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A Comprehensive Review of the Important
Happenings of the Past Week Presented
In Condensed Form Which It Moil
Ukely to Prove of Interest la Our Many
Pierre Lorillard, the tobaeoo king,
is dead.
Tbt hot wave in the eat ha bn
Tlie pope condemns the French law
of associations.
Prince von Hohenlohedied at Bag
atz Switzerland:
Kruger ha abandoned his contem
plated trip to America.
President opetM a large tract of land
In Oklahoma (or settlement.
The nary department has re-established
the European station.
Crazy man shot and killed the judge
who once declared him insane.
The miners' strike at Tellurkle.
Colo., has been satisfactorily settled.
The Standard Oil company is send
inc vessels to the FaeIBe eooat
C. N. Gordon, inder five years' sen
tence, escaped from the jail
., , v.
at an-i
Actual business on London stock
exchance last week was worre than
ever before..
Dr. J. W. Watts, whose vote made
Rutherford B. J laves president in
1870, is dead.
Montana train robbers have out
witted the officers, and their capture
is not probable.
Robert Knapp drowned himself in
the Willamette at Portland to end his
sufferings from asthma.
It is authoritatively stated that the
lonsr-talked-of salmon ca mi era' com
bine has at last been formed.
In the last race at Newport the
yacht Constitution beat the Columbia
nine minutes and the Independence
seven minutes.
Head-end collision of trains on
the Southern Pacific near Dunsmuir,
Cal., resulted in the death of a hobo
and serious injuries to two other men.
Fire in Williams, Ariz., destroyed
ccalry $300,000 worth of property.
A new town, called Sullivan City,
has sprung up at the mouth of Alder
creek, Alaska.
Albert L. Johnson, a -prominent
trolley line promoter, is dead at his
borne in Brooklyn.
An American has been awarded the
South African war medal for service
rendered the English.
England gives instructions that
raising of flag at Skagway, Alaska,
is qot to be insisted upon.
The president has issued a pro
clamation adding 142,000 acres to the
Cascade reserve in Oregon.
The hot wavc in the East continues
and the deaths and prostrations are
more numerous than ever before.
An immense lead combine has been
formed to control the lead fiolds in
Missouri. Capitalization, $20,000,
000. A Chicago man was shot and fatal
ly wounded whilo attempting to re
cover a lady's purse from the man
who did the shooting.
A circular dead line with a radius
of 1,000 feet has been drawn around
the naval obscravtory at Washington,
to protect the instruments.
A statement prepared at the pen
sion office shows that for tho fiscal
year ended Juno 30, 1901, 49,012
names were added to tho pension rolls.
Fighting has been renewed in Man
Huntington, W. Va., had a $200,-
000 lire.
Tlicro is no change in the steel
workers' strike.
Tho cabinet has raised tho ago limit
lor postmasters from 40 to 46 years,
A Chinoeo imperial edict orders
that lives of missionaries and con
verts be respected.
Tho British flag has again been
lowered from tho polo on which it
floated in Skagway.
A Philadelphia hank clerk has dis
appeared, taking with him $13,000
of the firm's money.
Tho total government receipts for
the fiscal year just ended w'ero $585,
848,309 and tho disbursements $509,-
893,310, leaving a surplus for tho year
of 57&,tf01,l)irj.
Tho Reading, Pa., strike lias been
declared off. Tho men are to return
to work and appoint a committco to
meet a committco representing tho
employers, tho joint committee to
arbitrate tho differences.
Tho public dobt increased $17,737,
347 in Juno.
Last year 49,012 names were added
.to the pension rolls.
Six formr governors of Tcnnessco
ro among tho citizens ol that state,
ono being United States senator Wil
Jiam I). Bato.
Twenty torpedo boat destroyers and
torpedo boats will do turned over to
tho government by contractors within
tno noxt iow motuns.
Tho earl of Stamford, addressing
tho National Vigilanco Soaicty, in
London, says American womon aro
tho purifiers of tho national morals,
fell Kep to Be Publuhed Duuiugrelloa
Philippine Instruction,
The sgrieutlural department is
about to publish a toil map tlsat will
enable the farmer, wherever he is lo
cated, to determine just what erop
will bring him the largest returns in
money. Printed in colors, it will
convey information in the elrwt
and moot easily comiwehended man
ner imaginaMe. The map to cover
the whole of tb United State, awl
will be on HKh a scale that pvery ten
acre patch will Iw represented by one
eighth of an inch Niuaro.
Lire stock receipts at the five
principal market of Chicago, Kama
City, Omaha, St. Louis ami St. Jo
seph during 1901 show retrtarkable
gaim over last year, both a regards
April awl the four months ending
with April, the official receipt of
cattle, hogs ami sheep in the four
months just ended showing an in
crease of 3M.417 head, as compared
with the correal Hling four months
of iaoo.
The rapid disintegration of the
Philippine insurrection is shown by
statistics civen out by the war de
partment. The compilation of re
ports covers the jwriod up to April 17.
1901. Unto January 1, 1901. the
total number of insurgent captured
or surrendered was 21,497, together
for , with 5,018 rifles, 50 fieW pieces, fome
thing over 3,000 shells and balls. 573,-
800 pounds of ammunition, and 19
. t 1 ' . T 1
I ions OI powurr. rruni juiiunrv i i
. ,, , , .
April it, iui ine nu inner oi capiun-s
include 247 officers, 2,459 men; the
number surrendered was 820 officers,
0,492 men; making a total of 1,007
officers, 8,951 men ; or a grand total
up to date of 31,415 insurgents cap
tured and surrendered. To this is to
be added 1,998 rifles captured, 4,300
surrendered, a total of 0,298; 45,000
rounds of ammunition, 408 bolos, and
24 pieces of cannon.
Senator Allison sap ho is too old
to run for president in 1901. He de
clines with thanks the nomination
which some Eastern newspapers have
tried to thrust upon him. "Some
one else will have to pose as Iowa's
favorite son, for I will not. I am
serious. I mean what I say."
William E. Chandler the other day
enclosed to Senator Lodge his check
for $100, the reward offered by him
to the person who placed in the finan
cial plank of the Republican platform
of 1890, after the reference to interna
tional hi-metallism, tho words,
"Which we pledge ourselves to pro
mote." The delay since 1890 has
been occasioned by the claims of var
ious persons that they conceived and
wrote the words. It has taken. Chand
ler all this time to settle the conflict
of claims.
Serious embarrassment has been
caused tho navy department by tho
strikes of machinists all over the
country. At the Union Iron Works
in San Francisco only 300 of tho
5,000 employes aro at work on tho
government vessels under construction
at those yards.
Ten dollars for food for the office
cat is perhaps tho most curious allow
ance ever made by a postmaster gene
ral. An item of this kind was sanc
tioned tho other day by Postmaster
General Smith. The food is for the
office cat of the post office at St.
Paul, Minn.
Tho regular troops now in Cuba.
some 5,000 in strength, will not bo
recalled from the island probably
until the situation is actually settled.
The war department does not propose
to withdraw tho troops until the ne
cessity of their presence on tho island
is certain!) post.
A bulletin comparing and analyz
ing tho population of all incorporat
ed cities, towns and villages in, tho
United States has been issued by the
census bureau. Tho number of
these places is 10,002, as compared
with 7,678 in 1890. There aro in tho
United States today 38 cities having
a population of 100,000 or more each,
as compared with 28 such cities in
Wu United SUtti Senator From South
kola Two Termi
Aberdeen, S. D,, July 3. Senator
Kylo died yesterday afternoon. Ho
was stricken at his homo hero about
10 days ago. His troublo was of a
marlariul origin, and resulted in a
functional alfection of tho heart. His
caso took a turn for tho better, tho
heart action growing stronger and tho
general condition much mora encour
aging. Tho senator had a similar
attack in tho East some timo ago,
and was liablo to a recotirranco of tho
trouble. His health had not been ro
bust for a year or so. His relapso
was not expected, nowovcr.
jamcs Ji. Jiyio was born near
Xonia, O , February 24, 1854. He
was elected to tho stato sonato upon
the independent ticket in 1890; after
a contest lasting 27 days, upon tho
40th ballot, was elected as an inde
pendent to tho United States senate,
too ins scat jtiarcn 4, iwji, aim was
ro-oloctcd in 1897,
Switch Had Been Turned.
Pittsburg, Pa., July 2. Tho south
western express on tho Pennsylvania
railroad was ditched at tho oast ond
siding two miles cast of Grcensburg,
Pa. Only thrco passongors wcro hurt,
and thoir injuries aro not serious. It
is thought that tho ocoidont was a do-
liborato attompt at train wrecking.
Tho switch had boon turned and the
look broken, '
Commercial and Fbunckl Happening of Im
portanceA Brief Review ol the Growth
and Improvement! ef the Many Induitrlei
Throughout Our Thriving Commonwealth
Ltteit Market Report
Th rUli warden collected J GOT. 30
Ash licence during June.
Tlui uwuvl a fin Hit 1 Harnev omintv
fair will I held September 1021.
tlallA.ndl-Mi M ubl lit IrMil Am).
trmen to be numerous ami dangerous
near Pendleton.
Tlie encampment of the Fourth reg
iment, O. N. CI., at hugeuo, 1ms been
brought to a close.
Bids have lieen aked for the im
provement of tlie federal building ami
grounds in Astoria.
A boy at Medford was lwdly crushed
by falling in front of a moving engine,
which he tried to board.
There arc now four fish hatcheries
in Oregon ami it is the intention of
Master Fish Warden Van Dusen to
establish several more.
A young man at Mayville, Gilliam
county, tried to duplicate proscrip
tion from memory. He is dead, as
the medicine was for external use.
Hopyards in the northern part ef
Clacakmas county and around Wood
burn and Hublwrd show great im
provement in the hut 30 days. Verm
in so far have not appeared. The
plants are healthy and cultivation has
not been more thorough in 10 years.
Tho present outlook is for a yield 10
per cont in excess of that of 1900.
A large fruit evaporator is being
built at Riddle, Douglas county.
Tho First National bank ol Eugene
has installed a large new money vault.
The contract has been let for the
building of a new school house at
The old telephone lino between
Pendleton and Thorn Hollow is
undergoing repairs.
The new water company a? Rose-
burg is troubled considerably with
broken and leaking mains.
A number of fish havo been found
dead in the Rocuo river. Tho evi
dence points to the use of dynamite.
k trtur ri alifwirMYiparnnt nr. T-iitrf-
view went on strike the other day for
7 cents per head. The current price
tp the county is 0 cents.
A boom of about 10,000,000 fcctof
logs, cut on tho headwaters' ol' the
Willamette and McKcnzie rivers, is
being taken to Oregon City.
Dome locations ui goiu
ntmrtz 1 ruins in the Samn
Some locations of gold bearing
jartz lodes in the Sampson creek
strict, southeast of Ashland, have
tMmirtnf anllllinnuf. ei AmIiIhihI.
been mado recently, which are likoly
to prove of good value.
Thn nw flmirimr mill at The Dalles
5s being rushed to completion. Uy
the end of the week all that will re
main unfinished of tho carpenter
work will be tho windows.
Portland Market.
Wheat Walla Walla, export value,
57c per bushel; bluestcm, 68Jc;
valley, nominal.
Flour best grades, $2.903.40 per
barrel; graham, $2.00.
Oats White, $1.321.35; gray,
$1.301.32K per cental.
Barley Feed, $1717.50; brewing,
$17 17.50 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $17 per ton; mid
dlings, $21.50; shorts, $20; chop, $10.
Hay Timothy, $12.5014; clover,
$79.60; Oregon wild hay, $07 per
Butter Fancy creamery,1517Kc;
dairy, 1314c; store, 1012c per
Eggs 1717Jc per dozen.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 12
12Kc; Young America, 1313c per
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $2.76
3.50; hens, $3.254.00; dressed, 9
10c per pound; springs, $2.004.00
per dozen ; ducks, $3 for old; $2.60
3.00 for young; geese, $4 per
dozen; turkeys, live, 810o; dressed,
1012Jo per pound.
Mutton Lambs, 3Jc, gross;
dressed, 07c per pound; sheep,
$3.25, gross; dressed, G0c per lb.
Hogs Gross, heavy, $5.750;
light, $4.755; dressed, 0J7o per
Veal Small, 7t8o; large, 0)4
7o per pound.
Beef Grow top steers, $4.004.25;
cows and heifers, $3,253.50; dressed
beef, 07K5 per pound.
Hops 12 14c per pound.
Wool Valley, ll13o; Eastern
Oregon, 812oj mohair, 2021o per
Potatoes $1.25 per sack; new
potatoes, lJlJio per pound.
Tubs will not warp or crack if a
pail of water is put into each directly
after using.
Germany, in extending tho favored
nation clause of Great Britain, ex
cepts Canada,
An American has ofTorcd $2,000 to
havo his daughter introduced into
British Bocjety.
London learns that tho United
States stcol corporation is planning to
go after tho trado of the world.
Ancient Paclfk Whaler Goet on the Rocki In
Behrlnj Sea.
Seattle, July . The winter Balfl
ens, of Sun Francisco, Udouging to
the i'jwiftc Steam Whaling Comny,
lie on St. I.wrvce Island, 20 mile
west of Southeast cape, in Itehring
m-h, a total wreck. (JtipUin r. t.
Cotte ami tlie 90 men in the erew had
an lmot miraculous eccapo from
denth. Through tlie bravery of the
oetirem all mchdm! In lAr-
The ItaUena whs ou a voyage to the
Arctic. Mie was provhuoned for 30
months. The whaler left San Fran
cimxi April 4. ami, alter buttling with
tlie ice for weeks, bd succeeded in
working through tlie wornt of the
no. She wm headed to jwm St.
Lawrence island wlien the wri-ck oc
curred. Shortly alter midnight, May
1. the wind ro until it assumed tho
strength of a gale, ami the whaler
was driven to a joint 20 miles weot of
Southotst enpe, St. Lawrence island,
where she struck a rock. The cap
tain immediately ordered the lioate
out. The whaler seemed to have
lieen hung on the rock, and, although
the waves wore xmnding her terribly,
she did not founder. Inn very short
time the boats were mnnued and tho
crew started for the shore. Tho 'sea
wan so high that it was impossible for
the boats to keep together, but they
all made tho island eventually. Tho
hands and feet of several are badly
The Balacna is a total wreck. Sho
is hanging to the rock where sho
struck, hut is liable to slip off into
the water and fink at any time. Shu
struck on tho port side and crashed a
hole fully 12 feet in the length of her
Fire Raged In the Heart of lluntlnjlon. W.
Va. Lou it $200,000.
Huntington, W. Va., July 6. A
fire raged in tho heart of the city
from 11 o'clock this morning until
5 o'clock this evening, resulting in
tho loss of $200,000. Tho flames
started in a hotel which was crowded
with guests, n(any of whom were
women. Of these a number fainted
when tho alarm of firo rang out
through the halls, and it was with
g'eat difficulty that they woro re
moved from tho building. There was
not a gallon of water in tho city re
servoirs when tho fire broke out and
all the fire engines in the city were
out of repair. Itnpidly the flames
spread and soon half n dozen resi
dences wero ablaze. A livery stable
and a number of private houses fruit
stores, barber shops and dozens of
smaller structures wore burned.
by a Band ol
Mexico City, July 6. The public
mind is much excited and the clergy
filled with indignation over the re
sults of the students' anti-clerical
demonstration. Tho students to the
number of 300 held a public meeting.
Stirring speeches wero made, showing
the intense feeling of tho young men
and denouncing the recent immoral
ities of tho few priests, who, it was
claimed, had been shielded and not
A company of gendarmes prefrved
ordor and the demonstration was wit
nessed by Governor Coral, of the fed
eral district.
Precautions havo been taken to pro
vent further trouble, but it is liclicvcd
that if tho several priests who aro
publicly denounced in tho tho press
are not punished tho young men may
make an attempt to invade tho tem
ples. Recruiting New Regiment.
Washington, July 5. Acting Adju
tant General Wurd has received tho
reports of tho officers engaged in re
cruiting tho five new infantry regi
ments and the five new cavalry regi
ments authorized by tho army reor
ganization act, showing that tho regi
ments aro all practically recruited
excopt tho Thirteenth cavalry, which
is reported to bo 389 men short. It
is oxpectcd that all theso troops will
bo sent to the Philippines for tho ro.
liof of an equal number of regular
troops, who have been there two years
or more and who aro to bo brought
Fighting In Manchuria.
Tien Tsin, July C. Fresh reports of
fighting in Manchuini and on tho
frontier of Chi Li province havo been
received here. A pitched buttlo has
been fought at Shon Yang, in which
tho natives defeated tho Mohamme
dans. General Tung Funh Siting, it
is reported, is attacking the Chineso
converts in Shan Si province.
Tu Foundered.
Eaglo River, Mich., July 3. Tho
tug Fern, of Algouuo, Mich., found
ered off hero Saturday morning. Sho
carried u crew of five mcn,all of Whom
wcro lost, Tho wreck of tho yacht
Marguerite, of Hancock, was discov
ered between hero and Euglo Harbor.
Two men aro supposed to havo been
lost on her,
Summer Mall Service In Alaska.
Washington, July 5, Tho post
offico department announced today
that tho summor mail eorvico is now
in operation between Lako Bonnott,
B, 0,, and Dawson, in tho Yukon ter
ritory. It is boing porformcd under
tho samo conditions as last year, and
is open to all classes of mail originat
ing in Canada and tho United States,
No Considerable Fall In Temperature Is Ex.
peeled Heavy Rain at New York Gave
That City Temporary Relief Washington
the Warmest Place Call of the Allegheny
Washington, July 8. The 10th
day of the present heated term was
again n scorcher, except whoro severe
thunder storms, local rains or violent
atmospherio changes brought cool
weather. In Arkansas, the euMorn
Gulf states, Northern Ohio and New
York, thunder, storms brought relief.
In Southeaittarn New England, also
cooler weather prevailed, the teiiixr
attire falling from 0 to 10 degree.
Tonight the weather bureau olllcials
say the only pros poets for relief from
the heat lie in the occurrence of
storms. There is no promise, they
say, of general thunder storms sulll
cont to make u general fall in tho
temperature. I,ocal thunder storms
will give temiKuary relief, but
weather iKireau officials say that ier
mnnoiit relief will not come until
heavy storms or local rains prevail.
In Chicago n promise of a short re
spite from the heat is given. New
York today had n two-inch downpour
of rain, which sent the thermometer
down to 7(1. East of the Allegnny
mountains the teiiiierature roo gen
erally h few degree over the highest
of yesterday, and in portions of tho
Southwest it warmed up, also in
Arkansas and Oklahoma, maximum
tcmtKTaturi of over 100 Inilng record
ed. Wnshiiigtoit was the warmest
place cast of tho Allegli'inicti today,
tho maximum temperaturo recorded
being 95. There war not muoh hu
midity, but the day was very trying.
General John W. Dnrr, formerly of
Fort Scott, Kan., who served on tho
staff of General Garfield duVing tho
civil war, is critically ill from heat
Exposition Grounds and Basements Flooded
and Electric Wires Bumcd Out.
Buffalo, July 8. A severe electrical
storm passed over this city tonight.
Tho lightning struck in a dozen
places. It hit the supply wires that
bring ' tho 'clectrlcal r-powgr from
Niagara Fulls to Buffalo, burning out
transformers and other electrical ma
chinery in tho Buffalo receiving
house. "For over an hour tho streets
wcro Without electrio light, and tho
street cars were at a standstill. Tho
rain fell in torrents, tho water flood
ing many cellars. The flash of light
ning that put out tho downtown elec
tric lights and stopped' the street cars
also burned nut all the circuits lend
ing to tho exposition. The conduits
were utterly inadequate to carry fT
the water and the grounds were flood
ed . Some of tho midway shows woro
flooded to a depth of thrco feet. Tho
cngino room under tho Machinery nnd
Transportation building was also filled
with water and tho machinery
Martial Law Proclaimed.
Buenos Ayres, July 8. A stato of
siege has lieen proclaimed hero. ,This
is duo to tho participation of anarch
ists in local disturbances. Quiet now
prevails hero. Tho minister of
finance, Dr. Enrique Bcrduo, has re
signed. The government will send
a mcssago to congress withdrawing
the bill for tho unification of tho for
eign debt,
Will Test Japanese Coal.
Washington, July 8. Tho quarter
masters' department lias contracted
for largo quantities of miiko coal at
Nagasaki, Japan, for uso on tho Unit
ed States army transports. Tho con
tract extends for six months, running
up to tho end of tho calendar year.
It is desired to test this hunker coal
thoroughly lcforo an agreement for a
further supply is effected.
Serious Cloudburst In Michigan.
Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 8.
Western Michigan was visited by a
destructive cloudburst early yester
day, and tho resultant damage will
amount to thousands of dollars. Both
tho Pero Marquotto & Grand tRupids
and Indiana railroads aro crippled
north of here. Dams in tho Flat
and Rougo rivers havo been washed
out, and many mills along tha streams
will bo idlo for days. Tho Grand
river roso thrco feet and six inches in
four hours this morning. Groat dam
ago was dono to fruit trees and crops,
Work on the Colorado,
Washington, July 8. Tho navy de
partment lias been advised that a
start has been mado on tho now bat
tlo ships and armored cruisers, tho
Colorado, buildingkat Cramps, being
tho first under way, Tho forthcoiu.
ing roport will show that sho is 2 por
cent complotod. It marks tho start
on 11 big ships, Tho 2 por cont rep
resents tho kool and eonio 300 tonu of
material, frames, cto.
Miners Regard the Terms of Silllemint as t
Practical Victory,
Telltirlde, Colo., July 9. With tho
positive Information from Lioutimnt
Governor CtHites, a member of tho
commisalmi iipHiliited by the governor
to invetiKat the strike In the Smuggler-Union
mine, that Governor
Ornmii would not semi troojw, and
with tlie itMiirittiuo from the mine
managers of the illstrlut that they
could not longer afford to How) down,
Arthur L. Collins, iimiingir of tho
Sitiiiggler-Uiilon mine, baa conceded
several points, and a settlement I--tweeti
himself and tho Miners' I'nion
lias lieen timde.
This ends the strike, and mmiy
miners will return to work tin.
The terms of settlement are looked
upon as a victory for the miners, mid
tonight hundred urn cclt'lirating in
Tclliirldit. Tho tension of the last
four (lays has Ih-kii removed anil tho
minors and citizens alike are jubilant.
The agreement was signed after a con
fluence lasting three hours. The
minors deolaro that the settloniniit Is
a victory for them, hut Malinger Col
lins claim that ho is satisfied and
that ho has not conceded any material
points. Tho local union held a meet
ing tonight and declared the strike oil.
By the terms of the settlement non
union men may Ixt employed in tho
Smuggler-Union mines. It Iseertnln.
however, that the union minor will
not allow non-union men to remain
so any longer limn they can .help.
Tho union Is permitted, through it
president or secretary, to declare n
man iiiconiieteiit nnd order his dis
charge. This feature of the wttle
ment is a diatinut advantage to tho
union, and will enable tho union to
rgulitto unionlrm in the milieu. The
secretory is given the right to visit
tho mine at any time, nnd can order
tho menmiring of tho liion's work
whenever ho wishes, even though tho
man has worked but one hour. Ho
can uIko order the wtymout of tho
men at any time. The Liberty Hell
and Tomboy mines, which weniclosiil
during the Smuggler-Union trouble,
will also open again. The following
is the agreement:
First Tho company agrees not to
discriminate against the union or
the mombcr thereof, and the union
and the members thereof agree not to
molest nor nor interfere with non
union men.
Second Tho union oxpreMiw it
entire disapproval of the recent out
rages. Third The company agree to let
the president or secretary of the local
union havo full access to its nurfuoo
projwrty at all reasonable hours; pro
vided that tho work of the men is not
interfered with.
Fourth Tho union agrees to uso
all its influence to stop tlie illicit sell
ing of liquor in Marshall Basin or
around the mine.
Fifth Tho company is to have tho
right to let contracts to any men wiirs
winli to take them, all such contrauts
to Ihi on printed forms which iiro hero
alter to lie drafted by a rt'pruontntivo
of tho union and a representative of
the company.
That Is All the Cubans Want. Says General
Gomez, Then Annexation.
New York, July 9. A dinner was
given tonight at tho Union INiguo
club to General Maximo Gomez and
General T. Estrada Pa I in a, by W. E.
D. Stokes. Mr. Stokes was formerly a,
member of tho Cuban league of Amer
ica, and was cloxcly identified with
tho work of tho junta, of which Gen
eral Pulma was the head. The Cuban
general made u brief speech, which
was interpreted by General Gotuales.
General Gomez said ho was deeply
touched by tho remiirkablo reception
ha had received in tho United States.
Cuba and tho United States, 'said tho
general, belong together. It is only
a question of gravitation when they
will bo ono. But at present, after tho
great struggle in which thousands ot
lives were sacrificed, and when men
returned to their homes only to find
their wives und children starved to
death in the restricted barriors in
which Weylcr had them under bin
policy of concentration, they felt that
they must havo Cuban libro. It in
now fully realized. Ho said that
Cuba cannot got along without tho
United States,, but tho Cubans want
to feel freedom.
After dinner General Gomez said to
tho newspaper mon that ho wished to
express his gratitude to tho press of
tho United States and of tho world for
the great good thoy had dono to tho
cause of Cuban libro. Ho was suro
that tho Cubans would now establish
thoir own govornniont, and would
show tho gratitudo thoy fcol for tho
holp of the Americans in removing
the Spanish yoko.
Jessie Morrison Sentenced,
Eldorado, Kan., July 0, Jessie
Morrison, convicted of manslaughter
in tho second degrco for tho murder
of Mrs. Clara Wfloy Castlo, on Juno
22, 1900, was today sentenced to fivo
years in tho penitentiary in olose con
finement at hard labor.
Privateering Threatened.
Brussols, July 9. -Tho Potit Bleu
says that Mr. Krugor has lately re
fused to ontortain proposals to arm
prlvatcors, hut that tho promotors aro
again urging tho ox-presidont of the
South African ropublio to notify tho
powors that unless thoy intorvono ha
will issuo lottors of marquo. In tho
event of Mr. Krugor's continued ro
fusal, tho promotors propose to act
without authorization.