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111 wuiiucnicu i unn mum i riwn
Likely to Prov of Intcreit to Our Many
The new government of Manila is
now In efTcct.
Liberia in afraid Oennnny wants it
for a colony.
i no legation dclenscs at rekin are
approaching completion.
Instirgctts have been driven out of
threo more towns in Mindoro.
England approves the stem Doer
policy announced by Chamlierlain.
Any settlement of the Sa.i Francis
co JalKtr troubles seems very remote.
The death of Dowager Km press
f rcdoricK is expected at any moment.
Austrtans will resort to force to
keep out American shoe stores in
Another Negro has been lynched in
the Taliaferro neighborhood in
Fruit failures by drouth in Eastern
states will create a good demand for
IS ortli western fruit.
Statistic for 1900 show the United
States to be by far tho greatest coal
producing nation in the world.
Canners and fishermen on the Co
lumbia agree that the down river
salmon run was caused by hatchery
Several pouches of mail were stocn
from tho union depot at Portland,
Saturday, bonic oi the mail was re
covered, but no clew to the thief.
William Steffcn, a laborer, of Mos
cow, Idaho, winie violently insane
shot and killed Dr. W. V. Watkins,
ana wounded two
was shot by the posse which gathered
An attempt was made to assassinate
tlie queen dowager of Portugal.
Conferees on steel strike have come
to an agreement on peace terms.
Lord Roberts has been voted 100.
000 for his services in South Africa.
Another revolt has been started
Bid to be Advcrtbcd for Sumy of the
Qnlnatt Reicrvc.
OI my jiln, Wash., Aug. 1. Serey
or General Kingsbury has received
trial ntnl tn.ia fmnt Cmw mlattrmrir.
iliVElMfS Ul1 TJll!i J)Al 1 Dinger Hermann, at Washington, I)
v., to aJvcrtlso for bids for tho sur-
A Comprehensive Review of the ImporUnl ,.,,, .......:..., ni.
The reservation, when
surveyed, will Iks about 10 townships,
or between 225,400 and 250,000 aoros,
which is to be thrown open for settle
ment, presumably in homestead,
after tho survey is completed and ap
For several years various jieople
have been working by petition with
tho federal government to have tho
reservation thrown open, but the
order for its survey comes somewhat
as a surprise, it not boing expected so
soon. On this reserve there arc about
200 Indians, and each ono of these
will Iks alloted SO acres for a home
stead. All the rest will be. open for
settlement through tho United States
land oflicc at Olympia.
It will, in all probability, tako sev
eral years for the completion of tho
survey and its approval by tho United
Mates general land otlico at ashing-
ton. Hiils will be advertised for at
once, and let during tho mouth of
August, after which, according to
Surveyor General Kingsbury's inten
tion, work will lie rushed so that as
much as possiblo will bo finished this
summer. Tho minimum time in
which tho survey will be completed is
placed at 18 months, with a maxi
mum of three or four years.
Commercial and Flrunclil Happening! of Im
portancc A Brief Review of the Orowth
ind Improvement! of the Miny Induitrlci
Throughout Our Thriving Commonweilth
Utcit Market Report ' ,
Tho town well in Lnkoviow has
gone dry ana is to be dug deeper.
Heavy timber fires aro reported not
more than 10 or 12 miles from Ilakcr
A fine lot of 81 bucks from tho
Lmld farm havo been taken to Gil
liam county for breeding puproses.
The Hooth-Kolly Lumber Company
will havo 20 five room cottages built
for its employes at Wcndling, Lane
The Modoc tribo has dwindled to 77
memliers, mostly women and sick or
Enjoined From Making Public Statement! Re
girding Schley Cue.
Washington, Aug. 1. Secretary
Long has issued tho following general
ah persons in the naval service
are strictly enjoined to refrain from
others before he any public statement concerning the
subject matter of the court of inquiry
requested by Rear Admiral W. S,
Secretary Long stated that if com
plaint against tne languace used in
the fifth specicfTaton of the nreccnt to
tne ecniey court oi innuirv was oiii-
ciany made to him bv Admiral
I 1. ! I . - . ..1.1 . .
seainst President Castro, of VJ?, !.""" ,'"'era, r.con
The names of 4,200 people were
drawn in one day in the Oklahoma
land lottery.
I 1 I IT. 1 I
sidoration and the language might be
in Switzerland.
The military affairs of Oregon and
Washington will be turned over to
General Randall.
The strikes on both sides of tho
continent continue with no prospect
of an immediate settlement.
The transport Egbert sailed from
Seatttle for St. Michaels with 130 re
cruits and a cargo of goods for the
military post there.
t lve masked men held up a' train
near Chicago. They secured no
treasure, although the express car
carried about u.twu,
captain niaz Jioreu, who com
inanded one of the Spanish warships
in the battle off Santiago is of the
opinion that Schley was both brave
and competent.
Boers got much the better of a hot
skirmish near Mauta.
English House voted $10,000,000
jor tne racihc cable.
The band of insurgents in Batangas
province aiis occn captured.
n i iii ... .
j. no corn ueit is getting less rain
and another hot wave is predicted.
A new South African policy is ex
pectcd to follow the return of Lord
Milner to Transvaal.
Admiral Kimbcrly has asked to be
excused from the Schley court of in
quiry. in health is given as hi
The pay chest stolen at Santa
Cruz, Philippine islands, has been
recovered, with the contents un
Two nonunion teamsters in San
Tranoisco fired into a body of .strik
ers, wounding one man. The shoot
ers wero arrested.
Although the drought has been
broken in tho southwest, tho effect
J m been to cause tho price of all
products to raise.
A general strike comprising the
members of the City Front Federa
tion, San Francisco, has been order
cd. Tho strike affects 26,000 men.
Two men in a row boat upset in the
A -1- 1 l . . .
.straits aim were picxea up and taken
to Seattlo by a steamer. They had
been in the water 13 hours. One of
them died from the effects.
The governor of Panay has asked
for aid in consequence of ravages of
A new truss will have to be nlaced
in the Brooklyn bridge to replace tho
-broken one,
The population of the German em
piro includes 3,000,000 who uso the
Polish language.
Tho world has two and a quarter
million acres under tobacco cultiva
tion, which produces 850,000 tons
each year.
The will of Pierre Lorillard, of Now
York, disposes of an estate valued at
about $1,000,000. Twenty years ago
his wealth was estimated at $20.-000,000.
One of Their
Gum All Day Fight
Durban, atal, Aug. 1. Details
received hero of what seemed at first
to be a skirmish between the Boers
and a British column near Matitu,
July 28, shows that an all day fight
occurred, in which the British nar
rowly escaped the loss of a gun of the
Sixty-seventy field batter'. Four
hundred Boers repeatedly rushed the
iiritisn position. Two British olfi-
cers and five men were killed.
Mow Boers In the Field Get Newt.
T .1 1 . rr
Minnuon, Aug. i. now isoers in
the field get news is explained by dis
patches to the Daily Mail from Lou-
renco Marqucz and Amsterdam, from
which it appears that the Boers main
tain a regular service of dispatch
riders. Cables aro receievd and filed
at Lourenco Marqucz.
diseased children. Thcroaro only
able liodied warriors.
fcome liiiuam county cattle wero
dying of a dUeaso thought to be black
leg, but veterinary diagnosis proved
it to Im caused by eating rusty grass,
Baker City is having lots of troublo
hcatise her new gravity water system
is not completed. Tho streets are six
inches deep in dust and the sewerage
is bad.
The air is now somewhat hazy down
tho Willametto valley, but not becauto
of forest fires. Numerous farmers
and ranchers are clearing land and
burning brush.
The Mule Gulch, Grant' county
piacors, owned by Cannon it Jonn
sou, have cleaned up $8,000 already
this season, and are expected to dou
blc the amount before snow flics this
There are numerous parties out in
the mountains n Curry county, sev
eral being from San Francisco. The
law requires a non resident hunter to
pay a $10 license for the privilege of
Sage hens arc said to be very mi
nierous in Baker county.
The postoflke at Emory, Crook
county has been discontinued.
The Nehalcm Coal Company has
filed articles of incorporation. Capi
tal, f 10U.UUU.
The postoflke at Ophir, Curry
county, has been discontinued, mail
going to Wedderburn.
Dry weather and horn flies aro hav
ing an unfavorable efTcct on the dairy
business In Curry county.
Volunteer. wheat is said to be Yield
ing 15 to 20 bushels to the aero Ifr
some parts of Wasco county.
The first shipment of Marion
county peach plums was recently sent
irom fcalcm to Pugct sound points.
S. H. Haggard, one of the best
known attorneys in Southern Oreeon.
died suddenly at his home in Marsh-
held, aged b2 years.
Destructive wheat field fires are
reported from near Pendleton. About
210 acres were burned and the losses
will aggregate $2,000 or more.
Chicago Machinists' Strike It Over.
Chicago, Aug. 1. Local officials of
the local organization of machinists
Announced today that the strike in
Chicago was practcally over, and that
the nine hour day, so far as this city
was concerned, has been firmly estab
lished. Seventy-seven firms, out of
a total of 05, have conceded tho de
mands of tho union, whilo 18 firms,
some of which- have not resumed
operations, are still standing out.
Tho officials say 1,500 men havo re
turned to work undor union condi
tions, leaving about 500 still fighting
tne manuiacturers.
Bruiuwlck at Port Towruend.
Port Townsend, Wash., Aug. 1.
Tho steam schooner Brunswick ar
rived last evening, 18 days from Nomo
via Dutch Harbor, having in tow tho
disabled steamer Ruth. Tho Bruns
wick brought down 27 passengers.
ino voyago was made without inci
dent, tho weather being favorable
during tho entire run down.
An Alleged Gigantic Swindle.
Chicago, Aug. 1. George II.
Phillips, the corn king, today report
ed to tho postal authorities his discov
ery of an alleged attempt at a gigan
tic swindle. The country, Mr. Phil
lips told tho insnector. has Inn
flooded with circulars emanating from Oregon, 812Jc; mohair, 2021c per
XT..... XT I 1.1 . I . . I m i . 1
.iiiv juis, usKing ior subscriptions
The Bonanza mine, in tho Sumnter
district, Eastern Oregon, will make
improvements which will double tho
present output of $30,000 per month
Portland Markets.
Wheat Walla Walla, export value,
o550c per bushel; blucstem, 57o
valley, nominal
Flour best grades, $2.00(33.40 ncr
barrel; granam, $z.bu.
Oats $1. 151.20 per cental
Barley Feed, $1C16.50; brewinc
iu.DU(gi per ton.
MillstufTs Bran, $27 per ton: mid
dlings, $21.50; shorts, ,$20; chop, $10.
Hay Timothy, $1113; clover.
$79.60; Oregon wild hay, $50 per
Butter Fancy creamery. 17M(H20a:
dairy, 1415c; store, ll12o per
Jiggs i.7l7c per dozen.
Cheese Full cream, twins, lira
llc; Young America, 1212Jc per
Poultry Chickens, mixed. $3,000
4.75; hens, $3.764.75; dressed. 10
lie per pound; springs, $2.504.00
per dozen; ducks, $3 for old; $2.50
(33.60 for young; geese. $404 50 nor
uozen ; turKoys, live, ecsiuc; dressed.
lyjiSizo per pound.
Mutton Lambs. 3mc. ltimh-
dressed, 07c per pound; sheep,
$3.25, gross; dressed, 00Ko per lb.
Hogs Gross, heavv. 5.75a(!f
n-i. Anr.c. .i i . H w
num., yt.iuiwu: urusseu. uiftflc nr-r
Veal Small. 8Uo: iarire. fiU'
7o per pound.
Uccf Gross top steers. $3.5004.00!
cows and heifers, $3.253.50; dressed
beef, 0J7Jo per pound.
Hops ixmiio per pound.
Wool Valley, ll13Kc; Eastern
Five Muked Men Slopped Pauengcr Near
Chicago Failed to find Treaiure.
Chicago, Aug. 2. Tho Baltimore'
&. Ohio passongor train from tho
East, which was duo to nrrivo at tho
Grand Central statlun, Chicago, at U
o clock last night, wm held up by
five masked men at 8 o'clock last
night, between KHgemoro and Grand
Calumet Heights. Ind.. 31 inlltvi out
of Chicago. Ono of tho mail oars,
which contained no money, was dy
namited and wrecked. The attempt
at robbery was made after tho two
mail cars had !ccn detached from tho
train and run a quarter of a iiiilo
aliead. The failure of the rohlmrs
to mnko a rich haul was duo to the
fact that the uxproM car. which con
tained the train's treasure, was in an
unusual place. After wrecking tho
mail car and obtaining no Uwty tho
men disapHared lit tho darkneM
without attempting to rectifv their
mistake. Tho only loot they carried
away with them as a result of their
adventure was tho gold watch of tho
engineer. The train was the New
York and Washington vestibule lim
ited. Most of tho trainmen wero shot
at and had narrow wcaiies from bul
lets. Xo ierjon wns injured, either
by firearms or dynamite.
French and
Report of Big Concern Backed hy
American Capital.
St. Paul, Aug. 0. Tho I'lonccr
Press saysi Itoborl llnrhior, iiianngor
of tho Itusso-Clilna bank, of Pckhi.
All Queitlom Will Be Signed Within t rw representative of the Uinwla uovern.
Oayi Unlcu Soma Unfortietn Hitch Oa. icnt and iimungcr of the Maiiohurlit
cur-3,000 Chlnei, Troop, .,ng To tflffltftVM
Return To the Capital Auguit 15. When doiut scheme- of railway construction
the Allied Troopi Depart destined to unite Alaska mid Hllx'rla
linn iiiriiinu ran nun water cornice-
Ilium luilu'iun. 'Ir,.l.. rid.. .....i in. ..11
1 . f . , I " !. .... Vl.WIM VIM l.llll V Hill i -
leklll, AUg. 0, 1 ho protocol COIll- VOntock. tlin minium tiirmtiuiy ..f tl...
mttteo of the minister of the powers trans-HIU'rian railway, at a coat nf
havo virtually finished tho draft, and $2W000,000,.
submitted the same for approval to 1 . 1 ,tcrprlne, It is stated, has the
tho other ministers. All ....Miln.,. of the Hank of Franco and
will bo signed III the coursn nf n few
days, unless there should he some ills
agreement us to the phraseology, re
Hcinbliug tho discussion Unit ii man
over the word "Irrevocable" in tho
mjrly sinew or the negotiations.
Should Mieh a hitch occur the sign.
ng may Ik Indefinitely postponed.
United States.
English Home of Lordi Votci Dim a Snug
Fortune for Work In South Africa.
London, Aug. 2 In the liouso of
commons today, proiwsing u resolu
tion granting Field Marshal Lotd
Roberts 100,000 for his services in
South Africa, J. Balfour, tho govern
ment leader, in tho courso of his eu
logy of the field marshal, said that
thero was no doubt that but for Lord
Roberts' daring and strategy, and tho
money interests in the
lies. It Is to Im essentlallv
a I rench-Aiiicrleaii undertaking, for
which capital is already in sight
should it prove feasible.
Tho length of tho proponed railroad
from Olrolo City to llehrliig sea will
! about 2,000 mile mid on the
const of Siberia to Vladlvonlook Is
Sanctioned hy foreign Ministers. M.eOO miles. If the concessions an
Merlin, Aug. 6.-A dispatch re-IT" ml ' "nlUM HUtu '"."1
otved here Unlay from Pekin sav. the Tn.. V"" "? " '7
l ii. i ' 1 v -"iii'ii m niiiiiiiiiiii inn nri-
loroign ministers havo sanctioned mary survey will commence nhortly.
.. ISu. "V. K lf a vijiloti of M. Hardier, It is stated, is in the
1,000 thinesu trimps to a camp situ- United States for the pnrKW0 of oIh
atel a few Ii from Pekin about August talning iniortnatlon us to the prod.
, preparatory to tho evacuation of able attitude of the government to
the thineso capital by the allied wards the iiroixisiHl lino
troops on August 15.
German Squadron From China.
ron irom Uhhm arrived here twlay.
11.... t.l...t.l n .1 I ...
..i .tiiiiiiiiu iiuissier ami ins cap
taint repaired on board ilin l ii i nil In I
t I
oi rrince Jlenry of Pruiwlo. Princo
'?"' of Emperor
i niiiiiii, warmiy weicoiiUHl
tlin n
rapidity with which his plans wore l"""K olllcers In n brief sm-ech. Tho
carried out, Jvimborlv and Mafok nir
would have fallen, 11,000 British
would havo beon starved into submis
sion at Lady smith, and there would
have licon a general rising of disloy
alists in South Africa. Tho Liberal
leader, Sir Henry, Campbell-Banner
man, concurred in tho motion
John Dillon, Irish Nationalist.
strongly opposed tho vote. He de
clared Lord Roborts had shown the
greatest inhumanity in South Africa.
and said he had employed barbarous
methods and had proved himself a
dismal failure. Mr. Labouchorc,
iiamcai. anil .Mr. Kior Jlardy, social
1st and Independent ljibor. also
strongly opposed the measure. Swift
Maccil, Irish Aationalist. said his
considered Lord Itolierts operations
were conducted with a maximum of
cruolty and a minimum of humanity,
and that his farewell sjiecch at Capo
jowii was iiorrinio hypocrisy and
blasphemy. After further debato Mr.
Jialfour moved tho closure, which was
carried, iho resolution was adopted
oy a vote oi 21 to 73,
Cadiz, Aug. ft. The German squad. S,,P on ,ne " ' Ch' 'of " P'o.
lection of Traveler.
Washington, Aug. 0. The state
department has received, through
Mr. Sfjuiercs, seoretaryof tho legation
at Pekin, a note from LI Hung Chang,
describlnc the rrL'iilations for tlm
squadron of Hear Admiral Gelsslor control of the inounteil patrol, which
and the one commanded by Princo !t I" proposed to rntethlinli along the
Henry of Prussia, which arrived somo r,m' detween Ching Ting and Pao
days ago, will remain hero forsov- Ting Fu.
eral days. Mr. Hquiurcs hhJ-h this Is the first
n,m.i, F , , . step on tho imrt of the Chinene an-
Brlthh Evacuation of Pekln. t,;rt,,., ,))wnr( , .,rotwtion of for.
Umilon, Aug. 5. The undor eigners traveling through the dis-
secn-tary of the foreign olllce, Lonl turUil districts of the provinces of
l-raiiboiirno, in the house of com
mons today, announced that tlm nin.
cinl date fixed for tho evnmitlm nf
Pekin by tho British troops was
August 15. subject to a few iIiivh' nr.
tension, if necessary. The evacua
tion of the other portions nf niilmi
deiHinded on circumstances.
to a $2,000,000 fictitious pool for a
aeai in (September corn.
Mrs. Nation Pardoned.
Topeka, Kan.. Aue. 1. Mrs. Car.
rie Nation, who is serving a sentence
in tno county jail hero for oint
smashing, was today pardoned by
Governor Stanley. She would not at
first accept tho pardon, because the
lino and costs woro not remitted, but
afterward decided to do so. Tho
county commissioners will allow her
to pay tho fine and costs, amounting
to $150, in installments of 35 a
Potatoes $1.001. 25 per saelcmmv
potatoes, lc ier pound.
Holland hus 10,100 windmills
of which drains on an avcrago of 310
acres of land.
Capt. A. F. Lucas, the disenvn.
of oil in Beaumont, Tex., who is said
to bo worth $40,000,000, was practical
ly penniless a year ago.
It is reported in tho Jncksonvilin
Fla papers that a comnanv nt Rt.
Cloud, that state, has succcedpil In
making oxcollent paper from the
leaves of tho palmetto.
Sayi the American! Can Settle Up
Get Out Within Eight Monthi.
ew York, Aug. 2. General Leon
ard Wood, military governor of Cuba,
ivnu is now on board mo dispatch
boat Kcnawha preparing for a cruise
along the coast of .New England, said
today, in discussing Unban affairs :
juba is u totally undcvcloned
island, and has a great futuro before
icliow fever, in another vear.
will ccaso to bo epidemic. Wo havo
not had a singlo caBo of yellow fever
in Havana this summer, and none1 in
Eastern Cuba for two years past.
Cuba's resources require time for de
velopment. The last enormous sugar
crop was raised on 8 per cent of tho
entire sugar producing lands Only
this small percentage is under culti
"Wo havo $l,5d0,000 in our rcservo
lund, and can pay all our dobts and
get out of Cuba within the next eight
months. Wo have establish! 3,000
nourishing schools. Two years ago wo
wero obliged to provide about 100
orphan asylums to protect tho desti
tute children. Since then wo have
abolished GO, and expect to bo able to
closo more lcforo we rctiro from tho
management of Cuban affairs. Our
San Franclico Employer! and Labor Leaden
Confer Strike May Be Called Qlt.
San Francisco, Aug. 5. Confer
ences have been hold today with a
view, of bringing the tiomliti'g local
strikes to a clone. While no appre
ciable result has been trained. Mnvnr
1'helan, who is laboring dard to dring
iMiuiu un uiijiisiuicni, expresses con
fidence that the controversy will end
within a week. 1mh)t loaders and
Shan Si and Chi Li. Tho regulations
are quaintly expressed, hut In and
stance they provide for the estiidlish
incut of military K)sts at nine sta
tions on the road, tho commanders of
which are to furnish escorts for trav
elers. The escort is to keep within
12 feet of the traveler, whoso pace
must set theirs. It is to diaerso
iicople who gather alwut tho traveler
and are boisterous, and its iiiemlierN
are not to nccept any pay from a trav-
eler under pain of dismissal. A wit
will io forwarded every two days.
No News Given Out Regarding the Schley
Court of Inquiry.
Washington, Aug. (1, Acting Sec
retary Hnckutt had expected to do
able to nniioiinco the name of the
third moiuder of tlio Schlev court of
prominent merchants aro alike hope- inquiry today, but could not do so lit
l. .i a . . ' I a .. it... if it... .1... . i a . I i
lui that tomorrow at tho latest will
see peace restored, and tho striking
workmen will return to their for ni!r
Mayor I'holan has in his possesion
a lottor from the Citv Front Kednrn.
tion asking for more light unon feiit.
uros of the terms of eace iijon which
tho employers insist. This letter
will lie laid beforo the Employers'
Association and numerous confer
ences held. Whatever decision U
reached will not directly affect tlm
striking iron workers, who aro not
Included in tho C tv Front Fedeni.
tion of unions.
The new features of the dnv In.
volvcd Oriental labor. The Japancso
Labor Union voluntarily called imnn
Japancso employed on tho water front
to stand in with tho strikers, and
tho Cllineso crow of tho steamer
to the time the department closed.
Nevertheless, it is surmised that ho
has heard from at least one of the rear
admirals ho has addressed on the sub
ject, and that he has communicated
the result to Secretary Long, and will
await his pleasure boforo making any
announcement. Secretary Long Iihh
specially delegated the task of mak
ing a selection to Acting Secretary
Hackctt, but as a matter of courtesy,
it is probable that he will be made
acquainted witli tho choice beforo it
is mado public.
of the troops in this country, showing
mat tno lsianu is ncaitny."
iiiuiiutjViMvim u v K Ji l i MiiHJIDt Villi i i .
health com nares fn vnrnhlv tlmf """ructions "Om Assistant Secretary
... . . r ... ' .0i,. r.. ..!..! n
- v .! wuiiiiiijnajuiji'r x uwueriy
to order tho crow back to tho Contin
and to prevent and further infrac
tions of the law.
Eight or nino vessels wero working
on tho water front today, an incrcaso
over yesterday. At tho Paclfio mull
dock tho remainder of tho freight and
United Statei Mlnci Far More Coal Than Any
Other Nation.
Washington, Aug. (J. The rejwrfc
of tho coal Product of tlm ITi.iin,!
Coptio was prohibited from working
ashore by tho Federal authorities, in f rWn u. r.R aim i. '
sion act. In . " . "7 ... D 'A " . .v"' n
response to a protest dy labor leaders t " ' w ,i ou,BM1Ti" ;
that tho Chinese crew of the Coptic lho. Wn?.L' "cton . ,ro,1."ct. '""
doing work ashore, Chief V,7non" .ri.?. EX" t0 V
JJunn received im. ,., ,
j.iiu uin.uib inr mo united
States in 1000 was 209,001,281 tons,
an increnso of 15,321.280 tons ovnr
tho year preceding. This makes tho
United States by far tho greatest coal
producing country in tho world.
American! Killed Seven Rcbcli and Took
kuk river. Tho distnncois 000 miles,
Poital Service on the Koyukuk.
WnshiiiEton. Auir. 0. Th
Sfanila. Aug. 2. Lieutenant Croft uaKKnf was placed aboard tho Coptic. omco . department has established n
r.t tin. vinfi.i.nM, i..f.,fr.. ...iii. .. n"u siio icit on schcdu o time. Blcalnboa man scrvleo from St.
mounted detachment of Cobu scouts. .. . "7., Michael, nt the mouth of tho Yukon
has had an encounter with CO innnr. Vermont win not ue ueitroyed. vur, to neones, n now postoiiico nt
gents. Seven of tho rebels woro killed New York, Aug. 5. It is stntcd at . 1 . "ru 01 "a.v'Kll,u.on on. Ko'."-
and 13 taken prisonors. Of Lieutcn- 'do Brooklyn navy yard that the idea
tant (Jrolt's
altrrlil.ll wntir
Tho Fhilippino comm iss on haa duty there as n reco v nc and training u,u,,u vB"un huh year.
niumnd the Mnnfla nivil nlin.lnr shin, has tieen iiluiiwlntirwl ill il. I
which will go into effect immediately! ls ' v'o o tho vessel will bo ro- ' FUI Sm,l,,r ExPllon.
Iho tax on real property has been moved and tho hu 11 preserved as a Phoenix. Arit.. Auir. 0. Ailvlnna
amended, it being nxed at 1 por cent reno. just what disposition will bo received irom Morcnoi aro to tho
lor tno present, ana z per cent after maao oi tne snip will bo decided by cireot that tho contor converter of tho
tne authorities at Washington. At Matron uopjior flliniiig Coiiipany
i-.toiiiii, aim in uiicsiou win) water U1U,Y "(' K,IK two men aim sorious
bugs and fleas, and is believed to Jy injuring eight. Tho furnaco and
Tomorrow all tho military cahloand
teicgrapn lines win bo opened for com
mercial use.
contain microbes.
Baldwin Arctic Exploring Party.
Vardo, Norway, Auk. 2. The
Arctic exploring ship America, with
Evelyn Baldwin, leader of tho Bald-
win-zoigicr expedition on board, bus
1 1 t m '
saiieu irom ncro. xnoro wero 420
dogs and 10 ponies aboard. Tho ves-
eel's courso was toward Capo Flora,
whore Mr. Baldwin expects to ioin
the Frithiof and Boleica. tho other
two vessois ot tho expedition, whioh
loft sovoral days ago. Mr. Baldwin
con tors
woro scattered for somo dis-
Nicaragua Friendly to America.
Managua, Nicaragua, Aug. 5. Tho
congress of Nicaragua assembled to
night, when Presidont Zolava read a
message advocating tho Monroo doc
trino, welcoming tho assistanco of tho
United States against Euronoan col.
onizntion in South America, and set
ting forth that Nicaragua is anxious
for tho construction of tho Nicaragua
intends to push as far north as possiblo. jcana' hy tho United States.
will Manufacture Amu and Ammunition.
Tien Tsin, Aug. 0. Tho govomor
of Shnn Shun, Yuan Shi Kni, is con-
structing nrsonnls in that provjneo
for tho manufacture of arms and
smokolcss powder. Ho ia ongagini'
oxports who wero formerly employed'
in tho arsonals hore. Tlio Chinese
nro alio manufacturing arms and
ammunition at Pao Ting. Trado is
improving, but tho nttitudo of tho
Ohineso Is sullen and dofiant.