Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 02, 1900, Image 7

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    i n.1 vk -n. VM w v.vsj ., .vani yv , Vi
U rxt V 'U -u 'U ,-u ,-u -u
K HUM llecllllllIK (III till' COIIKt of
Norwiiy iiiimIo ilio wlili' fjord
Hliiiniiicr Ilia1 lliiild (,'old liidow
llirlll' llllMllltlllllH. CIlllHtlllC Milt lit
foot of Ilio cliff ilrciiliilMK-liot Hint
twin mmU'I'P, Imt lllMt In I'OVI'I'IC. Till)
Hindi lie l' Ioiik liritldiMl luilr hIiIiii
n Imlo iih hIiu rented her clieek on
Itit tul mid ilieiiineil. Iler tlioiiK'lilM
e fur iiwny. iind nhe did not iiollcu
i mimic olio nun (jini'iiy rnn-eu iiih
t wiililn ii Hliort (IImIiiiico of where
wit I lu wiih evidently mi nrtlNi,
ni til feet In tliu limit Iny an open
i fol lo.
He dropped It Ih onrn, ciilninccd nt the
5b3m" ted mid lovoly vIhIoii. Tim
QoSu-r like fiu-c of the girl, tlu f ltd lut
rSilnine ii Mlioi t lirown woolen Mklrt, n
ejjfmisetie of hiiowy linen, a hlnck vel
jftf liodlru n ml ii red Htocltliitf cup on
l7?g (.-It'ii ml njr luilr.
Kft'lirit n utility for lilx next exlilblllon!
Snaii'liiiiK IiIh immu'II. ho inndo n hiiHty
sEgu-li of Ilio Utile IlKiire, with the cIIITh
&fiiliif up liehliid. Hie ptitcld wnter
ilmiiHt touching her feet. Hlie wiih
surely a fulry of HiIh In ml of romance,
ttyl presently Hie Utile elven would
ttdie to eek her. lie could nlmoxt
fah'y tliein whlnperhiK to her now.
Ilgvlnc llnlHlieil tho sketch, lie gently
rowii1 imliore.
fClirlxiine Ntnred with MirprlKo n he
ttl)N'd from the liont. hut wiih r.niured
3iilie respectful milliner In which he
ujpn'MHcil her.
fjf lies your pardon for Inirndlni;,"
ielil he politely. "I tin il no Idea there
friiK iiiiyoue in turn region nut mycir.
in r. nr. covi.n nr. no iikii.
Itit will you kindly tell me the iiiiuie
t thin pluee? It Ih iiinrreloiiHly lieiiii
(Jul." And ho snt down on n rock near
B' Ih the Nnerofjord," she replli'd.
gd her eyeK neemcd futlioniH deep iih
he npoke. "It Ih very beautiful, hut ii
in iiiiiir uiippeueii iiere.
What was that? Do tell me," he
ked, at the name time milking mental
ten of the lovely model he Intended
reproduce on the other tilde of the
Many yearH ago," hIio went on, "n
nutlful mnldeii lived on HiIh uioiin-
iu, and kIid hiuik ho Hweetly In the
Veiling that all were charmed who
Htencd to her. She wan merry and
appy, and her koiikh were gay an any
jjd'H. Hut one day n otiancer came In
ft hont even an you como now and
cnrliiK the maiden hIukIuk nH hIiu Hat
t o hu pralHod her voice and mild ninny i
iikh which plea Hid her. And after j
auu iney met nere every evening mir
p the Bummer time, and Hhe wiih ho
ftppy ulie taiiR only for luvo of him.
ioiikIi he lived In n dlHtnnt country,
he conHcuted to liecoine IiIh bride. Ho
Jomlsed to como for her when the
MivcB fell In tho forest, but hu did not
Jine. Tho huow covered tho monntnliiH
nil the spring melted It, and then hIio
iiew she would hco him no more. And
er mid bohrh Hceined llko n moan an
io wind carried them out to Hen, till
ne night a terrlbio Htorin swept the
lord nud the girl d:d not como home,
hey found her thcro by tho rock In
io morning, whoro tho waves had
wished her body on tho snnd. And
jmo any that on stormy nlglitH you enn
ear her monnlng liy tho cllffH, for Hhe
till mourns for the lover who promised
come. I never sit hero at sunset but
think of her."
"Thank you," roHponded the artist. "I
Idn't know tho htory, but I can qulta
ollovo It of such n place iih this. Do
on live on the inoiiutniu?" And he
otetl tho small feet nud delicate hands,
hlch did not look us If they bud evo
ouo much work.
"Yen, I hnvo lived hero with grand
father Hlnce I wiih a llltlo child. .My
puientH were Ioh at m-ii. Would you
like to hoc graiidfatlc rV" hIiu HHkid.
without a Hlindow of niUtnmt or appro
heiiHlou. "Ilo 1m very fond of com
pany." The artlHt readily ann-ntlng, ClirlMtln
led him Ihroiigh the gorge to the other
Hide of the mountain, where a tine old
limine Hlood In Hh Midler.
The old millor looked n true deicend
ant of the vlldngH iih ho nit In the
porch, from where he could view the
fjord In all Uh changing uuijenty.
Ho welcomed the traveler royally,
and a Hi'i vant brought him a d. aught
of wine mid Home ciirlou con feel loim.
('hrlHllue nut at her ginnilfiitlier'H feet
llHtenlng to IiIh wonderful laiei of tin;
northern hoiih. and the moon wiih high
In the heaveiiH whi n Hie m-tlnt depa.t
ed nfter pioiiilnlng the old mini to to
turn the next day for a null In IiIh ijueer
looking vchkcI.
Tho rooniH of the Art Club weru
thronged with artlHtH. (-oniiolMHeiirH. pn
troiiH and men or wealth mid fiiHhlon.
In one comer a liutterlly group ot
gliln hovered round u canviiH murktd
"Oh. what Ih thatr "Did you ever
nee anything no charming?" "Whut
lovely hair!" "What Ih It called V"
Tho catalogue miHwercd the iiich
Hon: "An Kveulng Dream iu Norway,
by O. It ."
Suddenly there wan n IiiihIi. mid the
admiring group turned to look tit n f.ilr,
golden-haired girl who had Jict i-liler.-d
talking to a dlHtlngiilHhed-looklng iiiiiu.
Though dreHHed In the prevailing fitnli
Inn, there rnuld be no uiMukliig her.
She wiih undoubtedly the original of
the Norwegian maiden lu ",WI."
Not without rcHiilt hail HiIh iiiiiu with
the keen nenne of romance npi-nt two
montliH amid the etichnutlug iitmoH
phere of the Norwegian laltcn mid
moiiutnliiH. In company with the grand
old Nonwillful nnd IiIh love'y g and
daughter. I'ullke the lover In the an
cient legend, he did not promlHe to re
turn for IiIh liKde, but won and mar
ried her on the very mountain whe-e at
Hiiiicet he had find seen her dreaming
by the fjord, and carried her off to IiIh
wcHtcrii home, to ItiHplrc. hlm In bin art
forever. Huston PohC
" You May Band ifie Sapling
But Not the Tree."
Whtn Jise.ue Has become chronic and
deep seated II Is often difficult lo cure It.
Tint Is the reason nuhy It Is best to
take Hood's SarsapArllU when disease
first shows Itself. In long-seated, tena
cious cases, Hood's Sarsaparilla Is also
wonderfully successful.
Tlic Winner HiifTe-cl n (J renter I.onn In
II Im rcmriinl Property.
"Speaking of practical Joken." Hald a
Canal Ht reel ImihIiichh mini to a Mobile
Herald reporter, "I hiiw that old omelet
trick played on a fellow lu Atlanta the
other night and I wiih really amazed
that he didn't go on tho win path then
and there.
"Tho thing oceui red nt a rcHtiiurnnt
where I wiih taking nnppor with four
chance acipialiitanceH intuit) on tho
trip. One of the pnrty wiih a cigar
hiilcHiiian from ICchmoiiil, and after
Hiipper hciuntiHcd uh with hoiiic idi'lglit
of-haiid tr.ckH. Finally he turned tj
ii North (ieorgla mcicliant, who was In
the crowd, and asked If hu had over
seen an omelet made In a hat.
"The merchant was a portly, rather
poinpoiiH Individual, ami replied, after
some thought, that hu had not. 'We.l,'
Hiild the tobacco man, 'I'll bet tho ci
gar h for uh two that I can make an
omelet In the crown of your new h1 k
hat without damaging It lu the slight
est degree,' I knew what was coming
and began to giggle hysterically, but
the Georgian remarked solemnly that
he knew he would loce, but was will
ing to pay '20 cents to sec the trick.
With that he ha tided over his hat,
which wiih brand-new, nud the tobacco
salcHinan proceeded to Bend for toine
eggs nud broke several Into the crown.
"Ho stirred them up with a knlfo nnd
then held Hint hat over the gas. In
about three seconds It wns a ghastly,
hideous ruin, dripping raw eggs
through a big hole burned lu tho top.
'Ily Jove!' he exclaimed, 'you have beat
mo out of the cigars. I've forgotten
how to do tho trick.' As the Georgian
examined Ids wrecked tile his face was
a study for a painter. A few hours
Inter I encountered hlm nt the hotel,
nud he took mo aside.
" 'I won Hint fellow's clgnrs nil right,'
ho said, 'but I still think It was a kind
of a foolish bet.' "
Tho so-called modest violet commands
n higher price, In proportion to Us size,
than any other llower at a green house.
Falling In lovo develops the detective
Instinct In a woman more than It makes
her happy. s
Iiiillmi W'iiiiiiti' Nnrroir lUrnpn I'rotn
ti TrrllilH lli-nlli.
Mrs. Kllon Cronby hud n narrow ca
nape from being burled nllvo in Craw
ford county, Indiana. HIio wiih pro
nounced dead, ami jiropiiratiotiH for tho
burial weru being made. While HiIh
wiih in progress hel daughter, It) yearn
old, worn out by exbiitiKtion, lay down
to roHt, but her yon had ticarcoly
cloned beloro hIio sprung up and per
emptorily Insisted that her mothers'
liody bo returned to tho bod. Sho re
marked that her mother had called to
her in her sleep, saying: "Mary, don't
let them bury mo nllvo." The under
taker complied with tho duughter'H re
ipiest, wiyiiig it wiih but a dream, but
tho daughter stoutly claimed tho con
trary and would not be denied. Nearly
eight hours pinned when Mm. Crosby
slowly opened her eyes and looked ut
bur daughter, who hud roinalned by
her bedside, constantly watching for a
return to life. Mrs. Crosby Ih now
considered in a fair way to recovery.
Btatb or Ohio, Crrr or tolkio,
J.rcin i'oi'ktv. I '
Frank J. 1' iiiakct otih that he la the
icnlor artt:r ol Ilio tlrrn ol . J. CIIEMr.r A Co.,
ilolinc ljiliii' In ilio fltr of Tololo, County
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mil every caw ol Catarrh ttiat cannot bo cured
ly Ilio uto ol Hall's Catakhii Ci-re.
Bworn lo 1-fore me ami nlocrllwd In my
preeence, Ihla etti day ol IleccmU-r, A. I). IM,
. , A.W.LKA80N
' Notary J'ublle
Httll'a Catarrh Cnro la taken Internally anil acta
directly on the blood and mncotia aurlacca ol
the ayatcui. Send lor lotlmonlali, tree.
K. J. I'll KKKY & CO., Tolodo, O.
fold by driiRKtttt, 7Sc.
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I'uintcrs in tho car shops at Knox
villo are working 15 to 17 hours ior
Just before a mnrringo ceremony in
Lithuania, tho bride's curs are boxed.
This is iu tho iuterest of tho brido
should tho mnrringo prove an unhappy
one. Hhe can sun for a divorce, nud
uKsurt that sho wiih forced to marry.
Adjiitiint-tienural Corbin thinks tho
Luwton fund will linally reach ? 100,
000, which will ho invested for Mrs.
Luwton in got-uruiucnt bonds and u-ivo
her an income sulliciont to provido
against all want and ennblo bur to edu
cate her children properly.
Uwin i-haanar
In thfi and thnii mi r aooda
lhat nnl r1 linif TUL Inllph.
Tested, true to name, freuli and
rellalile, Aiwajra tn aii
for Kerry' lane no oinera.
write lor ivw Annual.
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uctrali. ia
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HECKKT Ten ccntsi
Modesto, C al.
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Iml l:l UllS M l 111 list IAIIS. I'll
In tiros. 8oVl br druggl'ts. t
The flismn ,1onn.
Thoro aro many .Toiiosch In thin
world, but Ticrhntm not nnito o mnny
an people think. Not long ago two
rlendd mot who had not Keen each
other for ten yearn, ninco their chool
"Wliom did you marry, Hilly"
linked one.
"A Minn JonisH.of I'liiladolpliia," re
plied Hilly, who wan a trlflo Hcnnitlvo.
"Vou iiIwiijh did tuko to tho tiaino
'loner.' I can remeinlicr when wo
went to hcIiooI together yon uhw! to tag
around after a littlo uub-noed Jouch
"I remember it, too," naiil Hilly.
"Sho'H tho girl I married." Youth's
Arllllclnl Hlght.
All bivenliir Iiiih perfected an el-rtrlcnl
niipliniicf. Hhlcli In- clnlina will cnnliln the
blind lo nee. This Mill bring much liupi.l
lies to those w ho have defective evt-slylit.
Another greut licover- which will bring
huppluenK to I hope w lingo stolunrhs have
become di-rnugi-il, la Honietter'H Hloiinicii
l!litcrn. It i u lertnin cure for indite
tiou, l.vsiejila, maluriit, fever and ugne.
In Saxony no teacher receives Icsh
than .fllOO a year. :
Only Hnfn Mrillclnn for Chllilrnn.
The tender Utile Insldis of children nrc ruin-!
cd by violent purges, plllor liquids. Carcarets
areplennant, fiarmle s.ilfc-clivc, bruggists 10c,
Va; 60c.
Now York liotiHOHiiiItbH get $3.20 for
eight bourn.
I know Hint mv lile win saved bv PIo's
f!ur for Huns ptum. John A. llilltr.
Au riiiDIc, .Mtclilgmi, April 21, 18U3.
Tlio North StafTordHhiro (England)
ChriHtiiin Kudeavor union hag put on
foot a Bchcme for obtaining 0,000 new
total iibsitncnco plcdgea in tho year.
Tako Laxative Hromo Qulnlno Tableta.
All drugglstH refund tho money If It
falls to cure. K. V. Grove's nlgnuture
in on each box. 2Sc.
Improrod Trnln ICriilitrifnl.
Tho O. It. & N. nud Oregon Short
Line hnvo added a ballot, nuioklng and
library car to thuir I'orllHiid-Cliiongo
tliiotigh ttaiii, mid a (lining car service
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day coiicIkh and luxurious llii-l-clasg
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line, from all poitilH in Oregon, Wash
iiiglon and Idaho to nil Kanluin oities.
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any 0. i!. & N. agent, or adilre W,
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"Within tho next fivo yearn Missouri
will Htartlo tlio world," prophesies
State Geologist Gallagher, in a recent
Interview, "with tho great amount ol
lend, zln-, copper, nl'kel, cobalt and
coal mined in the state. Missouri Is
rich in mineralH, tho richest of any
stato In the country."
Don't smoko cigarettes for the pur
pose of killing time. Time will transact
business at tho old stand long after you
iuit. Chlcugo News.
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ing Syrup the best remedy to use fur thl
children during the teething period.
It Anawnrril thn I'nrposn.
Maude Have Holla and Jack had t
now quarrel?
Lena Oh, nol but thoy've patched
up their old one till it's about as good
as now. l'uck.
If roo bsTen't a rmulsr. bcaltby mOTement of th
botrols eserr day. you're sick, or win be. Keep youi
bowels open, and be well Force, in thesnapool
Tlolent physic or pill poison. Is dangerous. Tbi
smoothest, easiest, most perfect way or Seeping tba
bowels clear and clean Is to tako
Java furnishes two-thirds of
quinine uted.
VITALITY low.itttiUliafednr eshamlwt cnrlby
llr. Klln' lntliforalliig Tiiulc. KIIKK II Trliil
Jlrs I Is- coiilaliitus 2 Wi-ks' trftiinifiit. Ir. Klfu's
In.liliilf. Kil Anh Ht , l'li!luli-lilila. Foiimleil lTI
During the laBt fiscal year Herlln ox
ported 83,083 tons of ticerand imported
82,080 tons, of which 34,508 came
from Havaria und Hoheinla.
Mexico Is one of tho United States'
best customers in the sewing niacbiuo
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Swaksox Rheumatic Curb Co.: When I wrote you for a sample bottle of "5 DROPS" my
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1IUN wrltlnc to ixlvortlsers i1ai
mention tins pupur.