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|„g n earest her awe Mesdamc. Brown.
W ils o n and Swengsl gueastng th* exact
1 ~ ir
Forest and Fssex Mills Underwear for
Men, Women and Children
S u p e rio r Q u ality
L o w est C ash P rices
Essex and Forest Mills ^ rp'
Underwear for Men
Essex and Forest Mills Sum­
mer Underwear for Women
Every Style for Summer
In Every Style
Y o u ’ ll be pleased with the su|*‘ rior
q u ality o f ou r uuderw ear and the
rea son ab le prices.
S in g le p ie ce
cotton underw ear,
ea ch 2 3c ahd 45c.
Light w eigh t
w ool U nderwear,
sin gle p iece, each $1.00.
W o m e n ’ s V ests in hijeh, low , rou n d or
Y -sh a p ed n e c k — short, lon g or n o sleeves
— h an d fin ish ed
Priced e a ch
e d g e — lisle
8c, 10c, 12c, 15c, 18c and up.
30c, 40c, 50c, 60c and up.
\ .
Special in Wash Goods
Saturday, May 10
A sk
V o n o t Durali*
A large, odd assortment that has been sel­
ling at 15c to 25c a yd. Choice one day, yd.
Men’s Elk Skin
Shoes. Choice a pr.
3 b o x e s safety m a tch es 10c; 6 n in e -o u n ce bars w h ile lau n dry
s o a p 2 5 c ; P eaberry Blend C offee, a p o u n d 2 7 c; N o. 8 can
2 5 c; 6 p ou n d s brok en rice 2 5c: Diam ond “ W " Making P o w ­
der, per poun d 2 3 c: 100% pure lye, a can He: 10-pound p ad
P ea ch es, Pears o r A p ricots, ea ch 3 5 c : 6 p o u n d s Petite prunes,
2 5 c; 4 -p ou n d sa ck salt 8 c: 3 (rounds seedless raisins 2 5 c; 4
co rn sy ru p 4Hc; 4 p a c k a g e s soda 2.5c; H igh Plight H ard
W h ea t F lou r, a sack $ 1 .3 5 ; Pride o f Oregon S o ft W heat
p o u n d s fa n cy dried p each es 3 5 c ; 3 % p o u n d s fa n cy head rice
F lou r $1.25.
f l
Jackson County is one district o f the
state well organized for industrial
school fairs this fall. Interest is high
in the movement and the various com­
munities will offer attractive prizes for
the beet work o f the school children.
In addition to the county fair, various
school fa in will be held.
being about enough to plant one acre,
to all farmers applying for it. This is
acclimated seed and C. L. Smith, agri­
culturist for that line, maintains that
Oregon can be made one o f the fore­
most corn states.
Lace Curtains
Value $1.50
P H O N E 33
(Continued from first p * fe .)
■■■■■■ ■ -«». •
© o r ir ta
Im m ense Order for Tom atoes.
J. O. Holt, manager o f the Eugene
Farmers who are interested in grow­ Fruit Growers' association, reports that
W om an ’ s Club E ntertain ed.
ing corn are invited to try seed fur­ be has just received an order for 10,000
library committee o f the W o­
nished free by tbe O. W. R. & N. Co. cases o f canned tomatoes, the product
man's Club, Mesdames Scovell and
Twelve-pound lots will be given out. o f the Eugene cannery.
Mackin, entertained the members o f
the club Tuesday afternoon at the Sco­
vell home on Adams Avenue.
following short program was rendered :
Origin o f May Day Festivals..........
Do You K now Ten People Around Cot­
............................ Mrs. J. A. Wright
Reading, “ Apple Blossoms” . . .Carlton
tage G rove N o t Taking The Sentinel f
Mrs. S. L. Mackin
Review o f the book, "M ontei ima’s
Daughter” ......... Mrs. Maude Shinn
Recitation “ Good Morning” ...........
of such names, we will credit your subscription
.............................. Mrs. Lou Martin
two months.
We want but one name out of
The program waa followed by a con­
the same family. Just mail us in the list of names
test o f geographical names from South
America, Mexico, Cuba and Panama,
and receipt extending your subscription two months
the countries studied by the club this
will go to you by return mail.
year. Mrs. Alden won the prize, a
May basket o f pansies.
Refreshments o f enchiladas, olives,
This Offer Good Up to and Including
Mexican baked beana, wafers, Panama
M ay IS, 19 13
creama, Spaniah meringue and coffee
were served.
Those present were Mesdames Alden,
Hemenway, Johnson, Martin. Mackin,
Powell, Shinn, Wright, Scovell. Mrs.
H. Short was a guest.
The social session waa followed by a
abort business session at which it waa
decided to study American lierature
the coming year. A library o f over
100 volume* will be furnished for the
purpose from the state library.
T h e Q uality C a sh S to r e
P H O N E 33
James T. Moore. Pnat»r.
Services for next Sunday : » :4& au
m., Sunday School; 11 a. m , Mothers
Day, services, special sermon and
music; 7 p. tn., Kpworlh League; H p.
in,, song* ami aermon, su bject: *’God'a
Law for Nature and Grace.”
C M. Cobb. Paalor.
Service« for next Sunday, Mother*
Day; A* th# second Sunday In Msy
has been designated aa Mother«' Day
the service« Sunday will be appropriate
to the day. Let everyone wear the
white carnation or other white flower,
emblem of motherhood, send a message
to mother, if living or spend the day In
doing remembrance to her; 10 a. m.,
bible school, Mr#. Ki ri K. Mills, Hupt. ;
11 a. n».. morning worship; 7 p. m.,
young peoples' meeting; 6 p. m., even­
ing service.
Boys’ Elk Skin
Shoes. Choice a pr.
$ 1 .9 0
............ « . i l S
or friends .1
a somewhat
• lone can tall »hifk
Servicer a» lha Christian Selene# Hell
every Sunday at II and Wednesday
evening at 7
Al l are welcome.
Special for Saturday, May 10
Engagement A nnounced.
At a luncheon glvsn at lha horns o f
Mrs A W. Kim* yeaUrday afU rnoor
th* *ng«gement of Mis* Allc# Counts
to Mr. Frank Knoz waa announesd.
Mine Eunice VanDenburg favored thoso
present with « reading. Th* Invited
guests w ere: Meadamea G*o. H all
Nelli* Johnson, J*w Porter, Knoz,
Stewart. Andrews, VanDenburg. Murk
holder. Elvln Spray, Gao. Knowles. D
T. Awhrey. C. f . Counts, Charles
Basis, Alfred Jury. O. L. Nlehola
Myra Powell. Mark Usroult*. Mabel
Karl, Vernon Field*. 5 If Pow*ll
Misses t'urrln, Perkins, Veatrh.t nun la
Landess, l.rah Parkins. Vet* Holder
man. VanDenburg. Burkholder.
Porosknit U n ion S u it— 6 0 c .
A successful business meeting waa
held. A pleasant feature of the even­
ing waa the lunch at which no one waa
allowed to speak, a fine of one cent
being imposed for every infraction of
the rule. Mias Iona Vaughn received
the prize for not speaking at all and
Miaa Julliettv Woodard for speaking
the moat. Those present were Grace
Bennett, Goldie Hayes. Carrie Woods,
Anna Anderaon, Miaa Johnson, lona
Vaughn, Arlie I.angdon, Mary Bartell,
Verna Hawkins.
The Rebekahs entertained Frida»
evening In honor of twenty-live guests
from Eugene. A number of the young
people o f the city were also guests.
Dr. W. W. Oglesby celebrated his
76th birthday anniversary Sunday with
a family dinner at the Oglesby home.
The boy scout claaa o f the Baptist
Church waa entertained by Rev. Cobh
at hia home Friday evening. Gamea
were played, after which refri-ahmenta
were served.
Th# Dorcas Society met at the home
o f Mr«. Anlauf last Thursday after-
noon. A fter the usual work and a
aocial hour refreshments were served.
The next meeting will be at the home
o f Mias Goldie Hayes.
The Social Twelve met Isst Thuradsy
afternoon with Mrs. Herbert Eakin in
Refreshment* were
The high school student body was social aeaaion.
entertained in Phillips Hall Friday
evening by the Freshman class. After
The R. N. o f A. Club met with Mr*.
an enjoyable evening refreshments Ja*. Hemenway Tuesday afternoon.
were served at the New Era.
A t the suggestion o f Mra. McGrath ar­
rangement* were made to dispose of
Miaa Goldie Hayes entertained the
the R. N. o f A. quilt at a aocial in the
members o f her Sunday School claaa at
near future. Luncheon was served.
her home Saturday afternoon.
Thoae present were Mesdames Hall’
afternoon wan spent in playing games,
Venake, Atkinaon, Miller, HakeF, Bis’
after which refreshments were served.
by. Price, Lockwood. Wallace, Swer,-
A surprise birthday party was given gel, Monroe, and Mrs.
on Miaa Beulah Hawkins at the home The latter secured the prize at the con-
o f her parents Saturday evening. The vention at Eugene last week. Invited
evening waa spent in playing gamea guests were Mesdames C. E. Jones, C.
after which refreshments of cake, ba­ M. Kidd. Beager and Miaa Ivy Hoi-
nanas and oranges were served. Those comb.
present were Veta Hickey, Genevieve
Mrs. J. H. Baker gave a surprise
Jury, Lillian Lewis, Ruth and Esther
Monday for Mrs. Rose McGrath of
Jorgenson, Maude D o y l e ,
Hawkins, Pearl Plaster, Glen Smith, Portland, Oregon supervising deputy
John Legat, Rupert Coffman, Claudie for the Royal Neighbors, who was her
K i m e, Clarence
D a l e guest. All members o f the local lodge
Hawkins, Dsn Woods. Koscoe Hemen­ were Invited. After • social hour, re-
freshments of ice cream and cake were
served. While refreshments were be­
The Young Lsdies’ Missionary Circle
ing served Mrs. ’ ’ aker announced that
was pleasantly entertained at the home
the day was her birthday anniversary
, o f Miss Mary Bartell Monday evening.
and offered a prize for the one guesa-
th* enterprise, th,
•">•11 and lha
\ ♦
P oroskn it U nderw ear— sin g le piece
— ea ch 45c.
C h ild re n !« garm en ts 10c and upw ards.
• a -
Swengel living th# lucky ona.
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
M en ’ s U nion S u its— w hite or tan—
lon g o r short s le e v e s — ankle or
k n ee length , p riced ea ch 50c, t»5c,
75c, ‘>5c.
A th letic Shirts— e a ch 25c.
W o m e n ’ s U n ion Suits in a n k le or knee
len g th — h igh or low n e ck : lo n g , short or
n o sleeves.
P riced at
, . « ! . 1 « «
widely distribute
«»•ny pera..,, „ ,
m -*«» «-•>*> wear
crosses th* tracks, a half mils o f rood
has bean purchased through the D. H.
Burton plare, thus shortening the rood
and at the same time doing away with
two crossings.
It la practically certain that the
highway will be changed to come
through the city from the north over
a highly improved street. With the
improvements to be made by Douglas
County in the Paaa Creek canyon dis­
trict, automobile touriata will And the
trip through this section a much plea­
santer one than it has been in the past.
Unices the highway south from Main
Street through the city ia Im prove! by
property owners, It ia alto quite prob­
able that a road will be built through
from Sixth Street to meet the piece of
the highway to bs built by the county,
which will give a perfect highway Into
and out o f the city from either di­
County Commissioner Hawley, at the
meeting of the Commercial Club Mon­
day night, alao announced that some­
thing would be done with the Row
River road where it enters the city
around Knox hill. The improvement
nf this piece of road would have been
completed last year but for tha dispute
over city boundary lines. It ia the
worat pieca of road leading Into the
city ami at the same time tha moat
The improvement o f three-quarters
of a mile o f the Panflr Highway north
o f the city and sxtensive Improve­
ment# on the South Sixth Street road
wore announced soma time ago.
(Continued from flrat page.)
had obeyed, he found that he did not
need the help of Hercules.
A joint committee, acting under
authority o f the Cottage Grove Grange
and the Cottage Grove Commercial
Club, has, at tome little expense o f
time and work formulated a plan by
which the people of this community
may provide for them.elvea a cannery
wh ch a h .l l b e .i l their own a cannery
which nobody elae may appropriate or
In order that every farmer may havs
a share In this organization, the price
o the aharea has been placed at |6.
In order that a few stockholder# may
not secure control, the number o f
" ny ° ne man m«y own la
"mlted to three. Th«*" « n . therefore.
, |n order
* ° Ut
th* m*"y by
th„ ° f thef#
^ the
I h a r e T ld ty ** *° V° t,n"
-e h
•hare holder ia permitted to cast the
“ me nu" » * ' o f votea -ju at one.
order that thi. stock might be a .
Tbc» hi, r m S
•bar* the
•Ibi# number to ,in,
’ *• »4
or IBM. again., II* ¿ ¡ ¿ » f
In order thel th«
try ami the P • |.l,
make eommnn rau* |% S
•ach ia equally
In the „ „ „ J 1
thla will lri)V, 0,
U " rr
,M r'* “ y th,
two Haas..# ,rr i . l e » t i j ? l
two cunimuiiith e a (»„.I *
•ml a vilUg* r,lWmunJj
and Indivisible," th,
Grov*. whether lle h , j J J
the corporation Iim, ^
When one o f oor firm#f|
Unleea hr wishes u.
do*, not s , y .
about I ottege Grove,”
Cottage Grove.” And he I*
la o f Cottage Grove ehih
living on Me ferm. Here .
common Intrreats wael Mg
Another thing. Thi#
have as many d.lfrrent pane«
•ible flnainelly n.Ursetsdg
terprlM for the
purpose behind
|t ^ —
m enl; hut It la an tiperi«,,
It .
In each other, to awaken i
feeling and to mah* in t «««
neuus people. The ytry ^
situation ten.u m 00, dl|wl^
late and saparste us fruw e*
Aa we are dream up ,tr -
valleya we And wall« rwtag
to divide Six) lo make of w ■ y(
munltiea by «>ur»rlves. W ie­
the advantage of drseiaf i
nearer together, as • whsle
cuts ua apart
But look at IlfneaUusOi
l e “ k down the vxlleytas ed
Aa It was said nf old, ‘ All r«,
lo R om *." So wr can sty, " g
lead to I ottege Grove “ br,,
it. !<et us give of our tisitag
to build up a common isutwt
common center. Then ■«
tinue lo be increasingly swi
with common intereet ia m
welfare. Selfishness ehai! pa
altruism and our hsppuan
come a common fond.
If thia enterprise whicker
hand ia lo b* carried to
b* by each on* awakening tsl
viduel duty. Convinced, |
doubt are o f lie supreme
w* ought to crowd In her«
script lone Too much herdw
Upon a few if each sularnM
visited Individually, la IM
would hava been easier lo la
the amount In larger $eL
Hut would It have b«en at *t
concerned? I think not F
with many, each d< ir.g hi« as
Lastly, aach man eke
surely moat can needs to tsl
limit o f three aharrs. It ms
•acrifloe a good deal for m
ao doe# it to buy srrd to pl*nl
We do net on that account hi
unplanted, or expect seme «w
them for ua. Say not, "Othi
it If we don’ t.” Very 1 1 half
— and own it too and to th
own ua likewise
(Continued from Aral pal*)
Mrs. Joe McKibben...............
Blanche Lindatrum.................
Inez Fllnn ............................ *
Thelma Jones ..................... .
Kills Stannett . . .
Chriatlna Turk ..................
Mattie W hitten......................
Mra. Fairy Allen .................
Mamie Michael......................
Martha W oolley......................
Ruth Ewing
Vera C ro w ...................
Names not given are tha
laat week.
Walker, Ore., April2,
Mr. G. O. Walker,
Walker. Ore.
Dear Sir: I
aay I uhf (I your patent
Exterminator Iwt y- *.
found it the quickest,
e a t and m oat co m p le x
of exterminatinR
and other insecU
garden I have ,ever
and without injury to t
tender plant.
Very truly,
O scar
#TT If your dealer d
carry the hx
ora, tell him to 1$
or order one by nta»1;
paid 50c.
G. O.