Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, June 06, 1902, Image 2

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    Bohemia Nugget
IIOWAim A HF.NllY, I'lilillaltere,
A Comprthenilvt Review ol the Important
flapptntngi ol tht Put Wtik, rrutnKd
In a Condtnitd Form, Which It Moit
Likely to Inlcrcit Our Many Rtadtrt.
Tho nana! secretary ol stnto, Card!
nal Ranipolla, has rccolvod Judge Tuft
at tlio Vatican, Homo.
Krtigor declines to oxprefs any
opinion whatever regarding the conclti'
sion 01 tlio war in soutn Airica.
Mine engineers, flromcn and pump
mon in tlio anlliraclto coal district have
quit work to tlio extent ol about 80 per
Tlio cablo between Manila and Hong
Kong is broken. Tolegraph communl
cation with tlio Philippine islands is
therefore, flopped.
Sixteen persons were killed and four
wounded as a result ol an explosion o
Itas lit an ozocorlto mino in the province
of Cauda, Austria.
Senator Mitchell has pecured from
tlio Interior department a favorable re
iiort on his bill for tlio relief of the
Sherman county, Oregon, pettier, and
it is expected that the senate committee
will report tlio mil to the senate,
Tlio efforts of the Chicago striking
teamsters to prevent the dellveiy of
meat by non-union drivers has resulted
in many conflicts with tlio police, in
which both oflicers and men received
injuries and a number of tho strike
leaders were arrested.
Another Itoxor insurrection is report
J in China.
Throe persons were injured by a tor
nado in North Dakota.
Two were killed and 18 injured in a
automobilo accident at hew lurk-
After two years and eight months of
war peace has been declared In eouui
The transport .Meade has arrived in
San Francisco from Manila with tho
Twenty-first infantry.
Senator Carmack, during a speech in
the eonato slandering the army, was
hlsaed by the gallery.
The senate will consider the Nica
ragua canal bill this week. This will
be followed by the Cuban bill.
President Roosevelt has appointed
Colonels Samuel it. Whiteside and
Sumner H. Lincoln to be brigadier
The Charleston exposition has closed.
Financially, it was a loes and the
stockholders will receive none of their
subscriptions back. Otherwise the fair
was a success.
Two men were killed in a slide in' a
Mercnr, Utah, mine.
lion Michael Henry Herbert may bo
British ambassador at Washington.
Ex-Governor Sylvester Pennoyer died
at his homo in Portland on Memorial
The grandstand at Hawthorne track
Chicago, was burned. Lots, $100,000,
One man was killed and several in
President Roosovelt delivered a Me
morial Day address at Arlington cem
etery, Washington, to an audience of
The teamsters' strike in Chicago is
still on with no prospects of an earl
settlement and the city is face to face
with a meat famine.
Many beautiful floral offerings were
sent to Canton from all over the United
States to be placed on the tomb of the
lato President Mckinley.
The entire French cabinet has re
Fire in Brooklyn destroyed property
valued at f 170,000.
Attorney General Knox is confined
to his home with a severe cold.
Bituminous coal workers may strike
out of sympathy for the anthracite
Another eruption has occurred on
.Martinique. A party of scientists had
a narrow escape.
Tho 29th annual convention of the
National Association of Corrections and
Charities is in session at Detroit.
Professor Adolf Kossmul, who Intro
duced the stomach pump into medical
practice, 1b dead, lie was bora in 1822.
The navy department has ordered the
gunboat Ranger, now at San Francisco,
to proceed to Panama and relieve the
cruiser Philadelphia, the latter coming
north for repalre.
Termi Sljrxd AlUr Two Yart ind Eight
Monlhi ol War.
London, Juno 2. Peace has been de
clared after nearly two years and eight
months of a war which tried tho British
emplro to its uttermost and wiped tho
Boors from tho list of nations.
The war has come to an end with
Lord Kitchener's announcement from
Pretoria that ho, Lord Milncr and tho
Boor delegates had signed "terms of
surrender." This announcement had
been anticipated for several days, but
Its receipt Sunday afternoon took tho
nation by surprlso, as everybody had
confidently bolloved that tlio house of
commons would hear tho first news to
day. Tho edge of tho anticipation with
which Great Britain awaited tho prom
iscd statement in tho houso of com
mons was still further dulled by the
following mcssngo from King Edward
to his people, which was issued after
Tho king has received tho welcome
news of the cessation of hostilities in
South Africa with infinite satisfaction,
and his majesty trusts that peace may
speedily bo followed by the restoration
of prosperity in his new dominions,
and that tlio feelings necessarily en
gendered by war will give place to
earnest co-operation on the part of his
majesty's South African subjects in
promoting the welfare of their common
Tho nows which Gteat Britain was so
anxiously awaiting came characteristic-
lly on an entirely pacific and uninter
esting Sunday afternoon, when London
presents a deserted appearance. Very
late Saturday night a dispatch was
received from Lord Kitchener, in
which he said the Boer delegates were
coming to Pretoria, that they hail ac
cepted Great Britain's terms and they
were prepared to sign terms of surren
der. Mr. Broderick, tho war secretary,
personally communicated this message
to King Kdward, who was at Bucking-
am palace. But the government de
clined to take any chances and nothing
concerning the receipt of this message
as allowed to leak out. About 1
'clock yesterday afternoon the war de
partment received the message from
Lord Kitchener, announcing the sign
ing of the terms of peace.
The clerk on duty at the war office
transmitted this message to Bucking
ham palace, where King Kdward was
lunching. At about 5 o'clock word
as received permitting the publication
this message, and tho small notice
which was stnek up outside the war
office consietod.of a copy of Lord Kitch
ener's cablegram. A similar notice
was put outside the colonial office.
Beyond these two skimpy bits of paper,
London knew nothing of the great
ovfant. la tho clubs, the hotels and
the newspaper offices, which were al
most all deserted, the momentous news
was ticked out on tho tape.
Then like wildfire, at about fi o'clock,
London awakened to the fact that the
South African war was over. By 8
o'clock tho news had become generally
known. A few belated extra editions
of newspapers were peddled about the
streets, but before their appearance the
enterprising hawkers, who for a long
time past had kept union jacks, fcath
era and horns stored up in anticipation
of the present event, were much in evi
earning irom Pretoria, tho corre
spondent of tho Daily Mail, after an
nouncing tho signing of tho terms of
surrender, says the British authorities
absolutely rejected tho suggestion of
the Boer delegatos that the terms of
surrender should be ratified by Mr.
Kroger, and declared that the Boers
in Europe had no hand in the settle
The terms will show," continues
toe correspondent, "that tho British
government carried its contentions on
every vital point, whilo tho minor
concessions, particularly those in re.
gam to the generous financial treat'
ment, will greatly appeal to tho Boers
in general. Tho valuo of Lord Kitch
ener's personality as a factor in the
conclusion of peace can never be over
estimated. There is no doubt that
peace will bo popular among the
West Indian volcanoes show algus of
renewed activity.
The president has signed the Indian
appropriation and the omnibus claims
An extradition treaty has been
signed between the United States and
Policemen's jobs will bo offered to
tho highest bidders at Hazleton, Pa.
A committeoo of the Massachusetts
houso reported adversely on an appro
priation of $25,000 fora military statue
to the late Benjamin F. Butler.
Mrs. McKlnloy's condition remains
about tho same,,. She goes out driving
frequently and visits the cemetory every
day that the weather will permit.
The Army Relief Aescciation of tho
United States has elected Mrs. Daniel
Lamont as its prosidont.
Emigration lrom tho west of Ireland
Cool County.
Marshftotd, Juno it Out of a total
of 2(1 iiroclncts. Incompleto returns
from two and complete returns from.
live glvo Furnish 20 1, 1 hamlieriaiu m;f.
Congressman, Republican, 253, Demo
cratic IU3.
RtUt County
Haker City, Juno 3. Returns aro
coming In very slowly. A lutrtin
count in Sumpter and Baker City, in
Republicans Clcct Concroimtn In Doth Di.
tricti Initiative ind Countv Ticked Arc
Dlvldd-Th Rlurn. Ara Esncdlttsly 5!,.r7t ,;r,90iSc-' 5,T,,C,1lnl,"fi,llnfJL:?
' i I'tiriilNh Nil. Itutidior m- far leads
Slow in Coming In Chambrlaln Or. VlllUmoii for congrons almost two to
rlti Multnomah County by 500 to 700. ! ono in this county
, , . I Klamath County,
lorunnu, Juno J. llio uepubllean . Klamath Falls. Juno 3. Plevna
state ticket, with the appnient excep- precinct, complete returns, given Fur
Hon of governor, won n victory nttlio 'ilsh 41, Chamberlain 20. The vote
tll VCatnnlAV. Tlio vntn mi i-mornnr trOUgllOUt tllO COUHty SOOIIIS tO 1)0
is ery cloe, and it will require an
running about the sumo.
other day to niako certain of the result.
Tongue, for congress, in tho First
district, is elected by an lucrea.-! ma
jotlty over two years ago. William
eon, In tho Second district, wins by a
good majority.
Inclement weather prevailed over
Western Oregon, which kept down the
oto to some extent. In Eastern Ore
gon, a full vote was polled.
Multnomah County.
Portland, June 3. Chamberlain will
carry this county by from 500 to 700.
Williamson leads Butcher bv about
500. The counting proceeds slowly and
full returns will not bo in before night.
The indications aro that the Republi
cans elected the legislative ticket. It is
also probable that they will control
Mirion County.
Si.lcm,'June 3. The result in Marion
county on governor will be close. Both
ides claim the countv. The counting
of votes is progressing slowly, and will
not be completed until late today, the
full vote for none of the precincts hav
ing been completed at an early hour
this morning.
Clackamas County.
Oregon City, Mi.y 3. Incomplete re
turns from only four precincts give
Furnish 1115 and Chamberlain 110. It
is probable that Furnish will carry the
county by 200 to 300. Tongue will
have an overwhelming majority.
! Columbia County.
St. Helens, June 3. Out of a total
ot ia precincts In Columbia county
incomplete returns from three mid
complote returns from thieo glvo Fur
nish 210, Chamberlain 184. Congie
nmn, Republican 221, Democratic 133
Douglas County,
Roseburg, Juno 3. Meager returns
Indicato that Chamberlain currlos the
county uy 250. The lomalnder of tho
Republican statu ticket wins, except
l raw lord, who loses uy about fit).
Union County.
union, June a. llio count la pro
gressing very slowly, Reports null
cate thnt Chamberlain will carry tho
county. Butcher lends Williamson by
n very few votes.
Crook County.
Prineville, Jine 3. Ol a total of
precincts in tho county incompleto ic
turns from one and complete returns
from thieo give r Ornish 60 and Cham
berlaln 40. For congressman tho same
precincts give Williamson 144, Butcher
Sherman County,
Moro, June 3. The Republican con
gressional and legislative ticket is elect
od by a good majority. Only tno small
precincts have completed thoir count,
indications are that Furnish will carry
tlio county by iuu.
Joitphlnc County.
Grants Pass, June 3. Partial re
turns in the throe precincts of Grants
Pass give rurnisti 143, Chamberlain
Linn County.
Albany, June 3. Linn county will
givo Chamberlain nrobablv 300 to 400
plurality. Less than lialf of tho votes i ' Polk County.
aro counted, and tho returns are incom- Dallas, Juno 3. Roports are coming
pleto. Kellv, Republican, will bo in very slowly. Complete returns from
elected eenator, as will the three Demo-! live precincts give Furnish 100 and
cratic nominees for representatives. Chamborlain 104.
Yamhill County.
McMinnville. June 3. Out of a total
of 21 precincts, incomplete returns
from five and complete returns fromono
givo Furnish 182, Chamlierlain 207.
congressman, Tonguo, Republican, is
receiving hi party rote and will carry
the county by 150. Tho legislative
nominees probably elected are threo
Republicans and one Democrat.
Lan County.
Eugene, Juno 3. Ouo hundred
soventy out of 181 votes in South
guno, No. 2, glvo Chamlierlain
Furnish 8(1.
Washington County.
Hilleboro, June 3. Out of a total of
21 precincts, incompleto returns from
three give Furnish 120, Chamberlain,
129; congressman. Republican, 161,
Democrat 115. The legislative nomi
nees are running close with tho proba
bility of the election of the Democratic
Waico County.
Tho DMIes, June 3. Out of a total
of 20 precincts, incomplete returns
lrom eeven ana complete returns from
three give iurnisli 103, Chamberlain,
31; Williamson 08, Butcher 29. The
legislative nominees probably electa!
are all Republican.
Morrow County.
IleDnner. June 3. Out of a total of
nine precincts, incc iiplete returns from
ono ind complete returns from eight,
give Furnish 344, Chamberlain 373.
The legislative nominees probably
elected are Republicans. For con
gressman the county goes for Williamson.
Umatilla County.
Pendleton, June 3. Furnish will
carry Umatilla county by 200 plurality.
Y illiamson for congressman gets 300
plurality. The legislative and county
ticket is Democratic.
TtlHmook County,
Tillamook, Juno 3. From returns
received Furnish is running 100 votes
ahead of Chamberlain. On the rest of
tho state ticket the Republicans havo
a majority of two to one. Tongue is
running ahead of Weatherfnrd by three
to ono.
Linclon County.
Newport, Juno 3 Two out of 14
precincts in Lincoln county givo Cham
berlain 00, Furnish 81.
Jackson County.
Ashland, June 3. Returns from the
various precincts of Jackson county are
meager and the count progresses slowly.
The indications aro that Chamberlain
has carried the county for governor.
Tho Republicans aro claiming the
election of senator.
Benton County.
Corvallis, Juno 3. Out of a total of
15 precincts incomplete, roturns from
five complote and throe incomplete
give Furnish 408, Chamberlain 404
Tho legislative nominees probably
elected are Republican.
NOTWlfW..Vcro!- ifi . pi nr.?.
.NotiMTCivsiwi.' msi ssi,.
v . .
Annie U
Wnahl iiiK i h. if.i. - i. "..V" "V "f
Iter, her .worn atnlcnici uN o,' SMI t"T tho
purvhnao ot the H awU, a L iTWvl Si r hV, .
ion No. a lw.fil,o,VTiiSn"!f
Itnnite 7 wnt, mi.l will otter proof to" how
that the liuul souittit i moro valuable f. I
Its limber or atone tlmn for air leu lurii'
ptirpoaoa. nnd to eatnbllah. h?r ciili, .
Willi HUM IHTliro Mlirln K Wnm.
"Mr. Ciiimllonr, nl Kiismio. Orviim
' nimy, urn uin uny of Auaust. iiSS. '
Hlio name ns wltnina: iiw", wVulU v
at Urn In, Orvitoni Hlmer YVoolloy. of
Urn n. Urvmini (loo. W. Hhw ..r fViV.r
orrKoiii llrnalp M, Crawford, of llonuul m
.A,1y 5?J tt". I1""'"1" .clalmlnir nilvorm.
Iy. h atHivn-tlwrllKHl liuul" art- raiuiut
fd to fit;' the r elalma 111 thla ollli-o on
before the snld Itth day of AURiiat. ISIS.
J. T. llltllHIK8,4ti'il.t..r.
V. H. I .ami ottlce.
. lloaeburp. . r. k.-, Mny is, imnt.
rsollco In hrreliv i;. ... itu.i ,
llniK'O with Ilia lujiiii ,f ,, ,,i
iiN to f
" 1 1 a
extriiil, u
by a. l
(Mncreaa ot Juno
Acl for the anln m ' ib. r
Htntra of t'nliroriil . m k
WnihliiKton Tarrt
nil the l'ubllo I. .I'.i.o
Ausuat A. lua.
Mm. Mnr 11 ,iitn.,.i,
or eoltnuo iirove. t t .,r i.m . ti,.t.,
of Oregon, hna th i II. .1 ,i i k . ,n-
iter aworn Hinieiiv :i t r, i ih ,,i,r.
chaae of the aeV; i- , , i toea
atill) 3 aouth, of . w i,t,l nl.l
otter inmf to ah '. i i, -i .,1,11,1 t
la moro vulliubli : 1, t i 1 r ,nr
thun for aarleult r,H., , .,,,1 1., , ,
tnbllah her rlalr, ., 1 ,u 1 1,. (, n,,.
lteiilater unj ,1 11. , i
ltoaeburir. Ureeim nn -,.
day of Auguat, IMS.
one niunea ns wiineuea: John I'lilmer,
Dull IlrumbilUirh. 11. lntlm INim lltM.
ill! of Cottane drove, Oregon.
Any nnu an iieraoita clnlmlna; nitrerae
Iy. the nbovo-dcBcrlbed landa nn roiueat.
ed to nio their elalma In thla otllce on or
before Ihiauhl :iat day of AUKual. 1903.
1. iuiiiAir;. iiiniaier,
.... jTlmber Ijind Act. June 3. ISM.
. V. H. tJind Ulllce.
. .. Koaehurar, Oreiioii, May II, isaa,
Notice In hereby riven ihni In nimnll.
nneo with tho provlalona of the net of
Connn-as of June 3, UB, entltleil "An
AC! Tor tho Hale lf,p Uiun In
the Stntea of C'nllforiila. Ureaoii, Nevniln
nnd WnahliiRton Territory." na ettend
ed to nil the Public IjuhI HtntiM by net
of AURiiat 4. IS9.
Chnrlea W Vitn H'A.m.1,
of Trlnceton, county of Mllle Ijira. Htnlo
of Minnesota, hna thla tiny nied In thla of
lice hla aworn alntement No. 5117. for the
nurch.iae of the awV, of Hecllon No. 21,
Township :t aouth. ltntiK" 6 neat, nmi
will offer proof tu ahow that the land
aouunt Is more vnlunhle for Ita timber
or atone thnn for purpoaea,
nnd to eatabllah hla claim to anld land lw
for the Itmlater and Itecelver of thla of
llce nt ItoaeburR. Oreiron. on Thursday,
the ilat day of Auauat. 190;.
He nnm,.fl aa u'linnaaiM tin M'lll r
Uavla. of Uraln. Oregon-C K Trumble,
of Drain. Oregon; J. Vnn Ilhee. of Mllaeo.
Mlnneaota: KnM Wurrrn. of .Mllaca, Mln-
Any nno all neraona rlalmlnir aitvpraM.
Iy the nliove-deacrlbed landa are ri'nueat.
eil to file their elalma In thla nffh',. nn
or before the aald Slat day of Atnruat. 1I2
J. 1. liHluill.M. llexiater
TlmtH-r Ijind Act. June 3. UTK.
AUIIl'K run rrm.ii'ATluN.
I; H. Ijin.l omre.
ltoarbura;. Oreson. May 31. le.
Notice ta hereby Klvrn that In coinnlt,
nnce with the provlalona of tho act of
Conirreaa of Juno 3. 1R7S, entitled "An
Act for the Hale of Timber Ijinl In
the Htntea or cniirnrnia. Oregon. Nevniln
and wnahlnKtnn Trrrlton-. 11a extend
ed to all the I'ubllc Land Htntea by net
of AURUat 4, IV97.
Joaenh K. YounR.
of CollaKe Orove. county of Ijine. Hint
of Orexon, hna thla day llled In thla ottlce
hla aworn atntemrnt No. S&K for the pur-
cnaae or trie iota 1. &. . 7. 11 nnd II or Hi
tlon No. 30, Tnwnahln aouth, IlaiiRO I
weat, nnd will offer proof to ahow that
tne land aouxrit a moro 10 for lti
timber or atone than for agricultural nur.
ooaen. lino in eaiaDinn nia eiaim in aain
nnu net ore ine negiater ano Itecelver or
thla nrrtce at ItoavburR. OreRon. nn Mon
day, tne na uny or Heptemuer, iwz.
lie nnmea na witneaaes: jonn 11. 1 ni
mer. Marlon v. Dnvla, Orln Itoblnaon, N
II. lartln. all of Cotlnve Clrova'. Oreifon.
Any anil nil peraona claiming niiverae,
Iy the nbove-deacrlbed Innda lire requeat
ih! to Ule their elalma In thla ofllre nn
or nerore tne aain nn uny or Auguat.
J. T. UKIDUKH, Iteglater.
Acl for the anle of Tlmtior Iwituln In the
Htntea of California, Ori'itmi, Nevniln ind
WnahliiRton 'tVrrllory. hm extended to
nil the l'ubllo Lund Hlntea hy net nf
AURUat I, Ml.
Henry Levi,
of llnqtlliiln, county of Chelmlla, Hlnln of
WnahliiHton, Ima thla tiny tiled In thla ut
ile o Ida aworn atnteinent No, KUl, for tlie
purchnan of the nwU of Hei'tlon II, Towu
ahlp No, 81 aouth, of rtuiKi' 0 weat, nnd
will otter proof to ahow thnt the lund
aotiRht la more vnlunhle for Ita timber or
atone limn for nurlcullunil putpoacn, uud
to ealiihllah hla claim to anld land before
the llexiater nnd Itecelver of thla nltlce nt
Itoeetiurir. Oregon. 011 Mnndny, tlin liilh
ilny of AtiRiiat, VM1.
lie tmtiiea ua wltneaai-a. Michel Kvnux.
or lliMiulnm, WnahliiKlon, (leorge V
nulley, of Drain. Oregon; O, V. Hlmw.
of llotjuliiin, Wnalilnglon; Trunk A. till
lett, of Itniiulniu, Wnahlugton,
Any nmi nil peraona clnnnlhK niiverae
Iy tint iittove-deacrlhetl Inntla are riniueat
ed to niu their elnlnia In thla iittlco on or
before the sutd litlh day or Auguat, IM.
J. T. llltlUtlKH.4teRlatrr.
Timber tmiitl Act, June .1. 1M.
U. H. IJtlld Ulllce.
.. Itoaiitiurg, Oregon. May lit, llkW.
Notice la beriOiv ltii,l lit ,..,.,. II.
nnce with the pruvlilona uf the not of
Congreaa of Jutiu 3, ls7. entitled "All
Act for the Hale of Timber Uititli In
the Htntea or f 'ulirtif ,.l nr.. ...... m.,.,...i..
1'"1. WiiahlnRton Territory," ,na eleml
ml to nil the I'ultllo U1111I Htiilea by net
,1 t .1. 'in
1 'i f i'ii ' .1, ,i III Ih 1 ' ,
nil thn I'ubllc l.ivutl Hlntea hy net
MiKUat I. IMn
V,i,i,tr a 111 .,it
of lloiiulniu, t'oiiulv of t'hi'linlla, ft 1 11 1 r nt
WnahlnKtun, hna thla ilny tiled In thla iit
tlco hla aworn atnteineut Nn. aftrwi, for the
puii'hiiae of the afi awi, lie 'l liwi-i, awU
aell uf Heel Inn No. 4, Townahlp til, amilli,
of llnngo II weat, unit will offer proof tu
xliinv that the liuul aiuiglil la inure vulliu
bli; for Ita timber or aiiino than for mill
I'lllllini! purpoHea, mill to eatnbllah Ida
t'lnliu to n 1,1 land heforn the Iteglater nnd.
Itecelver or una omce 111 itoaeiiiitg, ore
1011. on Mnmlny, the 1Mb ilny of Auguat,
lie nnmea na wllneaaea: Michel Kviiux,
of I ltill In ill , W'nahtnHlon: (I, W. Hlmw, of
llu,iiliiiii, Wnahlugton; Henry l.evl. of
lliniiil'itu, Wuahliiglou; lleorge YV, Wool
e,, of 1 1111 hi, Oregon.
Anr nntl nil peraona cImIiiiIiik ndveiae
tv the nbove-deaerlbed liuul" mi' tiiiueat
eil lo Die their elnlnia In thla oftlco on or
lieforo the an 1,1 1Mb day of Auguat,
J.J'. I lit 11 X 1 1 :H. IteKlater.
I ... 1
It 'i
Clatiop County,
Astoria, Juno 3. Out of a total of
20 precincts, incompleto returns from
aeven precincts and complete roturns
from eight givo ruriilsli 725 and Cham
berlain 020. Two Republicans and
one Citizen are probably elected to the
legislature. Williamson will carry
tlio county lor senator.
Low Ritu to Easltrn Poind.
The Northern Pacific Railway Com
pany is now naming low excursion
rates to all points Kast. If you are
imnklog of visiting the old homt
your childhood's home, write or call on
any agent of the company and full
particulars win ie lurnisneu you, or
writo A. D. Charlton, assistant general
passengor agent at 255 iforrlson street,
comer 01 xniru, rortland, Or,, for de
tails, rates, routes, etc.
Fiht With tht Yaquli.
ftogaies, Ariz., June 3. An out
break of Yaqui Indians has occurrod.
A 8ght took place 30 miles from Her-
Bad Ganj Brokt JaiL
Lcadvllle, Col., June 4. A daring
jail break took place here today. The
jailer was In the front otllce when a
trusty notified him that some of the
prisoners were missing, and an investi
gation showed tiiat five had escaped
by on underground tunnel. Tiiey had
eawed off the lock to a trap door lead
ing to the sewer, broke tho sewer wall
and then crawled to tho outside of the
jail through a small hole in the found
ation wall.
Intercit on Transvaal Bondt.
Pretoria, Juno 4, A proclamation
which was Issued yesterday In connec
tlon with the signing of thoiieaco terms
moslllo, Id which einlit Van n Is worn declares that, notwithstanding tho pro-
killed and two Uexlcnna. Tin, Vnm,i. clamatlons of Mr, Kruger, interest on
retreated in a southeasterly dlrnetinn tbo bonds of the Transvaal republic
and another fight is expected. The I woll'' BUBjioiided no long as the war
aisauecieu Indians number about .inn lasicu, sucn interest snail rx;in 10
of whom 100 arn flehtins men Thn accrue June 1, Juno 2(1 and 27, tho
laquisnavo blthcrto been peaceful.
They are not hortlle to Americans.
Again In Volcanic Eruption.
Seattle Wash, Juno 3. Mount K.
doubt, a lofty peak on the coast of Cooi
inlot, is again In active volcanic erun
,1 I. i.ii 1 ,.it. 1
days of King Kdwartl's coronation, have
been proclaimed public liolldnyc hero,
to America is assuming what is called tlon- Jt belched forth a great column
'alaimlng proportions."
Fatal Rockaway fire,
ftew lork, June 4. lour persons
lost their lives and two wore fatally in
jured in a lire today which swept away
many buildings at Rockaway Reach
I , ir... o 11 .
1 1.1 1 , . uucniutra ui jiiay o. xno mountain
.tif TZ ZZtn. ? u i? j 0 has been in eruption for the past two
liglit, now building ut tho University of mo.lh. btlt advices received Vn,ia
Pblearm. wl I m .ta nnn lln.a ... ran"1Bi out auv ces received today
,w m., fpn,T1 thn itnrtli afnfn rliar If u,.j n I t,
J worst on tho day named, Tho ashes
fell thick as snow at Konai, 50 miles
away, and the wiiolo mountain range
and the greater part of the coast was
liiddon from view by a pall of smoke.
of fire, brimstone and smoke on the The fire started in a frame building.
Chicago, will rule 32,000 lines
Rev. Dr. Charles Olmsted, formerly
of Pennsylvania, has been consecrated
as bishop of tho Episcopal dfoceso ot
In a Bhort time it spread to an uuoccu
pied brick building, and thon In suc
cession leveled 12 other buildings. Tho
buildings for tho most pait were of tho
framo sort found at tho seaside, and
the loss is estimated at 1 120,000. After
tho Are had boon controlled tlio body of
a man was found burned to a crisp in
one of tho buildings.
Palrru'i Soni Return.
New York, June 4. Jose and Toma
Palma, two of tho president's sons
havo sailed for New York, tays
Havana dispatch to the Tribune. Jose
returns north to take his examination
at Columbia Law School; Toman ut
, tends school at Nowbnrg. President
Pulma, who with other high officials.
wont aboard to bid them good bye, was
qttlto overcome by tho parting. Ho
gavo each son a hearty cmbiaco as tie
, left tho steamer, and spoke words of
I encouragement to them.
Striking Baktri Enjoined.
Kantas City, June 4. Striking
union bakers were today enjoined by
Judge John F. Phillips, uf the United
States circuit court, who issued a tern
porary order restraining thorn from
patrolling in front of tho Grand avenue
bakery, or otherwiMi interfering with
the employes of that concern. The
action grows out of tlio lockout of the
union bakers by six leading firms,
members ol the Masters' Association,
The Trouble ; with the Yaquli.
Tucson, Ariz., Juno 4. The report
of the Yaqui Indian troubles in Sonora,
Mexico, lias been greatly exaggerated.
No revolution is in progress, Tho trou
ble grew out of a disagreement bV'tweon
a Mexican and a number of Yaqui
luborcrs who, in a conflict, killed two
Mexicans, Tho Yauuls, fearing the
soldiers, left tho ranch and took to the
hills, where they woro Joined by some
other Yaquis. Soldiers wero sent after
them and In the tight seven Yaquis
wero killed.
Timber Ijind Acl, June 3. 1S7S.
IT. ti. Lnnd Office.
Roacburg, Oreiron. May 12, IMS.
Notice la herirbv slven thnt In com
pliance with the nrnvlnlona of the net of
Congress of Juno X 1H78, entitled "An
Act for tho ante of Timber Ijinda In the
Htntea or kraiiromin. Oregon. Nevada nnd
Wnahlneton Territory." aa extended to
nil the I'ubllc Lnutl Htntea by act of
August 4. M3.
auaa i,nuiae r. liecger.
Illbblne. county of Ht. Ixjula. Hlnle of
.Mlnneaota. hna thla day n led In thla of,
tlce her aworn atntement No. 2316, for the
urcnaae or the aevi or Hecllon Nn. lx,
'ownaldn 21. ltnnge & weat. nnd will of
fer proof to ahow that the land aouaht la
more valuable for Ita timber or atone Ihnn
for agricultural purpoaea, and to eatnb.
Ilah her claim to anld land before the Iteg
later ana itecelver or una omco nt unae-
burg. Oregon, on Thuradny. tho 2lat day
or Auguat. 1902.
Hhe nnmea aa wltnfflaea: Jacob Vnn
Itheo. or Mllaca. Mlnneaota; (1. K. War.
rerr. of Mllaca. Mlnneaota: Mrn. Abble K.
Clark, of Mllaca. Mlnneaota; C. K. Trum
ble, of Uraln. Oregon.
Anv nnd all neraona clalmlnir adverse,
Iy the above-deacrlbed landa are reiiueat-
e their elalma In thla oftlco on or
Id 21at day or Auguat. 1902,
J. T. UltlDUKH. Register.
l a id ' '.I
Mgrli 'I'' ,' ., 1 i. ir . m ..1, . ,
tun . lalm I itft,i 1.. t 1 . rr. ',. 1, it.
ll,r 11, ,1 .'i-:(imi of lh ' 1 'tit , 1, 1 .
billg ,ir .11 l'h,Hi,!,lt Irt ,t,. ,,
U.tfi,t. llMJ.
Hi- u.u n ta wtih, tae nltaa I ci I v I'
tieeUir of Ittoi.tnjr X'nineaiou, O r
wareeu. uf Million, all-meaoin. Mra n
'tt I" "ii riv , rMHmn Miuinan'a: ( K
" fr ' 'tain "cr in
Vi ' I'd 'l oti - na latinl a.l.ete.
Iy the nig ,te, rtt a land ttr itiuent
el to nie their elnlnia in llila nrtle" .1
or before the anld Slat day of AUgual. ;i :
J. T. UltlDlllIH, Iteglater.
Timber I41111I Act. June 1 KTK
NOTICK IXm l't'Hl.ll'.TTT7T7.
tt. H. tJind Oltlre
Itoaeburg. Oregon. Muv II. I'.ttU.
Notice ta hereby given thnt In ninipll
mice erun ine tiroviaiona or tne net
vongreaa or June J. 117a. entltleil "An
Art for the Hnlv of Tluda'r Uintla In
ine riintea or 1 niirornin. tiri'uon. Nenii
and Waahlngton Territory," na exteml
eil to nil the Public Umd Hlntea by net
or Auguat 1. lr.
Do Wilt C Dnvla.
of Drain, county of DoiiRlna, Htnte of Or
egon. nna una uny uieii in thla ulllce HI
annrn ainieuieui, rto. siiti, ror ine nil
chnae of the nwt; of Hecllon No 31, town
atlln 21 aouth. Itnnae S weat. ami will
fer Proof tu ahow that the latiil la inn
valuable for Ita timber or atone than fn
agricultural inirpoaen, nnd lo eatabllah
ma Claim to aain lami berore the K.ul
ler nnd Itecelver of thla ottlce nt Itoai
uurg. on'gon. on Tiiurauny, Ihc Ilat 0.1
of Auguat. 19ns.
lie nnmea na wltneaiea: O w. Van
wonner. or rnnceton. Mtnueania: I'. I
Trumble. of Urnln. tirvgon; J. Van Ithee
or .Miiaen. .tunneaotn; i-reit wnrren.
Mllaca. Mlnneaota.
Any nnd nil eraona claiming niiverae
iy tne nnove-iiencritMMi tantla lire riNiueat
el to tile their elalma In thla ofttce 111
or tiefore the anld 2lat day of Auguat, 1B
J. r. iiiiiihikh, itrRlatrr.
Tlmtier Ijintl Act. June X ISTk
notici: roit iM'iif.irATioN.
T H iJind Oltle.i
ItnaeliurR. Oregon Mny W. I'c
notne la hereb git en that in cmn
puanee witn ine imviaiona or the act 1
t"onreaa of June 1 ISTX. entllll "A
Act for the pale of TlnitN.e IjiihIm In Hi
Htatea nf California, Oregon, NendH and
itnnningion lerniorv. na extenneil 1
nn me I'linin.' iinn ntutea b net
Auguat t. It-'.
Anna J. rhenej.
of rottnge Orove. Countv of Iine. Hint
or oreRon. haa thla day Hint In lit nine
her aworn atntement No. 2W1. for the nur
chaae of the wty. nc'l unit lot a of Heellun
ro. a or lownaiun no zi aouiii. itainri,
weat. nnd will offer nroof to ahow Hint lh
land nought ta more valuable for Ita Urn
ber or atono than for agricultural nur
poaea. nnd to eatnbllah her claim to aald
lanri before Marie 1, vare. 1 H Com
rnlialoner nt Kugrne, Oregon, nn Thurn
uny. tne itn uny or Auguat. lviz.
Hhe nnmea aa wltnemiea: Krunk lli.n
deraon, frank Ixlloy, of Cnttnge Orove,
uine county, tir : Joe ituruett. of w 11,1-
wooii. ijine county, vr.. Airnit i 1,.
Ilny. of Coltnge drove. Ijtne County, Or
Any nnd nil peraona claiming ndverae
Iv the Hliove-ileaerllied lamia are rmeal
eil to nie their elalma In thla ottlce on or
oerore tne aain tti uny or Auguat. ii;.
J. T. I'illlXIKH. Iteglater.
Timber Ijind Aet, June 3. 1S7.
t' H. Iinil Oltlce.
Itoaeburg, Oregon. Mny i. 19C
Notice la hereb) glen that III com
nuance with he nrovliilona of the net 11
Ccngreaa of Jiii'k 3. H7s, rutllled "An
Act for the sale of Tlmtn-r IjiiuI In the
Htntea or cniiromin, Oregon, Nevailn nnd
Waahlnaton Terrtlnrv. na extetuliMl in
an trie I'linuc IJinn Htatea by act
Auguat 4, 1V9.',
Henry A. llrewer.
of Allmnv. countv of I.lnn. Htnte nf Ore
gon, haa thla day llled In thla oltlce hla
aworn aintemeni n. sasa, lor ino pur
chaae of the eV4 awW. aeii nwli. nwU aeti
or Hecllon ot Townahlp So aoiilh, range
o weai, nnu win oner proor 10 nnow 111111
tho land nought la more vnlunhle for Itn
limner or atone tnun for agr cultural nur
Hjaea. nnu in eaininiaii ma claim 10 aaiu
nnu before Marie 1,. ware. 1' H. t'omm a
aloner. Kugene, Oregon, on Monday, thu
lilt uny of Auguat, line.
lie namea nn witnennen tnntiea win
p. Mne Wlltae. (leorge A. Ilettn nntl Mra.
n, A. Helta, nil of Iximlne. Uiw county.
Any nnd nil iieraona claiming niiverae
Iy ttie nbove-deacrlbed landa nn rcnucNt-
eiLto (lie Ihelr clnlma In thin oltlcu on or
beforo tho an 1,1 1111 ilny of Auguat, rju2,
J. 1. llItlotJKH, Iteglater,
Timber IjuhI Act, Jiirtn 3. W,
NftTlCU I'Olt I'lllll.ll'ATION.
f. H. Land Ulllce.
Itnaeliutg. Oregon, Mny 7, It".
Notice la hereby glien Hint In coin
iillnnce with lite provlaluna of the net of
'ongrMa of Juno 3. laTa. entll ed "An
Act inr the aain of M tuber IjuiiIh III llio
Hlntea of Cnliromla. Oregiui. Nevada ami
Wnahlnglon Teiillorv," na extended to
nil the l'ubllo Umd Hlntea by net of
Augnal 1, m'J.
Michel Itvniix.
of lloiiulniu inly of Chehalla, Hlnle of
WnahliiKlon. haa thla day llled In thla of
"" hla aworn aliilcuicnt No. tIM, for Hie
t .' tint ni'H of Hecllon II, Town-
Ih, nf ltnnge it weal, nnd wilt
1,1 'In ahow Unit the I. nut eouaht
tillable for lla timber or alonit
niirloiillurnl nnrpotoa. nntl tn
Ida cbiltn to anitl liuul bi.fore tin
nntl ittH'eiver or una oinco nt
v. Oregon, on Mond,v. the 1Mb
,t . illgllMt, ytt.
I, 1 iea na wllneaaea; II W. Hlmw, nf
tl,i! 11, Wnahlngtnn: I lent v U', uf
11 , 1 .111, Wiiahliigton; tleorge Wooley, nf
I'm "rcHiin; I'', A. (Illicit, of lloiul,un,
We,, icttnu.
1, nn nil peraona einimiug niiverae
1 iHive-demTlbeil Inntla nre riiiueat
H e their elalma In thla oltlce on or
'ho wild 1st ti tiny or AtiRiiat. 1:,
J. T. llltlUllKH. Ilrglater.
than i'
. a.,t,lt.i
ltegl. I
Iv ' 1
1wi. r-
Timber I-and Act. June 3, 1878.
U. 8. Land Ottlce.
Roseburg, Oregon, May 12, 19)2.
Notice la hereby l:1ven thut In com.
Chance with the provlalona of the net of
ongrcas of Jtino Z. W78. entitled "An
Act for tho aale of Timber linda In the
Htatea or caurornia. Oregon. Ncvnua ami
Waahlngton Territory.- aa extended to
nil the Public I.and Htntea by net of
Auguat 4, 1TO.
Oenrirn V. "Wnrren.
of Mllncn, county of Mllle lAcn. fltnte nf
Mlnneaota. una ima uny meu in tnia ni
llco hla aworn statement, No. for thn
purchnao or tho neu or Hectlon No, IK.
townahlp 21 aouth. or ltnnge S weat, and
will offer nroof to ahow that the land
sought ta more valuable for Its timber or
atono man lor agricununii purjiuaea, nnu
to eatabllah hla claim to aald land before
tho Reglater nnd Receiver of thla ottlce
nt Itoaeburg, Oregon, on Thuradny, the
?Iat ilav of Auguat. 1902.
nn namea aa witneaaen: u. i'.. irum
mell. of Uraln, Oregon; U, Unvla. nf
Drain. Oregon; J. Vnn Iltice. of MIllncK.
Minnesota; I,. 1". Decker, of Illbblng,
Anv nmi nil neranria etalmlnir adverap.
1y the nbove-deacrlbed Innda are retieat
ed to file their claims In thla omco on or
beforo tne nam ziat nay or Auguat, nr..
j. 1. lllllinii.M, iteglater.
Timber I.nnd Act, June 3, 1878.
U. B. I,nnd Oltlce.
Roacburg, Oregon, May 12, 1902.
Notice la hereby given thnt In com.
illance with the nrnvlalons of the net of
Congress of Juno 3, l7s, entitled "An
Act for the anlo of Timber Iinda In the
Htatea of California, Oregon, Nevniln unit
wnan ngton Territory." na oxtenuen io
nil the I'ubllc I.nnd Htntea by net of
tiguat i, wis.
Mra. Ahhlo II. Clark.
nf Mlllca, county of Mllle l.ncu, Htnte of
Mlnnenotn, haa thin tiny llled In thla oltlcu
her sworn statement No, 23X1. for tho pur-
Timber Ijind Art, June 3. 1S71.
It. H. Iind Oltlce.
Itoaeburg. Oregon May 2tl. UIU2.
Notice la herebv given that In com
iillnnce with tho provlalona of the net of
uongrena ui June j, iin, eiiiiueu All
Act for the aulo of TlmUer lunula In tint
Htntea of Cullfornla, Oregon, Nevada nnd
Waahlngton Territory. na extemteil to
all thn Public iMud Stntea by uct of
AUgUat 1, 1MT.',
Alfred U. I.cltov.
bf Cottngo llrove. county of Ijine, Htnto
of Oregon, hna thla day filed in thla oltlce
ma aworn atntement no. s,iii. for tho nur
chnae of the lota 4, 6. 0 nnd 7 of acctlon
No. a, of Townahlp No. 22 aouth, range 1
weai, nnu win oner proor in anow mat ine
land nought la more vnlunblo for Ita Um
ber or atone than for agricultural pur-
loaea, und to eatnbllah hla claim to anld
nnu before Marie i ware. u. H. cotn-
mlaaloner at Kugene. Oregon, on Thurs
day, the 7lh dny of Auguat, 19')'.'.
He nnmea na wltneaaea; Frank Hender
son. Frank 1 -el toy, of Cottage orove,
I,nne county, Ore.; Joo Ilurnett, of Wild
wood, Lane county, Ore.; Anna J. ('ho
ney, of Cottnge Orove. Ijino county, Or.
Any nnd all persona claiming ndverae
Iy the nbove-deacrlbed Innda nro rouueat-
ed to file their cinlma In thla olltco on or
before the aaltl Tin uny or AUgual, 11102,
j. 1 . iiuiuuKH, iteglater.
Timber f.nnil Act, June 3, 187il.
t. H: l.nud Oltlce.
Itoaeburg. Oregon. Mav 29. 190J.
Notice la hcrebvi given that In com-
pliunce with the provlalona of the net of
Jongrcaa of Juno 3, 1S78, eutltlml "An
Act for the anle of Timber Ijtnda In tho
ritntea of Cnttfornlu, Oregon, Nevniln und
Wuahlngton Territory," ua exlended lo
nil the l'ubllo l.nlid HlnlcH hy net nf
AiiKuat I, M3.
Hleorgo W. McQueen,
of Cottngo Orove, county of Uiino, Htnto
of Oregon, hua thla dny Hint In thla nlMeo
hla aworn atntement No. 2T85, for I ho pur
chnae of tho nti ne4 nf Hectlon No. ii nf
lownantp zu aouin, ui iiungo i weai, iinti
T&XoTkTX Tow'n.hip WSlTol m.ff3,,Kl XX'ytt '
angeo weai. nna will oner prooi 10 .11 .w -r-?
hnt thn land aouaht la moro valuablo
for Its timber or atone than ror agncui-
ural purpoaea, and to catauiiau nor ciaim
In unM land before the Iteglater anU ItO-
enlver of this ottlce at Itoaeburg. Oregon,
on Thuradny, the 2Iat day of August, 1902.
HIIO names an wuneanea, eiiaa ijwuiru
V. rieeker. nf Hllib nrr. Minnesota: O. r .
Warren, of Mllncn. Minnesota: Jncoh Vun
Ithee. of Mllncn, Minnesota; C. 15, Trum
ble, of Uraln, Oregon. . , ,
Any nna nil peraona cjniming uiiverae.
iv thn ahnvn.deaerlhed Innda nro renueat
ed to file their clnlma In thla office on or
beforo the aald itn uny or Auguat, jvu..
j, i, itiviLuio, ivegioicr,
atone thnn for agricultural purpoaea, nnd
to catnullsli hla claim 10 anni Inntl beroro
Mario Ii. Ware, It. fl. Commlaalcner at
Kugene. Oregon, on Monday, the lHth day
of Auguat, 1902.
Ho nnmea na wltneaaea; C. A. Conla.
Jnmcs I'otta, Jnmcs Ostrnmler, II. T.
until an "I yuiiuai, ijiiivit. vvivttuii, I I'lio 11ICIIIK, Ullll tirillUUlg, atltl IlKlltllllT.
Any unil nil pcreona claiming iniveree. ii,w ,- ,ii.. .. 11
Iv the nbove-deacrlbed aa nro renueat-I "l0 lnlly wcro Standing stntlcllly for
. , I1U II...I- nl.ln... In TJ ,.fKA II. . .
ni tu lll.l lll.'ll in.iii.1 111 ,t.a ,.i,u ..i. w,
before the anld 1Mb dny of August, 1902.
j, l. lilliuui.n, iteglater.
At l'lrat Murine Hlunuta of lllalreaa,
Now Hluna uf Moiiriiliig.
"Wluit Is Hie tirlglit of thu cualoin nf
dlaplnylhg lings nt half atiin. or, na peo
ple tiauully any, half tniint 1"
This iiii'atluii, when It was put It) inn
the other dny, appi'iiit'd to have an eaiy
niiavvcr: "It Is tiorrovvcil from the navy.
The eiialgn or Kiiimnt ut luilf tniial I
a recogiilzcil nlgu of mntirnliiK."
"Yea: but wna It nt lint n alilp'a sig
nal ut tllatrcaa, na smile auy-c veil aolnn
uf the good illcllonnrleaV'
I have heard I lint In the acvcnti't'iitli
centtirj It win ao employed by llio
Kpniilnrda; but. nt any ritte. toward tlio
t'llil of the clulilci'lilli celilury the alg.
tin of tllatrcaa rccogulza'd by I'roni'lt
und Cngllali aaltora wna it tlHTcrcnt nf
fair, an the following atory aliovva:
Annti. 1783. The 1'ri'lirh ship Sybllle,
a powerful thirty alt gnu frlgnte, la
sighted off Cape Henry by the lluaanr,
of twenty. eight gtitia. Now. the Nyhllla
a few tlnya licfore. In n drawn tight
Wlthniicuf the nhlpa ot I lie Ihlgllah licet
to which the lluaanr bt'lotiga. aiiatnllied
licit Injuries that alio hna atibaeitieully
been tllsmaatcd In n pulT ut wind and
Is miller Jury innt. As alio la tliercforo
unable to clntao the lluaanr. alio accki
tu entice her nlongaldi' In order to tnke
her by boarding, nnd niTorillngly atnt.
bolata to tho penk the French cnalgit
under the Cngllah, na If nilinlltliig that
alio Is captured. All thla la legllluiHti',
whether the lluaanr lakca Hit' halt or
no. Hut tho French cnplnln goci tiai
fnr. llo holats In tho main aliiotnta nn
rnalgu rrrcracd nnd lied In n weft or
loop Now, (hla being n well known alg
nnl of dlatrcafcfnti appeal to a coiiimaii
humanity which no geiieroiia ntllcer
could disregard-1 he lluaanr nt ouro
cloaca. Fortunately, however, her cn'vr
are at quarter wheu the Hyhllle. haul
ing down tho Kngllah ling at Hie peak
and hoisting the French above, endi'iiv
or to run her on board. The cxtrt'inn
rolling natural lo n ship tint atendled
by autllclent anil eipoara the Kyhllle's
bottom, and scrernl allots from tlio
lluaanr go through her very bilge, lly
this time another Fiigllah man of-vvar
comes up, and the Hyblllo strikes her
flag, tho reversed ensign with Its weft,
so dishonorably liolscd, reuinlnliig In
the shrouds.
So much for the signal of tllatress
We know that flags wero commonly
uscil at funeral In Kiighiml, especially
before tlio inlddlo of (he acvruterntli
century, not reversed or tied In n weft,
but floating In their normal position.
Thla practice wit discontinued little by
little, though no doubt some trace of Its
Influence Is still seen In the universal
display of military Hag on occaalou
of national bereavement. New York
Hie Dux v Ob.rrved ua Htrlclly
In New Knulniid,
There la an Idea provident that the
trlct obscrvuucu of tho Sabbath wa
almost wholly coiilined to the North,
Nothing could bo more erroneous, "Tho
lllue Laws" of Connecticut, surviving
a a proverb for hardiness, lutve Im
pressed the popular inltid n ml Hied an
Idea which wiih, however, not abso
lutely accurate. As surcre as those
iinctincntH were, they wero scarcely
more rigorous, whenever tho observ
ance of Sunday wa concerned, than
tlioao under which tho colony of Vir
ginia wa established mid developed,
iVtti'ndaiicu on divine service was as
strictly enforced, and nhstlucuco from
II secular employment ns rigidly en
joined. It wa n church-going time.
Itcllglon engrossed tho energies of the
people. Participation In worship wa
tho Inw, nmi whoever failed In It wus
lawbreaker and wus dealt with ac
cordingly. Later ou-that Is, prior to
tho revolution camo n certain hixnes
tlio reflex of the taut-strung how
lieu tho fox-hunting, cock-llghtlnc
paraons were Inducted Into tho llvhign;
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10 encct wiih not permanent.
It wa out of theso condition that
Hanover presbytery sprang, tinder the
Infliicnco of Patrick Henry's model.
tho eloquent "Parson Davie," later
tho President of Princeton college. In
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Timber Land Act, Juno 3, 1878.
U. H. I-and Oftlco.
Itoaeburg. Oregon. May 7. 1902,
Mnllrn la hernhv irlvnn that In com
Ellance with tho provisions of the act of
ongreas ot Juno 3, 1878, entitled "An
Timber Land Act, Juno 3, 1878.
U. H. Lund Oltlce.
Roacburg. Oregon. May 7. 1902.
Notice la hereby oivon thnt tn com
Bllance with tho provlalona or tho net of
ongresa of Juno 3, 18i8, entitled "An
Act for tho anle of Timber Ijimls In tho
Htatea of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Waahlngton Territory,' as extended to
tlio old customs, and wero making tho
saddling upon them of such miscreant
ono of tho charge In their Indictment
ngulnst tho government "nt homo."
They withstood Innovation. Thoy kept
the fill th. They built churches which
still stand to-day a memorial ot
their piety und cliurchtnanshlp, From
"An Old Virginia Sunday," by Thouiai
Nelson Togo In Scrlbner'.