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Foreign Secretary i>c posed
Because o f Speech.
w » V
\m m i:
Paris.—The German emperor has ac­
Medford people were shocked Sal
cepted the resignation of Dr. Richard
urday to learn of the death of Ernest
von Kuehlmann, the Germau foreign Adams, a popular young rancher liv­
secretary, according to a Basle dis­ ing near that city, as the result of an
Brief Resume Most Importan patch to the Havas Agency.
airplane accident In England, June
It is expected that Admiral von 26.
Htntze, the German minister at Chris
Daily News Items.
A. B. Chapman, who was arrested In
tiania and formerly minister to Mex­
the vicinity of Powers, when a con
ico, will succeed him.
Dr. Richard von Kuehlmann became stable found 16 bottlea of whtaky In his
foreign minister August 6, 1917, suc­ automobile, was held In bonds of $3500
ceeding Dr. Alfred F. M, Zimmermann, to appear before the next county
whose retirement closely followed the grand Jury.
exposure of his plot to involve the
The importance of a cannery in a
United States in war with Mexico and community was demonstrated Monday,
Japan in the event that this country when the Linn and Beuton Growers'
Events o f Noted People. Governments showed any inclination to Join the
association shipped out a 60.000-pound
¿ 1* 7 or
entente allies.
and PseificJNorthweot and Other
car of strawberries and loganberries
Dr. von Kuehlmann's conduct of the from Albany.
Things Worth Knowing.
foreign office appeared to be more
H. H. Zapf was arraigned in the
than usually successful until June 25
last when he appeared before the Astoria Justice court Tuesday morning
Reichstag to discuss the political as­ on an information charging him with
Lieutenant C. Ashengen. an aviator pects of the situation facing Germany. assault with a dangerous weapon in
running over a child with an auto
of the American expeditionary forces, During his address he said:
In view of the magnitude of this mobile.
has been interned in Switxerland.
war and the number of powers, in­
The price of milk in Eugene has
Germany will send three army corps cluding those from oversea, that are
Synopsis.— Fired by the sinking of the Lusitania, with the loas o f
to the aid of Austria, according to a engaged. Its end can hardly be ex­ been advanced from 10 ttf 12 centa a
Ainertcau lives, Arthur Guy Kmpey. an American living In Jersey City,
Ttome dispatch to the Paris Temps.
pected through purely military de­ Iheir action is the high price of feed
goes to England and eullata as a private In the British army. After a
cisions alone and without recourse to- and shortage of pasture resulting from
and sent to President Wilson.
short experience aa a recruiting officer lu London, he la aent to train­
Jan Olieslagers, the Belgian aviator, diplomatic negotiations."
the unusually dry weather.
ing quarters lu France, where he first hears the aound of hlg guns aud
This statement, which flatly contra­
is credited with downing his sixth
makes the acquaintance of “ cootie*.” After a brief period of tralntug
dicted speeches by the German em­
German airplane.
Captain Percy E. Croup has arrived
Eiupey's company is aent into the front-llue trenches, where ho takes
peror. who only a short time before at Astoria to take command of the
Discovery of a new protective coat­ had referred to peace being won by
his first turn on the fire step while the bullets whla overhead. Empey
ing which is expected to make con­ 'the strong German sword,” was re­ little schooner. Casco, and accotn
learns, as comrade full*. that death lurka always In the trenches.
crete ships as durable as steel was ceived with consternation in the panied by his wife will soon leave
announced Tuesday by the shipping Reichstag and with sharp criticism by for the Fiji Islands. The Casco la a
little craft of 93 tons and wns formerly
the country. It was later reported that a codfishing craft in Alaskan waters
To get to the cer.etery. we had to
Christie Benet, an attorney of Co­ Dr. von Kuehlmann's words had been
pass through the little shell-destroyed
Governor Withycombe has sent a
lumbia. S. C., was appointed by Gov­ approved by General Ludendorff. the
village, where troops wero hurrying
Tha Little Wooden Cross.
ernor Manning to serve the next six German commander on the western request to Secretary of War Baker
After remaining In rest billets for to and fro.
that patrols be granted from certain
months of the unexplred term of the front.
As the funeral procession passed
This brought to notice rumors of classes of men at Camp I-ewlg to be eight days, we received the unwelcome
late Senator Tillman.
friction between Ludendorff and the used on timber and railroad units, tidings thnt the next morning we would these troop« came to the "attention"
F. H. Elliott, superintendent of the German crown prince and his coterie especially where government work for “go In" to “ tnke over." At six In the and amartly saluted the dead.
Great Northern railroad at Superior, who comprise the radical Pan-Ger­ shipbuilding and airplanes is Involved
Poor Pete wud receiving the only au-
morning our march started and, after
Wis., has been appointed president of manic elements in ofticial circles.
lute a private Is entitled to "some­
the Spokane, Portland & Seattle rail­
State Fire Marshal Wells has sent
Soon after the address in the Reichs­
where In France."
road. with headquarters at Portland. tag it became common knowledge that Deputy Marshal Stokes to lieppner again arrived at reserve billets.
Now and ugutn a «hell from the Ger­
I was No. 1 In the leading set of
Submarines are increasing in num­ Dr. von Kuehlmann's retirement from to assist in framing a system of fire
protection which probably will be fours. The man on my left was named man lines would go whistling over ttig
ber and quality, according to Vice- office would be forthcoming.
Some reports were to the effect that based upon use of the home guard a> “ Pete Walling.” a cheery sort of fel­ village to hurst In onr artillery lines
Admiral von Capelle, in the debate in
In the rear.
the Reichstag. He said reports of his address was intended to inform the a voluntary fire department, if the low. He laughed und Joked all the
When we reached the cemetery we
losses have been exaggerated by the
way on the march, buoying up my
not win the war and was delivered is followed.
drooping spirits. I could not figure out hnltcd In front of an open grave, and
with the cognizance of the emperor,
The Linn County Farmers' Co-opera anything attractive In again occupying laid the «tietcher beside It. Forming
A 60 days' intensive course to train who, when he saw what a storm had
a hollow square around the opening of
college men as assistant instructors in been stirred up, resolved to make Von tive Livestock Sh.pping association the front line, but Pete did not aeeiis to
mind, said It wns all In a lifetime. My the grave, the chaplain rend the burial
the students' army training corps will Kuehlmann the scapegoat.
through the efforts o ’ S. V. Smith,
open July 18 at Plattsburg, N. Y.; Fort
heel was blistered from the rub­ service.
county agricultural agent, was formed
German machine-gun bullets were
Sheridan, Illinois, and Presidio, Cali­
of my heavy marching boot Pete
at Albany on Saturday at a meeting
“cracking" In the air above ua, but
attended by representative farmers
Pete didn't mind, and neither did we.
Payment of 810,000 by the United
from almost all sections of the county. to carry my rifle, but by this time I hnd
When the body waa lowered Into the
States to Greece for injuries suffered
learned the ethics o f the march In the
Indians on the Klamath reservation British army and courteously refused grave tile flng having been removed,
by Greek citizens at Omaha February
we clicked our heela together and
are receiving citizenship papers so his offer.
21. 1909, during race riots, is authoriz­
rapidly that they now desire voting
came to the salute.
ed by a bill passed Tuesday by the
Washington, D. O.— The island of precincts in that locality. Formal re
I left before the grave wns filled In.
senate and sent to the house.
Guam was devastated by a typhoon quest for precincts to be established at communication trench, Pete in my im­
Three more German airmen, desert­ on July 6. Captain Roy Smith, governor Chiloquin, at Sprague River, have been mediate rear. He hnd his hand on my I could not bear to see the dirt thrown
ing their country, have landed in a of the island and commandant of the filed at the office of the county clerk shoulder, as men In a communication on the blanket-covered fare of my com­
giant seaplane at Masnedsund. on the naval station, reported Wednesday to signed by approximately 100 Indian trench have to do to keep In touch with rade. On the western front there ere
no coffins, and you are lucky to get a
island of Masncdo, off the south coast the navy department.
each other. We hnd Just climbed over
He said half the inhabitants are des­
of Seeland, Denmark, according to a
blanket to protect you from the wet
The body of one of the unfortunate a bashed-ln part of the trench when and the worms. Several of the sec­
dispatch to the Copenhagen Politiken. titute, crops have been destroyed and
much material damage done. Steps men drowned in Crescent lake Mon in our renr a man tripped over a loose tion stayed un6 decorated the grave
Italian troops have completed their have been taken to feed the destitute. day night has been recovered, accord signal wire, and let out an oath. As
with white atonen.
operations victoriously at the mouth
The navy department issued this ing to a message received at Klamath usual, Pete rushed to his. help. To
of the river Piave by hurling the last statement:
That night. In the light of a lonely
Falls by Coroner A. A. Soule from reach the fallen inan ho had to crosa
remnants of the disorganized Austro-
candle in the machine gunner's dugout
“ The navy department has received Postmaster Cleaves, at Bend. The
Hungarian forces across to the left a dispatch from Captain Roy C. Smith, message did not state whether the this bashed-ln part. A bullet cracked of the front-line trench I wrote two
bank of the river, the war office an­ governor of Guam, stating that Guam body was that of \ .rnon Forbes or In the air and I ducked. Then n moan letters. One to Pete'a mother, the
from the renr. My heart stood still.
nounced Monday.
was swept by a typhoon on July 6. Ralph Poindexter.
I went back und Pete was lying on the other to hie sweetheart. While doing
The administration bill forbidding
The first shipment of freight, two ground. By the aid of my flaahllght this I cursed the Prussian war god
the war sale or charter of American reported are smair, but public prop­ flatcar loads of lumber from the De-
with all my henrt, and I think that St.
vessels or the sale of ships under con­ erty ashore and afloat was materially Armond & Weston sawmill at Swan I saw that he hnd his hand preased to Peter noted name.
struction without the approval of the damaged.
The machine gunners In the dugout
“ ‘Half of the inhabitants are desti­ lake, has been received over the ered with blood. I flashed the light
shipping board, was passed by the
Klamath Falls municipal railroad, now on his t.-ce and In Its glow a grayish- were laughing and joking. To them
senate. It already has passed the
under construction by Robert E. Sira-
and food scarce,' Governor Smith born. Locomotive No. 1 was driven by blue color «as stealing over his coun­ Pete wns unknown. Pretty soon. In the
house and now goes to conference.
states. ‘ I am feeding destitute natives W. E. Bond. Mr. 8trahorn's secretary, tenance. Pete looked up at me and warmth of their merriment, my blues
Official correspondence made public as necessary from naval supplies and
disappeared. One soon forgets on the
said: "Well, Yank, they’ve done me In.
Tuesday disclosed that Cleveland commandeered food stocks, making and fired by Gus Ettreim.
I can feel myself going West.” Ilia western front
Abbe, Jr., editor of the Monthly repairs as soon as possible.’ ”
The United States Forest Service
Weather Review, recently dropped
is putting a plan to employ girls as fire voice was getting fainter and I had to
from the government service, was dis
patrols into effect. Miss Helen Me- kneel down to get his words. Then he
missed because of “ his well-known HUNDRED WORKERS DIE
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. gave me a message to write home to
sympathies for the imperial German
8ulclde Annex.
McCormick, of Eugene, has been em­ his mother and his sweetheart, and I,
I waa In my first dugout and looked
ployed as a patrol in the upper Mc­ like a greut big boob, cried like a baby.
Kenzie country, within the Cascade I was losing my first friend of the around curiously. Over the door of
The prediction that the recent re­
same was a little sign rending "Sul
Nashville, Tenn.—At least 100 per­ national forest. She will begin her trenches.
cord of an average production of one
clde Annex.” One of the boys told
10,000 ship daily for 60 days would sons. most of them negroes, were duties within a few days.
be doubled in the near future was killed and as many more injured in
The city of Glendale, Or., has pur­ stretcher. He died before It arrived. me that this particular front trench
made Tuesday by Charles M. Schwab, a head-on collision Tuesday between
with civic funds 600 war sav­ Two of us put the body on the waa called "Suicide Ditch.” Later on
director-general of the Emergency two passenger trains on the Nashville,
ings stamps.
stretcher and carried It to the nearest I learned that machine gunners and
Fleet Corporation, addressing an in­ Chattanooga & St. Louis railway at
bomber* are known as the "Suicide
The Peavey, official organ of the flrst-nld post, where the doctor took Club.”
spirational mass meeting at Berkeley, Dutchman's Bend, five miles from this
That dugout was muddy. The men
Most of the killed and injured were
A house resolution authorizing re­ on a local train from Nashville, which the spruce production division, bureau j,er> rBnk and regiment from his lden- slept In mud, washed In mud, ate mud,
this to be used In the cas­
turn to former President Roosevelt carried several coaches full of work­ of aircraft production, made Its ap tlty
and dreamed mud. I had Dover before
pearance Saturday. It Is published
of the $40,000 Nobel peace prize which men going to a nearby powder plant. weekly by the men engaged in the ualty lists and notification to his realized that so much discomfort nnd
he had donated to an Austrian peace The other train was an express from
misery could be contained In those
work and distributed free to all in the
commission and which he now wishes Memphis and the west and after the
W e left Pete there, but It broke our
little letters, M U D . The floor
to distribute to the Red Cross, Y. M. two engines had reared and fallen be­
hearts to do eo. The doctor^nformed
C. A. and other organizations aiding side the track, the heavy coaches of
Until further notice all Insane pa­ us thnt we could bury him the next of the dngout was an Inch deep In
soldiers because no use was made of the express ploughed through the bag­ tients committed from Multnomah morning. That afternoon five o f the water. Outside It was raining cats nnd
it, was adopted Tuesday by the senate gage car on the accommodation train county will be sent to the eastern Ore­ boys of onr section, myself Included, dogs, and thin rivulets were trickling
gon hospital at Pendleton, rather than
down the steps. From the air ahnft
The Dutch cabinet has placed the and demolished two other coaches.
went to the little ruined village In the
As the crews of both locomotives to the main institution In Salem. This rear and from the deserted gardens of Immediately above me came a drip,
resignation of its workers in the hands
of Queen Wilhelmina, says the Nieuwe were killed, the cause of the collision was ordered by the state board of con­ the French chateaux gathered grass drip, drip. Suicide Annex was n hole
eight feet wide, ten feet long and six
Rotterdamache Courant, of Rotterdam. may never be established. The ex­ trol.
and flowers. From these we made a
press train was running late and one
With harvest commenced In some
feet high., It was about twenty feet
A telegram from Berlin says that a theory advanced van that the engineer parts of nearly every district in the wreath.
below the Are trench; nt least there
bill for a fresh war credit of 15,000,- of the accommodation train may have
Umatilla country grain prospect* still
were twenty ateps lending down to It.
000,000 marks, to be covered by loans, disregarded signals and tried to make
look very good. It Is principally bar­
was introduced Friday in the Reich­ a switch just by where the wreck oc­ ley that Is being cut at this time but apple tree and carved out the follow­ These steps were cut Into the earth,
hat at that time were muddy and slip­
curred before the Memphis train ar­ wheat harvest will follow Immediate­ ing verses op a little wooden shield pery. A man had to he very careful
A credit of $100,000,000 was granted rived. There also was the possibility ly, and, In some districts 1( Is already which we nailed on Pete’s cross.
or else he would “ shoot the chntea.”
to France Thursday by the treasury, that he may have been given wrong under way. The farmers are finding
to his God; true to Britain,
The air was foul, snd you could cut
making the total advanced to France instructions.
their yields better, as they go into the True
Doing his duty to the last.
the smoke from Tommy’s fags with n
fields, than they expected a few weeks Just one more name to be written
to date $1,765,000,000 and the total
knife. It was cold. The walls and
ago, the grain apparently having filled
credits of the allies $6,081,590,000.
Rattler Goes to College.
roof were supported with heavy square-
The first contingent of American
Eugene.— A large rattlesnake killed
Peosed to their Ood. enshrined in glory, cut timbers, while the entrance was
troops to arrive in Italy, within 48 within one-half mile of the town of
Vick Bros, of Salem have Just pur­ Entering life o f eternal rest.
strengthened with sandbags. Nalls hnd
hours, established itself in camp. The Brownsville, Linn county, has been chased 1000 of the new "Fordson” Ford One more chapter In England's story
been driven Into these timbers. On
men are sleeping under their own presented to the science department tractors for use In Oregon. George F. O f her sons doing their best
tents and feeding from their own of the University of Oregon by O. V. Vick, of the firm, left for Detroit re­
each nail hung a miscellaneous assort­
White, superintendent of the Browns­ cently and his brother Charles has re­ Rest, you soldier, mate so true.
ment of equipment. The lighting ar­
Never forgotten by us below;
ville schools.
ceived a w'lre from him of the pur­ Know
rangements were superb—one candle
Necessity for stricter economy in
that we are thinking o f you.
chase. It Is understood $75,000 r ash Ere to our rest we are bidden to go.
news print paper is emphasized in a
In a reflector made from an ammuni­
letter addressed by the War Industries day. He was walking with a boy when was paid as earnest money for the
tin. My teeth were chattering
purchase, wi ich represents a total out­ Next morning the whole section went
board to all newspaper publishers, who
from the cold, and the drip from the
are asked to put into effect a number a small hill. The snake is 42 inches lay of about $750,000. The first car­ over to any good-by to Pete, and laid Mrshaft did not help matters much.
in length and about three inches load of the big shipment Is expected to
of economies.
him away to rest.
While I waa sitting bemoaning my
through the thickest part of the body. arrive about August 1.
After each one had a look at the face fate and wishing for tha fireside at
Three negro soldiers, convicted by
Miss Merle Hamilton, of Roseburg, o f the dead, a corporal of the R. A. home, the fellow next to me, who was
court-martial of attacking a 17-year-
Third Liberty Loan Total Out.
the popular and charming daughter of M. C. sewed np the remains In a blan­ writing a letter, looked up and Inno­
old white girl after slugging her escort
Washington, D. C.— Final compile Judge J. W. Hamilton, of the circuit ket. Then placing two heavy ropes cently asked, “ Hay, Yank, how do you
on the cantonment grounds on the
night of May 24, were hanged at Camp tions of third liberty loan subscrip­ court, has arrived In Newport and will across the stretcher (to be nsed In low­ spell ‘conflagration’ ?”
Dodge, la., at 9 A. M. Friday. The tions, announced by the treasury de­ occupy the position of baggage solici­ ering the body Into the grave), we lift­ I looked at him In contempt and an­
negroes are selective service men from partment show a total of $4,178.516,850, tor for the Crowdis Transfer company ed Pete onto the stretcher, and rev­ swered that I did not know.
an increase of $8,497,200 over the total on the Newport train this summer.
erently covered him with a large union
From the darkness in one of the cor­
officially estimated last May 18, after
Jack, the flng he hnd died for.
Representative Japanese business the loan campaign closed.
The chaplain led the way, then came ners came * thin, piping voice singing
resident of Gold Hill 25 years and a
one of the popular trench ditties en­
men of the Pacific Coast, from
veteran of the Civil War, nerving as a the officers of the section, followed by
Billy Sunday Plans Operation.
San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland
private In Company O, r.lghth cavalry. two of the men carrying a wreath. Im­ titled:
and Vancouver, B. C., In conference
Rochester, Minn.— Billy Sunday, the New York volunteers, was adjudged mediately after came poor Pete on the "Pack up your Troublss In your Old Kit
Ha*, and Hmll*. Hmll«, Bmlls."
with Seattle Japanese Thursday sent evangelist, came here Tuesday to un­ Insane and taken to the Oregon Insane
flng-draped stretcher, carried by four Every now nnd then the singer
a telegram to President Wilson pledg­ dergo an operation for hernia at a asylum Tuesday. Infirmities of age
ing support to the government In the local hospital. Mrs. Sunday accom­ and recent loss of his wife were cause* soldiers. I was one of the foor. Be­ would stop to cough, cough, cough, but
hind the stretcher, In column o f four*, It waa a good lllustrttlon of Tommy'*
panied her husband.
prosecution o f the war.
of the breakdown.
came the remainder of the section.
cheerful ness under such condition*,
h s
A inselline gun offieer eutered thè
dugonl ami gii vi* me u tinnì look. I
sm aki'd past Min. slldlng ami «llpplng,
ami renehed my seri loti of Ilio front-
line trendi, wliero I waa greeted by
thè eergennt, who nsked ine, "Wbere
In —■ i 'ave you beoni"
I mode no answer, hut set on thè
muddy Are elep, ahlverlng wlth thè
eoli! aud wlth thè rulli hentlng In my
Ahout hulf an luuir later I
teaiued up wlth another fellow and
went on guarii wlth my head stlcklng
over thè top. At ten o'clock I waa
relleved and remimeli my «Ittlng poal-
tlon on thè Are atep. The rato «q
denly atoppvd and we all brealhiHf^V
slgh of rellef. We prayed tur thè uiorift
ing and thè rum laaue.
“The Day's Work."
I we* faat learning that there Is an
regular routine about the work of the
trenchea. although It la badly upset at
tlmea by the Germans.
The real work Ip the Are trench
coiiMuvnrea at s.S * til. Tommy la
like a burglar, he works at night.
Just ns It begins to get dark the
word "stand to" la passed from trav­
erse to traverse, and the men get busy.
The first relief, coiislsllng of two men
to a traverse, mount the Drn t
man looking over (he lop. dp •
other slta at his feet, reaqAj, V »
messages or to Inform the
cer of any report made by fin * •
ns to Ms observations in No . i *
Land. The sentry Is not a'.ffweA I *
relax his watch for a second. If ho "
questioned from the trench nr asked
his orders, he replies without turning
around or taking his eyes from the ex­
panse of dirt In frout of him. The re­
mainder of the occupants of his trav­
erse either sit on the tire step, Wit
bnyotieta fixed, rendy for sny eitis.
gency, or If lucky, and a dugout hap­
pens to he In the near vicinity of tha
traverse, aud If the night Is quiet, they
are permitted to go to same and try
and snatch a few winks of sleep. Llttla
sleeping Is d< le ; generally the uieu alt
aruuml, smoking fugs and seeing who
eun tell the hlggest lie. Some of them,
perhaps with their feet In water, would
write home sympathizing with ^he
and Cigar*, at
Lewis Gw.i in Action.
“governor" because he was laid up
with a cold, contracted by getting hi*
feet wet on his way to work In Wool*
wlch arsenal. If a man should uniting*
to doze off, likely ua not he would wak*
with u start aa the clammy, cold feet
of a rat pnNsed over bis fuce, or th*
next rellef stepped on his stomuch
while stumbling on their wuy to rellev*
the sentries In the trench.
Just try to sleep with a belt full of
ammunition around you, your rifle bolt
lilting Into your riba, Intrenching tool
handle sticking Into the small of your
back, with a tin hat for a pillow and
feeling very damp and cold, with
“cooties” Ixifing for oil In your arm­
pits, the air foul from the atench of
grimy human bodies nnd nmoke from a
Juicy pipe being whiffed Into your nos­
trils, then you will not wonder why
Tommy occasionally tukes a turn In
the trench for a rest.
While In a front-line trench orders
forbid Tommy from removing hi*
boots, puttees, clothing or equipment.
The “ cooties” tnke advantage of this
order and mobilize their forces, and
Tommy aweara vengeance on them and
mutters to himself, “ Just wult until I
hit rest billets and am uble to get my
own back."
Juat before duyllght the men “ turn
to” and tumble out of the dugouts, man
the Are step until It gels light, or th*
welcome order "stand down" Is given.
Sometimes before “stand down" Is or­
dered, the command “ five rounds rap­
id" Is passed along the trench. This
means that each man must rest hi*
rifle on the top nnd Are as rapidly ns
possible five shots aimed toward th*
German trenches, anil then duck (with
the emphnals on the “duck"). There I*
a great rivalry between the opposing
forces to get their rapid Ore all .off
first, because the early bird. In thin
stnn'ce, catches the worm—*ort of get*
the Jump on the other fellow, catching
him unawares.
Empey goes “ ever the top" for
the first time and has ■ hand-
to-hand fight with a giant Prus­
sian. In the next Installment he
telle the story of this thrilling