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The idiocy o f tome o f the freak
legislation foisted on the people
o f different stateg cause» great
sutTering and crime.
Frees reports say that in an
eastern state a garment maker
who had contracted what was
claimed to be tuberculosis was
barred from working at his trade.
He had a family and six chil­
dren and the edict o f the board
o f health cut him out from all
chance o f earning u livelihood.
The mother tried by all kind o f
Vork and hardship to support the
childrer and the father who was
debarred from supporting them.
The state that enated this law
and the board o f health that en­
forced it against the bread win­
ner did nothing to help the family,
Finally in the blind desperation
o f motherlove the woman stole
food for her suffering children
and waH arrested and put in jail.
The fumily had been industrial­
ly annihilated by law and the de­
cree o f the state medical board
but the man grew well and
The man was humiliated, the
innocent children suffered, and
the mother driven to crime by a
law that made no provision for
the results o f its enforcem ent
These half-l>aked laws do more
harm than good, producing crime
and pauperization and the com­
mon sense o f the judge refused
to send the mother to prison.
Laws that interfere with a
person making a living at any
honest industry should provide
for those who suffer from such
The Labor Clarion of San Fran­
cisco does not believe in the great
variety o f compulsory labor legis­
lation. “ The faddists who are
at the present time advocating
all sorts o f compulsion for the
workers, such as compulsory ar-
britration, compulsory sickness
insurance, compulsory military
training, etc., as a general rule,
know that they are not to be
caught up in the clutches o f the
law they so vigorously advocate. ”
The above quotation is signific­
ant because it is from one o f the
most radical and progressive
organs of unionism.
The professional politician who
advocates all kinds o f compulsory
labor laws not only injures indus­
tries, but injures the cause o f
The political reform er sees a
chance to buy votes by advocat­
ing some form o f compulsory
labor legislation and he put
through a new law.
Those who toil are “ caught up
in the clutches o f the law ,” and
the politican who put it over is
looking for new bait for vote
It is all very well for certain
zealous citizens to keep their pa-
riotism at a high temperature,
but they ought not to permit the
pot to boil over. W e have no use
for ihe jingo or the fireband, but
the most contemptible o f all these
patriots-on-parade is the fellow
who openly questions the loyalty
o f all those who do not happen to
be shouting their patriotism from
the house tops. We mean the
fellow who would measure
measure a
picion suspicion and an attempt
has been made to create the im­
pression that they are involved
in an intrigue against the gov­
ernment. The only basis for this
insidious accusation is that they
happen to be o f German birth
and expressed personal sympathy
with the German cause at the
outbreak o f the war and prior to
th<* trouble now brewing between
the two countries. All o f which
was plausible at that time, and
in no sense should reflect upon
the genuine Americanism o f these
men when the real test comes.
We hold no brief for the men
who have been maligned. They
need none, for their public and
private records as leading citizens
o f the commonwealth speak for
themselves. Appreciating t h e
ties that bind them to the father-
land, we have only the most pro­
found sympathy for the suffering
that they must naturally exper­
ience. To censure them now is
criminal. For when the real
time does come, we look to see
every man o f them step to the
front, and by their deeds o f de­
votion to the country o f their
adoption, put to shame the ex - 1
elusive school o f ultra-patriots
who dare to point the finger o f
suspicion at them now.
It! the meanwhile, those who
persist in prematurely judging
the patriotism o f others, and who
would scatter broadcast the seeds
o f their own evil suspicions, con­
vict themselves o f being on a par
with traitors. They are undesir­
able citizens themselves and will
prove a curse to any community
that countenances their pernic­
ious activities.
We cannot afford to tolerate
the character assassins
longer. Bad blood is brewing
about the city, and it is high time
that the dirty tactics be abandon­
ed. Goodwin’s Weekly.
Nobility is a question o f char­
acter, not o f birth.
To be self-respecting we must
be self-supporting.
He loves his country best who
strives to make it best.
He who commends the brutal­
ities o f the past, sows the seed o f
future crime.
To the well developed, to the
strong, life seems rich, obstacles
small, and success easy.
Hope is the almost universal
liar who has never lost his repu­
tation for veracity.
Justice should remove the
Sandage from her eyes long
enough to distinguish between
the vicious and the unfortunate.
When perfectly civilized one o f
the necessities o f man’ s life will
be, that the lives o f others shall
be o f some value to them.
Liberty is the air o f the soul,
the sunshine o f life. Without it
the world is a prison and the uni­
verse an infinite dungeon.
A man should allow himself to
grow, to bud, to blossom and
bear fruit, and not be satisfied
with the rotten apples under the
A politician is a man who wants
his country to do something for
him ; a patriot is one who wants
to do something for his country.
Courage without conscience is
a wild beast. Patriotism without
principle is the prejudice o f birth,
the animal attachment for place
man’s patriotism by the amount
o f noise he makes.
‘My gracious!” exclaimed the
An acute situation has arisen beautiful creature as she rushed
in this community that threatens past at terrible speed.
“ Don’t
to create extreme dissention and detain me! I ’m going to the doctor
do gross injustice unless the vie- j to be vaccinated! Brother Willie
ious propaganda is promptly has adenoids, and I don’t want to
stamped o u t A goodly number get them. I ’ve tried all my life
o f our best citizens have been to keep from being exposed to
made the victims o f sinister sus-1 them.
What caused the war in Eu­
rope? In the last analysis this:
France rented money, while Ger­
many made money work.
The French are the money lend­
ers o f the world. They save and
lease their savings at low rentals
(interest) to those who know
how to use it.
The Germans also save. But
instead o f lending their money,
renting it, they make it perform
to its full earning power. The
Germans took their savings and
backed each other in industry.
Having bought out Mr. Brentner’ s
Jean, the Frenchman, bought “Unification of Regulation !a Eoeantial."
A Complete, Harmonious, Coneietent
a bond—he rented his money.
and Rotated System Needed— Federal
Harts, the German bought a
stock I have established a bargain
Incorporation of Railroad» by Gener­
share o f stock—and made his
al Law Favored.
money work for him
Washington, March 2fl.—Responslbll-
section of various items and rem­
And so France stood still with Ity for tbe railway development o f the
an income that gave her a living country, for providing necesaary trans­
and nothing more. Germany portation facilities to care for tbe grow­
went ahead by leaps and bounds, ing business and population o f tbe
her expanding industry absorb­ country, now rests largely with con­
gress and not entirely wltb tbe rail­
Call in and inspect, you will find
ing world trade until sh^became road managers. This was tbe state­
a menace to those o f other nations ment o f Judge Robert 8. Lovett, chair­
man o f tbe executive committee o f tbo
who make their money work.
some excellent values.
Union Pacific system, to tbe K e w ’ands
The clash—regardless of how joint congressional committee when
it started in the present instance that body resumed Its inquiry Into
the subject of railroad regulation tbia
— was bound to come.
There is meat in this thought
In making this statement o f the
for all o f us. In spite o f the changed condlUons o f tbe railroad sit­
prominence which Wall Street uation Judge Lovett undoubtedly bad
In mind tbe decision o f the supreme
gains on the front pages, the court on the Adamson law, handed
great mass o f American savers down last week, which establishes tbe
are money renters not investors. right o f the federal government to flx
railroad wages and to prevent strikes.
They rent their money to savings This decision is regarded by railroad
institutions at low interest. They men and lawyers as marking an epoch
In tbe development o f transportation
are ultra-conservative.
In tbe United States.
A recent book is causing ani­
"W e have our share o f responsibil­
“ Meeting and Beating Competition” .
mated discussion in financial cir­ ity," said Judge Lovett, “ but It rests
primarily on cougress. When tbe gov-
cles. It is written by H. L. Bar­ 1 crument regulates the rates and tbe
ber. u Chicago financial expert, Inanclal administration o f the rail­
and it is called: “ Making Money roads, the borrowing o f money and tbe
Issuance of securities it relieves tbe
Make Money.”
rstlroad officers o f tbe res|>onslbllity of
In this volume the writer has providing uiid developing transporta­
called attention to the rapid con­ tion systems, except within tbe limits
o f the revenue that can bo realized from
centration o f wealth in a few such rates uud under such restrictions.
hands. I maintain the theory
“ For a country such us ours, for a
that this wealth could be largely people situated as wo are. to blunder
aioug with a series of unrelated, incon­
distributed if the public could be sistent, conflicting statutes enacted by
Today, tomorrow, or next week you
taught to invest its savings.
different states without relation to
will find the best that can be bought
In other words, the average
plete and carefully studied and pre­
any time or any place.
American saver rents his money pared system o f regulation for a busi­
to those who know how to make ness that Is so vital to the life o f the
it work, and who have the cour­ uation, la worse than folly."
lie summed up tbe present problems
age to make it work. Those who and difficulties o f tbe railroads as fol­
Prices as low as consistent with
have this knowledge are the few lows:
first-class merchandise.
First.—Tbe multiplicity o f regula­
who are gathering all the wealth.
tions by tbe several states with respect
The money lessors are struggling to tbe issue o f securities. Involving de­
to a competance through bitter lays and conflicting state policies gen­
erally dangerous and possibly disas­
years o f penurious sacrifice.
The whole flow o f financial ad­
Second.—The state regulation of
vice given to savers is toward rates in such a manner as to unduly
this ultra-conservatism, this sy­ reduce revenues, to discriminate In fa­
vor o f localities and shippers within
stem o f renting out, wings. The its own borders as against localities
ones who do not heeti this advice and shippers In other states and to dls
turb and disarrange the structure o f
are the richest men in the land. < Interstate
When E. H. Harriman died his
Third.—The inability o f the Inter­
strong boxes were found to con­ state Commerce Commission, whoever
the commissioners may be, to perform
Mark out your route before you start Have
tain many shares o f worthless the vast duties devolving upon It un­
an object in wo ^ ^ m l earning, saving. A busi­
stock. But those investments der existing laws, resulting In delay—
ness for yourself, l^ W fe , a home, an education,
which had been winners made which should never occur In commer­
cial matters—and compelling the com­
a pleasant trip. Have a fixed idea, an end to be
the losses trival by comparison.
missioners to accept the conclusions of
J. Pierpont Morgan left behind their employees as final in deciding
accomplished, and a check account with this bank.
him plenty o f “ undigested securi­ matters o f great Importance to tbe
The man with a Bank Account and a Destination
commercial aud railroad interests of
is pretty sure to Arrive.
These men were investors, the country.
Fourth.—The practical legality that
who make money do work. They
make their mistakes. But their has been accorded conspiracies to tie
eggs were never all in one basket. up and suspend the operation o f tbe
railroads o f tbe country by strikes and
When they lost they lost moder­ violence and the absence o f any law
ately. When they won they won to compel the settlement of such dis­
putes by arbitration or other judicial
Tony with the pushcart invests means, as all otfier issues between citi­
$10 in stock and makes this in­ zens in civilised states are to be set­
W e used to worry when people
vestment earn 25 per cent a day. tled.
and obligations to tbe public and the
Fifth.—Tha phenomenal lncreaae In
But even this concrete example
government, so that every Investor will said something unkind about us.
o f the earning power o f money tbe taxation o f railroads In recent know precisely what every railroad Now we worry when they don’t
corporation may and may not lawfullv
fails to teach him the lesson. He years.
for then w e’re afraid w e’ve not
Sixth.—The cumulative effect of
deposits these earnings in a sav­ these conditions upou the Investing do."
the right thing.
ings bank and gets 4 per cent in­ public, to which railroad companies
terest on them, while those who must look for tbe capital necessary to lution o f these problems and difficul­
ties rested with congress. He told the
invested in the saving bank’s continue development.
committee that under the constitution
Now that we must fight Ger­
stock are receiving from 20 to 40
“ W e believe tbut the unification of the authority o f the federal govern­
let us do so with a free hand
per cent profits on their money.
ment Is paramount, that consress has
When Tony accumulates $1,000 Lovett, "and that with the rapid in­ the power to legislate for a centralized and not take up the family quar­
he takes it back with him to the crease o f state commissions In recent control o f railroads under federal char­ rels o f European countries. Pres­
old country. I f he had learned years congress will in time be com­ ters and that It only remains for that ident Wilson says that we have
pelled to exercise its power in tlle I body to exercise that power
to make money work he would be premises. To unify regulation there
been badly t r e a t d M f a ^ M
here still getting rich.
should be a complete, harmonious, con­
which <
The moral is this: Don’ t rent sistent and related system. We be-
your money. Be conservative in , lleve the best. If not the only practical
W hat has become o f Mr. High entirely!
your investments, but invest. plan, is the federal Incorporation of C o st o f Living. He must have The A i
Have faith in your fellow men. railroad« by general law, whtcfc -frill
shirk their
thereunder com- SMie back to visit his w ife's rela-
Back their brains and your own ma ka^taAorporn t ion tl
country, but do i
judgment. Don’ t have your eggs
ut fhe United
Ci __ _ th in g about him, aside of course o f going to the
companies fl^roui
all in one basket. Make your
States tbe
rate powi
savings work for you. and you restrlcl
from the agonised groans o f the to take a hand in a w a r o f th e
t to the! U
are headed toward wealth.
s i l i # lava • people w ho h av e to pay his trib u te . other fellows choosing.
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the game
Musi Share Responsibility I
F uture Development.
SELIG’S, Cash Price Store,
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