricultural lmrnoses.and
, to establish bit claim to raid lan. I before
. Mario I. Ware, I" S Commissioner at
Kngene, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
Slltay or Dec., m.
' He tiamosas witnesses:
I ula It. Ilotut. of F.ngvne. Lane Co.
: Ore., James 11 oilman, of Kngene, Uine
Co.. Oic. hiiiina t-altinmn. ot t;rs.
' m oil. Uine Co , Ore., James X. Itamlle,
of hairmonnt. ljine Co.. Ore.
' Anv ami all m'rsons claiming advene
iy the nUtvoMlewribeil lamls are
' ii'mfti-rl to tile their claims in llii otlko
i on or iMoro sail ;iist tiny oi ioc.,
J. T. llRiiMiKs, ltcgistcr.
Cuhlf r. i
The first Moral Bank
. . . . , will offer proof to thow that Ihe uml MHiihtlf
Paid 'J ) Capital, S25,O00.0O lmorTlnl,T for It. tlmtwror ttone than fur
acrlenltural i,urrmM an.1 to fwtabltvh hl
etalm lo m,I ImimI liefore I' . K . IUMir.1. t.S
I'nltft sum UtHl omer.
Rwburit. On.. Aug. to. IftV.
Mt(r li IwKbr tn that In eM4laner
wlthth riruTltlona tf (heart of Oonitretof
June a, IS7K. entltlMl "An Act for the rale ot
Timber Lannt In Ihe Ptatwof Oallhirnta. Ore
iron. Nevada ami Washlni-lou Terrltorr." a
eitemle.1 to all the lnbtlr IjiihI Stanea bjr art
of Atlffuiit t. It&i, lllijamln F. Klter. ot Saleta.
I'mmljr ol Martflll. Stale ot Oregon hat thin day
fltal In thlt otnee bit iworn tateient No.
mt, for the parehaie otthe SW4 of Seetlon
So. J, TDnlilpa)Siutli,ot llann 10 Went and
Money to loan on approved security
Exchangee coM, available anv
n thcUnitcd Stale
Unitnt .State Land Office,
ltoscbnrv.Ore.. Aug. lit. UHtf.
Notice, is beiebv uiven that in compli
ance uitli the provisions of the 'act of
LoiiKrocs oi J line a. isi, entiiicM - .n
Act for the sale of Timber IjiihIs in the
States of California. Oreiron. Nevada.
ami Vasliini:tonTerritorv..'nsextendcd
to all the 1'nblic Umd Slates by act of
niitum an.1 t eMubll.h hl l Aimiljt 4. IMC. ri'nilliMHi A . tlrunci'.ol
UimI lieforelK. Ilaar.l. I. S V,,.tm m Piiimti if lii,w. tdti, of"fx".wr l-n'r-" Oregon has this day tlliM in this olllcc
iienu.eiai.uiiiiriir his sworn statement No. 3340. for the
jlaco , , ' K,'tri H-r '. Werhier. c. L. purchase of the SK 4 . of Section No. tl,
' JWrfirlfSri. .dverlr .he to ..ship WSouth.ot HangeSAVand xvill
aooTe uecriteii lanu are re.inettM lo nie uuer orvui iu euun iiihv me mint euuui
thelrelalmalnthUoftleeon orWfore nklTlh l, more valuable for its timber or stone
il.jr of November, ise.
f visit DR. JORDAN'S orit
J. T. 11 a u i i. Hfflfter.
ThlrrM)AJU.Umloftl 1
in u oric
TiI nri aod Hl4lt "
ireJ Mtn who r aufftrtag i
frum lh elTwta of Toatbfal indl. W
crUKi)S r urfM i
0 et)oi;
tnrr 1
Trm. KrrrMtandphrBtri iliMtrtlm. f
ctloi; MfraaM(errhp, trtMiir- fi
mf VrlitMlInc- . llf CQtubtuatlon of i
rrrtMlf, of grmmt carmtlrv power, tbt Doctor
iiMiDrnn(fu nil irraimn( loai 1 1 Will Bo I A
only afT.ird ImmfdUU r-JI'f, bat orBU)tnt f
cur, i urn yucwr now lioi ciwm uprnrtn .
mlraelf", but N well known to b it Ilr and I
0 la bltMpecUltr DlMHwta mf Mta,
rm m Hin . UU UU HI f niUKIlN inW)
tan iTtMu without then of Jltirnry.
Triwf fllteJ br a ExprC Il4le1
ir for Uwptur. X quick and radical
rwrtfor Pllr. riar and nttala,br
Dr. Jordan's tpeclal palnlm mtthoda.
ri'l'ttT WtH ar,rUlnTa lHa.fH JMM
A ovravwftf opinion ot biiromplatnL A
f v(U Ottnranlre a jVO&TIVM CZ75X to W
I ' Cniiiiati'.n FHKK an trfetly prlrata.
' TrAtmcutrrona)lerb7ltur.
, writ f..r Rook. pniMtormr or
, I HARnuaE. MiiLEBFuai U-TaloaU
bookfor rata.) Oatiorwxtta
OIL JORDAN fcCO 1011 UrkttUi.r
UnlttH. Statw Luml Otlkv,
Uowilmrv, Orv., OtU St. UKtf.
Notkv U hervlty given that In com
pliant ith tin provlntonr of the
Act of roiigrtttft of .IuiK:t, 1S7S, en
titled "An Act for the nale of Tlmlier
IumIh In the State of California,
Oregon, Xevwhi ami Wanhlnprton
Territory," tw extended to nil the
i'uhlic 1am Staten by act of Auirust
4. ISU2, Jetw W. Pnrrlth, of Jef
fernon, County of Marion, State of
Oregon. Iuih tliln tiny llletl In this
i otllce Kvoni statement No. :J?-?7
for the lmrelmw of the Lot :i,
4. 5, IS & 7 of Section No.
:w, TownHhip 2:1 South of Kange 1
uvtainnvill oner proof to hiiow
Wntermeir, of Engetve,. Urn- " -T -'
l than for agricultural iiurnoes anil to cs
tablish his claim to saiit luml before
Marie L. Ware, V. S. Commissioner nt
i Kticcne Oregon, on Friday tlio 14th
ilavof Nov., 1902.
He names as witnesses
C. A
Co.. Ore.. Charles Cani.ibcll. of Hiver
' sitle. Calif., M. Ixughmiller, of Kngene,
Lane Co., Ore., George I.uce, of Ivison,
Iane Co., Ore.
Any anil all persona claiming adverse-
, ly tlie above-describeil lamls are re
quested to tlio their claims in this office
on or uelore saltl Htn tlay ol .Nov., uv.'.
i j. i. uitirxiEs, Kegisier.
Ihdtwl StntCH Inid Office,
ltOMelntrtr, Ort., . HKi.
NotUv la h'ftl.v Klven tlmt III emu
plltiiuv with the'pnivlHlniiH of the not
nf Coiigrvxa of Juno il. 1S7S, entitled
"Alt net fur the tmlent HiiiIht lntida
lu the .State of CnlKiirnlit, OrKOii,
Nevitdn, ntiil WnHliliwtnnTorrltor.v,"
iih oxteiidtMl to nil the TuliHc Knliil
Stntw tiy net of At;tiHt 4, INIS,
Wolf Sunder, of Kngvne, County
nt I jtne, Stale of Oivmm Iimh thla
tiny tiled lu tlilMiitfkv hlaaworuMtnte
ineiit No.iUOt, for the iuirvlinw of the
S lj NU oi N 4 SB of Section
No. S, Twjk 111 South, ot ItnltKV
S West uml will offer proof to
rthow that the Innd Motiuht la more
valuable for IIh HiiiIkt oratono tliiin
for uuriculttirnl liuriiOHea. mill to en
ttibllal. bla claim to aubl Inllil lafnr
ilnrle u Ware, i .s, Coiniuliwloiiernt
Kuuvne, Oruiroii. on Momliiy, the
17th dny of Nov., 11KW.
lie nmtiea iih wltnenxeH:
Jom'pli 11. Wllheltu.ottloaheii, Ore.,
J. Clllao.i, ot rieiixatit II III. Ore.,
Itoliert Kreeii.nn. Kit Com'iihuver.
of uoaliett. Oivkoiii
Anv uml II luiwiiiim i.liilmliti- ml
...... ...... .- . It.' ...(.... .f ....
vetxely the iiliovo-deHcrlbeil Imiila nrt
viitieattl to tile tlie r elnluiH lu thla
nt! lit- on or lieforv aahl 17th day ot
Nov., ltltW.
J. T. llitiiiiiKH, IteKlster.
United State Uml Otllce,
Kosolitin:. Ortvou. Sent. , UMx.
Notice Is herebv irivcn that In com
plianeo with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3. 1878, entitled "An
act lor the sale of timber lamls in the
Suites of California, Oreison, Nevada,
anil VashiuctonTerrllorv."as exteniliMl
to all the Public Iitnl States by act of
Auizust 4. ISy.'. ltobertT. Itimls, ol .May
ger, County of Columbia State of Ore.,
lias tins ila v tiictl in tins oiuce ins sworn
statement No. 3.VH7, for the purchase of
the SK i;, of Section No I'll, tow nshiii L'l
South, of Itatigu D V. ami will otter
proof to show that the luml sought is
more valunblu for its HiiiKt or stone
than (or agricultural purioses, ami to
establish bis claim to said laml before
the Itcinster ami lteceiver of this office
at Itoseuuru, Oregon, on Wednesday the
AithmaUne Brlnri
Imtant Relief And" Pfrmanfnt Cure
In all Cmu.
Tin-role nothing UVe Aslhiimli'iie, It bring
Instant tellel, even In the nit c,ue. It clues
when all else (nils.
The ltev. C. I'. WKI.I.H ol Villa Itblge, HI.,
says: "Ymirtrbil Isittlc of Aatliliiiilene iicclved
In gisxt eoudlllon . 1 cannot tell von bnw tlianlc
fill 1 feel for the pood derived lioni it. 1 was a
slave, chained Willi putrid sote throat iiiiilnslhuiii
for ten years. I despaired 't ever Mug cured. I
saw your ailvcitbemeul fur the cute of this
ilienillnl and loiineiitlng disease, asthma, Htn
thought you bailuvetspoken.viiiirselt, but resolved
togivu it a trial. Tinny surprise Ihe tihtlaclcd
like a charm. Semi me a full-slued Imttle."
We want in senit to every sultcrcr a trial treatment ol AMhmiilcnc ,
similar In tlieono that cured Mr. Wells. We'll send it by until I'O.SI
PAID, Absolutely Free of Charge, to any suirerer who will write Inr
It, oven on a postal. Ntiver inlud. though you aroilespairing, however
bad your case, Asthtnalcno will lelleveanileiiio, The wot se our ease
llui hiiim uii ant In biiiiiI It ll.iitot iti.livi. Wrltllllt IlllCtl. llll"
dre-sing 1)11. TAFT ltltOS.' MKDICINK CO., 7 liasl IllOllt St.,
N. Y, City. SoM by nil Druggists.
9 FllNCD 1
i ron UN
? I m"i" i
I'nlteil Mtuti'H lentil Olllce.
Itiiheliurir, Ore.. Sept. 'M. ll"li.
Nolhvla hereby i;lven Hint In com
nllaiiiK wllb tbeiirovlHlotlH of till' act
Unlleil Stutes UimI Ollltv,
Itoteburg Ore., ()jt. It, ItHtt.
Notice Is herebv alven thai in coin-
iiibi.HHi with tlio tinivlsloiiM of the act of
Congtessot Juno :i, 1.S7N enillleil ".n ou oiiKtVHH oi June.i. eiittiic"
act lur the sale ot t niber bonis In the "All net for IbeMtile tittllltlicr blllil
III t lie KtntcKor ('ullfiirnia. wivKon,
Nevinla, uml WnaliliiKton Territory .
mm iivleiuleil to all the Public
lj.nil Slatea by net of Auuust 1.
InoHM V. ToIh'.v, of ICiigene,
t'oimtv of Lime. Stale ol OiVk'iin.
Iuih thla iluy tiled In thla olllce her
MWortiHtitteineut No., for thcpni
thurH of the SKUnfSec :il lu Tp
No. ii S. Kmige No. Went, uml will
offer iirnof to allow that the luml
sought iMinorevtilunlilefiir.lta tltnlier
or atone tluin for aur ciiitiirui tuir
iiOHeHi.iul toeatalillHli berchiltu toaald
iaiiil la-fore .Millie I.. Van, V. S.
Statt of California, Oregon, Nevada,
ami Washington Territory," as extended
to nil the Public, liiiil Status bv act of
August 4, 18W. 1'fliT lturkhart
of lllooiner. County of ('hlnnuwa. Statu
of Wis., has this day lllcd in this
otlicu his sworn statement No. .Stl'IS, for
tho nurchnso of tho H tj of
Section No. 10, Township !M Sotitli, of
KangoM Went ami will oiler prool lo
rhow that the land sought is inoru
valuable for lis limber or st-ne than or
agricultural puriMwes, ami ,n establish
Ills claim to saiit lami ocloro the Keg-
Ihler ami Itecetverol this olllcn at Itose
J. K. lllack.of Fulton, Ore., I). W.
K.ciiaruson, u . j . Maiittnter, oi bi,
Helens. Ore . A. I. llutler. of Klkton.
Anv anil all claimini: mlverse
I v the above-ileccrllHil lamls are re
iuesteit to tile their claims iu this ollicu
on or ix-tore sunt mil nay oi Alar., 11103.
J. 1. iihiimiks, Kegisier.
burg, Oregon, 011 Tliurnlay the ifillli day at KucxMie, Oii-uon, oil
ot Feb., UK0, 'TueHilay, the tflnliluy of HeceinlH-r.
lie names ns wituesHca: IMC
William Moore Itonoburi. Oro.. Nick She tniineH aa wIUichmck:
MiNire. Walton Ore.. Sou Cartieuler. N. II. 'Mart lu. Join. I). Palmer. .1.
if Snlpher Springs. Ore., lVter A. 1 W. Currish, of Cottage drove, lun
liircli, of Hosehurg Ore, Co., Ore., . I. I). Dainniiin. of l.llKelie,
Any anil all ersons claiiniuga.lversii- ImeCo., Ore.
Iv tho alKive-ilescrilieil lamls ato re- I Anv ami all liersuiiH claliuluir ml
ipiesttnl to lilo their claims in this olllce j verwly the iiliovi-ilewrllH'il Ii.i.iIh atv
reotlcHletl to iiieiucir ciiiiiiih hi hum
olllce on or before nab I tftril ilay of
J. T. llltllioK.a. IteKlster.
on or licforo said 'M day of Fell,. IlKM.
J. 1. ilKiixiKs. Keglster.
United States Ijind Office,
Itosebunr, Oreeon. Sent. 24. 1U02.
Notice is herebv civen that in comnli
that the luml aouuht la more valll- a nee with the provisions of the act of
nine iur iih nmoeror Krone 1111111 lor longrcvaoi Jiine.i, 16i, entltuii All
agricultural purpose, mm to estulr- act for tlio sale of timlier lamls in the
UnitfJ Slatea Lan.l OBlre,
RoMburx, Ore., Auk. 22, lan.
Notice Ii herrby given that In compliance
with the proTlMoni of the act of CongrYM of
Jnne s, 1S7B. entltleil "An Art for the naleof
Timber Lands In the Stateaof California, Ore
gon, Nera1a and Wahlnjrton Terrltorr," as
extended to all the rublte Land 8tatet braet
ofAuguiM, 1832. William Wrtiter. of Salem,
Conntrof Marion, State of Oregon, haa this
dar filed In this office hi. srora atatement Ho.
3314, for the piinhawof the Nw i4 being lots 5,
, It and 1 J ol FecUon No. 3. To nihlp3) H, ol
ltanre 10 Weit and will offer nroof lo shnir
that the land aonght l man raluable for its
timber or stone tttan iot
and to eitabllsh hrs claim
liuli lib claim to milil laml licfore
Marle 1 Ware. C S. CoiiiiubuIouer,
nt Eugene, Oregon on Moiulny the
12th tiny of January, VMS.
He naiucH an witiicxncx:
N. H. Martin, of Cottage Orove, Co., Ore., Oru WUhou, of Eu
gene, Lane Co., Ore., J, W. Houck,
of Cottage Orove, LjineCo., Ore., It.
S. HiiHton, of Eugene, ljine Co. Ore.
Any and all pcraona claiming nd
vernely the ubove-dexcrltietl lamia are
reiueHtel to file their claim in thla
otllce on or licfore aahl 12th ilnv of
Jnniiarj-, 1D0.1.
J. T. IlitincEK. Iteiater.
United State Ijunl Olllce
Itoaeburg. Ore.. Aug. 2. 1WI:
Notice la lieretiy given that lu com
pliance with the provlaloiiH of the
nolo: rongrex ol Jtinvn, ims, en
tltleil "An act for the wile ot flintier
Statm of California. Oreuon. Nevada and Iauila In the State of California. Ore
WHsIiinuton Territory, as extemteU to I gou, .Nevaila, anil aalilngton Ter.
all the Public Land States by act of An- rltory," a extended to all the Public
United States Uinil Office,
Hoseburg, Ore., 8pt. 11,1 1103.
Notice is bercTiv given that in eom
lillance with tlio provisions of the act .
Congress of June 3, 1878, entltleil
act lor the sale of timlier lamls lu tl.i
United Slates Laad Office,
Hoseburg, Ore., Aug. 35th. 1902.
Notice is hereby given that in com- j
gliancc with the inivisims of the act of
ongress of June 3, ISTS, entitled ''An i
art for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California. Orem. Nevada ami i
'cXrpno ''""K1?," Territory," ..s extended to
mto aald land before 1 all the Public Land Stale bv act nf An.
C. K. HaMnLU. 8. Conrmlraloner at Drain, EUBt 4. 18U2 Uetta XI ToIm-v of filer ,
Oregon on Friday the Trhaar of Sorember.lWJ j JsTli J 'n u '
Henameaaawltrmvr. County of (niliam. Mate of Ore., has
n. y. Klr, p. I-. Klter. A. P Homyer. C. L. 1 this day filed in tbw offica her sworn I
Anrand all pernons
aboTe deaenbed lands
kusU, 1892. Lydia C. Tvrrcll, ot Portland,
74S Johnson St., Co. of Multnomah, State
of Ore. has this dav tiled in this office her
sworn statement No. 3523. for the pure
base of the SE i of Section No.30,Twp.
21 South, of Kange 8 West and
will offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for Its
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish her claim to
said land before the Register and lte
ceiver ol Hits oil ice at lloselmn;, Uregon
on Monday, the 2nd day of Mar., 1903.
sue names as witnesses:
, William E. Frudhointne, Henrv C,
Prudhomme, James J. Tyrrell, George
r jicunniocK, ot rortiaii-i, uregon .
Any and all persona claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested to Hie their claims In this office
on or before said 2nd day of Mar., 1903.
J . I. Iiatimiis.icegister.
Land State by act ot August 4, 1S92,
.Myron It. l'ott. of Molly, County
of l.liin, state of uregou. Hit
lay filed it. till olllce hi
wtateinent No. .'till, for the nurchuxe
of the W Wti of Section No. 12
in Township No. 20 S., Haiige No. 8
u ., anil will offer proof to show
that the laml aougl.t 1 more
valuable for It timlier or atone than
tor agricultural purpose, mid to cm
taniiHii in claim to Haul laml lieforc
Marie 1 Ware. V. S. CominlxHloiier
at Eugene, Lane County. Oregon, on
Tueaday, the 11th ilay of Nov., 1902,
tie name a wiineHKe:
tieorge Mncdoimhl. of Marcoht
I-ane Co., Ore., Dave Murphy, of
Alma, Lane Co.. Ore.. John Muriiliv.
vjiiurie Jiaynew. oi Kngene. tire
Any ami mi neraon clu tiling nil
vernely the above-ilexcrllail lamia are
rooneated to file their claim I., till
otllce on or before atd 11th, day of
xov.. iwk!...i. t. IlitiimKM. IleglHter,
I'nileil Slates Ijin.l Office,
ItixvhiirL Ore . Anir. 2Alh. PSIS.
Nollcti Is herebv giwn thut in ciuii-
pllauee with tlie priivlsluns ol III- ,u t ol
Congrefs ol June 3, 1878 enlltltil "An
id for the rale ot timber lamls In the
States of Ciililnrnia, Orecun. Nrvoiluuinl
WashtiiKttiu Territory," as extended to
all the Public uiml States bv act of An
gnat 4, 1892, Augusta M Tohcy. of F.u
L'ene. County ot Lane. State ol Ore,. Iim
this day tllcil in this office her nnnrn
,. o . i tit iv niniviucii. ,,u. h,Ui iui ,iiu iiuii:iitiii,. in
Kan cc No. 2 w. anil w III offer 1 .i...ui.. i.Ja ..' ,u i'..t- i.i..
. ... ... . i , iiicor i-i in cvviiuii i.ii. in tm iibiiiii
u-Zinlhi: "t inXcTB ' .""! N B and will
,i .. .t... t . ,,' ol er prtxil in snow that tun lami rough1
,I,.BI . .r fBr' ,,,t"r? I'W", a.'" , is more valuable for Its timber or stone
Z r: LT UfZSnrS that. p,.r,,..s,a.,.! to
i'.7....r . .. . Xr "v..,,;,; etalillsli her via in lo salillam iwlure
V-T:1.'1;. ?'?!'"" i., Mon,Uy Ut Maile L. ware. U. H.
"Cni :o.. kngene, O egon. Wislnes.lay,
0. w. Haines, w. w. Haines.of E.urene. , "'S.""" '!'
J-Ph'Hchlee. ot K (,1 "id Eu eue. I,,,.e C
..uuiKiiuniB.ure. Dr.... V. llai.,11., ..( .-,.l...m.i..l
Any and nil persons claltnlng nilvcisc , , ' r, .,,, j..T1,..v in...
Oilliain Co.,()re.,Nalham T. Wilson, of
State of California, Or.on, Ne'iula,
and WashiiiiEton Territory, as ex
tended to all the Public I -a ml States by '
act of August -I, 1892, Kebeeca I). Halm- ,
of Ml Vanihlll St., Portland, CWMull
State of Ore., has thisibiy lllcd iu tills u(-'
ticeherswurnstatc.neiilNu.3l40. for tlm I
i till Purchase of the SW V SE K W SWK,
en W H sw StciYon No. 2 Inrii. No. i
SOS"" Kange No. 2 w. ami will offer
iy the auove dcscrllMNi lands are re-
piested to Hie their claims iu this otllce
on or licfore said 1st day of Decemlier,
.1. T, IIlllIMIKH, Kkuistkii.
IjiiuI Office at Itfselmrg. Ore.,
Octotier 1, 11K12.
I statement Xo. 3226. for the tmrchaaaof tlce I lierelir clven that the
w.Vr1iK.,2fti,rW:ithe NWI-4of Section No. 28 in Town- followlng-iianwl ettler ha filed
relalmalnthlnoSleeon orbelore satd7tb ' ship No. 20 iL Eance Ko. 5 W. and will notice of III liitentloj. to make flnnl
ol November, una. offer proof to show that the land sought ' P.r(0' uport f 1.1 claim, and
J.T. T1HIXJU. Begllter. I. l...t.I Unit unM nrm.f ,111 Iui ,,, l.,.f...
IB uiuic i.iu.uir iur ilh liiiiijt fir Huinn . ,..wv muni: uviuii
i than for agriclutnral purposes, and to , Marie L. Wire, V. H. CoinmiHHloner,
I eetablisli Iter uwm to said land before
Marie L. ware., V. S. Commissioner
! at Eugene, Oregon, on Wednesday, the
12th day of Sov.. 1902.
She names as witnesses:
Edgar O. Tobey, Augusia M. Tobey,
United States Land Office,
itoeeuurg, uregon, Uct. 22, 1902
Notice is lwreby given that iu com-
pliauoe with the provisions ot the act of I
at Eugene, OrvRon, on Novemlier 20,
1902. viz: Herliert At. Dotv on II. E.
No. N117 for tle EJjtt' Sec. 20 T. 20
a., it. it ot.
He name tlje Xollowlng wltnee
United Stales Uml Office,
Kosebure. Oreiroti. Oct. 3. 1902.
Notice is hereby iziveu that it. com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act tor tne sate of tltnlier land In the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Politic Lund Stntea bv
actofAugusH, 1892, Geo. M Fitzgerald
of Perdi.e, County of Douglas, State of
Congress of June 3. 1878. entitled "An
act for tlie eaio of timber lands in the
in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Wellington Territory, as
extended to all the Public Land States
by act ot August 4, 1892, Ardella Mar
tin. of Cottare Orove. Co. of Lane. State
of Oregon, bun this day filed in this office i
her sworn statement Ko. 3725, for the j
purchase oi Ihe NE 1-1 of Sec-
tion No. 30, Township 23, South, of I
Itange 1 West, and will offer proof to !
show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timber ur stone that for
agricultural purposes, and to establish
her claim to eald land befoie
L. Ware, U. 8
gene, Uregon, on
Natbam T. IViillsou.of Eucene. Lane Co
Oregon. James R. Staudle, of Fairmont t,
Lane Co Oregon.
Any and all personsclaiming adverse-1 0rt"
ly tlie above-described lands are re
quested to Hie their claims in this office !
on or beforesaid 12th day of Nov., 1902.
J.T. UitiDaEs. Kegisier. 1
to prove hi oontlliuoii reidence Oregon, has this daytlleil in this office
upon aiidcuIUvation of wild laml, viz:
Arthur Addiaon, A. II. AiIiIIhoii. I.
I. Imiiaii, John White, of Lorune.
J. T- IliuiMiKK, ItegiHter.
bis sworn statement No. 3580 for the
purchase of the 8 M NE V.. Loin (I A 7
oi ccci.oti .no. ;hl townstiln L'U. Koiith
5WIIW, 11.11,, V
ay of Jan.. 1903.
Sim names as witnesses :
K 6 Huston, Ora Wilson, of Eugene,
Ore.,N Martin, of Cot'age Grove, Lane
Co.. Ore., J W Parritdi, ol Jefferson. Ma
rion Co., Ore.
Any aud all iiersousolaiming adverse
ly tne aoove-ueseriueu lanus are re
United Staten Land Office,
ttofccliitrir. Or,,.. th IQli'
Notice la herolrjr given that In compliance
with the proriiluiM of the act of Congrtiot
Junes, lirfs entitled "An act for the talent
timber lawu in metiiattn or Calllornla, Ore
gon, Nevada, and -waiblngton Territory," as ex
tended to all the I'uMIc Land Slate, by act of
AugUft 4. IK92. Laura A liiv. of Kirpn.
Countr of Lane, Htal. of Ore., has tnli day
filed In Iblaoaiee brr iworn atatement N'oSISS,
Section Not, lu
v. and will ittTmr
C,., .f -.iir, i. ii x- I HimwiMi ineiana lODgni ii more
btatea of California, Oregon, Nevada, valuable for it. Umber or atone than for agrl
and WatUiiugton Territory," as extended , coltoral purtowt, and to eatabliih her claim to
ll .1.- r i i. laid bind heiom Xtarie 1.. War IT ft t'ntn.
lymiuiciuimc jjiii.i Dimes uy BCIOI mluloncr .t Hnr.n.:Vl,.n nfkn?.. .k.
United Stales Land Office,
Ko-ebure, Ore., Aug. 2Sth, 1902.
Notice is herebv nivcii tlint in com nil.
ande with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
Act lorthesaleof Timber l-nii-ln In the
States of California, Oregon, Nuvada,
and Washington Territory.' as ex
tended to all the Public Land States bv
act of August 4, 1892, James II. Haldwin,
of Portland, Kox723.Co.of Multnomah,
State of Ore., has this day died in this
office his sworn statement No. 333(1. for
the purchase of theHE of Section No.
34 in Tuwiiship No. 31 S, Itange No. 2
n est. aim will mwr nrooi to allow Unit
tne lami eougnt la more valualile for Its
timber or stone than for agricultural
tiurioew. ami to etftablinh bis claim in
said laud licfore Starie L. Ware.
U. S. CoiiimitMronerat Kmrene. Oreuon.
on Monday, the 17tli day of Novemlier,
He names as witnessca:
John A. Vnnconlen. William Viini!or-
United States Ind Office,
Uosebttrg, Oregon, Sept. 30, 1902.
Notice is herebv.uiven that in comnli
Mnrlft ance villi i.lir nrnviainna rtt rim hki n
- - I . I " ' -. " i.ipiui ihh vum .rj i.uiu mil
Commissioner at Eu- I Congress of JuneJ, 1878, entitled "An i 'orthepurhMilthellEl4 of Be
ii Monday, the 12th ' act for the sale of timber lands in the lTuIiLli1
of Kange No.8 Wet4 and will offer proof
lueiiuw mui uie tauii soiignr is moruval
liable for itstimber-or stone tban for air
ricultural nuniom-H. and to estnbliiili bin
claim to said land liefore the Kegisier
and Keeeiverof this officn at Itn-Hlinro
te::8,ll4lrdav t,,u Nt" di,y itczw,
He names as witnesses; T i i Vii ' t i i i
William Moore, of Itosebunr. Ore.. A y ' " 1 P""""". elaimlng ad
tri,. r...i.i.. iii.. n... 1II..I.....1 1 vercciy lire umve-uescrineii lands are
ftl"7K ! . their claims in this
lasMxe.ofW-alton.Ore. .i.TOnor wiorosaii. lll. any ot ov,,
1.... .wS ..II ....n I..I-.I I
nil ,oi sung VIUIIHIIIU IIIIVCrBt''
iy ine anove-uescriixi. lanus are re
J.T.IIii.iMiKH, Keulstcr.
August 4, 1892, IlruceL, Ilogart, of , sth day of AprtLTraus
i.ugeue, vXKiuiy oi Lane, mate ot
Oregon, has this day filed in this
office his sworn statement No. 3563, for
me purenase o. ine ar., ot ectlon
'J ..." w...-w.., luimn mid I v .110 I'Uiciiucv UI lllU Or,, Ol CieCllOn
quested to Hie their claims Jn this office No, 20, Township 20. South, of Ranee 5
nn nt luifn,A onlil I'lll, nl Id,. lOAO II' ...III Ztr..- r .1 -i
on or lmioro said 12th day of Jan., 1903
T. Uridcibs. Itegister,
United State Ijmd Olllce.
KoHeburg, Ore., Oct., 23, 1902. I
Notice I hereby given tlmt In coin-!
pumice wita tne proviaioiu of the
Act of Congre of June 3, 1S78, en
titled "An Act for the wile ot Timlier
IjuhIh In the State of California,
Oregon, Nevada, and Washington
Tw rltory," a extended to all the
I'll' -He LnndStiite by act of Atigiwt
4, loir- urn w iisoii, oi J'iugeue.
County of Lane, State of Oregon,
has thla day Died lu this olllce
her h worn Htateinent No 3728 for tho
lnirchaHo ot tho NWK8E Jf & Lots I,
10 & 11 of Section No. 30, Township
23 South of Kunge 1 Wet and will
offer proof to allow that tho land
Bought Is more vuluabloforlt timber
orutono than for agricultural pur
poacH, and to ctabllMh her claim to
wild laud liefore Mario 1. Ware, U. S.
Commissioner at Eugene, Oregon on
Monday the 12th dny ot January.
She names aa witnesses:
It. S. Huton, of Eugene, Oregon,
J. W. rurrlsh, of Jefferson, Marlon
Co.. Ore., J. D. l'almor, N. II. Mur-
tln, of Cottage Orove, Iaiio Co., Ore,
West, and will offer nroof to show that
the land bought is more valuable for its
timber or atone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish Ids claim to
1 said land before Marie L. Ware, 17.
I S. Commissioner at Kugeuf, Oregon,
on Monday, the 22nd day of Dec, 1902,
1 He names as witness:
Frank Gilbert, William Gilbert, Ed
Kelly, of Lorane. Iino Co.. Ore.. James
F. Handle, of Fairmount, Laoe Co.,
Any and all persons claiming ad verm
ly the abovu-describeil lauds are ri
quested tnfile their claims In tliiaoffic
on or before said 22nd day of Dee., 1901
J. T .IliiiiKiKH, Kegister.
she ii inc. .a wilneahea.
N. 11. ilanln.i. W Paroliu. John V. Talmer,
J.K. lonng. of Cottaue Qroie. Oreirnn.
Anyand all fieriioiia claiming adveriely the
aboe-decrtbed landa are reoueated to flle
tbelrelalme In this office -on or before said Sth
day of April, xsm. J T. BRirxin.IlegUter.
quested to file their claims iu this office
on or lielore said Htli day of Mar., 1903,
J. I, HiiiiKiKs, Kegister,
Anv and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lauds are
requested to II lo their claims In this
ottlco on or before said 12th dny of
January 1003.
.1. T. Diudoes, IteeUter.
United State Land OHlee. Koieburg, Ore.,
Oct. 18, 1W2,
Notice la hereby given that In compliance
with the nrovUlona of tbe act of ('ongreai of
Juues, WIS, entitled "An aet for Hie naleof
timber landi In the State of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and WaabliiKtou Territory," aa
extendetl to all the Public land States by act
of Anguat 4, 1S92, William S. Uilbert of Portland.
County of Mnltnomah, Bute of Oregon,
haitbladarnledlnthli ofllee hli unm .i. i!
ment No, nil to for the purchase for the S Is BE '.
4BH BW ot Section No. 8, Townthlp 'h B.. ol
Kange 3 went and will offer proof to .how that
tbe land nought It more valuable for 111 timber
. . .7 . : . " tuf "snouiiuraj purpoiies, ana to
eitablliu hli claim to said land before Marie
L. Ware, U. 8. CommUiloner at Eugene,
ISes'0' " Mond,'r "-"Sih day of January,
!.,,M wltnesae:
William Wltte 0I Amoi, Ore., Herman T.
te,.iMp.nlhlM''Co,t, Orove, Ore., U Eugene, Oregon,
.idSI l2fr?ni c's'mlng adversely the
fi"iT dfKritied landt are requeued to (He
their claims Inthliomce on or before said Mh
day of Jan., 1V03.
J.T. IIiidou, RegUter.
t'nlted State Lrfinil Office,
ItOHeburjr.Oiv..Ketit.lS. 1902.
Notice I herein- trli-eu that In com
lillance with tbe provision of tho net
ot uongre of June ihffff, entitled
"An act for tlie wile of timber land
in the State of California, Oregon,
Nevada, mid WiudilngtojiTerrltory,"
ii exieiiiiei. to an me I'liiMic L,aii(l
State by act of AltgiiHt 4.IN92, Dunel
W. KIcharilHon, of St, Helen Co. of
uii I u m Dia state of Ore., ha fill tlay
Hied lu thl office hi Hworu tafjueut
No.3538forthepurcliaheof tlieKWof
Sec No Township 21 H of Ifjingo 9
ie,,u. i ...hi ....... ... j...
"vi nun vin unci jnuuj III hiiow
that the land Houtrht I mini' i-nln.
able for Its timlier ortone than for
agricultural purposes, uml to estab
IIhIi Ills claim to said land befoiv the
Itegister and lteceiver of this olllce at
United Htatea Laud Office,
KoMptillrir. lira l,if ',1 11.,,
Notice la Lerebv viveii that In cn,rti.ll.,M
with the provliloiia of the act of Congreaa of
NeaU, an4 WarAlimton Territory ex- a" (Iw riiblic land BtatOH by act of
nigijiiiic i uuir jjoiu ntttu'i ujr art 01
United States Laud Office,
Uopeburg, Oro , Sept., 12, 1902,
Notice Is hereby iriven that In com
pliance with the provision of tho act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for tho sale nf timber lands In the
mate ot calllornla, Oregon. Nevada
land, Co. of Uoltnomati, state of Ore., lia thlt
iay nieu in inn omfie ma awom taimnt '
avju, for the punhaw) of tlie w U NE 'i, BE H h
E 4. 4 NE ,1 SE i ul uen No. Mtn TwS No. 21V
its wand (till offer proof toiliow that the land
Bought la more valuable tor IU timber or atone
than for agricultural purji'ea, and lo eatablUh
ui L'la.ui in aaiu lanu oeioreine ltegmer and
Itei'elVer Of till offlCM At ItOhllhlirir. n,Mfnn
nn llAnri..ili.iJ i , . I
iiv iininv n w 1 1 11,-PMM, :
wllllain K l',n.lh,.,,,nu. J.,.,e. I T l,
.Villa C. Tvrrell. Cct.c p. StcrHi,,,-,.!.-
miiaiiii, uie,
Any and all trNim clalmlnir mlvnru'lv if,
abovu-deiicrlljcd iHiid am r,vinw,iiul tit
claliniln thisornce on or befVH-e.ald 2nd dar
lit Im r H.t-t '
J. T. Ilainecs, Regliter.
United State Luiul Ofrt. c
Itoaeburg, Ore.,8eji(. 12, iwu.
August 4, 1892, Knchid Sunders, of
I'.uiicue. County of Lune. Slate of
Ore., has this day filed iu this olllce
her sworn statement No. 8141 for tlm
purchase of the NE M NEMof Section
CiO. H 111 lOWIIS I II NO. K. Itmnrn 3r.
8W,and will offer proof to show thai
the laud sought Is moro valuable for Iti
timber 'or stone than for ngricultlirii.
purposes, and to esfablish hor claim t
said land liefore Mario I,, wnro. II
S. Commissioner at Eugene, Ore
gou, on Monday, the 17th, day of Nov,,
She names as witnesses:
Josenh W Ihe III. Robert l'rciwmm
Eli Copehhuver, of Goshen, Ore,, J, Cal
lison, of Pleasant Hilt, Oro.
Anv and all itciemiM lulrnliwr hiIvupmi.
iy me uuovo-iiescriixiii iiinus are ic-
Kiik'cne. ltne Co.. Oie.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly uie anuve-uescrllMii Isntls are re
questeil to file their claims in this office
on or before said 12th day nt Nov., 1902.
J. T. I iiIimiks, Itcgixtiir.
Unlleil States liml Offic. ,
Koseburg, Ore., IIK12.
Notice is hereby given that Incompli
ance with tho provisions ot Ihe act nf
Cougressof June; II, 1878, sntitleil "An
Act for Ihe sale ot Timber I-inil iu the
Slates of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended lo all Ihe Public Land States bv
act of August -1, 1892, llertba McQueen,
CottaiioUrove. Co. of Ijinc. Stale ol Oie-
gnu has this day filed in this office her
sworn statement No, 3303, lor the tun-
chime of the 8J NE 1-4 of Section Nn. 4.
In rbwimhip 20 South, of Kunge 2 West
and will offer prool to show that the
land sought is more valuable (ur It
limber or stone than for agricultural,anil lo estalillsh her claim lo
salt! land before Mario L, Ware, U. S
limmiaslnrior at Kngene, Iinu Co. Ore
gon, on Saturday the 1Mb day of Nov.
She names as witnesses:
Merman T Dow, Josenh Schlee, Sol
Davidson, Ii. W. McQueen, of Cottage
urovo, Oregon.
Any mid all nursnns clalminu ml
versely the above-described iandsare ie
iiuustcil to lilo their claims In this officii
on or lielore said loth day of Nov., 1902.
J. i, inuixiKH Kegister
NOTIt'U FOlt I'l lll.lCATION.
United stittvH l.ninl Ollli e,
lloscbiiig, Otv Sept. II. ILoii,
Niil.Ko la tioii'by hUimi I In. t i(i eom.
pllmite Willi tin rt IsIiiiim of (lie
nit id t'ongie nt Jiiiii'3, SN, en.
titled "An ni t fur llui rale of tluihei'
laml lu the Stute of t'lillliirnla, div
Him, Nevaila, uml WiinIiIiikIuii 'It'l'
rllorv," iihivnIi'iiiIi'iI lo nil the Public
Lfiul Slate by act of Auniist I, IMI2,
.Tlr. Olivia W Ivukliiiilt'ntthgtifiroMi
Co. of Lime, Stale ol Ore., Iuih thb
day lllcd lu Hit olllcc her swuri,
stilleiili'llt No. itltis, for the pinvhuw
ol the i: Ur. i, nt Sivtloli No. ill III
Township. o. ins.. Itiiime No.aWcHl
ami will otfer proof to hIiiiw tlmt Hit
In Mil sought Is more vallialile lor IIh
timlier or stone than for imilcnlliiial
pui piiBCH. ami to estalillsh her claim
tnxahl hind lafoiv the Iteglstec anil
lteceiver lit Itopcliurg, Oivgoi) mi
Tliuiviluy, the Mhihiyof .lamiun ,
She inline a wlllieNi:
llerlK-rt Kuliln. Geo. W. McOiuru,
lleiiiian T. Dow, JoNeph Sbtiv. of
t'ottuge (Iriive, Oiv.
Any ami all ieivon clulinluu; uil
versely tliialine-ilit.i ills il liuulan
reiMieli'il to Hie their claim In Ihl
olllct'im or la-foiii said Mb day of
.Inn., llsct.
J. T. Ilmiiui;. lleuUlcr.
NllTICK FOlt I'l ltl.K ATION.
I nlteil Sliiltm IjiiiiI Offlie,
ItOM-burg. Oiv., Aug. lo, HI2
NotUv I heivhy when Hint lu coin
plluiuv with the proihlotiM of the
net of CoiiKtf of .lune.M, 1S78, en
tltleil "An act for the sale of Timber
Laiiil lu the Stale of t'nllforula,
Ori-gou, Nevada, ami Wubliigi,n
Territory," a eleiidci to air the
Piibllo Land Stnti' bv net of August
I, INK, John It. DeNeul. of Stafford.
I utility of Cbickaiua, State of Oiv.
gun has (bis day lllcd In thl ,,f,v
his sworn statement No. It'lM ftir the
puithuseof Ihe Si, X I, of Kvetlmi
No. 31 In Tdwiishlp Xo. 21 South of
Itnnge Xo, ,s W. ami will otfer proof
to show that the laud Nought Is
more valuable for It (IiiiIst or stone
than for agricultural purposes and
to establish hi claim to said laml
Is'loiv the ltcgistcr ami lteceiver ol
thl office at ItiiM'biirg, Ore., on
Wednesday the .'list day of IKvciuInt.
lie iiuuicH us wIiiccn:
Volney Ervln, Smiford ZtTU.SInioii
It. de Xnl. Portland, Ore.. Ilooll.
.tone, Klktuii, Ore.
Any uml nil s-ious claiming ad
versely tlie above ilew rllsil lauds are
rtiiucMitil to Hie their claim In thl
ofllce on or before said :lls( dav of
Ihwiulier, IIHI2.
.1. T ItltllitiKM, Itegister
1'nltcd Stute IjiiiiI Ofllce.
toM-burg. Ore., .ug. 21, iww.
Nollce Is here by given that lu rum
pliance with the provision of tbe
'.V.'? l,.;.,,,,.r,r? "'.'". 1N7N, mi.
titled "An Aft for the sale of TlniU.,
i-iii.iM in ino ruate ot California.
Oregon, Nevada ami Washington
'7,ru'.V' .'ii ',J'dl to nil the
. 1 'V l,-iTHtitl1. Uy.nvt August
I, ivy. l.dwlii D, I'KH i.rnf v.Z..
-.11 irwttlia
County ul ' Ijiiio, State of tlregon ha
HHI.UIIJ nn". in iui onice i.i MWoru
slnteiueut No. tutoi. forth., purchase
of the II S' S ' V.V SW HWJ,' of
See Ion N... II, Tt.wnshlp 20 Sinitl
of Itiingeft West ami will otfer proof
to show that the land sought I
more valuable for Us tfmlier or stone
than for ngrlcultiirnl ptirpos.., ami
o eMtnlillsh his claim to said laud
lieore Marie L. Ware, V, H. Com-inli-s
oner nf Eugene, Ore., on Satur
duy the Ml. day of Noveinla-r, 1902.
He names us witnesses:
Nn.ue N. Kuti.le. of -alnuount,
iv.. Jieorgt. .M. Miller, of Portland.
'".J : , ISiuitli. of Eugene. Or...
(leorge W llson, of Ltirmie, Ore.
An.y nnd all iiersuus claiming ail
versely tbe above dcscrllsil lands are
iviiuested to Hie their claims In thl
office on or Is-fore said Nth tlay of
November, HKr.', 1
J. T. Iliiimii:, Kegister.
Cnlteil Slate Laud Office,
Notice Is hereby given that In com
p Ir ice with t he provisions of Ihe Act
.iff ongrtjsso June 3. 1S7N. entltleil
"An Act for Ihe sale of Timber Ij i Ik
ii the Stntes of California. n..V; ..
e....i.i ....... c""p
United Blti- Uml Olllce,
Imiehlirir. ()r.irnn fin, In II.,
Notlcsla liurebr clien that In COtll llll.ttCA
llh tlm provlaioni ul the aet of L'oiigreii ol
Juno S 1H7K, entitled "An Act for the naln of
iiiiLcr irfiii.miii mo mate oi i;amorius, ore.
gon, Nevada, and Waslilnirloii Torrlio.v " H.
eitended loall the public land ataloa by act of
Aiigujl l,lw. Harney May, of llarrliburg,
..'!' .Un.'V Hl,,e O'saon. ha
t ilndayflled lnilil omrelila .worn atatement
No. lor Ilia tnirnl.aii ,.r fltn ull1 .i
........... ... n, ,Mr,, rniiau Hem, aim win
"nor proof lo how that Ihe Isndwiught I moro
mi ii. iiiiii.iriir.iiinuiiiaiiiiiraKrU'lll
I ii"! piiriioatt,andioelMIliliii claim totalil
land before Maria L Ware, I' H Commissioner
at hiigene Oregon, on Thurxlay the Slh
day of January, inn,
lie inline a wltncnaca:
Jamee N. Handle, elKalrmoiint. Ij,ne Co., Ore.,
(.. L. Morris, of IIarrli.burg, l.liin Co., Ore.,
Amtln Kofit, of aprjiiKflelJ, lane Co., Ore.
(leorge W. Hunter, of Kngene, iJiue Co. Ore.
Any anil all Mranns claiming adverrely the
aliove-dwrlbcil lanl are reouonted 16 lilo
their claim lu thla office on or before aald Slh
ui , miiiiof,
J. T. llaibogs, ItegUtcr.
.Niiviiilii ,,,.,1 i
" """"'KtourH'rriiorv,"
synl'".1 'V"", ".K' 1,,,,,llc - '
ISIlttCH lV lift nt n.Mi.t t
,.i'iM,JI,"V,V"!1!' f Oregon mV.
this day tiled In (,U ,,111,.., .,1? J'"'
of the N. N H of Sitlon No. 2.
To vnshlpyi South of Kmigu 5 West
mid will offer proof to H.ow fl at he
laml souirbt. nine. ,., 1.1 . . '..
HinlK'r or stone than for agrlcultiiral
purposes, and to establish his claim
"'"v. L. S. Cot Is Uuer at Uu-
gene . l-im'Uo., .Oregon on Satl.r. y
theHth day of NoveiulKir, 1IM)2.
ii witnesses:
c. rA'tV1 tcth'1i ".'i Mm"'""',"
' "nrker, of Euircne
Lane f;. Ore., James' It a, f '','f
Knlrinotint, Lane Co., Or,, T
Luckey, of K,IK,,U,( '
l,lA:y 'V!'1 elaln lug a,l.
tersely the abbve ilewrii...,! i..f?..'. '.
reiittested to tllu their claln m lii ii,iu
olllce on or, said citii , y ' f
Novemlier, 1002. 1 01
J- llmiiuns, Itegister.
United States Land onice
1 osebiirg, Or.,, t 1,711m-.'
?. U,'J'"-V Klvt-ii that In col,,.
timber lauds
pliance with the'provb
of Congress of .J,t, ;
"An lid f,,c 0 .
Intlu sfaiofVi ,, J "SS
Nevada, and WashlngfonT err to?v
Notice Ii
I """"ia,"io..,;'i. i.iuo.. -, . ... ,,., ... uilil.
nonce 11 iiereuy given tnai in coinr. ance 1 !"." ino iimir ciuihim in 11 s onico 1 ," ' . .7 , l",.'."
wllh the Ilia act ul .,J.,... nn rl,f. un,l 1711. .1 xt.. ,,, i Julie 8, I87S, entitled -'All
Junes, IsTsJemltlcd "An.otfor thewtfof tlm: Tv it.. .J, i,"..,, ...' I "'" JS"?' ,n..'.n?.,H"!'
KOHOliiirir.Oreiroii.mi U'cdiicHtlii v ihn
4th day of ifarch, 1903. S!n.u&iJ!'u':.Ki
lie nanie ns wltni-HMi. I ....., . ,Uu .i."v;, r.".."'
H. T. Itolll. Ilf fllVirei. (In, W I CountV of ljine. StatA nf Ore., ha Ihl.d.v Hl.f
iii ,ui. umte in aworu laiciiieiu rto, aia lor
iub uurcnaBtt ill in iii l. n M 4 ai ivi. Nw i
See, No. 2 In Tp. 'JOB,, llange No. 7 W., anil will
United Btate Lnd Offlie,
ItOHflblirir. Oru.. flc, II inn
hereby given that In compliance
i ac. i uoilgri'lH Of
act lor tna hia nf
oi uaiiioriua, oro.
iim lerriiory,"
uu Btatei by i
1 Slaughter. 8t Helens. Ore.. J, E.
Ulack, Eulton, Ore., A. L. HtUler, of
iviKiou, ore.
Any aud all jk-i-soiis claiming ad
versely tho above-described lands art
requested to file their claim In title
office on or lief oru said 1th day ol
March, 190.
I T. ilHiiniES, Itegister.
. .v........ .pi me . uuuu iiuu oiaiei by aet
ofAugii.U, Isw, Albert (1, Hovey.of Eugene,
I oun y of Lane, Blato of Oregon, l as
I "Oi day filed In thla office Ida sworn state-
ofTer proof toshow that the land sought Is more
vaiiiauieiur us iimoeror stone inan loragricui
land before Marie L. ware, U. 8. Commissioner
a. cuacue. (irernn. nil iiifmiiav. iiia unii
day of Pec, 1WJ.
lie names as wltneiaes:
J. M. Itandlfl. flonrvi, llpP,lliiir nf
pre.,T. C. wheeler, of Baglnaw, Ore., Oeorge'
uuni ui .iiua, Jit3,
land Office at HoburK, Oro.,
n.i ki inn
Notice Is herebv elven Ihat o, f,.uV.u,ir,'...
named settler has filed nollce of his Intention
ii J1.!1". "I.1 P".1' !", '"Pr-ort of hi claim,
and that said proof will be made liefore Marie
L. Ware. U. B. CommlmlnnAp at Ifxva,, fi..
ii "nlffl jmj. tii ..uceua iiangnmau, Vrm
wldnw nf William If I ........ . .. I 11A
nn ll v v H,m i. , i.'. 'Jvl j "11 .2"SS.'1 I He namca as wltnaiui.
S.Tlt.leV.r''""' ""' " lljjrm.nT. now.of Cottage Orove, Oregon,
la nimu Ilia Inllnuflno. ulln..... ,. . I I. II. IfOVer. Of KUlfene.Orairnn. tn.nnh Uain..'
hi. continuous residence upon and cultlvi , O,0o"e 0r. Ore., William Wllt.'of Amo.;
meilt No. l!(il,U. for tl.a mipnha.A nlll.. .1 li.., .
of Hecllon No. 10 i No. 23 B, llange n!
i j. .. """""ii'imii 10 snow mat the
land sought Is moravaluablo for Its timber or
stone hail for agricultural purposes, and lo
etabllh .h, ffalm to said 'land hifnri
AlarlO li. Warfl. .1 R f.nn,rr,lH.lnu. .
fS'' 0re(!on' " UonttYi ll' Ma day of Jan.,
FoitllENT. Any and all person, claiming adversely the lionofsaldnind, vU: Ore.
, , , aboveeserlbed land, are requested to file thelf . William w.Altebery 0. J. Warblnton, Jo. I ..Anyandalll'Srapns claiming adversely Ihe
A Blx ropm house In West Cottage eUtmaintbls office on or Ufor,ald 2nddaror ,'' ughman, I'carl Hafilry, of rieaaant fi,? iUU ",re reoueiled to file
,.. t.,,.,,1-.. . .i.i.. m 'Dec.lcOJ, ' 11111, Ore. " " thelrelalm, in this office on or before Mid Mb
Orove. Inquire at tills Olllce. J. T- Ilaiwig, Itegister. J. T. Ilaipoas, Register. 7 oUan., 1KB.
J. T. liaiDon, Regliter.
Htate by act of August -1 lo92 w
Ham (lawley, of Aberdeen &
Hied lu this ofllce his sworn it
S KVfel!,M. No. M.TOWllHh lo
proof to
sought Is
ii.... ,v :""i
...i n 1,10 "l"d
(hnber or stone tha it ' v Zc f,
purposes, mid fo nut. Ii.n:,?,...." '"
tos.ild land befo,v Marl , 1." w
U. S. (JominlsHlonor at Eugene
of Nov,'; iZ,y tl''''' d"y
ue nainesn ieliii,.u.w.
'-, 1U-.?,lll(,'l'lll(I,W.H.'siitberInnil
viirXH'"1"." ,,l''',My"H "lniliiK ad
versely the aboviw escribed hunts J
rt;.j..ested to. Hie their claims Yn' thi
OIUIIIU ill. Illl'l lll'ilulti IT II ate.... '
bind. f iii,;., ' ' V; nimier-
AnV . VO., OIU
i lieu iaiiil iitv
on . -,.,. n 1, ;. .: ": V'" mm-
Nov.. 1002. " Mm '"Vol
J. T. Hiiiikii:, Itegister,
A pair of child's nhmw. r u,
Imvo Bamo by calling hen. t,inw...
liiKsniiioftiid paying forthlu notice.