Bohemia nugget. (Cottage Grove, Or.) 1899-1907, February 10, 1899, Image 3

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    BmiinlliliiB Vnry Hootlilnif.
,ti .11. i
BIHO 01 OV. tlllUUUtl JU lur uw uuiu
JUIIII1I. It HOOtllOH tllO IKlltl,
It M. . . -.1 I ...... I ....... II...
10 It HtrOIIKWIlins mm runiiirun mu
norvon to n iintiiral condition, it
mil tit mill Hiiro.
;io inrifcet wonum in mu
. i.. it..
Alniv Mnuluiio, colorutl. tiled ru-
V lit I.lttIB HOOK, 2VK. "Si
- . . . . . I .-I. .. I ftrl
w .. . . t i. a ir..u
Hilitv. tun mu) vvuiuiiuu duo.
h Medicine
proved by the health
f the people who have
Skenit. More people have
Been made well, more cases
f disease and sickness
have been cured by Mood's
arsaparilla than by any
ther medicine in the
Xrorlcl. The peculiar com-
ination, proportion and
rocess in its preparation
make Hood's Sarsaparilla
eculiar to itself and un-
nualled by any other.
IMtll'T HU(ll),
Jnllota of Dtono woro imod na Into
3reoclioii ninons tho Grooka woro it
RjfrT of alnvory.
Clio ton. wna tlio aucond mono In
iKaflirt'UHt of tho Ilebtow high jirletttH.
Jhicoiin, from which qiiinino la
SBao, wh cnllod "Joaiilta' uurk" by
If nil tlio tnnnolH of tho worlil wore
Seed end to oiul thuy would rcncli n
utneo of Gil tniloa. Thoy iiumbor
Kit I, US.
dio )iirk't'Ht colli coin in oslatcnco la
Vpltli about fillo. it ih too iiikoi or
TV , . . ..I A . .....I tin ..hIiiu tu
jlOOl Ul llllimil, HUH 111 lliuuin
mton tho coin with India ink.
IBIpowdvr to bo shaken Into tlio alioca.
rflr.iu .Mum vmir turt feci nwollfii. ncr-
Ivgua and unconifortnblc. If you bavo
feXiSBe." Itmtal.donri'orunakea
rwnikinicasv. cures swollen nniiBwoniinir
Ifeef. blistcra and callous snots. Itcllcves
cdriis and bunions of nil pain nnd la n cer
tain euro for Chilblains, Hwrntlng, damp
orftoatcd feet. Wo lmvo over thirty thou
sand testimonials. Try It today. Sold by
aU'dniKglls nnd shoo store-, for 25c. Trlnl
psajweo FKEK. Address, Allen S. Olm-
t'lirlosltln of I,Ur.
Inkoa lmvo no overflow to tho sen
wntor nlwnya becomoa anlty, pur
ilntly if thoio la smnll rainfall and
Jch evaporation. Tho Caspian acn is
Bporly a salt lako. ho is the Uimd
There are aovornl lukoa ol con-
Arable sI.o In Canada which liavo no
Iblo inlota, boing foil entirely from
jterrnnonn aourcua. Chicago Chron-
Amono Tin:
Dio Jananeao are said to
iQlSnneat pooplo in tho world.
Reciuits for tho Uhinoac army aru
10 nccepted unleea thoy can jump a
ditch aix feet wido.
poll to Cliinanmn conaidora it a
brCacli ol etiquette to weur spuciaciea
3nuIMnking originated in Knglaiid
ffrSin tho capture of vast quuntitlcs of
iifr by Sir Goorgo Kooko'a expcdl-
ran to Viogo in 1781.
The National
Inventors' Association.
hire, introiluco anil noil vntcnta. Our rcKls
1 attorney enn (tut you mtunt direct from ii.l lli .in . .till.. In.muii'.iilnil
) k'overmut'iit ivltlioiuiloliiy. AKOiUBwniileil
evorv town to noil nntcnteil nrllolen. Further
very town to noil imienteii nrilolo. Further
formation f iiriilx heel on renuest. Hoom Ola
I llooU Crowned. IlrlilRos Miulo.
I 1 mule Ulllntr mill oxtriiotlnn.
r. T. H. White, 3,Wn'
ftllRF Fnn PIIFQ
'B9lTiN(iT'IIe pruUnco niol.turinmloan.o ItolHnjr.
Thla form, wall Wind, Ulsvillnir or I'rutruillna
II' 1m nru cured by Dr. Dosnnko's Plla Remedy
top Itchlna and tilemtlnir. A
r at il riiKKiiU or lent lj mall
ko's Pile Remedy
bantu tumor,. Alio h.
ir mall. Truatlm f roa. Wrlto
1IU UOHANKO, l'lillaja., I'a,
R?r vPSPtr1". H'1 alyf ?' Tabrt'i Oltay Bpeclflo. II
will cure each and every
NO I1AHK known It Im. r.lll in
urn. nu
pm iu UN will Ailonun yc
K ft At i i ,10w lony Bianmnffi
u It U olnoliitcly Mf,
i tAkcn without Incontif
ln.. ltll.., 4,. td Vii.
n and detention from builnvM. riiK'B. tJ.0, i'OT
and caii bo tAkon without inconvu-
Wlirall rollable dniKirlnU, or aent prepaid bjr eiproaa,
lnly wrapped, on ret'eliit of jirlre, by
Inla. 5S CUEMICAC CO., Claioago. IU.
- HWIVI4 VH tvuvellr
licit Couah
i Syrup. Tastci Qaod.
iu iluie.
Hold by dninaUta. I
mm M v 1
1 Jfc r .io. . ggS
rnrndoz of Time I.enilit to All Corta
of Oncer CotiMcqiicnccit.
Tlio wnr with Spain hns been full of
mirprlKi'H, but perhnjm Hh oddest out
come I that Uncle Ham now Iiiib nil
IiIh holldayH not to mention other dayn
In dupllcnte. Kor this we lmvo to
thank Admiral Dewey. Territorial ex
imiiHlon Iiiih Involved uh In time cxpnn
islon n!no. It la a curloualy literal fill
II 1 1 in en t of the Spnnlnrd'H il renin of
"mannnn." Today la nlwaya to-morrow
In the Philippines. This pnrndox
of time leada to all norta of queer con
Hcquencea. The cablegrams received
to-dny nre dated to-morrow. Only the
breaking of the cable at Manila pre
vented our hearing of Dcwey'a victory
the day before the battle was fought!
If you should stnrt nt noon to-day nnd
travel westward nt the rate of about a
thousand miles an hour, It would still
bo noon In every region you passed
through all the way around the world.
You would catch no Kll.n8c of nlRbt;
you would boo no huhuci nun no uu
rlt?. Vet when you reached home
again, twenty-four hours later, It wduld
be to-morrow. Proceeding In the op
posite direction, you would, of course,
get Just the opposite result. You would
gain a day, apparently.
The day of the mouth Is a purely ar
bitrary arrangement. Nature does not
define It. One dny slides Into another
Just as yarn goes round the reel. Yet
It Is necessary to mnke the chango
somewhere. So we draw an arbitrary
line from north to south, on the one
side of which It Is to-day and on the
other to-morrow, even In plnces not a
mllo apart. Theoretically there nre
points where n single step would carry
you from Sunday noon Into the middle
of Monday. This Is the so-called date
lino. Here nil ships as they cross drop
: or repeat a day, throwing your diary
1 sadly out of gear. Sailing eastward
you go to bed Sunday evening, nnd
j when you rise In the morning It Is still
Sunday. Sailing toward the west, you
And that you have slept till Tuesday,
, though you got only your usual rest.
The true date lino Is rarely shown ou
maps. The accompanying chart is
therefore worth preserving.
Roughly, tho course of tho lino Is as
follows: Starting nt the north polo It
passes through llehrlng strait, then
slants to tho westward to clear the
long horn formed by the Aleutian chain
of Islands and give them the Bnme dny
Ins tho United States, to which they
' belong. This accomplished, It returns
' to tlio one hundredth nnd eightieth
meridian nnd drops southward Into tho
tropics, keeping far to the east of the
Japanese group anil tne I'lunppines,
until It approaches the latltudo of tho
FIJI Islands. As these and some neigh
boring groups belong lo Great Britain
and do business chiefly with her Aus
tralian colonies, tho date lino hero
makes a sudden swerve eastward, so
as not to cnibnrrnss the local commerco
with n change of day. When wo pur
chased Alaska wo annexed the Siberian
dotf which nt that time cut Into tho
Amcrlcnn continent, though occupying
a remote nnd dosolato region. Wo
quickly revised tho date lino, however,
to suit our own convenience.
Tho cnoo of tho Philippines Is singu
lar. For n long time they eujoyed tho
American day, though tho Asiatic cal
endnr prevailed nil around them, thus
dragging tho dato Hue far out of its
natural course. Somo who ought to
know hotter seem to sur.poso thnt this
absurd practice Is etlll maintained. A
Btntcmont to that effect appeared In a
well-known mngazlno not many years
ngo. But In 1844 tho much-needed
chango was inndo by Nnrclso Olaverla,
then Governor General and Arch-
bishop, the 31st of December of that
year being dropped from tho calendar,
Carries About with Illm Six Hundred
Hevciity-two I'ounila of Cliainn.
Hindoo fakirs subject themselves to
all sorts of flesh mortification. One of
them llnds Joy In weighing his body
down with Iron chains. He carries
072 pounds of metal In this way, and
looks as If he would bayc a hard time
running for a cable car or dodging an
electric cab. Tho wearer of these
chains Ih Abdul bin Ahdulla. a mystic
of llombay. A Mohammedan fakir
years ago taught him that to obtain
occult power ho should mortify the flesh
nnd ho begun by wearing nn Iron ring
around his neck. To this from time to
tlmo he attached chains until he nc
cumulated his present collection. Mo Is
CO yenrs old. Tho chains nre worn night
and day nnd thoy nre firmly welded to
tho neck, nrms nnd nnkles. He expects
to carry 1,500 pounds before ho dies,
Powers Decide on a Deslcn
a rsntioiim Jwisiirn.
The powers have now decided on tho
dnslrm tho Cretan floe shall tnke. The
ground of tho flag will bo blue, quar
tcred by a white cross. Tho upper
ouartcr next tho staff will, however, bo
rod. bearing a flvc-polntcd star. The
ting Is a pretty one, but It caunot bo
said to havo given entire satisfaction
to all over whom It will float. A sec
tion of tho Cretans grumble that tho
flag docs not sufllclently recognize tho
Ottoman suzerainty.
It Is snfo to wngor thnt n man who
wears kid gloves on tho streets every
day la either In love or a vreacucr.
Thoio la a man in Nowton, Knn., N. I
Murray by name, who linn married tho
Hiiino woman (our times. Each mar-1
lingo, oxcept tlio last, was followed by 1
n divorce, t lion by reconciliation, thon
by remarriage, then by n row. Tho
(ourt mnrringo acema to hnvo been tho .
charm, for tho couple lmvo lived to
gether aovernl year a na happily as a
pair of doves.
(Nut of NlriiriiBiiu OmiihI.
Tim MtlrnntMi n If, tin; (.(wt ul Minntnirtlnir
(lie Mciiniuiifi Cmin: vnry from !11S.(WO.(jO0 tu
IW),W),M). How different arc the emlmiilwi ol
till! iiKOtiP; h to tlie VBllie (it Iloitctter'n Htom-
ncli Jllltfru fur ntotnnnh, liver, blood nnd kid
ney ifcii(!. Il I ntfri'eil everywhere thnt thin
remedy Is imorniwl for lnillnostlon, IjIIIokh
hum, cotmtiifttlon, nervoiimi'M and MeepleM
liena. It la Mich an agreeAble Irioillclno to take.
It tAkteK good hi well as doe (fowl.
Tlio Dntcliuaa d'Ulzea la, among
other things, a ficulptor of conaidorable
No liounrdiold la complete without a bot
tle of the funious Jesse Mooro Whiskey. It
ia n tin re nnd wholesome Btitmilant rec-
onimended by nil ifiysicians. Don't ne
glect this necessity.
A Wnlkden, England, mechanic lias
succeeded in breaking his legs 24 times
in tho Inat G2 years. The Manchester
doctors look on him na a maevl.
Htrlkna In.
Tho chill of frost strikes in nnd car
ries with it adieu nnd pains. St.
Jacobs Oil will follow cloao behind nnd
drive thorn out of tho system. It will
search nnd enro.
By tlio elcctrio hemoHtnt of Lawson
Tait bleeding is arrested without tho
uso of a litnguro.
We will forfeit SI. 000 if nnv of our nub-
llshcd testimonials nre proven to be not
genuine. The J'iho Co., Warren, i'u.
Ono of tlio richest women in the
Klondiko is Miss Mulrooney, a young
woman from Peniiaylavnia.
If vou want the best wind mill, pumps.
tanks, plows, wagons, bells of all sizes
boilers, endues, or ceneral machinery, aeo
or wrlto JOHN POOLE, foot of Morrison
street, X'ortlanu, Oregon.
Bavaria has 28 poncil factories, em
ploying 10,000 peoplo nnd producing
4,000,000 black and 300,000 colored
pencils per week.
The Tin Tags taken from Horseshoe, "J. T.,"
Cross Bow, Good Luck and Drummond
Natural Leaf will pay for any one or all of
this list of desirable and useful things and
you have your good chewing tobacco besides.
Every man, woman and child in America can find something
on this list that they would like to have and can have FKEE 1
Write your name and address plainly and send every tag you
can get to us mentioning the number of the present you want.
Any assortment of the different kinds of tags mentioned above
will be accepted as follows:
1 Match Box, quaint design, im
ported from Japan 23
2 Knife, one blade, good steel 25
3 Sciiso-s, s&.inch, good steel .... 23
4 ChiU's Set, Knife, Fork and Spoon 23
0 Salt and Pepper, one each, quad
ruple pUte on white metal .... SO
0 Razor, hollow ground, fine English
sleel 60
7 Butter Knife, triple plate, best quaL CO
8 SugarSheli,triplepIate,bestqua!ity CO
9 Stamp Ron, sterling suver 70
10 Knife, "Keen Kutter," two blades 70
11 liutcher Knife, "Keen Kutter,"
8-inch blade 73
12 Shears, " Keen Kutter," 8-inch,
nickel 75
13 NutSet.C'rackerandG Picks.silver 80
11 Nail Kile, sterling silver, amethyst
set, C-inch 100
15 Tooth Brush, sterling silver, ame
thyst set, 6-inch 100
IS Paper Cutter, sterling silver, ame
thyst set, 7-inch 100
17 Base Hall, "Association," best qual. 100
IS Watch, stem wind and set, guaran
teed good time keeper 200
This offer expires November 30, 1899.
Address all your Tags and the correspondence about them to
Women, Why Suffer
Wlien you can buy for ono dollar a positive
ana quick cure lor diseases peculiar to your sex?
moore's revealed remedy
Will euro you threo doses will give relief. It
contains no alcohol, or other spirits, no qui
nine or poisonous drugs easy anil pleasant to
take. Ouo dollar per bottlo at your druggist's.
Improved Lifting Jack
A Good investment!
This Improved device Is adapted to all classes
of lifting to which a Jack Is commonly appllca
bio, nnd Is particularly handy in tho outtlt of
railway section lianas, car shop, machine
Bhops, cto. It has been patented by Messrs.
Kngono and Arthur G, llayford, of Spokane,
Wash., and Is being manufactured and Intro
duced to tho publio by thorn. Therefore, In
order to procuro means to assist in manufac
turing, wo offer to tho publio an inducement
for somo fortunate ono to secure. By sending
25 conts to our address, entitles you to a num
ber securing you a chanco to draw a contract
from tho company, which will glvo tho holder a
Sorcontago of tho profits of tho enterprise,
nly 25 conts and a chanco of entering a profit
ablo ontorprlso. Postago stamps not accepted.
Address should bo plainly written. Address
P. O, Box 600. SPOKANE, WASH.
TtnAnn.1' il
gear : weekly, 5 cents ; monthly, 10 cents,
old by all newsdealers. OfUce, 408 Call-
fornla St., San Francisco, Cal,
Mrs. W E. Paxtos. Youngtown,
North Dakota, writes about ncr strug
gle to regain health after the olrtb of
her little girl:
" Df.aii Mna. PrxKiiAii: It Is with
pleasure that J add my testimony to
your list, hoping that it may induco
others to avail themselves of your val
uable medicine.
" After the birth of my little girl,
three yenrs ngo, my health was very
poor. 1 had leucorrhcea badly, and a
terrible bearing-down pain which
gradually grew worse, until 1 could do
to work. Also had headache nearly
till the time, and dizzy feelings. Men
struations were very profuse, appear
ing every two weeks
" I took medicine from a good doctor,
but it seemed to do no good. I was
becoming alarmed over my condition,
when I read your advertisement in a
paper. I sent at once for a bottle of
LydVa E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
ponnd. and after taking two-thirds of
the bottle I felt so much better that I
cend for two more After using three
bottles I felt as strong and well as any
" I think It is the best medicine for
female weakness ever advertised, and
recommend It to every Jady I meet suf
fering from this trouble "
Maternity is a wonderful experience
nnd many women approach it wholly
unprepared. Childbirth under right
conditions need not terrify women.
The advice of Mr3. Pinkham Is freely
offered to all expectant mothers, and
ber advice i3 beyond question the most
valuable to be obtained. If Mrs. Pax
ton had written to Mrs P:ckham be
fore confinement she would have beea
taved much suffering Mrs. P;ckham'a
address Is Lynn,-Mas3.
Human beings havo six musclea to
each eye, that they may move it on
either side.
When coming to San Francisco go to
Brooklyn Hotel, 208-212 Bush street.
American or European plan. Boom and
board $1.00 to $1.50 per day ; rooms 50 cents
to $1.00 per day; single meals 2o cents.
Free coach. Chas. Montgomery.
everybody you know to
save their tin tags for you
19 Alarm Clock, nickel, warranted . . 200
20 Carvers, buckhorn handle, good
steel 200
21 Six Rogers' Teaspoons, best qual. 225
22 Knives and Forks, six each, buck-
horn handles 250
23 Clock, 8-day, Clt-ndar, '1 hcrmom-
cter. Barometer COO
21 Stove, Wilson Heater, sue No. 30
or No. 40 COO
23 Tool Set, not playthings, but real
tools 6C0
28 Toil:t Set, decorated porcelain,
very handsome 00
27 Watch, solid silver, full jeweled 1000
28 Sewing Machine, first class, with
all attachments 100
29 Revolver, Colt's, best quality 1500
SO Rifle, Winchester. 16-shot, 22-cal.lC00
31 Shot Gun, double barrel, hammer-
less, stub twist 2000
32 Guitar Washburn), roiewocd, in-
bid with mother-of-pearl . . . 2000
33 Bicycle, standard nuke, ladies' or
cents' 2500
BOOKS 30 choice selections same
as last year's list, 40 tags each.
I nU.DtTC llff MQD(lff
LUll 1111 1 L LI I L IHUUIIHllUE.
40 Saved. Agents Wanted.
Largest natural premium company In th
world. Your own life insurance frco by being
our agent. MARK T KADV, manager, 601 ana
COo Oregonian building, Portland, Or.
In TjOTlnc senla
"fpnnniiiv ih rxlrnv
wnf cnltiTKttan war.tod on Inferior
orfcinai coat of tho hit emlt to
be had. The beat ia alwaja tho
c be peat. Pay a trifle more for
sails aiw&ra i&rnuiv eiceeua lite
and alwsTi get jour monsj's
worm. riTa oems pr paper
everywhere. Always mu
ueMl. neeaAnnaii iree.
ij.ji. r r.uus .v iu..
jreiroiu Jiiva.
Relief at Last
Praised by thousands of
satisfied ladles aa safe, al
ways reliable and without
aa equal, Ask druggist for
Dr. Mattel's French Female
l'llls In metal box with
Frnnnti li'tnir nil tnn In Rlua.
White and Red. Insist ou having the genuine.
'Relict lor Women," mailed FREE In plain pealed
letter with testimonials anil particulars. Ad J re",
FRENCH DRUQ CO,, 301 ana 383 Pearl St., N.Y.
N. I. N. U.
NO. O-'OO.
11 BN vrltlnir to advertisers pleasi
lnentlou tills jmpor.