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A Comprehensive Rtvltw of the Important
Happenings of the Past Week Prtunltd
In a Condensed Form Which It Most
- Likely to Prove uf Interest to Our Many
Ex-Frcmicr Crispi is dead nt Naples.
Tlio United Mincworkcrs indorsed
tlio steel strike.
Forest fires aro beginning in West
ern Washington.
Another Negro wAs burned at tlio
stako in tlio South,
Steel workers in Western mills of
tlio trust refused to strike.
Engagements with insurgents wore
fought recently near Panama.
Business men of San Francisco are
working hard to end tlio strike
Civil government will bo established
in northern Philippine provinces.
Tho funeral sorvico over tho l:to
Empress Frederick occurred at Cron-breg.
Tho Phiippino commission granted
$25,000 to each rinderpest stricken
Shamrock II has arrived at Sandy
Hook, after a 14 days passage across
tho ocean. '
John Winters, the man under ar
rest, has confessed to the robbery of
tho Sclby smelter.
Admiral Evans was censured by the
navy department because of state
ments in his book.
Governor Tuft, of tho Philippines,
says tariff legislation is necessary to
develop the islands.
An attempt was made by Boer syra
pathizcrs to blow up a British trans
port at iew Orleans.
The steel trust is preparing to start
up its idle mills.
Another Negro was burned at tho
stake by an Alabama mob.
Thousands were drowned by tho
overflowing of the Yangtse river.
Two hundred sand teamsters at San
Francisco have joined tho strikers.
Police working on the Selby smelter
robbery have mado one arrest on sua
Tho gunboat Machias has been or
dered to Colon to protect American
The German army has been ordered
to 0 into mourning for six weeks
for tho late empress.
Franco has warned Turkey that tho
porto must settle claims or trance s
minister will bo recalled.
Foreign men on warships of Colom
bia quit and have left tho country,
being afraid of being murdered.
Patterson, N. J., anarchists will
produce a play depicting the tragedy
connected with the assassination of
Humbert I, of Italy.
A bad wreck was caused on the
Great Northern in Washington. A
burnt tree fell across the track, wreck'
ing the engine and killing the en
gineer, beveral others were injured.
A general strike has been ordered
in all tho mills of the steel trust.
The English minister at Pekin re
fused to sign tho settlement protocol
Admiral Howison will be the third
member of the Schley court of in
Governor Gage will be asked to
mediate between the contestants in
the San Francisco strike.
St. Paul's cathedral, in London, is
settling from the vibrations caused by
passing underground trains.
Thirty Turks were killed in a bat
tle between Bulgarian bandits and
Turkish government troops.
The Union Iron Works, of San
Francisco, is trying to engage non
union workmen in New York.
Thousands Drowned by Flooding ol Yanjtie
Victoria, II.. 0., Aug. 0. Great
Hoods causal uy tlio overflowing o
tho Ynngtse, havo caused tho deal h
of many thousands in China. Tho
river has risen 40 feet, and for bun
drods of miles the country is u great
lake, with only tho tops of trees and
an occasional roof showing. At
Ankiug the town is Hooded, somo o
tlio houses to their roofs. At Kin
Kiaug, the native town is Hooded,
and two feet of water stands in tho
foreign settlement. Lower down
the river towards Wuhn, tho destruc
tion was greater, and boatmen csti-
tuato that sU.iwu were drowned in
that district. Chong Teh was wined
away by tho Hood, ami lu.uuv) wore
drowned there and many other iHimts
havo been inundated, involving awful
loss ot life and great destruction to
property. It was feared tho embank'
mont built by Chong Cheh Tung,
near Wu Chang, would break, and if
they did, tho Hood would drown
hundreds of thousands.
Tho lloug Kong police seize:!, in
house m Queen s road. West, many
hundreds of new Mausers, old ham
nier and needle guns, several hundred
revolvers and Chinese horso pistols
with ammunition of every kind and
reloading and recapping .tools.
Chinese junk owner said his vessel
had been chartered by Europeans to
land the arms secretly in bamai.
As a result of the recent breaks,
plans have been made to convert tho
Brooklyn bridgo into a double decker.
Moro raw cotton was exported dur
ing tho fiscal year lust closed than
ever before in the history of tho coun
The Washington supremo court re
fuses to grant a writ of habeas corpus
for Eben Boyce, the Tacoma mur
Owing to the death of the empress
dowager, tho program lor tho recep
tion of Von Walderseo will bo very
The National Wholesale Grocery
Company is tho latest trust about to
bo formed. It will havo a capital of
Bobbers at Vallcjo, Cal., entered
tho vault of tho Selby Smelting
Works through a tunnel and secured
$280,000 in gold bricks. No clew has
.been found to the perpetrators.
Rockefeller is going to build a pal
.aco to cost $1,000,000.
Colorado leads all tho states in the
production of both gold and silver.
English opponents of ostentation
at funerals will extend their propa
ganda to tho United States.
Tho United States will not prevent
Cuba assuming payment of bonds is
sued by tho Now York junta.
Lord Pauncefoto's talk about a new
canal treaty is taken to mean that
England will mako concessions to ad
just differences, l
Cauied Loss of Two Uves and Damaged
Much Property.
Salt Lake. Aug. 9. Cloudbursts
and heavy rains in various parts of
Utah last night caused the loss of two
lives and resulted in considerable
damage to railroad and other prop
erty. Hundreds of miners aro idlo at
Winter Quarters, tho railroad tracks
being swept away, necessitating a
temporary suspension of mino opera
At Ercka, Utah, tho flood swept
through tho principal street of tho
town, flooding cellars of business
houtes and doing other damage.
Both the Itio Grando and tho Short
Line tracks wero washed away for a
considerable distance, causing a sus
pension of traffic for several hours.
A landslide near Morgan, Utah, de
layed train service on tho Union Pa
cific for over four hours.
Salt Lako's water supply was great
ly curtailed today, owing to a land
slide in Parley's Canyon, which sup
plies a portion of tho city's water.
Shortly before midnight it severo
electrical storm broko over tho city,
seriously interfering with tho tele
graph and telephone service. Tho
plant of tho electric light company
was disabled soon alter the storm
commenced, tho city being left in
Commercial and Financial Happenings of Im.
portance A Brief Review of the Orowth
and Improvements of the Many Industries
Throughout Our Thriving Commonwealth
Ulesl Market RcporL
Charges Likely to Be Made Against Judg
Humphreys, of Hawaii.
Washington, Aug. 9. Judge A. II
Humphreys, of tho First circuit
United Mates court, Hawaii, today
had a conference with Attorney Gen
cral Knox. Sonio -timcLngo tho bar
association oi Jiuwan nieu a com
plaint with Judge Humphreys, al
leging, among other things, arbitrary
and unjust treatment of members of
the bar and specifying tho arrest of
three well known attorneys upon
charge of contempt of court. Tho
sentence, however, was npt executed,
and subsequently the accused were
pardoned by tho governor On the
other hand, it is said a large number
of letters have been received here tes
tifying to tho uprightness and in teg
rity of Judge Humphreys, and other
testimony bearing upon the case is
expected very soon. It is expected
that tho liar Association of Hawaii
will follow its complaint by formal
charges and then the matter will bo
taken up by the department of justice
and disposed of. It is intimated by
persons in a position to havo know
ledge on the subject that the com
plaints against Judge Humphreys aro
a result of tho antagonism that has
existed for sonio time between tho
new federal officials and the old
regime. Judge Humphreys will
main some days.
Ordered to Colon.
Washington, Aug.9. Tho navy de
partment has ordered tho gunboat
Machias, now at iioston, to proceed
to colon to look after American in
teresta there. This is in connection
with tho reports of disturbances and
interruption of traffic at tho isthmus.
The Brooklyn at Manila.
Manila, Aug. 9. Tho United States
cruiser Brooklyn flying tho flag of
Bear Admiral Bemey, has arrived
here from Australia, where tho vessel
took part in tho celebrations attend
ing tho opening of tho first Austral
ian parliament.
Gold Strike In Georgia.
Atlanta, Ga.( Aug. 9. Samples of
ore, accompanied by attested affida
vits, havo been received in Atlanta
showing a remarkably rich striko of
gold in Wiiks county, near Washing
ton, Ga.
To Save the Vermont.
New York, Aug. 8. According to
the Tribuno tho latest proposition
oncoming tho old training ship
Vermont, which comes as a result of a
umber of protests to tho navy de
partment against the conversion, on
sanitary grounds, of tho old boat into
unk, Is to establish a naval musoum
or trophy room. Tho room now used
as a museum is small and it is need
cd for offices.
Over 1,000 tons of fruit and hops
wero shipped from r.ugcne in the last
fiscal year.
A big natatorlum has Wen finished
at linker Uity, with two largo tanks,
30x00 and lfixIIJ feot.
Buyers aro offering Howl Biver
npplo growers $l,2fi a box for apples,
to bo delivered in tho fall.
A rattlesnake was killed near Ash
land recently. It measured seven feet
oiio inch in length and had 27 rattles.
A German farmer residing on the
Necanicum is reported to havo diseov
ered a three foot vein of gold bear'ng
Douglas county growers are already
looking for lalor to pick their prunes
Wages to bo paid aio not yet an
Threshing machino operators of tho
Powder valley havo formed a thresh
ere' union, and fixed tho puces to bo
paid for this work.
A lorgo cray timber wolf, of tho
gonuino tpyc, was killed near Elgin
recently. It measured inches
from tip to tip and .IS in height
A 20 dav run ot tho IT) stamp quartz
mill at tho Lucky Boy mine, in the
Blu river district, yielded over 02
pounds of gold, valued at about $13,-
Tho first shipment of Oregon early
potatoes to tho hast has been made,
Counterfeit $5 gold pieces and hall
dollars aro in circulation in JJaker
Tho Euceno creamery turned out
over five and a half tons of butter dur
ing July.
Veteran farmers say Lano county
will huvo moro wheat. this year than
ever bofore.
A largo forest firo is reported
be burning in tho neighborhood
Diamond Peak.
A large attendance of students
expected at the Mt. Angel college dur
ing tho coming year.
A postoflico has been established at
Lima, Coos county, to I hi supplied by
special service from Dora.
Wallowa stockmen aro protesting
igorously against tho presence of
Umatilla county sheep herds on the
government ranges in tho former
J. Ball, a Seattle cattlo buyer, was
in Camas valley last week. He otter
ed ?3.G0 per hundred pounds for leef
cattle, but could not get anything at
that price.
An .experimental prune dryer, now
being built at tho Oregon Agricultural
Collcgo farm, will havo tho trays laid
vertically in stacks after tho Cun
ningham system.
The special government plat of tho
abandoned r-ort Klamath military
and hay reservation lias been com
plcted. It covers an area of about
2,200 acres. Application for entry on
the lands will bo received at tho Lake
viow land office on and after August
Annual Report ol General MacArthur on the
Philippine Situation.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12. Tlio an
mini ronnrt of MoJor-Gonoral Mac
Arthur, dntoil July t, 1001, tho ilny ho
relinquished command of tho division
of tlio Philippines, has been received
nt tho War Department. Tlio period
covered by tho report Is from Oc
tober 1, 4900, when tho Inst report
from General MacArthur was dated.
Ho rovlows tho policy of the ! lu
pines that wero liostllo to tho Ameri
cans, saying that their nctlou since
tho practical collapse of tlio Insur
rection liaH boon n perplexing prob
lent. With tho dlstmmlmont of the
Insurgent Hold armies, tlio Filipinos
orgonlzod desperato resistance by
banding tlio pconlo together In sup
port of tho Riiorrlllas. Thin was car
ried out by means of secret commit
tees, who collected contributions, In
dicted punishments ami carried on a
considerable opposition to tho Ameri
cans. Gonoral MacArthur reviews
the manner In which operations wero
carried on against these guerrillas
and says ho hopes the policy luloptod
Sleel Trust Makes an Imporlint Move by Or
derlng Its I'lvcMllllon-Dollar Plant
MeKeespnrt to be Torn Down and Re
moved to the Klsklmlnelas Valley-Mn
Are Undaunted.
. There is a possibility that in
case tho trouble between Vene
zuela mid Colombia breaks out
in war one ot tho war yossols
now on Pugct Sound will bo
sent to Panama.
Tho available warships on
Ptiget Sound aro tho Oregon
and tho Iowa. Tho Oregon is
at Puget Sound navy yard and
the Iowa at Atmcortos. Tho
Wisconsin is also at tho Puget
Sound yard, but is not in shape
for nctivo service. If but one
battleship is sent to Panama it
will bo tho Iowa, owing to the
need for ermanciit repairs to
tho Oregon.
will In time conciliate tho natives and
mako them friendly to tlio United
States. Tho education of tho people
In times past mado them susnlcloiis
of any governmental bcncflclenco, and
they evidently looked on tho lenient
attitude of tho United States as In
dicating wcaknoss. General Mac-
Arthur says the proclamation Issued
on December 21, firmly declaring the
intention of tlio United Statos to hoi
the Island and to havo tho law
obeyed, had n good effect, nnd tho sec
ret rcslstanco was much abated.
A considerable portion of tho
port Is dovoted to tho field operations
or the army, showing thnt October
1900, It occuplod 413 stations, which
was or necessity Increased to G02 sta
tlons, every command being In con'
tact with some liostllo force. Ho
speaks of tho good sorvico of tho
army and says, as a result of tho co
operation between tho army and tho
people who havo accepted tlio Invi
tatlon to comblno for mutual protcc
tlon, tho armed Insurrection Is almost
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, export value.
-babtc per bushel ;biuestem, &7Goc;
valley, nominal.
Flour best grades, 2.003.40 per
barrel; graham, ?Z.bU.
. Oats $1. 151.20 percental.
Barley Feed, $1010.50; brewing.
?lti.0UlV per ton.
MillstufTs Bran, $27 per ton: mid'
dlings, $21,50: shorts, $20; chop, $10,
llay Timothy, siiiu; clover.
$79.50; Oregon wild hay, $50 per
Butter Fancv creamery,1720c:
dairy, 1416cj; store, 11 12c per
.Eggs 17c per dozen.
Cheese Full cream, twins, lira
llo; Young America, 1212c per
Poultry Chickens, .mixed, 53.00
3.75; hens, $3.7b4.76 ; dressed. 10
11c per pound; springs, $2.604,00
per dozen ; ducks, ?J for old; $2,60
3.50 for young; geese, $44 60 ner
dozen ; turkeys, live, bqiuc; dressed,
lUlac per pound.
Mutton lanibs, 3ic. cross:
dressed, uc per pound; sheep,
$3.25, gross ; dressed, 6CKo per lb.
nogs uross, heavy, $o.7bU:
light, $4.755; dressed, CJ7o per
Veal Small. 8Uo; larce. 7
7c per pound.
licel Uross top steers, $d.504.00:
cows and heifers, $3.253,50; dressed
beef, 0J7Kc por pound.
Hops 12 14o per pound.
Wool Valley, ll13o: Eastern
Oregon, 812c; mohair, 2021o per
Potatoes 90c$1.00 per sack.
Tlo odlcst speennon of paper monev
lias turncu up in unina at ino ago of
634 years.
American methods and manufact
ure aro displacing all othors in Eng
land, wnoro everybody studies tho
Intended to Assassinate Him a
NEW YOnK, Aug. 12. Says tho
London correspondent of tho Tribune
stumors aro current mat tho rca
son why tho departure from London
for Germany of King Edward and
other royal mourners has been do
layed was that tho Qerman pollco
authorities had received Information
of a plot which tho anarchists had
Intended to put Into execution at
Frledrlchshof. It Is certainly some
what significant that ovon now tho
exact hour of tho King's doparture
has not been .made known, Howovor,
it is Known mat preoarations ror h a
departure are complete. Accompanied
by Queen Alexandra and Princess
Victoria, ho will Ioavo London to
morrow evening and reach Cronberg
in time to do present nt tho memorial
service which Is to be held thero Sun
Boers Captured a British Post.
LONDON, Aug. 12. Lord Kltch
cner, In a dispatch from Pretoria, an
nounces mat a noBt of 2G men. h.
longing to Steynacker'e Horso on tho
aaui mver, nas been surprised nnd
captured by tho Boers,
urd Kitchener reports also the
surrender at warmbaths of Cam
mandant Devlllores. who was Rnrnnil
in command to Holers.
Russia After the Jews
BT. PETEnSBUnO, Aug. 12. The
government will heroaftor limit tho
numoor or Jewish studonta In Hussion
universities to 3 por cent of tho total
numner or students, except In tho
university or Moscow, wboro they aro
uiuirciy prumuiiea,
Contribution from a Soldier.
WABtllNUTON. Aurr. 19nnn,.
nji-y uukq nns received from a sol
dier In tho PhlllDnlnns a pnntrll,nH.
"l lno money was sent to
s-niiior uonaiy, rector or tho Catholic
University, for transmission to tho
Gen. Wood has been mado a mom-
ber of tho Acadomy of Science of
Havana, a most exclusive society
limited to 40 members, all elected
I for lifo.
Death Sentence Approved.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12.-For thn
first time since tho outbreak nf th
Spanish war, President McKlnley has
approved tho death sentonco In tho
case of an enlisted man. Tho case
Is that of Private Phlnoas Foutz, Com
pany K. Nineteenth Tnfnn,. ' mui'
soldlor waB convicted by a 'general
court-martlnl at Cobu, P. I. for tho
murder of Genovlva Torres, a natlvn
Filipino girl, bv sdnM,!' i, ""I?
death-wlth a sword cane In her homo
at Mandaue, Cebu, November IB, 1900,
PITTBtlUHO, Aug. 12. There wore
gravely Important developments In
ti.n Mirikn Hituntloii today. The United
Htutes Stool Corporation moved do
rlHlvelv In Its strike campaign, with
a peremptory order directing that tho
Dowees-Wood nlnnt. nt MCKuosptin
bo dismantled ami removud to KIh
klmlnotns Valley. President (loin
pors, of tho American Federation of
Labor, nfter it two days' conference
with President Shaffer nnd his khho
dotes, IsHtiod n formal statement to
iilKht, specifically holding tho Feder
ation to the moral nnd llnniiclal supi
port of the Amalgamated. His writ
ton rovlew of tho trn.u of events
IcodltiK up to the Industrial ipmrrul
sustains tho coursu of the Amnlun
matod AsHodntlon, mid declares thut
nothing remains for labor but to but
tlo for the cnuso of unionism.
Tho ofllclul announcement of tho
order to dismantle tho Doweits Wood
plant enmo this afternoon toward tho
close of nil otherwlsu tinuvciitfiil day.
and Its Importance was such that
claimed the serious consideration of
cither sldo of tho great Industrial
conflict now being waxed hure. Pur
Blfer F. Smith, district mnmiKor of
tho American Shoot Stool Company,
mado tho formal announcement In
tho following statement:
"I havo orders from Prosldont Me
Murtrlc, ot tho American Sheet Steel
Company, to at onco tear down tho
Dcwoos-Wood Plant at McKcedport
and remove the sania to Klsklmlnelns
Valloy. TiiIh I shall proceed to do
Tho publication of tho order was
great surpilso and McKecsport re
ceived It at first with doubt. Actual
preparations wero mado later In ttm
day for the dismantling of the plant.
nnd there U little douiit but mat it
will be torn down. The strikers heard
the order In a spirit of doflnncu. They
simply said that It showed the steel
corporation was convinced that It
could not reopen tho plant In the face
of tho opposition of the Amalgamated
Association. Striko leaders hero said
that the order was it bluff that had
been worked unsuccessfully before,
and declined to take it senotikiy
President 3;uiTcr refused to discuss
tho matter.
Tho steel odlcln! declined to give
any reason for tho order, but It Is
stated hero that tho pronounced sym
pathy of citizens and city officials at
McKcosport with the nt.lkers Is re
sponsible for It. It Is nlsn said Hint
tho plant of Mir Nations! Tuho Com
pan) at McKoespoit will be i"
doned nnd tho old Cirneglo plan for
n tubo plant at Co.moatit, O., re
vived. Gimiers Pledges Support
President Gompers, of tho American
Federation of Labor, wai closeted
with tho advisory board of tho Amal
gamated Association for more than
thrco hours. This evening ho gave
out tho following statement:
"8lnco tho arrival of Secretary Mor.
rlson, of tho American Federation of
Labor, and myself, wo have been In
almost continual conference with tho
advisory board of tho Amalcnmam.i
Association of Iron, Stool and Tin
Workers. Wo mado a thornucli in.
vesication of tho prosent strike, of
tho causes which led to tlio strike,
tho present situation of tho country.
and wo unhesitatingly declare our
Judgment that tho position ot tho
Amalgamated Association Is absolute
ly Justified and cssontlal to I
tlnuanco nnd effectiveness as a union I
' "lOnlly
Captured by lloers Afltr S,v. ...
I)wet Intend, lo Cap, f h
London,' Aug. la. a ill. . . "iK
t,.i i.'ii ...... . . ""Wclilm,
,,,., . ,
"A MooKlmti,, ,,.-",
Orange Ulvor ,, r '.r,l
tmptiir.Hl by the (1r, .., ' f1
llehtln. the nl..l.t r
"Klllnt lim .'.
anil largo ttmntuiiv ,,f J''!?01'
wnuiiiis. which he i. K 'ft
detiille Intvo Ikh'ii reei.ii.ui 1
Mull dlspiilehes from i,or,i ,
oner ImhhI today in n .....i, '
na.-er, sayl,lHen,,tant!:; ::S
imiirovu n o inriiM , ' "
line of coiiiimmioiti,,,,,,, Q"'
"ve nervier,
Kiirrinuiin uu me railways Inn
ihm'h tmiriMYii.
Lord Kitchener rei-fu,.,
..- i .1.... ,.
mmiiuiiHi nun newel lutii,,!, '
tnok CitpoTown, while (j,-m.r,i ..j,11
.is sot)., hi lit. l;-arH that the cZ!
trillion In (!iihi Colony u ,.,rjT
to imtor Niilnl with Good V;
Imrmmnm ri ml nmL,. f... i. . I'1"'
"" ""Mian.
Will Probtbly lie Suh.lltuied for tl,
coniln al Panama.
Washington, Aug. Hi T, Uy
ileiwrtiiitmt was willumt iiam
Information today eoinuniinj
Veili'idlela-Colouibln mtuaiiu,,
the revolutionary t lrnk n u
Indium. Thine two inmi,! j
limn, oiiii iK'ing on the wenlsndi
oilier on the eimt coat () Colotnti.
I lie Hunger, which hasUtnort,
Kv i H'"iiiiH-M at null Dlfto.ClL
er of 1,020 tons ilinplnwmr-iit and bJ
mt'ii PIIKIIKIII Mir Mllim l hurt tv..t..
survey work on the IWifio coast u!
in iviitnu Aiiicricuii witters bi
iMvwihln that lii'rM!rvici-aiii..J
.1 . II ,1, ... . 7"
til trillion! win niuiirc mui that
tie ship jvlll not Im- iiiiilnl to mat,
the long trip Iroiu the north Tt
Hanger has a imilii Imtlcryof n fo
iiioii rnpid-iirf gum ami Mt,mhn
IkiM.iri ui I,,,... . i w .........I ,
"" - i lxjiiiiiicri and 4
win gun. Mie Ium it complement
21 olliwrs ami 127 men
As the IwttlcKlni. Iowa hu
ed her arrival nt I In mr M.
the Wiiimiuslii liux nut yet Ucn
from, It Is prolxthlc tint the f.,!m
limy iKt stllwtitulcil rft henro.trt
he trip to the Pneil'ic sxlo ff the Irtk
mils, if It is ilci lilnl to wnd a Uiil
ship, although the formal stin iunn
meiit of tho chutie Jm not )t Uv,
Pressure I. Heine llrouthl loBeareefc
Panama Railroad Company,
NKW YOUIC. Auk. II, V A Drib
secretary of tho Panama IUII-'
Company, says that the commtukr
tlon which J. Kdward Hlmmoni. pm!
Ident of tho company, sent to tt'
State Department siiKC'itlnit t&it i
American warship go to the I'idl
side nt Panama, as well as to the k
lantlc side at Colon, was sent Isrrn':
as tho result of tho pressure dK
residents of the Isthmus havo browk'
to bear on tlio company SlaH
Wednesday nlstht officers of tb to
nany In New York have recelrM a3
advices from the Isthmus bowmi
creased activity on tho part ot u
InsiirvnntH In tint shano of deprtis
tlons by bnnds of from 10 to.l
guerrillas, who havo raided ootljw
towns, looting property and cspttf
Imk citizens for ransom. , .
Traffic, howovor, even in m
,nnfn nf nnv rnnnrlf ll tUtHrruSliW
along tho rnllrond lino. Is clearlfM
Ing, In Uio opinion of trio oncers,
..n.nV.. on,l thn ll BOW
of tho movemonta of tho rebels, ttjl
think, It that It nppears to be i
vlvnl or tun lnMiirrcction m
miuunco nnu cnoctivcness as a union ' "'. "" .,,.nPMiri
of tho workers In tho trade, as woll as 1 "upposod to havo been suppress
mo protection of tho rlchts nnd in.
tercstn of Its members.
Organized labor advances or rv
cedes, never stands still. It, thoro
foro. follows that If tho trust, bv tin
great wealth, can provent tho otton
Blon and growth of tho Amnlcnmntmt
Association, It encampaoscs Its dis
integration and destruction. The only
powers thon standing between tho
trust and tho workers ns n nrntnrinr
aro the tender mercies of Its dlroctors.
Against such a calamity tho sense of
justice nnn numanity revolt, nnd
uKuinst. it wo solemnly protest.
"Wo shall stand by tho Amnlga
mated Association In thn nrnnnni vm.
fllct to tho fu'l oxtoit of our powor,
both morally and financially; wo shall
aid In overy lawful way tho mon on
BtrikO or Who mnv comn nut nn ntr'rn
to maintain tho workers In th lr ri lit
to organlzo and tho eiteiulnn nf Hmi.
last year.
Philippine Imports of Silk.
WASHINGTON, Auk. 12. A com.
paratlvo statement giving tho Imports
of silk manufactures In tho Philip
pines during tho yours of 1898. lsnn
and 1000 has boon propared In tho
Division of Insular Affairs of tho War
."jiiurmieni. o total Imports of
....wo u. D,m lo lno .JH,
ippincs durlnrr tho venr innn nin,,.i.
...I 4 onrnn." . " """"""
Vonn 0?'U0'i n against ?183,000 for
1839, an Increase In favor of 1000 of
111 por cont, Tho Imports of thin
commodity from thn liniimi ai..i
whllo comparatively small, Increased
from 1301 In 1899 to fl.HO In 1000.
Kruer'i Mental Condition.
LONDON. Auir. 12 A .n.,1.1 At..
patch from Rotterdam says tho men
tal condition of Mr. Kruger Is arous
ing SOrlOUB annrehnnclnn A .,i-i
1st In nervous diseases has boon sum
moned by telegraph from Dorlln.
Drouth In Russia.
ST. PETERsnnrtn ,
continued drouth has oxto'ndod tho
?!aT?ftMrop dnm'Ko, which Includoa
the Baltic provinces. In tho West
Siberia and Volirn. nmvin. "r".
most total crop falluro Is oxp'octod,
Storms on the Southern Boriir.
Tucson, Ariz., Aug. 13.
storms continue to rage in fWumesH
em Arizona and Northern Sonon
Tho road from Ilenson to OuW,
whs badly whsIiimI out last nightjw
this afternoon again, stripping
A hurricane ruin storm vlmtcdW
this afternoon, totally Mr0)in.i
gas works, leaving the city rilli
light. Several largo smokeatck
buildings woro blown dow"
largo number of trees destroyed. "
destruction is considorauie.
Anarchht Play Prohibited.
NEW YOItK. Aug. 12. MWOf JJJ
cllffo, of Pnttorson, N. J.. , "(,
orders to tho "Itlght of KiWMj.
group of nnnrchlsti that he wi l,n TinrfnrmnllCO la 1'
of tho ndvortlsod play 'o'ln.?.,j
murdor of King Humbert. TM
says ho will, in ruturo,
says no win, in sum.v. . uti
Mi nnn linlll rCCOntly t0 tKm
German Punitive Expedition
imiSUANE, Q"ons,aniJmf;i!!
Tho Gormnn punltlvo oxpedltW'F;
to nvongo tho mnssocro ot uv . r
ken and other membors o
Oorman South oa oxpu---um
cannibal Island of St. Mf'brcor
od from tho Oorman 1'8,ormllcr
ant, noar tho scene of tho ,
klllod 80 natlvos nnd capturco
Damaged Ins Collision.
London, Aug. lfcrfffl
Nttgiwaki says tho unw - (((
OhlngWo, 'rom Bcattlo Jul ' j,
London, is nt Nagasaki with W'
hor port bow, hor nriugo
and with the Ipsa ' of Iwr ndg ,
inr, ri,n.i nf niiaiii, " . j,n
bo mado tompornrily In
TtolnJurlwwerowrta nod bit
lision Willi tno ii";""
was also damaged.