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    Royal D -L it e
í~! 2.50
All Style«
All Sixes
Royal Shoe Co.
148 Fourth St.
N u r Movtifton
O f ««un
Hh«ri*»n4Ml, 2Ae im l ¡MV • iti«rn. K k I v m and Hel*
■um gruutul. Automatic K w n Kilga Ca., l«y 'v
Fourth 8t.. Portixmi. Or*uion
Uir«. HhurthxmL Tyi*-writing, Ituukk« «ulti*.
Ktufluh Krxnchra. I*ubile ;{l»n<«r«(ih rro. Multi-
Rrtphlng Aliti Mlmrograiihliig.
I'viwn.al ittnii*
Mon. r «* ltl»n * wtwn ( «*iru»«'lrnt. New AiUky
Dkl*.. Cur. Srd and Morri«on, 1‘urtlaiuJ. Orxguu.
NEWS ITEMS To Cool a Bum
Of General Interest!
About Oregon
H A N F O R D ’S
Balsam of Myrrh
N e w H o u s to n H o te l
Oregon Hernia Institute
Rupture treated meehanlrally.
fitting mom«
trwtinwinlaU. K«-
auita guaranteed. Oallur wnUv
JO H N SO N A U M B A R (.F J(
411-412 Aiiaby Building. Portland. Oratori
In the andlaaa chain o f Mliafiod cream shipper*
Gaaton. Ora.
liaselwond f-*«.. Portland.
GentW'mcn - • *
We have always lawn
wall pW'aaeel with the lln/Hlwnu.1 Co. and
whenever we have tnor» veal or cream we will
surely ship to you. Youn* truly.
li. E. 8.
Original on file In our ofDct for Inspectkm.
Why not ship ui your cream. Mr. Dairyman?
Prompt returns, correct taste.
H A Z E L W O O D CO., Portland
A H o iu th o U Rmmmdf
Salem Banka In lfl cltlas have 78.6
per cent o f the banking capital and 78
per rent o f the bank deposits o f the
»tat«, according to flguraa compiled
Wednesday by S. G. Sargent, state
superintendent o f banka.
alone has 48 per cent o f the capital For Cuts, Burns,
and 66 |ier cent o f the depoeits o f Ore­ Bruises, Sprain*,
Strains, Stiff Nock,
FumUharl »n «hurt nolle®.
W rit* ft»r
Beal* of Prieri. Ptirllmul Kletlnilywr A
Stereotype- t o.. Front i Stark. FortUnd. ()r.
and Take
the Fire 0
Sixteen Cities of State Have
Over $1,000,000 Deposits Each
Records of Superintendent Sargent
also ahow 16 towna with total bank
de|KMils of $1,000,000 or more. Theae
towna, in which are located 41 slate
Double Tread Pisciar» Proof Tire« and 88 national banka, with deposits
Mail» fremi your »Id oimm Laut lung
totaling $102,418.020.04. are: Port­
aa Hraad New T ill EM Write u r
OKM.iiN V I I l VSI/IM. « H
land, Salem, Pendleton, Astoria, Baker,
Ui) Waabiittf Um 8t..
l'ortlxmJ. Ora.
Eugene, Albany, Medford, The Dallea,
Oregon City, Roeeburg, La Grande,
Marshfield, McMinnville, Corvallis and
I , eut I
kait WrtM lor prttot Ml taipp.ni m : Klamath Falla.
A ll other towna In Oregon, in which
T h i H . F. N o r t o n C o . h rtao. on., smit *. wi
are located 186 state and 61 national
banka, have deposits totaling but $26,-
Deposits in Portland aggregate $72,-
These are distributed
T a il« o n lt n l» r Hua<ntkall. Hhun.
A rt mult.
lu r.vaaem t Writ.. i . b I h . for Instruatluna. M S I« among 18 state and eight national
Ift.uu tu MU.tlu W«.kly. o t iv n tlu.
banka. Salem la next to Portland, its
two state and two national Inatitutiona
1 5 1 -1 *2 T o s t S t., S a n r r a n c l a c o . C a l.
having total deposits o f $4,639,846.82.
Bank depoeita In other Oregon cities
wh«re the total is above $1,000,000
are as follow s:
Pendleton, $3,646,-
339.02; Astoria, $3,418,433.98; Bak­
er, $2,836,046.07; Eugene, $2,800,-
Four Rlarli. from Union Station. Umler n«w
036.76; Albany, $1,799,199.82; Med­
n u n ira n .n t. A ll ruunu. nrwly dot-orated.
ford, $1,626,802.83; The Dallea, $1,-
326,708.07; Oregon City, $1,284,715.-
Kate* SOc. 75«. SI. S I SO !>«« l)«y.
$1,180,757.80; McMinnville, $1,174,-
Klamath Falla, $1,126,204.77.
Chilblains, Lame Back,
OldSores, Open Wounds,
a n d all External Injuries.
Made Since 1846.
Prise 25c, 50c and $1.00
All Dealers « SHUCUHX,M.I.
a s a *
n il U b U lb ld
than S m a l l p o x . Aim f
«xpeileuc« La* drmonauated
the almost n>lfsculcmj pftt-
C»cr. la d hsrRtlratnaae, of AnHtyphoU Vaccination.
Me pace 1 bated NOW by pour pLytirlao, you and
fou r family. It U mot* vital than bouae Insurance«
Ask your physician, druggist, m «end for lla v*
you had Typhoid/'* te llln f of T y p h o i d Vaccina,
result* from ua , and danger from Typhoid Carrlao*
Tic arrrrt lasocatovy . wtnnrY, lau
reoevciae vacua** a •assaa u n i s . a. aov. u c iiM
Granulated Eyelid*.
M l M g~T Eye. intljincd br
sure to Ssa. Uusland S1E4
luicklv relieved by Ntrlk*
lycUtraedy. No Smarting,
jut« Eye Comfort. A t
Your Druggist*« 50r per Bottle. Maris* I j l
Salv«inTubc<2*c. Fm (Uokolihttyef reeatk
Drugguts or Muriac tje Kenedy Cs , Chicago
all tile a. V*«t. «le««.
1 o i uan.e r.ia l,
lu t r r i-
I .«St* ail
■ e a • <> n .
M sdeoi
m e ta l, t a n -1 » p i l l c r t lp
o »e * : « H I n i t » o il or
ta | u re a n y t h in g .
Guaranteed H I«eU *e.
S » ld
d e a le rs ,
I * **■•« l»T tiptsu pi*-
paid I « * f l .
■AAOLD »OMlAft. 160 Da&aib A*a . »ree* I y a. » . T.
St. Paul Firm Gets W. L . Pulliam.
MarahAeld — W. L. Pulliam, a log­
ging contractor who has been operat­
ing on the Columbia river for aeveral
seasons, soon w ill open a camp on
South Coos river on the Merchant tract
of 800 acres, and the operations will
be under the supervision o f the Thos.
Irvine company, o f St. Paul, which re­
cently bought timber in this county
for a sum estimated to be near half a
million dollars. The camp w ill be lo­
cated 20 miles from MarshAeld and
two milea from South Coos river,
where logs will be dumped in tide­
water. The operations are intended
solely for delivery o f logs to mills on
Coos Bay and the company has no in­
tention o f operating any milla at pres­
Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription
makes weak women strong, sick women
well, no alcohol. Sold in tablets or liquid.
Using aiitciinobllra ua gopher killing
machine* le the novel service to which
His Only Chance.
care have been put by Oregon farmer*
time ago on the shooting
who have eet about to kill gophers,
range a recruit was taking a lesson tn
and other burrowing animal* that
firing, but not with very promising re
damage their crop*. A car, preferably
suits. A fter repeatedly falling to hit
one that la light, la driven Into the
the target at 300 yards, the Instructm
field where the gophera live. The en­
tried him at 200. with the same result
gine la allowed to continue running
He then decided to try him at 100
and one end of a hose I* attached to
yards, l>ut_the results were even worse
the exhaust while the other end I* In
than before. Losing all patience, the
■erted Ir. a gopher hole and packed
Instructor exclaimed In disgust;
about with a cloth and a little dirt. In
“ Fix your bayonet and go and stat
a short time the fumes penetrate the
the wretched thing; It’s your only
various paxHngea and Issue from other
chance!"— Toronto Mall.
These are then plugged up;
Gun to Warn Fishermen.
after this has been done the gases
Astoria — Beginning with last Sun­
penetrate to the remotest chamber,
and the Inhabitants are suffocated.— day, Colonel Ludlow, commanding offi­
From the August E o p s lir Mechanics cer at the fortifications about the
party) — Docs your
mother allow you to have two pieces
of pie when you nro at home, Willie?
W illie (who has asked for a second
piece)— No, ma'am
"W e ll, do you think that she'd like
you to have two pieces here?"
"O h," confidently, "she wouldn't
care. This Isn't her plo."— Philadel­
phia Public Ledger.
High Coat of Life.
mouth o f tne river, w ill have a gun
Ased at Fort Stevens and one at Fort
Columbia at 6 o ’clock Saturday and
Sunday nights, as a notice to the Ash-
Thia w ill be done in accordance with
a request from the State Fisheries de­
partment and is intended to prevent
anyone inadvertently violating the
Sunday closing law. As another pre­
caution, Deputy Fish Warden Larson
has made arrangements to have a Aag
raised at those hours on IleBdemona
W ayne— Brown does a lot of enter­
taining at hi* country place.
Payne— Docs he succeed In growing
Cherry C rop is Canned.
The Dallea— Libby, M cNeill & Lib­
W ayne— His mortgage has grown
from (2,000 to $5,000 since April, and by’s cannery has put up 30,000 cases
will probably jump another thousand o f cherries, Anishing thia week.
before August— Pittsburgh Dispatch.
concern w ill commence canning apri­
S lip
Veal, Pork,
Beef, Poultry,
Butter, Eggs &
Farm Produce
To the OH ReliftM« Everding H our ® with a
record o f 45 y< urn o f Square Dnalings and be
AMurod of
cots next week, and with thia fruit and
Bartlett pear* expects to be in opera­
tion until October. The fruit is com­
ing from North Yakima, Lewiston,
Idaho, White Salmon,
Hood River, Mosier, and many other
outside points, as well as large quan-
tities'in the section immediately sur­
rounding The Dalles.
Shipment is
made entirely by rail.
Big Tim ber Body Offered.
Hood R iver— T. H. Sherrard, state
forest supervisor, has advertised for
bids on 7020 acres containing 330,000,-
000 feet o f Douglas Ar, Western hem­
45-47 Front St,
PORTLAND, ORE lock, Amabilie Ar, Noble Ar, Western
red cedar and white pine timber in the
Cascade National forest. Under the
terms o f the sale a mill on the Weat
No. 31, IBIS
P. N. U.
Fork o f Hood R iver with sufficient
cutting .capacity to hand!«, the timber
W H K N writ Ins tn nd-riilMra. pleas* men- I
in the next 10 or 12 years, w ill be re­
Top Market Prices.
Lydia E. Pinkham’a Vegeta­
ble Compound Helped Her.
W est Danby, N. Y . — “ I have had
nervous trouble all mv life until I took
Lydia E. 1'inkham's
V e g e t a b l e Com­
pound f o r nerves
and for female trou­
bles and it straight­
ened me out in good
shape. I work nearly
all the time, as we
live on a farm and I
have four girls. Id o
all my sewing and
other w o r k w it h
their h e lp , ao i t
shows that I stand it real well. I took
the Compound when my ten year old
daughter came and it helped me a lo t
I have also had my oldest girl take it
and it did her lota o f good. 1 keep it in
the house all the time and recommend
It.” —Mrs. D e w it t S inckbauoh , West
Danby, N. Y .
Sleeplessness, nervousness, irritabil­
ity, backache, headaches, dragging sen­
sations, all point to female derange­
ments which may be overcome by I.ydia
E. Pinkham’ s Vegetable Compound.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
Ingredients o f which are derived from
native roots and herbs, has for forty
years proved to be a most valuable tonic
and invigoratorof the female organism.
Women everywhere bear willing testi­
mony to the wonderful virtue o f L
£ Pinkham’a Vegetable Com;
Bookkeeping Shorthand Typewriting Penmanship
Letter Writing Arithmetic Commercial Law
and all commercial subjects taught by experienced teachers.
Civil Service training a specialty. The demand for our
Graduates exceeds the supply. W rite Today for Free Illus­
trated Catalogue.
A . T . LINK, Principal.
Phon« Main 5083
Early High Prices Paid for
Prunes Not Repeated Now
Portland— The prune crop outlook in
the Northwest is enitreiy satisfactory
and a record crop now seems assured.
One o f the leading packers estimates
the yield at 40,000,000 pounds. The
largest crop heretofore was about 30,-
000,000 pounds, produced eight or nine
years ago. Since that time many new
orchards have come in. Because o f
the increase in acreage, even if- the
crop were on a parity with last year’s,
the above estimate, it is believed,
would be realized.
The market at the present time is
weak and the future for values is not
so bright.
There was considerable
early contracting, packers paying the
growers 64 to 7 cents for 30-35s, with
a quarter-cent drop for each count o f
5s. These were the highest prices
paid for many years, and between 25
and 30 per cent o f the crop was signed
up, but the quotations are not obtain­
able now. In fact the leading packers
are out o f the market as buyers for
the reason that they are unable to get
orders from the East. Jobbers in the
Eastern states bought only limited
quantities, owing to the high prices,
but they declare they have enough
prunes engaged for the present, and
are satisAed there are more prunes to
be had later on the Coast than are re­
quired for United States consumption.
Furthermore, they assert there w ill be
no export business done in the article
this year.
The high prices prevailing early in
the season were ascribed to the uncer­
tainty as to the Northwestern tonnage,
and the fact that the California mar­
ket was then ruling high.
This en­
abled Northwestern packers to do a
fa ir amount o f business at a very good
Rate on Crabs Delayed.
Salem — Wells, Fargo & Co. has
agreed that, pending a hearing by the
Public Service commission set for July
31 at Portland, it would transport
crabs from Newport, Or., to Portland,
charging on the basis o f 22 pounds a
dozen, instead o f by actual weight, as
heretofore. This charge in on the
same basis as the rate on crabs from
Puget Sound points to Portland.
George Plancich, o f Portland, com­
plained to the commission that the
W ells-Fargo rate on crabs discriminat­
ed in favor o f Puget Sound dealers.
O regon Juice in Demand.
Eugene — The output o f loganberry
juice by the Eugene Fruit Growers’
association cannery thia season has
amounted to almost 16,000 gallons,
several times the production o f any
previous season. Manager J. O. Holt
reports the demand for his Oregon
product constantly increasing.
The cannery ia now engaged in can­
ning string beans, an unusually large
acreage having been planted in the
vicin ity o f Eugene.
First 1916 Wheat is Moved.
Lewiston, Idaho— Tlie Arst wheat of
the 1916 crop was shipped from this
region Thursday by the M . H. Houser
company to Chicago. The wheat was
fortyfold and waa raised on the W. J.
Houser ranch west of Clarkston. Buy­
ers are now offering 86 cents for blue-
stem or fortyfold.
Tilford Bid’g, Tenth and Morrison Sts., Portland, Or.
B a k in g P o w d e r
Passed by the Board of Censors
1st—The manufacturer with the
rigid testa of the laboratory and
2nd—The wholesale grocer with
his high standing and desire to
handle only reliable goods.
3rd—The retail grocer who desires
to handle only those brands he
knows will please his customers.
4th—The food officials with their
rigid laws for the purity and
wholesomeness of food products.
5th— And most important, you,
the housewife with your desire
for purity, efficiency and per­
fect satisfaction.
@ 6 .
Hogs — Prime light, $8.506(9.10;
good to prime, $7.75®8.10; rough
He Didn’t Suffer From That.
heavy, $7.606(7.75; pigs and skips,
A good story I* being told concern­ $6.606(7.10.
Sheep — Yearlings,
$5.75 @ 6.25;
ing the head of Cox’s, the famous army
wethers, $4.756(6; ewes, $2.60®5.50;
bankers and a young officer client.
lambs, $6®8.26.
The subaltern called one day and
aaked the cashier to let him have an
overdraft of 60 pounds.
"I am very sorry. Lieutenant Blank,”
was the answer, "but your account is
already overdrawn 100 pounds, and,
you. see. we have no security, except
your life.”
But Lleutonant. Blank was not to be
put off like this and demanded to see
the head of the firm. To him he re­
peated his request. The banker was
courteous, but firm.
"I am afratd. as the cashier says,
we have no security for any further
advance." he explained. “ You might
get killed, you see. and In that case
we shall lose what we have already
let you have.”
The subaltern regarded the banket
with a scornful stare.
Indian Lands to Be Sold.
"Ob, all right if you won’t,” be said
Klamath Falla— Sixty allotments, on haughtily, "n u t"— scathingly— "let me
the Klamath Indian reservation, north tell you this— you're bally well losing
your nerve.”— Pearson's Weekly.
o f here, belonging to estates o f de­
ceased Indians, are soon to be adver­
tised and sold to the highest bidders,
according to Engineer H. W. Hincks,
of the Indian reclamation service.
Much o f the land is tillable and parts
o f it can be irrigated. Engineer Hincks
W illiam B.
Freer, o f the Klamath reservation, has
ordered surveys to be made o f all the
60 allotments. Mr. Hincks said that
already this season 666 acres o f Indian
lands on the Fort Creek project on the
reservation, have been reclaimed to
water by the Indians.
Portland— Wheat— .Blueatem $1.084
per bushel; fortyfold, 94c; club, 98c;
red flfe, 98c; red Russian, 92c.
M illfeed— Spot prices: Bran, $266$
26.60 per ton; shorts, $296429.50; rol­
led barley, $81.606432.60.
Corn— Whole, $88 per ton; cracked,
Hay — Timothy, Eastern Oregon,
821.606422.60 per ton; timothy, val­
ley, $186(19; alfalfa, $18.606(14.60;
wheat hay, $13.606(14.60.
Bu(ter — Cubes, extras, no bid;
prime firsts, 244c.
Jobbing prices:
Prints, extraa, 276429c; butterfat. No.
1, 26c; No. 2, 24c, Portland.
Eggs — Oregon ranch,
price, current receipts, 24c per dozen.
Jobbing prices: Oregon ranch, can-
died, 26c; selects, 266427c.
Poultry — Hens, 14|c per pound;
broilers, 166(18c; turkeys, live, 206$
22c; ducks, ll® 1 4 c ; geeae, 8®9c.
Veal— Fancy, ll| c per pound.
Pork— Fancy, 114c per pound.
Vegetables— Artichokes, 50c6($l per
dozen; tomatoes, 70c6($1.2& per crate;
cabbage, $1.76 per hundred; garl'c,
10c per pound; peppers, 96(10c; egg­
plant, 124c; lettuce, $1 per crate; cu­
cumbers, $16(1.26 per box; peas, 464
6c per pound; beans, 4®7c; celery, $1
per dozen; corn, 606460c.
Potatoes— New, 146(2c per pound.
Onions— California red and yellow,
$2 per sack; Walla Walla, $2.25.
Green Fruits— Apples, new, $1.26®
1.75 per box; cherries, 66(10c per
p>und; cantaloupe«, $1.106(2.75 per
crate; peaches,
86®76c per box;
watermelons, $14®l|c par pound; Aga,
$1641.60 per box; pluma, 76c®$1.60;
pears, $2; apricot*, $1641.26; gcapes,
$1.76; blackberries, $1.606(1.76; rasp­
berries, 90c6($1.26; blackcap«, $1.50.
Hops— 1916 crop, 8 @ llc per pound;
1916 contracts, ll@ 114c.
Wool— Eastern Oregon, Ane, 23 64
26c; coarse, 306432c; valley, 30@S8c.
Cascara Bark— Old and new, 4c per
Cattle — Steers, choice, $7.506(8;
good, $6.606(7.60; cows, choice, $6.25
6(6.60 good, $6.606(6.25; heifers, $4
646.50; bulls, $36(4.75; stags, $4.60
O u n c e s fo r
(M o re th a n a p o u n d a n d
a h a l f f o r a q u a r te r )
Parts orer 50 makes and models, at half the reg­
ular price. Buy your used auto parts from an
•Id-established and reputable dealer, who has s
reputation to protect and conducts the largest
parts store and carries the largest complete as­
sortment o f used auto parts o f any company this j
side o f Chicago. Our prices are less, and for this
reason we outsell all others. A ll parts are guar-
an teed to be in first-class condition.
323-325-32 7 IURRSIDE ST . RORTUID, 01
Do Your Own Plum bing ]
By b u rin , direct from us at wholesale price,
and sa w the plumber's profits. W rite as to­
day roa r needs. W s w ill « i r . you oar rock-
bottom direct-to-you" prices, f o. b. rail or
boat. W e actualtr ears you from 10 to XS per
cent. A ll roods guaranteed.
Northwest headquarters far Leader Water
Srstemr and Fuller A Johnson Enrfnes.
212 Third Street.
Poetised. O r .»o n
A H in t
Watchful Watting.
Mayor Smith of Utica was urging a
municipal reform.
“ It will best be put through by gen­
tle methods, by hints and sugges­
tions,” he said. “ Hint* and sugges­
tions are often more efficient than
heroic measures.
"A man in a barber chair had a big
claw on his watch chain.
“ ’Bear’s claw?’ said the barber.
” ‘Yep.’
" ’Was it a big bear?’
“ ‘About as big as a two-year-old
“ ’My goodness, sir. how many balls
did It take to kill him?’
“ ’None.’
“ ’My goodness, did you kill him
with a knife?’
“ Doing anything now, Sam, to help
your w ife?”
“ Oh, yea, salt.”
“ Getting washing for her?”
“ Oh, no, sah.”
“ I suppose you carry home the wash­
ing after she does it?"
“ No. sah; I doan do thaL”
“ W ell, what do you do, Sam?”
“ Why, I stay home and watch da
house while she delivers d’ washln’,
boss.”— Yonkers Statesman.
To Ureal: ia Mew Shoes.
A lw ays shake In A lle n ’s Foot dsse, s powder.
(t cures hot, sw eetin g, o r b in g , sw ollen feek
Jure* corns. In g ro w in g nails and bunions. A|
«11 dru ggists and shoe stores, ZSo. Dont accept
m y substitute. Sample m sl led F U L L . Address
A llen 8. Olm sted, Le Roy N. Y.
“ ’No.’
“ ‘Then— then, er— ’
" T talked him to death.’ said the
man in the chair significantly.”
No Permit.
“ Here's interesting news.”
“ W hat’s dat?”
“ In Senegal youse have to get a gov­
Her Next Branch.
ernment permit to take a bath."
Young Lady— How is It you don’t
“ Dat's de place fer me. I ’m always
come to Sunday school. Kate?
on de outs w it’ de administration.
Kate— Oh. please, miss. I ’m learn­ Louisville Courier-Journal.
ing French and music now, and moth­
er doesn't wish me to take up religion
Might Help Som*.
till later.— Boston Transcript.
“ Preparedness, you say?”
"Yes. mother. All we girls are go­
“ The steamer report* that the crew
found an ox swimming about, probably ing in for it strong.”
"W ell, I hope that tendency will
escaped from a cattle ship, and took
moderate your reluctance to wear rub­
It aboard.”
“ Did they put It in the steerage?"— ber« in wet weather," sighed ma. —
Louisville Courier-Journal.
Baltimore American.
A Famous Physician’s
Wonderful Discovery
A fter a aeries of careful experiments
and tests at the Invalids' Hotel and
Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., cov­
ering many years—Dr. Pierce, the
medical director of that hospital made
announcement that he could prove
that a medicine which he called “ AN-
U R IC " was the best uric acid solvent
now to be had. As a remedy for those
easily recognized symptoms of Inflam­
mation—as scalding urine, backache
and frequent urination, as well as sedi­
ment In the urine, or if uric acid in
the blood has caused rheumatism, lum­
bago. sciatica, gout, it is simply won­
derful how quickly “ Anurlc” acts;
causing the paint and stiffness rapidly
to disappear.
Swollen hands, ankles, feet, are due
to a dropsical condition, often caused
by disordered kidneys.
when the kidneys are deranged the
blood Is filled with poisonous waste
matter, which settles In the feet, an­
kles and wrists; or under the eyes In
bag-llke formations.
It Is just as necessary to keep the
kidneys acting properly as to keep the
bowels active.
The very best possible way to take
care of yourself Is to take a glass o f
hot water before meals and an “ An-
uric" tablet. In this way It Is readily
dissolved with the food, picked up by
the blood and finally reaches the kid­
neys, where it has a tonic effect in
rebuilding those organs.
Step into the drug store and ask for
a 50-cent package of "Anurtc” or send
Dr. Pierce 10c. for trial pckg. “ Anurlc"
— many timea more potent than llthta,
eliminates uric acid aa hot water melt*
sugar. A short trial will convince yota