Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 02, 1900, Image 4

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&MrMk m owts
t m im k ur
fe-ri.ttn prir., in 'iinw,
Friday. Feb. 2, 1900.
, , , , . :.
Kverv voter should make it his
. , , . . ,
special business to register as soon
as possible. Theobject of the law
!H. ;n.ani inr
lInMr t,m,lH mm- un nH
register. If you do not register
you cannot vote. Don't put it off.
If no one registers there will be a
mighty small vote cast the coming
election. Residents of outside pre
cincts should look into this matter.
It is lair to presume that every
available voter living in the cities
and. large towns of the state will be
registered. If they do and you
don't, they are pretty apt to have
things going there own way. Walk
up gentlemen and register, .It
only takes a moment.
The Review of Roseburg. un
doubtedly the biggest (?) paper on
;fearth, also edited by one of th,e
Sbiggest scandal mongers and
blackmailers on earth, making two
of the biggest things on earth, is
very much exercised that the
Nugget should dare to comment
upon the Harvey abduction case,
aud then laments the fact that the
Oregonian thought sufficiently well
of the article to give it space. The
Nugget has said nothing it cannot
substantiate, and has not reflected
upon railroad men who are gentle
. men, but upon the class to which
this man Harvey and, undoubtedly,
Patterson, belong.
Tuesday.The Twice-A-Week Re-.
view,ieceived five new suhscfibets,
one'from Roseburg, one from Yon
calla, two from Coles Valley ajnd
one from-' South Dakota. All
came th without solicitation. Two
new subscribers to the Daily Re
view, were also received. Since
the beginning of the month the
Twice-A-Week .Review has added
30 names to its subscription list.
. Last year was the most prosperous
in the history of the paper, but the
new year opens with still brighter
" promises. Roseburg Review,
r-r- The editor of the Review, evi
dently, in his anxiety to appraise
the public of his growing sub
Vcription list, admits" that these are
roa4hpsperous times and still getting
-better, and, yet, in nearly, every
issue of his paper, he complains of
! ;the present administration and la
ments the passing of the good old
democratic days; with its, closed
factories, suspended banks', idle
laborers, disastrous strikes, and
Coxey armies marching to Wash
ington asking for employment and
bread. Does the Review want
these times to return? Would it
exchange the Philippine army for
a Coxey army. Would it ex
change the hum of the factory
wheel for the murmur of hungry
laboring man? Would it exchange
the screech of the engine whistle
for the cries of suffering women
and children? Is the Review
aware that others as well as itself
are prosperous these times? Med
iord Eye.
Lots of people are wondering
what will be the next development
in the Plummer-Geer penitentiary
The, general impression is
that if the governor 'ct t,,c
the matter rest as at present it will
result in his political undoing.-
, iik County Itviuizer.
j yej vve hadn't heard of it.
- There is a very small minority,
who take any stock in the stories
which originate! in the brain of
j pimiuner, a man who ij recognized
tua known ixn jn his ojyn party as one of the
'lowest reprobate that ever dis
, ., ; graced politics. If the public will
ICKU U1C iUCIUIUIt. VI 11.V1.IH ..liv.ll
! latlon. cminating from this broken
1 down politician of Polk, giving
! Governor Gccr credit for being n
w ' , ,
i man of ordinary business sense,
. t . ... , ,
I :.t.... ...... . (Tif-f tg Knll mt 1.2...
honest, the conclusion will be
. .... . .... Wl
I H ffOtll beginning tO did,
1 HC
Only IUU& lu nuiuici uuuui jui
now-is what will be the magnitude
of the next lie the Plutnmer outfit
will coin.
boom 4.
Assembly Monday morning.
Nellie Itoonoy ia out of school on ac
count of aiiknesi.
Tho scholars of our room welcomed
two'novr pupil Monday morning, JJugb
purrin and Luther Van Fleet.
MisscjMock and Lonn Chrisraan,
Mcmg;--0h9 Dutton and Alraon
IJeraehwyy visited our room Friday.
Wo are sorry to note that William
HentUVer is out ofjichool litis week ou
account of sickness.
Miss GrousocKilF' ytsited this room
Everybody was surprised Tuesday
mo-nfng when Prof. Day announced in
assembly that school would closo in
about four weeks.
Miss Lelah Hardy visited school
The delegates
to the
League convention held in Portland
February 0, from the cottago Grovo Re
ubiican club are J. c. Long, c.
urkliolder. c. J. Howard, Darwin lti
ton and J. v . cook.
United States Land Offico,
Roseburg, Ore., January 30 1900.
Notice ia hereby given that in com-
plianoo.wUb tho provisions of the act of
CongresB6t June 3, 1878. entitled "An
Lact for tho wile of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
ana Washington Territory, "frank A.
Elliott of Newborn, County of Yamhill,
state (or Territory) of Oieeon has this
day (lied in this oflico his sworn state
ment Ho. 7UG, lor tno ijuruhuRc ot .the
SE 1-4-of Section No. 20. in Township
No. 22 S Range No. 2 W, and will offer
proof to show that the land sought 1b
more valuable lor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before
tho Register and Receiver of this office
at Roseburg, Oregon, on Saturday the
7th day of April, 1000.
no names aa witnesses :
P. L.Snone. J. I. Jones, J. E. Lewis.
J. W. Cook, of Cottago Grove, Oregon.
Any ana all persons claiming ad
versely tno above-described lands are
requested to. file their claims in this
office on or before said 7th day of April,
J. T. BnmoKB,
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon.
January 20, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
Bcttl r has filed notice of his
intention to make final oroof in BUDnort
of his claim, and that said proof will bo
maue oeiote Joel ware u. a. uommts
mlsBionor at Euneno Oreson. on March
81, 1000, viz: Perry Casteelon his H. E.
no. 7W7. ipruie 8W 1-4 sec. 0, T. 208
Ho name tho following .witnesses tu
prove his continuourreeidence noon and
cultivation of said land, fit:
Calvin Casteel.of Saginaw. Lane Co.,
Oregon, Oatbe Miller, Thomas nrown,
ueorgo retty, 01 Ureaweil, Lnne Vo.,
Land Office at Roseburg, Oregon,
January 20, 1000.
Notice ia berobv eivon that the follow-
jng-named settler-has filed notico of his
Intontion to make final proof in sup
p6rt of his claim, and that said proof
will bo made before Joel Ware, U. 8 .
Commissioner at Eugeno Oregon, on
March 31 1000, viz: Oathe Miller on his
H. E. 7150 for tho W NE 1-4 & W 1-2
SE 1-4 sec. 31, T. 108 B 2 W.
He names the following wltnesse to
prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of Haid land, viz :
Calvin Casteel, Perry Casteel, of
Paginaw, Lano Co., Oregon, Thnmnu
Brown, George Petty, of Crcsweil, Lunu
Co,, Oregon.
J, T, Bbioobb,
For Young and Old!
Come and
They will be sold as cheap as
South of Portland.
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon, January 4, 1000.
Notice is horeby given that In com-
81iance with tho provisions of the act of
ongress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for tho sale of timber lands In the
States of California, Oregon, Novada,
and Washington Territory," John V.
W st of Eugeno, County of Lane, 8tute
of Oregon has this day filed In this offlco
his swqrn statoment No. 760, for the
purchase of the 8 E f of Section
No. -t, inTownshtpNo.208. Range No. 2
V., and will offer proof to show that the
land Bought Is mure valuablo for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses and to establish his claim to said
land More the Reeittcrand Receiver of
thisJofficoHt Roseburg, Oregon, on Tues
day tho .uth day 01 Marrh lwu.
lie names as witneraes:
John 8. Gray.F. W. Prentice, J. 8.
Luckey, Samunl Clifford, of Eugene,
Any and all portions claiming ad
versely tho above-dccribod lands are
ucsted to lile tbclr cinims in tins
oinco on or beioro
said 20th day of
March 1900.
J. T. HiuixJKS,
United States Land Office,
Roitburg, Oregon, January 4. 1000.
Notice is hereby given that in com
liancu with the provisions of the act of
,'onL'rt'ss of Juno 3. 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
State of California, Oregon, Nevadu,
and Washington Territory." John 8.
Gray of Eugene, County or Lane, Htato
of Oregon has this day filed in this offico
his sworn statement no. 7-w, or me
urrluue of tho N E of Section No, 10,
Township .No. ZUB. Kanttu Ho. ' .,
and will offer proof to show that tho
land sought is more valuablo for its
timber or stone than for agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of this offico at Rnneburg, Oregon,
on Tuesday tho -inn day 01 March iuuu.
lie names as witnesses :
John: W. Wetit, F. W. Prentice, J. 8.
Luukov, of Eugeno, Oregon, John
Wheeler of Snuinaw. Oreiion.
Any and all pontons claiming ad
versely tho alove-dcBcrilHil lands are
requested to filo their claims in this
office on or before said 20th day of
March 1000.
J. T. Bbidukr,
United States Land Offico,
Roseburg, Oregon, January 4. 1000,
Notleo ia fjereby given that In com
pliance with tho provisions of tho act of
Congress of June 3. 187S, ontitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada,
and Washington Territory." Frederick
W. Prentice of Eugene, County of Lane,
State nt Oregon has this day flltd in this
offico his sworn statement No. 7-10, for
the purchase of the 8 E , of Section
No. 10, in Township No. 20 8. Range
No. 2 W.. and will offer proof to show
that the land sought is more valuable
for its timber or stono than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish nis
claim to said land before the Rogister
and Receiver of this office at Roseburg.
Oregon, on Tuesday the 20th day of
March 1000.
Ha names as witnesses:
Samuel Clifford, John W. West, John
8. Gray, J. S. Luckey, of Eugene, Ore
gon. Any und all persons claiming ad
versely 'tho above-described lauds are
requested to die their claims In this
office on or before said 20th day of
March 1000.
J. T. Bbidoib,
A choieo selection of dried fruits at
Cummino ASbiib,
A great variety of mush goods at Cum
mliigA Sehr.
Subscribe for the Nugget.
I will sell all Japanese goods at
greatly reduced prices until Feb. 1st.
Call and see them.
Imii.y Mkinxhr.'
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grain and figured wall paper, at prices
m nun, 1110 irauu.
tit. ...M 1 . ...
t u bbii k"i koxih ni eooo prices ror
u, vUBWU,cr0, vemru. meat waricet.
- n.. 1 .. . .
f- Ho
4f E. Wall & Whipple, Proprietor.
We wish to thank the people
ronage timing the past year, and
honest prices, that is, the very best
speak for our share of the trade in
A very good shoe for $1 35.
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McFarla,nd Meat
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Heal Estate and
Fire, Life and Acc dent
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Dold this Space. Olatcb tt,
If yon want any thing in the
our goods and see how the prices
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T n.. u .1 I 1 mi , .
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you can buy
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all wool, $t 50
Oo. orr Knnovr om
Mining Property
Insurance Cmpaniec.
Strict Attention paid to CoUcadtil
Office opposite Sherwood HoUll
Hardware line, come ant! look on
suit. We shall endeavor to carry
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m. . .
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