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Chicago -The present heat wave,
which envelop* ail o f the country ex­
cepting the Pacific Coast, is proving
especially severe in Eastern Canada,
• a t m e h «r '» J class mall at tfca aoaaaftliv
where the people are unused to torrid-
at ralla C1«j. P>>lk Cseaty. On|*a. M ta* tka
4 « SI Oarraaa oí Marek S. I H »
ity. Dispatches say that more than
260 children perished in Montreal the
Trltphost h w Offici. SS.
t«s t week from heat.
The tempera­
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ture there Tuesday was 93—the high­
IO osata, thrao awotha tft « U ; alaste copy. » età.
est point reported in five years.
Quebec 23 children have been killed by
AdvcrtUin* Raloa: Duplay. 15 eenlaan Inch;
the heat since Sunday.
Toronto also
Bualneaa Notices, lo s e ts a lino; For Sola. Kan»
reports unusual heat, which has con­
Kachans«. Want and Pay Kntartainaaant No-
tinue«! for nearly a week, resulting in
tleaa. 4 c u . a Una. Card oi Thanks 40 c u ; Le«a
deaths and prostrations.
Notice«, legal rates.
Conditions, in Montreal especially,
Copy for new ads. andcbangea should be sent
are most unusual. Ordinarily that city
to The News not later than Wednaaday.
is positively cold when the States are
O ffic ia l Ifaw apayar at the C ity a f F a lla CiO
baking and sweltering, ami hay fever
»ufferers have hailed Montreal as |the
I ssued E very S atu rd ay M orning
one spot they could count on for relief.
Now conditions are almost reversed, as
Montreal is seven degrees hotter than
o m c u L dikectoky or r u u crrr
H. J. Griffin. Mayor.
The official forecaster here says
man third line, but make little prog­
R. M. Wonderly, fo u n d lm a n at Larg«
there is no relief in sight for several
Q. W . Brentner,
days, but that all indications point to
G «o rg « C. March.
The body o f the late Yuan Shi Kai still hotter weather.
C. J. Bradley,
was carried in state and laid away
I. G. Singleton,
with his ancestors.
C. 1«. Hopkins,
Rewards aggregating $1-1,000 are
C. I . McPherren. Auditor and Police Jtttge
W alter U Tooae Jr.. City Attorney.
Pat Murphy. Marshal and Water Supt.
M. L. Thompson. Treasurer
Dr. F. M. Hellwarth. Health Officer.
TheCouncii meets in regular session on the first
Monday night of each month, at 7 JO o’clock, in
the office of the Falls City News.
p r o fe s s io n a l C arO s
Office oue door east of P. O.
Office and n L . _ fl q a q
Residence JTDOD0 ODu
Falls City,
b u s in e s s G a rte
j f a l l s CitY>1b o t e l
Sam ple Rooms
Bo at A c c o m m o d a tio n s
F . D r o a g *. P ro p ri e to r
Brief Resume of General News
From All Around the Earth.
Twnty-tlirtt lifants in Chicago Alone
Succumb to Strain.
Live News Items of All Nations and
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers.
Many Central Western States Report
Thermometers Above 100— An­
imals in Wake of Wave.
offered for the perpetrator of the San
Francisco bomb outrage.
Oregon Dry law Seriously Hart
Gy Circuit Court Decision
Chicago Deaths of eight persons
due to the intense heat were reported
to the police Wednesday. There were
also 14 prostrations, three o f which
will probably reault fatally.
persona were bitten by dogs ami there
were five drowning*, three o f which
can be attributed to the heat.
Misa Marjorie Weston, a co-ed at
Northwestern University and a capa­
ble swimmer, was among the drowned.
Willard Lindenthal. aged 8, fell off a
pier; A lfred Lindborg dive«l into the
lake while hia body was hot and died
in a few minutes.
J. W. O'Connell,
of Milwaukee, swam out too far at the
Racine municipal pier and perished,
and the male body o f an anidentifled
man was taken from the Illinois drain-
age canal.
Up to 6 o’ clock the coroner’s office
, announced that the deaths o f 23 babies
! under 1 year old, reported during the
day, were directly due to the continued
heat. Physicians say the mortaltiy
rate among infants will mount higher
every day now until the heat wave is
broken, as the little ones are breaking
down under the strain.
A m ajority o f the death certificates
to both infanta and adult* were issued
to the congested foreign quarters.
The deadly heat wave is spread over
a wide area.
Dispatches indicating
these temperatures;
Central and
Southern Illinois, 100-103; Iowa, 102-
108; Indiana, 100; Nebraaka, 101;
Missouri, 103; Oklahoma and Kansas,
104; Lower Wisconsin, 95; Michigan
and Eastern Canada, 92-96.
There were picked up, killed by
heat, 46 horses, 72 dogs and 11 cats.
The day before 68 carcasses were col­
lected, and the day before this 189.
The heaviest day in July last year was
only 31 carcaaaes.
continued to
claim numerous victims, chiefly in the
East, although deaths are becoming
more numerous in Western states.
Men who conceived the idea o f sub­
t'ortland — Restrictions as to the
marine merchant ships are aaid to amount o f liquor which persons in Ore­
have made $3,000,000<out o f it.
gon may receive from outside the state
every four weeks are in danger of be­
Six British trawlers were sunk by
ing swept aside.
German submarines off the English
Sections o f the Oregon dry law reg­
coast on July 17, says a German ad
ulating the importation o f liquor and
m iralty statement.
alcohol into the state are nullified, in
The Dutch steamship Maas has been the opinion
o f District Attorney
sunk near the North Hinder light as Evans, if the decision o f Circuit Judge
the result of striking a mine. Ten Morrow Tuesday in overruling the de-
members o f the vessel’s crew were murrer to the complaint o f Wadhams
& Co., against the San Francisco &
Sergius Sazonoff, minister o f for­ Portland Steamship company remains
eign affairs o f Russia, has resigned. in force or is upheld by higher courts
He is succeeded by Boris Vladimiro- on an appeal.
“ Two thirds of the Prohibition law
vitch Sturmer, the premier, who has
is wiped out by this decision,” said
taken over the office.
Mr. Evans. "T h e state ia not a party
the hottest to the suit and any appeal from the
weather so far this year when the ruling must be made by the steamship
thermometer reached 93 at 11 a. m. company.”
Monday. There were several pros­
Judge Morrow’s decision holds that
trations but none was serious.
the provision o f the dry law lim iting
June records for postal savings in the right o f importing large quantities
New York City were eclipsed last o f slcohol to wholesale druggista ia in
month when a net gain o f more than direct violation o f the interstate com­
$3,800,000 was rolled up, quadrupling merce clause o f the United States con­
Any manufacturer, genu­
the net increase for June, 1915.
inely in need o f alcohol in wholesale
Negotiations between the United quantities, may import as much alco­
States and Denmark for the purchase hol as he desires for manufacturing
of the Danish West Indies are under­ purposes, maintains the jurist.
stood to have reached a stage where
Possession o f alcohol by the manu­
definite developments may come soon. facturer not being unconstitutional, it
Emperor W illiam , it is officially an­ is unconstitutional to prohibit him
nounced, has moved from the Western from importing it ruled Judge Morrow,
That being the case, it follows that
to the Eastern theater o f the war. He
was accompanied by the chief of the as the possession o f intoxicants is not
general staff of the army in the field. unlawful for the individual, no matter
what the quantity, the restriction of
Representative Dill protested to the
the amount received by him to two
secretary o f W ar against the retention
quarts o f whiskey and 24 quarts of
o f the Washington National Guard at
beer a month must be unconstitutional
Calexico, one o f the hottest spots on
also, ' ’ said the attorney.
the border. He asked that the regi­
San Francisco— The first “ import­
ment be transferred to some more
ant” arrest in the hunt for the plot­
comfortable station.
ters who exploded a bomb during the
Under the menace o f a heavy Rus­
sian assault the Austrians in the Car­
ing 40 persons, was made Thursday
pathians, in the region o f Bukowina,
Cleveland— Federal officials investi­ when Chief of Police W hite and a squad
southeast o f Tatarowa, have with­
drawn toward the main ridge of the gating the waterworks disaster which o f detectives arrested W. K. Billings,
Carpathians. This was officially an­ coat 22 lives late Tuesday ordered all an automobile machinist, and held him
attempts to reach the bodies o f 12 men incommunicado.
arrest was
nounced by the Austrian war office.
imprisoned in the tunnel abandoned staged dramatically in the free clinic
One o f the oldest, i f not the oldest, until Wednesday.
maintained by Stanford University in
man on the Pacific Coast died at Pen­
This action waa taken because tests the Lane Hospital, where the suspect
dleton, Or., when Ayoushakatsagom, o f the gas through which the rescuers
was receiving treatment “ not for a
the veteran Cayuse Indian, passed on had to pass showed that it was highly
wound, ” the police said. Immediately
to the happy hunting grounds. He explosive and the officials feared a sec­
after the arrest the police announced
was reputeid to be 120 years old, and ond explosion.
An attempt w ill be they had made an important capture
his memory dated hack to events which made to pump out the gas so that the
which they expected would lead to fur­
happened during the war o f 1812.
work o f recovering the bodies may pro­ ther arrests o f persons connected with
the bomb outrage, but further than
The Idaho delegation w ill confer gress.
A ll hope that any of the 12 men that no details were forthcoming.
with Secretary Lane and urge that one
o f three mining experiment stations trapped in the tunnel are alive has
for which $75,000 has been appropri­ been abandoned. Ten bodies, those of
ated, be estabished at Moscow, Idaho, members o f the two rescue parties
which tried to reach the doomed men
or Butte, Mont.
but themselves succumbed to the dead­
London-. The capture of the last of
Instruction in m ilitary science is to ly gas, are in the morgue.
Pozieres, reported by General Haig
be included in undergraduate instruc­
early Thursday, though it involves the
tion at Stanford University, Palo Alto,
clearing o f only a few acres o f ground,
Cal., o f which David Starr Jordan, pa­
has rejoiced all Britain and greatly
cificist o f international reputation, is
encouraged the belief that the allied
Washington, D. C.— A ll National offensive will win through.
now chancellor emeritus
Guard organizations composed o f col­
In addition to the ground actually
Canada’ s consumption of alcoholic lege students w ill be mustered out of
won, the success means the first break­
beverages dropped from .872 o f a gal­ the Federal service in time fo r them
ing of the German third line since the
lon per capita to .745 per capita in the to proceed with their school work at
fiasco o f La Bassee, nearly 18 months
fiscal year just ended, according to the Fall term.
ago; success against the German vet­
the Inland Revenue department. The
It was announced at the W ar depart­ erans at a time when it seemed evident
consumption o f tobacco also shows a ment Wednesday that the policy o f the
they had put forth all their strength,
falling off from 3.427 pounds to 3.329 government would be to disband organ­
and at a place they had resolved to
pounds per capita.
izations completely as units o f the Na­ hold at any cost; and, finally, the cap­
tional Guard and to seek the reorgani­ ture of heights which are the key tft
The first official announcement that
zation of the college men into branches both the powerfully-fortified Albert
Great Britain had captured a German
o f the officers’ reserve corps.
r i d g e . __________________
submarine o f the U-35 class was made
in the house o f commons by Thomas
Swedes Chase Russians.
$200 ,0 0 0 Left by Poet.
McNamara, financial secretary o f the
Iferlin— An attack on German mer­
Indianapolis— James Whitcomb Riley
admiralty. He said that one of these
vessels would be brought to London to chant vessels by Russian destroyers, le ft no w ill disposing o f his property
be viewed by the public.
alleged to have taken place within o f an estimated value of $200,000, ac­
Swedish territorial waters, is reported cording to Henry Eitel, his brother-in-
Tw elve one-gallon cans o f whsky,
in a statement which says:
“ Two law, and W. C. Bobbs, a close business
shipped in a trunk as baggage from
Russian destroyers attacked four Ger­ associste.
The heirs are a sister,
San Francisco to Portland, were seized
man merchant steamers at the entrance Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Payne, o f Ken­
by city detectives follow ing long hours
to the Port o f Lullea, within Swedish tucky, a nephew and a niece, Edmund
o f watchful waiting. Julius Randazzo,
waters. The Swedish torpedoboat V ir­ H. and Elizabeth Whitcomb Eitel, of
a Spaniard, is under arrest, charged
go steamed toward them and the Rus­ Indianapolis. Mr. R iley gave the city
“ receiving a consignment of
sian craft fled, pursued by the Virgo, o f Indianapolis two years ago real es­
liquor not properly labeled.’ ’
which had made ready for action. The tate valued at $100,000, which now
Californians deposited in their state Swedish government has protested forms a part of the site for the new
banks the fiscal year ending June 80, against this breach o f neutrality.”
public library building.
$97,896,168 more than they did the
last fiscal year, while at the same time
Poles Thank Americans.
Garment W orkers Accept Agreement,
the resources o f the state banks in­
The Hague, via London— The Polish
New York— A t a spirited meeting,
creased $88,986,382 over the last fiscal bureau Wednesday informed the Asso­ which lasted until after midnight, the
year, according to the annual report of ciated Press that the Polish delegates general committee o f the Garment
the Btate bank superintendent.
to the Congress o f Nationalities at W orkers’ union decided Thursday by a
The British steamer Adams, which Lausanne, Switzerland, have sent a close vote to accept the three years’
waa captured off the Swedish coast by cablegram to President Wilson, thank­ agreement signed by officials o f the un­
a German destroyer, has been released, ing the American Nation fo r the ac­ ion and representatives of the manu­
according to Reuter’s Amsterdam cor­ tion begun to succor the economic mis­ facturers, thus ending the lockout and
Sweden made an official ery in Poland. Hope is expressed that strike which fo r three months has par­
protest to Berlin against the capture the “ sacred watchword of liberty and alyzed the women's clothing industry
o f the steamer, saying it was effected independence fo r Poland will find a in this city. The vote was 43 in favor
ready echo in Am erica.”
o f the settlement to 40 against it.
within Swedish territorial waters.
Automobile Machinist is Held as
Sai fra Brisco Bomb Suspect
Ten Die Attempting to Rescue
Trapped Ncn if O m M t a e l
R. L. C H A P M A N
We attend fo all work promptly.
Dallas and Falls City, Ore.
British Take Last of Pozieres.
Students Will Be Released.
Notice to News Subscribers
A mark here indicates that
your subscription is delinquent.
Please call and fix it.
M r . H o m o Seeker—
and B u y O rc h a r d Land
Passenger Train Schedule
Effective Oct. 4,1914
Salem . . .
D a lla s . . .
Falls C ity .
B l’kR ock.
e iirnouK D
B l’k Rock
Falls City.
D a lla s . . .
Salem . . .
16 )
am . am.
7:00 9.45
8.15 11.02
8.50 11.35
pm .
9.30 1.25
10.10 2.00
11.01 3.15
pm .
pm .
A. 0. POW IM , AOtWT
London Premier Asquith Monday
aaked the house of commons for a vole
o f credit o f $2,260,000,000 and the
total since the beginning o f the war
to approximately $14,160,000,000.
The premier said the recent expend­
iture was approximately $26,000,000
A ll
the expenditure
April 1 to lest Saturday was $2.796,-
000,000. Mr. Asquith said that the
navy, army and munitions coat $1,-
896,000,000; the loans to Great Bri­
tain's allies, $786,000,000, and food,
suppliea, railways, etc., $116,000,000.
The average daily expenditure on the
war. he said, waa $24.760.000.
The July total, continued the pre­
mier, probably would be higher than
that o f November and it was ex|wcted
that the present level would lie main­
tained for the near future. The muni­
tion ex|ienditure had Increased steadily
and continuously up to May and In the
month and during June and July it was
fairly constant.
A fte r a speech by Winston Spencer
Churchill, criticising Premier Asquith
for not reviewing the war situation,
David Lloyd George, secretary for
war, replied, saying that it would bo
premature to survey a military situa­
tion and the prospects in the middle of
the battle.
“ The prospects are good, ” the war
secretary said.
“ Our generals are
more than satisfied with and proud of
the valor o f our men they are leading.
Great aa the British infantry waa in
W ellington’s and Napoleon’s day, they
never have been greater than now.
fimed Blast Deals Death on Crowded
San francisco Sidewalk.
Innocent Bystanders Slain by Work
of "Exiles From Militaristic
Government."— Reward.
“ Conscience fund” Gels Record Sums.
San Francisco A t least six |iersons
were killed and 42 or more Injured by
the exploeiun here Saturday of a timed
bomb in the midet o f a throng viewing
a preparedness parade. The police ar­
rested Frank Josephs, a lodger In a
sailors' boarding-house, but said he
had not been charged with the crime.
Chalrvs M. Flokert, diatrict attor­
ney, issued s statement attributing the
deed to a mind unbalanced by argu-
menta for and against preparedenss,
which have occupied attention here.
The parade waa not Interrupted.
Lists of dead compiled by the police
Mrs. Howard E. Knapp, Alameda,
Dr. George Painter, Berkeley, Cal.
O. H. Lamborn, printer, Alameda.
George I.awler, Mill Valley, Cal.
The «•»plosion took place at Steuart
and Market streets, two blocks from
the Ferry building, on San Francisco's
main thoroughfare.
The bomb, c«m-
rcaled in a suitcase (tacked with cart­
ridges, bullets, marbles, bits o f glass,
iron pipe and scrap iron, blew a gap
through tEie crowd, hurling men, wom­
en and children to the ground.
The holiday throng, cheering a con­
tingent o f veterans o f the First Cali­
fornia Infantry o f the Spaniah-Ameri-
can war, and memEters o f the Grand
Arm y o f the Republic who were form ­
ing in Steuart street, stood in a path
which became a shambles. The blare
o f drums drowned tEie cries o f the in­
jured. The sidewalk was strewn with
torn bodies, spatterd with blood.
A ll the newspaper offices In San
Francisco received a communication
written in Roman script, with an In­
delible pencil, many o f the words Ew­
ing heavily underscored.
The com­
munication waa signed “ TEie Deter­
mined Exiles from M ilitaristic Gov­
ernment, Italy, Germany, U. S., Italy,
In several instances the
w riter repeated himself.
The com­
munication read;
"E d ito r; Our protests have Ewen In
vain in reganls to this preparedness
propaganda, so we are going to use a
little direct action on the 22d, which
will echo aronud the earth and show
that Frisco really knows how ami that
militarism cannot lie forced on u* and
our children without a violent protest.
“ Things are going to happen to
show that we will go to any extreme,
the same as the controlling class, to
preserve what little democracy we still
have. Don't take this as a joke, or
you w ill be rudely awakened. Aw ak­
en (s ic ).
We have sworn to do our
duty to tEie masses and only send warn­
ings to those who are wise, but who
are forced to march to hold their jotw,
as we want to give only the hypo­
critical (s ic ) patriots who shout for
war, but never go, a real taste o f
war. ’ '
"K in d ly ask the Chamber o f Com­
merce to march in a solid laxly, IF
A copy has
liecn sent to all the paper*. Our duty
has been done so fa r.”
Washington, D. C.— Contributions to
the treasury's “ conscience fund, ” for
the fiscal year ending June 80 amount­
ed to $4,923.15, making a total of
$498,763.64 returned by persons whose
consciences were uneasy over frauds
against the government.
Returns were much larger during
the past year than ever before, chiefly
because o f two unusual contributions,
one for $30,000 and one for $10,000.
It was in 1811 when the first $6 was
sent in. It is an unwritten law of the
department that no effort shall be
made to learn the identity o f the con­
tributors, and even in cases where the
writer has confessed to theft no effort
is made to prosecute.
8 6 0 0 0 Reward O ffered.
San Francisco— Mayor Rolph offered
a reward o f $6000 Sunday for the ar­
rest o f the person who placed a Eiomb
Saturday among the crowds watching
the preparedness parade, the explosion
o f which killed six and wounded 40,
and the police department established
a separate bureau for the single pur­
pose o f running down the culprit.
As the result o f police investigation,
several possible clews to the perpetrator
of the outrage were obtained. W illiam
Taylor, an aged cripple, who frequents
the waterfront, told the police that he
saw a man leave a suitcase on the spot
where the explosion occurred a few
minutes later.
L o st in O fficsrs Huge.
London— Casualty lists issued by the
war office show that during June the
British army lost 423 officers killed,
1032 woundedvand 46 missing— a total
o f 1619. These figures bring the ag­
gregate losses to date to 29,424, of
which number 8997 have been killed or
died, 18,456 wounded and 1971 miss­
Heavy fighting around Ypres
caused losses among officers in the
Canadian contingent o f 109 killed,
304 wounded and 51 misaing.
the Australians 14 were killed and 32
Shakespeare Wins Suit.
Chicago— The closing chapter o f the
Bacon-Shakospeare controversy in the
rourts here was entered Saturday when
Judge Smith dismissed tho suit o f Col­
onel George Fabyan and disa«>lved the
injunction granted him by Judge Tut-
hill, who decided that the works cred­
ited to Shake*|>eare were in reality
written by Bacon. To prevent Fabyan
from publishing a code which he con­
tended would show Bacon waa the au­
thor o f the Shakespearean plays, Selig
brought injunction proceedings and
Colonel Fabyan filed a cross-bill.
Boni Has New Evidence.
Rome— On behalf o f Count Boni de
Caatellane his attorney In the suit be­
fore the H oly See fo r the annulment
of his marriage with Anna Gould has
presented to the Pope new evidence
which, according to the attorney, will
prove that Miss Gould married Count
de Castellane with the intention o f di­
vorcing him if later she became dis­
satisfied with the marriage bond. This
is sufficient to annul a Catholic mar­
riage, the attorney says.
Millions to Be Burned.
Mexico C ity— F ifty million dollars
in Mexican paper money w ill be burned
within the next few days in the court­
yard o f the National Palace, according
to an announcement by the government
Saturday. This money is o f the old
Vera Cruz issue and has been supplant­
ed by a new issue made in the United
It is said that $225,000,000 In paper
money w ill be disposed o f In this way
during the next few weeks.
Prudential Insurance Company
Agents Called Out on Strike
New York — Agent* *nd collectors
employed by the Prudential lnaurance
company were railed out on strike
Monday by a union recently organised
among them and known as the Inter­
national Insurance Agenta’ Protective
association, with a membership of
6000. Although assertions of the com­
pany and the union were conflicting, it
appeared Monday night that at leant
600 men in the district have rea|x>nded
to the strike call thus far.
The men demanded more pay, recog­
nition o f the union and “ more reason­
a b le " working hours. Telegrams from
branches o f the union in different
states in the territory east of Chicago,
leaders here declared, indicate that un­
less the demands of the men are met
*11 the 6000 w ill follow the lead of
those already out.
agenta and collectors are employed by
the company.
Lack of sufficient collectors to see
that premiums arc turned in at the
proper time, the strikers assert, will
result in the cancellation of thousands
o f policies. The company announced
that none o f the men who walked out
would be reinstated.
Sixteen in Tube Thought Dead.
Cleveland— Imprisoned in a new wa­
ter works tunnel under Lake Erie aa a
result of a terrific explosion o f gas in
the tube, 16 men are believed to be
The blast occurrred shortly before
midnight Monday and lifesavers and
the crews of the flreboats rushed to
the outer crib five miles from shore
with lung motors, prepared to enter
the tunnel and rescue the victims alive.
That any survived the gas explosion
is considered hopeless.
A t 2:30 a. m., G. O. Van Duzen,
with eight members of a rescue party,
were overcome by gas in the tunnel
trying to rescue the 14 men trapped in
the water works tunnel.
Tw o others
in the party were saved. It is report­
ed that the rescuers were near death
from the gaa.