Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, May 11, 1900, Image 8

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Intense suffering was endured by
wiftipss T. L. Martin. 01 iukk
Kv.-. before he trave this evidence
"I coughed every night until my
throat was nearly raw; tuen trieu
Dr. King's New Discovery which
cave instant relief. I have used it
in ray family for four years and
recommended it ns the greatest
rpmpflv for Coutrhs. Colds-and all
Throat. Chest and Lung troubles
It will stop the worst cough, and
not only prevents but absolutely
cures Consumption. Price 50c and
$1.00. Every bottle guaranteed
Trial bottles free at Bunson DkuC.
The following is the- program
which has been prepared for
Memorial Dav by order ol the
Memorial Day Committee appointed
by Ord Post, G. A. R. this city:
1 The nost will meet at G. A.
R. hall at 9:30 a. in.
2 The parade will be formed at
10 a. m. sharp, as follows. 1 Ladies
of the G. A. R. 2, School childred
3, Union, Confederate, Indian war
and Spanish war veterans. 4. Fire
3 The line of march will be
dierct to the cemetery, where the
usual decorative ceremonies will be
4 The parade will then march
back to the city be dismissed for
dinner, to reassemble at the Ma
sonic hall, at 1.30 p. m., for the
usual Memorial Day services.
Everyone is cordially invited to
come and join with us in observing
these services, and those who feel
inclined and can, are earnestly re
quested to contribute flowers.
G. W. McReynolps,
J. W. Hicks,
I,ast .winter during an epidemic
of whooping cough my children
contracted the disease, having severe
coughing spells. We had used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy very
succeesfully for croup and naturally
turned 1 o it at that time and found
it relieved the cough and effected a
complete cure. John E. Clifford,
r"Pjtpprietor Norwood House, Nor
wood, N. Y. This remedy is for
sale by Benson Drug Co., Cottage
Grove. Lyons & Applegate
Drain Druggists.
United Slates bund Office,
Rofcbnn:, Orogon, Mny 7, WOO.
Notice Is hereliv given Hint In com-pllom-c
willi the provisions of the act 01
Centres of .luiieH 1878, entitled 'An
net for the wile of timber hinds in the
States of California. Oregon, NevRdn,
ami Washington Territory." Guiltier
Ivnl-nstml of CotlMtfl! ItlOVf. CoUlltVOf
U idled States Und Office,
noelunt.Orcieon, April U8. UWO.
N Hoe in herobv given that In eom
plianco with the provisions of the not or
I'onKroMof June 8, 1S78, entitled An
act for the ale of timber laiulu In the
o. ...... Cuiif.irniu. On villi. Nevada.
u'Maiiiiiatnn Territory. Parwiti
juie, Stuto of Ortyon. I"" tl- day rll-l , nrls(nw, of Cottage (irove, ( "' 0
11 thin otliccliiH sworn statement No. ! UtiP, State of Oiiyoa, Iihm thH day Midi
002, for the purchase of the S W 1-4 if j this olllco his sworn statement to.
No. as'.i, for the pnrviww 01 moor,
of Section No. 12. in Township No. -.N
sv..i.m So. 21. in Tovvn-hii) No. L'l b
l ....... Y., I U .1111 111 11 iM' lll'OOl IO
show that tho land sought is nioro c,, iBK0 No.2 ., and wilt oner prooi
c.luMti fnr it 1 in h,r nr stone t nan tor 1 1., li.iu- ili'it the ami solium is inorr
ai;riciiltnral pnrpiws, and to establish ! valuable for its timber or slono than for
his claim to said land before the ntriulturil piirvoe, and to establish
Roister and Rweiver of tliii oltice at his elailn tosaid land U'Mro the tJeisier
me sum ,,ii Ktvelvor of tin oince ai iiowuiirv.
Oron, on Monday the sum uy 01 juiy
He names n wltnoe fev.
Nat Martin, J. I. .lones, U.K. Lilly,
Vrnuk Williams, of Cottage Urovo, On-
Ro-cbnn;, Oreitoti, 011 Tlntrwlay
uav or July ivM.
He names as wit newt :
M H.UUCUSOH of Vwt Snierior, ts
ennsin, M. .Malison, a. .huv, 11. j.
Hanson, of hutene, thegon.
A 11 v mid nil iMMKons claiiiiiim ml-
verselv tliwabove-deeeiiliod lands are re-
imil nil ner-iniiH elailllllll! "lld-
mestwl to (He their clain-s in thin office I vrelv Uiealhive-tioterilKKl lands aro it-
on or before taid ITOtli day of July I WO. quested to tile their elaims in this office
j . x. imtiKiRa. on or iforo un d 28itl dav of July. 1000.
Keuister. ' j. T, inrnB,
Are luxuries that all can enjoy on the
Observation Cur of the new North Coast
Limited, in onerulion.on and after April
ill, on the Northern Pacific. This Ob
servation Car will boa dandy. Get a
North Coast Limited leaflet.
A zoo.l agent on salary or commission
for Lane, "county. Address ltox II Cot
tage Grove or call at this office.
Parties desiring to build bnrus,
sheds or other outbuildings would
do well to take advantage of the
low figure at wjiich The Booth
Kelly Lumber Co. are offering some
! cull lumber in 1 inch and 2 inch
'thickness. Call on them or write
j them for particulars.
V. S. Chkisman.
Km Hangs.
le Fashion Stables
GI?risiian & BaQ!4s, Proprietors.
;jj Proprietors of the Bohemia f,
I and I
4 Black Butte Stage Lines.
Reasonable Prices
First-Class Turnouts, Double or Single.
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
United States Land Office.
Roscbnn:, Oregon, May 7, 1000.
Notice is hereby eiven that in com
pliance with tho pwviMons of the act of
uongress ot June 3, IS78, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
Mates of California. Oregon, Nevada,
ard Washington Territory," .Martin
Haagenson of West Superior, County of
Douglas, State of Wisconsin, has this
day filed 111 this office his sworn state
mens No. 1003, for the purchase of tho
tV WJK W, AW 1-4 SK1-4, SK 1-4 A
W 1-4, NE 1-1 SV 1-4, of Section No. 20,
in Township No. 21 S. Ranpe No. 1 W..
and will offer proof to show that t lie land
sought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish his claim to said land befoto
the Register and Keceiver of this office
at Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday the
20th day of July 1000.
Ho names as witnesses:
M. Mattson, A. Aaby, H.J. Hansen,
of Eugenn, Oregon, Gunder Kornstad of
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands are
Tice i n or before said 20th day of July
J. T. Bmnor.B,
"United States Land Ofllco,
Roseburg, Oregon, April 24, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of Juno 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington Territory," Sam C. RandaJI,
of Eugene, County of Lane, Stao of Ore
gon lias this day filed in this office, his
sworn statement No. WiO. for tho nnr-
haso of tho W J 8W 14, SAV 1-1 NV 1-4
NE 1-4 SV 1-4 of Section No 31, in
Township No. 21 S. Range No. 2 W and
will offer proof to show that tho land
sought is moro valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and
to establish his claim to said laud before
the Register and Receiver of this office
at Ro6eburg, Oregon, on Thursday, the
32th day of July, 1000.
He names as witnesses :
Olo Ovland, Orrn Robinson, of Eu
gene, Oregon-, William Van Gorden.
Cottage' Grove, Oregon, Martin Ophus, of
KugetiOr C regon,
Anv and all pcrsonBclainiingadversely
thq above-described ramie are requested
io file, their claims in this office on or
lafore Baid 12th day of July, 1900.
Is The Best Town
On The Pacific
It is the best town to invest in.
It never has h ad a boom. Properly is cli ea p.
Its growth is rapid. Property is advancing.
For Infornriatioi) Qall or or address.
4emenway and White.
Itniiwl Slates Uml Odlro,
Unltml Htateii Ulliil Olllco.
ltoHchuiK. OiHgon, Apt 11 'it, 1000.
timi in
ILv-ebura. tire.. April 27, IWW. Notice Is heuiuy K vwi Uml in w in
lc. ri "e?w hivpii thnt i" ; ,,liH..cMvilhthe.rovh;h.i.. otjha wl ut
ii. . uhl VihoiirovWoiaor the ad of 'nnm of JuimJt. IH7. entlllwl "An
fcC..H ent.tle.l 'At'.actUlhe mlvnt llinlwr lauds III the
let for I. sale "i .mH-r ' !! C,..llf..rnlH. rcn, Novmhi,
,te, raliform... O.egon, Neuula, , Washlnulon T.-rrltorv, Join.
T Ih i B on Terrllory," Henry , fllrlm.n f Cvesl Sup;.i..r. 'oimly
. .1.. lVitMiiiiiMin. fins iiiiPii iiiiaiinv iiirai in nun huum r-inn n
No. OSS, for the purchase of )
of S'eetion No. 24. in Townsrilp N J'
Itanue No.2W., and will o ler prool to
' K A .. i. ...i .mitf ii s more
vahmble for ils tlmlwr or " "''' .''
agricullural p..ri.oi.. awl to Ml I s
hi, claim to said land More the RcaiMe.
,111.1 Itwfiver of tins umee in wr'
Oregon, ou 1'iiday the Wtli day
July 11HX1.
lie names as wiutwwcss:
J.CarlHin, S. L. lUrilMin, of
.. ,M jl.. ft Ilnur c
tii,.iriiir. n i.i'iiiii.m. .. - - --
tage Urovo, Oregon, J L,,m' ' Uu,t'""'
0l.v 'nd all er ettthnlnK ad
,., alv,iv....timiiiliel lauds ar
n-.mtwl lo llle their claims
.ifliivou or bi-foru hi
J.T. llimiiM.
of Cot-
in uu
20th day
Administrator's Sale
Real Property.
n i iivj
1'oiiBias, ruin'iM i'i- .,,!"" '.:. ,i ..i.uiu. ,i
rthMl'ln IhUoftU-e Ui -worn - -,' iV! "VJ" !
minr, i"iuiwiimi -,
hip No. 20 S Kiinnc No. 2 ., ami wll"
offer prmif to show that I lit land wAnthi
in moro valunhhi for lln limber or Unu
than for ngrliMilturHl purHHN, mid 0
establish Ida claim l id Ulid hoh)i
the llottiider and Iteculver of lhln nfflfi
,it Oretrmi, on Frldity tin
JOth dav of July HHW.
He mime dm wKiicmi:
II. rrtihiihtMfer. 8. L. Harsham,
West SuHriir, Wiwotwin, 11 Dnw 0
I'ottase !rove, Uitun, I. I41111I o
DorciiB.llicgon. ... ,
Anv and all itiwoii chilnilitx ml
verio)v the almvo-ilwrlbtxl Imid t
loiiieotnl to tllo their claimn In till
OVc on or Moro esld 20tli day of Jill.
,1. T, IlKIIKII s,
Unilisl Stale I -Hid OfTlce,
Hoiahtirjf, Orrgon, May 3rd, 1000.
Not ire is Iwieby given that In com
nllance with tho irovlfloii of lh n'l n
ComrrrM of JuiiaS. IH78. nntlllwl "A'
tcl for the slf nf tlinlwr lauds In th
siaten of California, Oregon, Nnvaile
111. 1 Waliimrlon Terrllorv." Thcodor.
Nlelsoii f llollock. Count v of Kiltwin
iateof Aliiiuewila hat Ibl dav flll h
Ihit odlre his sworn Mateiiient N'n. IW
'or 1 tie'hsf nf SW ' of Rwti'
Vo. in Tinvn-dilti N. 21 South llatnr
N'.. I 't ami will otter proof (0 lui'
Mint the Nnd winsht l "life rnlunhb
'or iti lliiilarnr ttln than for nrH
"iiltiiral puriKxcs. and lo eaiablish hi
elaim to hM land bfi'i the RruUlc
ind Rrcoivpr of thi d'Hw til RiHidnny
Orpcnn. mi VediifrlRV the 25th day o
.Tidr WHO.
i .hi iocs n H')tnesa:
.1. K. HunxIfKl nf Cs!-.I..iia. Xortl
Dtfc'iia. Midi Mil 1 win of MliiiiMpoll"
Minnesota. ". O. Lund, II. J, IIkiimii
if Ktiifpne. Origin.
Anv and all iHron .Hnliiihne ml
vem-lv the abovitMleserihwI lamli art r
"iuctfl to file tlmlr rlalin in llitn otlci
on or More said ith ''v nf Julv Q00
J.T. Urimixh,
Notlre U hereby riven. Urni by vlttno oUri
(.nlcr iluly mmto hii.1 eatcro.1, ly Iho '
Conn of Une lonntv. DniiMii.'Uift Ai" Ji
ITth. rwo.MUhorUlriK nie t-wtl ll f 0i re
i.miwriy ( tia nt 't tt n l'. 0 '. V0 k
imtiW iuitu, I will Uiorpforooii t-rt.lny tlio I h
.vofJmio A. I) WO. l "HP 'k t
day, ..11 tho i.remlneii i ll cmnle. Uuo1 on
Row ler. Uao Comity, Oip.n. Mil t pnWlP
Hiii-tlon, tormih In tmiol loltie IiIkIicm hikI
I pi l.i.tiler allot lh follow lit rol riwrl
l.uioimliiK l "I't ctte to ii . 1 he mlliel
oiirtrier of Se-il.oi TwC'itJ ir, lolnH
N eat t -olio Kiinll of Kmiirr lmiflW, J. M.
ImwItliUniU of April WO.
j.Mr. Htw.r
United States Iind Oflicc.
UoseburK. Ore;on. Mar , 14, 1900
Notice is hereby given thnt in
compliance with the provisions of
the act of Congress of June 3. 1878.
entitled "An act for the sale ol
timber lands in the States of Cali
fbrnin, Oregon, Nevada, mid Wash
ington Territory," Fred Anderson
of Kngcne. County of Lane, State
Oregon has this day filed in this
office his sworn statement No. 903.
for the purchase of the SV 1-4 of
Section No. 14, in Township No.
22 S. Range No. 3 V and will
offer proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for it
timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish
his claim to said laud before the
Register and Receiver of this office
at Roseburg, Oregon, on Wednes
day the 23 day of May 1900.
lie names as witnesses:
Henry J. Hanson, O. O. Ljitul,
Louis Osburg. A mil ml Nmvmaud,
of Kugene, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming
adversely theabove-described lands
are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 23 day
of May 1900.
J. T. HuiiiGKS.
Hi r. n rtt c - m B?a maAN n .
on approval to yonrMflrew VllTnUllT A DEHTIH AnUAunir?
rf.HK V M 1. oq opproval, nllowln you to LnirJA -fJi'ii awr
amioe ie iuiiv nprnra von Mi.r.t if im
United Stales Land office,
Roseburg, Ore., Mar., 14, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that in
compliance with the provisions of
the act of Congress of June 3. 1878,
entitled "An act for the sale of tim
ber lands in the States of Cali-
ff ntn (-nrr r r XT-,,1- ...... I llf.. ..I.
WMHUi WIViKUil, ill lit. ill I II W.ISI1- ' -1.- . ...
! w . , I in innnr iiusi jtruof I Jill JKlrl Ol fllK flAIUl, Mill!
iiiKiwii luuujiy, MJUis USDlirj? Ol llmt Ml.l proof will tnmlo l,cfro Ih
T.. n . . 1 r t r. . . t...i .. . ..... ....
iiicni:, w11111y 01 J.niic, aiaiC Ol "cKniorniiii iiwtivor, i;. n. Jjinil OlllP
OteL'on has this dav filel in th;u 1 i'"nf. frexun on Ai.tit in. ito vl
office his sworn statement No. 902', i vv-7uhw If t iw'
a for the purchase of the NW 1-4 of Ho nmno. u,0 roiiowitiic vIihmhw t
ibectionNo. 14,111 lownship No. "'''"nimioun rc.ltleaco itin ttnl oultivmion
si c it x- ... ! ... .r.ui.i 1 , ... .
T'uitml Statosi Iiid nrTipp,
RoiplMirv. Orttfnn. Mav Snl, 0!W,
NotirnW liorpliv ifiven thit In com-nliam-r'
with Ihp tiiovil i'u nf flip pI o'
f'oiHjre" of .Line U. 1K7H, rniiili "Ar
net for the .nlo of tinilx-r InmU In lh
Slate of Califnniit, Oregon. Nevada
anil Vahiniflon Tt'rrllorv." .lohnnno
K, I of Coliwlniiia, diimlv o'
Traill. Ktnl nf Norili HnLota liaH tlti
il'i-IIIihI In tht- i.illiM, IiIm -worn ntnte
hIhIu'mpmI No. 9"H, fnr lh tuirclirt'C o'
tlipNK i nf Pprtloii So.'H In o nhlf
W21 South Ilanae No. 1 t. and wll'
off.T jiroof lo h'ioh thnt llie IhihI waih'
Ih more vhIumIiIp for i I H timber or Mnnc
than for nvruMd nral MirtKiM!'. and to
en t .it'll eh liix I'lnim lo nid tnud Ix-forr
tho Itev'i'ler and Iti'Ci'lV'"-f lliW nnVe
I Hopbiin. flrcffon. on Wedneiwlnv Ihp
Ktlidnvof Julv. 1W.X).
Ilpnannn mH hm
TIhhi. NW ii of ffnllo"k. Mlnnnta.
Malt MnlHoti of Alniienioli. Mltiop.
wiln, O O. Lund, fl. J. Uanceii, of Hit
gpiie, Orriwn.
Anv and all ik'wum rlaimint! ad
vf'raflv Hip nlovp--lwcrllpt hunt hip
reoiHtftlHl In flleltielr rlalma ill till"
oWca on or before mid 25th dav of July
1000. '
J. T. JlKitmn,
Ilojiiilr .
Nt)i if
' ni in
iAmlOmccHt ItuMibiirK.Oroiioii,
Teiinmry 2j, lto.
KOIIo In heieliy kIvph that llie fulluwliix
namnl wttlcr h HIo 1 notl ool hl liiloiulou
claim for It, ana a btttcrTrLcel than you can
' i . . muw and Hen
lit our Special AeenfH sample prlo of 4J R
la tho irreaU-'iC banraln In a 1,1,-vr-u nri. i V
to any ii:
SEfiT sH
. Kunge xo. 3 w., anu will
proof to show that the land
t Ii. ...n... l..l.t r
au jidn.sSifi..iC'; ubul 13 viuu.iuie lor us iim-
Swl!ttea beror st0I,e t'" for agricultural
.60 I "i '' io esuiDiisu tits claim
wh.ionth0ba-rket :iytef,xrni?"2 ;r t "V"lvu ,!5ier
ii outr w a umuo u .t ithirf7; MreiUII. Oil WPtllleSf nv t in ti lo.,
oi iiay 1900.
He names as witnesses.
Henry T. Hanson. O. O. Lund
Fred Anderson, Amund Nuwmand,
. ,PTSnl VItru,f ""if.""1. "" omann'ntcdi nieclai
if vou do
our 1UOO 31U1IKIX.
black, inaroon oreoarli i-rwn. hlvl.itf fini.i..ui r."-1",.vnttlnl,wl.lrl
um&iifea lili'lcelliig cn .
ot material that irocs
nntrn bond with each blrrcla. ' .u, ji-ar-. guar-
concern, ?d Ue .iTnhouKrTOrtS
iSSh. .?il'5.i i!.V?..,J?.,''5,I.I!su ft UJel of any oro else, 11a matter
wa do not raanufflotaro tho cheap de tart.
lvocan iumun them,
fruarantfn tim-
".JSU UNABLE fO RIlY SJI.?fl fa."a,8l,5OBtKAIIN A IIIUVOLK lrill.
In each town for thU purrKWoT We h7wVcraThuidf A T Hl'cii AO 11 iavuxvuVm'C W. ne I "'"on
dm MEh GQfflPMt, oMnaao, .
have roniroiiE than as yeabs dee cixedRatei) ion urErit KXTncMKAccuiucY '
fire mafco n"Vrjg
T I iSlOl With IIVO 3rtvtni-rjui.ticw l;!cLTii-jtrl
a icnrjtna or uarrei, o ana 20 inches. Jiinirn
one guaranteed. 1't'lce, l'ostpaid, $5.00 with
2: O-incJi barrel t $7.50 with 10-inch huwi.
we mane a full line of rifles f l1 rice, from $0.00
'ii2ward8. Every arm wo turn out Is warranted
$ Send Stamp fur CafaUgur.
X', O. IIojo
. . . . .. . v.
IitAAAAAi!4lriAA a a. 1407 . 'I'lt-yi'ljl! 1'ALLS, mass, r
of Kugene, Oreeon.
Any and all persons claiming ad
versely the above-described lands
are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 23 day
of May 1900.
J. T. Dkidgks,
"There is only one chance to
save your life and that is tnrotnrh
an operation" were- the startling
words heard by Mrs. I. B. Hunt of
Lime Uidce. Wis., from hr ,ii..
w . - -t - UWVIUI
alter lie had vainly tried to cure
m-Toia ingitttu case of Ktnmnot,
trouble and yellow iattndice. r.nit
stones had formed and she con
stantly grew worse. Then she hr-
gan to use Electric Hitters which
wholly cured her. It's a wonder
nil btomach. Liver nnd i?iM..n
remedy. Cures Dyspepsia, Loss of
Appetite. Try it. Only wets.
uuaranteed. For sale by Bijnson
Dkug Co,
Of Will Irtll.I, vln
iMUUiiiCHli'irtrtilHcfJIII-frt f,. HhorirliUo,
Jco. II. Itttchle, I'otor McMiirtln, of Anion
Trains Icavo Cottauo Grovo for Port-
ionn0nd Wtty litalio"M t 3:07 a. 111..
uuu p. m.
id...... 8:n0n. m. 7:00p.m.
i) drovo l:V(in. :n. 2;57p. tu.
d......l2:nil a, ni.tlilldu. ni.
Lv. I'ortldiid
J.v. CottnKo
Ar. Ashland
Ar. Facrftinonto. .
Ar. Han Frandtro
Ar. OriJoii
Ar. Donvor
Ar. Kansas City
CtWip. in. 4 me. ni.
f w'p.m. H:lBa. in.
n. III. Ii Ml) ft, in.
u:uun. in. i: no. ,,,
7 :25 a. 111. 7:25.m.
Ar. UiItiiKo.. 7:45 n. in. .3(,a nl
aI'Iu" J?,rlhl 0ao-n. 0:30 a. 1,1
Ar. Oityof Mexico fj.CG a. m. 0:C5ft. m.
a - ii ' ",V '; -iiuoa. in. -1:00 a,
udtona.. ii!L" ii. n ii.ok
r. waehiiiL'tmi. . n.j'j . , .'..''" '
. New York.. ..l2-.ini. Tn ia.n.. '
I'litlinan-R.Kl 'r,nrt Z'r: V.'1 V.
Not In-1
plllllll'C m,
t'Oiittrt'K.. ..I
not Air III. .
Sliilm ni 1
timl WitHin,
milott i .
lute (1.1 .
Inyllli.i i,, ,
incut Nil. , .
Kl..i ,
N'o. L"J SI;,,
ir(Hi( t -1 1 . .
11010 Mil.. ,
hlttl him
Htnlilili 1,
lU' ItlKl. I, ,
it Itimcl ui
'III (In) .,f 1
If 0 mini.
I'. L.s,..
Any mi. 1
"inly tin-
Wllll'lil.Ml 1 .
IllUt' oil .11
'"- 'I Kim...
.:"y my. r
1 ""i:t, .'',
-.:',,!:; 5
I l.i,. . 'n
II ,1,
I I.J.., .
't.u. 1 Ml
1 1 'j;i
' IC-.,i.
1 (lit-.
Hl l.
1 T 1
NOTh 1 1
Notlf.- - ,
lUlli'i' M: 1
VlllvrcitK .,, I
ol Iiir i!. ,
'tiltn- .if 1
ml ViiI, ii,..
lurwli.iiii 1 1
IdhkIiih, 'i .
.Ih in I . I .
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600 p T, Awhroy, Aeent, Cottapo
Giovo Station, or address ' 0"aS
0. II. Maiikiiam, 0. p. A.
Portland, Oregon.
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United Stat s Uti
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Notice is Jiei'by
cotnpliance with lite y.
the act olCoiiRrciS 0IJ8
entitled "An m t for tl
timber lauds in thr-Sta'!
fornia, Oregon, NVvaiiHl
tiiKtoti rcrrttory,
of.Miiiiicnjxjlis, county u3
State of Minnesota !
filed in this of!V o his 1
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22 S., RaiiBe No 3 ff.j
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and Receiver of ilusoffirtl
burg, Oregon, on lues
day ol May njoo.
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of May 1000.
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