Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, September 06, 1901, Image 3

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Difficult Digestion
That la dyspepsia,
It tnaaee llfo miserable.
lta sufferers eat not becntmo they want to,
-but simply hecauao thoy mtuf.
Tlicy know they nro Irritable nrtil fretful)
but they cannot bo otherwise,
They complain of a Imd tnstn In tho
mouth, n tenderness at tho pit of the stom
ach, an uneasy fmlliiK of puffy fuliicaa,
headache, heartburn and wlint not,
Tlio effectual remedy, proved by permit
Unit cures of thousands of auviiro cases, la
Hood's Sarsaparllla
HOUUe 1'ILLa aia tl.. UirtiiUillc.
Onco upon a tlmo tbo KntcH on.
dowod a certain people with a boiiko
of humor,
Uvontunlly tho pooplo bocamo awaro
of thin, and their mortlllcatlon thoro
upon was vory Kront.
"I.V... ln, M ....1..t ... i,
v! iuiiiikj, iniiiiininin iiugni HUM NO
tniiKlit In tbo hcIiooIb. Detroit Jour
nal. iioiv'H Tiimr
".U?Ai Cilf otO"""r H U?
W tho undersigned. haroknowur1. J.ChenJy
for Urn i,.t u, vr, n. kaiir m,,i rriw"i!v
fJSi'iW ,,ln. '." I'u,''" traniotI..aii. an" fl ii. i
iielllral,leloirry oiitanjr obligations made
vj iiitvir nrtti
WrrrA Tit vax, I
Wholesale liniitalate. Toledo, ,
JVAUiiyo KiknanA Makvik, !
.ii.f....wJ,yJ",f "'"Mieia, Toledo, o.
Mj ;t,rL,,.V"r? h '''' l"tnallr,a-ll1(r
airectlyoniliiililoiKj unit inueoiia aurfsreeoi
Ihe aynem. Price 76 pi r hoitle. nuu by al
llell'a ratullr I'llli nro Dm i4i. I
A $10,000 llirncu Set.
Tho young Kgyptlnn khodlvo In Bald
to possess tho moHt cofltly not of bur
nous In tbo world. It In mado of black
leathor, with chimed koIiI buckloB and
collarH ornamented with tho name
coHtly metal. Tho pad cloths aro alno
timbroldored with koIiI, and tho Hft Ih
wild to hnvo cost $10,000. It Ih for
four homos and Ih lined on all Btuto
"Did that mining Htock you boiiRhti
turn out to ho a pitylnR Investment? '
"Voh," nriBwcroil'tho mlld-cyod man,
nfter nn Ineffectual effort to cheer up.
"It has kept mo paying iiBHosHtnontfl
cvor sluco I first got bold of It."
WaBhlnRton Star. I
Tbla alciiature la on every box of lbs genuine
Laxative Bromo'Quinine Tbi.u
Ui remedy that cures a colli In one tiny
Nol Alwryi.
Tho I'hlloHopher Tbo ompty barrel
rIvch tbo loudOBt Round.
Tho Politician There's where you
nro wronK. During a political cam
palnn a bar'l filled with boodlo talks
tho loudest.
Price $2.00.
ThU la (lie Ki'iiulne, It IncreA
on UmIi on any part or tin Ixxlr,
devplia lmt to any deilrtd alio
l juid make runtl,liiu)priico and
neck. Ilrinona all blckhraU-.
3-r- Ull rrK.,M, pimplM, Itfali
worme, and tnaVca the akin nn and lillo. Write
OHIita cio-eil liner Ocean J)IJ.-.,CliUaiio, III.
ll-.t Knllil lo build. Ileal mate rll. Heat pro.
rorilon. Ileat flnlih, Uahmt runnlns. Hyrmy
S?AVKi?ul!rii Ind'T."Jr fiiV. ''oriT.nd.or
Nearly So.
"When a weak-natured man tries
to braco up on' ho firm," sold Undo
Ebon "ho usually doosn' 'compllsh 1
nuflln' 'coptln' to git low down obBtln-
ftte." !
Poisoned Dy
anncnM n&Bf. . TlJrou5h.t;P0"sof P?h.V.9.
m r j. bosotdcii into mc oioou, ucrangin(; uic tuiuiuuuu
rtWtM3 B ifV and affecting the constitution as quickly and
rUM&USv B V p seriously as those generated within the Bvstem. lust
rWIUVIIIlIM; mmm -mmm (Ile gMtlU IS UlOSl OC11VC UnU II1C pOtC3 WCll
onen we are much more liable to be affected by Poison Oalc and Ivy and other
i' ' ... Wnrltrra In brasa. conner. lead and zinc have their health im
paired and the blood supply poisoned through the absorption of fine particles of
these metaU and the acids ued in polishing and cleaning them. Inhaling the
fumes of lead give painters that pallid, waxy appearance of the skin. Barber's Itch.
U another disease that reaches the blood through the skin, and is a most obstinate
one when it becomes firmly fixed in the system. After the poison has reached tho
Wood and been disseminated throughout the system it is too late to resort to local
.iiii..ilBaa In many cases the blood is affected simultaneously with the appear
olt 5 the ruh cripUon on the skin, and all efforts should'be directed to the
Scat IoS .ml buildinPff.P of the blood. Ugly eruptions and sores will continue
F EV nut in snite of salves, washes, soaps or other external treatment,
io b"!0"1 XecWly recommentled for poisons of this character. So com
i . i a'JZ It destroy the effects of the Oak ind Ivy that there is no possibility of
lletelrnner.nce and ilk equally as efficacious in brass or lead poisoning or fiar-
. j.i A ilwrvkind and removing every blemish, sore! or eruption from tho
impurities of safute for S. STS. ! it is the only purely vegetable blood
Aerknown and the safest and best in all constitutional or Wood diseases.
Pun , rft.uiatlon Deoartment. If you desire any spccialinfonnation
Our MedlCl C0nu?i10" ,.!P,,; Xlrlnn Plaining- vour condition, and
m- nitvlce about your cuc,
er novice j M,i,nt vou have
i... intn to write iiiiiy ::.
you say goes beyond out office, we we in be lad to mail ttt9m
Lerctlng bool; ggajjf SPECIFIC fcoMPANY. ATLANTA. OA.
Policeman WlmUro you trying to
put that luttor In Ihoro for? That
nlnt n lottor box; lt'H ii llro alarm
Mr. Wnylmck I Ww nil that, but
Unit Iioiiho ovor tlnro Ih on flro, nml
1 m going to notify tlio flro depart-mont.
I'rofoHHor Hooswit According to
UiIh cookbook, you (lldn't mnko tbo
omolot correctly.
Bridget An' do U' book any any
thing about your not having pald'ine
wages for tbroo mon3m?
l.tiynlty to III Knpliiyar.
Tlint young iiiiiii wlio ((fulfil to havn
ft portion of Ilia lilood kit out to raw 111"
employer, act n reninlmlle exuinple of
linrolam, Tim liii'lilmitiliows lint power
there la In good lilood. 'i'licro la only one
initiiriil way to t (."'"llilood, mill timt la
from IIki atoiiiiich. If hi- niiniiiicli lirrila
linllif ulloii, contllMlot mill m'ukca rich
mi moon,
Tramp Them dou(hnutfl waB bo
Kood, mum, I four I enn never ngnln
ont ordinary grub.
Lady Hr, Bit tlowt thoro, Just a
moment. I'll put you up a nice lunch,
my man.
It Would Sttn So.
Iluhborton May I Inqulro what
your hiiBlncBH Ih, Htrnigor?
Stranger (haughtily) Sir, I'm a
Iluhborton Well. I reckon thnt'ft u
Rood huBlnonB, stronger, hut you'ro
not tbo only man tint's failed at It
KITG rtrmAiirnlJr Currt, k'o r.u or iirrrouioMi
II IO nfKr Ural .far'a iltri.f hr KIlB.' Nml
llwlonr. Siul fur I'll III! 8.1. SO IrUI lllwl trt-
n, ii ii like. I.III..V3I Artiiet..riiiiviriina,i
The Way to Pleiie lllm.
"They say tho way to plcaBO a man
Is to talk about himself."
"No; tbo way to ploaso him Ih to lot
nun tniic to you about iiimugir. ' lxin
don Tld-Hltfl.
Molhers will find Mrs. Wlnalow's Sooth
ltiir Hymp the beet remedy to uao lor their
children during lliu tcttlibiy period.
Now tho Horno, bolng sensitive to
ridicule, paiiHOd iih thoy w'ora about to
enter tho Rates of tho city.
"You look ho llko 30 contBl" pro
tested tho Horso, regarding palnedly
tho woman driving.
"Well, money's supposed to make
tbo in nro got" retorted tho woman,
with a loud laugh.
SaylnK which sho belabored tho
benflt vehemently.
This fablo teaches that tbo Rift of
speech Is not of necessity fortunate
Dotrolt Journal.
Cherry Batter Puddlnj.
Stono thrco cupfuls of ripe cherries,
Heat two crrb light, stir Into them a
tablospoonful of ircltcd butter and a
pint of ml k, then four cupfuls of pre
pared Hour. Last of all stir In tho
cherries, woll d edged with flour.
Turn Into n greased mold and steam
for throo hours. Sorvo with a hard
satico. Detroit rrco "Press.
Simmer Resolutions
euro relief fiom liquor, opium and tobaoOJ
hablU. Band lor partleulara to
Keeley Institute. ""'IMi't
ni IT-r A nn
tlett and only
perfect blower cut.
erou tlio market.
Hend for clrciiUr.
Mitchell, Lew la A
.Stiver Co.
Portland, Ore.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
root of Horrleoa Street.
Can give you the best bargains In
IIUL'Kiee. Plows, Hollers and Kukiiics,
Wllli'mllls anil Pumps and Gonorul
Machinery. See us before buying
Mil Prophecy.
Sho Is that Ico thick enough to
support mo?
Owner of tho Pond I don't know,
I oxpect It to support xno all next
jsly as those generated witliln the system, lust
under the skin are innumerable hair-like blood
vessels, and connecting these with the skin
arc millions of small tubes or glands, through
which the poison is conveyed to the blood sys
tem, Dunne the spring and summer, while
.. . ... i . . v i . ii
, . -
to sav alia HWr
lie Una Ilia Troiilile., Mke the Heat or
the World or Wure, I
Consider now tbo meek and htunblo
soda fountain clerk, 1
Who draivctli off the moistened air
with nimble turn and Jerk. I
Ills Riirb Is always spotless whlto
u-lmn ilr.i Ik. imiIm It mi.
Hill lo. before an hour bath pas-cd
II. mumII,...,,,,.. I,tl, .rrnin
I'or then he hath vanilla on tbo bos
on. of his vest, and streaks of red rasp -
berry make his trousers socm a Jest,
wi.ii.. ..i..minf.. ..r vi,
IT Mill; 1IIV,WIII M tln ftaaffva i w
tlgcr-IIke effect lo the balance of tho
KiinnentH In which he In proudly docked.
HIm hair Is limp and languid, and Is
pr.rled siiuaro anil true
Above the very center of his nose,
which tunieth blue,
Ilecnuae he Imtli to linger In tbo acid
and the leu, to fix up funny mixtures
for the one that bath the price.
Ho mnketh ulrango concoctions In the
line of fancy drinks, mid nil Uic while
he walcheth for persuasive sorts of
wlnkH. x
From early morn be twlsteth at the
odn water ppout, and turneth the Ico
crusher till the Ice hath given out
Ho dlggulh In the Ice cream and ho
ruslieth with the glass, while his deadly
hated rival buys tho soda for the lns.
Yea, verily, the soda clerk, he hath a
sorry time, for ho must know the way
to get nine cents out of each dime.
And he must be a hustler, that there
will not be n loss of Ice or gas or water,
or he'll tremble at the boss.
How often, oh, how often, hath the
coda Jerker grinned at tho one who pay
eth nickels for a penny's worth of
How oflen, oh. how often, doth a cnlm
and peaceful smile go Hitting o'er his
visage when a drink goes out of style.
Hut, ah, alas, my Hon, sometimes he
fcclcth very bad, and then Is when the
ladlu come with garments rich and
The Indies fill the rockers and the
doorways mid the stools, and Insist
upon a liquid that both elevates and
And one declnreth that she'd like
some chocolate with cream, nnd, Um
he draweth It, straightway "Oh, nol"
the maid doth scream.
And then sho voweth that she hath
already changed her mind, nnd wanteth
Just a phoaphatc with a plc c of lemon
And yet, again the other maid? de
dure they do not know Jui-t what they
wish and on and on their mild objec
tions tlow.
The weary soda fountain clerk mis-
gesteth this nnd that, from plain old
Ii'jncM phosphate to a dose of anti-fat.
And llnnlly the ladles fair with one
consent conclude that chocolate nnd
cri-nm shall be their soda fountain food, i
Now. when he drnweth all the drinks,1
bis troubles arc not done
Nay, verily, my trusting ch:id. they
arc but half begun:
For each and every maldpn there doth
straTgbfwii.v r!so-nnd say;- I
"Now. girls. I'll think It's awful'lf
you do not let me pay!" I
All all protest, and nil object, and all
their plans defend. .
And not n one takes out her purse her
lovely cash to spend.
Now, llnnlly, the soda clerk suggest
eth that each maid shall pay for what
sho drank and then hegluneth the
For nil tho Indies vow In wrath yea,
yea, thoy almost sob that they will hi!
employer see, and lake from him hla
And then they take their parasols and
sternly go away, and not n cent of all
that bill do they take steps to pay.
Tho gentle soda fountain clerk, he
falleth In a daze, and leaneth on the
vlchy tube, and wicked things ho says.
Is this not true, Ju?t as wo have com
posed It, with much work?
It surely Is nnd If you doubt, go ask
the soda clerk. Baltimore American.
Study or Delirium Tremens.
Tho familiar svmiitnnia nf ilollrltim
tremens, kuown as "snakes," have been
mntio tlio subject of study with some
Intvrostlnc results. It nmunra Rnra
the New York Ledger, that what hove
ueen supposed to bo hallucinations
hnvo n certain sort of ovldenco In fact.
Certain blood vessels In tho eyes be
come congested and nssumo a dnrk
color. These, when they appear on tho
retina,' which Is ordinarily transparent,
suggest to tho nervous nnd over
wrought pnUent tho presence of somo
moving, living creature. Imagination,
of course, Increases tho nervousness,
and finally tho mind becomes so disor
dered that Uio form of nn offensive
crenturo Is suggested. As these fan
cies grow by what they feed on, It Is
easy to seo how creeping nud crawling
things may fill tho soul of tho vlcUin
with tho most horrible sensations.
Sawmill Oporatod by Air.
Tho only sawmill In the world where
tho machluery Is operated by compress
ed air Is located In Oronte, M,e., nnd
tho wnter wheel and tho air compressoi
nro below tho floor of tho mill, with
also largo storage tnnks. Pipes lend
the air to tho various machines, which
technically aro known as tho carriage,
nigger, log loader, log flipper, band log
saw and two cut-off sawa.
A Taper Cliurcli.
Bergen, Norway, boasts of a paper
church largo enough to seat 1,000 per
sons. Tlio building Is rendered water
proof by n solution of quicklime, cur
dled In milk, nnd whlto of eggs.
Afternoon Nap.
Tho New York Medical Record says
n nap of half an hour or so In tho af
ternoon after n meal Is helpful, and fa
vors raUier than hinders good sleep at
Thoro la no man so deep but that hi
has at least ono shallow spot
Knltiel a llor'a llamaae flnlt Asalnal
a Itallrrajr Canipiiar-
Johnny Foehl ato five mlnco plc at
one sitting, and this little feast cost
blm exactly 5,000, His suit against
tbo Camden A Suburban Hallway Com
pany for that amount for Injuries bus-
I '" piiaiieu irora a car was
,Filn...t I .. I. i . m
P;"ng favorable to him yesterday
I "JeH Olin. liail a OOXCI1
I drir.fnra lin.l tu.i.ti fl. I... nM iH
. -. . . . ii t i ui i. tuot uv v. un UU 114-
, " "!,,l0rMU,t r tl,e ldent.
w c" w "rower, one of Johnny's
' witnesses, In his rambllnc testimony
toia or Johnny's Iovo for pies.
Counsel for tho trolley company sow
a glimmer of hope In this.
"Could ho eat a whole pie?" was
asked of Willie.
"Why. yiB; he ato five within a few
minutes last week," the boy replied.
Tho three lawyers who represented
Johnny were on their feet In nn Instant
dcmnndlng of the court to know what
mlnco plo had to do with Johnny Foehl
being Injured by a trolley car. They
wanted this portion of the testimony
stricken out.
"Well," declared counsel for the trol
ley company, "any boy who can eat flvo
tnlnce pies at one sitting Is not very
much of an Invalid."
The court admitted the mince plo
testimony. Having got Into the case,
the pics remained to a finish.
Counsel for the plaintiff wanted to
bring witnesses to prove the pics wero
small five-cent ones. They were will
ing to send for a pic to show tho Jury.
Tho railway company's lawyers con
ceded that the pics were small, but
contended that oven so no Invalid
could cat five of them.
When all tbo testimony wns In the
court, relieving the Jury, declared that
Johnny Foehl had not made out a case.
The mlnco pie testimony had been fa
tal to It. Philadelphia North Ameri
can. I'lao'a Cure for Consumption la an lufnl
llliln medicine for roughs ami colds. N.
W. 3AMLT.1.. Ocean Orove, N. J., Kcb. 17,
Little Liver Pills.
Must Boar Signature of
See FaoSlmlle Wrapper Below.
Tary email and aa easy
to take as incur.
oimunni mutmaviuhatv.c. i
Pnrelr TeyettMevtfS?-!
Careful Ccoki.
He Our cook Is so careful about
thloves. Sho always locks the doors,
oven' In tho daytime.
She That's nothing. Our cook al
ways keops a policeman In the
kitchen. Tld-Btts.
Tho lloat Preacrlptlon for Malaria
Chllla and Fever la a bottle of Grore'a Tuteleas
Chill Tonic. It la limply Iron and quinine In
B v&sicicaB rorzn ko tun, no r;. nice wo.
Ruined by Home Cleaning
Missionary Was It Hauor
"brought you to this?
Imprisoned Burglar No, sir; It was
houso-cloanln' spring houso-cleanln',
Missionary Eh! houso-cleanlng?
Burglar Yesslr. Tho woman had
been houso-cleanln', an' tho stair car
pet was up, an' the folks heard me.
Could Protect Ills Rights.
Undo Hiram I tell you what, that
young JorklnB that's sparkln' our
Mandy knows how to look out for
number ono.
Aunt Malaprop Yes, ho's no eye
sore runnln nroun' selling his birth
right for a mess of pottngo.
San Francisco Business College
1830 Mnrket St., San Franoleoo, Oat.
FULL COURSE, $60.00.
Write for Catalojue.
IL Write (o NATHAN "E-'1:r1 Vf,
If 0ICKF0R0, Waahlngten, D. C, thevwlll re.
1 1 celve quick repllea. B. Sth N. II. Vola. Stall
20th Corpa. I'roiecutlng claims alnce 1S78.
v, r. m. u.
Aa. 30-1SO1.
untl3U Una paper.
tragi m i ra a oi
nut Couch Hii-iin. Tutea Good, uao I
fc?J Deat Couen Bjrup. Tutea OooJ. Dee
Pr In time. Sold br drult. rl
i i IVER
1 1 x cSTrt I
POUND, and thanks to It, to-day I am a woll
woman."-MRS. L. L. TOWNE, Littleton, N. H.
Mrs. Towne, like many other suffering women, was a victim of
theory. Her physician did his best. Ho had battled with her caso
steadily and could do no more. If Mrs. Towno had asked advice
of Mrs. Plnkhnm seven or eight years earlier sho would have had
just so many more years of happiness and comfort and health.
It Is not reasonable to expect that any livlnn person can
adrlso for female troubles as safely as Mrs Plnkhnm, whose
experience Is without parallel In the world. This should appeal
to tho common sense of any woman, especially when nearly
overy newspaper in this country Is printing In almoat every
lxsuo the letter of some woman who baa been cured by Mrs.
Pinkhara when doctors had given her up. Don't wait for the
doctor to give you up to tho surgical knlfo, or tell you that you
cannot live. Get your advice where you are certain to nave
the benefit of the widest experience. Write to Mrs, Plnkhnm,
at Lynn, Mass. , and rely on her. No chargo is mado for advice.
The In nn femnln ivimnlnlnt. however simple or however
serious, that Lyilla E. Plnkham'8 Vegetable Compound
will not help; of this there is monumental evidence in its thirty
years' record of constant success. When you ask for this medi
cine at the druggist's, bo sure you get what you ask for and
nothing else. Tbo medicine that cures is
Lydia E. Plnkham's
The Suffering Congregation.
Deacon Parson, do you think It
wrong for a preacher to steal his ser
mons? Parson Certainly I do.
Deacon I think you are too par
ticular, parson, too particular.
to curtn a cold in one day
Take Laxatlre Ilromo Quinine Tablets. All
Irurettta ro'und the money II It falls to cure.
E. W, (irove'a alcnatnrc la on each box. 2&.
Ills Preference.
Oldham Are you going to the lec
ture tonight on "Tho Girl of Today?"
Younger Cuess not The girl of
tonight is more attractive.
Her Fate.
Mind Reader You're In love with a
man. He has light hair.
Bridget No. He has dark hair.
Mind Reader Then he must have
bleached It.
What Ailed Her.
The Rev. Dr. Thirdly What's this?
Weeping? I have come Just In time.
My dear .young Jady, you are. under
going a change of heart.
Young Lady No koo-boo my
heart hasn't changed, but, Oh, dear! :
Oh, dear! His has! ,
A Paradoxical Talisman. I
Judge Have you formed any opin
ion on this case? I
Wouldbelgh Juror No, sir: haven't '
mentioned It to my wife. Smart Set.
Out of Practice.
Boss (to workman) Do ypu
that a good Job? Have you
served an apprenticeship?
Workman Yes, twenty years ago.
Boss What have you been doing
Workman I've been out on a
strike most of the time.
t nru inn will be paid
3IUU IL.YtVIVU' port to us
" something
for, and furnish evidence upon which we can
saaf laav vnau II lea a M Ml iiMIBaal IMaaaaaa I iaarHI I on 1 II I in
af3Vi a Vi rA v
rmvav avavav mwwm v
PsWEETElTl dg&coJttto
jjthetomachJ 2
j 1 1 i
MOJJjERjJ stzlzft&
"For olfjhi yaars I 8 of"
farad with Inflamma
tion of tho womb and
bladdor,profuBO and
llurip unu hi umuts
aoomodaB though I
should diom I doo"
iorod most of tho
tlmo, but saomod to
fall ovory tlmo. A
short tlmo ago I began
to tako LYDIA E. PINK-
Vogotablo Compound.
We bare depoalted with
the National City Bark,
of Lvnn. llcoo. which
" will be paid to any per
son who can find that the above testimonial
letter la not Renutne. or waa publUhed before
obtaining the wrlter'a apcclal penniMion.
LYDIi IS. Finksau MemciNa Co.
j Never Too Late to Mend.
Naggs Dear me, Jaggs, I'm sorry
to see you In this condition. I under
I Etood you had quit drinking.
Jaggs Yesh (hie), sho Pave, ol'
chap. Jush (hie) let' off drlnkln
'bout (htc) minute ago, shee?
Teacher Bobby, you must go and
wash your face.
Bobby returns with mouth and nose
fairly clean. His forehead Is wet and
Teacher Bobby, why
Bobby I did wipe It as high as my
shirt would reach!
Music In PunkviCe.
"Did yer hear my daughter render
that solo last night?"
"What did yer think?"
"Thought she'd do a sight better
renderln' lard."
"What have you here?" asked tho
fresh young man of tho waiter at a
first-class restaurant. "Everything,
sir." "Everything?" sneerlngly; "havo
It served at once." "Hash for one!"
yelled tho waiter. Detroit Free Press.
, Slops tho Cough and
Works Oft iho Cold.
Laxative Dromc-Quinlno Tablets euro s. cold In
ono clay. No cure, No Par. Trice 25 cents.
j -Well Named.
Harry Say, she Is your step
mother, ain't she?
Alice I guess so. Anyway, sho
steps out and leaves me to work.
Thought He Was One of Them.
Manning A year or two ago I ad
vised Pitcher to write a book on the
famous men he had met
Boyd And did he do It?
Manning Ho wroto an autobiog
raphy. Boston Transcript.
as so
taste sood. Eat them like candy. They
remove any bad taste In the mouth, leav
ing the breath aweet and perfumed. It Is
a pleasure to take them, and they are
liked especially by children,
sweeten the stomach by cleansing- ths
mouth, throat and food channel. That
means, they stop undigested food from
souring In the stomach, prevent gas form
ing In the bowels, and kill disease germs
of any kind that breed and feed In the en
tire system.
are purely vegetable and contain no mer
curial or other mineral poison. They con
sist of the latest discoveries In medicine,
and form a combination of remedies un
equaled to make the blood pure and rich
and make clean skin and beautiful com
plexion. tone the stomach and bowels and stir up
the tazy liver. They do not merely soften
the stools and cause their discharge, but
strengthen the bowels and put them Into
lively, healthy condition, making their ac
tion natural.
never grip nor gripe. They act quietly, pos
itively and never cause any kind of uncom
fortable feeling. Taken regularly they make
the liver act regularly and naturally as It
should. They keep the sewerage of the body
properly moving and keep the system clean.
Increase the flow of milk In nursing moth
ers. If the mother eats a tablet. It makes
her milk mildly purgative and has a mild
but certain effect on the baby. In tnts way
they are the only safe laxative for ths
nursing Infant.
taken patiently, persistently, will cure, any
form of constipation, no matter how old or
how often other remedies have failed. They
are absolutely guaranteed to cure any case,
or purchase money will be cheerfully re
funded. cost 10c, 2Sc, COc a box. Samples sent free,
for the asking. We publish no teatlmonlals
but sell Cascarets on their merit under ab
solute guarantee to cure. Buy and try a
box to-day. or write us for free samples
and booklet,
iuim biiidt co., cmaoo r iitr toix.
to any reader of this paper who will re.
any attempt of substitution, or sale of
just as good" when Cascarets are called
convict. All correspondence confident!!.