Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 31, 1902, Image 8

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A Little Hoy's Life Saved.
I havo a fow words to my regarding
Chamberlain's Cough Hemedy. It
saved my llttlo boy's lifo mid I fcol that
I cannot praise It enough. I bought n
bottlo of it from A. K. Slccro of Good
win, S. D., and when I got homo with
it tho poor Imby could liunlly breathe.
I gave tho medicine, as directed every
ten minutes until ho "throw up" and
then I thought sure ho was going to
choko to dentil Wo hud to pull phlegm
out of Ids mouth in great long strings.
I am positive that if I had not got that
bottlo of cough niedieine, my boy would
not bo on eaith today. Jov.u Dkmost,
Jnwood, lows. For sale by Benson Drug
Co., Cottage Grove. Lyons & Apple
gate, Drain.
"Porno time ago my daughter caught
a severe cold. Shu complained of pains !
in her chest and had n bad cough. I,
gave her Clinmlwrlrdii'a Cough Kemedy I
according to directions ami in two tays
she was well and able to go to school.
I have used this remedy in my family
for tho past seven years and havo never
known it to fall," says James Premier
gast, merchant, Annato Hav, Jamaica.
AVest India Island. The pains in the
chest indicated nn approaching attack
of pneumonia, which in this intanco was
undoubtly warded off by Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It counteracts any
tendency of a cold toward pneumonia.
Sold by Uensok Duuq Co., Cottage
Urove. Lyons & Ai-pleoatk, Drain.
"I havo noticed tliat tho sale on
Chamberlain's Stomach it Liver Tablets
is almost invariably to those who have
once used them,"' says Mr. J. H.AVeber,
u prominent drugaist of Cascade, Iowa.
What better recommendation could any
medicine have than for people to call
for it when you feel dull after eating,
when you have a bad taste in your
mouth, feel bilious, have no appetite or
when troubled with constipation, and
you nre certain to be delighted with the
prompt r -lief which they afford. For
sale by Bknsex Diicq Co., Cottage
Urove. Lvoxs it Aim'Leoate, Drain.
W. C. Williamson, of Amherst, Vn.,
says: "For more than a year I suffered
from lumbago. I fiuallv tried Chamber
lain's I'ain Balm and it gave me entire
relief, which all other remedies had
failed to do." Sold by Benson Drug
So sure are we that thu locating of a
few of our Electric Belts will develop
into numerous sales of our Belts and
Appliances, that we are willing to send
one free to any sufferer from the follow
ing diseases : ColJ extremities, Crysto
cele, Female weakness, Kidney com
plaint, Leucorrhea, Liver complaint,
i'aralysif, Loet vitality, Nervous debility,
Self abuse. Worn-out women, Sciatica,
Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
tnanalroiitinn Tmniiipncv. Rheumatism.
DimiiiiitivA Shrunken and Untlevelonetl '
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc.,
Sanitarium City Electrical Co., Uattle
Creek. Michigan.
An old fashioned recipe for cur
ing beef calls for eight pounds of
salt, two ounces of soda, one ounce
of salt petre, and five pounds of
brown sugar to four gallons of soft
water. This is supposed to be
sufficient for one hundred pounds
of beef.
Apart of the salt and sugar is
mixed together and used to rub
each piece of the meal as it is put
in the barrel.
Before packing the meat cover
the bottom of the barrel with a
layer of salt. The remainder of the
salt and sugar is added to the water
with the other ingredients and
poured scalding hot over the meat.
Place a board with a weight on top
of it to hold the meat under the
brine. There is a difference be
tween corned and pickled beef that
is not generally recognized. Corned
beef is ready for use at the end of
five days; but pickled beef may re
main in the brine for three weeks
or as many montha.
If you wish to dry part of the
beef, remove it from the brine at
the end of three weeks, place it in
a tub. cover it with water, and let
it remain over night. Smoke it for
a few days, then hing it from the
ceiling over the kitchen stove un
til dry. Cover it with a loose bag
made of cheese cloth or mosquito
netting to protect from dust and
flies. When dry sprinkle with
black pepper, tie in a bag and
keep in a cool, dark place.
Wo have on liana a largo stork of
kiln-dried flooring, celling and rustic in
grades 1 2 und 3. Let us make you
special prices.
Booni-KEU,v Lumber Co.
Independence Man Almost Cut off
Big Toe mid Nearly Bled to
Uciith as n Result.
Independence, Jan. 25 Claud
Kurrc of this city nearly met with
a fatal nccitlent this week. While
splitting wood his ax nlnl,eed.
striking him on the foot and nearly
severing the great toe. An artery
was completely severed, nnd the
young man being alone nearly hied
to death. A neighbor, happened
to pass by and heard his cries for
help, and managed to obtain proper
medical asMt-tuncc. though Kurre
was in a fainting condition by that
time. The wound, while severe
and painful, is yielding gradually
to medical treatment.
Bees go out all day gathering
honey and work at night in the
hive, building their comts as per
fectly as if an electric light shone
there all the time. Why do they
prefer to work in the dark? is often
asked. Every one knows that
honey is a liquid with no solid
sugar in it. After standing it
gradually assumes a crystalline ap
pearance or granulates and ulti
mately becomes a solid mass.
Honey has been experimentally
inclosed in well corked flasks, some
of which were kept in perfect dark
ness, while the others were exposed
to the light. The result was that
the portion exposed to the light
soon crystallized, while that kept
The Job office i( this
for the best of printing,
barely living price j.
When you nwxl anything In the line of print
ing pleuMi remember thnt the motto of tblsollloa Is
"(icxxl Work, (iihmI Material, Neatnviw and Dis
patch" and the prices arc within the reach of all.
Bohemia Jugget
Up-to-date Printing The Kind That Pays.
Che Crystal
O. W. LLOYD, President
II. D. SCOTT, Vice-President
The five splendid properties comprising the mining claims
forming this company are located in the great Bohemia
Mining District in L,ane and Douglas counties, Oregon.
These properties have had much work done upon them,
so that now they are embryo mines with an assured
The stock of this company is now upon the market. Its
par value is $i It is non-assessable. Its principal
office is in Cottage Grove.
For development purposes a limited amount of stock has
been authorized to be sojd at 5 cents per share.
Two of the claims the Mountain Lion and F.l Calado
are on the now famous Helena lode. These two claims
have had over 600 feet of tunnels run on them and the
face of the tunnels are now in solid ore. '
Frimk Jordan, Secretary
in the dark remained unchanged.
Hence we see why the bees are so
careful to obscure the glass win
dows which nre placed in their
hives. The existence of the young
depends on the liquidity of the
saccharine food presented to them,
and if light were allowed access to
this it would in all probability
prove fatal to the inmates of the
hive; Weekly Bouquet.
Senator Tillman is entirely mis
taken. The clement that forced
itself into the democratic party,
where it never belonged, and which
dominated for awhile without
policy or plan or principle, must
surrender authority, and as the
comedians 011 the stage have it.
"Go 'Way Back and Sit Down."
The party is drifting back to its
ancient moorings, having grown
tired of wind, enthusiasm and
hysteria, and the old principles
will be brought down from the
lumber room into which they have
befn temporarily cast and once
more exploited and fought for.
These principles are too well known
for enumeration here. Every demo
crat understands what these prin
ciples were vhenthe democratic
party was a vital, national and
dominant force in the country, and
before its sanity and harmony had
been disturbed and destroyed by
the Sonorous declamation of popu
listic wind-jammers. Memphis
Commercial Appeal.
Advertise in the Xuuaet.
pniwrln nt your i1lioaI
of nay .-.nil all kinds at
011. mining 0.
KltANK WIIKKI.KIt, Trcanurcr
PHASIC K. JOItDAN, Secretary
asthma cu:r:is
Asthmalenc Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Core
In all Cases.
We wain to eiul t everv snH'cror a trial treatment of Athuialcne, 5
siunlai to (lie one that ciii'ett Mr. Wells. We'll send it bv mall I'lKT-
l'Alli, Absolutely I'rco 01 I'liaiue, to any sullcrcr w ho w III write for K
it, even on a postal, Never iiiitel, though you meile.piilrlng, however
tmtl Vourease, Aslliinsleno wll lelieveaml enie. Tl'owoino xoureiice J
the more gliel we are to xeml it.
dri-ning IMC. TAl'T HIIO.- M
X.Y.t'ltV. S0I1I bv all llruggicts.
Cottaie firoro
Improved Farms for Sale.
Valuable Town Property, consisting of Business Houses
and Splendid Residences.
Lots 011 tlw rl iifl jml IniHlnruK .street.
Mining Claims in Bohemia.
Abstract uf title ceeured ami guaranteed.
Information as to Hie laws pivci niui: tbe dixpo'iil of government laiide.
How toseeme liouieMoail-', timber iiiiiiihk elailus, ete.
l'roperty for nale published weekly.
(t-r-rti.h- i.iniee ih tin. mennil citv in Iitu eoimtv. Oregon, lltm a ttoiiiilitliott
of about 1,-lHI. Tlie eenter of tbo four point of the omnpaH-i w lien it eomes to
ini!reH ami enree. llnheinia witli ils vact iiiiiiini; refouiev only thirty-live miles
i-outli ea.t. with a goiul wagon road leading from the S. 1'. It. It. depot light iiete
in town, rnnpeetive railioail to tlie mines. 1 lio 1'iHir-l I'ork 01 tne llliimetle
river, on which is Mtimteil the Ulaek Unite iiiii'kHilvei uiiues, sixteen miles nutith,
Hows throiiiili tbe eeuter of theeity (11 r it IhIi 1 iii; abiiml.iut water faeililies. Ills
only a mile and a half to ils eoiilliieneo w itb How river, Ihe outlet of the gieal
timber ranges to the couth east. Wcitwnid toward Ihe enact range Is an in-
exiiiiiiHable Niipplv of timber, iulerspiu
well improveil ami eoitivaieit.
North or smith from hereon the S. P.
or San l'raucn-co ami bo in touch with the whole woihl on Hiort mil Ice.
Water works in full operation. Kleelrfe lights ami telephone f.vslt'in complete,
X$Thc best agricultural lands in I.iuie county lie in the vicinity siimmiitl
iug Cottage (iiove on cither siile, 111 fot fanning or clock raising.
Correspondence solicited.
1 l'.'Ofeet front on north side of Main
street, by nlxmt iWO feel deep. ImhiimIiiI
by river on tho iv-irth. Iloupe of seven
rooms, burn and outhouses. This is thu
Im-1 bupinens location ill Cottagu Urove.
Price $1MOU.O().
3 A two story finely finished house,
eiuht riMiinc, biithrnom and iiiiiIiiuimh.
Splendiil loeiitiou, two lots in bmiu' and
I.aides iiilililiou in sou' Cottagu
Urove. Price JU'OO.
4 Twn story dwelling house, ten
room, liriek fruit house, fruit trees, HO
feet front on north side of Main street by
1100 feel deep, corner propertv. A line
location for a hotel. Price f'JioO.
5 A two story line, 11I10IM newiiwell
ing Iioum'. !l ioo'iih, barn ami onthoiie
complete, three lois. A splendid 01
eliHril of voimg bciriiii' IreuH, logither
with tsrapes ami various kinds of beriies.
Situated in l.miu nmi Lamles mldilioii
In soiitheiist Cottage (irnve. Price $ C.'IW.
A splendid ranch of 1(H), about (K) acres
heavilv linil ered. Iialauee casilv cleared,
never 'failing water supply, about four
mill's west ol CottHgelirove . Cash price
(",0. Also other terms. You will miss
a deal if you overlook this.
100 acres of agricultural and timber
land, well watered, some improvements,
good rango outlet, about 5 miles east o'
.Saginaw, Oregon. This is a bargain ic
Lots in the I). G. Mc-Farlnnil additioi
to Cottage Grove, on westsidu at price,
to suit purchasers for cash.
l.'i. rininl lino llllltl II HIT 11 II ll IHTrl-
r- ----- r
cultural land, Yx nnlo oast of Oottimu
Grove, on south sido of county road to
Bohemia. 100 puracro.
Tho Currin Park principally within
thocity limits, consisting oi seven nuies
on tlio banks of thu Coast I-'oik river, an
ideal pleasure resort or building spot.
Splendid glove, expensive new foot
bridge spanning the river, tho most
available place for a puhliu park. Price
fCOO. ,
vicit DTI. JORDAN'S great
In (tie Wur.d. ft
Great fit attraction in the City. JL
UtcufUrfut ityhtjurvltUuiM, w
lVaUnr..Oi'iui'contrACt' a
td (lUeitno,piBlIMly rurMl Ity O
Uih ol'lc-t Hn(-(ljiltif tliel'ucllia
1 CoatU JtubllslifilMyt'Hra. A
Ynnir men and iiiltlillrr
afft'tl int'ii who uru ftiiirfrlux J
fmni lliu ffluctH ut youthful JiicIIm r
cr(ti(jiifl or tMi'i'RteH in inaturer
' yfftrs. TiorvtiiiMuiidpliyfilrai Ot'ltlliU.lm
lulenor. fjit Slmtttuutl liinllltHCGinnll.
) cation; Niicu'iiiulurrliii-H. Iiii(iiur-
or urilllliinvr viv, iiy it coiiiuiiihmuii oi u
reme'Ilori,otKriit curntlvti power, llio Doctor
haiao iLrriunred liln trcutmriit that 1 1 will not A
' only aiTuid Imrni'Uiiite rtllt f. but permanent r
t cure. Tbe lioctor Uucn not claim tntM-ifonn A
' mlrjiclet, but in well known to bo a fnlr and K
. fwj mi re I'livMcInn nnd HurgronLjireeiaUjenl
) Jxi hli specialty IU'Hcii of Wu. a
. NYl'IIIIilM thnrniiKlily emrtlcntcd from
) tho Bystem without thousonf JIci 'iii'.. U
TYumm" fitted by an Import. Itucllrnl
I rnr for lliinliirn. A ntilck and radical O
curt for lll-ft, Fluriiirn find FJtnlw, by
JJr, wpecioi iMiinirKs meiiioun. q
' i;Vi:itV 5IAN annlylnfftotiiwlllrecclve K
ovr tum'tuptn(onit blsronipmliit. J
' ll'awitt lluar unite a I'QblTlVJS CUUE tor
event tain we wutfruiKe, . .
IT'inillunuon l'ltiMW iiiiiimnuy i i
Trn.miiiifc nAriioiiutlv or by letter.
Wrlto fur Rook. 1'lliroHOI-IIT Of
iMAHItlAOU. JtfAiLKoFuiuc. (A valuable (
booKformeii.) uuorwun
DR. JORDAN & CO., f 051 Market SI., 9. F.
nr iu
i nit
IS !
Thcio Ik nothing like Athimdcm. It hringH
umlaut ii'llef, even In tho worst cases. It cm en
hen all else fails.
Tho ltcv. 0. I WKI.I.S of Villa lildgo, 111.,
ays: "Yourtiial bottlo of Asthmiilcnc iccclvetf
11 good condition . I ciitiuot tell von how thank
ol 1 leel for the good dcilvctl from it. t wax 11
lave, chained with piitilil mho throat iilidiiHllima
ir ten years, 1 ilfspulictl o ever being cured. I
uv yon i' iidvc rlbciiicnl fur Ihe erne of this
leiuilid and tormenting disease, UKthma, and
might you hadovcispoUenjouiMilf, but icsulvcil
Kive it a tilal. To my suipilse Hie tiialacted
ike a ebailii. Send iiio'u fnll-siictl bottle."
i not ilelav. Wt ileal ouee, ml- V
r.Dll I N C l,(., 70 Kiwt lailili M.,
- ed with numerous rieti farming laiidi.
railroad you van reach either Portland
Two splendid lots on second Direct ii
Cottage . rove. Price tlMO,
A splendid llvcrooin cotlnge, 'stnble,
woikidiop. chicken hoile, wiHiilsheil;
three lols all eni'lortnl : line locution in
Wvune'saililitioii toCottageGrove. Price
W), hall :own.
:t00 feel by 100 feet ill a suliiirlHili loca
lion. Natural hiiiiiil', o.ik trees, all ad
joining foot hills In west Collage Grove.
Trice fWU
A llnelv finished two slorv ilwellltiK
house, tell looms, bath loom, eelnenl
stone cellar, water and elect! Ic lights
aboiil nine lots fronting on fourth -I n i l
adjoining river in rear, near Christian
ebureh, gocil bain and outhouses. Price
Two story dwelling house, six moms.
good liHrn.Hiid woodsheil, two laigo lots
on corner opposite Latholle church
i rice tOtx).
Two good lots near railroad 100 feel
i(iiare. Price f l-.
I'lirining land, well Improved, 1 mile
from Cottage Grove, adjoining the conn
Iv road, in tracts from o to KM) ncies
If you want a baigain look this ti
i ,
Splendid cotlnge on pniirth street, f'oO.
Look this up if you want a bargain in a
One hundred acres of improved land
'ving in a tract east and west within a
im tersof a mile of Cottagu Glove, ad
joining county road.
One hundred acres improved land ad-
OIIU llllll'lllll 111 I lllljM'Mn. Ill "I,
1 j0iit,j. county ronil om-iiint Icr of n ttiilc
; ,u.Ht ( ciottnue Grove, lying in a trad
noilli and south.
Two good dwelling houses on adjoin
ing lots in the Shuiwood block, Price
IfiOncreK improved farm on north hank
of How liiver, twelve miles from Colt ago
Grove on the line of the H. H. survey to
Ilohemla. Price HIMM).
-nrtlTT A XTT t A CI
OUU 111 UnvJl
; via
I ()!' TIIB
Trains lenvo Cottago Grovo for Port
landiiid way Htiiiions at U:H ifm and
1J :fi5 p in.
Lv Portland 8:30 am 8:30 pm
" Cottngo Grovo a :r7 p tn 2 :0(l a m
A r Ashland PJ:!IOa ir. 12:05 pm
" Hueraiiiento 5:10 p in 5:00 u in
" San Praneisco 7.55 m 8:15 a in
Pullman anil Tourists ears an both
trains. Chair cars Sacramento to Ogdon
and HI Paso, and tourist cars to Chicago
St Louis, Now Orleans and Washington,
Connecting nt San Krancisco with tho
several steamship lines for Honolulu,
Japan, China, Philllplnes, Central and
South America.
Keo agent nt Cottago Grovo station, or
. It. II. Mim.kii, G P. A.
Portland, Oregon,
Subtler llto fur the A'utyet.
1 oIIiiki' drove, Ori'inin, Nuv. ?),
To William II. iumiu.h:
Yuu Hlu limnliV iiuiIIIimI llmt kii linvi, in
mU'il ilnrlnii I ho yi'itr eiiilluit live, Hint, IWKI,
nuv IiiiiiiIkhI iliillnrn In Inlmr Mini liiiiriivi'lni'lit
1111 rni'li el lliti tlirco liilliiltiK ilvuvrllK'it mili
um riHiinp. oi-wii. 1 ne "oiirsy" iuiiiiimi hi
1 Ik' llnlitinlii Mhiliiit lilnltli'l nf lit iiurleil tm
tiKtti' aVinl Hunk ft 111 Hi 11 MlnliiK Itiii'iiriU ill
biiiiti County, (trillion 1 Hip "lituivvr" Imnti'il In
lliu lliiliiimlii Mining DMHi't nmi ri'i'iinU'il mi
iHKW 'JilUll Hook n ill III J Milium lii'iinl nl
join Ciiiiiity, (Iii'kiiii. mill thu 'Mirlnill" In
11 1 ml In llu liiilitniiln MIiiIiik niitrli't mill rt
'uriloil i n 1 m mi (17.1 nl Hunk II nf lliu Mlnlnv
lli'i'iirilmil i ii ) 1 1 u 1 m I'lilllllv. Ilrt'irnni In unlrr
In Imlil until I'IiiIiiiii miller Urn iiriivlniinii nf
Hoilioll W el lh llrTlinl Hmtuli t nf llm
I nlli'ii smie. mm lit miii'tiiluit'iit llii'tcln, i-
1 111 ri, uiwi, 4.IIH. irn.,, ruin VI lllliK HIIII1IHI IR.
11 1 r upon 111I11I11K i'IhIiiih, hrliiit tlin niiiiiuiil rv
mlri'il In Imlil I'lieli of until I In in i'Ulin (or
tiii Mirlml iiiiillliir I lie Slut iImv lit l)ifiinlii,r.
U a. Anil. It v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 nliinty ilu) from llio ,it
niilnil forvleii nfthlN lintli'ii. nrnillilii nliule
ibi)N nlier 1I111 imlilli'Mllnii lliuriMif you (Hllor
h'iiihi 111 rnniriiMiii' i,nr innioiini nill'll rt
i.i'llilltlirMi iinnniiiir. tniir lnlcie.l In llm
(I11I111 will Iiviiiiiiii tin' 1'inprriy ol llir- rule
MTonrn. jour rii'ini nrrp, iiilinnn litmlii lliu
liMiilieil I'Xi'Miilllurii, lijr llm Icrnn nl Ji cr
lion. (II!(. W. 1.1.0 Vl
.NOTICi: Hill I't'lll.U'ATKIK.
t'lilleil Hliit4. U111I llltliT
lliwcliurir, (itn., lioiiiiulHirVI, lti.
Notice l lit'trliy kIi'Ii llntl hi iiinii'llmiru
Willi llm ru vial.ilia nflhn Hit nl Cnliirif nl
Juno a, IH7H. iMitlttu.1 "All act (or tin' mUi ol
UiiiIkt Irtiul. Ill 1I10 Sliili'nl CnllloniU, (lrii
Kon, N'l'V.i, In Mini VitliltiKtim1Vriltory,"itiex.
tuiiilvi: In .Itllw I u U li l.mnl SlntM tiy nrl ot
Aimn.l I, Imiv, Mm. Minnie KKirei Ji-u k I u . t
(town or illy) MjirhiKlUilil. County nl Ijiiiu,
Htiitii e( llri'Knli Ima lien Any llliil In lliln nflll'ii
lier nwnrii niHliiineiit No I'.tll. lur llm nun Inoo
ol lliu NVV ',ol Ko.'llnn No. :'l, Timtiililn 111
soul h, nl 1,'eilniv 'J Ui'it mill will niror irnnlln
lenv 1 1 1 11 ( 1 lie litml oiiKlit l iimrii vhIiikIiId (or
tl tliiibvr or moiiti llimi lor k r l'ii 1 1 ur k! our-
mi-c. sail to I'.liililUli tier eluliu In lil Imnl
lielnri' Hid lluKllr nmi Iteeelver ol lhl nltlin
Hi IIiwIiiiik, (Iri'iioii, on Tuumliiy, lliu llth ity
nl Mhii Ii. Huh.
She imiiii'iiu lliiii':
J. I. I in in mull (it l.'ullHltu Clrotv, (Iriunli,
,'iilin KlxliiKtr nl Kstt I'ri'i'k, (lieinni, litMirxo
hl'iUi'nil HrlliHIU'il, (lli'ifull, Chun KlMliner
nl Kinivnu, OriiKiHi.
Any nmi nil itimiii. iliiliiilnr; nititrely the
uuoiiMU'M'illpit ImolN Nre rty)Hiinil to lliu
their 1 Islam In lhl oltlce 011 or Iwlurr ru I.I lllh
day ol Muiill, Vjfi.
J T. llmiKiiM, Iti-sMiir.
The . . .
lllxcr St.. Coiukc Urine.
1H.EW& JONES, Props
Wr rnrry nn iMtrn line llnr ol
l.liiinra m:it llifnr-. innt II you
linvr rem. (mi m mm kimnIh In
our llnii hp ninilil ni'i'inUlr h
mil fruni you.
rnltpil Nlslri IjiiiiI (l mm
It.i.eliurr, (iri-Kiin, Jhiiiih r r 2, JOC.
NiiIIiv t hcll'liy Kiwn IIihI III oiln'llln n
ullli lliu I'tuvl. lliu- nl I lie Ml nl ('iiiikk'x el
Jaiii'X, 1H, eatllteil "All ni l Inr Itir nalc nl
lliiilivr Uliilnln Id Slnli-nl ('alllurtilii, (Ire
Kon, SVmkIii, ntnl U'mhl itleo terrllnry."
exteiiili'il In nil Ilic llilille ltml kihIim liy ni t
nfAuinml I, lK'J. Tin him- Kit
Kuiiii. I ' il li l y of Ijiiic, Htntn ( (Irt'itnn, ma Dili
ilsy llli'il III Ih'millliv 1 1 1 1 1 r 1 1 rlnteiili'lll N'o.
lUWi, fur tin- I'liri'linie nllliv HK 1 , ol Hi-elluii
Nn. 1'.', TiiiiIiIi -1 Huiilti nt llnnxv 1 U'n mill
will offer proof In tlinw tlinl I lie Unit miugli! In
iilnru viililnlilc fur lln IIiiiUt nr stone Ihnn fur
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ilny of March, Mi.
J. T. IIIUIKJrit.'llt'Kl'ter.
1 runlilvnt.
Paid up Capital, $25,000.00
Money to loan nn approved security.
Kxehaiigcs sold, available tiny .ilaco
In the United Slates.
Your HiihIhvhh In Solicited.
Corner of Muliiniul Kccnnil HI., Cottnco Oruvo.
Carries a fine lino of Groceries, No
tions, Candies, Tobaccos, Nuts and
Our prices are right nnd wo will glvo
Good Value for Your Money.
Ono .Linoh Stoughton thlmblo-Bkeln
. Ono Mitchell 3-inch tlilmblcskein
One set of team harness.
Apply to Chiisiuan fi Panga' livory
stable, Cotlnge Grove, Oregon.
Take the hohemla tfnyges.