Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 06, 1901, Image 3

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Is n conitltiitloiml dlsOASO.
It orlKlnnlct In a scrofulous condition ol
Ilia blood nnil itoiienrti on tlmt condition,
It often causes hrntlnclio nnd riltiliir,
Impairs tlm tnsto, small and lirnrliiif, of.
fects tlio vocnl orftnns, dlsturhii llio alonmrk
It li nlwnvn rnUlrully nnd permanently
cured by tlio blood-purltyltijr, alterative
and tunlo action of
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Tills kit nt medlclna linn wrought tlio moit
wonderful cures of nil dlinnscs depending
on scrofula or the scrofulous habit.
jiooo's jim.s rV"rirri)rciihTni!.
Relict of tn Ht Long Pad,
Tlio petrified forests of Arlxonn wero
recently examined nr.ow under tlio
direction of tlm Kimoral liuid olllco,
Tlio slliolflcd Iokn Ho In tlio Kraitcut
nlmndaiico within an art a of olht
squaro iiiIIoh In Apuoho county. In
boiiio places limy Ho inoro thickly
tliun thoy could havo stood wlillo
llvliif,' as trees, nnd It Id thought they
must lmvo been cnrriol thoro by a
swift current of water in tho nicKor-olio
Dojji Work In Rtlsyi.
Tlio 1,1180 miles between Sknjjwny
nnd Ht, Michaels, Alaska, uro covorud
liy (100 (!()(,', working in relays of 2G
miles, in four nnd one-half days.
Uctwoen Whito Horso mid Dawson,
MO horses uro kujit going duy nnd
night in relays.
CITQ r.rmarinitlr Cur!, lfa fill er iimouincv
r 1 1 w snr first (' uwnfbr. Kllar'aUrrat Nam
Il-I..r.r. H.n.l for I'll lilt 84.00 If 1.1 Umt
U. Vn.lUll. Kf.iNK, rcU3t..l,MM,llil.r.
A Wliconiln Family's Prominence.
Dr. Itoswoll Park, ono of tho physl
ciniiH who ntti'tidcd President McKin-
ley, Is n eon of tho Nov. Itoswell Park,
1). I)., who founded nnd wiih tho II rut
president ol Itiicliio collvgo, leucine,
Mothers will find Mrs. WItialow's Bontli
liiK Hyriip tho lieet ruiuudy to uso lor tlitlr
cmiuren miring me teeming ixinou.
Prcicnt of Philippine Products.
President Koosevelt wiih recently
presented n liantlsoiiio cnuu nnd novo
nil pieceo of cloth manufactured in
tlio Philippine islands by A. Abron,
a Filipino incrohant triivolint: in
this country to got n knowledge of
American morcniitilo methods.
I'lso't Corn i-niitiot ! too lilelilv sunken
of an n oolmli cure J. W. O'IIiiik.n.
Third Ave., ri., Minneapolis, .Minn., Jan.
0, MM.
Madrid lo Erect Clght SUtuei.
Tlio magistrates of Madrid, nt n re
cent meeting, voted tlio sum of 260,
000 )Osctns for tho erection of oight
statues of l.opo do Voga, Murilio,
Moratin, Vonttirii'Itodriguoz, Ooya,
Ariiello, Quovedo and Salamanca.
Thcro In nioro Catarrh In thin section of tno
country than sit other diseases put together,
and until tlio Ust few yean n supposed to bo
Incurable, for n (treat mnny eara doctora pro
nounced It a local dlacase, and prescribed local
remeillca. and Ly constantly fallliiir. to care
with local treatment, pronounced It Incurable.
Fclencu has proven catarrh to lo arnnatltn
tlonal disease, and therefore requires conslltu
tlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
nfacturril by F, J. Cheney A Co., Toledo, Ohio,
Is tho only constitutional euro on tho marled,
lllatnkfn luivrnalty In dorrs from 10 drops to
a tratponnfiil. It acls directly on tho blood
and mucous surfaces of tho ayatem. They offer
ono hundred dollars for any cam It falls to
euro. Hcnd for rlrculara and testimonials. Ad.
drcsa, 1'. J. I II KSUV it CO., Toledo, 0.
Hold by Driiimlat". lie. . .
Uall'a Family Tills aro thebcit.
Plrc Etupe Inilructlons.
A doscriptivo article on Norway
contains boiiio striking instructions
for tho uso of flro oscapes taken from a
local hotel, of which the following
lino aro part: "Tho plaited miottor
Hhall bo found in every room. To
inorcabo tho hurry, let down tho
body ono by ono until all shall bo
loft. Tho cord shall put out tho'
ground from tho shouldor there
under." Manv cood physlclnns nnd nurses uso
Wlzatd Oil for nbctinnto neuralgia and
rheumatism. Jt'Mho right thing to do.
Nstlonsllty ot Our Preildenli.
Trosidont ltoosovolt is tho second
prosilont of Dutch ancestry, Van
Jluren being tho first. Of our othor
chief executives, I I have sprung from
Kngliah stock, flvo from Scotch-Irish,
threo from Scotch and ono, JelVorson,
from Welsh.
Nnver Hlohen, Wi'iiUen or (IrlpB.
A conttlpatlon euro that pleaaes y"fl'l,lB'(,1'
plcaVi'l yo ir itomaoli, t.leaws your pooketboolc
-Caaoarcta Candy CatUrllc. DrugBl.H, 10c.,
2tc.,60c. .
Mutt Be Lovely.
"Hut nono of tho othor girls seem
to ndmironiy new dress."
"Is tlmt so' Turn nrotind. I
didn't ronlizo it was so pretty as
that." 1'hiladolpliia Ilulletin.
pHtints Send no Money
S?e,Zi"r'A'wL lniton.P.C 'V"-
Of UUsi -
Hlory of Jennie Wn Ir, Who Wns Killed
nt (lettyaliurtr,
Jennie Wnden grnve, which Is locat
ed beside tier pnieiitH' In the Cltl.eim'
ICvcrgreen ecinetery, iidjoliilug the
I'lillndelplilu National cemeteiy, Ik now
niarlied liy a iiioiiiiineut erected by tlio
Women' Relief Corps of lown, Tlio
pedestal is of American gray granite,
the four sides of which are highly pol
ished, Htiruioiiiitlng the pedestal stands
n fine Italian niitrhle statue of Jennie
Wade. On the suh-luuc, In large raised
letters, Is the tut tno "Jennie Wade,"
The Inscriptions on the monument are
ni follows; "Jennie Wade, aged 20
years 2 months, killed July II. 18(i;i,
while making bread for the Union sol
diers." On the opposite side: "Krcet
cd by the Women's Relief Corps of
lowu, A. I). 1001."
On another side. "Whatsoever Ood
wllleth must be, though a nation
mourn." On the side opposite this.
"Willi a courago
born of loyalty sho
hath done what
she could," The
c o in in 1 1 1 o o In
charge of the erec
tion of the fiiouii-
meiit, after receiving bids from varl
ous sections of the country, had placed
tho contract In CettyslnirK. It Is mod'
eled after the design selected liy Mrs
0. W. .McClellau, a sister to Jennie, It
Is mild that the llgure and features of
the statue present a kooiI likeness of
tho heroine. The cost of tlio moiiii
incut Is about $1,000 and It stands over
ten feet hlh.
The house In which Jennie Wado
lived at the time of the liattlo Is ni
pa rent ly a one-story dotiule brick
house, as viewed from the outside.
Ilowover, on entering It Is found to
have two rooms on tho first floor on
each side of the house, and n stairway
In the rear room lends to n second floor.
where two plastered rooms are found
each having a small window In the end
of the house, the sides of tho houso
being alike.
At the time of the battle that nelgu
borhood possessed fewer houses, and
this one, being located on high ground
wns In full view of the Confederate
sharpshooters, who deemed It as a pos
slble headquarters of the Union army
and thus It was that this house was n
mark for many bullets. The murks
of over a hundred which struck tlio
house have been counted. The holes
through the small window panes, sash
es and doors are plainly visible, nnd
apparently as If made but yesterday
The house at tho present time Is used
as n museum and among the numerous
relics displayed Is shown the six-Inch
shell that passed through the upper
part of the house, entering the roof,
passing through the middle wall and
dropping on the outer sldo of the house,
The positions of tho doors and tho
windows of tlio houso aro as they wero
on July y, lgC'I. A number of bullets
passed entirely through the two win
dow sashes. The marks of these but
lets display the position of tho windows
and tlio doors at that time. The door,
as seen through the back window, dls
plays a number of bullet holes which
were as clearly pierced as If uindo by
an auger. The bullet that proved fatal
to comely Jennie Wnde, who was then
'20 years of age, passed through tho
panel of the outer door and through
the door between the rooms, which was
opened nt the time, and pierced tho
breast of the heroine, who had been
performing her household duties nt tho
Her married sister lay sick nbed In
tho room adjoining nt tho time, and
she. too, had a narrow cscapo from
death. Curiously It was that nt almost
tho samo moment n Confederate colonel
fell near tlio place that Jennie had fall
en. Tho Confederates wero occupying
the grounds Just then. They had taken
caro of tho dead colonel's body nnd
hnd constructed a rough cotlln for his
Interment, but Inter a Kederal column
took possession of tho grounds, the rudo
cotlln was secured and used for the In
terment of tho heroine Jennie. Later
her body was removed to tho Citizens'
Kvergreen cemetery, which ndjolns tho
Nntlonnl. where it now rests, wvery
momorlnl dny, says tho Philadelphia
Record, her gravo Is decorated with
llowers and tho small American flag
placed thereon by tho G. A. It. post.
lUInd l'coplo lu llussla.
nm nmrn tlinn twleo ns mnnv
LllUiW "
blind persons In Russia as In tho wholo
of tho rest of Europe They number
100,000, which Is equivalent to two In
every 1,000 of tho population. In
Great Britain and France tho propor
tion is not qulto 1 per 1,000. It Is bo-
i t iiiiiiiliipsa In Russia Is bo
prevalent because of tho length of tlmo
which snow lies on tlio ground, and
also owing to tho uncleanly habits of
tho people
. . nt , 1 1 ii Tit-Trinity ii 1 nrlnr.
Manner is ou m w.v.
nnl graces of character. It Is the orna-
mcnt or action, uu .......vo
commonest, offices beautiful by tho way
.ti. i. nAffm-me thorn. It Ih n hnn-
111 WU1CU II J'vi'". - - ----
tlilmra. nilnrnllicr oven
nv way u uun --
tho smallest uvwn
ff SUBfirtesD ITVs otwj nflHrrx am
iuziff try w&smaumm
In this workaday world few women
arc no plnced that physical exertion
is not constantly domanded of them in
their daily life.
Wo make a special appeal to mother!
of large families whose work Is never
dono, nnd many of whom suffer, and
suffer for lock of intelligent aid.
To women, young or old, rich or
poor, we extend nn Invitation to accept
free advice. Oh, women 1 do not let
your lives bo sacrificed when a word of
advice nt tlio first approaclt of weak
ness, may fill your -future years with
healthy joy. Address a letter to Mrs.
rinldiam's Lnlioratory, Lynn Mass.,
nnd you vlll not bo disappointed.
"When 1 began to take Lydla E.
Pinkham's Vcgctablo Compound I was
not able to do my housework. I suf
fered terribly at time of menstruation.
Several doctors told mo tlicy could do
nothing forme. Thanks to the Pink
ham advice and medicine I am now
well, and can do the work for eight In
the family.
"I would recommend Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound to all
wethers with large families." Mns.
C a null! Belleville, Ludington, Mich.
Advice for Aitor.
Mr. Astor cannot Iks a peer of Eng
land because tho law prohibits natur
alized subjects from attaining to that
dignity. Mr. Astor has tried so hard
to get away from his fur and pelt
ancestors that ho has brought it to
tho notice of all tho world, and got
nothing elso for his pains except dis
appointment. It is a wise son who
accepts his own pedigree Pittsburg
Wo w.Vo I ha aelahrntnd
Antl-nuat Umhreltn Frnmo.
Vnn ninil iha niffnronno. "'tween alckly. lomy chickens and healthy, .contented fowls,
lull llllU II I U UlllulClluC One brlnva no inmier to your pocket, the other means money
lu your tnme. Which will you harp T
Prnnnhnnt'p linn lillnr I a liquid to paint or aprsy tho rnoata. quickly deatroylnar all
UlOcSlJcCK S LCc IMIlCI H TlieprlrelanothliielncomparlanntntheirnodltwIlTdo.
Conn Vniic Pliin&nno I'eel Orni aback'a Kgrir lTnilurrr anil llHltlt Pooil to the
OdYo IUUI UlllunCllOi chicken preventa mortality. Pulleti begin laying when five or
tlx mnn i In old. 2) to Ui p?r cent, more eggs produced.
PORTLAND SEED CO., 13S Fror.t Slroot, Portland, Or. Coaat A dent:
Why Pay High Prices?
For WATCH KS, DIAMONDS and JEWELRY when you can buy un
redeemed pledges for Amount of Monoy Loaned with interest at the
Portland Loan Office, jSi'SSSSbo
6T".'vr Jewelry at 40 per cent, loner than at any Jewelry Store In Portland.
w W
Or 13 fEFRES And Act's
r Pleasantly and totly.
T0vECOpUS!l permanently
With many millions of families Syrup of Figs lias become the
ideal home laxative. The combination is a simple and wholesome
one, and the method of manufacture by the California Fig Syrup
Company ensures that perfect purity and uniformity of product,
which have commended it to the favorable consideration of the
most eminent physicians and to the intelligent appreciation of all
who are well informed in reference to medicinal agents.
Syrup of Figs has truly a laxative effect and acts gently' with
out in any way disturbing the natural functions and with perfect
freedom from any uupleasant after effects.
In the process of manufacturing, figs are used, as they are
pleasant to the taste, but the medicinally laxative principles of the '
combination are obtained from plants known to act most bene
ficially on the system.
To def its benefkiaJ effects
LouiBville, Ky.
Whoteiale Beer Drinken.
Tho British aro tho larcest drinkers
.of beer in tho world and thoconstimp-
tion , srow,nK. T0 (tmi)tity of bdr
absorbed in 1!)00 ntnountcd to 1,289.-
700,000 gallons, or not much less
than 208,000,000 cubic feet; in other
words, tlio contctits of a reservoir
2,000 feet long, 1,000 fect wldo and
101 feet dcop.
Dreyfui Returning to Altsce.
Captain Dreyfus, who has been liv
ing at Cologne, near Geneva, for
some time past, has determined tc
leave Switzerland and make his home
in Alsace, where ho was born. He
will spend tlio winter in tho Itivcrin,
after which ho will dcflnitoly settle
down in Alsace, devoting his time to
literature and scientific pursuits.
Allegations Certified To.
A Sumner county (Kansas) mnn
who had a neighbor arrested for slan
der, sworo to tho following affidavit:
"I hereby solemnly swear that tho de
fendant snt upon mo, calling mo a
lobster, a pauper, n scarecrow, nnd nn
idiot, all of which I certify to bo
Not Smooth.
Quinn I think Bob Evans called
his book a "Bailor's Log."
Do Fontc Yes, and it seems to mo
some pconlo ran against a good many
knots when they read it. Chicago
News. '
South American Underground Telegraph
Tho Argentine .Republic has lcen
obliged to put tho telegraph lino
between Itosario and Buenos Ayrcs
tinder ground, becauso on wot days
,tho electric current wns dissipated
through tho numerous spider webs
attached to tho wires.
A Smart Girl's Deception.
A wise girl in Garnet, Kan., ties
an apron nround hei waist whenever
she sees her "steady" coming, and
when she lets him in she blushes and
excuses herself on tho plea that sho
has been "helping mamma." Kan
sas City Star.
Holiday Resolutions
feure relief from liquor, opium and tooaoaJ
. Batata, nana lor pariiouars
Keelsy Institute, -TVl"?.
N. P. Jf. V.
Ho. 401901.
VlUKN wltlnc U.
advertisers please
II mention this paper.
Do not come to our atore tn nleaie ua, but we are
here to pleare you. ALI.KSINA'8 ANTI-KMT
L'SIllltU.I.A Fit A ME, covered with nurown make
of Kno1a, will pleaae you as you have never been
j.iett.en ueiore
A NICU UMlltlELLA Is a fine Chrlatmas present.
309 Morrlton St., opp. Poatofflcc. POKTLAND, ORE.
4f ? 4
Siri Frar.c.iaco.Ce.1. New YorKNX
Regard Peruna as Their Shield
A-!- I A a
urip anil uaiarmai Diseases.
Mr I. Ilelva A. Ioclcwiyd, I,at Candidate for
the Presidency.
Mrs. Bclva Lockwood, the eminent
barrister of Washington, D. C, is the
only woman who has ever been a candi
date for the presidency of tho United
States. She is the best known woman
in America. As a pioneer of her sex
in the legal profession sho has gath
ered fame and fortune. In a letter t(
the Peruna Medicine company, slit
" have used your Peruna both
tor myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now In hei
88th year, and I find It an In
valuable remedy for cold, catarrh,
hay fever and kindred diseases ;
also a good tonic for feeble and
old people, or those run down,
and with nerves unstrung."
Yours truly,
Belva A. Lockwood.
Peruna cures catarrh by removing
the cause, nitlamcu mucous mem
Dr. Hartman, tho compounder of
Tcruna, once said in a lecture to wo
men: A great number of women
consult mo every year. I often have
occasion to sny to these patients : 'I
fear you have catarrh, madam. ' Thev
will generally reply, 'Oh, no, I never
had catarrh. My nose is perfectly
Shah Photographed la' Bed.
The shah of Persia is an amateur
photographer who has attained great
proficiency in the uso of the camera.
Ho has a mania for being taken in
every conceivable pose and dress, and
has even been photographed in bed.
The Second Distillation.
Tho "bricht child" whoso sayincs
get into tho papers usually has bright j
parents who are quite facile with the
pen. It is a very bright child who
rpnncni7pa its own inkn Afinnnon- I
olis Journal.
Well Informed.
"Ho seems to bo a well informed
man. "
"Ccitainly. His wifo tells him !
everything that's coine on." Phila-1
dclpliia Bulletin. j
Against Catarrh, Coughs, Colds,
t-l n!
clear, and my breath is not bail. I
am not troubled with coughing or
spitting, or any other disagrccablo
symptoms ol catarrn. '.but you may
have tho catarrh nil tho samo. Ca
tarrh is not al
ways located in
the head. You
may havo catarrh
of tho lungs, or
stomach or liver,
or kidneys, and
especially you
may havo ca
tarrh of tho pel
vic organs."
The doctor
wont on to say :
"I havo been
nrcachint; this
Mrs. T. .'. Ilallaril,
Enrclta Sprlnga, Ark.,
cured ot aaeGMCaae
of catarah by r'eruna.
doctrine for tho last 40 years, but there
aro a vast multitudo of women who
havo never heard it yet.
Cntnrrh may attack any organ of
tho body. Women aro especially
liable to catarrh of tho pelvic organs.
Chore are one hundred cases of en
urrh of tho pelvic organs to ono of
ratarrh of the head. Most peoplo
ihink because they havo not catarrh
if tlio head, they havo not catarrh
t all. This is a great mistake and is
he cause of many cases of sickness
tnd death."
Mrs. T. Pclton, 502 St. Anthony
venue, St. Paul, Minn., writes: "Pe
runa has uono
wonders for mo.
It has cured my
hcadacho and pal
pitation of tho
heart i has built
up my wholo sys
tem. I cheerfully
recommend Peru
na to all sufferers
afllicted with ca
tarrh. My moth-
Mrs. T. Pelton.
or is never
without Peruna.
When ono is tired and generally out
of sorts, if Peruna is taken it imme
diately removes that tired feeling."
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from tho use of
Peruna, write at onco to Dr. Hart
man, giving a full statement of your
case and he will be pleased to give
you his valuablo advico gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President
of the Hartman Sanitarium, Colum
bus, O.
If Ton haven't a regular, healthr movement of tbd
bowela every day. yoaTo aide, or will be. Keep Too J
bowela open, and be well. Force. In the tbapepf
violent phytic or plU poison, la danaerout. The
limootbeit. eatlest. moat perfect way of keeping tba
bow sis clear and clean la to take
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. TseteOood. Do Oood,
Never blcken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. -too. Writs
for free sample, and booklet on bealtn. Addreaa
SUrllaf Bcarfj ttmptaj, CUcaf. noalrtal. 5w Yark. S2SS
Are best because they are thoroughly well made
of best material. Are stronger and heavier
than otners, hence more durable. Tho feed Is
absolutely accurate, reliable and positive, and
will sow tame quantity, up or down hill or on
side hill. Hoojler Drills are cheapest because
liEST. We keep full stock of repairs at princi
pal points lu tho Northwest. Catalogue free.
First and Taylor Sts.
Portland, Oregon.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
foot of Morrison Streat,
Can cive yoa the beat bargains In
Bupiriea. i'lows, boilers anil Kniinos,
Win. mulls and Pnmm and General
Machinery, See us before buying.
local Agent Wanted.
WANTED A local agent in each
township to sell our up-to-date
publication. Good remuneration
and steady employment. Address.
Cor. 8th and Morrison Sts roUTLAKJ), ORB.
Fminilntl 1 1ll fl
A Homo School for Ooya
Military and Manual Train In a
Fall Torn) Opcnm Sopt. 12, 1DO!
nriia ror iiiuatraieg uatalouua
M I fiiii I ii'TsjlM
...Columbia University...
Academic and Collegiate Halls.
COURSES Classical. Llterarr. Bclentlfla and
Commercial. For particulars apply to
REV. E. P. MURPHY, Presldtnt,
University Park, Portland. Orssca
TRAOf noun MoarxnrD f