Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, January 05, 1900, Image 4

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Rntarod nt tho poatoflleo at Cottntfo (Jrovo,
Oregon as Second Clnra mnll m Alter.
uliRorlptlon prlco, 81.50, In nilvanon.
AttrertUIng rnton mmlo known upon
Friday, Jan. 5, 1900.
Let's donate a few dollars to
building a roof over a pile of county
rock. The editor of this paper
will guarantee to shingle one day.
The Oregonian's Special New
Year Edition is out and generally
circulated throughout Oregon. It
is a masterniece in the matter of
photographic and mechanical art,
and a splendid advertisement for
the great State of Oregon.
Couerressmau lontrue has ex
pressed an opinion that there will
be a river and harbor bill. When Mr.
.TnniniP ontnpe ntir flnr fnntpd find
A-rSV, . ..
maices an assertion you tan usuauy
depend that he has a pretty good
basis upon which to back his
The fact that we are buying
bonds, instead of issuing them,
shows another of the ' marked
differences between the present ad
ministration, and the last one
And there are so many other
agreeable differences that it would
require a catalogue of many pages
in which to detail them. Denver
Times Sun.
streets of Cottage Grove especially
after night fall, who put in most of
their time using boistrous, profane
and abusive language. He is on
the right track. Every man or boy
he finds on the streets of Cottage
Grove who purposely and willfully
commits these misdemeanors or
otherwise disregards the laws of
decency, should be promptly
arraigned, and then Judge Medley
and Squire Vaughn will do their
duty. The city should look into
the matter and erect a good water
proof roof over an immense pile of
country rock and then convert these
violators of good order and decency
into s! amp mills and start the
stamps to droppin'. We need plenty
of crushed rock on our streets and
this is a good way to get some of it.
This patting a man on the back
when he's drunk and disorderly be
cause he's a rattling "good feller"
when he's sober well never give
this city an enviable reputatiou
abroad, nor gravel your streets.
The Salem Statesman ever alive
to the necessity of puttine forth
great efforts , for Salem and sur
rounding country is out witn a
beautifully designed New Year
edition, containing much informa
tion of benefit to the seekers of
homes in this state. " It is a great
improvement over theirllast year's
edition and in matter-' of jstyle is the
equal of the Oregonian.v
Ira D. Shankey, speakfjig of the
death of his evangelist partner, the
late Dwicht L. Moody, paysVthe
great , Christian worker the foil
injr tribute: "In the death of Mr.
Moody the world has lost one of
th4 greatest and noblest men of the
'. have labored with him
: twenty-seven years, tra
by land and
Quite a littl e county political stir
is now on the Junction Times
edited bv Moorenead, one of the
foremost republicans in the county
having published a few ideas as
to which way the cat is proine to
jnmp. It is intimated that Judge
Potter will not allow his name to
come up, likewise Commissioner
Bailey. The Times says that the
democrats were, up to the time
Day got his money mixed with the
county's funds, grooming Fred
Fisk for sheriff, expecting to turn
Withers down on the plea that he
was elected on the populist ticket,
and by right of fusion, the next
nomination for sheriff should be
democratic, Withers being elected
as a populist. The democrats are
wise if they get this idea out of their
heads and tie to Withers, who
is the only man in Lane county
that has a fighting show for election
to office of sheriff on any ticket ex
cept the republican,) and if he does
not get the vote vrora the same
sources that he manipulated at the
last election, he will, never officiate
again. He must not only get the
same vote but it must be greatly,
increased. The e
officers in Lane cc
atter h"?
See Them!
They will be sold as cheap as you can buy thcirt
South of Portland.
The Racket Store9 s "Ad"
5 ri fa$
and play and say "smart things'
to each other throughout the entire
service, 7ir else como at the
'eleventh hour," clatter down the
aisle"' and then out. These young
people may commit such misde
meanors thoughtlessly; if they do
they should be reminded of it, and
given a chance to do better. They
may and it is half suspected they
do commit such misdemeanors' in
tentionally; if they do they should
be called down good and hard.
, but it
in the
equently re
in party
lection of
Simply be
lighty good
that he is
readyvH This"jSk is dem
consiaeryiDie attention and s
be thoroughly circulated. 'The
issue consists of 1900, and each
copy if judiciously handled can be
of benefit to Bohemia District, and
that means benefit to Cottage
Grove. We have gone to con
siderable expense, and trouble to
put the book up now let every
m(un who has the interest of Cottage
Grove and Bohemia at heart, get in
and supply his friends with a copy.
The cost of the book is 15 cents
ftopy-r-bearly the cost of the
.1 t j ji. fri 1 1 j r
these books remain unsold. If you
lwaut them order them. If not,
when we are sure that no one cares
for them, they will make excellent
kindling wood. Expensive half
tone work burns well. Come up
gentlemen and buy a dozen.
r personal consideration
- 1
but for their; business and pqlitical
integrity, aiid the victory will be re-
It is to be regretted that there is
a class of young men who make it
a business of coming into church
late in the service and usuall
Marshal Miller has taken to
running in some of the tough ele
ment that takes possession of the
y dur
ing the most interesting part and
disturbing the entire audience say
nothing of interrupting the speaker.
If young men have not sufficient
respect for the feelings of those who
attend church in true sincerity, to
come and sit through a service in
good behavior, they should at least
have decency enough to stay out.
There are a fewr-to the credit of
the town be it said, a few who
make it a business to either come
early, take a back seat and giggle'
ID Brief.
Has your husband been kicking about
the toughness and quality of the meat
your market lias been delivering you
lately? About the price, too? We
would like to supply your table with
meats, Our steaks and chops arc ten
der and at the right price; and as good
cutters as the town affords.
McFarland Meat
First of the Season
Cumming& Suhr.
For quality and cheapness in fresh
meats go to the Central incut market.
r Notico Ilemenway & Uurkhoklcr's
ad. Shoes, shoes, shoes.
Wanted at Garman & Nowland 1000
turkeys at highest markot price.
Fresh candies overy day, marto from
pure sugar at the Tailor shop,
Geo. Wallery, one of tho cleverest
song and specialty artists on the road is
with Thearles Ministrels at Martin's
Hall Friday Jan 5.
Timothy seed, just received nt Cam
ming & Sehr.
Jan 5 hte Ministrols Jan 5.
Wo sell good goods at good prices for
our customers, Central Meat Market.
Wo will pay cash for county warrants,
or collout claims against Lano County
paying cash for panic.
I An ovening of fun, smiles, giggles and
rtughtor, listening to Th6arles Original
James Hemenway
IReal Estate and Mining Property.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance Cmpanies.
Strict Attention pid to Collation
Office opposite Sherwood Hotel
Benson rag company
fiold this Space. flatcb it
Tennesseo Ministrels.
Tho best Bhoes in Cottage Grove,
Ilemenway & Burkholder.
A company of Artists chuck full of
laugh como and see thorn at Martin's
Hall January 6.
Griffin & Vkatcii Co. are the leaders
in all kinds of mining supplies, ammu
nition and sporting goods , 1
If you want any thing in the Hardware line, come and look ove
our goods and see how the prices suit. We shall endeavor to carry a
full line of
Stoves, Tinware, Miners Supples, Mechanics Tools. Cutlery, Ammuni
tion, Washing Machines, Churns, Etc., and a Full Lie of Agricultural
Philips & Jones.