Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 10, 1900, Image 7

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invliod to wi'iio to
Z.. Plnhham for frao
iSeo about iholr Itoalth,
if' .
. you tiava it u i iiu ui
0 wool
' io mom carious
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7, of, woman, wnto to
L. Plnkl tarns oho has
Zhcd multitudes. Your
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((0 VV" oum uuiy
iy(a HinKfiarn'a
' tinntnnunri In
!esioiUM'" ----j---------
!ui whorovor the Enn-
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itlanguaga la epolton.
lothlnff also oanpossl
hbo bo sura to holp out-
rfatf woman no otiior
fiilOlRO nut uviitwM au
isttVi !
Qetnomhor this whon I
,omoi'r.0 oioo sa sug-
It it J
tArR. pinictiam's aa-
rose la Lynn, Mass, i
for hoipmg nana is
Ivavs outstratohod to
of .1
ufforlng woman.
fllim Fnlnil. Chop fine ono cup oi
1 . .n .L- mm run nf lircitd criitnliM in
raj, n... w .
. 1.. If mm nf Mivoi't milk: mid' urn
ecu" vi. .
jflo!ifiil each of dry e.iiHtard and eel-
Ijiceil niid 11 IM I'lwr- an
t. . ..nun ii'iii ntiil IifMit thorfiiiL'lilv.
EiUruv.. , - n---.--STeliotoiia
uiall platter, KarulHlieil
lltbiliccii 01 imiii-Diuiuu 'h.
Tr Alll'll I'lllll ICnr.
I I. ... I... MltrlL illfi. III, tallfla A t
1WI10I. ftllli Eft " IKlly. Ifjiiuliinr
IT . 1 ... - 1...... til.....
K... r.... I ...... ly llm f....r unit 1. linn
ECWUl-v ......... ., t
.III.. I'liM'H I Ill.rtlU I III. tlllllia
inoltll U'nl HI'.iihk feet, lillnler anil
blkiol lpi' iiriirww i iirii nun iiiini"i,.
E.iituiiii nml i'U rem und riuufnri.
Bitew.WiO r-iiiiiiiiiiil. Try It imlnv.
Iilibf a'1 ilriiiJKiH" anil M100 ildilcr ..
ft Trloi iiiiokjii;- KltKK. Aildre .Mini
piniilfttd. i.ri.oy. 1 ,
A Xebmnka mini who wnv a twUln
Lrtwrlti'H about it to H liiilL'uzinn.
I1I1 b.innli'CH at the Mart hut Miry
HWtrliil when hoiiio larmor trien to
xpll by haviiK IiIh liuiihu in itt patli.
Hmlo 1'nrl. 8.H 1 Mntui Coi.iilv. Oil.
iih ill now IiiiiIiIIiik, nrwly fnriii-bi'ii
fa euiiifilNP liiliiiiaiorici1. neillillliil mr
vjinlin? nml Inline liilliiciu c. Ik tine '
Jiilfit riutiiiiii'il Dcliool lor lhe tmliuiii
ifboiiiunl viiiiiiu men nii'ilif euiil. Ii
Inchame of l)r Inill. 1 1 oil t and i lie-
Itdliril lit llir iiiilvi rIMe. M-ml fm 'iit
lit' Trill ll M ar ln'KMih AuKiiat II. 1!"J.
Altera man tlimhom 10 hu in ltciiiIt
aworaucd if ho Ikih 'ouSugh InVir tf
tt tauglo In it.
.ike the
erasns one without wnrnimy.
, 4 rjr
"c mucous nicmbraiie which lines
hl nnlirn l..l.. .... .1 .1 1 . . I
?raKeueu m some spot and disease
, mr tsiuunsiieu. it may uc ot ii:c
u"gs, the head, throat, stomach,
weis, or any other oriran. Whei e-
w it is, and whatever it seems, it
" springs from the same catwe
inflamination of this delionto nitifc
The SVStoni ? winirr)ii'(1 ill win.
The delicate 1 mini' is moii
l5USCentihle to irritation or itiflmnni'j.
pn, and thus we have pneumonia,
I frrtn m
jb'-Pi coins, cottgns, levers, etc., all
tttarrllal conditions wln'pli innv
sasily be checked by one catarrh
prc i'e-ru-ua.
That's the only way out of it.
'Oil mav don fnrci'er- vnii M'ilt
M be well until you try the true
ana tltat is l'e-rti-nn, You
HV tllinlr 'rnw tMit1n its haiiiii
"ner disease and not catarrh. Call
lwnat you will, one thing is sure,
lOUr svtn,.. rr 4...1 i i i,n
treated, mui P,..rn.nn ,v ,ii niw
jtemedy which reaches the richt
Ltace and does cure.
m "cat tough ejrriip. TMtei Coort. Vte
iJTIiii " tln"1- Bold by ilruiriii.
Htwrll,,,! Allltcrnllvcl, , ,he ,.
allltfiiitir, 1. , V ml"mo and
I 11 ,,K (III! lilii,.,, ,,f ..,11.., . .
-J ;jll.n.." 0,1,,, lunoti,; " I
1 enrv v LA,,,,,,,n,. of despair
' . o 1 i w """" H,,'H ,l,,u "'o two io.
SI lt,,',:"V'...vHltl,Ht are the
inI 1 "I fr,nv,"" ml 11.U
I " (Wfl"'VT II Is or In not to tl.
irliijf tin. dymiHly of (Iioko MUibh,
WI1.IH0 iuimu. wn tho wnrcry of the
I nljiliiiCH, ni.d In (o.,lny In tho ...outlm
1 L !T of ",u w'crct M
, '"" Krc-ni IIIIlciiltT of lilt-ne rule
HiniiiiKPini-iit. It W'iin n rlly of but
m-conil-rnlo liiiiiortiuin-.
I nttfntloii rIvi-i, lo the en-
I ' " "v"1 "f "'" U"W ""If-WUHtod
I ly of NniiUIn, oft,.,, culled "the nn
, lonnl cnpltul." I.ui VvMu m been tho
I l'Tf H , t'"1"1"1 lllro TaBluRN
10 ,llr"l" who aro
limilllc.I to Hju-nk me f opinion Unit
, nnjr notion of li.BnMlliiB It from Itfl
j of p,., t 10 convonlcnco
u. in roponn Mlploinnt-y. In foredoomcil
to fi.llui... It I10t llly t)e cnl)tll,
or tln .MiincliiiM. It In Uiu capital of tho
.imnilnrliiH. rii,. oillclnl word In or tho
1 I'ltlniw. Nininp. Mini tho IVIdn.'M) In
Uiu olhVlnl liiiiKim(!,'. the (oiikiiu or IIki
Krndinii,. tuid iMlunitfil innn. To tho
'r It hiiH 11 plwiHiinter und Roftcr mnind
(him thi rough dhilcctH of tho prov
l.ici'N. find It Iiiih hcpii duvclopcd nod
molded lo lhe clnlioriilo 11 lid orniito
lil.riiHi'N of punt,. Hock'ly. Thn "hIi" Ih
often hcird iimieiid of hiirder mid moro
iineouiii coiijiini-tioiiN. - London Tcli
S lllerary auKiblosniiihy of William
Dran lloni'lU. bearl.iK lhe lltiu of
"My Acquaintance A. none Authorn:
A J'eiHonal Heirospect of AiiipHciiii
eralure," In tj be run an a serial before
belUK broiiKl.t out In book form.
Kllzahcth Itobblns, the American
nclrcNN who calned u reputation In
IviiKland oh an Interpreter of eharacterH
In Ibsen'K playH, and whoso llrnt novel,
"Thu Open (inoHtlnn," excited consid
erable coiumenl hiHt year, will publlHh
her Ki-coiid work or Motion In the au
tumn. Maurice Hewlett, whose " Keren t
Kovern" Is now two yours old. and who
Iiiih In the Interval produced no hum
tallied romance. In well on bin way lo
complete a new book, or which the
title In already announced, "Itlchard
Yon and Nay." TIiIm Imperious Itlch
ard Ih ltlchard Coeiir de I. Ion, of whom
Scott, lo inline one only, lias made such
Hue use In romance.
"MInn .loliiiKion typewrites her own
stories," writes Annie Kendrlck Walk
er In the Now York Times Saturday
Itevlew afler an Interview with Miss
Mary .lohimtnu. the author of "To
Have and To Hold." which Is now
past Us L'lMlili thousand. "She spent
last summer at a fashionable resort In
the AIIokIiciiIos, and the click of her
typewriter was frequently heard far
Into the Hummer's iilfdit, as she was at
work on the coneludliiK chapters of
'To Have and In Hold,' (hen ruunlni;
serially In the Atlantic Monthly."
Kverybody knows the tragic tale ot
the burning of the inauiiscrlpt or Car
lyle's "Kreiich Revolution" by .lohn
Mill's housemaid. C'arlyle, who took
so tragically the crowlm; or cocks and
other minor distractions or life, boro
this supreme trial with the heroism he
worshiped In others. It Is Indeed hard
lo say whether for Mill or for Carlyle
the trial wore tho more severe. Mill
looked so scared whon he camo lo
break the news of the catastrophe that
.it the slfiht of his face .Mrs. Carlyle
was frightened. OiinuliiKhanio (Jra
liam has now been through this ilcry
ordeal. The manuscript of "Thirteen
Stories" lie. had written perished in tho
Ilallanlyne lire In the winter. I.lko
Onrlylo, uudnlinlod, ho sot to work to
rewrite them, and tho book will be tho
next published product of his uncoil
yentlonnl (his loo oelf-consclously un
conventional) pen.
Inipei'tliioiu.'o .liiHtly ltosciitoa.
'I would like," she said,-moving shy
ly up to tho count or, "to get some col
lars for my husband."
"Yes, nia'ain," answered tho affable
clerk; "what number, ploasoV"
Then sl.o Hated up and replied:
"Slrl The church I belong to doesn't
recognize divorces, and wo have only
lived In Chlcjigo six months, anyway."
Chicago Tlnies-IIerahl.
Sand Sprinkler.
Tho New York department of high
ways htm purchased four now sand
flprlnkllng cults, which are to he used
on the driveways of the park and on
asphalted streets. They will sprinkle a
fine layer of mind on the driveways to
inako rough phicos smooth, nnd by tho
Hiiiue process It Is thought that Hllppery
asphalt pavements can bo nindo safer
when covered with Icq or rain.
MM...., vnn UKO 11 WOI1IIU1 SUlTt Ollt Of
her liouso after daik In stealthy fash
Ion. with a hup I" '!r nils- 11 inenns
she Is on her way to drop kittens Into
some yard.
Nearly every mail tries to tell IrUh
Btorlesi'only oue lu a thousand can tell
have titlvii
rAMnv I
i ffl J& CATHARTIC .
uoo.1 """Hlfk.n, Wnkm or fltlnf Kio. Me.
I,..'.;' U.n.E N8TIPATIOH. ...
'"" iM. in,.,.. ..,r..i. n,. r.. ju
I To fold kowiih of dolicato Milk, or
t those triiniiiod with delicate ribhonn, in
, eiiHliiKH of white tiHne paper hchuih tho
dainty and enitiiblo thing. HoiontiHtH,
j iiowever, adviti tho uko of brown pa-
i'1-i, m 111 me inanuiautiiro 01 wlilto pa
per ehlorido of lime in used, and Ih
likely to Injure tho tiilk.
I.Wm l.lkn it I'rlnpf. fur n Wrek.
fiiiltiug bomnthing for nothing is
never renlixed in this tough old world,
but you can come mighty near it by
going from Portland to San i'riinoii c'o
on tlm (). K. & N. HtuamurH leavihg
Portland every fifth day at 8 P. M. A
wonderful ocean trip for only !fl2 each
way, with meals like mother need to
cook and tho best, pnvelblo attendance,
without being held up for a cent by
waiters and othcr-i.
Liquid hydrogen is transparent, and
tlm lightest as well iih the coldest
liquid known, u cork sinking in it liko
lend. A whitish substanco seen at the
bottom of the vessel on Profemor Do
war's first exhibition was really solid
air or air ice.
'1 mil UI Sli'i'per.
'Die handsomest tourist sleeper that
cvei turned a wheel. Tho olectrio
lighted I 1 1 1 1 til ii 1 1 tourist sleeper on the
"North Coast Limited," daily service
between Portland ami St. Paul and
Miimt'iilHilis. Try our "North Coast
The (ieorgia man who chained tip bis
daughter because, she married in oppo
sition to his wishes merely demon
titrated that she was wise in marrying
auyouo who would take her away from
l)ropy trmieil fri-c by Dr. If. II. (Ireen's
Soli", ui Atlanta, (in. Tin createst dmpy
Mitciulil in ilit norlil. Ili'iitl ilii'irmhrr
ttsemeiit in it 1 1' i lit r minimi of this paper.
Shoo (Jlerk K.ntirely new toei will
be seen in shoes this year. Customer
Well, 1 guess 1 will bo satisfied with
the painu toes I've alwavs had.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Boor Signature of
See Fnc-Slmlto Wrapper Below.
Terr nitl and easy
to talus as sugar.
ctit I rardT TegetaBla.,
(The Famous German
tfjgfOnc application is all that is required. It lasts for years. If
your dealer cannot supply you, write for circulars and information to the
following' distributing: agents: Perfection Pile Preserving- Co., Seattle
Wash.; Fisher, Thorsen & Co., Portland, Oregon.; Whittier, Coburn &
Co., San Francisco, Cah
Are the best that can be made. Nothing
is or can be superior to a Mitchell Wagon,
because it is made of the best matiriai
by experienced workmen which, cou
pled with 65 years' experience in building
. J..lntr u.filrh lime lhe minu
waguiu, - - - -- ---
facturers have had but one aim, and that
.r,trr the. test COSS1D1C to DUlia. is a
guarantee of quality. If you buy a Mitchell Wagon, you get the best that can be nude.
AGENTS EVERYWHERE. If none in your vicinity, we will sell to you direct.
Send for circular.
Branches at Spokane, Seattle Salem, McMinnyllte,
Med lord and La Grande.
Mention tldi paper,
Olabrnfril ftimlHn I'u.nlrr.
Tho town of I-'codofiln, on tho Illnck
m, (invo tho colclinitod niiirlnopnintor,
MvnMlnUy, who dld tho.o in hl '8!Jd
yciir, hojm nltor returning from St.
I'otfcrcluirK. No eontomporury JtuBRlun
imintor, oxcept VorcHtchuKin, lias en
joyed n widir reputation, mid mont of
tho (jreiit picturo (!HBri8 of Kuropo
poHsefw uxnmpleH of AlviizofHky'H work.
Kiiny nil Olieiip ViiiiiIIimi Trip.
1 .liiNt think of ridii.K 700 iriilflH ' for
$1'-', on 11 NUiootli Hen, with no diiKt or
lieiit, hum Kotting tho llnoHt men Is and
evory poKHthlo attention, without extra
cost. The O. It. & N. makos thin pos
Hiblo. StcainorH every fifth day, at 8
1'. M.f from Portland to Kmi-Francisco.
Kirulueiirp. s
"Ho isn't nearly so orient as ho
thinks lie In," said tho yonug woman
who discusses her acquaintances. j
"No,'' answered Miss Cayenne, I
"and that's u very fortunato oircntn- '
stance. If ho were, we couldn't look
at him without using u piece of smoked
Appropriately Niimril. I
"Why aro they called pyramids, pa?"
asked (Jcorge, who was looking ut a
picture of. those wonders of Kgypt.
"They aro called pyramids, my son,"
replied tho father, without hesitation, I
"became, yon Fee, thoy appear mnid I
thu general desolation of tho desert." 1
Wo offer Ono Ilunilrcil Dollars Kctmril for any
case of Catnrrh Hint can no; bo cured by Hall's 1
Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CIIKNEY t CO.. I'ror,... Toledo. O. i
We tl:; imderi'lEiin!, have known F.J. Cheney
fortlie tinmi5vnnrn, und bellcvo lilm perfectly
lioiiornbl'- In all bnsln m transactions and fin
ancial)'' ab'.c to curry out any obligation! made
by tnclr irm.
West A Truax,
Wholctals DruitclHS, Toledo, '
WAi.nt.No, KiNKANiti Marvin,
Vinolomlo Ilrufr'latB, Toledo, O.
Knll'tiCotarrliCure I trken nr rnnlly.actlnR
l7i-e y on tba blood and m.cous surfaces ot
iiiuhm iu. it: 3 .cc per no uc. cam uy u
ilriiK; lt. Teatlraonl.N free. '
uuirai amily l'lili r th- lcst.
Caramel Custard One cup white
sugar, put on stovo and brown, not
bum. When well cooled add cup hot
water. Keep on stovo until sugar dis
solves. Heat six eggs light, add one
and one-half quarts milk, flavor with
vanila, then add syrup and bako slow
ly. It should bo watched carefully,
that it does not boil. ,
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslnw's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for thf r
sluldriMi during the teething period.
Tho stato of New York has expended
in the last 'M years $05,520 for investi
gating committees of various kinds.
A llmiti fur Mother!
Formerly children rrlrrt when they bad to
ULe in.'tllt lne, now they cry for the medicine
- CHunrelf, I lie family ' laxative. All drug
KlrM, lUe, J.V', 30c.
j As a rule, the oyesit-ht of women is
better than that oi men.
Pio's Cure for ('iiiistimption Is an infill
II. le incdifilif- for cinighs and colds. N.
W. Samuix, Ocean Uruve, N. J., Feb. 17,
The end'of'tho busy little bee is us
ually a painful one.
An old mail's idea of a useful person
is oue who always has ttmo to play a
game of checkers.-
Carter's Ink
I so good ami so cheap tliut no family can
ull'oi-d to be without it. Is yours Carter's.
The District of Columbia is first in
thu field with its consiis report, giving
a total population of 278,718, an in
crease of 20.08 per cent since 1800, a
rate that Would make the totnl popula
tion of the United States about 70,000,
000. A WiMitlttrfnl rieiiiiiiro Trip.
Steamers operated by the O H. &N.
Co. betweeu Portland and San Fran
cisco U'lvo been patronized liberally on
every trip this summei. The trip
down and back can be made for $24.
That small amount includes meals and
berth, witli everything first-class, nnd
the best possible attendance. Steam-'
ers leave Portland every fifth day, at 8
P. M. The lound trip from Portland
to San Francisco and return, can be
made in eight days, giving nearly four
full days iu San Frnncisco for sight
seeing or business.
An oil painting of Frederick Stearns,
of Detroit, who gave the Stearns collec
tion of musical instruments to tho Uni
versity of Michigan, has been placed iu
the Stearns room in tire museum build
ing. Tilt) painting was a gift to the
university from Mr. Stearni' son.
Wood Preserver)
-"Winmifi1. IffflT " fT"Tir
An Uneinli Nature..
"When I K8t to bo n man," said tho
hoy, who has n good memory for
phrases, "I'm going to strive to culti
vate an unselfish nature."
"That's right," replied his father.
"How aro you going about it?"
"Well, in tho first place, if I havo
any little boys, I'll let thorn . shoot
their own fireworks, instead of telling
them they must let mo do it, for ear
thoy will hurt themselves."
While in congress .lorry Simpson
saved most of his salary and invcstcli
tho money in land and cattle. lie is
now rated at $40,000. Whon ho first
wont to congress ho had to borrow
inonoy to buy a railroad ticket.
The Aliii-rlnili Mini.
Much comparison has been made be
tween the endurance of the Chinese and
the American working man, Tlioe with
authority eay that the average working
man of Amerlc Is as superior to tho Chi
nese an Ilosictier's Stomach Hitters is to
any other dyspepsia cure. The Hitters
also cures constipation, indigestion und
prevents malaria.
Thro great man has greatness in him
before tho occasion brings it out.
i 1'ulliiiHti Sleeplne Cam.
These cars are standard the world
ovor; woll nnd strongly built, beauti
fully furnished, service unequalled.
The Northern Pacific is tho only rail
way running Pullmans first class and
tourist, Portland, Or., to St. Paul and
Minneapolis. Try our, "North Coast
Limited," daily service There is no
extra charge made for traveling on this
Irrigation is of tho utmost import
ance in Persia, as cultivation doponds
nK)n it, and water is extremely dear.
It lias been suggested that artesian
well manufacturers might find an ex
cellent opening once that the success
of these wells was assured.
Atgc(able Prepnralionfor As
similating tlicFoodandReflula
ling iheStoinachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digeslion.Cheerfur
ness andRest.Conlains neither
Omum,Morphine norlineral.
Ayr ofOUO-SANVELiminm
ArrJim Seul'
ftfpomint -IliCorbmaltJtta
Cfaiud Jiunr
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
non, Sour Slonvach, Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness nnd Loss OF Sleep.
Facsimile Signature of
l5 if
Made of the Best Materials, thoroughly seasoned, by competent workmen. It standi
without an equal. Call on our Agent, or address
320-338 East Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon.
t'nu flinl quirk mid permanent relict
for htIuiii mid ma'iuiu tlcttrojint
, troubles In
Moore's Revealed Remedy
TIioiimiii1 liiive timl It nnd tlioutaniU
noiv lu'iitm It. KiMucs)ipri)iuieutl)'. ?1
' jer bottle at your di UKglm's.
1TC1I1NU riles produce inolature and caujo lichtotr.
Tola form, a well at mind, lllcedlng-or rrotrudlni
l'llea are curedliy Dr.Bosanko's Pile named'..
Stops Itcnloirauiibleedlusr. Absorbs tumors. fiOc a
Jar atdruRBlits or scut by mall. Treatise free. Write
uie about your caae. nit. UOSANUO, l'n lada, Pa,
Dayton's Jly Killer
Used a few minutes oven
IngB, will rid your house
of Flies and Mosquitoes.
No mark or stain left on
tho ceilings or walls.
Works like magto. Price
25 cents. Write for book
let, Dayton Hardware
Co., 1'ortlaud, Oregon.
In hot weather, nnd make It pure, rich and
heajthy with Hood's .Sarsaparilla, which
has a toning, invigorating cflect on th
wholcsystcm. It erealcs.H good appetite,
strengthens the nerves, overcomes thai
tired feeling and brace you up to relt
tho effects of the heat and the danger ol
serious illness. Itomembe
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the Host Medicine Money Cun HUy.
lfoon's Film euro constipation. Price 23 cint
From Itiohmond, Vfl., to Atlanta,
Gn., along tho Una of tho principal
railways, it seems as 11 jt were impos
sible to get out of sight of new cotton,
mills, either in operation or in course
of construction. These mills are prin
cipally the growth of the last deoado.
For I.iidle anil Oentlrmen.
While the old library or smoking
car hauled next tho baggage oar iraa
quite a convenience' for men, it prno
tically shut ont the best half of human-
j ity the ladies. The observation cot
, on the Northern Pacific's crack train.
the "North Coast Limited" gives up
to tho ladies the best part of a thor
oughly modern car, which by tho way
is carried at the rear end of this train.
Daily service and all classes of tickets
aro honored on this train without extra
Scotch Woodcock. Cut some stal
bread into thin slices and then into
rounds and santo them in a little but
ter in tho chafing dish. Spread them
with anchovy paste. Into two well
beaten eggs stir two tahlespoonfuls ol
anchovy paste; add half a cup ot
cream; turn ft into the chafing dish,
and cook ovor the hot water, stirring
constantly till thick. Serve it on
sauted bread.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
Here's a Proposition
Isn't it reasonable to utipiiose that a Arm ol
30 yenra experience could tel) you lite best way
to got (rooil value (or your money? It you are
making Improvements lu your bouse, or build
Inir a new hout,e, uo matter how small or largo
the sum yon wish to t.pend In electrical or g
fixture!, '(replaces, mantel furniture, uto., you
will sure money and be well kiilted if you con.
Slllt Til KJOIIN ll AltltK t T CO., IU Flr
Strwttt, rortlaitil, Orecon.
Bare made Dropty and its com
plications a specialty for twentr
veara with 11
success, llava cured many thou s-
auu cases
Box H, Atlanta, Oft.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Orkooit.
ran clvo you the best bargains in general
machinery, engines, boilers, tanks, pumps,
plows, belts and windmills. The new
steel I X h windmill, sold by him, Is un.
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