Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 21, 1902, Image 5

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Suit linn been instituted by llcr-
tuuti Rudolph against the Booth
Kelly Co fur damtiijcs in the sum
of 10,000 for Injuries sustained in
n boiler explosion nl Suj;iunw 011
May 2, 1902;
The lecture of Mrs Mury Teats
on "Moral l'urily," at the C. V
Church, Wednesday cvcnitiK was
well attended. Mrs. Teats is a
forcible and pleasant speaker.
Thursday evening she .;nve an
interesting tulle to men only.
Lank Taxich.
Friday was the last day on which
payment of taxes in full ollowed
the 3 per cent discount. Lane
county collects 5173,000 each year
and of that amount 100,000 has
Iktcii collected, of this amount $60,
000 was collected at Eugene and
$40,000 at Cottage Grove and Junc
tion. All taxc become delinquent
on April 1st. Of the 5173,000
taxes, the state is entitled to J42,-
Nkw Industkv.
There seems to be a new in
dustry started in Cottage Grove
by Messrs. Uaker and Nelson.
They have started an experiment
station to see what can be done in
transplanting larj;e fruit trees.
Those wishing to procure choice
fruit trees for next winter should
place their orders early, as the sup
ply may be limited as Joe says he
already has orders for fruit; and has
been looking for cans since he got
his trees. All fruit guaranteed
true to name. Place orders early
and avoid the rush.
To ClU'.SWHM..
A Nugget man was at Crcswcll
!etvccn trains, Wednesday, and
found the village quite a thriving
nud hustling little place. All the
merchants seemed to be enjoying
a good trade, The time be
tween the two trains is so short that
but little cotdd be seen. C, L.
Weber, the leading merchant, who
bandies quite a large stock of
general merchandise was bustling
among his customers in his usual
affable and business like manner.
Mr. C. C. Iluzlctinc also has quite
11 nice stock of General Merchandise
and was busy waiting on customers.
All in all, Crcswcll is one of the
thriving villiuges of Lane County
find beautifully located.
A large audience greeted Sup.
French v last Friday evening at
Martin's Hall to join him on his
trip through Europe. The trip be
gan with views leaving New York,
passing through the lower harbor
and out upon the deep. Landing
in Scotland the rugged mountain
scenery pass presented with many
old castles and places of historic
value. A trip through the land of
Walter Scott showing the scenes
and narrating the incidents that
stirred Scott and the world. Pass
ing southward through English
scenes, splendid roads and mighty
castles, giving their stories of past
ages. In Germany, France and
Italy the grand cathedrals and col
lections of art and statuary were
vividly shown, revealing the im
mense wealth and splendor gathered
through the ages. On Friday
evening, April 4, Dr. Cantnerof
Salem will lecture on "A Knight of
the 20th Century." Dr. Cantner
is one of the best speakers in the
Northwest, an old soldier and a
worker irtthc educational field.
The average attendance is 15
higher than at this time last year.
The class in bookkeeping is
working until five in the evening
so that the set may be finished
this term.
Reviews begin Monday making a
good time for those who have been
absent to prepare for examination
and thus be able to goou with their
Miss Vira Dorward of last year's
class will begiu teaching at the
Silk Creek school house about
April 1st.
To fir fin hofir.mhi Nwjgei,
,u a-ji, i-.iii.k.--i-
A'P -r-V -T"T- iT-T-"T- "Tr"iK
The Maccabees will render a
programme on next Thursday
evening for the benefit of the order.
There will be two initiations that
The Kchcknh Lodge has changed
its meeting nights from the 2nd
and .(til Friday nights to the 1st
and 3rd, beginiug with the meet
ing of the 21st.
The I. O. O. F. will have work
in the first degree at the meeting
next Saturday night. They arc
now making preparations to enlarge
their store building and hall as
soon as the weather will permit.
St Patricks day was fitly cele
brated by the newly instituted
Lodge of Red Men by a supper and
short programme which served to
the purpose of extending the right
hand of fellowship to all the new
members who had climbed the
totem pole as well as serving to
bring in pale faces who the Lodge
will shortly have the pleasure of
calling members.
The Forresters of America have
8 candidates for initiation at their
meeting in cast side Hall on next
Friday night. Following the ini
tiatory work a banquet will be
given in honor of the new members
at which a number of invited guests
will be present. The Forresters
hereafter give a banquet once a
J. W. Simmons, deputy head
consul, of Portland, Oregon, de
livered an instructive lecture at
Martin's Hall on the 14th inst.
The lodge has received new
paraphernalia for initiatory work.
There will be a program rendered
in the near future with many inter
esting features. Over fifty strong
with new members coming in
rapidly, out of debt with money in
the treasury is the flourishing con
dition of the order.
A Council of the Order of the
Fraternal Aid Association was
organized Monday night in the
W. O. W. ball, by J. II. Frcdricks,
state organizer, assisted by W. A.
Clark, of Healsburg Calii. The
following officers were elected;
Past President, J. F. Taylor; vice
president, J. R. DeSpain; secretary,
Alta King; treasurer, F. II. Rosen
burg; medical examiners, Dr. H.
C. and K. C. Schleef; chaplain,
Mrs. Belle Cooler; trustees D. B.
Chamberlain, Curriu Cooley and
S. E. Landers. This council be
gins with 38 charter members and
all good workers. The charter will
remain open until the evening of
the 25th.
Bohemia Camp 206 Woodmen of
the World assisted by the Ladies
Circle gave a reunion and social at
W. O. W. Hall last Saturday even
ing which was pronounced by those
present as the jolliest and best
social which had been held this
The following programme was
rendered: Recitation, Miss Wettle;
Song, R. D. Inmau; Recitation,
Alice Huff; Song, Eumice Van-
derberg, Bennetta Whipple, and
Hazel Benson; Recitation, Miss
Thomas; Violin Solo, Miss Rogers;
Recitation, C. H. Vauderberg;
Vocal Duett, Rosenberg and Jor
After the programme the Ladies
served a most bounteous lunch
after which singing passed the
time away till the "wee small
Prince Henry has arrived home
O. K. been kissed by his brother
cheered by the people and
Dee Aro You Goo KsbI
l'olymorpliliin Bargains
At tho Now Era Drug Store,
Fine rosidoncpn. choice lots. business
blocks for salt? Jerome Knox & Co,
personal pir'ngruplfs.
Mm. Wllllu Wallace In reported finite
CIiiih. CVIinui win In I'iikuim liifel
Geo. Kerr Is visiting 111 h piirontu In
V. (i. ClirlHinim, of Kugunc, eiimo
down Tuesday.
AdHONHor I). I', lliirtou cat no up from
KiiKvnu WcdiiuMiliiy.
I) G. Mol'arlaiiil uommuiicud Ills uoixl
filii'iirltiK Wednesday.
CIiiih. KliiiKViininltli inudo ft flying
trip to Kiikuiio Monday.
MrH, Miko Witlil of Kimono Is In town
visiting friends ami rulutivuit.
Mm. Hvn llolduriiiun and child who
luivu lii'cn ill 1110 improving.
Hurry Icit of Wisconsin Ih visiting lili)
brother, Cioorge, of this pluce.
Attorney Johnson mid A. Johnson left
for 11 visit to Ilohunilii Tuesday.
C. L. Wither, merchant of Crcswatl,
was lining business. In Cottiigo Grove
Win. I.nndeHH wiih trmism'tltig bind
iiotiH at the county neat Friday and
It. W. Newhiml nud family iuivo
moved into the Lurch residence In West
Cottiigo (irove.
Mrn. O. A. ItoHcnhiirK, mother of P.
11 U........1 l 1.. n..t i!.,...,. ...
... 1 tirnuil lll I , II, III UIUVU W
spend u month .
Mnvor Veatch 11tte11d1.1l the nioi.-tlnt:
of tlin Democrat!)) Central Committee at
Kiigeuu .Saturday.
II. A. Clark linn accepted 11 position
witii the I'uciflu Tiuihur Cum nan v us
clerk in their store.
County Commissioner Kdwurds and
A. N. Striker, of Kiigune, were in Cot
tage urovu l-ruluy.
John Hunter, n prominent lumber
dealer of Jtos.uburg, is spending u few
duys in Cottage Urove.
I'M Jones, lookkeeier for tho Pacific
Timber Company ut their mill at Amos,
wan in town lust Sunday.
M.O. Ilinns . 11 traveling man for the
Oregoniun'H Literary Ilureuu was 111
Cottage Urove this week.
G. C. King, 11 mining man from San
Jose, Calif,, is hero with n view of in
vesting in Bohemia mines.
Itov. Beck. Atty. J. U. Young, 0. IJ.
Clements and Ulysses Walker were pas
sengers for Kiigenc Monday.
II. K. Morris, of the Arm of Morris &
Craw, of Kiigenc, was in Cottage Urove
Wednesday, 011 musical business.
Mrs. Hugh l'ields of Portland, who
has been visiting her brother, Mr. Skill
man of this n.'aeu. left for her liomu
Deputy Assessor Sharp U abroad in
tlie land trying to tindout how your ac
count stands with tlie county and State
of Uiegon.
Mrs. M. Valentine returned from
Itotchurg lifter it tliree weeks visit with
her husband, John Valentine, who is
now living at tho Soldier's lluuie.
John baker who lias lieen j tii to ill for
a long time, has recover)-)! suirieicntly
ti ho moved with his family into tlie
Poster Phillips' property In West Cot
tage Urove.
Wo regret to announce that Tom Mon
teith, the genial clerk fur the Pacific
Timber Co., is about to sever his con
nection with that firm, having accept
ed a position in the valley.
C. Gengerof AleaMcr, South Dakota,
has rented a cottage from Mr. Ixmg and
awaits the arrival of his family. Mr.
Genger is favorably impressed with the
country and intends purchasing a farm
In the near future.
Prof. W. II. Hampton of Placer, Jo
scphino county, was in Cottage Urove
Tuesday. Mr. Hampton is 0110 of the
owners of tho Hampton & Lewis mines,
of Placer, and is hero on mining bind,
ness. Ho wont to Portland Wednesday.
Samples of tho last strike of baco ore
in tho Lo Hoy are now to bo seen at the
company's oirico in tins city. Tlie ore
wos taken from the shaft and tho assays
aro highly satisfactory, showing (13 per
cunt lead and $21 pur ton gold.
See notice of tho filing of township
plats in Koeeburg land oirieo in this
issue. Thoso who bavo mado actual
settlement in township 20, S, H 1 J,
prior to the reserve should avail them
selves of tho opportunity of putting
their tilings on record.
Dr. H. T. Anderson who was takon
seriously sick on last Priday is improv
ing rapidly and will bo out in a few
days. Tho doctor seems to retain his
nervo and skill whether sick or well as
ho on last Monday amputated a linger
whilo so sick that ho had to be propped
up in bed to perform tho operation .
An organization of a power company
is now the talk to furnish power for Tho
Helena Consolidated Mining Company
and for tho Lo Roy Company. As soon
as tho kind of power most suited for the
mines can m determined, the plant will
bo forthcoming. This will euablo tho
LoHoy pcoplo to provido tho mine with
the Hurley compressed air drills.
J. H. Parsliall and son, I. I., from
Butto, Nebraska, arrived in tho city
Monday and woro registered nt tho Im
perial. Mr. Pursluill conies to Cottago
Grovo to locate and is so favorably im
pressed with tho country that hu will
purchase propoity as soon as ho can get
Ids family hero. Thoy went down to
Grants Pass Tuesday to visit with rela
tives but will return in a fow days.
Rough Lumber,
S6 iDer M. at
Saginaw, Or.
Jjoctil IrcVcLius.
lii'iiii'iubcr the primaries next Satur
day Get teady to rmiko garden,
A laigu lino of boys' knee suits nt
actual cost utC. ft. Clement's.
Itallenbiirg point lace puttems and
braid at Lurch's.
Have your proscriptions filled ut tho
Benson Drug Co.
Porpure, well-selected drugs, en II on
the Benson Drug Co. Toilet articles of
every description at Benson Drug Co.
Clean up your back yard.
Another shipment of men's suits and
overalls will arrive ilia few days at C.
li. CIcmctits'H.
Tliowi diamonds at II. C. Madsen are
beauties . Cull and see them .
Try a Sunday dinner at the Imckiiiai.
norm,. Served from 12 in. to 1 :.'t0 p
111. and up to date in all respects.
Burn up your trash pile. Its about
time ubo springtime.
Hair brushes, 11 fine line, at lowprices.
Benson Drug Co.
I will hu In Cottago Grove Tucdav
nnd Wednesday of next week, March
IT) and L'f), at Sherwood House.
Dit. A. H, Atwooii, Dentist.
You can buy nnv preparation at J.
P. Currin's that fs advertlced in any
paper. Remember we make a specialty
of family receipts.
Read real estate bargains of Jerome
Knox A Co.
Kor paints, oil, brushes and the latest
patterns of Wall Paper, call on ('has
Cochran at J. D. Cochran's furniture
store, Cottage Grove, Oregon.
"A dollar saved Is n dollar earned."
You will savo several dollars by buying
your clothing of C. B. Clement.
That invoice of tooth brushes is now
open for inspection at Benson Drug Co's
store. They are cheap and of splendid
quality. Look at them then buy 'cm.
I have just nut in stock a line of fur
niture from a house closing out at quite
a ledtiction and will be able to give the
lowest prices giving also a complete line
of undertaking goods and anew line of
carpets, mattings, portiers, rugs, etc.
Call ami see them und get the prices.
Next to postofHce.
J. D. Cochkan.
Paint Supply Store
First qualities in everything in
the line of paint and painters's
The only complete line of Wal
Paper in the city.
Painters and Paperhangers
Ior any kind of work in house
furnishing, get our prices. They
are right, and we guarantee our
Store first door East of Bridge
on Main Street.
A-stlieOld Maid
Said wlien Slie
Kissed tlie
Our uds are short and sweet and right
to tho point.
ISreliaut & Morgan
The Xew lira Drug Store.
Bohemia --
Main St., CottDKO drove.
Choice line of Liquors J,
hand. Your patronage
is respectfully solicited.
jfofHNj-:: :: :: :: :1:
"We Suit the Hard to Suit."
Don't take our word for it, but call and be convinced that
The Cash Grocery Co.
Carry the cleanest and most Complete line oi roccrics
J in the city.
We keep a full line assortment of fresh fruits and vegc-
tables in season.
5 The Cash Grocery Co.
IBohemia, Oregon.
General Merchandise,
Miners' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Carry the most complete line of Hardware, Stoves and
Tinware in south Lane county. Also a fine line of Guns,
Ammunition and Fishing Tackle. We are Headquarters
for Mining Supplies, Hurcules Powder, Fuse and Caps.
Also agents for the celebrated Studebaker Wagons, Canton
Clipper Plows and Harrows. In fact anything you may
want in the Hardware line.
Call and See Us and We will Treat You Right,
Watch our Saturday Sales
Next Saturday, March 22, we will sell for cash only
SALMON' 3 can for 25 cents
CUAXUKnWKS 15 cents per can
WHEAT FLAKE 3 21b pkgs for 25 cents
FLO UK 75 cents per sack
ARII. COFFEE 2 pkgs for 25 cents
LIOXCOFFKK 2 pLgs for 25 cents
LAIW'1-RY SOAP 7 barn for25 cents
UKAXULATEI) SUGAR 20 lbs for one dollar
Under Odd Fellows' Hall.
Successors to WHEELER & SCOTT.
We will continue to carry a full and complete
stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mining
Supplies, Fish Bro's. Wagons, Oliver Chilled und
Steel Plows, Etc. ::::::
The . . .
IttvcrSt., Cottage Grovo.
We carry an extra flno lino of
Liquors and Cigars, and If you
hare occasion to want goods In
our line we would appreciate a
call from you.
Bownro of air dried or half dry floor
int.'. coiling und rustic. Tho Booth
Kelly Lo m bo r Co. aro making 6peci
priced on Kiw-uneu itimucr,
Q. Young, Manager.
veatch Go
Cottage Grove
Planing Mill!
AVe nro now prepared to furniih all
kinds of brackets, mouldings, rornlcn,
busIi und doors, door and window frames,
windows, pickets, etc.
Woodwork of all kinds made nnd re
paired. We will also work rustle, siding,
ceiling or size studding, etc