Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 13, 1899, Image 4

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Kntcrort nt tlio nostolltee it CottiiKO drove,
Oregon im SccomI Class mull mutter.
Subscription lrli c. 91. B. In il vniici'.
AilvcrtNliiR rnten limiln known upon
Friday, Oct. 13, 1S99.
For the benefit and enlighten
ment of those sluring individuals
who only find satisfaction in doing
the county harm by fighting its
;...rpcte we wish to state,
,t mimtv court has
done more for the tax payer than
any other administration in our
!.:,...., Tim litiildtncr of the court
, ' ' a n. ,i,;,rftr the rock I
nousc mm - """"b
for county roads, is today costing
the taxpayer of Lane county only 1
mill. Where is there a man in
Lane county who lives along a well
crushed-rock road who begrudges 1
mill a year for the benefit of that
road? Where is there a man who
would change the new court house
for the old one? We have a county
court which dares to do its duty to
the county in the face of the threat
that they will lose the populist sup
port. They are making improve
ments that are lasting and bene
ficial at a cost so light that it is
ridiculous to refer to it. We hear
the cry from the farmers each year
that the roads are horrible. Now we
have a county court that has put a
rock crusher at work for us at the
expense of the county, scattering
the same money we paid in taxes
among our laborers, crushing up
rock to better our roads, and at
the same time we have that class of
men so "loose of soul" that they
throw a slur on the county admin
istration by insinuations. A man
might just as well lie as to in
sinuate. In fact it looks better.
However for the benefit of those
who prefer to "insinuate" we wish
to make this correction and add a
little information. We wish to state
that it costs on an average to run
the rock crusher $25 per dav
instead of ' 'abbut' ' $50 . That this
expense is paid by the couuty at an
expense of less than 1 mill exti a
taxation, that from 60 to 100 loads
of rock can be prepared for road
purposes a day. That the number
of men emploved is 10; that they
are citizens of our county; that
the wages $1.50 for man and $2.50
for man and team are paid for by
the county and they spend the
money they earn in helping make
decent roads in the county; that the
county court is alright and that
those who have an ambition to have
the county recognized as a pro
gressive and deserviu'g portion of
the state, without regard to poli
tics, commend the county adminis
tration. Dewey thus far indicates that he
is not particular about becoming a
presidential candidate. The ad
miral will show his good sense if
he keeps out of it. He no doubt
would make a fairly good president
but there is no assurance that he
would make as good a president as
a fighter. The people know and he
knows that he is a fighter, and
while the people have great con
fidence in Admiral Dewey, and
know him to be a fighter they
don't know and he himself is un
certain about his ability to preside
over the destinies of Uncle
Sara's domain.
The price of silver salmon is
now higher than ever known in tho
history of Columbia rivei fishing.
The administration should
blamed for this too.
The city of Cottage Grove am
indulge in no better economic I
measure than to grade Main street
l and keep that rock ci usher at work
mis winter, it has been the ex
perience of every town that good
streets increase the value of the
property. It costs something to
be sure, but such expenditures are
unavoidable and while it should
not be the purpose, nud we arc pre
pared to say is not the purpose of
the council to impose unjust street
assessments upon the property
owners, a move in that direction
j should be made and right away too.
If property owners cannot afford to
grade now, when can they? If it
is considered too hard on sonic of
the property
owners to .grade up
the streets in front of their business
houses, in as much as everybody
admits that good streets are a
necessity, why not make a start in
the right direction and grade a
; block or two this fall and a block
or two next spring? While it
would not be as effectual a3
a thorough grading at one time
still it would be a big improve
ment upon the present condition of
Main street, and certainly no one
who has any desire to see and
travel over good streets would ob
jectto it.
The Christian Church is having a
treat in the matter of selecting a
regular pastor for the church for
the next j'ear. Several of the
Divinity school boys have made
heroic efforts to please the congre
gation, notably among them being
Rev. Marion Horn who preached a
week ago last Sunday and Rev.
Matlock who discoursed last Sun
day. Rev. Horn is favorably com
mented upon and so is Rev. Mat
lock, he being a very polished and
fluent speaker. Just to create an
interest and to draw out the ma
terial that the Divinity school is
working upon and molding into
ministers of the law of God it
might be a good idea not to judge
too quickly, and give some of the
others a chance to win the laurels.
As it is now it can be counted in
no'other light than a friendly but
animated contest for the place.
Get into the fight young gentle
men! he that wears the sword
should win it.
Pictures of Boer fighters, as they
are presented in the various papers
indicate that they will fight to a
finish if they ever get at it.
No matter what y u want wo linvo it
at Cumming & SeJir.
Wanted Five hundred customors to
come and bco our umbrellafl . jnat re
ceived from tho makers. Prices 60c to
$3 each.
Eakix & Biustow
Boyd will maka 21 stnmp photos,
seven positions, (or 25 cents.
All work entrusted to Davidson tlio
Jeweler will be promptly attended to
and guaranteed.
Trust your watches, clocks and
jewelry with Davidson the jeweler,
who does good work and guarantees the
Take your laundry to Geo. E
Griffith, agent of the Euunno Palace
Laundry. Goes down Thursday and
eturns Saturday afternoon.
AlbertZinakor is down from Bohemia.
John uouo lias returned irom silver
Win Meyer camo up from Eugeno
Latest telegraphic dicpatches an
nounce that war is inevitable botweon
the Boers and tho English.
No yacht race has been pulled off yet
.There seems to be no wind on tho At
lantic coast. Whoro's Bryan.
There will bo a dance at Maconio Hall
next Saturday night. Bo euro and by
in attendance.
W W Taylor, tho old time minor,
who has been ill at tho Cottage Grovo
'kciic this morning by Sheriff Withers to
j bo examined on tlio charge of insanity.
In Summer Goods
Lawns, and all
In B'icr.
Cranberries 1
Cranberries !
First of tlio Season
dimming & Sehr.
For quality and cheapness hi fresh
meats go to tho Central meat market.
Notice Hcmenwny & BiirkhulderV
ud. Shoes, shoes, shoes.
If you want glasses fitted to your eyes
go to Davidson tho Jeweler.
Fresh candies every day, mailo from
pure sugar at tho Tailor shop.
Timothy seed, just received at Cum
ming kSehr.
You should trust your watch with a
first class Jeweler, Patronize Davidson.
Wo sell good goods ut good prices for
our customers, Central Meat Market.
If you want to buy a watch, or jewelry
consult Davidson, who will save you
Mackintoshes that will turn the rain,
sold by Kakin & Biustow.
Sailors tho latest fall styles are now
ready for inspection at Miss Meinzcra.
Buy your grass seed of Kakin t
The Southern Pacific Co's excursion
trains to the Portland exposition were
well loaded this week with passengers.
Guikfin fc V batch Co. are tho leaileis
in all kinds of mining supplies, ammu
nition and sporting goods.
Smoked Halibut, the best vou ever
saw just in and going like hot cakcr, at
dimming & Sehr.
New crockery and glasssvaro at
Cummixcs & Skiik'h.
.loo Baker of tho gr-K-ery linn of
Baker ami Johnson will bo at the
Musick mine evory Friday with the
supply wagon for the honeiit of patrons.
IiAKKiut Johnson.
Suits! Suits!! Taiior made suits!.! !
Up to date in everv respect, from $15 up.
Call and see samples.
Remember Dr. 1. L. Scolinld, Dentist
when you want dental work done.
A good 35-light Acetylene gas
machine, for $65.00, new and in
good order. New York Racket
Store, Eugene.
The Northern Pacific have recently
established an agency in our city with
Mr. James Hemenway as agent. Cal
on or writo him in regard to tickets to
all Eastern points.
1. a. pelvis, uoo t ana suoo repair
shop. I'irst class work, low prices.
Oppodte Sherwood Hotel.
Parties wishing ice- cream or ice for
Sunday, go to tho M. C. C. Bakery.
Kakin & Bristow have a new ad this
week. In tho ad thoy call attention to
a fine lino cf.wraps just in. Call and see
thorn .
Bo sure and sue tho latest styles in
fall and winter hats, just arrived at Miss
Eakin & Bristow aro agents for the
Genuine Oliver Chilled and Steel
Plows and extras.
Boys, have you seon those fino shot
guns at Gkiffin & Vhatuii Co.
If you want a cook stovo, heating
stovo or camp stovo go to F. B.
White- blankets at Eakiii & Bristows,
all tho way from 50c to !flO per pair,
F. 11. PmMiii8 lias his How stock of
heaters in. Go and see thuta thoy aro
Pink salmon bullies, very choice at
dimming & Sohr.
"On with the duncul" 011 tho night o
Oct., 20 at Martin's Hall. '
kinds of Summer
We Have a Complete
Line oi' Mens' Shoes
an both Heavy ami
Light weights. Come
see cis ISefore ISuying.
We ean save you
' ' 1 v
Mens' Underwear from 50c to Ladies' Underwear from 25c. to
Si. 50 per Garment. ;J ?i.oo per Garment.
Mens Hats from 50c. to $3.00. ' Ladies' Underskirts, 50c. to $1.00
We are sole agents for the ROYAL TAILORING Co. Come and
inspect our Samples before buying your Pall Suit and Overcoat.
Has your husband been kicking about
the toughness and quality of the meat
your market has been delivering you
lately? About the price, too? We
would like to supply your table with
meats, Our steaks and chops arc ten
der and at the right price; and as good
cutters as the town affords.
Mclarlniid Me it Co. cor tag k grove, ouk.
A Complete and Will Selected Lino of
Best Drugs
Kept Constantly in Stock.
New Line of Trusses just in
Hemon Drug Company. Cottage (Irnvr. Ore.
James Hemenway:
Real Estate and Mining- Properly.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance C mpanies.
Printed by Permission,
MISS ANNA HARMS formerly of this city, but now of Thurston,
Ore., has taken five bottles of R ADAMS MICROBE KILLER She
says, "I have received much good from it." She recognizes it as a
great curative agent. If you are sick its benefits are for you. Send or
call for pamphlet.
A. P. Howard, Ag't,
Residence with J. K. Rurrett. Cottage Grovo, Oregon
The Largest Stock in South Lane!
-Consisting of-
Slielf and Heavy Hardware; Stoves
Guns and Ammunition, Studebrker Wagons, Canton Clipper Plows
Harrows, Etc. For Miners Supplies, the only house South of Port
land. Give us a call. GRIFFIN & VEATCH.
Crash Skirts.
Shirt Waists.
Goods sold LESS
at L. Lurch's.
rou VOUK iftsrixj.
r .T:-:T.-iT.- if p T
II. f.
in the Market
Strict Attention paid to Collection s
Office opposite Sherwood Hotel.
aue Tinware; Pumps, Pipes and