Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, August 03, 1900, Image 4

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ltnlcrcil Ht Iho pnstolllro nt Cottnga drove,
OrcKon im Hoenml Cliww until innttcr.
Hulxrrlptlmi irlco. Sl.fiO, In ml mice.
AIvorll"R nitfH mitiln known upim
Friday, August 3, 1900,
The Bohemia Gold Mining Com
pany, with headquarters in Boston,
Jias recently issued n neat mue
aw Collage drove Is Building L'p A
Sidy itinl Substantial IitiirovLmiiiciif.
O. II. Markha
and passenger ng
em i'neinc company, lias an
nounecd that his road will carry
free of charge all exhibits for the
State Fair at Salem, to and from
any point on its line within the
state. This is enterprise worthy
of the appreciation of the inhab
itants of Oregon. The Southern
Pacific people arc alive to the fact
that by developing the people's in
terests they develop and increase
their own business, but at the same
.1 ..;. . r . . ... . .. .. 1
folder forgcncral circulation, in re- UH,C ,cre ,s n blnru 01 ""eresL aim
gardtoitspropcrtyaiidtheadvaut- determination 011 the part of the
company 10 uo an in us power 10
I. . a , i- . . .
tiro Bohemia tiiitmm district. The "c "isiruuieiuai in iiiniieriiig uie
information contained iu this little
welfare of the people of Oregon,
namnlilct is cleaned from the most B,ul 11,0 courtesy extended deserves
eminent sources of both scientific much Praise- The Bohemia peopl
rmd nrnctical men. whose ominous sl,onId tnku advantage of this offe
Kirrv welPht and whose sinceritv aud Prepare a splendid
j - - - -0 -
cannot well be doubted.
and prepare a splendid cabinet of
rich ores aud see that thev were on
Prof. Geo. H. Stone of Colorado exhibit at the State Fair, accom
Springs says that "this is a vol- pal by a man thoroughly con
canic district and the formaticn is
similar to Cripple Creek; the veins
arc fissures and the mines already
developed show that the gold is
Prof. J. S. Diller, U. S. Geologi
cal Survey, says. "Ihc deposits
in the Bohemia district may becon
sidercd as fissure veins."
The Denver Republican recently
said: "Take Bohemia mountain
for instance: If that were in Col
orado there would be one of the
greatest mining booms the state
ever saw."
vcrsant with the ores and matters
pertaining to Bohemia district. I.e
us have a good ore exhibit.
The Daily Mining Record of Col
orado Springs and Denver -says: chlsions the reports "of Prof. Dilh
urcgon s mineral weaun is just
budding" forth. There is every in-
Monday's Oregonian contained an
exhaustive and accurately illus
trated writeup of Bohemia mining
district, Which consumed over two
pages of that paper. It was not
boom article, but based upon the
historical, geological and statistica
facts of the district. The Ore
gonian also devoted much valuable
editorial space in the same issue, in
which it drew flattering conclusions
relative to the district's future.
citing as its authority for such con-
of the U. S. geological survey and
Prof. Stone, the well known minrr-
dication ot the rapid growth ot tuc aiogislt formerly of Coloiado Col-
1111 mil it iiifiiiirrv 1 irnntr in ir t in
a ,J - lege. 1 lie space given the distiict
state, uohemia mining district, 111 by Oregon's leading-journal will be
the near future, will be another 1ighly apprecjated by every man
cripple creel:. who owns property ; Bohemia, aiu
comparisons are inane as ioiiows: wiu establish for that paper a record
k XT' . rS1 1 r 1 I 1
ii..c yean, ago hippie creeK for ;ts fa;r and not cxagerated rc
was 1101 su wen kiiowii as Douemia
is today. In 1S91 Cripple Creek
produced only $200,000 in gold. In
1899 it produced over $20,000,000,
and made for the stockholders of Chicago men are in Portland now
its various companies, iu dividends arranging for the immediate con
and profits, $7,000,000. Every in- struction of the Oregon Midland
dication today goes to show that railroad to run from Klamathon, iu
Bohemia will develop much more Northern California, to Klamath
rapidly in the next five years than Falls, a distance of S4 miles. The
lias Cripple Creek in the past de- new road will open up the ira
cade. The Helena and Musick, the mense resources of Klamath and
tow largest producers in Bohemia, Lake counties and give the people
are working in much richer ore than ' Southeastern Oregon quick
the Cripple Creek district shows, transit with the outside world, and
and are producing with ten-stamp wu taP the largest sugar pine
pori 111 rue miucis 01 mining men
who have knowledge of the mineral
wealth of this section of Oregon.
mills about $20,000 per month.
Their assays run lrom $25 to $400
per ton .
"The slopes of the ridges in the
district are preqipitous, and the
veins cut these ridges, and all work
can be done upon these veins by
tunnelling, thus eliminating from
the expense ot mining the cost of
heavy machinery for hoisting and
pumping purposes."
forests in America.
The wood industry at Comstock
is 111 a rushing condition just now
Some forty teams are engaged iu
hauling it to the track and piling it
for the railroad company. Pilin
1 I I . a .
ior uie iracK is ueing Hauled 111
quantities, and an air of push and
energy is displayed on all sides.
It is announced upon good an-
The recent strikes iu Bohemia thority that the famous Musick
confirm all that has been said of the mine has reverted to the old man-
ore bodies there, and every foot of agement and its destinies will here
deyelopment made brings the dis- after be presided over by J. W.
trict nearer to the day when vast Cook, the former superintendent.
fortunes will be the reward of the Mr. Cook is one of the best known
and most successful miners in
Oregon and his many friends will
be pleased to see him return to the
helm of the Musick.
In a Ictti'r lo tins oflicu from C
mine owners.
The Nuggut acknowledges re
ceipt of a very unique circular, the
compliments of Butterfield Brds.,
the popular jewelry house of Port
land, advertising the Portland Street
"r . : 1 ( -i ..!. i. 1 1 1
1'aii ami v.uiuivui WHICH Will Ue M....I.1...... 1 r..: .1.. .... 1
. ...n .mum, Ki-iiui.ii ui-iiii nun piiH.iL'iifjer
held 111 that city from September nyent for tliuSonthurn I'nuilli: Company,
4th to the 15th. Aside from setting relative to thu ml visibility of mlvocul-
forth the fact that the Carnival will ln 11 fwuery for this place, hostiyh:
be an attractive feature, it extends umin, W!ei,1,.t of ,J'0'"' tavor ot J,,l-V
. .... ... . . A 13th, nudum obliged to yoii for the iii-
an invitation to the recipient to forinntion C011tailll!ll tl,-rcin. 1( thl)ro
"make your headquarters with us aro 550 cows within a radius oflOmilus
or any other business house iu Port- of Cottage Grove, you ought to have a
land; the town will welcome and -Teainery there-, and if no ono can bo
ihi mU will nnvlnrovnn " louim 10 UOI1IO 111 lrom tllO OlltSltlO to
Astoria is to have a regatta this ,,av t'" buHi,,oss "cn of Cottago Grove
vnnr M,nf tvill oil rw,ln J lk3 11,0 ""ittCr J" !'.!" WH8 doilO
- - p. ....who 0y mo inorciiaiiiH 01 Ailniny.
efforts in that line. Foreimi war- Yours Truly,
e ,n r ... lf- JlAKKHAM.
own will be there. There will be David A. Kauble, an employe of
crews from the East, Bnttish Co- the Booth-Kelly Lumber Company
lumbia and California, and the at the Coburg mills, met with a
biggest time will be had that was horrible death on Wednesday morn
ever seen in the Northwest waters, ing. He was caught by a belt
August 23 to 25 inclusive are the while trying to throw it off, and
dates. literally crushed to pieces. He was
si,c..,ii.of.. u vZT..ii ii. n 4 years old. unmarried, and leaves
bemw mininp! news, .fl. 50 per year, a father, mother and two sisters.
There arc few towns on the Pa
cilie Coast that have taken on more
general improvement during the
past year and a half than Cottage
Grove. The growth has not been
of u "rush" nature, but has been
steady and of substantial kind, l.ust
year some 75 dwellings were erected
here, which, based upon a value of
$500 many of them exceeding that
sum twice over would aggregate
an expenditure of $37,500. During
the first six months of this year
$18,500 have been expended iu im
provements, say nothing of the
street improvements, which aggre
gate $7,000. With last year as a
criterion it is fair to presume that
the improvements of the citv for
this year will equal and perhaps ex
ceed the sum. expended last year, as
the bulk of last year's improve
ments were made in the fall.
Cottage Grove has no boom on
never had any didn't want it, but
is growing year by year in a sub
stantial and gratifying manner.
Perhaps the most attractive and
important structure now under
way in tins city is the new Metho
dist church, which will be under
roof by the last of this wck. The
estimated cost of this building is
$3000, and it is said to be by far
the handsomest building of the
kind yet erected here. It is of
Gothic design, the foundation
overall being 60x64 lcct. The
auditorium will be 40x50 in the
clear. There will be two class
rooms 10x28 feet and one 10x24
feet. It will be heated by hot air
furnaces. The extreme height
from base to top of spiie will be 72
feet, while the main building will
be 24 feet high. The chinch will
be given a wood finish, varnished. I
Pews will be placed in the audi
torntai while chairs will be the
seats selected for the class rooms
1 he church will also be provided
with a modern and convenient
baptistry. Such improvements are
a credit to any city and the people
of Cottage Grove can certainly be
.roud of it.
LJrs. bchleet laid the stone
foundation, 21x40, last winter for
their residence, and now the ma
terial is on the ground for a ten-
room residence, the cost of whicl
when completed will be about $800
Dr. Snapp has only recently com
pleted a handsome two-story resi
dence, foundation 20x27, valued at
L. Lurch a fine store building
011 iMltli and Mam, foundation
30x60 feet; $800. Also addition
to Bohemia hotel, 30x35, 12 rooms
at a cost of $600.
E. R. Case business block
This property was originally the
old M K church, removed and te-
finished, two stories, 10 rooms, at
cost of$i 100.
phrkin's addition.
James Ostrander, residence, foun
dation 16x4, story and one-half,
wing 14x16. cost, $500.
F, Kellum residence, one story
4x24, cost, $500.
D. H. Hemenwav addition tn
residence 8x22, cost $75.
Kd McKibben cottage, 26x30,
cost $500.
Joe Garoutte, 4th street, wing to
dwelling 18x22, cost $150.
Thos. Aubrey has remodeled
and refinished his residence on 4th
street, built new front and division
fences, and made other substantial
improvements in the sum of some
james 1'otts lias painted and
otherwise added to the looks of his
residence on 4th street during the
last mouth.
Mrs. Sears is building a hand
some residence at the south end of
4th street in Long's addition. The
foundation is 16x26, 5 rooms, cost
C. R. Moor residence. Tonne'
addition, foundation 24x24. storv
and one-half, cost $.w.
1). 11. Chumberleii commenced his
residence at close of last year, but
is Gnishing this year. Foundation
22x26, two story, Jones addition;
cost $600.
D. Cooler barn, on residence
property, improved last year. Mr.
Cooter will probably add to his
residence this year.
S. U. Critchlow contemplates
adding to his residence in Joueb
addition this year.
J. V. Thornton has now under
constt uction one ot the smartest
little houses being built this year,
on his property in South Cottage
Grove. The foundations are 28x30
and 14x26 respectively. It will he
a seven-room house, and will cost
in the .neighborhood of $Goo.'
Johnson Taylor South Cottage
Grove, cottage 24x26, 6 rooms,
painted and fenced, cost $600.
Mrs. Thompson cottage, foun
dations 28x30 and 14x24 respec
tively, 8 rooms, South Cottage
Grove, cost $700.
Jas. Thomas, commencement of
dwelling. Jones' addition, founda
tion 16x30, 5 rooms, cost $20. .
Mrs. J. McFarland.ofiitebtiildiii.',
near M K Church, 2 rooms cost
G. IT. Stone warehouse ad-,
joining .mill, 24x36, cost i3oo.
Improvements on dam $150.
J. T. Allison, barn adjacent to
residence property, cost $150.
m'i'aki.and's addition.
R. S. Smith cottage, 4 rooms
and pantry, woodshed and fence,
value of improvements, $500.
J. S. Akin cottage, five rooms, proo.rcssion
finished, cost $500. '
C. C. Coffman, cottage with ex
tension, foundations 26x28 and
14x20, 6 rooms, fence, value of im
provements $600.
'roprietors. ;
.'I('t(; Million, Ii'k- !
Vonl, Bacon, Lard,
IrosJi Sruisnycs, Ij,
; 11 id GnniH in sen son.
- LOI TAliIi GRuYi:, ORECftl
Sowing Machine
Hall-ycaring and Hih-grade Votkj
Feed and three under feed met
Prices to suit.
For sale tr
Phillips & Davison -
Rogers, bam, 24x25.
stone foundation, painted, piobable
cost $250.
S. B. Larimer cottage, cost,
W. A. Davison cottage, foun
dation 26x28 with three porch
foundations, 5 rooms, cost, $500.
H. K. Harnett enclosure of
residence property, cost $50.
Cy Miller residence removed
and refinished, foundation 28x12,
stories, 6 rooms, cost, contemp
lated impiovements for this year
added, $900.
David Young residence, story
and one-half, main foundation
20x26, with wing 14x18, 10 rooms,
value of improvements, $700.
W. B. Hawlcyresidenco, founda
tions 24x36 and 14x28, two story,
10 rooms, value $1200.
Henry James residence, 12x18
story and one-half, 4 rooms, value
J. N. Boyd cottage, 5 rooms,
21x24 with 10x12 kitchen, cost
Mike Kebelbeck rresidence, foun
dation 16x22, story and one-half,
4 rooms, value $250.
I. W. Hawkins wing to cot
tage, 10x12, cost $5.
F. B. Phillips barn 011 resi
dence property, 20x24, cost $150.
Foster Phillips residence, ma
terial on the ground and construc
tion to commence immediately. It
will be an eight room house and
will cost in the neighborhood of
James Benson, enclosure nf !in.
proved property and other im
provements contemplated iu the
near future, $50. . I
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is easy to learn to operate, and there's'
small number of parts to get out of order.
K. I,. Kino,
Geu'l Agent for Ore.
Albany, Oregon.
C. J. Howard,
Local Agent,
Cottage Grove, Ore.
Few Bargains in
Real" Estate Offered by
No. 56 200 acres well improved land, 150 acres in grmviiigfi'N
miles from Cottage Grove, 1-4 mile from railroad; $3S:
No. 78520 acres in Douglas county, 16 miles from Cottage
wen watered, good house, large barn; 175
oaiauce pasture; 554, 500.
acres in c
in. . f.ti
No. 68 A2-acre tract 1 mile from depot: house, barn and ore'1''"
5 wis aim goon 2-story dwelling near v.;. x. ",u" r "
No. 63 House and lot; $325. . ,
We have for sale several choice building lots, tracts, stock rancu .
sash and door factory and Bohemia milling property.
HEMENWAY & WHITE, Cottage Grove
The soothing and licalinir n&n-
erties of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures, have
made it a great favorite with u.
people everywhere. For sale by
Bicnson Dkug Co., Cottage Grove.
Ia'ons & Ai'1'j.koatk, Drain
ollurlne. IW.OOOfwt -f l
from -I InulioH to lOim'M " 1)jl(1J
purM. ,Tlioy..lHol.aveIotu' -2x8
at tliQ Bunio-pn 1 ,
lacKieuMii aj'"" " .