Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, March 21, 1902, Image 1

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t iPa ( J i. -WOT -Jt vsJBt tSi -Waaefir iaiP5?
THK NUdOI'.T J Oil Ol'IOli
Devoted to the Mining. Lumbering and J'ariniiif; Interests of this Community, to Good Ooveriiinent, and Hustling for a Grub Stake.
Ool:lage Grove, Oregon, nPriday, Ma.rch 21, 1902.
NO. lO
Omen mi Mln slicel, West Hid
J. 0. JOHNSON ami 1'. .(J EIIY
H ttomeus and
Ji,cll attention tv-n In Mlnltitf, Corporation
mul Merralilllc U.
Oftlreover flarmati lleimmway'iislnru.
Allorney-at-Luiv o o o
-Office mi Main street:
CoTTAOH OkoVK, 0)115.
frorupt attention jwM l Mining IIiiiiIiicm,
Cottaou Gkovk, Ok it.
Httorncis (i nil Couiisclurs-at- Law
Special attention KlnHMhelwjilJlliii.
attorney and Oounstlor-at-Law
Broclal attention given in hnUwj'J Mines.
. KUt Nationnl Hank IJuililitiR.
Mrs. Kalhcrlne Sclilftf, M. II.
Diseases of Women anil Children
Office aii'l residence mi lltver lrtct, near Wall I
business. :
barker& PERMAN
i'iiiirnii:Tiis k
Main atrael. CoIUk" lrT, Or.
tin pairing at ronblo churitiw.
All work itimmnle'! rirM-dnM.
WairbiM.ClMckiitiKl Jewelry lUwl rrtren
Harness ami Saddlery.
George Meinzer, Prop.
A 11d linn of llrtir. Railillcn. Wlilpn, Iliiguy
Jtnlron, U-Hthcr Iloltlni?. Klc. Hluy iiii Imml.
AlUlniUot ItopiilrliiK Hpcclully All liuml
eucil work (uriu'il mil.
OurKnrmrKrlonlciiii get tlio very licit at
tho Lowet Uvlng I'rlrea. Come III iuhI oxam
Inu tbe gooila awl aca for yourxelf.
Rough Lumber,
S6 per M. at
Saginaw, Ou.
I'rcslilciit, Caablcr,
The First National Bank
Cottaom Gkovk, Oru.
Paid up Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loan on upproved security.
Kxcliangna sole), available any ploco
jn tlio Uniud Stat ea.
Your Itunlneng Solicited.
Subscribe for the Nuyyet.
All kinds "f 1Rai",Wcatht:r ?;hin'
I Underclothing and Footwear
for Loggers and Lumbermen, Miners, Prospectors
and Farmers.
The Famous Cutter Shoes
in all sizes.
Special prices in Umbrellas.
Oomc and see our New line of Clothing and Hats
The ncwttist f hontrs in Market. Shapes Styles uud
Colors strictly iito date.
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be Bought for anywhere
it you want ugi-to-date New xoocls buy from us. and
pay sam as you would pay tbe seeond-band stores.
Come mid see our
rirttn:'M v urancMulKM LEADERS IN
vjmi,jw c nciiinviii cottage
NoriCK l'i)t IM'llLlCATInN. j
ITnilfil Miiti's I.iilicl Ollicp,
KoHibnrn, Oiciz'in, l'"ub. 7, WM-
Nulicn is licicliv ri von tlint in rDinpli
lllll'U Wltll I llf plOVIKIUllH of tlio net of
Colik'riH.i of .Iiiiio it, 1H7S, t'lilltU-il "An
act for tlio Haiti uf tinilicr in ml m in llm
Sliiti-H of Ciilifornla, Ori'cmi, Ni'vaila,
iiiiiI WiiHliiiipion Tfrritory'imoxtunili'il
to ii 1 1 tlio I'll ll ic Land State by urt nf
AtmiiHt -1, IK!)'.1, Mm. A lire l.iiK'Mlt of
SuKiniiw, County of I.iinu. Stutu of Oro
Hon, Iiiim tlilH ilny lllcil in thitiollU'u her
Hworn Htiituini'iii No, 'Mil, for tlio pnr
iiIiiimmiI thoSK 'i, of Hivtlon No. '.'0,
Towns-hip "-'l Smith, of Kiingu.1 W. iiiiiI
wilt oircr proof to hIiow that tlio 1 u ml
nought Ih more vnhiabln for Hh tinibur
orntone til n ti for nriciilt tiral pnrpoHex,
ami to eHtiibllnh her uluiin to caiil laml
buforu the Kt'iiihtor ami Keeelver of tliiH
olliee at KoHehiiiu, Oregon, on Wednea
(lay. tho 7th day of May, 10,..
Sim nanicH iih wilneaaea:
Sli.phen A. liiiltaut ofSiiRinaw, Oru
(son, (.iooixo Kiwi- f Mabel, Oregon,
.laniva Lee, Daniel II. Ilriimlmuidi, of
Cottage tirove, Oregon.
Any niul all peraona elainiinirailvei-au-ly
tho ahovu-ileaeribetl lamia iiro ro
qiieateil to lllo thoir elaiina in tit Id olllco
on or before aaid 7tli day of Muv. HIO'J.
.1. T. IluiDOKH, Kegiater.
United Slatea Land Ollleo,
KoBolmri:, Oregon, Teb. I I, 1002.
Notico Ib hereby given that in com
plianuo with tho proviaiona of tlio net of
Congreea of JunuS, 1878, entitled "An
net for tho anlu of timber lnnda in the
SltUea of California, Oregon, Novnila,
and Washington Territory," aa extended
to all the I'libllo Land States by act of
August 4, 181)2, Thomaa Itoeho of Kn
gene, County of Linio, Stnlo of Oregon,
lina thia day tiled in thia ollleo Ida sworn
atatemcnt No. 2038, for the piiiehnao of
tho 8K X. of Section No. 2, townahip 22
Sotith, of Kango 2 W. and will oiler
proof to bIiow t hut tlio hind nought ia
more valuable for its limber or atono
than for agriunltnral purpoaes, and to
establish Ilia claim to aaid land before
the IleglHter and Keeeiver of tills ollleo
at Kosobiirg, Oregon, on Wednesday,
tho 7th day of May, 1002.
He nainea aa wltnessoa.
Kit Jordan, Dan liriiinhniigh, o(Co.
burg, Oregon, Oscnr Leo, John l'almer,
of Cottauo Orovo, Oregon.
. Any and all poraona claiming advorSo
ly tho nbovc-deacrihod landa arp re
quested to file their elaiina in thi. ollleo
on or btforu anhl 7th day of May, 1002,
J. T. HitmoBB, Register.
Hewnroofalr dried or half dry floor
lug, eolling and ruatio. Tho Booth
Kelly Lumber Co. tiro making apouia
prices on kiln-dried lumber.
Clothing and be convinced that we
I'niled Statca Land Ollicp,
Hoseburg, Oregon. Keli.,7, 1002.
Notice in hereby given that in com
pliance with the proviaiona of the net of
Cmigrca of June 1878, untitled "An
act for the ante of timber lamia in the
Stiitea of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Wnaliingloii Territory," aa exto ded to
nil the Public. Laud Stales by act of Au
gust 4, 1892, Stephen A. Laltaiit of Sagi
naw, County of Lane, Statu of Oregon,
lina thia day filed in this ollleo hia sworn
atateuiuut No. 202U for the piirchat-e of the
NK of Section No. 2((, Townchip 21
South, of Itange 3 W. and will oiler
pioof to ahow that the land aotight la
more valuable for ita limber or atone
than for agricultural purposes, ami to
establish hia claim to aaid laud before
the Kegiater ami Keeeiver of thia otlieo
at Koseburg, Oregon, on Wednesday, tlio
7th day of May, 1002.
He tinmcs (,a witnesses:
Mrs. Alice LnKaut of Saginaw, Ore
gon, ticorgo Kig(!B of Maine, Oregon,
James Leo, Daniel II. Brumbaugh, of
Cottage Orove, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adverse
ly I lie above-described lands are re
quested to lllo their olaima in this ollleo
on or heforo a'aid 7th day of May, 1002.
J. T. IiiilDOEs, Kegiater.
United States Laml Office,
Koseburg, Oregon, Feb. 2o, 1002.
Notice ia hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the nut of
Congress of Juno 3, 1878, entitled "An
net for tho sale of timber land in the
States of California, .Oregon, Nevada,
nnd Wnahington Territory," na ex
tended tn all the 1'iiblio Land Statea by
net of August -t, 1802, Charles II. llurk
holdor. of Cottiigo Grove-, County of
Lane, State of Oregon, has this day riled
in tills oll'ico Ida sworn statement No
2075, for the purehnso of tlioiLots 1,2
and 3 of Section 2, Township 22, South,
of Range 2 West; and will offer proof to
show tbat the land sought ia more valu
able for ita timber or stono than for ag
ricultural purpoaes, and to establish Ida
claim to aaid land before the Register
nnd Keeeiver of this officeat Koseburg,
Oregon, on Tuoedav, tho fithday of May,
He nnmes as witnesses;
I). II. Ilenienway, J, D. Palmer, C.
J. Howard, D, II. Brumbaugh, of Cot
tage Grovo, Oregon.
Any nnd all persona claiming adverse
ly the above-dcaerihed lands aic re
quested to tile their claims in thia office
on or before aaid 0th day of May, 1002.
J. T. Hiunhiss, Register.
Fine residence, choice lots, buainess
blocks (or sale J jrorno Knox & Co,
have the goods.
Grove, Oregon.
United Statc Land Offlrc,
I rtofebiiru. Ore.. Mnrch . 10, 1IHM.
Notico li hi-reby kI vcii Hint In ecmpllnnre
lth the provision of the net of Congress of
June a, isja. tntltlol "An act (or the mlool
timber landa tn the Stales of California, Oic
fron, NcvhiIb, and Washington Territory," an
extondcil to all the Public band Etatea by act
ofAuRniiU. 1WJ, Ii II. Gibson, ol Munkcrs,
I County ol Unn, Slato of Oregon, haa thia day
llled In thin office his sworn statement No. 2100,
for tho purchase of the Lots 4, ,1,1'J&13 of See
I Hon No. 2fi In Township No. 21, Range No. s
West, anil ttliloflur proof to show that tbe
land fought It more valuable for Its timber or
i stone than for agricultural purpose-, and to
i establish his claim to aaid land before the
i Register and Receiver of this office at Rose-
burg, Oregon, on Saturday, the 17th day of
May, 10O2.
lie names as wltnosses:
II. 1'atlnn, of Collage Grove, Oregon, A.J.
Anderson, of Star, Oregon, Georgo Downs, of
Cottage drove, Oregon, T.C.Johnson, of Sagi
naw, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above debrlted lands are requested to tile
thulrclalms In this office on or before said 17tb
day of May. 1902.
J. T. nmrxjEs, Register.
United States land Offlcc,
Roscburg, Ore., March loth, lilt!.
Notice Is hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congre of
I Junes, 18,8, entitled "An act foi the sale of
timber lands In the States nf California. Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory," a
extended to all tho Public Land States by act of
August 4. 1892. Lcroy Ii. Whitson, of Kugcne,
County of Lano, State of Oregon, has this day
tiled In this ollleo his sworn statement No. 2101,
for tho purchase of too NE'fof Section No. 8
In TowitthlpXo. 20, Range No. 5 Wost.and will
offer proof to show that the land sought Is more
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish bis claim to
said land before the Register and Receiver of
this ollleo at Roseburg, Oregon, on Saturday,
tho I7h day of Mav, 1902.
He names as witnesses:
K. O. Smith, 1. E.Snodgrass, A. Hampton, II.
W. Thouipjon.ol Eugene, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
nlmve-deserlbed lands are requested to tile
their nlalms In this office on or before said 17th
day of May, 1902.
J. T. UHtpaEs, Register.
United States Land Oflleo,
Roscburg, Oro., March 10th, 1902.
Notico is hereby given that In compllanco
with the provlbtons of tho art of Congress of
Junes, 1878, entlllod "An act for tho sale of
timber lands In the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory," as
extpndod to all tho Public Land States by act
of August 4, 1892, Kdward C. Smith, of eiigene.
County of Lane, Stato of Oregon, has this day
rlloi fn this oflleo his sworn stttement No,
2102, for the purchase of tho Southeast of Sec
tion No, 8 In Township No 20, Range No, S
West, and will oiler proof to (bow that the land
sought Is more valuable .orlia timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish his claim to Bald laud before tbe Register
and Receiver of this oftloe at lloseburg. Ore.
gon, on Saturday, tho'17tlt day, of May, 1002.
Ilenaraeaas witnesses:
L, I. Wbltson, W. B. Moon, r.ank Ross, P, E,
Sno4grass,of Eugene, Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above desorlbed landB are requested to file
tllel'r claims In tbii office on or before said 7tb
day of May, 1902.
J. T. Bridges, Register.
Bead the Bohemia JTuffgetr
ims m
ucvorcd to Bohemia Nore4 and
Iterr.5 of crverp.r
The following article ia clipped J
from the Pacific Miner of March 15. j
! contributed by I. II. Fiskc. the
well known assayer, and may be of
interest to Bohemia locators:
When you stake your claim off
I remember that not one claim in
fifty are full size. Prospectors
nearly always step them off, and
count three feet to a step, when
2j4 feet is nearer correct. The
best way is to take a tape line if
you have one. If not, figure your
steps at 2j4 feet, and don't be
afraid of getting too much ground,
for when you have your claim sur
veyed for patent, the surveyor will
draw your stakes in if they are too
wide, but he will not push them
out if they are too narrow. The
survey must be made inside your
stakes. A compas is a very good
instrument to have along so as to
get your claim as nearly located
square as possible. Very few
claims are located where the lines
, turn at right angles. When sev
' eral claims are located together it
! is proper to use one post for the
! corner of two claims, instead of
'cutting a post for each claim corner.
' If you wish to join claims with
'someone else's claim you have a
i right to use his post for a corner
alsc. I have known some old
prospectors to locate two claims to
gether and cut a post for each and
set them side by side, when one
' post with the name of each corner
Ion it would do as well. Besides,
when your claims join it does not
make any difference if they join by
only a foot of ground, but they
must join. It makes them .con
tinuous claims, and you can do all
your work on one flaim to repre
sent them all. If you wish to
patent them, $500 worth of work is
sufficient to patent them all as
though they were one claim. It
costs about $250 to patent a claim,
besides the $500 worth of work
you must do before you make ap
plication ior a patent. You can
make application to the surveyor
general, atid pay him $30 and he
grants it. If you have several
claims in a group you apply for
each separately as a continuous
claim, and pay $30 for each. Then
the surveyor charges you about $75
to do the work. He must be a
deputy United States mineral sur
veyor. You pay about 20 for ad
vertising, and the land office fee
will be about $128, but all this is
not necessary unless you are going
to sell your claim and ajjree to fur
nish a good title. Representation I
and possession by working the
claim annually is as good as a
The Le Roy Company are make
itig preparations to put in some
new machinery. Alferd Johnson
of that company went to Portland
last week, and while there pur
chased a part of thp new machinery
which will be shipped to Cottage
Grove as soon as the roads to Bo
hemia are in condition to haul a
load over them. The Le Roy people
expect to run their mine at the
'fullest capacity possible' during the
I coming season. They have the'
i mineral and nothing, more remains
! but to take it out. Supt. Johnson
informed a Nugget man that but a
! 1i mi tori nmMitit rf clitifoc rmn!tt
which1 are selling at five cents.
Cottage Grove ought to boom
thia summer ff6m its trade with tbe
j Bohemia mines-end its railroad en
1 terprises, Portland 'Even jog Jour
- ZKlS
inreforro Mininc- Morv
The fifth annual meeting of the
International Mining Congress will
be held at Butte, Mont., frohi the
8th to the t2th of September next,
atid it promises to be an important
meeting for the mining interests of
the Pacific coast, especially in view"
of the efforts now being made to
have a Mining Bureau established
as a subordinate brapch of the In
terior Department of the govern
The mining interests and re-
sources of Oregon are very extent
sive, but are not receiving the at
tention they should receive from
her citizens. Why this ifiactife"
lethargic state on the part of Ore-
gonians, is more than can well be
understood by the average citizen.
This meeting of the International
Congress is a very important one
as questions of great importance are
to be discussed.
Oregon so far has not joined in
the effort nor signified her willing
ness to take part in tbe Congress,
although Colorado, California, Ida
ho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico,
Wyoming, Montana and Washing-'
ton have all expressed themselves
and made preparation to take part
This is a very strange condition of
affairs. Oregon is evidently asf
rich in "mines as most' of' tEose
above named, but su far has been
content to remain in the rear. She
seems to have gone away back ami
sat down; not because she hasn't
the resources but because her pub
lie men are, presumably, more in
terested in some other business,
But it now seems that she is about
to awaken. The miners through
out the -state have worked inces
santly for many years under great
difficulties and have opened up, ift
many places, ledges of inestimable'
v. le. thereby forcing notice, and as
a result of these individual efforts
Oregon is going to experience
great mining boom. Delegates, we
understand, will be sent to the In
ternational Congress ami we will
be in the lead ere long.-
Experimental stations nrainfafnetf
by the government to assist the
mining industry in the same manner
in which the agricultural industry
is assisted is perfectly within the'
scope of the government, and
should be encouraged. As an ex
ample, the instance of the largev
amount of low grade refactory ores1
which now cannot be profitably"
handled might be cited, i'fiv'ate"
individuals are all the time' experi-'
menting to perfect a process-where-"
by this ore can be made profitable.
Many of these experiments- fail be
cause the inventor has not sufficient
money to go ahead with them and
is unable to interest capital in his:
scheme. Here is an opportunity
for valuable national or state aid and
would be work such as should be"
undertaken by a national- depart
ment of mines and mining. There'
are other and similar suggestions
which could be made and all fair-
minded men must admit tbat such?
legislation would benefit 1101(5111
those directly interested ni the
mining industry but many otlief
forms- of business-.
If the Jennings Bros-. oiriM their
proposed smelter hi Portlandi tis
summer -and they say they will
well nnd godd. If not, P'ortlatid
should" not fesf until' somebody else"
takes bold of this lmportate enter
prise. The East Helena" smelter
pays out $1,200,000 per year in
wages. A Portland smelter would
pay ouf at least half as much.
Save the business men of Portland!
ever thought of this.' PortlaR(f
Evening Jouruiilv