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    pupils showed much careful training,
Mia* Vilas is teaching a most excellent
Mr. and Mrs. Kdd Ashby visited at MANY MATTERS OF MORE THAN
the Schneider home Sunday.
Mr*. II. K. inlow. of Cottage Grove,
Recovery of Victim Will Be Due called on Mrs. W. A. Hernenway Gleaming* From Here, There and
Wednesday afternoon.
Everywhere By The Sentinel
Ouly to Expert Operating by
Howard Vilas, of Portlund, I* v isit­
Perfect Li|(ht.
Reporters— Personal Note*.
ing hi* sister at G. W. M cFarland'*.
A young I•• • Iv. whose n u n « Is not
known, hut who in reported to lu< pretty
end charm ing, wen niiot in Arm strong
A Deun’s photograph gallery Tuesday
forenoon el 10 :23. Thron eiiote took
Meny rnoro eim lier shooting errepee
will tu k r piece betw een now end
Ghrislrnu*. Tukr the children down
end have them i h it. The bargains end
quality of work will surp rise you.
Cabinet photo* en low ee >2.00. The
kind Ih e tro e l $12. no in Pori lend run he
hud et $0.00, Come curly und »void
the ruih.
More then I,lino new mount* will he
in in e few deye.
Apple* from C ottage Grove for exhi­
bition e l the Chiceiro l.und nhow have
tiecn rc<|Ue*trd of the Cominerciel club
by John M. Scott, G. P. A., of the S.
I*. Co. I’reeident W heeler in now en­
gaged In securing the fruit.
The Cedars.
Mr. and Mr*. Wm. W ard «pent Sun­
day w ith Curtin V eetch'e family.
Min* Mabel Rosenborg, of Aberdeen,
Wnnh., und Mr*. Fred W heeler, of the
(•rove, vinited the school Turndey
afternoon, und also mudo u few neigh-
borhiMul call*.
Mra. Itex Gleason is spending the
week with her parents, Mr. arid Mr*.
Spring« Surprise on S. P. and Citi­
zens of County Seat.
The Oregon Electric railway com­
pany hus sprung a surprise on the peo­
ple of Eugene hy establishing u camp
on the outskirts of the city und begin­
ning actual construction work in that
vicinity. Wednesday forenoon about
ten o'clock IH four-horse teums draw ­
ing th at many big wagons with a large
force of men wus seen to turn off from
the county road a short distance below
the city und en ter the P attis n Held a
few rods away. The outllt hud come
In from Junction City, where it was
unloaded from the Southern Pacific
curs yesterday, bringing a lot of ties
und some steel rail*. The wagon*
were immediately unloaded and the
work of laying a short stretch of track
way begun. There were about 40 men
in the crew. By 1 o’clock Tuesday a fte r­
noon, when a Guard reporter visited
the scene, alioul 200 yards of track had
been laid. The truck is being laid flat
on the ground at th a t (mint and d irt
from each side tilled in where necessary
to bring the track up to grade. Old
rails th a t have been used before are
being laid. When asked if this track
is perm anent the foreman in charge re­
plied th at it was. Eugene Guard.
For Sale.
A fine piano, standard make, in first
M agee,
class condition, never moved but once
A nicely arranged program was en­ and regularly tuned each year by the
joyed hy pupil" and putrornt of the same tuner, fur sale cheap, if taken at
Address" " H .” care Sentinel.
school Wednesday afternoon.
The once.
B argains in Shoes
We have pone through
our big Shoe Stock and
taken out all broken
Stock and put them
out on sale at greatly
Reduced Prices
This we do in order
to keep our Shoe Stock,
as it always has l**en,
the cleanest and best
in the city.
R em em ber
we don’t call this a
Great Shoe Sale,
Closing Out Sale, Marked Up Sale or any other
kind of a Sale. But if you can find anything in
the hunch to tit you, they are yours at a bargain.
You can
o ip
_ v> J1 .
( V s
Socan a wovon wilhonl
U iv a sc. but 1 1 oots hard
A. Brund & Company
A second hand Packard organ, good
us new for sale at Rees Wallace Go. tf
E rnest W ystt spent Sunday in Eu­
FOR SALE. 2.r> Poland China pigs.
Pilone Farm ers 166. E. C. LATH-
D1 8p.
The A ntlers’ M instrels, which made
such a hit here, being put on entirely
hy home talent, will he on the hoards
a t ('resw ell tonight.
G et u box of Spitzeohurg apples for
the Holidays only $1.46 |ier box at
H elliw ell's.
• 'Bring something for the little girla
and hoya that have no home, no father
or m other,” were the word* spoken to
the school children of the city «chorda
Monday, and the next day the children,
lug und little, carried packages of food
of every description to school, where
they were assembled and sent to the
O rphans' home at Portland.
Thanksgiving postals. Best asso rt­
m ent in the city. The Modern P h ar­
G. W. McQueen returned from the
C rystal and Fairview properties S at­
urday. He found two feet of snow in
the m ountains and hwl his first exper­
ience in using skis.
New crop English w alnuts, cran ­
berries ami dill pickles, ju st arrived at
H elliw ell's.
O. W. Smith was in from his Moun­
tain View fru it farm over Sunday.
Gypsy S m ith's solos, Methodist
church, Sunday evening.
E. C. Lockwood and fam ily spent
Sunday in Lorane.
Shingles for sale at Rees-Wallace
2 t ...
H arry A. Tibbels returned Monday
from Oakland, C alif., to take the third
trick at the depot.
W atches. Ladies' ami g en ts', go at
cost, (’all and see them at H. C. Mad­
se n ’s.
J. E. Benton, the London m erchant,
returned Tuesday from Eugene, where
he had been as a w itness in the Rouse
und Shortridge saw dust cases.
Miss Anna Oglesby was under the
w eather a few days this week.
Fine Portlam t property on easy
monthly psy«rents. Will take a tim-
Iwr claim as p art paym ent. JOHN F.
WOODARD. Care of N orthw estern
T ru st Co., second floor Wilcox Bldg.,
P ortland, Oregon.
H. D. Pearson and mother, J. T.
Allen and family left Sunday night for
Auburn, California, to spend about
five months.
O P E N -F ro m 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
each Sunday until a fte r the holidays.
G et your holiday photos taken now and
avoid the rush. Monroe’s Studio at
the bridge.
Mrs. L. S. Hill returned Morday
from a visit in Eugene.
Mrs. H. Dent returned Monday from
a visit with her sister, Mrs. Welch, at
F. J. Dowe, of I.entz, visited in the
city during the past week. He used
to live here.
H ear the Auto Player Piano at
V eatrh 'a music store.
Chas. Hard came down from Bohem­
ia thia week and went to his home at
Eugene to apend Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Paxton, of Eugene, spent
Thanksgiving in the city.
“ A Hard Prison to Escape F rom ,”
M ethodist church. Sunday evening.
Marion Veatch was in Eugene the
first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. O sterhoudt, of
Eugene, spent Thanksgiving a t the
Frank Woodruff home.
Make another b right corner in your
home when you buy a phonograph ut
V eatch’s music store.
I, . L. Woods returned Tuesday to his
hoiue in Salem. He had been viaiting
hia parents, brothers and sisters and
looking after his piano-tuning business.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. W heeler were in
Eugene the first of the week.
J . T. Donovan was in Eugene Mon­
W. C. Billings and daughter were up
the line Monday.
16 lbs. pure cane sugar for $1.00 or
20 lbs. for II.IXi with every $6.<M> pur­
chase of other goods.
Dea l.arzea
D l-tf.
H. Venske has completed his sewer
contract at Roseburg and returned to
the city.
S. Pierce arrived thia week from
South Dakota with his household goods
and stock and is now busy gettin g se t­
tled down ready for w inter’s work.
Mrs. Pierce and daughters have been
here several weeks.
Mrs. John Barker, who was operated
on a t a Portland hospital during the
past week for a tum or, is recovering
nicely and will be able to come home
in a week or ten days.
Miss Blanche Schilling is a new a s ­
sista n t a t B urkholder's.
Mrs. Elava Burkholder, accompanied
by her son Charles, left C ottage Grove
Sunday morning for southern Cali­
fornia, where they will spend the win­
ter. They will visit friends in San
Francisco and Palo Alto for a short
tim e before going south.
Wall paper sale now on at McGav-
r a n 't.
D l...
McGuvran is having a wall paper
D l...
Wall paper stock reducing sale at
M cGavran’s.
D l...
Mrs. W. L. Walsh, of Roseburg, is
visiting at the Dr. P etrie residence.
The schools closed from Wednesday
to Monday to allow pupils to eat tu r­
key and properly recover from the
effects of the sam e.
Mr. and Mrs. A lbert W heeler were
in Eugene on business Monday.
A family reunion was held at the B.
P. Fuller residence yesterday, about a
dozen being present from outside
E. Searles was in Eugene Tuesday.
John M artin and m other were down
from Eugene for Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, of Gilliam
county, are visiting Mrs. Brow n's sis­
ter, Mrs. N. P. Chrisman. This is the
first tim e Mr. Brown has been in this
p a rt of Oregon for 30 years.
C. E. Spencer, Mrs. L. E. Ward.
Miss Ella Ward, Mrs. Jesse Griffin,
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Coffman. Mr. and
Mrs. J. A rth u r Osburn, were among
the different parties who came down
from Eugene Wednesday to spend
B. Weber was in E rgene Thanksgiv­
ing Day.
R. E. Chezem was down from the
Champion mine this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Coke, of Eugene,
visited relatives here this week.
The E. J. and G. S. O. Hum bert
fam ilies, of E ugene; Jam es Fuller, of
Briggs, Idaho, and Chas. F uller, of
Pocatello, Idaho, were among those
who attended the B. F. Fuller family
reunion Thanksgiving Day.
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Miller visited at
Springfield this week.
Mrs. Rhodes returned from Eugene
Andrew Nelson and son were In Eu­
gene Thursday.
Frederick Zook, of Woodburn, took
Thanksgiving dinner with C. M. P ark ­
e r and fam ily.
Mrs. John Sellars and daughter
Tressie, of Cloverdale, spent Sunday
a t the R hinehart home.
CJ Originality is the thing that attracts
attention. In these clays of frenzied com­
petition it is necessary to get away from
the Stereotyped ways of the pa£t, in order
to attract attention in business. This was
our idea in opening the Metsan Shop.
There is nothing else like it in the 1
probably not on the Coast. J
[ City,
O ne of the "different things" is the idea
of giving 1 Op e r cent Coupons on all pur­
chases of Teas, Coffees, Spices and
Extrads, which are appliciable on the
purchases of dishes and chinaware, and
count the same as cash. In this line we
handle the famous "Folger’s Golden Gate"
Did You Ever Buy Fashionable Fruit?
€JW e carry everything in that line that
can be secured on the Portland market.
Don’t forget our Sealshipt Oysters—
clean and always fresh.
The Metsan Shop
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ cape F ro m .” Two of Gypsv S m ith ’s
♦ solos—“ J u s t for T o d ay ” and ‘‘There
in My Soul” —will be given.
t ♦ Is You Joy cannot
afford to m iss these. P u b ­
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ lic worship a t 11 a m. with sermon by
Mrs. G. S. O. H um bert, sta te presi­ pastor. S u b je c t: ‘'B o rd er D w ellers.”
dent of the C. W. B. M., spoke in the Reception o f m em bers. Bible school
C hristian church Sunday and will also a t 9:45. One hundred and seventy-
seven a t the last session. Charles
speak there again this evening
Wilkinson conducted th e Epw orth
At the Presbyterian church, Sunday, League devotional m eeting a t 6 :30.
December 3d, there will be th ree es­ L et all the young people rally to this
pecially a ttra c tiv e and in terestin g ser­ g ath erin g .
A hearty invitatio n ex ­
vices. A t 11 o’clock a. m. the su b ject tended to all to tak e in these helpful
, will be "A lm ig h ty C a re .”
A t this m e e t i n g s . _________
service there will be a duet by Miss
One young man was baptized during
Blanche .Veatch and Mr. Lloyd S tr a t­
ton. The pastor will oreach again at the Sunday m orning service a t the
7:9), subject, ‘‘Who Will Show the M ethodist church.
Way?” Special music at this service
L argely atten d e d and in terestin g cot­
by a chorus ohoir of tw enty voices. tag e prayer m eetings w ere conducted
In the afternoon a t 3 o’clock, the A n t­ by the w orkers o f th e M ethodist church
le rs’ club of C ottage Grove will hold Monday ev ening a t the homes of
its annual Lodge of Sorrow in the Messrs. G ardner, Wilkinson, Jones,
Presbyterian church with address by H ogate and Goddard.
A. S. Mason, pastor. The music for
Rev. V. E. Hoven will arriv e this
this service will be rendered by the
week from Tillam ook to take up the
Silsby male q u a rte tte . Sunday school
work a t the C hristian church, and
as usual, a t 10 a. m., and C hristian En­
will conduct m orning and evening
deavor a t 6:30 p. m. Everyone will be
services next Sunday. Mr. Hoven has
cordially welcome to all these services,
a reputation at. a zealous and energetic
as all are open to th e public.
w orker.
a lw a y s
Over three hundred people w ere in
attendance a t the People’s Popular on hand to send to youi eastern friends.
service a t the M ethodist church on
Union T hanksgiving services were
Sunday evening. All the vestries were held in the M ethodist church yesterday
thrown open. In the a fte r m eeting m orning a t 10:30, the sermon being
two adults made a public decision to preached by Rev. A. S. Mason, of the
follow the M aster. N ext Sabbath at
P resb y terian church.
7 :30 p. m. the m eeting will be even
Send your S entinel to eastern friends
more interesting, R obert autcliffe
speaks upon “ A Hard Prison to Es­ a fte r you h av e read it.
E. R. Parker, professor of the Geary
school a t Eugene, spent Thanksgiving
with his brother. J . M. Parker.
Miss Vivian Vaughn will retu rn in a
few days to her home in Sacram ento,
A. C. Mattison was down from E u ­
gene Wednesday.
A good, high-grade piano for sale.
Revs. Henry and Wooley have closed Very cheap on easy term s. F. B.
D l- tf ..
the series of m eetings they had been PH IL L IP S .
holding at W a'ker station and Rev.
Miss Allie Phillips and Hugh C urrin
Wooley returned home Wednesday. The came down from Eugene Wednesday to
church has been greatly aroused and spend Thanksigving with th eir respec­
strengthened and much good done.
tive families. For a lark they walked
We dress poultry for Thanksgiving. from Eugene to W alker station, a dis­
tance of about 18 miles.
Commission House.
H. D. Monroe was in Eugene the
Mrat of the week on court business.
Mrs L. Snodgrass, of Eugene, spent
Sunday with her sister, Mrs. J. C.
People’s Popular Service. Methodist
church, Sunday evening.
A m arriage license has been issued
to Chas. A. Gatea, of Eugene and Eva
May Ellis, of C ottage Grave.
The Hickey fam ily spent Thanksgiv­
ing at Eugene w ith Mra. H ickey’s p ar­
Had bread makes a bad disposition.
Use Drifted Snow flour and you will
alwaya have good bread. We guaran­
tee every sack. Spray A Co.
The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid socie­
ty will hold a Christm as bazaar De­
cem ber 16th and 16th.
Something Different!'
Mrs. McReynolds, while in the city
Saturday, fell and hurt her an x leao
seriously th at she fainted. It is learned
th a t she is now getting along aa nicely
as the nature of the injury will allow.
The men of the Methodist church
m et Thanksgiving night and decided to
put an en tertain m en t of some kind on
during January. A com m ittee will be
appointed by Pastor Sutcliffe to lay
out plans.
FOR S A L E .—One span of mules.
For further particulars, apply to Wm.
H arris., B lackbutte, Ore.
D l-8c...
The cabin a t the Slipper mine, with
all contents, including grub for three
m onth’s work, burned to the ground
Tuesday. The miners did not know of
the Iota until they returned from work
for supper.
Half of the joy of Christmas
giving, comes from knowing
that a gift is of some per­
manent value—not a bauble to
be discarded after the novelty
has worn off—not a plaything for
a boy. Of course, the little ones
must have their rattles and dolls,
but to older ones you wish to give
a permanent remembrance. How
would it strike you to give that
boy of yours a printing press that
will do just as good work as any
one the Sentinel is using. Can
you afford to spend $25 to give
him such a press and type enough
to do job work with? If so, the
S e n t i n e l can fix you out.