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    6C COTTAGE GROVE SENTINEL November 25, 2015
What I'm thankful for....cont.
help. My brother is the BEST
brother in the whole world. He
always make's me laugh. I am
also thankful for my best friend
Layla. She is amazing. But the
person I am most thankful for
is my mom. She is so loving
mom. I could not ask for a
better one. She is always there
when I need her. Even though
there has been some bumps in
the road she still keeps going.
I would also like to thank the
people that help me in diffuclt
Presley Boyer, Age 10
my family.
Morgan Brooks, Age 10
I am thankful for being alive,
having a family to lean on,
having a sister that make feel
better, and I really thankful for
my dad because he hleped me
mom mom started to make bad
chocies. Also my school, my
friends to hang out with, my
amazing teacher Msr. casey.
I'm thankful for every thing in
the entire world, aslo books,
can't forget they're the Best!
Oh and aslo tomates ... mmm...
delicious. My brother, not
really thankful for, just joking
love you guys. That all really
thank-ful for.
Bailey Rhodes, Age 10
I am thankful for living in this
world. I am happy to live and to
learn more about life. I some-
times wonder why I'm here. Im
I here to do something impor-
tant or am I here to live on the
human race. But even though I
dont know why I'm here Im still
thankful to live in this world.
It's like a great gift that I never
asked for but happy to have it.
Lafe Bennett, Age 11
I am thankful for food because
if we didn't have food we will
starve. I am thankful for money
because if we didn't have
money we wouldn't be able
to buy food. I am thankful for
family because if I didn't have
a family I would be bored. I am
thankful for having presidents
because if we didn't have presi-
dents our country would be a
pile of rubble. I am thankful for
water because if we didn't have
water we would die from thrist.
I am thankful for shoes because
if we didn't have shoes we
could easily get cut by glass. I
am thankful for car's because if
we didn't have car's we couldn't
get to places fast. I am thankful
for houses because houses keep
us safe from rain. I am thankful
for beds, blankets, and pillows
because if we didn't have beds,
blankets, and pillows we would
be freezing cold. I am thankful
for books because if we didn't
have books we wouldn't be as
smart as we are right now. I am
thankful for chairs because if
we didn't have chairs we would
not be very comfortable.
Willard Eugene Renfroe, Age
I am thankful for my family
because they put a roof over
my head, and they also raise
me to be a good kid. They also
have been good to me because
they buy me stuff, they take
me hunting and they do a lot
of stuff for me and my brother.
And what I mean by that is they
take good care of us and buy
me stuff. They take good care
of us because when we are sick
they give us medicine to get us
better. And by buying stuff we
want and I mean by getting a
dog and a bunch of cats. Thank
you family for being the best
family in the world.
Wyatt Teague, Age 11
I am thankful for my fam-
ily because I love them. and I
would giv them my blood and
one of my kidneys for my fam-
ily. I am also grateful for my
house, because I know that my
house is a safe place. my house
is a loving house. I am thankful
for cars because without them
we would not get to go to far
places. And I am thankful for
my bike because it helps me
get around places faster and it
is the way to get to the market.
Most of all I am thankful for
Our Community Newspaper
I am thankful for having a nice
family and food on my plat and
having a warm bed and pillow.
And I love my mom be bauge
she keeps my helty. I am also
thankful for my cat and dog
my dog snugglez me at night
and keeps me warm and my cat
makes me happy and im also
thankful for my guitar that I got
for my birthday it helps me fall
asleep and its my favorite coler.
Lillianne Saunders, Age 10
I am thankful for my fam-
ily because they gave me the
best life, the best food, and a
good roof over my head. Even
though some of my sisters
are butt-heads, I am thankful
to have a family as big as 7
people. I love that how much
fun we have had over the years.
Even though I am 10 does not
mean I can't have fun! I also
hope that if people don't have
families that they still believe
that fun by yourself is possible
every once in a while.
Madison Giers, Age 10
I am thankful for Thanks giv-
ing is my favorite holiday. I'm
thankful for living back in Cot-
tage Grove with my friends and
family. I moved away for two
years and went to many differ-
ent schools and never found
good enough friends like the
ones I have here. I'm thankful
for having a roof over my head
and having a family that loves
me. It took me a while to get
a good relation ship with my
brothers, but now I think we
have the best relation ship ever
and nothing can break it. We
never fi ght anymore or get mad
at each other. They always want
to play basketball or football
with me. They give me good
advice and they push me hard
to keep me tough. I love them
and they love me. I'm thankful
to be so good at everything I
do. I love having all the stuff I
have and all the stuff I know
Joey Bartsam, Age 10
I am thankful for All the things
you get me mom and dad Like
my New puppy. My xbox 360
and my clothes and my house.
I respect my parents also Im
happy that I get to eat. Me go-
ing to school and me learning
at school. I belive in God. I get
to Learn him to. I also have a
very nice family and relatives.
Jason Hanson, Age 10
I am thankful for my parents,
not just in general, but what
they do for me. My mom makes
food for me, and she works at
914 South 4th St.
Cottage Grove
hom wich I'm thankful for. My
dad puts a roof over my head,
and works hard so I can play
my sports, but mainly baseball.
I'm thankful for my grandma
Vicky, she loves to spend time
with me, but when I go to her
house the thing I love the most
is playing board games with
her for a long time. Also my
grandpa Ed, who lives in Mass.
so I don't really see him, but he
has come down and hung out.
My grammy is super fun, we
watch movies, color, and when
I'm there I spend time with my
pata we have a speacial T.V.
show we watch "cops". Last but
certainly not least my grandpa
Ken, and grandma Kathy,
almost every thanksgiving, 4th
of July, and some weekends
we are up at there house, cause
it's so fun. My grandm Kathy
makes the BEST food.
Christian Spear, Age 10
I am thankful for this bauti-
ful world I live in, and family
and freinds. I am thankful for
the food on my plate, the roof
over my head. My life is fi lled
with joy and wonders and I'm
thankful for that. I am thankful
for the people I love and care
about. The joy in the world.
I am thankful that nothing is
perfect I'm fi ne with that. The
thing that makes the world
amazing is that your thankful
for who you are.
Quinn Branstetter, Age 10
I am thankful for the world
and every thing on it. Like the
ocean the trees the lakes. Im
thankfull for these because
they keep use alive and well.
Im thankfull for my house my
neighborhood and my town all
because they are fun places to
be at. I am thankful for my cat
my family and freinds because
they all keep me company.
Corbin Kephart, Age 10
I am thankful for my family
and now they would come
together to share a big feast.
Every year when my cousins
come over to papa's house we
would run around and play
games. The feast would go until
8:00-9:00. We would play until
it was time to go. Our parents
would spend all day in the
kitchen prepareing. My cousins
and I would play tag and hide
and seek. We would bring toys
to share or donate to the play
room. So I am thankful for the
oppertunities I have with my
Ema Bufo, Age 10
I am thankful for a lot of things.
It would be hard to write about
all of them. So here are my top
fi ve things I'm thankful for. The
number one thing I'm thankful
for is my wonderful family be-
cause, they are super awesome
and love me so much. The
second thing I'm thankful for
are my dogs. The one that live
at my nannys house (Grand-
mas house) I grew up with,
and the one who lives with me
is spoiled rotten, but we love
him even if he is sometimes
Dr. Maddess
and his team
would like to
take this
to wish everyone a
bad. Next the third thing I'm
thankful for is my best friend.
Even though she lives far away.
She is always there for me. The
fourth thing I'm thankful are
my books. I adsolutely love
books. Reading is one of my
favorite things to do. Last but
not least number fi ve, sports. I
love volley ball and basketball.
These are the top fi ve things
I'm thankful for.
Eryn Lawrence, Age 10
I am thankful for A roof over
my head my loving caring fam-
ily will be their to support me
during my life. I am also thank
ful for my teachers who care
enough to give me an educa-
tion. I am thankful for food and
water because people in places
like Africa hardly have any of
that stuff. I am thankful for the
animal that feed us and give us
cloth like sheep, cows and pigs
I am also thankful for books to
help us learn more. I am also
thank ful for moving veachels
so our lives will be easier, I
am thankful for my life, I am
thankful for helping friends.
I am thankful for Holiday so
people can get together and
bond. I am thankful for my pet
dog because when I am sad I
can just cuddle up. I am thank-
ful for helping hospitals so
people can recover.
Emely Lopez, Age 10
I am thankful for my family
because my family is nice and
kind and they feed me and they
put a roof over my head. I am
also thankful that someone
gave me a mechanica pecil
when someone else took mine.
I am thankful for my dog who
is a pug who is cute and furry
and fat. I am thankful for my
brother even thoe we fi ght I
love him because were broth-
ers. I am thankful for my papa
in California because he bought
me a tv and a 40,0$ play stai-
Albert Lopez, Age 10
I am thankful for having a great
family. I will now describe
one by one why my familys
great. My Nanas great because
her cookings great. My papas
great because hes really funny.
My Auntys is great because
her hair styles are great. My
uncle Bretts great because
hes the 1rst greatest hunter in
our family. My Aunt Hollys
great because shes wise. My
uncle Ryans great because
he funny. My cousin, Kalli is
great because shes in college.
My cousin, Kaidens great
because he 2nd best hunt in
our family. My cousin, Lyr-
ics great because shes a really
good baby. My sister, Ellies
awesome because shes really
funny. My dads great because
he loves me. My stepmoms
great because she loves me. My
stepmoms great because she
loves me. My moms loveable
because she loves me. But the
real reason why my familys
great is because they all love
me. The End
Emily Casey, Age 10
We’re overflowing with gratitude for all the folks who have
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We feel truly blessed by your loyal support
and we look forward to
your continued friendship.
Happy Thanksgiving!
El Tapatio
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We’re not talkin’
turkey when we say,
hope you have an
amazing holiday!
& Happy
to all of our
friends and
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