Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, December 22, 1899, Image 1

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    Devoted to the Mining, Umbering and R-
arming Interests of this Community, to Good Government, and Hustling for a Living.
OoUng-o Grow, Oregou, Friday, Dec 22, 1899. NO. 4,7
Christmas Offerings
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IE jllj
Read the following then keep it in visit our store and buy a
choice present to put u the family stocking. We do not make a busi
ness of handling cheap ehristmas goods, but we do carry a well select
ed stock of choice, useful articles for Christmas gifts that will be apere
ciatcd much more than the cheap-john goodsso generally sold throuoh
out your city. '
Here are Some of Our Leaders
A low neat Hfrvicwililt! Toilet Set gifts that are nuro to plunge nt prices that cannot bo
A beautiful ami well nclented mock of Glassware. Cups and Saucers, at prices thai will
aMotiish yon.
Our lino of Stand I.ainpn, beautifully decorated, ore nuro to pleaEO von in durability
mid in prire. " J
Hiiiikorcliicf! HnnkcrrhicfH! Ladies Linen and Silk hankerehiofH from Cc to GOo.
Our line of thm In complete) and up to datuJWa valuen for 2oc; 7oc values fo
A Ix-atitilul liiii'oi bound books especially fortlio liolidny Undo, embracing the standard
unci hi. iriiiu -ic in a pit ii rurmuiiv n cctcu line o child mux uinrv Iw.mL-
Evt'rylxdv know our unci riiimtati-n inkcomni; a t?ooil minlitu nt tnfit
n!ock hi thin line in of the intent imttoriu. Call and examine thorn.
Eakin & Bristow.
1 900 will soon bs here. Practice wrifcmp-1900 m
While you arc practicing it, think about our Store, where you are able to do your buying and
start a bauk account upon what you save. Those who pay cash for what they buy can, without
any doubt, save money by buying of us.
Wc still have sonic nice Christmas Presents!
We still have some nice Christmas presents-although the gift is small you should remem
ber yrmoK father, sister, brother, wife, husband sons and daughters, uncles, aunts, neices,
nephews, and mothcr-in-laws, we stilfhavc the goods that arc suitable.
Cottage urove
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WaliI-uj 'f?J iJ iSl :Ej i"l Xl Sfi mzuzu uru- -
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My son ban been troubled for years
with chronic diarrhoea. Sometime ago
I pcntiaded him to take some of Cham
herltln'i Colic, Choltiia and Diarrhoea
.Itcmcdjr. After using two botllcti of the
, 25-eent site he was cured. I give Huh
titimonil, hoping someone similarly
aflllcted may read it and bo benefited.
-TbooiM C. Rowkh .Glenco. 0. For
lo by Umbos Dhuo Co., Cottage
t Grote; A Ari'i.EflATK, Drain,
Notice io hereby plven that tho uitder
jHjned ban been appointed by the
County Court of tho State of Oregon for
Lane County, executor of tho estates anil
ofthe lait will and testament of Isaac
Monroe White, dcceaned. All persona
Ming clahuH against said estate are
horeby required to present tho same
tome, duly verified as by law required,
at Cottage Grove, Oregon, within six
months from tho dato hereof.
Dated this nth day of November, 1899.
N. W. WntTK, Executor of tho eatato
of Isaac Monroo White, deceased.
J. E. Young,
TlcOinpsoi & Hardy,
Attorney nnd Counselors at
Special Attention given to
the Law of Mines.
Eu oenk, Onr.ooN.
L. L. Stevens,
Special attention given to Mining
Business and Collection.
Kuoksk - - - - 0,lEaoN
Of Interest to Miners -- - Should
be Kead Carfally. '
Mining is largely a matter of future conditions That is to 5,1V
mining is an industry where there is a larger percentage of possibility of
future reward as the result of faithful honest endeavor in the nrent
than almost any other business undertaking known to the civilized man
today. There is much of abuse and calumny heaped upon the mine
operator and his proposition which is undeserved and many a good
mine is set down as a fraud or worthless which has, when developed in
future years turned out to be a bonanza. There is that element about
mining which makes it more or less a lottery at all stages of the eame.
but mining operations in Colorado and in fact throughout the well
established mining camps ofthe west are being reduced to business
principles with an increasing assurance of reward for investment put in
them as in any other line of business undertaking. How often have all
of us heard such and such fines described and branded as worthless
properties or a fraud which we now know as among the wealthiest
properties of the mining west.
It is interesting to note a few examples close at home, and in fact
the Cripple Creek district furnishes a budget of such instances. The
history of this camp is of such teceut date, that the history of everyone
of its heavy producers is known to almost every man, woman and child
in this city. Referring to worthless mines, or those at least of little
value, one has but to recall that one ofthe leading mine owners of this
city today, not over six years ago sold the great Gold Coin claim claim
for Si, 20O, because he thought that was a great price at that time for
io acres of ground located beyond the supposed mineral belt of
Cripple Creek. The mine is held at over $10,000,000 today.
The Gold King mine, the first shipper iu Cripple Creek, sold in its
early stages of development at $8,000. It is now valued at $1,000,000.
The great Elkton was offered a few years ago for $25,000 and was not
sold because the money was not forth coming. Later it was sold for
$500,000. Today it is held by its owners at $1,875,000.
The ledge of rock outcropping from the surface of the what later
became the Independent mine was pounded by many a prospector and
many a sample was knocked off to be assayed and to show absolutely no
W. S. Stratton, whom this same mine has made many times a
millionaire, one dav knocked off a piece from this outcropping, had it
assayed and obtained values running several hundred dollars. He im- '
- . . . . . ! t 3 1-! t a 4
mediately staked nis claim wnue omers riaicuiea mm ior naving laicen
Up a WOrtllieSS iraci. xuemiuc a acmug uu iut wuuuu
S14.000.000. And so the story might be lengthened inCri pple Creek.
' ' . . i i i r i.f..i. . i
Here are some instances: .an exenange recuuuu. ae ia mat inc
Congress mine was considered a fraud when down 150 feet, but was a
bonanza at 800 feet and held at $3,000,000. The Fortuna at 150, feet
was bought for $140,000 but at a depth ot 600 teet it could not be
boueht for$-?, The King of Arizona was sold for $30,000,
when down 100 feet, while todayitis held at $ 1,000,000 and only 500
feet deep. The Crowned ri-ing mine was muc iquurui 01 uy iu owper
when itiwas down 165 feet and 523,000 in aeDt. now at aaeDt 01 f fVW
, aU its debts paidnd .regular dividends Demg declared it cannot JegfogSlK
rrhasfed tor less tnaifiwt ,ooo,ouo. - .
hl&eccemine fAi"
OBw On Ualn street, West Side,
Cttgc Grove, Oregon.
Mrs. Komerincschleef.ri. D.
Diseases of Women and Childreii,
Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Gut your wife a washing machil
wringer or churn lor a Ohristmas presi
l'liillins and Jones have them.
Pink salmon bellies, very choice at
Gumming & Sehr.
The Northern Pacific have recently
established an agency in our city with
Mr. James Hemonway as agent. Cal
on or write him in regard to tickets to
all Eastern points.
New crockery arid glassware at ti S:iin's.
Dr. Lowe the well known pradunto
oetila-optician has located permanently
in Eugene. When you want glasses
have him test your eyes in wiu juwwry
store of Joe Lucky.
Wo now have all Bizos in Cutters
Hoots and Shoes. Eakin & Bristow.
il Hin (ho latest styles in
fall and winter hats, just arrived at Miss
Japanese goods suitable for
Holtiday gifts Miss Meinzer.
Mice AToinzer has some elegant
Japanese goods see them. Just the
thing tor cnri5iruu&.
If you want a saw, axo, wedge, or any
.!.. i t.lio wood chonners line.
Phillips k Jones have a good assortment
and prices rignt.
now prj
000 foi'
It was fiife
shares wo
rne po -ksm
m mSi,'a&;7t,' vl miner ! '
tfDalryMining' . "A
for $275,000 when down 100 feet.
ith, and jts owners have refused $2
nda mii, when down 100 Feet was nc
all appfcarances was closed down
has since yielded millior
lacgd upon the market.
' it?.''
fnaking a poy'
31 ' K
nof l!jup because of 1
7(Denver) Dec.
it is here:
The Largest Stock in South Lanel
-Consisting of-
Shelf and Heavy Hardware; Stoves ane Tinware; Pumps, Pipes and
. . 1 m . rn,rn Ptlnnir PloWS.
Guns and Ammunition, studeuncer w, v --rr .
Harrows, . fltc. For Miners S Wjm. we oniy
innd. (ive us a call. GRIFFIN & VEATCH.
I take this opportunity of informing
Cottago Grove and vicinity that I am
ilv at mv factory
on Main street centrally located, sub-
iect to order by thouoxsucn ascnocomm
creams, bon bons, caiauieis unu
delicious cream goods. Also ice cream
by tho gallon as tho season is close for
holiday goods. Please give mo a call.
Remember Dr. l.L. Scofleld, Dentist
when you want dental work done.
Subszribo for the Oregonian and Bo
hemia Nugget.
Pon't Tobacco Spit tnfl Baoe rfonr Utt Xwj.
To quit tobacco easily and forever, bo map
netlc. lull of life, nervo and vigor, taUo No-To
Bac. tho wonder-worker, that makes weak men
strong. All druggists. SOo or 11. Cureeu8ra
teed. Booklet and sample free., Adare
Bterllnc Kemedy Ca. Chicago or N icov-
i 'i"i"ir