Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 17, 1902, Image 5

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    KxtMTKI) MlNltltH.
Last Sunday nt the Cottage
Grove Hotel quite n gold excite
tuuiil pievnlled Tor it little while.
John Holland, the genial host, luul
bought u lot of chickens which
were being dressed for the Sunday
dinner, whtMi it wiim discovered
that ach of then) luul u number of
small nuggets in their craws Unit
greatly rcsembled.vwnsh jtohl. some
twenty of these little bright nug
gets being lound wliieh. if they
were gold, would average about a
dollar eneh. Several miners were
stopping ul the hole! and all on
viewiui; the nuggets declared them
to he gold and many and earnest
were the inquiries as to where the
chickens were raised. For a time
there threatened to he a stampede
to the new gold fields, when one of
the more thoughtful ones suggested
an acid test, which was soon made,
and the unlets ptoved to he cop
per. The most likely theory of
how the chickens came to have
them is that an old copper bottom
to a boiler hml been melted up in
burning rubbish on the ranch
where the chickens were raised and
that they subsequently picked up
the little ;iuggcts ftom the ashes.
To Vntw Tint SiTkvHV.
On Wednesday morning part of
the committee which was icceiitly
appointed by the chairman of the
mass meeting that was held for the
purpose 01 securing the riht of
way for the proposed railroad to
llnhemia, accompanied the rail
road's representative, W. 1
Morphy, in an inspection ol the
survey up Row tjjer. Those who
went were U. M. Veatch. Frank
Phillips, Charles Ilurkholder and
Darwin Jliisiow. They desire to
view the course of the route and
determine for themselves in what
way and how far the road might or
might not damage any of the
property passed over and note the
many advantages to be derived by
those whose holdings will be so
largely enhanced. This inspection
will put them in possession of in
formation which will be imparted to
the committee of the whole on theii
return, and the lull committee will
then le in position to act know
ingly in the future endeavor of se
curing the right of way,
Tint G. A. K. Hanqi-kt. '
Last Saturday the banquet of the
U. A. K. anil me Jaiitct onciiyi
was in everv sense a urnud sueees
the ladies bringing great baskets
full 'of the choicest edibles, which
filled the tables twice and then had
Kreal quantities lelt, much of
which was given to deserving poor.
The subsequent installation of the
officers ol both Ord and Smith posts
for the ensuing year was neatly and
nicely accomplished and supple
mented with a nuinher of felicitous
and-patriotic speeches by members
and their guests. The affair will
long live in the memory of those
Dr. Oglesby, president of the
Golden -Slipper Company, was in
town this week. His information
from this splendid group of mines
is indeed most flattering. In the
running of the last 100 feet of tun
nel a fine body of very rich ore has
been encountered Specimens were
sent to I'attl Hratttnel, the assaycr
of Portland, and returns were re
ceived giving $631.31 per ton.
Work is going right ahead on this
property nud it bids fair to be one
of the most valuable mines. in that
great camp.
' "Tint Dkacon" Drama.
On' the evening of Friday, Jan
uary 24th, the neat little comedy-
drama entitled "The Deacon" will
be presented to our people at Mar
tin's Hall by a homc-talcut cast of
young people. They have the
play now in active rehearsal and
each participant bids fair to be per
fect m their parts, so Wat our
amusement loving show goers may
look forward to an evening of real
enjoyment on the night of the pro
ductlon of "The Deacon."
0.0. It ntan dropped down ono day
this wook from Bohemia's minted hills
and skipped right back ajpdu tho next
day. Charley said ho was on business
and luul 110 Uuiu lor monkeying.
Til K HO II OO li IjA W
The following is the gist of the
school law which applies to voting
at the special school meeting to be I
held in Cottage Grove on the 18th
at a o'clock p. in,, to-wit:
Section .15. "Any citien or this
state, male or female, who is 21
years of age and has resided in the
district 30 days immediately pre
ceediug the meeting or election,
and has property in the district, as
shown by the last county assess
ment by the shetiff on which he or
she is liable, or mtbjcct to pay a
tax, shall be entitled to vote at any
school meeting or election in said
district." Then follows an expla
nation of what constitutes property
which is to the effect that if "he or
she Ins stock, shares or ownership
in any corporation firm or copart
nership, which has properly in the
district, as shown by them by the
last county assessment, upon which
said firm or corporation pays a tax
or is liable therefor whether the
same has been assessed or not, they
are legal voters."
The writer is informed by the
district board thai there is state
and county school monies drawn by
this district to carry on but little
over five month's school. It appears
to be imperative for the existence
of a good school here to levy a
small tax upon the property owners.
Cottaec Grove has the name of
maintaining a good public school
and her present standard in this re
gard should not in our estimation
be lowered. No kind of public in
stitutions of this kind can be run
without finances. The rising gen
eration of this school district will
be the living monuments to mark
the progress of their predecessots.
There is nothing lost by spending
money to educate the child; but a
great deal has been lost for the
luck of a good education The
American school of today is the
bulwark of American liberty.
F.J. Hand's Tun to Hoiii'.mia.
Secretary Il.ircl ot tlie .Mining
Stock Exchange ol Portland tells
the livening Telegram about his
recent trip to liohcmia. He covered
uinetv miles on horseback, making
thcpiincipnl properties in the camp.
mil what is unusual for this season
of the year encountered no snow.
In speaking of the camp Mr. Hard
said: "There is more activity 111
the Doheiuia district than ever
there has been before, and if it gels
the projected railroad fiom Cottage
Grove there is no reason why Ho-j
hernia should not furnish a large!
share of Oregon's annual output of
gold. Development work is being
prosecuted with energy. At the
Vesuvius the upraise recently made
establishes the continuity of the
oxidized ore body from the surface
to the 350-foot level. The troubles
of the Riverside property have been
settled, the men paid off and de
velopment work resumed. Active
development work is also being
carried on at the Oregon-Colorado,
The Helena mill is shut down, but
underground work is still in prog
ress." DlHI) Fkom tiiic Accidknt.
T. R. Williams, the unfortunate
man who met with the fearful acci
dent on the gang edger in the Per
kins Sc Uledsoe sawmill nt Leona,
wherein an inch square piece of
lumber was driven nine inches into
his body and required the united
strength of two men to pull it out
after the doctor had cut around it,
died last Sunday evening, five days
from the date of the accident, and
was buried on Monday by the
Woodmen of the World in the
Drain cemetery.
Bid Again.
It has been announced by the
department nt Washington that an
other bid for carrying the mail on
the Cottage Grove and Bohemia
mail route will be received, said
bids to be in on or before February
3. 1902.
Tho now hardware storo and plumb
ing shop of Wynne A White Is now open
for, business on Alain street near' tho
bridge All who need goods or work
in our lino are cordially requested - to
give ua a call,
Jpersoiiul pjirngruplis.
T. M Hunt mid wife weni In town
iIiIh ut'-U mid lutuiiied to llii'lr I101110 011
How ilvur.
Chiirlnv Mitchell eimm, out from l!o
hcmln tlii m week ami went to Ills liomu
In I'okcmc.
II. 0. Marcus linn returned from Ids
viu'iitlon till) to Portland, where lie had
a very enjoyable time. j
Hupori nlt-ixtiirit Jlelino came down
from the Helena mine tills week, flu
says evervtliliiK 'H K'"iK "bend nicely at
Finnk I.. Chambers, one of KiiKeiw's
prominent limduiiremi'ii 11111I ciipltiillHtM,
wiim the uuest ol JJarwin llristow mos-
day, this wet'k.
I. II. IIInkIiiuii, after several days in
tint (iiove, returned to Portland yes'er
iliiy on urgent business. II4 will tome
11K11111 next week.
Mis Ollvu Wlllard Heeoiimiinled by
her brother, l-'ritiiK, left liict Wednesday
morniiiii lor Kiienimeiilo, Calif., whurii
lliey expect to renldo ill the
W. II. be Hoy aiiil J. W. Miller went
up to llohemni 011 Tuesday to do Nome
work on Home claims they own oil
Sharp's creek near tho Jndsuii Kook.
Mies Nimi Ostriinder, who h employed
In the I'o'tnl Telruriiphollieoiii Klueno,
(nine to the (trove tills week for u few
day's visit with her parents unit many
friends here.
Miss Mnhht Craw of Kuircuo spent 11
few diiys this week in Cottiiiio (irove,
the L'lie.t of her friend Misx Olrnndor.
MImm's Craw iiml Oatriindcr have re
turned to lviicene.
A. fJoolitllu of Amos was n,woleoino
visitor at lh NneKet olllee this week.
The ireiillemnn hrinus eood renort fiom
I hill Heel Ion, which is eerliiinly one of
the most promising in l.mie eonnty
I) P. Iliirton wan in th" (irove this
week 011 liiinineHS anil ineidentnllv ex
lending the hol hand. Dick was not
ffelinif in bis iiHitiil chipper fiiehion,
liiivlngeoiitractLHl a had cold recently.
J.L. beltoy this week left for Port
land, Astoria ami Coliimhia river points
on Iiiihiiicxm connected wltn tue l.e
Hoy Minim: Company of It ihcoiiri. IIo
will prohalily lie ;oiiu iihont three weeks.
Wiilliim Cnnley, finniliiirly known 11s
"Hill McKinlevl" who has been em
ployed in the nine Itiver mines for the
piist year, is doing the city. Hill is one of
tboi-e giHxI-hearleil old bonis bis osvik
wort enemy.
N. Oompton. wife 11 ml baliy nre hero
from Krlliam, Iowa, to visit IiIh lirotlier-iii-l.iw.
I'rank I). Wheelei. With them
came Mm. Craven, who ft the mother of
Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs. Compton. They
limy locate here permanently.
MeHsrs Ciirran and White of the Ho
heinia kiiIooii have thoroughly renovated
and remodeled their crituhlndiineiit and
nttve iiiiiou 11 oin in uiti u.i"-i viv n
eoriHof the kind in town. They invite
yon to drop in ami tee the pictures.
.1. W. Miller brought to thin olllcu thm
week a line fpeciiuen oforo taken from
a recent hs'iitiou he bus miide 011 Ho
hernia creek at the foot of Hobemia
imiiintaiii. The ore in highly mineral
i.iil whli iron and copper and carries
good values in gold.
Kd Underwood is in town this week
from the survey p.utv, with which hu
bus been from the rlnrt. I'M itoxl the
work well nud hx ks in prime coiniitioa.
The suiveyorH are nil laid oil for a few
ibiyx to give the drauubti-nieii an oppor
tunity to catch up with the maps.
Kred Hvrno c.iiivs down this week
from the niine. He wax in the
liills long cuiitiidi to rai.-e 11 11 eti-yoni
crop of wlkcts,
DM lie ilnlii t do a
linm: led iiave tliem mowed oil".
is a handi-omc fellow and be wax afraid
iiis girl wouldn't know him witli
the jo-jos on, so they bad to go.
M. () Warner of Kmiene, the piano
tuner, is in town for a, few davs. Any
work entrusted to bis emu will receive
prompt and careful attention. lie is a
skilled workman in his line and take a
pride in doing bis work well. If your
piano is out of . rder Mr. Warner is the
artixt you should consult. lie is stop
ping at the Sherwood Hotel, ,
Mr. Hendricks from Tillamook ix
vixitlng bis mother, Mrs. Kmmcrson,
and bis wife's relatives here. Ho re
cently drove down from Tillamook and
savs tho roads a good part of the way
were in fairly good condition and some
section' wuro flue, while a portion was
decidedly soggy. His son and daughter
will attend school hero for a time ami ho
mav locate hero permanently.
Tom (iardnerwas in town on Monday
and called toseo tho Xugge,t man. Tom
has just bad put in at his place on the
Coast Fork a telephone box, anil now
bis wanderings can bo traced up. Ho
says that his wife is a litllo jealous of
him ; that she don't have to be, bat that
she can't belli it. Ho called up his
daughter while in town and says that
talking box works like a charm .
Henry Johnson, familiarly known as
"Diilcb." camo down from the I.o Hoy
this week. IU nry wiib feelinir lino. Ho
bought IdmseU a complete new outlit
from hut to shoes and then skipped out
for Portland to enioy a week's viieation
I and take in the sights of the statu me
tropolis. Thero is no ilount out lie win
havo a bang up time before hoeots baek.
110 is all rigiiianu iiou t neen any us
The holidays are. over and tho new
year is at hand and finds tbu lienxou
Drug Company doing business at tho
same old stand.' From tho bugo invoice
of beautiful and staple articles they bad
on display during tbu Christmas season,
some , remain and they will now bo
oltered for less than cost. There are
choice bargains of lovely toiled artiulos,
delicious perfumes, exquisite 1110110-
gram, vnrl-eolorod and most dainty
writing materials and many eholco
pieces of bric-a-brac. To closo out tbeso
splendid goods rathor than carry them
over in stock, they will bo disposed of
almost at your own values. This old ro-
liublo drag company also carries its
usual complement of choice drugs and
medicines of the best to be had in Cot
tage Orove,
Ijjocal I3icVctlcs.
A line lino 01 rlillni; brinies at r mi
OiiIo'h harness shop,
liny your grHHSseod of Kakln & Hrls
Iliitteiiliurg point luce patterns and
braid at Lurch s.
Take your shoes to tho West Bide
harness idiop for repairs.
Tlioiu diamonds at II. C. Madxeii arc
beauties. Call and see them.
Try a Sunday dinner at the Imi-khiai.
Iforr.i.. h'erved from I '4 in. to I :.'W p
m. and up to dale in all n-pects.
j.aviuii(f v vmioj
osM (tq MOX
(njoitj 3n.i(i im;. ..",)
xajjddiis "nap JiK'A
Ann oj a.iiipl oij,
pll ! W llOA ibiix
OJiix unijipuv
iii 1111 jimja ii
Head real estate lurgains of Jerome
Knox A Co. '
We have on hnno a large stock of
kiln-dried flooring, celling and rustic ill
grades 1 2 and .'I. us make you
special prices.
Hootii-Kki.i.y LuMiimt Co,
You can buy auv iireoHrntion at J.
I' Ciirrin'x thut fx ndvertised In a
paper. Heiuemlxjr we make a specialty
of family receiptx.
One 3-inch Stotighton thlmhle-ekeiii
One Mitchell .'1-inch tblinblo-skein
One net of team harness.
Apply to Cbrixmau iV Hangs' livery
stable, Cottage (trove. Oregon.
Valuable nulling
property in
liuuiiii (or snle
Jerome Knox and
New backgrounds and acces
sories. Best l.enses and Cameras
1 Portland
Nothing but first-class
work. All work guaranteed.
Lowest prices, call and examine
work.- - -
Opposite Masonic hall. West
side, Cottage Grove.'
' sotTc e.
Vntinn .if Ailni. Mml rucnftllnir itf Mitntlptnen.
IkI Hrtlcloiol Inenrporittlon ol be Hoy Mining
To Whom It May Cow-eni :
Xotlia" l lmreby iclreu thai In purinince Ioh
rutolutluii July mloptcil by the Stockholder!"
01 Hie U Hoy MlnliiK Cnmimny on the IBih d
of Dcccmlicr. l!a, the lloxnl of lilrwtorn Imve
lllwl for ri-i'onl In tho olllco of the Secretary of
Plato nnil with tho County t'Icrk of jme
Conntv. Oregon, Suiiplt'im-ntary Arlleloa "f In
roriHirHtlon of tla- Ijh Hoy Mining Company.
Ihw iurxeof xxht Supplementary Articles of
IiiniriMirxllon In of InerL-aKliiir th'' Capital Stock
' (1f al.l I... Hoy Mining Coaipany from lOOAO
10 nm,.
Dalvil thlnfithilay of January. A. P. 1W.
J. I,. I.E HOY, rrctldent.
K. O. KliY.Pecri'tary.
Corner of Main unit Pcconil St.. Cottage Grove.
Carries a flue lino of Groceries, No
tions, Candies, Tobaccos, Nuts and
Our prices aro right and we will give
Good Value for Your Money.
Owing To Impaired Heal
We desire to reduce oir
Stock so we will give you
,BO Days.
We have the Best Shoes and
Clothing made; Our Styles are the
Latest and our Prices are cut to
almost Cost.
Our Prices on Millinery are cut
to less thnn half the regular retail
Yours For Trade
"NT. TC. Elsea
& Son.
Rough Lumber,
$6 pei- M. at
Saginaw, Or.
.1 I II Mil I - 1
We have made it a point since starting in business to
keep a clean, strictly up-to-date GROCFRY, and as
a result we note a steady increase of customers.
High-grade Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables are
our Specialties.
Special prices quoted to the mining trade.
Call and be convinced that our aim is to please you.
iris suit the 11 Ain't to suit
A. Q. Young, Manager.
General illerehiuidise,
Miners' Tools and
Give us a call and we will treat you right.
Bon Ton Meat Market
Main Strict, Near Fourth
-"Beagle & jVtcTJ'arland
We keep constantly on hand the choicest of Beef, Veal, Mutton,
Pork, Sausage and Fresh Fish in season. Your trade is solicited and
our effort will be to please and satisfy you.
Carry the most complete line of Hardware, Stoves and
Tinware in south Lane county. Also a fine line of Guns,
Ammunition and Fishing Tackle. We are Headquarters
for Mining Supplies, Hurcules Powder, Fuse and Caps.
Also agents for the celebrated Studebaker Wagons, Canton
Clipper Plows and Harrows. In fact anything you may
want in the Hardware line.
Call and See Us and We will Treat You Right.
are becoming more and more popular
is becoming better known. They are much more comfortable than a shoo with
regular sole. The all wool felt solo lining forms a flexible and clastic pad for tho
senstive pint of the foot to rest upon,
dampness. Any lady troubled with
Acme Shoes. You will surely bo pleased with them and advise others to use
tliem. Mndo in Turn, Welt, and McKay Sewed. Sold ouly
Under Odd
SucccfcMrs to WHEELER & SCOTT.
We will contitnte to carry a full and complete
stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mining
Supplies, Fish Bro's. Wagons, Oliver Chilled and
Steel Plows, Etc. : : : : :
Music Lessons
V-f-" "On the Piano.
A Into Oradoil Ocrnmn Method of Muslo
Is now being taught a( tho C. 1. Manse by
Mrs. L.D. Beck.
JtoclUls will bo Klvcn lit proper Intervals
thus Riving parents hu opportunity to nolo
50 cents per lesson, 30 minutes each
Acme Shoes
each season, from the fact that their value
and also protects the foot from cold aid
cold or tender" feet should try a pair of
Fellows' Building
GO 1"
For FashionaUt Dressmaking.
Cottagk Grovk, Orb.
Ilewareofalr dried or half dry floor
intr, cellinp and rustic. The Booth
Kellv Lumber Co. aro makinc spceia
prices on kiln-dried lumber.