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rnblUhed Erery Friday.
An Intereatlnfx Colluctlon of Itcma From
the Two Hemispheres Presented
In a Conileiineil Form.
Ambassador Ghonto lecturod on
Lincoln nt Edinburgh.
Terry McGovern difoated Kid Broad
at Tattorsalls, Chicago.
Tho troaty of Purls was donounood
at tho Spanlsh-Amoricnn oongross.
Industrial commission honra testi
mony on labor strikos and sweatshops.
Indomnlty claims by Philippine cor
porations will bo submitted to congross.
A bill to diefranohiso negroes was
introduced in tho Georgia legislature.
President McKinley asks tho mom
bora of tho cabinet to remain with
lirnzil nnd Argontina may force Chile
to grant Bollva's demands in legard to
coast lines.
Union labor makes a demand for
.stato positions in Washington nnder ,
now regimo.
An Idaho danco hall tragedy result
od in tho death of two in on at tho
town of Gem.
Thirteen persons were killed and 14
others injured seriously in a tire damp
explosion in tho Pluto coal mine, at
Wiosa, near Unix, Germany.
In an explosion in a gelatine mixing
house of a powder company at Lo
hrante, Cnl.. 15 miles from San Fran
cisco, one white man and two Chinese
wero killed.
A special. dispatch from Tien Tsin,
says a lorce of Russians has captured
llio arsenal northeast of Yeng Tsun,
with trifling loss, killing 200 Chinese
and capturing a quantity of arms, and
Max J. Lnsar, the diamond smuggler,
pleaded guilty in the United States
court at Buffalo, N. Y. He was fined
$500 and sent to tho Erie county jail
lor six months. He . smuggled dia
monds which were sold for $31,000.
The bodies of 22 persons who wero
killed by the collapse of houses inshore
by the typhoon which struck Hong
Kong recently, have been recovered.
More than 50 bodies have been taken
from the harbor, and the remains of
many victims are still to be found.
Tho damage to property and crops is
Two mon hold up a saloon at Tnoomn
and secured $12.
Flro at Canton, China, destroyed bo-
twoou 200 and 800 houses.
ltobbors blow opon tho vault of a
bank in Qulncy, III., and soourod
Flro at nn Oshkosh, Wis., lumber
yard destroyed $70,000 worth of fluo
grndo lumber.
Tho transport Logan has arrived at
San Francisco from Manila, with 273
sick soldiors.
Two mon woro killed ami four seri
ously injured in n train wiock near
Jackson, Miss.
The stoamer Nomo City lias nrrlvod
at Seattlo from Nomo W'iUi 250 miners
and $100,000.
Flro dostroyod tho business portion
of tho town of Phillppl, V. Yn., caus
ing a loss of $100,000.
A hoavy snow storm is ragtag in
British Columbia, $20,000 damago be
ing dono in Vancouver nlono.
Two fishormon woro drownod in tho
bay at Seattlo from a small sailboat",
whioh capsized in n gust of wind.
The Amorican legation building at
Caracas was injured beyond repair by
tho recent Venezuelan oartliquako.
The University of Oregon football
team defeated tho University of Cali
fornia team by a score of 2 to 0.
The Unitod Mineworkers have dooid-
ed to bring into their organization all
workers in nnd about the mines. j
Governor Candler, of Geoigia, has !
issued a call for a National Maritime 1
congress at Brunswick, Gn., Jauuarv j
30. . '
Tho murderous Apaches of Mexico, j
will bo hemmed up in tho mountains j
and exterminated by the Mexican
troops. I
Anarchists woro not concerned in the j
recent assault on Emperor William. It 1
wns merely the act of a demented Ber-
lin woman. j
Three Anicricuns were
fight with 200 bolomen in the province
of Panay. The enemy lost 100 killed
21 wounded and 50 prisoners.
One hundred dead bodies were found
in a swamp just west of the city of
Galveston, Texas, on tho island wheio
thoy had been deposited by tho storm
of September 8.
Cotton Manufacturers
South Petition For
of the
Secretary Hay Aakert to Uae III
Oilier- to Prevent dualns;
Alnrketa to Americana.
I flood
Washington, Nov. 17. Socrotarylluy
has received a potitiou from Hourly all
of tho loadlui; cotton manufacturer!) of
tho South to tako such action as may
lie within his power to prevent tho in
torforonco by any European powor
which might olosu tho foreign markets
to tho cotton mannfaoturors of tho
Unitod States and injuro other Ameri
can interests, lho petitioners doolaro
that tho "opon door" policy is neces
sary to secure tho retention of tho im
portant trado in cotton drills and Bhlrt
ings with China, most of whioh aro
manufactured in Southorn states. It
Is declared tho withdrawal 'u this
trado in Manchuria would soriousty
nffoct not only tho manufacturers of
cotton goods but Southorn cotton-growers
and employers and omployes'and
laborers in tho cotton mills. Tho peti
tioners roprosout fully $15,000,000
in capital and doolaro thoy havo lost
half their trado since tho Boxer upris
ing nnd nro running on half timo.
Gonoral Chaffeo has cabled tho war
department tho following from Tnku,
under dato of November 10:
"Sixth regiment. Unitod Stntos
cavalry, will remain in China, under
command of Lieuteuant-Colunol Theo
dore J. Wint, with troops I, K, L, M.
Kvlilence Contained In Ancient Iteoords
Unearthed In Pekln.
i Monteroy, Mox., Nov. 17. Tho re
killed in a ' Prt ua American officers havo un
earthed ancient records in Pekin show
ing that the Chinese discovered Ameri
ca 1,500 years ago, and erected temples
in Mexico, has aroused tho greatest in
terest nmong tho scientific men of Mon
terey and throughout this country.
The Chinese temples alluded to nro in
tho sta'te of Sonora, on tho Pacific
coast. Tho ruin of one of tho temples
In old Kentucky, a football game be-1 was discovered near tho town of Uros,
The Paris exposition is closed.
Russian troops are being withdrawn
from Pekin.
The military force in Porto Rico is to
be reduced.
Admiral Crowinshield says onr navy
is crippled by lack of men.
The.envoys at Pekin have Agreed up
on a basis of negotiation.
Chinese are worried by the recent
executions at Pao Ting Fu.
Henry Villard died at his home near
Dobbs Ferry, K. Y., aged 65.
Marcus Daly, the Montana copper
king, is dead, aged GO years.
Morocco declines to pay the United
States' demands for indemnity. I
Congress will be asked to provide for
larger and more elastic army.
Tho British reoccupied
South Africa, after four hours lighting
Importation of American steel bars
threatens extinction of England's ir
Tho election of Beckham, Democrat,
as governor of Kentucky, will not be
Spanish papers print a letter from
Don Carlos condemning tho recent up
The reform in the British army will
require in future 10 months of scientific
drill for the soldier.
A fatal hotel fire oocurred at Popo
Jar Bluff. Mo., in wnicn four persona
-woro burned to death.
The mineworkers of America wish to
iavo operators meet them to arrange
annual scalo ol wages.
Ex-Senator John L. Wilson an
nounces his retirement from political
leadership in Washington.
Li Hung Chang eays demands for
punishment of Prince Tnan and the
dowager empress are too humiliating.
Thero is still somo friction among
miners nnd operators in the anthraoite
soctionr but it may bo peacefully ad
justed. The annual report of tho United
States Indian commissioner says Indian
population has not decreased since set
tlement of tho country by tho whites.
Two passenger trains collided on a
curve on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas
railway, between Sherman and Denni
son, Texas. D. II. Weaver, fireman,
was killed. A. O. Andrews, vice-pros- J
Ident of the Grayson county bank, of
Sherman, was probably fatally injured.
Japan lias passed a law to pro
Jiibit lads under 20 years of age from
Tho home of the late Bayard Taylor
nt Westchester, Pa., kown as Codar
croft, was sold at sheriff's sale to sat
isfy a claim.
J. M. MoKnight, formorly president
of the German National bank of Louis
ville, lias been sentonced to Ave years'
imprisonment at bard labor for embezzlement
tween a Cinoinnati team and a Dan
villo, Ky., team, ended in n fight in
which a majority ot tho Cincinnati
players were compelled to go to tho
A serious snow storm is raging in
South Dakota.
The Chinoso emperor and empress
will return to Pekin.
Fire destroyed a considerable por
tion of tho Corean palace at Seoul re
u'eneral Botha has sent Lord Roberts
a statement of the terms on which no
will surrender.
The Japanese empress was attacked
by a lunatic who threw iiis purse and
his shoes at her.
The firm of William L. Strong &
Co.. of New York, has failed, with
liabilities of $6,000,000.
Henry Elliug, a pioneer of Montana
and president of six banks in that
state, died at his home in Yirginia
During tho progress of a bull fight
given by women toreadors at Alicante,
Spain, the benches collapsed and eight
persons wero killed and 200 injured.
According to Commissioner of Immi
gration Fitchie, of New York, immi
grants have arrived in this country at
the rate of 1,000 per day from all
countries since Jnly last.
Thirteen insane soldiers from the
Philippines, who had been confined in
the Presidio hospital at San Francisco,
have been sent to tho government asy
lum at Washington, D. C.
Yale college will educate free of
charge five Filipinos provided young
men of exceptional fitness and high
character bo selected by Judge Ttft, of
tho Philippine commission.
At Denver, in an action beenn by
Uean liart to prevent Sunday theatri
cal performances, Police Justice Thomas
decided in favor of the theaters, hold
ing that the city ordinance on the sub
ject is void.
The Peruvian bark Fiancisco Tozo
cleared from Astoria with a cargo of
520,054 feet of lumber, valued at
$5,734.78. She was loaded at tho
Knappton, Wash., mills, and goes to
(Julian, Pern.
The stato supremo court of Minncso
ta has decided that tho eo-called "jag
cure law" is unconstitutional becauso
it applies only to connties of over 50,
000 peoplo and it is limited in its bene
fits to a certain number in each conuty,
one per year to eaoh 10,000 of people.
Adrew Carnegie has andtbor surprise
for Pittsburg, involving tho expendi
ture of several million dollars. His
purpose is said to bo tho establishment
of a polytechnic school for tho instruc
tion in practical mechanics and tho in
dustrial sciences. lho amount of
money which will be epout by Mr.
Carnegie in founding and endowing tho
school is $3,000,000.
new school houses
Kansas within tho
Moio than 150
have been built in
last year.
Apricots stand second to oranges as
n money making orop in California.
Roughly estimated, tho presont apricot
yiold is worth $2,500,000 to that stato.
It has been discovered that Monon
gahela river is rninous to boilers, hav
ing 10 grains of sulphuric aoid to ono
gallon a disastrous ratio, according
to exports-
in that state, about two years ago.
One of tho largo stone tablets found in
the ruins was coveted with carved
Chinese characters, which wero partly
deciphered by a learned Chinaman who
visited the ruins nt the request of tho
Mexican government. This Chinaman
made tho assertion at tho timo that the
ruins wero thoso of n temple which had
been erected many centuries ago by
Chinese, but his statement was not re
ceived with credence.
It has been long claimed that tho In
dians of tho stato of Sonora aro the do
scendents ol the early Chinese settlers.
They possess many traditions and
characteristics of the Chinese. If the
report of the finding of these records
in Pekin is verified nn expedition will
go from here to explore further the
ancient temples of Sonora.
Dlahoueat Onlclltl.
Yokohama, Nov. 17. Several mem
bers of the Tokio city council, having
been accused of accepting a bribe from
the Mitsui lead plpo factory, all tho
members resigned en bloc, but were
snbscquently re-elected with the ex
ception of the incriminated members,
warrants for whose arrest have been
Fire In n Ilrldce riant,
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 10. Firo
which started in the engino-room of
the Detroit Bridge & Iron Works early
today did between $05,000 and $75,
000 damage. Five hundred mon aro
thrown ont of employment. The loss
is covered by insurance. Repairs will
be begun immediately' and the works
started again as soon as possible.
Queen Draco Mot Dead.
Paris Nov. 15. Inquirios made by
a representative of tho press at the
Servian legation here show that there
is no truth in the report published by
the Echo do Pairs today that Queen
Draga of Servia is dead. The legation
officials have not even heard that the
queen is ill.
Wealthy Man' Suicide.
Fort Wayne, Ind., Nov. 17. Frank
Alderman, a wealthy real ostate man,
killed himsolf today. Ho walked into
a hardware store, purchased a revolver,
loaded it and then sont n bullet into his
brain. He is thought to have been in
snno. He was a prominent Republican
Another North Sen Cable. ,
Washington, Nov. 17. Consul Leis
toe, at Rotterdam, in a report to the
state department, says that a third
telegraphic cable has beon constructed
recently between Tho Netherlands und
England nnd will expedite tho dolivery
of American cablegrams via London.
Enumeration or tho ronulaMun of the
Territory Cniniileteil,
Woithingtoii. Nov. 10. The conans
bureau recently completed tho enu
meration of tho district of Alaska. Tho
schedules havo been rocolvod at tho
olllco and aro now in process of tabula
tion Tho director of thu census today
gavo out tho following statouiont with
reference to tho work in tho territory!
"Saiuuol O. Dunham, who had
charge of tho work in tho northorn dis
trict, roturnod to Washington n fow
days ago and Hubmlttod his llnal re
port. Ho loft Washington on this work
May 4, 1801).
"Tho natlvo and mixed population
of tho northern district of Alaska Is
12,052. Tho most populous district,
with respect to the uatlvo population,
is tho country lying between tho mouth
of tho Yukon ami tho Kuskoquifi rivers,
nnd extending back from tho coast 100
miles. Maurico Johnson, tho agontlfor
this district, travolod over 2,000 milos
with n dog team during tho winter,
and enumerated 3.01U persons, all of
whom wero Indians. Tho Inditing in
this region aro probably tho most ties
Ltuto people on the North American
ecntlnont. Mr. Johnson reports that
from Deccr.nbor 1 to .March 15 ho visit
ed 74 interior villngos, and during tho
timo raw but three tiros burning in tho
shacks. The jxjor creaturos huddlo to
gether in thoir miserable dwellings
during tho long winter, and subsist on
frozen fish and a little seal oil, which
thoy seouro on tho coast during tho
summer. Tho fur-bearing' animals, !
which formorly furnished thorn with
natural clothing, nro nearly extinct,
and they have been forced to adopt tho
whito man's garb, and. as thoir poverty
provonts them from securing enough
to cover thoir nukednoss, there is groat
sufforiug from thu cold.
"Tho spiritual condition of thoso
natives is no hotter than their physical,
as thu missionaries devote their atten
tion to tho more attractive Holds in tho
gold rogloiiB and along the river, whoro
thoir work may bo seen.
"Tho Nomo district is tho most pop
ulous in Northern Alaska. Tho enu
meration showed a pcrmauout whito
population on Juno 1 of 0,704. During
tho summer about 18,000 peoplo lauded
j at Nomo, nbout 3,600 of thoso coming
from Dawson. About 12,000 havo ro
i turned to their homos in tho states,
leaving about 0,000 peoplo in tho region
contiguous to Nomo. It is probublo j
that tho population of tho town of i
Nomo during tho winter will be bo- i
tween 4,000 and 5,000."
Princes Tunn and Cluing
to Prison for Life.
Moderate and lluinimn Onnmo f
United Hlnt Un Advanced
It Prestige I" Clllllll.
Washington, Nov. 10. Minlsior Wu
has received fiom Director-General
.Hhong tho following catileitrnin, whioh
ho comniuniorttcd to ficuretiiry Hay to
day: "An imporial dooroo of November in
deprived Prince Tunn nnd Prince Chang
ol thoir ranks and oIIIcoh, mid orders
thoiu to bo Imprisoned for life; l'rlnco
Yih and secondary Prliicu thing to bo
imprisonm1; secondary Prince Lluii to
bu deprived of his rank; Duko l.itu ami
lulng Nlun to bu degraded in rank;
Rang Yl being dead, no penalty can lio
imiHed u lion him; Chan Shu Clilao to
ho degraded, hut retained In nlllco, and
Y'l listen to bu oxllud to tho lurthest
Tho Chinoso olllclulu niniitloiied in
the dooroo nro among tho highest in
China, nnd comprino most, if not all.
of thoso against whom thu powers do
manded rigorous punishment. l'rlnco
Tnan stands nt thu head of tho nntl
foreign and lloxer movement. Previous
edicts degraded him nnd took uwny hid
olllco and servants, but this judgment
of life imprisonment is thu most sovoro
thus far given to any of tho leaders
rospontilhio for thu trouble. From n
Chinoso standpoint, it
penalty to a prince of
it romalns to .bo semi whether tho pow
ors will regard it iih ndeiitmtu to l'rlnco
Tumi's offense. The others mentioned
wore Tumi's active ushocIateH, mid two
of them woro specifically mentioned
for punishment, along with Tumi, in
.Secretary Hay's noto of October !l, in
which ho advised tho Chinese govern
ment that this country would expect
thou olllcials to receive their just do
sorts. Kaug Yi is ono of tho afllciitls who
diuil suddenly when the domauds for
punishment had beon made, probably
by suioido. Yu Ilslon Is another who
0 I .... 11.1
nnniMin nMiinn JtntiTfWii Ttrtl J
Tmnpi., Fin., Nov. 1 0. UIotlnu
twoou International nnd ItcHlHtlaii
Unions of olgitriiinkurd homiii hum
day at thu fnotory of (IuhxhIok. m,j
tv Co., of 'lain pa mid Chicago.
iirm was worning ii Mill lorco of t(,J
tiaiiom men, miinmirlng iumt mj
ino iiiiernauoiiaiH marched to t, M
4..... .....1 .1 .1.... .. "S
wiij iiiim tiuiiimiiiuii iimi lllt'Ml in'
coiiio out. Thin wiih riiimtod mid t
jiiiuriiiiiioiiniH iKKlliirud tllliy would
At...... ....a. flt... -
ilium urn. i mi promise nru micoUifl
.....I ... .... I.. ...... 11 I ,rW
M. i. un ui iiiuinii. until iiiiiu started
enter tho gnto tho Italian dnorki...
1 t Lit. (.. . '
nruu upon linn, huh wiih ipn. kiv ,
iowcu ny an oxoiimi(,o;o several in
drod shots. Tho front mid sidn ,,i
buildings woro riddled with imii,
but no ono Iiiih boon reported Injur
Police olllcors ills Pernod tho iM,,i,
I'.vory fnotory closed nt noon u,t
day. Tho mayor lias sworn In ion
tru policemen, and tho sheriir lilln
on numorotiH deputies to his Um,
iiinjiir ikmuuu it prucnimimoi) lirlni)
torcniignt procunHioiiN ami do mm
tioiis oi tlio rival trades unions pim,
for tonluht.
Tho Internationals havo nlimit
members hero, while tho ItosiHtiim
muni tiers milliner over ,1,000.
Uliii.ii li l..l(.... it... .
"""v ..1'iinii, inn vuy nun i'
routed n wildly excited condition, ,,
tun streets in tlio neighborhood oi
cigar faotorloo havo been thron
ll.ltll .Kin.. 1.1 'M.I..
11111 'Ulllli 411IH 111 ItTllJUOI), 1 I))
meeting oi business men passed a r
lution tho chairman to
point conimiuooH, wnicn thu nn.
din. 'llicBO committees mot nnd tw
that nil tlio mini should go to work
morrow morning. Tho Intornntim;
havo agreed to this proposition pru
cully, but tho lieslntlancia I'nim,
is mi oxtromu i still considering tho matter It
tho blood, but thought it will bo ndonted llllfntn tin
ing. All tho factories nru now m
guarded by deputies.
Council 1 1 1 ii IT lliililmr thn Oiitmtt
Wtinltlir I'Miiillf.
ChlciiKO, Nov. 10. Thu bandit i
I.11I...1 A ..... I n i . . .
Yim Kiiimi wuiuuur last ny r.Xid
.MoNsongur Pnxtor, on thu Kami ('A
bt. Joseph iv Couiall Wolfs raiiroaif
mid to havo boon thu niitcnat
wealthy Massachusetts family
Information was given Ijieutuinuit
han, ot (lotoctlvu Headquarters. jj
"crook" whom
..... ... .1.. .
.n.llm Inl,.n .1 1...ll.l " .UKJ.1IH UM.r
.......... ..i... , imH known for yean
but tho reports Indicate that iiu is still
A Declalvs KngiiKriiKiiit liny Mure lleen
New York, Nov. 10. Late advices
from Cartagena say a spooial from
Panama, Colombia, indicates that a
decisive engagement may have been
fought between the revolutionists and
government troops in iiolivnr province
General liufael Uride, head of the
rebels, was still at Coioual on Novem
bet 7, organizing his forces for an ad
vonco on iiarranquilla. Ho had incor-
Wits C'ourap ii r thn tfnltril Mtntfta.
Thero is no hesitation in energetical
ly denying tho Jvirape.-iti Implication
that the Unitod Status govornmont is
moved in its Chinoso courso by scnti
uiontnl nnd unbusinesslike considera
tions. On tho contrary, it is )iointud
out that, whilo sentlmout is on tho
side of our govornmont in this matter,
it is accompanied by tho soundest busi
ness considerations. Tho animating
purposo of tho stato department now is
to provont the destruction of Chinoso
integrity upon pretexts; to maintain
too opon door, lor wnicn our govern
porated into his armv most ol tlio gov
ernment troops ho captured at Corogal, mont long has contended, nnd to so euro
and is said to havo been joined by many ! indemnities for tho past, and guaran-
Farm Machinery Plant Burned.
Chicago, Nov. 17. A special to the
Record from Geneva, 111., says: Fire
totally destroyed the plant of the Ap-
ploton Manufacturing Company in this
city. It started in tho paint shop.
Tho loss is $250,000. Thu company
manufactured farm machinery.
MncArthur Ileuiovei tha Cemorshlp.
Manila, Nov. 17. Tho censorship
was removed touny. General Mao
Arthur, howover, has issued directions
to tho cablo cdmpauies ordering thorn
to furnish him with n copy of all pross
Return of the I.oeuii.
Ban Francisco, Nov. 17. The trans-
port Logan arrived from Manila tonight
and went into quarantine Tho Logan
brings 278 siok soldiers, 80 prisoners
and eight Insane.
recruits from tho Bitriouuding country
who had been attracted by his success.
With captured supplies and trans
port he was then practically ready for
an ndavneo, and it was believed ho
would soon march on tho imitortant
coast ports.
General Ospina, with a strong gov
ernment force on November 7 was re
ported as having arrived at Ovojus, a
short march from Kl Carmen, whoro
the first opposition was to bo offered to
the advance. El Carmen is a strong
8trugotio point. Should Uride' defeat
Ospiua'H army, it is buliovod at Panu-
ma the government resistance in the
east would bo practically overcome and
IlaianquiUa and Cartageun will again
tail into tlio hands of tho rebols.
"nclflo Mall Presidency.
New York, Nov. 16. A meeting ol
tho directors of tho Pacific Mail Com
pany is to be held tomorrow, at whioh
it is likely a president will be eloctou
to succeod tho late 0. P. Huntington
It was stated on good authority that
tho man, if agreed upon tomorrow,
will bo named by Southern Paoiflc in
terests. It as boon furthor ascertained
that tho recent extraordinary buying
on the stock exchange of Pacific Mail
shares wns mado for the Southorn Pa
cific, and that this company now con.
trols an absolute majority of the out
standing stock of $20,000,000.
Ordered to Leave France.
Paris, Nov. 15. Caesar Delia Croco,
who was naturalized in Now York in
180B, has been ordered to leavo France
within 24 hours or be imprisoned.
Croco said the roasons for his expul
sion wero political. Ho has recently
been dependent on oharlty, Booking aid
from tho United States embassy, con
sulate and charltablo institutions,
though he conteuds ho is about to como
into a fortuuo. Last year ho was ar
rested at Toulouse, imprisoned and ro-
leased at tho Intervention of the Unit
ed States ombussy here.
toes for tho futuro.
The Union, Colo., Murderer Ilurned at
tho Ntake.
Limon, Colo.. Nov. 10. Chained to
a railroad rail sot firmly in lho ground,
on tho exsvit spot whoro his fiendish
crime was committed, Preston 1'ortnr,
Jr., or, as ho was familiarly known,
John Porter, this evening paid a terri
ble ponalty for his deed. It was 0:23
o'olock when the father of thu murder
ed girl toucliod tho match to tho fuel
which had been piled around tho ne
gro, ami 20 minutes later a last con
vulsive shudder told that lifo was ex
tinct. What agony tho doomed boy
suffered whilo the flames shnvoled
up his 11 eeh could only be guossod by
tho torriblo contortions of his faco nnd
tho cries ho gnvo from timo to timo.
The exocutlonors, who numbered
nbout 800 citlzoiis of Limou county,
hod not tho loast semblanco of tho or
dinary mob. Thoir ovory net was do
liborato, and during nit tho wo pur a
tions, ns woll as throughout tho suffer
ings of tho negro, hardly an unnoces
sury word was spoken. Grimly they
stood in a circle about the flro until
tho bodv was ontlroly cousutnod and
thon qulotly thoy took thoir way back
to Limon, from whonco thoy departed
lor their Homes shortly afterward.
Attack on the KaUer.
Uroelau, Nov. 10. Emporor William
was tho object of an nttomptod outrago
today whioh, however, failod. As ho
was driving in nn opon cnrriiigo to tho
oulrassior barracks, accompanied by
tho horeditury priuco of Snxo-Meiuing-
or, a woman in the crowd hurled a
short hnnd-choppor, or hatchet, at tho
oorriogo. Tho hatchet struck tho oar-
rlago, but the rapidity with which tho
vehiolo was passing saved its occu-
JeMe Jaiuea' Widow.
Kansas City. Mo., Nov. 1C Mrs.
Zeralda James, widow of Jesse James,
tho noted Southwestern bandit, died
at ner homo hero today of a complica
tion of disoasos, ufter a lingering ill
noas. KfTeot of Colombian Karthquahe.
Washington, Nov. 10. Mr. Itussoll,
United Statos charge at Caracas, re
ports that tho earthquako in Colombia
last month waB much moro sovero than
at first discovered. The peoplo desort
ed thoir houses and slept in tho stroets,
and between 12,000 and 16,000 build
ings wuro destroyed or damagod.
Uub'nlo Plague In Kgjpt.
Cairo, Nov. 16. Two fresh cases of
bubonic plague aro reported in Alexandria.
Head Kml Colllalnn.
Oil City, Pa., Nov. 10. A houd-ond
collision betweon u Pennsylvania oxtrn
freight train nnd n Luko Shoro passetr
ger train occurred two milos west of
Polk tonight. Iloth engines wero de
molished, nil of tho passongor couohos
loft the tracks, and -10 oil mid coal
cars of the freight woro dorailod.
Prevented Negrom Krom Votlns.
Loxingtou, Nov. IO.-tA. S. Thomp
son, a prominont farmer of Ilourbon
county, Goorgo Lonry nnd Samuol
Adams, oolorod, woro hold in $1,000
hull by United States Commissioner
Hill to tho fodornl court tho first Mon
lny in January, nt Frankfort, ohargod
with oonspiruoy to provont negroes
from votlug at tho lost olootlon, It Is
ohargod that crap games woro started
and tho negroes participating weio ar
rested just beforo the olootlon so ns to
keop them away from tho polls.
4 . t I . i . . .
-i navo hi reason to nouiil tlio inn
story," said the lieutenant, 'mull
though ho is it thief, 1 havo confldil
I in hid word. A week lir 1(1 dnjij
j foru tho train hold-up on tlio Khu
' vity, nt. jsoopn x council mum rfl
j road, my informant mot the man I
in Chicago. Thu plans were thou!
1 ing mado for tlio hold-up, 'Kvum
! cyo on tlio paper, said tho man,
you'll hear of Komuthlng near Couq
i IllulTs.' My Informant did not t
1 know that n train was to bo held
but when ho read of thu attempted :
bory nnd tho killing of ono of thu I
dits, ho knew who it wax that did!
job. Later ho saw a picture nnd 3
scriptlon of thu dead robber nnd red
nlzod tha man nt onco. Ho would I
toll mo thn immo of tho thief who
killed by the uxpress intsfcncor, si
said It would only sudden a family 1
jmvo had their slmro of sorrow fori
acts of a wayward son."
Horrible Dlaciivrry Mnile In a Sllrlill
Knlnmnzoo, Mich., Nov. 10-
nuthoritloH of this city were infonfl
today of a horrible case of wliolei
bodysuntchlng which took place iui
Springbrook cemotcry in Newul
county. Nino bodies, so fur ns kud
nt present, woro exhumed and all!
ono woro thono of portions who had i
within tho vast your Tho ninth '
tim, which is supposod to havo I
Mrs. Henry Knowles, although
body is in such a stato of docompj
tion us to bo unrocognlzab'o, was i
covered in n hedge fenco about a (i
tor of a milo fiom tho cemetery.
diod bout flvo yoars ngo. The con
tory is in nn isolatod spot, and un
Wednesday thero had not been a bul
thero for nourlv throo wooks. 8
Isnao Duuton, tlio sexton, went to j
n urnvo yostordav. tho discovery
mado of remnants of collius, will
scorned to havo beon knocked npj
with nn nx and woro strown uboatl
Itenmlni ot n Train Itnhlier.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 10. Hotivl
Cnsa Grando nnd Floronco n pnrtl
humors found n skeleton which isg
Moved to ho tho romalns of HttrtB
vord, loador of ono of tho most flosj
ato bands of train robbors that
opornted in Arizona, Thoro is senj
lv anv doubt that ho was killed
William Sitlos, one of tho momhois
tho tmnir. Wild animals had torn
tho flosh from tlio skoloton, lint pd
liar murks on tho skull and fllliiitdj
tho tooth mado identification euro.
Thrno Ilnnirlnira In ArUonit.
Phnnnlr. Ariz.. Nov. 10. On
thn tmoxiiectod hannens and furi
olomonov is oxtondod by Presidout j
Kin ev or Govomor Ulurpiiy, tnruu i
will lin hniiDod Kalnrdav for inn rd
in Arizona. Thomns and Willi
iinl.l.imnn will hn nroouted nt Tol
cfnim for thn killiiiL' of Tod Mooro,
Sautingo Ortoz will pay t' ath
nlty for tho murdor ot w. a.
I Pi.
I tin
Throe Kirroe T.ynohoil.
Tffnrantl. TflX.. NOV. 10. TlirOOS
uuaowatvw" . m 3
,,n imii Imon nrrostod lorifl
Kiuua ii.iv. ...
i j..,. .mi utrnmiiiiuu w a--
m.ll.Mn.nnrn tnkoll from tllO jOll 1
t. niiknowii norsons nnd nnnj
fhn railroad bridco across Cypl
i. Thn nfioroos llrtd OOUfOSSOIl
""r"'..... " Th mob that did
i.... nipomnnnrod tho jailer
tefephono lino o
jailer could not cominunicnto vi"j