Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, October 13, 1899, Image 3

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praises pmumk
Ifhe Great Catarrh Cur
HIV .M AN mrr
Wifer-Gl'lltTlll JOM-pll Wlicolcr. rou,. Uni.,,.1 o. . . 0 ,
L ni? the wviiliy fomrn in front of , .., , " " ou"tt or ""'"van.
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: " "'cT, ... :r;m. "-hhii,,, Kiv,K ,, ll0n. ,,
Hunk ( niclntn Tnke Mean to I'rotecl
Tliolr Trennure from Thieve.
It Ih mi id by n police ofllclnl at Otty
Hull heiildimrlcrs Mint hoiih. nf t"h
t'lty IxiiikH, wliows lionnl of tinlUH
j t-riHli Iiiih iiccn liicrciiHliiK InrKoly of
I liu', luive lici'ii i-xiicrlmt'iitliiK wltli mi
xiM'dlciit Ion In iihc by Hunk of Kiik-
uiiiciriiK or jiiiyuiK known crook h
for InforiiKit ion of
raid upon their vaults. The Hiuik of
KiiKlnml'H llrnt cxtR-rlmc'iit of thlH kind
lnt'H from 1850, when the directors of
the lunik listened to a utiirtlltif,' proposi
tion mndo by a "ditch dlRger."
'J'lie laborer told the directors that he
lind discovered a new and unsiisiK-cted
tiw'thwl of Rettlnj? Into the cellar vaults,
where the gold and wllver him were
kept, and that he would Hell his secret
to them for money. The directors hesl
tated, believing that they had taken
every precaution apiliiKt loss from the
vaults In puttlnK up heavy masonry,
with plenty of Iron bars, and by man
ning the building with armed watch
men. Hut llnally they granted the man,
who seemed to talk fairly, a chance to
try his plan, and a night was named
for the underlaklng.
At the appointed time a committee
of the directors descended to the cellar
rijtiB with H-imtors Kullivan. Iloucl, (U1V ,. V 'f "''' rollof that
LW J" their g(K,d opinion f S iZ .J"k,M,-W' V
h-ro-ua. It l recommended to me i TT , , "hH-
wthow who hnvo tiMtl It us an excel
wit tonlo and twirticulitrly elfectlvo
m core for catarrh."
United Statei Senator MoEnerj.
United States. Ban.tir Rn.rk
IerM..uIed by a friend, I have used
I e-ru-na aH a tonic, and am (dud to
Itthtlfy "n- it has groutly hd me
In Mre gth vigor and appeMte. I have
on. b. U Mov.mry, united Mttto ln-en ,i viwd l.v M,. i ...... u ... .
ftMtorfromlulHla.ui. Kays the follow- markablv ellieaeioiiM ,. a cure fc.r tl,
aluiOHt unlu-rwil complaint of catarrh.
V. X. itoaeh, Larlmore, Xorth Dakota."
h lanyard to re-ru-na:
"I'e-ru-iia Ih an excellent tonic. I
IbrenMxl It nulllclontly to wiy that I
Mleto it to Ut all that you claim for
jj,g, D. MeKnery, Now Orleann,
Tim ttilrmlwn tlmt niniMi clilllu ntnl fix l. ...1.1 .....1..!.. At
lirooh iiiucouii iiiembranes made porous by catarrh, l'e-ni-.m heals the mu
tool inciulirnnus and prevent, the cntranco of malarial irerms. thus nmvi'ntln,.
tad coring thwo affectlonn.
A free Uvik on catnrrii M-nt to any
addrew by 'Hie l'c-ru-mi Drug .Manu
faeturing Co.. Columbus, Ohio.
Ittua'tTIa nit IU Own Temper Im-
prlanii it Cohrn.
Df. Arthur Htrndllng. the celebrated
wle Mrnut who In hla own person
feooDJtratcd huudre.U of times the
troth of the theory of Immunity by
boculatlon In the case of snake-bites.
Mil of an odd kind of snake-trap that
tinght Its victim securely. It was a
Uicult tin, and In the bottom of It
' we ionic u.ncaroons.
A cobra spied the tin. but a inouso
m ahead of the cobra. The little
tilcf wan having a good time, regaling
I Itself on macaroons, nil unconscious
tilt a make was preparing to regalu
ladf on mouse.
Into the tin went the head of tho
Bike, but the head that went lu was
dMtlned to come out less easily. The
rwgh edges of tho tin Irritated tho
totra, ami Involuntarily It dilated Its
tood. That made It a prisoner. With
tie hood dilated the head could not bo
withdrawn, anil the cobra remained
la lt tin prison until mornlnir. when
II was easily captured and killed.
in. Mrndllng. who knows the natives
of India as well as ho knows the sunkes
ef tlint loud, tells of an Interesting
tieory held by these people. They aro
Urmly convinced lliat for i-verv human
Wng a snake bites It loses one Joint.
N'ben the number of deaths the snake
Us caused eouals tho immtior of IIh
Wats, tho venomous head alone re
mains. The snake has now reached
tie height of Its wicked desires, and
't Hits point It develops wings and trl-
wipiiantiy disappears.
An exception to tills rulo Is found on
tie other side of the world. In the case
the rattlesnake, for tho natives of
rae parts of America nro said to be
"eve tlint this snnlto gains a tlilmblo
jr every man It kills. Hy counting
tide they enn calculate with precision
ow many people a particular rattlo
wko hns bitten.
found In Philadelphia 'tormre Honaci
nnd U Over JIUO Ycnrn Old.
The oldest cradle In America Is In
session ot tho Atlus Storage Com
ply. Philadelphia. It is over 300
rears old nnd bears on the sides and
oil pnlntlngs representing "The
Ainunclntlon," "Tho Visit of tho Wise
"Tho Slaughter of tho Iuno-
ceais nnd ..Tho p,ght Jlo BBypt,
Jn. ,0rc 8UPP8cd to bo tho work of
" Vestrls, who flourished In tho bo-
nning 0f tho sixteenth ceutury, and
noso rellglotiB pnlntlngs on panels
je preserved to tho present day at
rt"xl'-nn riiHtoiiiN.
It Is a little startling to newcomers
at llrst to noi Ice the universal custom
lu Mexico of addressing persons of high
nml low degree by their llrst names.
As soon as friends are at all well ac
quainted they nddres? each other by
the given mime, and this Is done not
only by those of the snme nge and sex.
but Indiscriminately among young men
and young women, young people and
elder persons. In the latter case, or
between elder jiersons. a respectful
prefix Is used, ns "Don" Kleardo. Pub
lie characters are aluo commonly re
ferred to by their first names, even the
wife of the president of the republic
being nffeellonntely called "Cnrmen-
cltn" by all classes. In the household
the head of the house Is called Don
lose or Don Manuel by the servants,
and a son In distinction Is known a
Manuelito (little Manuel). Among ser
vants the cusloins regarding the names
lven superiors nre not unlike those
of the negroes of the southern United
Slates. The lowest classes, or the ser
vants that bnve grown up In a family,
speak to the heads of the house as Nino
or Mini (masculine and feminine for
child), call the wife and mother senor
lla. regardless of the fact that she may
have attained three-score. The ser
vants distinguish between one of their
own class and a friend of their master
or mistress by such distinctions. If n
caller Is to he announced It Is a senor
Ita. regardless of her age, that Is In
the parlor. If a woman of the common
class awaits the mistress It Is n senora.
A gentleman of the upper clnsses Is re
ferred to as a senor, while a laborer
will he called a muchacho (boy). Mod
ern Mexico.
under their feet. Two hours Inter th
Hoot opened and the ditch digger bob
bed up serenely, like the evil spirits in
thespeetnculnr drama. All around them
lay bars of precious metal, totaling lp
value 3,000.000. The man explained
satisfactorily how It was dome, and aa
a reward the directors assured him an
Income for life on an Investment of
$10,000. The crook was content, and
It Is believed he remained honest eVer
Hut other cracksmen were tempted
hy his luck to try the same game, and
the-directors were Inundated with sug
gestions and tips on new methods of
burglary and how to prevent them.
Among other things, they paid $20,000
for a process, Invented by a young
chemist, for copying the Ink, paper,
watermarks and designs of the bank
notes so perfectly ns to defy detection.
The directors found they could use his
system more satisfactorily and more
profitably than their own in the produc
tion of their currency.
Despite the fact that these expendi
tures have run up Into big figures In
the last half century, the directors of
to dnj- say that all the money was well
Invested. Chlcngo Chronicle.
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Wlmt .. IIhiI.
Guest What have you got?
"Waiter I've got liver, calf's brains,
pig's feet
"I don't want a description of your
physical jieculiaritics. AVhat you have
got to eat is what I want to know."
Boston Traveler.
Amateur Art.
In these days, when so many people
have cameras, a great many good pic
tures aro produced, and the amateur
photographers of tho world are now
competing for cash prizes at the Ore
gon Industrial Exposition at Portland.
Many good pictures are on exhibition.
CITQ Permanently Cured. No fltsornervouftneM
IIO after llrst dny's une or Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve, llestorer. Send fur FREE 82.00 trial
bottle and treatise. D.t. 11. IL KLJ1JK, Ltd., WO
Arch street, I'blludelpbuv, Pa.
Cannons for uso In warfare appear to
hnvo been made of many substances
which would appear very unsuitable to
our modern Ideas. It must, however,
be remembered that In tho early days
of artillery powder was very coarse
and slow-burning, nnd the range was
very small. The wear and tear, there
fore, on the bore of the gun was as
nothing compared to what It Is now.
For lnstnnce, tho Swedes In the time of
Uustavus Adolphus used canuon of
leather, and lu KK10 similar wenpona
were made In Scotland under the direc
tion of Sir Alexander Hamilton, who
hai) seen service In Sweden. Cannon
imvii also been mndo of wood anil
ntnno. Rome times lined with a bore of
motal and sometimes not. Cannon mndo
of nlmost pure gold have been found
n iniiiii. It Is said that after Curten
left Mexico the Mexicans tried to Imi
tate his cannon In terra cotta. Krupp
has been credited with an experiment
in minor trims, that Is to say, Held
pieces of small caliber composed of a
motal coro surrounded by compressed
..nnnr null). Such cuns would, of
course, bo very much lighter, and
would bo much easier to carry auout
Minn inctnl nuns. Of guns not used In
the most curious were those
used to flro salutes at a winter fete In
Petersburg In tho year 17-10, when six
.a u-nrn made of Ice. It Is siild that
they lind an effectlvo range of sixty
yards, and that they all withstood the
tost of linng wuuoui uuibuuk.
Lady Fotnemet Molten New Departure
nt Diizlmrt I'etrent.
In her home for Inebriate women at
Duxhurst, Itelgate, Kngland, Lady
Henry Somerset has put Into operation
several new plans which are expected
to assist In the cure of those whom she
calls her "patients." In the summer
time a number of occupations have
been provided which will keep the pa
tients employed out of doors. The form
Port Patrick is tho nearest place on
tho const of Scotland to that of Ire
land, tho channel being only 21 miles
across about the same distance nsthnt
which separates Dover from Calais. It
has tho reputation of being tho tradi
tional point at which St. Patrick land
ed from Irelund.
Piso's Cure for Consumption has been a
God-seixl to inc. Win. It. McClellan,
Chester, Florida, Sept. 17. 1895.
has eleven hives of bees, nnd this year
over 300 pounds of honey wns gathered
ed aifl sold, all the work being dono
by women. In the farm hothouses,
which are 300 feet long, a good crop of
tomatoes has been raised and disposed
of. In the winter time the patients aro
kept busy at weaving fancy aprons
and at knitting machlues, on which
underclothing Is made to order. All
kinds of plain and fancy needlework
aro also done by patients.
Cleveland high school teachers earn
$800 a year.
Tho first Australian, newspaper, the
Sydney Gazetto, was published March
5, 1803, 15 years after tho rise of tho
colony. Tho delay wns caused through
there being no printers among the
convicts, who represented every pro
fession, including tho legal. The plant
was brought out in the first fleet, but
it could not be used until the anthori
tes caught a compositor.
To Do Avuy With Ear Trumpets.
A telephone has been invented for
deaf people which is intended to do
away with the necessity of carrying
large and clumsy ear trumpets which
are now in common uso. Tho new de
vice consists of a small transmittei
which is fastened to the coat, while
tho receiver can bo carried in the
pocket except when wanted. It is
then to be placed to tho car exactly as
is an ordinary telephone receiver. The
whole apparatus is worked by a small
electric battery, which also finds a
place in the pocket. Not only is the
new apparatus more convenient than
tho old-fashioned ear trumpet, but it i&
claimed by the inventor that it entire
ly does away with the necessity of talk
ing in a loud tone of voice. Chicago
MACHINERY, all kinds
29 to 35 first Street PORTLAND OR.
Kxtrnragnnt Dross In Kngland.
Members of the nobility In England
make a great denl of pocket money by
writing for the papers and magazines.
Ono of these writers Is Lady Violet
Grevllle, and, according to her, tho
American women are responsible for
the extravagance of English women to
day. Ten or fifteen years ago, she says,
the American women, "fragile, beauti
ful creatures." appeared in England,
wearing Paris gowns aud beautifully
colffuredi nnd society succumbed to
them. That was tho end of dinner
dresses that lnstcd for years and trous
seau gowns that were worn for a life
tiine. Then wns tho beginning of
frown and discontent, and debt on the
part of tho Englishman, but tho Eng
llsfa woman was patriotic that's tho
way Lady Violet puts it and was not
to bo outdone by the Yankee million
aires, and Bhe took to good gowns.
Bibles in Plilllpplno Languages.
Tho English Bible Society, which In
these matters acts with tho American
Bible Society, has translated tho Blblo
Into Tngnl, Vicol, and Ilacuno, Uiroa
languages 111 010 Philippines.
tFn1.T.Ann nrhnllvMnonrfiinnnn.
Mich., says : I wns taken with a pain
to my bod. The physician pronounced
my caso muscular rheumatism ac
companied by lumbago.
"I grndually beenmo worse, until 1
thought death would bo welcomo re
lease. I was Anally Induced to try
Dr. Williams' Pink rills for rale Too
ple, and after using flvo boxes, was
entirely cured.
'I am conndent that Dr. Williams'
rink rills saved my life. I will gladly
answer Inquiries concerning my sick
ness and wonderful cure, provided
stump bo enclosed for reply,
"Frank lono."
Sworn to before mo at Venice.
Mloh., this ISth day or April, iwa.
Q. n. Goldsmith, Jusllctofthe Prace.
From the Observer, Flushing, Mich.
I Dr. Williams Pink Pills tor Paly People
aro nover sold b) tho doien or hundred,
but always In packages. At all druggists.
or direct frornthe Or. Williams Medicine
Co.. Schenectady, N. Y 60 cents per box,
Best Cough Syrup
antes f5ood.' Use fU
1 In time. Sold by drumisis. ci
elief for Women"
BentTM, in plain, realed enTdope. Wrlta
today for thli Kook.coutAlnini; Part ten
ia and TeatlmoiOals of VK. MARTEL'3
French Female Pills.
Praised by tbov.fandi of Mtlnflol ladles as
safe. alnraTi reliable aud without an eouaL
4 8oldbTairdroMiriaraln tnptaj hor. Frenclt
fl2 On ton in Bill. White and ltnri. TaVa nn nlher.
Vrundi I)rug Cu.,331 & SSS I'ciul SU, Ken- York Clt
For Gonorrhoea and Gleet get Taint's Okay Epeclfle. It
la tho ON'LY medicine which will cute earh and erery
case. NO CASE known It him erer railed to cure, no
matter how serious or of how long atonrilncr. Kesults
from Its use will a&tonlh you. It la atwolntely safe,
preyenu rtrlcture, and can be taken without Inconro
nlence and detention from bunineia. THICE. $3 00. For
sale by all reliable drumruts. or sent prepaid by express,
plainly wrapped, on receipt of price, by
r PABSTCIIEUICAi: CO., Chicago, El.
Circular mailed on request.
Use ItiirfJ for unnatural
discharges, lntlaiiniiatlons.
Irritations ur ulcerations
of in ii co ns iiirinhntnes.
Painless, ami nut astrin-.
ItHEEVANS ChEUICALCo. r,lt or Poisonous.
kCiNCiNNTi.o.rafiraI Bo'" j npuKeUta,
or sent In plain rapper,
by epre, piepaid, for
tl.lii. or .1 bottles, sent on request.
JtmMytai to s dV?j
JsjRv OflftrtQU
flLJ 0 w "ore.
Bs-isdM Prtftnu eantsfloo.
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tori Dyspepsia, ItemoTe l'implesand Purify the
Blood. Aid liiecation andPreTeiitnillousnes,. Do
not Orlpe or Sicken. Toconrlnce yon. we will mat?
ample free, or lull box for 23c. 1)11. ItOSANUO
CO., e hllada., teunn. Bold by I)ni;glst.
You deny yoursol v pleasure and
comfort if you don't use it.
That tired, languid fooling, the rains In the
back and tho chronic licadacho will disappear
quickly it you tako
rioore's Revealed Remedy
It Is an ideal medicine- for women, easy and
pleasant to tako. M.00 ler bottle ot your drug
' tlrlffll t v and
cntiHHpntl Rl
1y, Corriiponderici
H. WOODmuu & CO., 108 Second St, Po tlnd.
ITUlTlNU 1'llesprodnce moisture andoanse ltculnt
SiV-'i i? . JX aa Ullnd. BleedluB or I'rotrudlng
Pllrfl are c
urcd by Dr. Bosanko'o Pile Remedy
Hto,.,ltchln.0abl... Ins. Absorb.tumor.. .
urosse. DuIllOaANKO, l'bllada., l'a,
me about your case.
N. 1. N. V.
NO. 41-'0l.
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