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Daily News Items.
Brents o f Noted People, Gon
and Pacific Northwest and Other
Things W orth Knowing.
General Pershing reported Sunday
the loss o f two soldiers swept over­
board and drowned from a transport at
sea December 17, and the death o f two
others from gunshot wounds.
The British armed steamer Stephen
Furness has been torpedoed and sunk
by a German submarine in the Irish
Channel, it was officially announced.
Six officers and 95 men were lost.
Dr. James Beall Morrison, reputed
to have invented the dental chair, the
dental engine and many other access­
ories now used by dentists, died at his
home in Kansas City Sunday, aged 88.
Troops passing through Grand Junc­
tion, Col., are being given scores of
boxes o f apples from the orchards of
the Grand Valley.
Ranch*'.» are do­
nating the apples, and eacn trainload
requires about 25 boxes.
A buffalo has been presented to the
Red Cross at Omaha, on which it hopes
realize several hundred dollars
within the next day or so. The Red
Cross has asked a public market to
dispose o f this giant buffalo at retail.
Myron B. Rice, theatrical producer
and manager, died Saturday at his
home in N ew York, at the age o f 53
He came into prominence
when he produced “ My Friend From
India” and "T h e Man From M exico.”
An air raid was attempted on the
Kentish coast o f England shortly after
6 o’ clock Sunday night. One raider
was forced to descend close to the
coast, the crew of three being cap­
tured alive.
No other machines have
come over land at this time.
Bureau Heads Spent Millions for M ili­
Farm Loan Board Advocates Changes
in Hanking Art
tary Equipment Before America
“ Two bits clubs” are being formed
under direction o f war savings commit­
tees in a number o f cities.
agree to buy one 25-cent th rift stamp
evey day.
The executive council o f workmen’s
and soldiers’ deputies has proclaimed a
state o f siege in Petrograd in an effort
to repress disorders due to the looting
o f wine cellars and shops.
Attacks on
» a a a x a a a a a a a A A A
Amendment Expected.
Washington, D. C.— Clothing, shoea
and food supplies for the American
army were investigated by the Senate
m ilitary committee Saturday, turning
its general inquiry into war prepara­
tions to the Quarter-Master General’s
It was developed that
millions o f dollar« were spent just be­
fore the United States entered the
war to provide for the great army
since raised.
Major-General Sharpe was before
a committee. An hour was given to
confidential questions behind closed
door». He was closely examined, es­
pecially regarding the admitted short­
age o f overcoats, which, he said, was
principally due to late deliveries o f
large orders.
Except for overcoats and a few
other winter garments, o f which, he
stated, complete stocks would be in
camp by December 31, the general de­
clared there is no clothing shortage.
Shoes, also. General Sharpe said,
have been provided in ample quantities
per captia, but the average d r a ft«!
man o f the Naitonal Army has proved
to be so much larger physically than
the regulars and guardsmen with
whom the department has had to deal
in the past, that many o f the shoes and
overcoats have proved useless.
Manufacture of the smaller sizes has
been stopped, but the situation re­
sulted in some hardships for the d raft­
ed soldiers before it could be corrected.
Food, General Sharpe stated, and
the committeemen assented, had been
ample and o f fine quality.
Committee members stated that the
investigation o f the Quartermaster-
General’ s office had only been begun.
Cantonment locations and contracts,
sanitation, the relation of the winter
clothing shortage to recent disease
epidemics and transportation o f the
army by rail and water are subjects to
be taken up later.
General Sharpe told in detail o f the
vast task o f supplying the expanded
war army. He said he authorized 30-
day service equipment for 1,000,000
more men in February and March, and
for another 500,000 men in June. O r­
ders aggregating many millions of
dollars were placed before the war and
without authorization o f a dollar by
By December 31, the General said,
complete supplies for 1,078,000 men
would be on hand.
Washington, D. C.
The federal
Farm Loan board announced Monday
that it advocates amendments to the
farm loan act under which many pri­
vate farm mortgage bankers may en­
ter the government system as joint
stock land banks.
At the same time
the board also gave warning that it
expects those seeking to break down
the system to Ale a suit soon to test
the constitutionality o f the act.
Amendments to the existing law
which w ill be specifically recommended
to congress in the board's forthcoming
annual reports are:
To remove the present restriction
permitting a joint stock land bank to
do business only in the state where it
is situated and one contiguous state.
To permit a bank to issue bonds to
the amount o f twenty tim e« its capital
stock, which must be $260,000 or
more, instead of fifteen times, as un­
der existing law; and,
To raise from 6 to 6 ) per cent the
maximum interest rate which joint
stock land banks may charge on loans.
Joint stork land banks would still be
compelled to limit interest rates on
loans within 1 per rent more than the
selling price o f their bonds, even
though the maximum were raised to
6 ) per cent.
They also would have
to compete with the Federal land
banks' new rate o f 5 } per cent.
In a statement explaining the finan­
cial condition o f the Federal land
banks, the farm loan board said :
“ We are advised that the next move
o f those who are seeking to break
down the system, will be to institute a
suit contesting the constitutionality
o f the farm loan art. The purpose o f
this suit w ill be to alarm investors
who have already bought bonds, and to
dissuade others from buyng them.
“ There is not the slightest reason to
fear it, however.
The system is so
strong and its administration is of
such paramount importance to the
agricultural development o f thé coun­
try that attacks on it are bound to
fail. It is only proper, however, that
this warning should be given in order
that the farmers and all friends o f the
system should grasp the sinister pur­
pose that is behind these attacks.”
Recent charges that the Federal
land banks are not self-supporting,
based on the board’s application to
congress for an appropriation o f $100,-
000,000 a year for this and next year,
with which the treasury might absorb
any farm loan bonds not sold privately,
were met by [explanation that the av­
erage impairment of the $750,000 cap­
ital with which each bank started six
months ago, representing government
stock subscriptions, amounts to 6 per
cent, or $45,000 each.
This is more
than counter-balanced by farm loan as­
sociations’ subscriptions to additional
stock, amounting to more than $1,500,-
000, or about $125,000 for each bank.
Actual capital of all banks consequent­
ly is about $10,000,000. or $1,000,000
more than their original capital, fur­
nished by the government.
John W. Riis, pacifist. Socialist and
exponent o f the doctrines o f conscien­
tious objectors against war, was sen­
tenced to one year’s imprisonment by
Judge Johnson in the Federal court at
Salt Lake City, for failure to present
himself for physical examination in
connection with the draft.
Riis w ill
be available for m ilitary service when
his prison term expires.
Made Open Declaration.
Financial figures fo r the seventh
German war loan were 12,635,660,200 M A N Y IN G E R M A N Y S T A R V I N G
marks, according to a Reuter dispatch
from Amsterdam, quoting a message Berlin Paper Says Rich and Farmers
from Berlin.
Based on 23.82 cents,
Live in Luxury, However.
the value o f the German mark before
London— According to a Reuter dis­
^he war, the amount subscribed by the
se-, ^jnth war loan would equal $3,009,- patch from Amsterdam Vorwaerts, o f
Berlin, in a plain spoken attack on the
system o f Herr von Waldow, the Ger­
It »¿-as announced at Republican N a­ man food controller, declares that
t io n ^
headquarters at great masses o f German people not
Washington, D. C., Monday that Chair-
only are hungry, but are literally
tnar, W illcox has called a meeting of starving. The paper adds that agri­
tfcie committee in St. Louis February cultural producers and rich residents in
"*12. I t h understood Chairman W ill­ towns are living in plenty, as hoarding
cox recently has told friends pressure is no longer prohibited.
o f other business makes it desirable
“ Every war profiteer and million­
fo r him to retire.
a ire,” says the paper, “ has his kitchen
A service badge for all officers and and cellar full o f ham and bacon, the
men o f the regulars and National middle class ekes a precarious exist­
guard who participated in the occupa­ ence, Bpending all it possesses on food,
tion o f V era Cruz, the various puni­ but 40,000,000 o f the masses are starv­
tive expeditions across the border and ing and are unlikely to sit silent.
“ We might have within a month an
in the border patrol duty for a period
o f more than two years has been ap­ absolute catastrophe in Germany and
proved by Secretary Baker.
The a collapse worse than Russia, resulting
badge is similar in design to the Span­ in German defeat and loss o f the war,
ish W ar badge.
Charles H. Feige was shot and killed
by United States Arm y patrols when
he attempted to cross the river to
M exico at El Paso, Tex., Monday.
Feige was believed to have been a
German spy, and when his papers were
examined a notebook, drawings and
ground plans o f troop camps, Fort
and other fortifications near
there were found.
> m «t
Bolsheviki Declares i f Peace Terms Are
Offensive Struggle W ill Go On.
Petrograd— Leon Trotzky, the Bol­
sheviki foreign minister, in addressing
the council o f soldiers and workmen
declared that i f the German emperor
offered “ offensive peace term s,” the
Russians would fight against it.
“ W e did not overthrow czarism to
kneel before the kaiser,” he cried.
Continuing he said:
“ But i f through our exhaustion
we had to accept the kaiser’s terms
we would do so to rise with the Ger­
man people against German m ilitar­
Jail Opens at W ar’ s Call.
Astoria, Or.— Delmer G. Stickler,
who has been held in the county ja il
for several weeks in default o f $1000
bohd to await the action o f the Circuit
Court grand jury, on a charge o f steal­
ing a boat, was released Monday by
Justice o f the Peace Carny, on the
recommendation o f the district attor­
ney. The reason this action was taken
was because Stickler has been called
under the draft at Goldenldale, Wash.
The authorities believed that the man
would be o f greater service in the
army than in serving a term in jail.
L ittle material damage was done by
the Germans in Tuesday night’s air
raid over London, Essex and Kent.
Ten persons were killed in London and
3 British Aviators Killed.
70 injured. Outside the capital five
Worth, Tex. — Three British
persons were wounded.
One enemy
machine was brought down and anoth­ aviators in training here were killed
er is believed to have been destroyed, Monday when two machines collided in
The losses to French shipping by the air. Tw o o f the men were in one
mine or submarine for the week end­ machine. The collision took place at
a low altitude and less than half a
ing December 16, were exceedingly mile from the landing field. The dead
light. Only one vessel under 1600 are: Arthur Eden Webster, 19, Kings­
tons was sunk and none over 1600
ton, N. Y . ; Lieutenant Russell Jenner,
tons. One was attacked but escaped. 19,. Kingsville, Ont.; Clyde A lbert
No fishing craft was sunk.
Banker, 20, Kent, England.
The Vassar College at Poughkeep­
Brazil Curbs Dutch Consuls.
sie, N. Y ., w ill be used for war pur­
poses next summer, it was announced
Rio de Janeiro— A decree has been
Thursday. A committee o f trustees promulgated cancelling the exequa-
has been appointed to work out plans teura o f G re mans acting as consuls o f
The de­
fo r a school for the intensive training neutral countries in Rrszil.
o f students who wish to become regis­ cree is directed against the consuls o f
Austria and Holland.
tered nurses.
Secretary McAdoo is Appointed
Director-General of Lines.
President Deems Unification o f Trans­
portation Pertinent to Country
During Period o f War.
Washington, D. C. — Government
possession and operation o f the Na­
tion's railroads for the war period was
proclaimed by President Wilson Wed­
nesday night, to become effective at
noon Friday, December 28. William
G. McAdoo, retaining his place in the
cabinet as Secretary o f the Treasury,
is placed in charge as Director General
o f Railroads.
Every railroad engaged in general
transportation, with its appurtenances,
including steamship lines, is taken
over, and all systems w ill be operated
as under the Director General.
In a statement accompanying his
proclamation, the President announced
that as soon as congress re-assembled
he would recommend legislation guar­
anteeing pre-war earnings and main­
tenance o f railroad properties in good
The President's move, although fore­
cast for weeks, came at this time »
great surprise to nearly everybody in
Washington, including railroad offi­
cials. It had been generally believed
he would await the re-assembling o f
congress before taking any step. He
acted through Secretary o f War Baker
under authority conferred in the army
appropriation act.
Direct management o f the railroads
w ill remain in the hands o f railroad
officials, and the Railroad War Board,
comprised o f five railroad heads, w ill
continue to direct actual operation
under Secretary McAdoo's general su­
The chief practical effect o f govern-
1 ment operation w ill be to permit a
; complete unification of all rail sys­
tems, impossible under private opera­
tion because o f statutes prohibiting
pooling o f rail traffic and earnings.
The railroads themselves had gone as
far as they dared in this direction and
it became known only recently that
they had been warned by Attorney
General Gregory that a violation o f
anti-pooling laws could not be per­
This situation was fully realized by
President Wilson, who in his state­
ment declared the roads had gone as
far as they could and that already
some systems were endangering their
earnings in attempting unification.
Although the proclamation applies S H I P O F M Y S T E R Y
to all electric linse engaged in general
transportation, local interurban sys­ Queer Craft Ruled by Committee, Said
tems are specifically exempted.
to Be Bolsheviki.
Congress w ill be asked to guarantee
earnings equivalent to the average net
A Pacific Port— Unhearlded and re­
operating income o f each railroad in garded as a mystery ship along the
the three-year period ending June 30, waterfront,
the Russian freighter
1917. Railroad experts estimate that Shilka, Captain Boris Dogal, slipped in­
this will cost the government next to the'harbor here just before mid­
year in the neighborhood of $100,000,- night Friday.
The Shilka is direct
OOO, which can be raised in large part from Vladivostok and is under Bolshe­
by increased freights i f the Interstate viki control.
Commerce commission
grants the
The steamer left Vladivostok No­
roads’ application for the 15 per cent vember 24 as a “ Kerensky ship,” but
increase now pending. Otherwise it when a few days out the crew muti­
will be paid largely out o f the general nied and took control, declaring for
government funds.
the Bolsheviki regime.
The wireless
The Interstate Commerce commis­ operator attempted to send out word
sion and other government agencies o f the mutiny and the sailors prepared
which have to do with the railroads to shoot him, but changed their minds.
w ill continue to perform their func­
Before the real identity o f the sh’ n
tions as heretofore, except that they was learned Saturday members o f the
w ill be subject to orders o f the Di­ crew attended I. W. W. meetings, it
rector of Railroads.
is said.
The President makes it clear that
The armed guards at the ship now
his decision was not made because of have orders to allow no one to land
any failure on the part o f the railroads from her. The ‘ immigration authori­
to perform their whole duty insofar as ties probably will take charge o f the
they could while hampered as they craft.
were by legal restrictions.
No one in authority would venture
“ The committee o f railroad execu­ to predict what would be done with the
tives,” said his statement, “ have done ship. It is pointed out that she came
the utmost that it was possible for into port with the men I in command
them to do, but there were difficulties claiming allegiance to the Bolsheviki
they neither could expect |nor neutral­ government, which has not been rec­
ize. In mere fairness to them the full ognized by the United States, and this
authority o f the government must be may cause the temporary internment
o f the vessel.
Miss Opal Whitsly, well-known na­
ture student, who is attending the
University o f Oregon, sustained pain­
ful bums o f the face Monday. The ac­
cident happened where she has been
rooming while attending school,
Attroney General Brown has ruled
that Ssctsrsry o f State Olcett need not
audit 64 claims, amounting to $700,
presented by Acting Adjutant General
Williams, as officers’ allowances for
uniforms in the National guard.
Ukraine, Odessa and Cossacks
Unite to Ditch Radicals'
Mr. and Mrs. W. 11. Hiatt, o f A l­
bany, celebrated the 64th anniversary Appearance o f German and Austrian
o f their marriage Monday.
Officer« Causes Heartburnings -
few people within the state o f Oregon
have celebrated 14 wedding anniver-
Constitutionalists Accused.
sarlea after their gulden wedding.
Bombs were set off on three sides of
the house occupied by Samuel lliesel,
w ife and five small children on Cedar
Flat, near Eugene, Thursday night and
Friday morning. Biesel found a warn­
ing, with skull and crussbonea and the
worda, “ Move out.”
London —- Thu Rada, the govern i ig
laxly o f the Ukraine, apparently la
maintaining its determined land aa
to the Bolshevik government.
It is
riqxirted that it bss converted Its sym­
pathies with the movement o f Gsnert)
The preliminary examinations o f
Kuledincs, the Cossack leader, Into i
Floyd Hertxell and John Walsh on a
definite alliance.
charge o f attacking a 14-year-old girl
Advices received from Russia ars to
were held before Judge Cornelius at
the effect that the Bolsheviki commis­
Astoria Monday.
Both men were
sioners, after receiving the Rada’s re­
committed to the county ja il to await
jection o f the Bolsheviki ultimatum,
action of the grand jury.
sent another one, givin g the UlrrlWx
State Game Warden
Shoemaker, a further 48 hours In which to recoh- ”
during hia visit to Coos Bay recently aider its refusal.
Another re|>ort received here says
consulted with Deputy Game Warden
Thomas and isaued an order to close that Odeasa now has definitely gone
commercial fishing on Tsilcous Lake, over to the side o f the Ukraine,
on the Southern Pacific railway, be­ tails o f the capture o f Roatov•on^
printed in Petrograd show there
tween Umpqua and Siualaw rivers.
six days o f lighting before the
Reis Evans and Leo Allen, formerly ••arks e n te r«I the town last Hgttf
members o f the Sheridan high school,
The Red Guards ioat 800 men k ill»
but now in the service o f Uncle SSfn gml 1000 wounded in the fighting. The
in France, were given credit for high Cossacks gave short shrift to the “ K#d
school work as a result o f having com­ Guards," whom they hate.
pleted nine months’ military service. sh evik l. chiefs, tjed from the town
This w ill entitle them to their di­ board waofljintw
There N m M rb no Important flgh
mg st N ^ filJ p W n ii. 'province of tl
Three directors have been chosen to
Don, where'fTn MpUhcviki tnxips hay
guide the destinies o f the Grande
fraternized with the Cossacks. ¡A
Ronde drainage district which, when
clash lias taken place between the
completed, w ill drain 42,000 acres of
sheviki and Ukranians at tiolgl
rich land in this section. O f the total
Bessarabia. The town is on fire.
area included in the preliminary sur­
It is said that a great quantl lt> <
vey, 23,000 acres were represented at
valuable property has been taken R o l
a recent meeting.
houses of the rich in Petrograi
W illiam Albers, C’. C. Chapman ami mobs searching for liquor,
W. B. Dodson, o f Portland, have been the buildings sacked is the
named by Governor Withycombe as Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna
members o f a commission to investi­ o f Grand Duke Vladimir.
While the peace delegates iJk- as­
gate creamery and dairying conditions
in the state. These men w ill act with sembling the activity at Petrognud of
Dairy ami Food Commissioner Mickle a nurnlx r o f German and Austrloin q P f
cert apparently IS causing he* *l1 MB
and W. K. Newell.
ings. Circulars have been sprus
Captain W. A. Arnold, who has i>een leging that the council o f soldier«’ so*
organixing the loggers ami lumber workmen’s delegates ia in negotiations
workers o f Coos county, has visited all with these enemy officers. The Prav
hut one logging camp in the county the Bolsheviki orgsn prints sn unqu^M
and has signed approximately 1150 I died *lo«gtl iiwl f i l l l, ■lilfTfTi*f gfix.
members in the l.oyal I/egion o f trig­ ‘ Siftfinst the Constitutions) Demor. I
gers and Lumber Workers, which rppr alleging that they are tfyin g to uf<|
resents the logging strength there, ■
mine Trotsky and famine.
J. W. Sumner, said to be a Mojftjppa
land dealer, was Tuesday made defend­
ant in a suit in the Pendleton Circuit
court for $30,000 damages. The suit
was filed by Simeon C. Kilgore.
Kilgore, who is s farmer o f Um atilla
county, alleges that Sumner alienated
the affections o f his wife, Frsnkie F.
Kilgore, daughter o f Ben P. Ogle,
once known as the wheat king o f that
section. Mr. K ilgore seeks a divorce.
J. W. Brewer, farm help specialist
for Oregon for the department o f A g ­
riculture, is in Salem working in con­
junction with Labor
H off and his assistant, Lester
Davis, in co-ordinating and combining
the work for next year to be carried
on in furnishing the farmers o f the
state with a sufficient supply o f help
when it is needed.
Neal Baily, who is a native son of
Grant county, died Ht his home in
Prairie City Friday, following a short
illness with pneumonia,
Mr. Baily
had served as city marshal o f Prairie
City for 25 years. He is survived by
hia widow, one Bister, o f Portland, and
five brothers, Dan, Eugene, Jerry and
Patrick, o f Prairie City, and John I).
Baily, o f Boise, Idaho. I
One hundred and sixty-five moles,
whose skins were worth a total o f $35,
were caught in traps by Glenn Bailey,
a 14-year-old boy, living east o f Eu­
gene. Only four traps were used and
the catch was made in a single season.
Some firms are paying from 35 cents
to 40 cents for male pelts now, it is
The demand for them is
greater than ever before.
Michigan Coal Shortage Force# Fuel
Administration to Act.
-• Washington, p , c . — Fuel
Mirhingan Gave latched
ebb that Adroyiistrator
has asked manufacturers in * A t state
to Kuapund operations of industrial
plants from midnight Saturday until
midnight December 29.
The only e^rci'tion* are factories
making WsV' munitii#,*
prompt shipment.
Mr.’ Prudden’s request whs e
in telegrams sent a fter a coi rence
here with Fuel Administrator
It aaid:
“ In order to cotihok /'the s..
supply now on l)aud
within the state-of Michigan, 1 sug-
gest and requeat that every plant en­
gaged in manufacturing, directly or
indirectly, any operation from mid­
night December 22 until midnight De­
cember 29.-
“ No exception should he made ex­
cept.plants engaged in the manufac­
ture r>f*w at Munitions imperatively
needed for prompt shipment. To con­
serve the greatest amount possible of
fuel only such heating as is necessary
to avoid great damage by freezing at
plants should be allot-«¿1.
“ A patriotic res|sinse and adoption
o f the within request may obviate Is-
sumi: pOCKiWrofllera covering a longer
“ Unless present condition# quick
improve fuel on hand w ill be need
for household use.”
Hunt Takes Over Office.
Phoenix, A riz .— Thomas E. Campbell
turned over the governorship o f A riz­
ona to Governor George W. P. Hunt
Christmas morning, in obedience to the
mandate o f the Supreme court o f the
state which found that Governor Hunt
is the legally elected governor by a
pluralty o f 43. The ceremony was al­
most featureless except fo r the circum­
stances o f a change in administration
under such unusual conditions, and o f
the knowledge that the transfer
marked the end o f a most remarkable
election contest o f the state.
Argentina Voices Hatred.
Buenos Aires - Only the utmost v ig i­
lance o f patrols and mounted troops
prevented an outbreak o f anti-German
rioting Sunday afternoon. The down­
town streets were crowded with Christ­
mas shoppers and several attempts
were made to organize demonstrations.
The crowds dispersed when charged by
troops, but patrols trotted through the
downtown section all night, preventing
marching crowds from joining each
other. The publication o f additional
Luxburg dispatches has caused a new
outburst of bitterness against Germany.
Governor Wihycombe has expressed
Drug Addicts Increase.
his disapproval o f a plan to provide an
New York Declarations by Joseph
executive mansion for the president of
the Oregon Agricultural College.
A. Warren, counsel for the New York
The first fatal auto accident in Grant State department o f health, that there
county occurred Friday when a car was an increase in the number o f drug
containing D. A. Yokom and hia son, addicts reported by doctors, and that it
A. C. Yokom, plunged over the grade was apparent many o f these doctors
on Canyon creek.
The father was “ are not attempting to cure th#se ad­
driving and turned his head for an in­ dicts, but are merely supplying them
stant to hear a remark the son was with drugs,” were the outstanding
making when the machine went over features at Monday's session- of the
joint legislative commission Investi­
the narrow grade into Canyon creek.
gating the drug traffic. Mr. Warren
Librarian J. 8. RichardH, o f the HUKKested that only specially Licensed
Carnegie Library at Marshfield, has physicians be permitted to proscribe.
Slavs Violent in Speech.
Petrograd, Wednesday — A
meeting o f anarchists was held on Sun­
day afternoon at which inflammatory
speeches against the United States
were delivered, the speakers basing
their attacks on the arrest o f Emma
Goldman, Alexander
Berkman and
Louis Kramer. Some o f the speakers
urged violence against the American
embassy, but only a mild resolution of
protest was the outcome o f the
Peace Proposals Come.
Geneva, Switzerland- According to
a report in diplomatic circles in Berne,
the German representatives in neutral
countries already have received the
German emperor's Christmas proposals
for peace, which were divulged to the
world Christmas. The conditions re­
ported in the proposals are said to be
far more conciliatory than have been
former documents on the subject, but
vague and elastic and with no explicit
declaration o f Germany’s terms.
issued sn order that any books In the
I*#»L Alamo Fighter Dead.
possession o f families where scarletina
had been noted must be burned and the
San Antonio, i^-x.— Enrique Espur-
borrowers would be held responsible sa, the last survive»» k,,f the Alamo, M
for their being replaced.
dead. When on March «*. 1S36, San^r
Ana stormed in the final and » u w
Earl Withycombe, 26 years old, the assault the rhapd where a hatiuful
youngest son o f Governor Withycombe, Americans fought to their deaths sur­
has enlisted in the highway engineers rounded by piles o f Mexican He
and been sent to Vancouver prepara­ victors found a group o f Mexic
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