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    ©lì? 3Fallö (City Nruiß
■H » fr-M H t-H - H - H -i-H -H I I-H -1
Ellison sprung an Electric light
franchise upon the council. A fte r
much wrangling it was decided
to read it unofficially in order that
the councilmen might know the
nature o f the instrument. There
K n to c -d n « i K O M N l t t t
II a t
•4 Kill« City. Folk I'ottnty. Orrgoa. umW IIw is no question but that if Mr. E l­
A ct o f i V i i g i r a o f M irob I . 187*
lison has no franchise that he
should have one, but as it is a
Telephone News Office. 13.
Subscription K * tr « O n eyw r, 11.00; nix month«. g ift o f the town the council feel
Si* cent«: throe month«. 25 cent«; sin*to copy, ft c U l
that they should have the priv­
Aiivcriisinjr K«tri: Displ«y, 15 cents«n inch : ilege o f saying what thev shall
Businoss Notice«, S»*ent« « Ur»«; For £«1«, Bent. give.
Bxchnnirc. Wont and Fay Entertainment So
tic**. 5ct«. « Une. Oard of Thank* aocU .l**«
Notices, legal rates.
Cory foe new avis, and changes should be sent
to The Sens not later than Wednesday.
Sut un lay , f May 6 / IPlfl
X c w »v «i* r of
City of Tails Cit*
H. J. Griffin. Mayor.
K M. Wonderly. Councilman at Large
C\ \V. Brentner,
S^orgtQ M ar
C. 1 Bradley,
I, G. Singleton.
C. L. Hopkins.
N. Selif.
C. E. McPh*.r»n, Auditor »nd Folic* Jud*.
w*lt*r L. Tooie Jr.. City Attorney
p.t Murphy. Marshal and Water Supt.
M. L. Thomp»on. Treaturer
Dr. F. M. Hcllwarth. Health Officer.
List of Letters
Remaining uncalled for in this
office for the week ending May
1. 1916.
L am es .
Gobel, Mrs. Lucy
Johnson, Miss Eva
G entlem en
Constock, E. L.
Seain, Earl B.
These letters w ill l e sent to the
dead letter office May 15, 1916
if not delivered before. In calling
ThaCounoll meet* in ref ular »e**lon on tha Brat for the above, please say “ Adver­
Monday night ol each month, at 7 SO o'clock, In tised,” giving date of list.
he office of the Pall* City News.
I ra C M kh rlixo , P M.
S a t u r d a y , M a y 6. 1916
State of Ohio, city of Toledo. l._
Lucas County.
Frank J. Cheney (hakes oath that he !a
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney
A Co., doing business In the City of To­
ledo. County and State aforesaid, and
that said firm will pay the sum of ONE
HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev­
Judge Teal came in from Port­ ery rase of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of H ALL'S CATARRH CURE.
land Tuesday, but w ill return
Sworn to before me and subscribed In
my presence, this €lh day of December,
A. D. ISSi
George March moved to Hoskinc
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure !■ taken Internally
Thursdav, where he i* employed
and acta directly upon the blood and mu­
cous surfaces of the system. Send for
on the Valley Siletz road.
tesUmonlals. free.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, a
Mrs Thompson entertained at
Bold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Dad's Family Pills for constipation.
dinner Thursday : Mrs. Travis, Mrs
Butler, Mrs. Montgomery.
King, Miss Hammond. *
The state inspector was iu town
this week and raised it with merch-
handling butter Dot properly label­
ed. Butter should be wrapped in
parchment paper, name and ad­
dress, and weight, printed thereon
with a special ink.
An automobile load of men went
to Silverton Thursday in hopes cl
getting work at the new mill but
were unsuccessful.
The new mill
w ill not be ready for operations
for several months, and there arc-
more men than jobs at the mills j
no v tanning.
Council Meets In Protracted Session.
Purchase Boy Scout Building to be
Used as City Hall and Public Lib­
rary. Refund License Collected on
P u b l i c Entertainment. Electric
Light Franchise Being Aggravated
The city council met last Mon­
day night in regular session with
the following present:—Mayor
Griffin. Auditor McPherren.Coun­
cilmen Hopkins, Singleton, Brent-
ner, and Selig.
The regular business was trans­
acted and leports o f various com­
mittees heard. The water board
reported that they were well up
with the new extension and were
now waiting on the new pipe to
finish and turn on the water.
The Boy Scouts accepted the
council’ s offer o f $100 for their
building and an order was made
to draw a warrant for that j
amount in their favor.
Rev. Warren appeared before
the council stating that he had
been “ held up” and forced to
pay three dollars on an enter­
tainment given at the Wagner
Hall by the Willamette Quartette
and asked that it be refunded.
He argued that the city marshal
overstepped his authority in col­
lecting as it was given for the
benefit o f the church. The ordi­
nance in question was read and
the city marshal was clearly in
the right. It was suggested that
as the money in question was
taken up by "passing around the
hat” it would be rather difficult
ta reimburse the donors. Rev.
Warren agreed that it might be
paid into the school fund or turn­
ed over to ¡Jr. Kidiola. Accord­
ingly a warrant was ordered
drawn for three dollars.
As every one was hoping and
praying for an adjournment, Mr.
We do
Job Work
our prices
with others
see samples.
A Derelict
:: There W a s a M ystery :
Connected With It.
It Is uiauy a year sluce Hie fu lle d
States merchant murine was a thing
to be proud of. Sotue persona living
reinember the clipper ships o f the mid
die o f the lust century, with their tall
musts nml akyscraplug sails.
federate privateers rendered sUlpplug
goods on them so dangerous that they
all disappeared, their trade passing to
Eugllsh uud afterward largely to tier
man shl|>8. The trude then lost has
never beeu recovered. Some say It Is
because other governments subsidize
tbeir ships, others that seamen may be
hired cheaper In foreign countries than
lu America. One thing Is certain— the
American merchant mnrtue sluce the
war between tbe states has beeu little
or nothing. Whether the great Euro­
pean war will give any of It tuick to
us remains to be seen.
It was In tbe fifties that Horace
Graham, sixteen years old. ran away
from home and shipi>ed on one of
the famous “ Blackball line’’ sail ships,
the Winfield Scott Those were days
when there was a romance o f the sea.
when vessels were propelled hv sails,
when they rode the billows liglitly
and there was no chug-chug o f tua
ehinery In their vitals. That Is why
youngsters were continually ruuning
away from home to go to sea.
Horace Graham made trips to and
from China on the same vessel as
ordinary searnun for three years, when
be was made third mute. One day.
on a return voyage, a derelict was
sighted. The captain stood on the aft
er deck examining her. rising and fail
lug with the wares, and wheu be had
made up bis mind that there was no
living thing to be seeu aboard o f her
he ordered Graham to man u boat,
pull to the ship, make au examination
and, if there seemed to be no reason
to the contrary, to sink her. Wheu
eight stalwart sailors were In the bout,
which was provided with sufficient
gunpowder to blow up the vessel, sev
eral augers and some food in case
persons starving were found, she was
lowered and pulled to the wreck.
Ou approaching her Graham, who
was at the tiller, bad a full view of
her stern, on which her name bad
been painted and from which son«' of
tbe letters had been washed or worn
off. Ordering his men to rest on their
oars, be took out pencil and paper and
made a record o f tbe letters remain­
ing. giving the proper spaces for those
that bad been erased, as follows:
U Il
H arin g transferred the letters to pa
per. the officer gave un order to “ give
way.” and the boat moved forward,
passing close under the ship's stern.
It was then that Gruharn noticed, upon
a closer view, that an attempt had
been made to cUminuie the remaining
letters, but the attempt huj lulled.
Some one had evidently tried to scrape
them off with a sharp Instrument, but
probably had not sufficient time to
complete the work.
On reaching tbe ship a rope with an
lrou book was thrown up. caught ou
tbe gunwale, and Graham climbed it.
leaving his men in the boat. A terri­
ble scene greeted blin. There bad been
a fight ou the decks and in the cabin*
Corpses o f men. with tbeir weapons
W ork« Both Way*.
Mrs. X —Bothered with time wast­ in their bands, lay here and there, and
ing callers, are you? W hy don't yon all except one wore the clothes of sud­
ors o f civilized countries. The one ex­
try my plan?
ception was a man in Asiatic costume.
Mrs. Y.—W hat Is your plan?
It was plain that the ship had beeu
Mrs. X .—Why. when the bell rings
I put on my hat and gloves before I boarded aud captured by pirates. That
press the button. I f It proves to be they bad left In a hurry was also e v i­
some one I don’t want to see I sim­ dent. An auger had been left in tbe
ply say, “ So sorry, but I ’m Just going side o f tbe ship below the water line.
Indicating that an attempt to sink the
ou t”
Mrs. Y.—But suppose It’s some one vessel had been Interrupted. Then,
too, all the lifeboats except one bad
you do want to see?
Mrs. X.—Oh, then I say. “ So fortu­ been left In their places. There were
blocks for eight boats, all the blocks
nate: I ’ve Just come In."—Boston Tran
being filled save one set. and at this
point tbe davits were swinging out. In­
dicating that a boat Imd been lowered
Whsn Abstinence W ee e Novelty.
There were two cabins astern, one
Seventy years ago drinking was so
common that, when a total abstainer evidently the captain's. In the other
applied to a London company for a women's clothing was found, lu that
life insurance policy, the board o f di­ belonging to the captain from a little
rectors held a special meeting to deal drawer In a locker Graham took out a
with the unprecedented case. They daguerreotype—photographs were not
Anally decided to insist on a special at that time common—o f a girl some
premium to cover the extra hazard, but eighteen or twenty years old
the man upset their expectations by was something very attractive In this
living to the age o f elgbty-two.—Youth's young and Innocent face among such
frightful surroundings. Graham put
the plctnre In his pocket not only for
A Note of Apprshonaion.
the purpose of identifying the ship,
“ Do you think your boy Josh will be but because he wished It for himself.
satisfied to stay on the farm?”
Before sinking the derelict Graham
“ Mebbe It’ll be Just as well If he returned to the Winfield Reott and re
Isn’t,” commented Farmer Corntossel. ported to the captain. Another boat
“ The way he wants to run the place, was sent to the derelict to make fur
ff he Is satis A ed nobody else can be ther examination, hut the pirates had
halfway comfortable.” — Washington taken care to possess themselves o f tbe
log and everything else by which the
vessel might be Identified.
they had evidently left her In a hurry,
What Ho 8old.
“ So Grabum Is after everything he they had taken time for such removal.
can g e t Did you say be was getting Nothing remained but to make a note
o f tbe latitude and longitude In which
well off?"
“ Not exactly.
I merely remarked tbe derelict was discovered, at that
that be was getting off easily.” —Judge.' time a favorite region for pirates.
That night before turning In Horace
Graham took out Ms daguerreotype,
Origin of “ Mash.”
The common slang word “ mash” Is opened tbe case and feasted his eyes
from a beautiful gypsy word, “ mafa- on the likeness within, it had been
da,” which means "to charm by the nearly a year since he bad seen a
woman o f his own race, and those of
Asia were not attractive to him. It
Progress la the activity o f today and seemed to him that this girl was tbe
spirit o f Innocence risen from the hor­
tha aasuranae o f tomorrow.—Emerson
rors or a massacre, i ’lining it where
P r o fe s s io n a l d a r t e !
he could turn Ida eyes upon It, he loos
out tds record o f the uatno ou tliu
In the Circuit Court o f the State
storu o f the derelict, or. rather, the
remains o f It. and began to try to fill In o f Oragun for Folk County, De­
tho letters erased.
Fortunately the partment No. 2, No. 4813.
pirates had either neglected this fea­ John T. Hutches, Plaintiff, v. Alvah
ture or thought tho uaiue Illegible and
G. lin e beck, RidaLineback, Alex
hail uut taken the tluro or tho trouble
to eradlcato It.
Christ, RiiAi Christ, Walter L
Ilnructt Graham worked till late
Touze and Phil Arthur, Defend-
on filling In (he missing letters, now
aud attain looking up at tha nkoueea
Q K1
Alex Christ and Rina Christ,
From tbe posit Ion o f tho letters pro
above named.
served he knew ho possessed Hie first
aud last letters. "M ” aud "N .” Ships
In the name of the State o f Ore-
were therw uud are now unuied for
women, and Graham funded this wus ! gun: You are hereby required to
a case In point. By try lug different
apjH’ar und answer the complaint
letters successively In the first part
of the name he Unully obtained M u-r filed against you in the above en-
g a ret
He folt quite confident that i titled Court und suit, within Bix
the uume o f tho ship was the Margaret
weeks from the date o f the first
——, Though he puzzled lung over the
: publication of this summons, towit,
last name, be fulled to iuako It out.
Tho next uiurulng as be was mount on or lie fore the 15th day o f May,
lug the coinpuidonway to rhe deck be
i 1916, and if you fail so to answer
heard the lookout shout:
the said complaint for want there­
"Lifeboat on starboard quarter!”
Iteuchiug the deck, he saw- the cap o f the plaintiff will apply to said
lain raising his glass. Graham ran
down fur his own gluss and soou de­ Court and take u decree for the
scried a ship s boat rising uud fulling relief prayed for in the said com­
with the waves, hut could sec nothing plaint. viz.:
lu It. Meanwhile tho ship Imd beeu
That plaintiff recover off and
put off her course to polut to tho boat.
Wheu tbe Soott come near enough a from the defendants Alvah G.
woman's figure wus seen lying iu the
lin e back and Rida Iineback Three
bottom o f tbo boat, and a man. evi­
and seventy-five t$375'
dently deatl. was leauiug over u seat
A bout from tbe Scott was manned Dollars, with interest thereon at
uud took the other In tow.
When eight |>er cent per annum since
alongside tho ship the wumau, who
was either dead or unconscious, was February 27. 1911, until paid, and
hoisted ou to the vessel.
Sixty ($60) Dollars as attorney’s
Almost as soou as Graham saw the fees herein, and his costs and dis­
face o f tbe woumu ho recogulzed In It.
though much changed by suffering bursements, and that the mort­
and hunger, tho original o f tho ua gage given by »aid defendants
guerreotype. A spooufu! of broth was Lineback to W. H. Bouls October
given her, and she revived. A fter tak­
ing more she opened her eyes aud look­ 27, 1906, and recorded on page 157
ed wildly about her. But. seeing that o f Volume 27 o f the Polk County,
she was ou the dock o f a vessel, the Oregon, Mortgage Records, and
wild look subsided. Hud she asked what
had happened. A fter being told she now held by plaintiff, be foreclos­
wus questioned, but everything except ed in the manner provided by law,
the horror of drifting on tbe ocean's and that the real property describ­
bosom had |>assed away from her.
Here was a disappointment to Gra­ ed in the said mortgage, viz.:
That tract or parcel o f land, be­
ham. for ns soou as he recognized her
Funeral Directot
ns the original o f the daguerreotype ing a part o f the Donation I .and
he believed he wouid receive un ex­
w . *U m 4 I * a ll w * r k p r o w p t iy .
planation o f the mystery o f tbe Mar­ Claim o f John Sheldon and wife,
D .Ü .. mmi Fall* City. Or
garet -----. The likeness was sbuwti Notification No. 6832, Claim No.
her. but It fulled to excite any mem­ 41, in Township 8 South, Range 6
ory whatever. Other means were tried.
Including mention o f the Margaret West o f the Willamette Meridian,
----- . but without avail. At last all in the County of Polk and State of
attempts to draw from her tuformu- Oregon, and bounded and d‘“brib­
tion ns to what had happened were
given up. UufortunatelJ at that pe ed as follows, to-wit: Beginning at
riod It ivas not a universal custom to a point which is 32 chains South
paint the names o f ships on their life­ and 25 chains West from the
boats. so that even this Information
was not forthcoming. Tho only thing Northeast corner o f said Claim;
known about the girl was that she thence South 18.80 chains: thence
spoke the English language with a West 5.00 chains; thence North
Yankee accent.
18.80 chains; thence East 5 chains
The rescued girl received every at­
the place o f beginning, contain­
tention and very soon was able to go
on deck.
She tried everything that ing 9.40 acres, more or less;
was suggested to bring about a return
- b e sold for the satisfaction of
o f memory, but without avail. There
amounts decreed to be due the
was no other woman aboard, so that
sue had no companion of her own aex. plaintiff herein, and that plaintiff
Graham was so devoted to her that
may have such other relief as is
gradually all others gave way to him.
for in the said comulaint.
The Scott was homeward bound, and
as soon as she came Into port be was
This summons, by order o f the
deputed by the captain to examine the
shipping records with a view to gain- Hon. H. II. Belt, Judge o f said
ing any informaUon attainable about Court, dated the 30th day of
tbe derelict
March, 1916, is published once a
Armed solely with the record he bud
week for six consective weeks, in
taken from the wreck's stern, he ran
over the names of American ships till the Falls City News, a weekly
he came to the Margarets, o f which newspaper o f general circulation
there were several.
The Margaret
published in said County.
Thurston fitted bis record. This was
The date o f the first publication
a great gain. He soon learned that
the ship had been named for a favor­ o f this summons is April 1, 1916.
Headquarters for C a n d y and C igar j
ite niece o f the master aud thut she
was aboard tbe vessel In Chinese wa­
Attorney for plaintiff.
ters at tbe time she was discovered
by tbe Scott She bad not been beard M13.
from since leaving Hongkong and was
Tbe rescued girl was thus known to
tie Margaret Thurston, a spinster nine
teen years o f age and an orphan
Office hours: Daily, except Sun­
Graham bad fallen In love with her,
and since her only protector, her uncle, day, 8 a.in. to 6.30 p.m.
with whom she had sailed, was sup­
Mail arrives, from
posed to buve been murdered, Graham
Salem 9.00 a.in , 6:16 p.m.
interested himself In securing for her
some property to which she was heir.
Dallas, 9:00 A. M., 6:15 P. M.
These attentions on the part o f tbe
Portland &. Eugene train 101,
young sailor won her heart, uud he
11:55 a. in.
had no difficulty In persuading her to
marry him.
Black Rock, 1:30 P. M.
Several years after this marriage
Mail closes for:
Mrs. Graham's memory returned to
Salem, 8 60 A.M., 1 P.M. and 6:30 Gandins, Tobaccos and Cigars, at
her. Little by little she recalled the
tragedy o f which she was a part The
L. B. W O N D E R L Y ’S
P. M.
Mnrgaret Thurston was chased by a
Dulia», 8:50 A. M. and5:30Pv M.
Malay pirate, which gained on Its vic­
Eugene & Portland train 162,
tim rapidly. Striking a fog. the Thurs­
ton’s captain, believing tbut his vessei
1 p. Ol.
would lie captured, put his niece Wi one
Black Rock, 11 A. M.
of tbe ship's boats with two meu aud
Mail Order and Postal Savings
set her adrift. This was ns far as Mar­
garet Graham's memory served her. window doses at 6 P. M.
A mark here indicates that
The rest was merely a surmise.
unday O nly
subscription is delinquent.
It was supposed that when the fog
Please call and
Office hours: 9:30 to 10:80 a.m:
lifted the Thurston fell a prey to the pi
rates who boarded her and massacred
Mail arrives from Salem, 9:00
her crew. Frobably a cruiser was dis­
covered. and the pirates left the ship a. m,
Portland & Eugene train 101,
they had captured and made their es­
11:55 a. m.
' M r. H e m * Saaks
One o f tb* men sent with the cap­
tain's niece In the lifeboat was ac­
and B u y O rc h a rd Land
counted for. dead. As to the other,
Eugene it Portland train 102, 1
there was nothing to Indicate hts fate,
p. m.
though It was supposed that In deli­
Oct. 20, 1915.
rium he had Jumped overboard.
Correspondents wanted in every
I r a C. M burlino , Postmaster
Graham did not return to the sea,
in this section ol tng
for soon after this last trip the war
between tbe states broke out. which
put an end to American shipping. He
Tbe Womans W’orld, Farm and
Do you like to read good stories?
inherited a little property o f his own,
Home Life, Household and
which, with that o f his wife, enabled
him to make a good living ashore.
bing offer in this issue of tbe paper. tbe News one year for $1.18.
Post Office Tim e Card
Notice to News Subscribers