Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, November 16, 1900, Image 8

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Mr. lit II. Black, tho well-known
village blacksmith nt Grahaniavillc,
Hullivnn Co., K. Y ; "Our llttlo
urn, five years old, lias always been sub
ject to croup, ami so bad have the at
tacks been that wo have feared many
times that ho would die. Wo have had
the doctor and useil "hiniiy medicines,
but Chamberlain's Couh Remedy is
now our solo reliance. It seems to dis
solve the tough mucus and by giving
freunont doses when theuroupy synip
toma appear wo have found that the
dreaded croup is cured beforo it pets
aettled." There is' no danger In giving
tins remedy for it contains no opium o
other injurious drug and may be given
as confidently to ti habeas to an adult
Kornalu by Bunkos Duuo Co., Cottage
Grove. Lyon'h k Ai'1'i.kciati:, Drain
Druggists. '
Land Oijice at lloseburu;, Oregon.
Oetolrer 22.' 1000
Notice is herel)v uiven that the fol
lotting-nained settler lias filed notice of
Jus intention to make nnal proot tn sup
port of his claim, and that said proo
will 1m made before Joel Ware, U
Commissioner, at. Kuuene. Lane County
Oregon, on December 1. 1000, viz: Ellen
Thompson, formerly tuien u nite, on n
K. No. SG10, for the SW H NAV M
See. 12. Tp. 20 S,, It. 1. West.
She names the following witnesses to
prove her continuous residence upon and
cultivation ot said land, viz:
John Frost of Wulkei. Lane county
Oregon, Latfson Single, John Elliot, Al
Til...... ffll C .
J. T. BllIIXlKS,
. Register,
Six terrible failures of six dilTercn
doctors nearly sent "Wnr. II. Mullen o
Loekland.O., to an early grave. All
said he had a fatal lung trouble and that
he must soon die. But he was urged
try Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption. After taking five bottles he
was entirely cured. It is positively
guaranteed tocurc all diseases of Throat
Chest and Lungs, including Coughs
Colds, La Grippe, Pneumonia, Bron-
ehitis, Asthma, Hay Fever, Croup,
Whoopinc Coimh. 50e and $1.00. Trial
bottles free utBEXsox Druo Co
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here than in Cripple Creek and of
a much higher commercial value.
But the prospector here is com
pelled to throw over his dump ore
of a better value- than the average
worked at Leadville. Then there
is tlje fluxes to be shipped in. Let
me say to you there is but a very
little of that required that is not
produced in our own catup and a
is proven, by proper management
this can be made a paying bust
ness. The merchants here will
profit by creating a market for their
supplies. The miner will profit by
beintr furnished a cash market for
his product, enabling "him to do
more development, increasing the
value of his ptoperty while he is
getting money enough out of it to
live on. The snvelter will pay a
dividend to its stockholders instead
of levying an assessment.
The miners will form an agree
ment to furnish the ore graded, so
there can be no possible show of
loss to the smelter people. There
is now ar assured amount of ore to
keep a 20 ton smelter in operation
for two years, and in that time
there will be enough development
to require more capacity if a market
is furnished.
m o y n n
1 bfl iti m rj if kami 11 u n
OilSn m
'.) pin
Vli limit.
Time Schedule
Suit jliO. I'onvor, l-'t.
Worth, OmnliH.Kiin.
8118 i.lty, St. Louis,
Chicago niul 1 nit.
Suit l.nko, Denver I't.
Worth, Omnhn.Knn.
wis City. Si. Uml,
Chicago undiist.
0 p in
WhIIii Walla, l.owls
ton, SH)1nno, Min
neapolis, St. l'lllll,
I ninth, Milwaukee,
ChloiiKo mul lUist .
8 i III
ileum Stra.msmii's
All snllliiK dates tib-
Joet to chimifo.
Tor Sun l-'riiiielsi-o
Sail ovory Ailnyn
Like Stanley and Livingstone, found
it harder to overcome Malaria, Fever
and Ague, and Typhoid disease germs
than savage cannibals: -but thousands
have found that 'Electric Bitters is :i
wonderful cure for all malarial diseases,
If you have chills with fever, aches in
back of neck and bead, and tired, worn
out feeling, a trial will convince you of
their merit. XV. A. Null of Webb, III.,
writes; "My children suffered for more
than a year with chills and fever;
hen two bottles of Electric Bitters
cured them. Only 60c. Try them
Guaranteed. Sold by Benson Duua Co.,
Editor "W. V. Barry of Lexington;
Tenn., in exploring Mammoth Cavp. con
tracted a severe case of Piles. His quick
cure through using Bucklen's Arnica
Isalve convinced him it is another
world's wonder. Cnrts Piles, Injuries,
Inflamation, and all Bodily Eruptions.
Only 25c at Bexsox Dkuo Co,
"One of Dr. .King's New Life Pills
each night for two weeks lias put me in
my 'teens' ngaih" writes I). II. Turner
of Denipseytown, Pa. They're the best
in the world for Liver, Stomach and
Bowels. Purely vegetable. Never gripe.
Only 25c at Bunso.v Co., Drug
So sure are we that. the locating of a
lew of our Electrjc Belts will develop
into numerous sales of our Belts and
Appliances, that wo aie willing to send
0110 free to any sufferer from the follow
ing diseases : Cold extremities, Crysto
cele, Female weakness, Kidney com
plaint, Leiicorrhca, Liver complaint,
Paralysis, Lost vitality, Nervousdobility,
Keif abuse, Worn-out women, Sciatica,
"Weak and Nervous women, Irregular
menstruation, Impotoncy, Rheumatism.
Diminutive Shrunken and Undeveloped
Sexual organs, and Catarrh.
Address for illustrated circular, etc.,
fc'anharium City Electrical Co., Rattle
Creek, Michigan.
I ftx
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion
By F. II. Sweet
Oh! the farm was bright, Thanksgiving
With its stacks of hay and shocks of corn,
Its pumpkin heaps in the rambling shed,
And its apples brown, green and red;
And in tho cellar, its winter store
In bins that wero tilled and running o'er
With all the tilings that a farm could
In barrel and bin and goodly heap,
Hung to the rafjers, and hid away
Oh ! the farm was a pleasant place to
stay !
And here and there was the Jersey stock,
The sheep and horses, old Prince and
The turkeys and geese and awkward calf,
And the goats that made thu children
laugh ;
A pair of mules that a friend had sent
Out to the farm 011 experiment,
Pigeons and fowls and a guinea pig,
Dogs that were small and (logs that were
Chickens that were white and black
and gray
Oh! the farm was a pleasant sight that
day! ' -
Out back of the house the orchard stood,
Then came the brook and the chesuut
wood, I
The old saw-mill where the children '
The fodder barn with its piles of hay,
The walnut grove and thecranberiy bog,
The woodehuck hole and the barking
The wintorgreen and the robber's cavo
(Wherein who entered was counted
The skating-pond with its fringe of bay
Oil ! the farm was a pleasant place to
stay !
The big homo barn was a placa of joy
For the romping girl and the climbing
With beams and mows and ladders to
Horses and oxen aiid sheep to count,
Hunting of nests of sly old hens,
Tunnelling hay and fashioning dens,
Helping the men to do up the chores,
Shutting windows and locking the doors,
Letting some work come iu with the
Oh ! the farm was a jolly place to stay !
Oh! the pantry shelves wero loaded
With cakes that wero plump and rich
and brown,
With .apple pies and pumpkin and mince,
And jellies and jams and preserved
Cranberry sauce and puddings and rice,
The dessert dishes that look so nice,
Vegetables, breads and bonbons sweet,
A great brown turkey and plates of incut,
bailees fixed m the daintiest way
Oh ! 'twas a glorious sight that day!
Daily Kx.
S l 111
10 ) lit
C a m Kx.
7 a m
and Sat.
To Astoria and Way-Landing.
WlLMMftrTK ItlVIill
Oregon City, Newborn
Salem and Way-Uuul.
Vamiiii.i. Itivuns
Oregon rity, llnvion
mid Way-uuidlnts.
,":.via ni
lllll IS
ltlpiirla to Lew Iston.
t l la
8:10 am
I i 111
1 11. tn
Kx. Sutid'y
l::!0i tn
.'lifti 11 in
Mini. Wed.
and Kri.
'.1 a in
General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregoji.
vioit DH. JORDAN'S cheat
im?m of &kaiw
(LctwKQ Slxlh iul Seventh J
Thplarcct Anatomical UEjoum
In tlio Wurid.
Orrateat attraction in the City. JL
xopnturjui uuaijor viitiort.
irenlmohM'N, ornnycontrnct"
(MlUheuelnnaltlvf.-t'urnl hy
thn nlilfwf. Hnivli.llt itt. tl.n .untfl..
Cuiuu iiUbllslitd M yarn. A
nn Hlnmil rnniiTr '
un. uu.iurt.i ri;uii t uiacHsla
ToiiBg nn'ii atid ml.lillr I
nc.'U uit'ti wan un niiirerliiK
tnim lite rai-cti of youthful InilK-1
years. Ncrvi,ii3umlph,Vle:ii DrMlllj , Iiii.
l'lcn. Giiiiorrlicpn, Cilrrt, l'rrqiif.,tr
r UrlciallHc. fir. Ily couililiintlon of
remodlM, ot Kreut curatlvn powrr, tlio Poctur
i iiivisunrrnmtpt! 1111 ircuimnc Illlil 11 will not A
only ulHird Imm.'dlale rll-t. but permuneiit r
t cure, luo Doctor dan nut claim toni'tdirm A
' miracles, bat H well known to bo a fair mat P
. rinltHre Plivnlrliin iinil Kurirnti. tirnpmtnni
) Iu blspeclaltr Dlirnui ot Slvn. a
. SYI'IUI.IS thnrouBhly erndlcnted from
1 thn system without tliouseof JJcrrur.i. a
rrawi ntleu by an JJxperL Itatllrnl
rure lor Rimlniw. A niililr fltirl m,tti-.,i A
cure for Pllrit, I'lonro nud
Wn I f tW conctirrm and Mb
,JP' ityo..'
on.M-rovoltOYonriuMro-i. WITHOUT A OEM IN AUVlKiJE.
f "i 'YJVt ORDER, iitalliftlKryouwMil;ilr';a'ii)an,i
-I. CO. II. an Ainu ova , ollaa ,u yautu unci n to n
, it LVioro voti accent It if 1 1 u 1 anilimmitlianwt '
it mil rnr a r Mimra i i u
n ilc"' r.-i in nnr o cl c. rcfam It anil wo will ly all oxiiroMcliamm
ill niii fltioolal Afifiit'H iiiiI I'rluu of 'fIOiii.'
. thi "cSt harUlu'la a Mt-yrlr off c'.l. Wo itui.tkl.l 11
if vmi do imt t, in trHVorcpitwiit. Woarti l.Alil.t'Hn 1. 1IH11 t.'l.i:
M'A.NI I'M VI'ltr.IIH ami tAko tliU nictljud of iiulfkly, l.itn.iiicinn
our J0ll .M li.l.i. Till" ollVr nf n namil liil at IfiNUw l.ilcoU
n'ltlDEn AtlEtttn each town to mirfwvntui
laalptli'Pcuixi a
i J 'S."."",;.".. v: ! 'm ii,.i.i l,li... nin.l, u.t
Willi II'ITI'II V'lll.nir-
faitcn kcat tM'iit aad
U liulM anil finncn'rw
"A" llrm. Hi" I ml olio of lli
o kmiiiIiki I Jlinlnn'r llrl'l
m lilloi twilttti. tiMiUanil wwoiIm tlio l nbUlnalil. hliamclwl la
rnuuioi l-"""'. ' . iii.l.lip.t nml nrnaiiiuiilMll llMvrl&l
linYhca nw"l . . ll lal.rlit i.atin. Wo tl.r.mitlitr U..t.u;ry.r
of mMi'rtnl that ttc Into Ul wnehlne. Our kliiillni: jntt't ttmn
iiniw ul inlnta. Iiaiaorcd riimnilcr tloloo .i fi
Juiiliilai twilali. tiMilnanil wcwoiW tlio Iwl
NOTIOK l-01tl'irill10ATl0;
united HlaifM I,mi( oin
t. Honebing, Oieeun (h.( i, !'0'
.Kollco Is hi. roily uVvimi 1 1 1 . t 1H,'
. will. tl.uyp? ,v ,m if'V'
1 ! I'M IIIM MII11I iir
'"V I'UuIh Iii
Imiilml . 7 .T. ....", Y
HlHtes of Ciillforn . r ,,,mlH. 11
and Wael.lne IT" vllJ N
ii " " v. 1 iiury, .iu
"nV'IS "to any ono Kiullnir tlio MfUlOrMh la full with onlr t IU
t'lSKE ioml tit'O a Itcnutoo llunllrb 10,0110 uillo liil lltrrn rjfliv
iiiitrr. or a lilKli irrado floor .uinn. Your iiHny a" 'wc. If yon ro Knl
UTinarT'lUUPCI C Wo do not inanufartnm Mia eliean iltri-
tjllLMI nriUCLdi raontiilon' klml or iiw , men Mur ium
i.nHu. ..ii.m ml u.l im hlirli irratie. wo mil iiirnim iiinm.
'ntYli'ncili nrM.! tu IIJ.I0 complete Wo uu.ttot Bitnrn in "trjmmi.
'iHlV. IMl:l!I.MI a lilcycla or any ono ciii.mi innu-r nn it how
ul lot n tell J ou !iow inncU wo can Mra you oil I hi, fi" :' '''V ,, ,.
: In OllVawlii'cl Kuranawlityiuto HAIt.V A "If ' 'f ;
UMlbtx to Urn tii'Juufcatdpi.:vr"VLt,y
. ,. . ..i.i ... ...i.thim, N.urfMi liAArt n itr;i.ii mi.eiinivTiiii.i
wi 1 Vo.i Tout a -i it T.Vl each I al o o;n''io)oni umplM a;.d MwA,?J,ffl
Olllt Itllf.l.Vlttl.lTV liuninuwiloiwl. V.'o rcfrc to any lnk or I. wliiw
ralli-oail coniiwny. Wo will wml you lotlyM of irfuroucc illrw-t from III" lamwt "" 'l,JJtt,V1it?i,l JIi! iu
Ot?tlH Vfllin nni",M:i t Jny. TliHowir iru tlm.itlal forawof hlpiiwalwlluoutilciwuiwiii
bttiU lUUll UlitSljll lv withdraw lvriiwioo ( 'iil.oi.ami'i.f tld Ki'-r.
Tho practical nido of ecionco is roflootcd in
lJ".l."lSV'!".".' II"' K a or B;..!.f .?!
Kit 111 llJWIlMllllt ,i Utl Lt
West, and will' ,.Vr 1 "'"'jw t
Umber or hiui.u IMI1
HirmH.'s and lu eMi.bllHl, h c I '
hi. d land lirfon. tli l(t.i, 'r B f
eeiver of tl.U (jlllee at ltoJcl , ,r ' fJ
onbatu.d,.y the 'Juu, day 0l Cuj
Ho namcHiiH wllnenNVH: I
Joseph I'eikliiM, John U.kI, A
1'blllll.H, 1.1). lilnier oftX-'r,'
Aiiv. iiiiiI 11 pi-rHoiis elalMilnj
vcm-ly he abuve-ik'ncrlbe,! ,9
ri.iiluiulii. I.. III., .l i . : ,,""IIB
i inn uirir I'liiitni, j
olllcoonor before Haiti Uth dnv nti
ceinbur, 1000. y
J.T. ItltllHIKH, ItfKlHt
M'o Curry a l'till Line ,,t
EVr.HY MAX nnnlylne to in will receiver
.lrio;i'f onfafonnf lilaroninlaliit. A
Ife will Ounrantee a VOMTIYJS CU2E tn V
L-onviunriiin l ukis nun pirictiy pnvaio.
citAnur.8 VMtr reanoxaiilix
. Treatment personally or by teller.
Write fur Boole. IMIII.OSOI'UV OF '
MAKItlAfli:. JfAiLKD I'uue. (Aviduaulo
oooKiornjeu.j lauorwriie
DX mom & CO.. 1051 Market St., S. F.
Oh! tho farm was bright, Thanksgiving
The sun shone elearon tho hav and corn.
fit warm waiemo Boiien it, men pare K Tlio guestH came early with laugh and
Trains leave Cottage Grove for Port
land end way Btationa at, 3:07 a. in.,
12 -SO p. m.
Lv. I'ortlund 8:OTa. m. 7:('0p. m.
Lv. Cottage Grove 1 it'll a. in. 2:57 p.m.
Ar. Ashland 12::Ut a. in. 11 ::iua. ni.
Ar. Sacramento... 5:00 p. in. -1 :."15 a. ni.
Ar. San Francieco. 7:45 p. in. 8:15a. in.
Ar. Ogden 6:45 a. ni. 11 :45 a. in.
Ar. Denver !):00a. m. 0:00 ti. m.
Ar. Kansas City.. 7:25 a.m. 7:25a.m.
Ar. Chicago 7:45 a.m. fli-lOa m.
Ar. Lo1" Angeles.. 1:20 p.m. 7:00a.m.
Ar. Kl Tapo 0:00 p. in. 0:00 p. m.
Ar. Fort AVrirth.. . 0:S0 a. m. :S0 a. m.
Ar. City of Mexico 0.55 a, m. 0:55 a. in.
Ar. Iloitnton 4:00 a. m. 4 :P0a. m.
Ar. Nhw Orleans.. 0:25 p.m. 0:25p.m.
Ar. Washington.. 0:42 a.m. :42a.m.
Ar. New York 12:43p.m. 12:43 p.m.
Pullman and Tourist cars on both
trains. Chair cars Sacramento to Og
den and El Paso, and tourist cars tn
Cliicaeo, at. Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Ja
pan, China, Philippines, Central and
South America.
Fee T). T. Awbrev, Agent, Cottago
Gtove Station, or address
0. If. Mahkiiam, G. P. A.
Portland. Oregon.
down as closely as posaiblo without
drawing blood and apply Chain borlain'a
Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigor
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should bo worn for
n foiv days, to protect it from tho shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains,
bruises, lameness and rheumatism,
Pain Balm is iinequaled. Try it. For ealo
And the boyd and girls scattered about,
Seeking the pets they had known be
Climbing' through window instead of
Racing from barn to corn-crib or mill,
Shouting and laughing with gleo, until
Tho diunor-horn sounded. Oil ! I say,
Laud Office at Ilosoburg, Oregon.
September 21, 1000.
Notice iH hereby given that tho following-named
settler has filed notice of his
intention to make-final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that said nroof
will bo made before. Joel Ware. U. S.
Commissioner, at Euireno. Oregon, on
November 12, 1900, via: George A.
Miller on II U. No. 7428 for tho NW
1-4. Sec. 10, T, 21 S.,U. 1 Ii.
lie names tlio followine; witnesses to
prove his continuous residenco unon and
cultivation of said hind, viz:-
James lloninson. Wi hner Smith, of
Eugene, Oregon, Lawrenco Ilicky, II
jiarr, ot rortiauii, uregon.
J. T.'UitiwoKH, Register.
A monthly publication of inestimable vnltio to tho Btudent of every day
scientific problems, tho mechanic, tlio industrial export, tho manufacturer,
tiio inventor in fact, to ovory Avido-awako person who hopes to better his
condition by using his brains. Tho inventor, especially, will find, in The
Patent Record a guide, philosophor and friend. Nothing of importance
..Illnnl ..T !,U SI A.... I nf rV,1ft mlltlfO. ll-fr V I ll 1 1 1 f T IU IIIVI.
scntcd in clean, conciso fashion, so that the busiest may tako time to read OclSll clIlCl IJO()l
and comprehend. Tho scientific and industrial progress of tho ago is nccur
atcly mirrored in tho columns of The Patent Record, and it is tlio only
publication in tho country that prints tlio official news of tlio U. S. Patent , Kstimtitca Cheerfully given
Office and the latest dovelopcmcnts in tho field of invention without fear all classes of work
or favor.
sunscnii'Tiox price onu dollak n:n yk.vk.
A Few Bargains in Real Estate Offered by
XT Xt I t
Haiti ah wa1
liumun 11 uu
s6 2co acres well improved land, 150 acres in growing grain; 2
miles from Cottage Grove, 1-4 mile from' railroad; 53,500. Terms
No. 78 520 acres in Douglas county, 16 miles from Cottage Grove:
well watered, good house, large barn; 175 acres in etiltuation,
balance pasture; $4,500.
No. 68 A2-acre tract 1 mile from depot; house, ham and orchard; $325.
No. 77 5 lots and good 2 story dwelling near C. V. church; $1,700.
No. 63 House and lot; $325.
We have for sale several choice building lots, tracts, stock ranches, a
sash and door factor and Bohemia mining property.
HEMENWAY & WHITE, Cottage Grove, Ore.
....AOUNTS l'OK.
v 1Vt mrtl:n niii" J -1
S "Diamond'
$ 1'iStol with two STtvoa-DuuaND HotsaTAWT tbrx.1
o lengths of .barrel, 6 and 10 incJicx. livery
one guaranteed. 1'ricc, Postpaid, $5.00 with
2 G-lnch barrel: $7.t0 with 10-inch barrel.
Wc make a full lino of rtjlcn; rrice,froni $0.00
upwards, Every arm we turn out is wurranted
a v... 1. 1 ... a i , t . t , ! . .. - 1. 1 1 r r 1, i. riiiriinnn i, 1 1 t uice
00.. EW'VJfa
Clcavclanil : Collage : Cl
The L'est Keady-Mixed Pain
the market.
Mm k Lwsen.
NOTICH I'pit ri lil.K ATlO.V
Iinil Olllce a KoxcliurL', Oiri;!
hepteinlivr n
.Mitire is nerenv given that tlu-d
iim-uameil nettler him llletl notlco
intention to iniike Until proof in hii
01 iiih ciaiin, it f id unit fit I1 pruol v
niaiie ii lore joci nre. 1 . i;otrS
nioner tit l-.ttgene, Oregon, on N'ovi1
12. 1U00. vise. JanieH A. ltnliiimii
II . K. No. 7427 for thu NH 1-1, .Si
T. 21 i?.. It. 1 K.
I ) :;:iiiii'r) the following witne.-i
prove hie euntiniioiiH reiiiilt-m't-tipnij
cultivation ul ralil latiil, vix :
(u-orne A. Miller, Vihner Smi
Kuueiie, Oreu'i'ii, birt'ienee Ilit-kv
A. llarr, of l'ortlauil, Orcuon.
J. '1'. lliiiixiriS
y Ubnho.v Dkuo Co., CottaKe Grovo. 'Ttvas nleasant upon tho farm that day!
vo.vs & Ai'J'J,koate, Drain Druggist. I .
ro fiavo on hand Jargo Btoek of
Jsilu-dneu looruii,', x-'elint; and rustle in
uperiiU jirieoa.
J3ooin-Kj:i.i.y Lvmjser Co.
K. G. Dun, the head and front
cradoa 1 2 and 8. Let un .m.k vm, " U4L wmmernui agency tuat ocars
his name, died
in 'New York 611
"I have used Chainhorlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find
it to be a great medicine," says Mr. E.
S. I'liipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It cured
moof hloody flux. I cannot speak too
highly of it." This remedy always wins
tho good opinion, -if not praiso, of those
who usoit. Tho quick cures which it
effects evon in tho most severe cases
make it a favorito ovorywhero. For sale
by Jin.Nso.v Daira Co,, Cottago Grove,
Lyons & Ai-i'migatk Drain Druggist?.
Jlohemia Nuggotand AVcekly Oreganianl
$2.00 per yeur.
Laud OlhYc at Itimebnn.', Ori-d
Hcpteinlx-r'-'J. 1!
Notice is hereby jjivon that lliefi
inir niinitd eel tier Iiiih tlli-il iinlici-i
intention to iiiako llnal priMif in
port of liirt clit i 111 . and that h.-iIiI
will ho made before Joel Ware, I
J CotiiuitHHioner, at Kugene, Uri'itorj
oveniiier im, niuu, vu: niiiiiu
Phillipx on II. K. Ao, 7-107 fur tlu I
NW1-ISAV 1-1, See. 28, T. 1US.,
He iinmeH the followini: vthmf
prove his eontiniiuiiH reHlileni'v tniei
cuitlvallon ot hiiIi! land, vu:
U tar es Co eon . ti. W . nuiuii
bert Fernet!. James law. of Cren
Ore. I
J.T. UltllKIKH, IteglHt
Here is a chance to get your
Into a paying business on a si
:apital . I have a choice lot of h
Ijrade Belgian Hares that l win
11 nairs at verv low uriccs. T
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Ronowed acquaintaneo with this sed
will ever develop fresh points of Hit
and added sources of enjoyment, ti
its sunny skies, In tho variety of It
dnstricH. in its prolific vegetation
among it numberless resorts of m
tnin, shore, valley and plain.
Tho two daily Shasta trains
Portland to California havo beon
ll v nouinned with tho most appn
pattern of standard nnd tourist sleej
cars, but tho low rates 01 i
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Illustrated guides to the winte
sorts of California and Arizona ma
had on application to ,
0. II. MAIIKIIASf, G . P. A.,
Portland, Orcgo
Proprietor of the CAEE ROYAL
on River street, near the bridge,
Cottagk Grov, Orb.
Short orders day and night. Every
thing first-class and the best the
market affords.
Marcus Daly, the Montana
millionaire, died in New York 011
November 12, after an illness of
many months, He recently re
turned from Europe, where he had
sought restoration of health. He
was one of the great copper kings,
of Montana,
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