Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 07, 1900, Image 7

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    . 1 IU I M V4 I B I I I
pi" mi laji
Dimajjc Caused by Floods
and linlns.
. .... All. .......I
0, Ol -
Wilt Vlrjtlnl.
Nov. '.'. TIiiim
5!5rtrtow report" toiilghUbout
fn 5w Ol.omi.o..ko & Ohio bo-
'.ubfd out ", V V" "
" .. nf tliomt report. All
W,u n f n.,,,1 fur. either
..I. .till Hill .vw"-"--:-
.1. ItHllflUUUI P ,
1 L i,.inu entertained "t the ho-
tint lirillBO' "iiu
PHILIPPINE FORESTS. Varied Timber Re.ource, of Our ,r.
nd Pmiciilom,
Witlili.Kl.n, Nov. 2().-TI,r,dlvMoii '
' ..- m..l lo.nlar airlr , ,
war ilfitMir moot I,,,, , ,,, ("
PP '.. f f..r. y rK1,lJ)f ' ,
i"i"r mi order of
Vn.w, y.. ,,v,,r""r. lti-(l April
"U.'rlMlnl..K tho rumiitluiiH of tho reo
nr.l ror.tlvod f.m t)1(, HpH,, govern-
......... ...i.Mjr WIIKDI tlllll bllteuil
".y mm hid cum ol
rJB I I Il..r.l mnnll
iii thn rani "
J" I . .ii. nlwiiit llfl iiiIIoh
Mf . ... i. .... in tiiulifif! ,mt uml
,.l,l. t,..lll.,
toiiiiui--. ... ,,.
W ,.t far from Whit Hul-
rf llll"i'i
i.Limi crow litre both from thu
. .1 A (111 IVI1HL IUIIIUI IIM1 I lHH 1
ill run thrtiouh to
T ulitlit. m umittl. although there
,fiilroil u not '
ji.i.1 Tlio (KM 1 nnrii uuuu
...v.. II im io iiiu unun.
floodi In Wtil Vlrjlnli.
....i.. i.-.r inn ihiil -in iimirn inn iifiii.i in inn
BV . .
nwdntlo vitll-y. homo ii.uuu ik
- Mnn out. tiikltiK wlh thorn tho
... ... .I.i. ..Mil IIMIH I i ..lilt mlikl In
I i.B.ii.r.iA Mitii.ii .it iinr.
il. Hut limn in SLTi.UUU. 1110
.l .i .1.. i.Mi'.iniliiiiii viilli-r ruliroail.
. i I ... L-U.t IIiimIi ii 1 1 . H . I r M
fOfflPltio1' iii ni """
UbIIw, ha boon iiltnot rulnod.
Rite In Ihc Kjruwlu.
OtrlMton, V. Vn Nov. 8. lln
.uioooirnl.'ifull of thu int 48 hour
mvA rnplil rlo ill nil utrmuin
Au MCtl n of tho ti4t. Tho Kun-
. v.... i,itnn tt lti inn ifiiviniwii
rno'clafk tonight whu 2J7.4 fevt.
riiiDif ono'imi! looi iwr nour. a.
lUtlonarv. I no raiuntii nuro tor
kunendltJi: at 8 A. M. totlar wn
Storm In PtnniylvinU.
Otttolf, J'rt., Nov. 28. ThU ioctluii
IM country uxpununcwi n luvuro
. . . ii. ..i
. I I .
i . . i . i .... t ii...
in nun imiit iii hi w iihtl iii hiiiiii. uu
i mrArrl li n ilmitli nf llirnii lltlll
u ifPL iiir iiiiiiu. lirmiiiii. l iiiu
. it . a i
im inwtrruiin iiiviuinti ill inn i'nii
'mil n I' I muu II n n iirtivii f
Murder of in Ohio PhyilcUn.
Mimvlllo, Ohio. Nov. 28. Dr. II.
MimllinM I ilii'.clnlnti
tMi plnco, wit Nhot todny. Alfred
, 85 yearn of nuo. vho hail nccutwl
ii.. i
uvciur oi causnnr iiio pfuiinmuu ui
3n iml lilu utifn I m .itiilnf in rmr. i
died wltliout milking any vtiito
IIa I.Huk.. lr..t A ..n in Ilia ItAtfM
il UiUllKIUQb lU liU IU II in MM
t hid paisod within tho lino of nmno
WDoii n Mlmt illittirbetl the llonco.
fiOmfttlt littiir lin ItitrtrnrAfl tiaillf to
. . 'nviv..
irn Tim iifttA it.t.r inii iimwi
it... I..........
h it iiImi tin, ,, o, th I)tl)lo (U(lHi
JIm. htwn In foi,.,, ttlm tlmoof Aniiirl.
ell fire uimlliin mo until to Im. in 11,,.,
with tho iimut iuhuci!il fi)inlKn cKulu
tUm of Kuropo. Imi mt luly m,
for.o.1 uml Mi fiirn.l tin. cuttlnu of miy ,
i'H-1 ov,rjrthliiK. 'I'lio nmitlt wmt
llmt, rulilir, KUttn-jwrchit mid
ylmiK-ylmiK lrc., wero tnkori, mill ovoa
tht inoit vnlunhlo timid M llrowwl.
CjpUIn Ahcrn'i SUtetntnt.
Cnplrtlii Aht-rn Mitten tlmt from dif
ferent Miurrtu of Jiifornmiion lin 1 h:d
lo hollfvo tint pnlilif luroitt IhiiiIn com
prUo from out). (mirth to dohnIIiIv nun. I
hitll tho mm of tin, I'hllliinlnon. or
from to Kl.dOO.dno ituroc
Thiiro Hro fully f,,())(),ooo iicm'H of vlr
Kill fornot owiihI hy tint utiitoln tho UN
miiln l Mln.lorn mid l'ltnidii. Tho Il
mid of M"i,(iino. with mi an-ii of coino
20,000.000 HurcN In ulitiont t-iitlroly
oovortHl will, timber, uml im-n In thu
province of (.'iiyKitymi, in I.tiwm, thorn
uro nniro tlmu 2,000.000 itcrool foront.
In otlttir iroiucoti of Luzon, oiK)
olnlly in tho oountry clwtu to Mmillii,
nitirli of tho tlmlitir Inn bcun out, uml
to llll htruo coutruutw tho liimhoruiun
uro oIiIIkmI to u" itilto n illntmico form
tho city In order to find u Nultublo
Magnificent Timber.
Cnptnln Alinrit moutlouii tntctn of
vlrKln forontn to Im ecim on tho notith
cm UhimU uhero from 10,000,000 to
20,000,000 cubic foot of uuiK'itflcoiit
tliulnir ir noro whh Hiiinilliik. with
trimn ni"ro thmi I AO (cot in htduht, tho
trunk clMtr of brunuhtw for (10 feot and
mora thmi four loot In dlmnotor. Ho
Muttrt tlmt In tlioio foront thero uro
million of outdo feot of tlmbor, which
ihould Imi rut in order to thin thU
demo i-rowth, no llmt tho maximum
nuniinl urowtlt could bo obtiiluod.
Thoro U n lnrh'o variety of valunblo
KUiu, rubber mid KUttu-perclm treo,
17 dyu woinI mid tlio ylmichtnL', tho
oil from tho IIoomi of which luttor
tro4i I. tho Ihim) of r-o many rfuutox.
Tlioro nro no foreHt roatl or rivor
ilrlvowy in tho Inland coiiHlnerod
worthy of montlonliiK. At proiioiit tho
true uro follod far from nnv ronil, and
haulod out vory r.lowly by ono or moio
cariboo, with tho ronult tbut muuy
truul nro loft untouched.
M CFaiANCnzzrnrx .rynt nn rrri ' weathera factor.
UK UK 1 11 III VI U Jl) I L .AA V Ui i r7 lJS Rtuii nd
Bill to Provide Great Irrigation fP
Ttirt. ivnliir Intn llin hnrrftl
II. M.OOO.oon irm
Muklnir Chrcne. wl'on It must bo rccharsod. When .
0r"n, Wjihlnjlun nd Idaho Included
Will lie Introduced at the Comlntj
Senlon of Contjreii.
WitHhliiKton, Nov. 20. A bill for
irrigation of arid ImidH In to bo intro-'
liinod mid jiuMiwl at tho approaching
HOtidoii of coniiroH which will nfTcct
OreKon, Wimhlnijton arid Idaho, amonn
othor Mute. Tho moHt cnrnoiit ndvo
onto of IrrlKittlori fool that with tho
iiidoMoment of thu Into Irrigation con
proM thoy will bo ablo to muittor tho
wilul ipirt of (lolcKiittjH from all arid
hind Mate m,d hopo in thin way to no
euro homo Konoral k'ijiHlatlou thin sen
tdni, ,
Tho bill already proparod provides
that four practical roitorvoir rdtos and
Irrigation ilitche nliall bo Burvevot' in
each Mato by tho geolglcal Hurvoy, tho t
Microtary of thu interior then to with
draw tho In no embraced in and ur
rounding tlio iiioH Kiiitablo Rite and
Uitchi-H. Ho nhall then lot contracts
lor cniiMruotirig repcrvolr and ditcho,
to coM not morn than $1,000,000, in
each Mnto. Nino million dollar is ap
propriated by tho bill. Wlun tho
iiinil nro irrigated thoy oro to bo Hub
ject U) lioniKteail entry, each ontryinon
to pity .f2.G0 per aero, and no iudlvld
mil to Kocuro nioro than 80 acre. Tho
roervolr and ditcho aro to bo tnruod
mer to tlio nottlor when most of tho
bind irrigatod i taken up.
It i ponNlble, howovor. that thin ir
rigation bill will bo imtdu a part of tho
river and harbor bill again, a it was
two year ago.
I). II. Stuitrn, of Oregon, and Dr. II.
J. tiobul, of Viinliingtoii, delegate of
tho irrigation emigre, called on tho
president today and folicited hi sup
ort to miiiio plan of governmental aid
1 in mi irrigation nytein for roclulming
' tho arid Went.
MukliiK Clircne.
I have rnndo an occnidoiml cheeso
throiigliout tho year and enough In tho
Hprlng and Hummer to go a great way
toward paying tho grocery bill, Bays
IOuIho A. Nash In tho American Agrl
ctiltnrlHt. Throe mllklngs may bo lined
In winter ami two In glimmer. Caro
must bo taken to cool tho fresh milk
before atldlnif It to tho othor. Place
your double holler on the back of tho
stove, the Inner one resting on some
thing, and nut In the milk. Pour warm
water Into the outer boiler and bring
tho milk to 82 deirrecs. Kor from five
to seven gallons of milk add about half
a tenspoonful of the coloring fluid and
half that quantity of rennet previously
mixed with n little water. Stir thor
oughly and leave It to coagulate at tho
same temperature.
When the curd wljl break oft clean
from tho bottom or your linger, ii is
time to cut. A long carving knife or
anything that will reach down to the
bottom of the pan will do. Cut each
way, leaving about nn Inch between
the cuts. The beat may now be raised
gradually about two degrees every five
minutes to 08. HcKln In a few minutes
by shaking the boiler to help the Hying
on of the whey, but gently, so that tho
fat does not escape. Presently stir
and repeat tho stirring every two or
three minutes. In about half an hour
the desired temnernturc otiirht to be
' reached. The curd will soon be half Its
size, and when pressed between the fln
Ker nnd thumb the clots don't stick to
gether. It Is now time to take off hnlf
1 of the whey. Leave It covered an Inch
In nlaco. Turn water Into tho barrel
and keep It running through until It
Issues entirely tasteless. When this I
accomplished, tho filter Is ready for use.
Of course the filter will become clog
ged, when It must be recharged. When
properly filtered, the cider will be Tree
from albuminous nnd mucilaginous ma
terial and will keep much better than
when not treated. American Agricul.
Bclectlns Heed Wheat. I
The experiment stations nnd farmers
who hove trained themselves to close
observation of cause and effect have
given evidence many times that tho
nmount and quality of the wheat crop,
and of other grain crops, depends large
ly upon the quality of the seed used.
The larger and plumper seed gives tho
most vigorous growing plant. It stools
out more, usually has n stiffcr straw. If
It is not forced by the use of too rank a
fertilizer, by which we mean ono too
rich In nitrogen, and therefore tho bet
ter the crop. But there are other things
desirable In a cood Kraln crop. One Is
to secure large heads well tilled, and It
may also be desirable to have the grain ,
The Scheme Wi lo Wow lllm Up While At
tending Church.
ondon, Nov. 20. According fo n
apodal edition ot tho Kvoniug Standard
today, n plot to BBniHBlnoto Lord Ilo
borts, in which two foreigners uro con
curuod, bus been disco vored. It ap
pear tbut tho complrators loaded a
mine, which wits designed to bo blown
up Sunday while Lord Koberts was in
church at Johanneburg, but tho polico
and Lord Hobort' bodyguard frustrated
tho connpiraoy. Ton men, mostly Ital
ian, have Loon arrested.
grow rapidly and mature early, either
to obtain the best result in a short sea
son, or to escape Insect attacks. The
best way to secure this would be to se
lect the earliest maturing large beads
to be found, and reserve them for seed.
The farmer who sows large areas may
think this too much trouble to get all
the seed be needs, but he should remem-
bor that If there. Is a profit In doing so
for one acre, there would be a greater
proflt In doing so on a hundred. A mod
ification of this plan is to select in tui3
way enough to sow a small plot very
thin, so that each nlant will have a
chance to do Its best, nnd then reserve
a piece of the best land to sow that on
It to produce seed wheat. A continua
tion of this process for a few years
would result In the production of an
extra early, hardy and prolific wheat
Even easier but less effectual would be
the selection of heaviest grain for seed
when winnowing It. We think the first-
named plan the best, because the typo
Jobbing Trad Ha Bttit Mttr
tally Affected.
Bradstroot's says: Untottlod weather
conditions linvo oporatod to onrtall re
tail and jobbing tlitrlbntion this week,
and Impart n qulotor tono to eoveral
linos indirectly associated therewith.
Stock speculation, too, has boon le
rampant, nnd lost wook'a record oi
bank clearings has thoreforo not boor
equaled. Thoro is, however, littlo o
no apparent loss of basio strength and.
indeed, the general level of staple
prioos has been slightly advanced.
This lator movomont is most notable m
tho Iron and stool trades, in raw cotton.
and to n lessor dogroo in tho coroala
' and somo homo prooncts. In marlno
Shipping circles ft distinct Improw
ment is reported since tho first Woek to
November. ,
whtln thn vnlumo of bnslnoss in pig
iron is still large, it does not apparent
ly come up to that of last week or tho
week provions. No disappointment is,
howevor, felt at this, more particularly
as quotations havo again been marked
up. Heports of preparations to resnm.
como from many plants for omo time
idle, nnd a saraplo instance is the re
port that overy furnace in the Chicago
field will be at work next week.
Plates aro active, as aro structural
and car material, wire, bars, and. In
fact, nil classes of finished material,
not exceotinn rails, which are reported
being freely taken by Western rail-
auusea $20 imam.
Other metals, notably copper, aru
Tin ia again tending upward.
Wheat, including flour shipments
for the week, aggrcgato 3,827.290 bush
els, against 4,062,02 huhels last week.
Business failures in the United,
States for, the week number 215,
against 227 last week.
Canadian failures for the week num
ber 31, as against 25 last week.
Seattle Market
Onions, new, lo.
Lettuce, hot house, $1 per orate
Potatoes, new. $10.
Beets, per sack, 88c?l.
Turnips, per sack, $1.00.
SquaBh iHo.
Carrots, per sack, 60c
Parsnips, per sack, $1.25.
Cnr.nmbers 40050c.
Cabbaco. native and
of the entire crop might be fixed In that j lMo per pounds.
ivnr on tluif n normnnpnt Imnrnvement llUlier ireamotj, ouu.
would be made. American Cultivator, i 22c; ranch. 18o pound.
Brlllih Four-Mailer Poltalloch Grounded on
the Waihlnjton Coait.
Fouth Bond, WuhIi., Nov. 29. Tho
llrltUh four-madtcd bark l'oltalloch,
Captain Young, in ImllnM from Santa
KtwiiliA to Portland, wont itHhuro at 2
o'clock thl morning about two miles
north of tho cntruuro to Willapu bar
lor. She ha Iot all anchor, and Ho
Mern-on in a jorilou position. Tho
tug Astoria stayed near hor all day, but
on account of tho heavy oa wu uu
nblo to ! lino. The tug arrived
hero at b o'clock thl evening to tele
graph for another tug, ami brought 13
of tho crow of tho Poltulloch, who
cmuio off in u boat.
Roberts Conllrms It. 1
London, Nov. 29. Tho war office
baa tho following from Lord Hoberts,
dutod Johannesburg, November 20:
"As reports of a plot against my lile
probably roach rou, 1 think yon should
know tho fact. It is beliovod that
thero wn n plot in oxlstouco, nnd five
Italian, four Oieeks and ono French
man woro nrrostml November 10, and
nro now awaiting trial. Tholr Inten
tions woro to oxplodo n mine under St.
Mary's church during tho morning
service, hold ut 11 o'clock, on Novem
ber 18." .
Gale on Lake Eric.
rioveland. Nov. 29. Another
RoberU Reports Engagement!.
London, Nov. 29. Lord Iioborts,
cabling from Johannesburg, under date
of November 20, reports a number of
i ...1.1. llm Itnora fit wldolv
lent storm prevailed on Uko Krlo and i tBd potuts. In which tho British
throughout Northern Ohio today, tho , ' & som(j Cfttt,0 nud ft few prison,
wind coming from tho noith and blow- j gu,Tor0(1 Bi,ght casualties. Tho
ingat the rate ot 00 mlloa nn hour, j eorlou8 nffllir was n engagement
Thogalo wa accompanied by hcuvy , forcog of fionori De Lnroy,
rain and sleet. Tho telegraph and , tont j.qqo men, with throe
1 1 flrAna
who suffered
Fail Train Jumped the Track.
Cornwall, Col., Nov. 28. Tho fnsf
lln.t. I . . II . I. I I ....
HJJll VJlJlillVllftl WHO HUt m
--' ma 11111 nun VMj uuuu
- u iui uu uuuni iwwaw
iv ana., i i . f i rrM.
ivo Duuuuniy tuiuiuiit v.ii
vvat,n '.inuiinnr ranir wiih niiiiuiiu
.v.miiu HllCt'U. iryillK IV uu
"iv va tt ii. ii m q iiiiut
. .1
gUUH, WHO Oppuo wciiunu
march towards Koitfoutoin.
woro coinplotoly dispersed.
Clement a
Tho Boera
il.l.nttA fWltntlfllliftft
great damage from tho heavy storm o I
l...f nnL' U'flro llt!IUU Uiim.
capppo.1 by tho prostration of linos on
practically all routos as tho result of
today's atorm.
Railway Clerki' Big Stealing.
Now York. Nov. 28.-Word was ro-
colvod at police enq" - "7. ! ZZa. in! Dowet is in Poitugueso
oior oi ui "- - . ,a,r.
nrroMod at I'ornnn- torritory auu m hi.
or two that It may develop more mciic
acid nnd the curd mat together, after
which remove It from the remaining
At this nolnt I take up the Inner boll-
ir nnd nlace the curd lu the two colan
ders, leaving It there to drip Into the
larce boilers. This, the cneuunring
t 00 decrees. Occa-
Klnnnllv chance the bottom of the curd
to the top. When cheddnred, Instead
of n tough, spongy mass, the curd Is
tlio toxture of cooked lean meat, elastic
pad fibrous. About the same quantity
tf. snlt Is required for cheese as for
bMtor. ,
When the bent Is lowered to 18 de
crees, it Is ready for the press. At a
higher point the fat Is liable to escape,
and if too cold the curd particles do not
adhere. Bandages are easy to make of
cheesecloth. Sew a strip the circum
ference and height of your tin to a
round piece the required size. Another
round piece will be needed to lay on
the top ot the cheese before folding the
wall piece down on it.
Commission Dealers.
Farmers would often receive more
satisfactory returns from goods shipped
to the commission mercunnis u mey
would take a little more pains to put
them up In a neat and attractive man
ner and send them so that they would
arrive in good order and condition; but
the men who do this are apt soon to
find regular customers to take their
goods and do not need to consign them.
rrim innTnor enceu man, wuo uoua
Clgarmakert' Strike
Itmnn T.'l,. Nn on T,i
..... 4, 1( MUa M
tho effect that n
k I. T.Ittn lm.l heon
dlnn. Fin., for tho theft of $50,000
from that lino, it is mm
money taken by this clerk was ost
through speculation with tho firm o O.
.Lawrence & Co., that recent y failed
here, and tho principals of which aro
now under nrroat.
pito of
ceucrnl strike in nboyanco until tho I
'mmlttcoa for tho Iiosiatanola nnd tho
ktwnatloual Clsar-Makers' Union
"to got togothor, tho general striko
udoclnrod today. Nino local unions
tho order of tho Trades' As
" nnd rofusod to go to work. It
"tlmatod thnt 1,400 men havo an
"ttod tho first call and aro out.
Fire In Beatrice, Neb.
Beatrice, Nob,, Nov. 82. Firo today
ovotl tho hrlok block ocouplod by
Wis & Vanarsdale, general morohan
" and othor Arms. Loss $85,000.
Revolt In Somallland.
Zanzibar, Nov. 38. Tho Somalia
J'va rUori in Julmland, a province of
,ltlh Eat Afrloa. About 4,000
?9'''Wmed mon aro ou tho warpath.
Couimlsaiouor Jonnor, who has
(,a on a tour inland with a smnll
i is eald to bavo boon nttaokod.
"''position is gravo. It is doubtful
oethor ho will bo nblo to return safely
we seaport, KIsmayn. Rolnforoo-
KUrna'a Moomba8a have bon ,en
Refugee! From South Africa.
York, Nov. 29. Amonu uu
nasongors wno ornvm. -
Stoatoudam from ltottendum woro H o.
re fugcoa 'roui the South African ropuh-
Ho. They aro a. i o'"i v"
eenoral of tho Transvaal army; Com-
W. Snyman, oi mu viuu
nnd II. Bnymau, jr., n.
1 irnrnnlnR VllloOll. Ol
nun . . . - -
Froo Stnto
Dtwet In Portugueie Territory.
Louronco JIarques, Nov. 29. A,,t
nf 80 mounted Portuguoso
troops, with two guns, crossed tho river i feuow how l0 ass0rt, grade nnd pack his
Hit moraine at Catembo. It is ro-1 ,,rft.,npe. nna the careless one, who will
not try to have mem iuim lu ut-ai,
tho dishonest one, whose goods are not
of the snmo quality when they are out
of sight as they are on the surface, does
not keep n steady customer iou uuu is
Institute Lectures.
The boldlnc of farmers' Institutes has
been of great advantage In many locali
ties. Even when the chler speaker or
essayist has not been of the best, and
sometimes Just because he was not the
best, he has helped to bring out opin-1
Ions from local farmers whose Ideas,
no matter bow poorly clothed In lan
guage, were adapted to the locality and
more valuable there than the opinions
of one who bad obtained experience
upon different soil, In different climates
nnd under different conualons. There
Is also In many places a disposition on
the part of the hearers to ask questions.
They are not content to be told the best
wny to do their work, but they want to
know why It Is better than some other
way. that they may Judge If It will be a
ltetter way under their conditions, or is
only better when conditions are better.
Every step tauen in mis way is n step
In advance. Farming Is not a railroad
where one must follow a certain line of
track, but often a route turougn nn un- j
known territory where one must ex
plore to find the best path for himself.
House Plants.'
Many people have poor success with
house plants because their bouses are
too good. They are kept at a uniform
beat by hot air furnaces, which furnish
a dry heat, and the rooms nre so care
fully closed against cold In the winter
that not a breath of fresh air gets In.
Plants need pure air, and they need
moisture for their leaves as well as for
their roots. The woman who has a few
plants In the kitchen where they get
the steam from the laundry work, and
where the outer door Is swinging open
often, or windows are opened to let out
the heat or odors, will have thrifty
plants though she devotes but little
time to them, while they may fall to
grow well In tho bay window of a mod
ern comfortable sitting-room.
Hondurai Pay! Pean Claim.
1. Dnr.
nJm c.'.i.,. In Muv. 1809, and tho
Indemnity Is tho .full amount of
uluim sot up.
Census of Oregon.
Wn.hlnoton. Nov. 29. Iho
. , ..un.l. Pearson says
St? wS over tho border into
Portuguese torritory. Thov m.ulo t l.oU
ny to tho coast and thonco by steamer
to Kuropo? l'oarT .ays ho has never
boon out ofjouth Africa before.
Kruger Allege! Barbarlim.
New York, Nov. 28.-Accordlng ton
dlsch from Pari, to , the .Journal and
, frntn Mlchaol Dnvitt, i rou
AU'I .. ...1.1.
. . iiritish uross learns,
Hnnr iv riiunr. liiu
. likely to follow p
his pronunolamonio tr'
ormulating speclflo ohaw !
boaoh of tho oodo of olvllUed ortaro
on the part of Lord Hoberts In instruct
tag nle officers to resort to "conoentra.
do methods in tho effort to crush Boei
reilitanoe entirely.
r n rTUn etnfA rfO.
Washington, ov. ! , ",cd to accept what prices tho com-
partmeut received a cable today from obligeu io v bo
butted States Minister Hunter, at Gu M,0;nd lf0 doubtB tno qual.
tomala City, uou"'n I J? the goods he does not offer them
ju8t received rom tho Hondu an g , ty tMg try to g t
ornmeut a draft for $10,000 u or con tQ d,8
-i.i i.iHA.miir.v tor viic iiMh i -o" . .
goiu ho .u.x...- --- . . . thcm nt tno ursi ouer. ueiujB
mo r.i..u, . ,,i r nlsn resnonslble
111 LrilllojiUlvii-v
for low prices many times, because
produce of a perishable nature loses
quality rapidly aud must be sold quick
ly after decay begins, even If sold nt a
To Kilter Ciller,
Cider Is gTeatly Improved by filtering
as soon as It comes from tho mill. If the
vnrv iHt results are wanted a charcoal
filter Is necessary, xms can uu iinu
easily made from an ordinary cider or
whisky barrel. Itemove one head and
mnko of It a false bottom two Inches
ni,nv the other head. On the false
i. n-, nnii Htrlns of hard wood. Bo-
tiipso strins bore holes. Have u
fmiwvi near the bottom of tho barrel
Abovo tho false botom plnco threo
Inchca of charcoal broken to tho size of
blrdshot first laying down a piece of
nrso oloth. On top of this chnrcoal
put another layer of cloth nnd four or
xi r nrnnnn ns Ot OUUiy
today, is 413,530, ns against 313,707
for 1800. This is nu inorenso of 99,
709 or 31.7 por cent. Tho population
In 1880 was 174,708, showing an iu
of 138.009. or 70.6 percent from
1880 to 1890.
Killing of Frank Michael.
. rial.. Nov 20. It Is now
thought t&t tho body found Inst Thurs.
V,?.ufc. ....,f nnnr Bollavlsta. Is that of
nay b,. - ,,nrllnm, or,
HullV lll IJluroiiuj
on loot for
Bedding. Ho
When found,
. nnliad Redding. When found, put another layer oi ciuvu
TeLTol Vhc body had bullet hole flVo Inches of clean, well washed wheat
the hoad of tho oooy nivided1 rv Htrnw. Abovo tho straw put a
lD. lather iTwas a caso of murder I circular, hard wood grating with oper.
uo v
oi flulcido.
Circuiur, ua.u ii""" o
ings on Inch or bo square. Fasten uus
llnrrowlncr AVlient.
Often a rain may come after wheat
has been sown, and on clay land so beat
down the soil that It will crust over or
bake when the sun comes out so that
many of the plnnts cannot get through.
Tho use of a light hnrrow with flno
sharp teeth will remedy this very
quickly without Injury to the plants
that are up, or those that are germin
ating. Nor does It Injure wheat to use
such a harrow on It lu the spring when
the clover seed la sown, unless the roots
have been thrown out by tho frost, in
which ense n roller Is needed to press
the plant roots back Into tho earth.
Ilordy Omnces.
Tho Department of Agriculture Is try
ing to produco an orange which will en
dure frost, by crossing our native or
ange with the hnrdy, trifoliate ornngo
of Japan. They do not expect success
at the first trial, nud may get a bitter
or heavily seeded fruit, hut from oven
such fruit It may bo possible to pro
duco better nnd still retain tho hardi
ness. It Is well worth tho trial.
Eggs 34 c.
Cheese 12o.
Poultry 12o; dressed, 14o; springy
1315c turkey, 18c.
Hay Puget Sound timotliy, $14.00?
choico Eastern Washington timothy,
$18.00. ,
CoraWhole, $23.00; cracked, $25;
feed meal, $25.
Barley Rolled or ground, per tou
$20. a n
Flour Patent, per barrel, $8.50f;
blended straights, $3.25; California,.
$3.25; buckwheat flour, $0.00; (rra
ham, per barrel, $3.00; whole wheat
flonr, $3.25; rye flour, $3.804.00.
Millstuffs Bran, per ton, $13.00;
shorts, per ton, $14.00.
Feed Chopped feed, $19.00 per ton;
middlings, per ton, $20; oil cake meal,
per ton, $30.00.
Fresh Meata Choico dressed beet
steers, price 7 Mo; cows, 7c; mutton
pork, 8c; trimmed, 9c; veal, 9
Hams Large, 13c; small, 13Ji;
breakfast bacon, 12c; dry salt sides,.
Portland Market
Wheat "Walla Walla. 5364o;
Valley, nominal; Bluestem, 56o pe
Flour Best grades, $3.40; graham,
Oats Choico white, 45o; choico
gray, 42o per bushel.
Barley Feed barley, $15.50 brow
tag. $10.50 per ton.
Millstuffs Bran, $15.60 ton; mid
dlings, $21; shorts, $17; chop, $10 pea
Hay Timothy,$12 12.50; clover,$T
9.60; Oregon wild hay, $0 7 per ton.
Butter Fanoy creamery, 4560o;
store, 30o. .u
Eggs 35a per dozen.
Cheese Oregon full cream, 13 Kc;
Young America, 13o; new cheese 10a
per pound.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, $2.75
8.60 per dozen; hens, $4.00; springs,
$2.008.50; geese, $0.008.00 doz;
ducks, $3.505.00 per dozen; turkeys.
live, 12o per pound.
Potatoes 5005o per sack; sweets,
ljo per pouna.
Vegetables Beets, $1; turnips, 75o;
por sack; garlio, 7o per pound; cab
bage, lo per pound; parsnips, 86o;
onions, $1; carrots, 75o.
Hops Now crop, 1,2 14o poe
Wool Valley, 1314o por pound;
Eastern Oregon, 1012o; mohair, 2
per pound.
Mutton Gross, best sheep, wether
and ewes, 3o; dressed mutton, 0)4
7o por pound.
Hogs Gross, ohoioo heavy, $5.75;
light and feeders. $5.00; dressed,
$0.00 0.50 por 100 pounds.
B0e Gross, top steers, $3. 50 4.00;
cows, $3.003.50: dressed beof, 0
7o per pound.
Veal Large, 0K7jo; small, 8
8Jijo per pound.
Too Much Salt.
Too much salt Is used by many but
ter makers. The wholo tendency among
consumers Is toward fresher butter. In
England and on tho continent butter
mndo In thoso countries Is served par
ticularly fresh nnd white. In the best
restaurants nnd hotels In tho larger
cities of this countrj tho butter con
tains very little salt
San Francisco Market
Wool Spring Nevada, ll13ope
pound; Eastorn Oregon, 1014o; Val
ley, 1617o; Northern, OQlOo.
Hops Crop, 1900, 1817o.
Buttor Fanoy creamery 2426o
do seconds, 23o; fanoy dairy, 21'
22o; do seconds, 20o per pound.
Eggs Store, 28o; fanoy ranob,
Millstuffs Middling., $10.60 (.
10.00; bran, $13.00(813.60.