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Saturday, April 22, 1918
Dervishes of the Orient and Their
Curious Practices
Th s«« Religious Enthusiasts Cut and
Stash Themselves, and Under Correct
Condition« No Blood Flow»»— Magical
Curaa by tha Shsik.
Much lias been written on the sub-
Jett of ttie astounding things that are
done by dervishes and the apparent In­
sensibility to (>aiu and injury that their
fauatieisui gives them, but the vivid
account given by a . writer in Black­
wood's o f some o f these facts w it­
nessed by himself cannot fall to prove
o f interest
"In Constantinople you may sea at
any time bowling dervishes, who howl
professionally in their worahip. and in
Konla whirling dervishes, who simi­
larly whirl Instead o f howL And upon
the road aud in villages and country
towns o f tbs Turkish empire are to be
met dervlahes of the mendicant orders
— wild eyed, austere men carrying bowl
aud battle as. who wander afoot to
places where most alms may be found.
But those dervishes who lacerate them­
selves as the aim of their ecstasy are
n ot 1 think, to be found in any dis­
trict near the coast or easy o f access.
In only one small town, a long way In
the interior of Asia Minor, did I ever
see one of their performances, and then
it was in the way o f a favor."
A fter describing the long processes
o f preparation by which the necessary
"atmosphere” is obtained, the writer
goes on:
"Cresently two men left the semi­
circle o f dervishes and stood before
the sheik. On them the preparation
had done Its work and they were ready
to begin laceration. The sheik licked
the blades o f two thin dagger-like
knives with bis tongue and handed
them to the devotees. Each immedi­
ately pressed the knife through his
own cheeks. It went In at one side
and the point came out at the other.
Meanwhile the swordsmen leaped and
the semicircle roared and swayed with
redoubled energy.
"Again the sheik licked two knives
and handed them to the men. and
again they pushed them through their
cheeks, this time in the opposite direc­
tion. No blood flowed, aDd the opera­
tion looked as harmless, once yon had
seen It done, as stabbing a Dutch
cheese. The sheik drew out the knives,
wet the ball o f his thumb upon his
tongue, clapped it on the boles, and no
boles could be seen, but merely white
"X ow . one who has not seen these
or similar things done may think that
some sleight o f hand took place, or.
falling that possibility, that I imagin­
ed these sights, being under strong in­
fluence so to do. I can only offer the
evidence o f my senses. I was within
a distance o f two or three yards when
the cheeks were pierced, looked at
them from two feet with the knives
still in position, and at the same dis­
tance looked at the white scars that a
few seconds before bad been palpable
boles. I f I was hypnotized so were all
o f us. for we saw alike.
"When the display with knives was
over two other men came forward as
candidates for the spiked balls. The
upper and lower points o f the spikes
were licked by the sheik and play be­
gan. The lower point was placed in
the open palm of one hand, the upper
point wus capped by the open palm of
the oilier, and then by a sl'ght circular
movement of the upper hand the ball
was rotated violently
As it did so
short lengths o f chain attached to the
circumference spread out and acted
as a flywheel. With the balls spinning
in this fashion the men began to leap,
throwing them into the air. catching
them with the point on an open palm
and always keeping up the spinning.
" I t was clever in its way. but no
more, and I was thinking it a simple
trick when one man dashed the spiked
point forcibly Into bis head. The other
fellow Immediately followed by thrust­
ing his Into his neck. Both balls fell
over and bung suspended with the
point remaining In the flesh. These
wounds Immediately drew blood. Blood
drawing, however, was not In the
game. It showed something amiss—in
sufficient faith or preparation or both—
and the sheik hastened to stanch It.
His thumb went first to bis infallible
tongue and then to the wounds. The
flow censed under the application, and
other men took up the balls. Some­
times they drew blood and sometimes
not. but all the wounds made were lm
mediately closed by the sheik and left
only white scars. And these, like the
other scars, whether you believe it or
not. presently faded out of sight.
“ It was nearing midnight when all
was over.
In the bazaar the next
morning I recognized one of those who
had used the spiked balls on the previ­
ous evening. He now appeared as an
open faced youngster o f eighteen or
nineteen, with a smile that be could
not supprees. H e said he worked In
the Iron bazaar hard by, making rough
binges and other ironwork. And while
he stood there, smiling and ingenuous.
It needed an effort o f mind to think o f
him as a fanatical dervish o f the previ­
ous night's scene."
Why the Merest Glimpse ef It W ill
Produce a Near Riot.
In normal times. If Saloulkl is ever
| normal, she has a imputation o f 120.
000. and every oue o i those 120.000 is
f i ersouslly interested tu any oue else
who engages or may he about to en­
gage in a money transaction. In New
York if a horse falls down there is at
; once an audience of a doseu persona. In
Salonlkl the downfall o f a horse la no
body's business, but a copper coin
1 cbauglng bauds Is everybody's. O f this
i local characteristic John T. McCutch-
eou and I made a careful study, aud
the result o f our investtgatioua pro­
duced certain statistics.
I f in Salonlkl you buy u uewspupet
from a new sboy, o f the persona pnaslug
: two will stop; i f at an open shop you
buy a package o f cigarettes live |<cople
I will look over your shoulders; If you
! pay your cab driver hta fare you block
the sidewalk, and If you try to change
u 100 franc note you cause a riot. In
each block there are nearly a half
dozen mouey changers. They sit in lit­
tle shops as narrow ns a doorway, and
in front of them is a showcase filled
with all the moneys o f the world.
It is not alone the sight o f your 10O
franc note that euchants the crowd.
That collects the crowd, but what holds
the crowd Is that it knows there are
twenty different kinds o f mouey. all
current In Salonlkl. Into which your
note can be changed. And they know
the money changer knows that and
that yon do not. So each man advises
you—not because he does not want to
see you cheated (between you and the
money changer he la neutral i. but be­
cause he can no more keep out o f a
money deal than can a fly pass a sugar
The men on the outskirts o f the
crowd ask. "W hat does he offer?”
The lucky oues In the front row
seats call back. “ A hundred and eight­
een drachmas." The rear ranks shout
with Indignation: " I t Is robbery!" “ It
is because be changes hta money In
Yenlzelos street!" “ He Is paying the
money changer's rent!” "In the Jewish
quarter they are giving nineteen!” “ He
is too lazy to walk two miles for a
drachma P* “Then let him go to the
Greek Papanastasslon!*'—Richard Har­
ding Davis In Scribner's.
fo lk s - c o r n er
How Boys Bathe In Finland.
A traveler in Finland »ays this 1» the
way the Finnish hoy» lake a bath; It
Is very cold In Finland. The bathroom
Is not In the house, hut lu a »mail
round building near by. In the oen
ter Is a great pile o f »tones with »pace
under them for making a lire, and a
gieat vessel standing near them 1» till
rd with water. On Saturday morning
wood Is brought, a tire Is made under
the stones and some birch switches
laid handy. In the evening when the
sioncs are very hot the tire Is put out.
Aftsr Shaking Hands With 4,224 P er­ aud thu boys undress lu tbelr homes
sons Sho Appears as Frs»h Whon H«r and run lu the bathhouse A » the mer-
< ury 1» apt to be HO degree i lielow
Duties A rt Completed a» at Start.
zero, they are not long on the way.
Mrs. Lansing Only One to Leave Line They shut the door tight and lieglu to
Early Beceuee of Painful Shoulder.
throw water on the stone», which
makes »team arise. Then the hoye
Washington.—"H ow cau the women
take n birch switch and fall to chaslug
atand It?"
ami whipping each other, und though
This was the question asked hun­ It'» very bard whipping no oue ob­
dreds o f times by the guests at the jects and all think It fun. This gets
up n flue circulation, aud then they
first really truly White House reoep
tlou that bus been given by the pres Jump In the water for their Iwtb,
eut administration, which recently took splashing out water on the stones till
the place Is full o f »team, and, looking
like a lot o f ladled lobsters, they rush
How they did no one knows, but
out. taking a roll in the »now as they
tbey did, aud the new mist tens o f the make for home. Farm Journal.
White House, after shaklug huiid«
with 4.220 persons, appeared Just as
N»w Boy Scout Handbook.
fresh and happy when her duties were
The official handbook o f the hoy
completed as she had ut the start. It scout movement, o f which it has been
was not a question o f being buoyed up necessary to print a new edition of
by the excitement o f the occasion ei­ 100.000 copies each year for the |>ast
live years. Is being revised, and the
ther. for the next morning Mrs. Wood
next edition will contain a good deal
o f Information w hich will luterest boy»
lu the subject of safety, explaining
how accidents can in- avoided and how
to help others avoid them at home, at
school lu shops. lq the street, at pub­
lic gatherings, etc. It is planned to
bnve certain aafety requirement» In­
corporated tu those which scouts must
meet to advance to higher grades in
T o assist them n safety
primer will be developed, safety Ideas
will he presented attractively in Boys'
Life, which is the scout magazine, and
local and possibly uatlonal contests
will be conducted on a “ good safety
turn” basis.
Officials' Wives Stand Recep­
tion Strain Better Than Men.
Every Possible Shads la Shown In Its
Amazing Vegetation.
It might fairly be said that the gen-
oral Impression France as a whole
j leaves upon the beholder is—green.
Perpetually moist o f climate—except
In the south—endowed with heavy and
' ontlnuous rainfalls and having a tem­
® 1915 by Genthe.
perature which Is astonishingly even
; year In and year out. the country U
like an enormous hothouse.
row Wllsou was up bright uud early
The result is a study In greens of
and at 10 o'clock was paying a friendly
every conceivable and inconceivable
visit to one o f her older, but close
Verdure and foliage rang»
personal friends lu Ibis city
from greens that are gray or black to
When it came to the men the matter
greens that are hardly’ more than yel­
low. From the hardy pastures high was different. It Is sale to :-ay that the
upon the sides o f the towering Pelvoux strain o f the reception wus harder on
rsnge, thousands o f feet above the sea. the president than days of the utmost
to the cactus and agaves and olives worry over the various International
that grow at the water's edge the ver­ questions that would cause the ordi­
dant nuances are a revelation In rural nary man to come close to the break­
ing point o f nervous energy The mem­
bers o f the cabinet, though not cum
But France is not all green either
That Is only the background, the filler, pelted to go through the handshaking
us It were, for a warm toned picture which wus Infll'teil on the chief execu­
full o f high lights, touched with the tive. also showed the str.iin. und when
gold o f grain, the ruddy tiles o f an­ the end o f the long line was reached
cient roofs, the fiery spatter o f pop­ were ejicli aud all ready to take a long
ples. the tawny flood o f a river or the rest,
steely thread of a brook, and on the I Only one o f the ladies o f the cabinet
glistening southern shore, with cliffs showed any effv< ts from her exertions.
as red as any soil New Jersey boasts, Mrs. Lansing left the Hue early in the
water like melted sapphires, villas cov­ evening us the result o f a shoulder
ered with majolica tiles thut make the which she recently strained while play
beholder rub hta eyes and wonder If he lug golf. This brought Mrs. M cAdooto
Is dreaming the amazing Inebrities of the positiou o f second in the reception
style and color that strive to but can­ line, and she showed herself to be com
not shatter the harmony of creation.— pletely at home in the gracious maimer
National Geographic Magazine.
In which she greeted her father's
guests. The |»etite Mrs. Burleson was
one o f the most attractive of the wo­
A Miniature Holland.
England has a Holland lu miniature men who received. Sparkling und viva
near the mouth o f the Thames. Can- clous, she upix'urcd at the end o f the
vey island, beloved of holiday mak­ evening as though ready to go through
ers, was until three centuries ago al­ a similar experience at a moment's no­
most submerged, but In 1H23 a Dutch tice.
There was Just oue disappointing
dyker named Croppenburgh erected a
high sea wall and cut drains, which feature—at least to some o f the guests.
converted It Into rich and arable land. Tbey did not get anything to eat A
Many o f the Dutch workmen engaged simple supper bad been prepared, but
In the work settled on the reclaimed when It came to midnight none re­
land, and the Dutch aspect o f the is­ mained. The waiters had doue ihelr
land is preserved until this day.—Lon­ l est, but the appetites o f those in the
don Chronicle.
first ranks o f the crowded rooms had
been too hearty, and even the attempt
to divide sandwiches in halves failed
So Shyl
"That's a nasty cut on your temple,” to bring the needed relief.
Washington s o c ie t y . I t t f i n g , was
an employer said to bis clerk. "H ow
did it happen?"
happy again. It was the first of the old
"1 had words with my wife.” the time White House functions held for
clerk answered.
| years. It will be by no means the last
"Your w ife gave you that?” exclaim­ and will be followed by a revival of
ed the employer. "And abe used to be dinners, receptions and other enter­
such a shy girl!"
tainments which promise grent joy to
“ So she Is now." said the clerk. many, especially to the caterers and
"She's always shying, and she never florists, who see a return o f good times
misses.” —Washington Star.
after a long term o f lean months in
their lines o f business.
Bet Her Thinking.
“ I dress expensively. Do you think
you could do as well for me in that
respect as father does?”
Wood Enough to Heat the Place For
"Perhaps eo,” said the young man.
the W inter In One Day.
•'Still. I shouldn't like to go around
Columbus. Ind.—H ow to get wood to
looking at shabby as be does.” — Louis­
last the Garden City Christian church
ville Courier-Journel.
through the winter bothered some of
the members o f the church, which Is
At the Boarding House.
situated two miles southwest o f this
"Is this beef too rare for you, Mr.
Then somebody suggested a "wood
“ W e il since yon ask me, Mrs. Skin­
chopping and sawing.” The members
ner, I would like It a little oftener.” — o f the ebureb turned out, cut down
When Women Rule.
Baltimore American.
"W h o Is that lady T
trees, sawed the logs Into the proper
“ Our peerless if**-***. Mrs Cincin­
lengths and then split the blocks Into
Tart Retort.
nati« W om bat Called right from the
stove wood. Mrs. Mack Neptune, one
Dad—No. I won't have my dangh
tireless cooker to the senate.” — Kansas
o f the members o f the church, served
ter tied to a stupid fool for life! He— dinner at noon The Rev. W. H. Rook,
City Journal.
Then don't yon think you'd better let pastor o f the Tabernacle Christian
me take her off your hand«?—Pennsyl­ church o f this city, used a crosscut
There is only one irreparable 1
vania State Froth.
saw a part o f the day.
the loos o f courage.-Lym an AbbotL
“ The Bookbinder."
Ttie following game, called the book­
binder. is a very Intcrextiug one. Let
t tie players stand with tlielr flats
closed, knuckles up anil a book laid
a, ross the back o f the hands. The
leader In the center o f the circle must
snatch n book from u pair o f hands
and rap the knit' kies liefore the owner
o f the hands can snatch them away.
I f the bands are snatched awuy when
the lender docs not really tuke the
book, thus letting the latter fall, the
one making this mistake must become
the bookbinder, or If the book Is
snatched and the knuckles rapped be­
fore they can lie drawn away the per­
son thus rapped must become the book-
A Pussy Clock.
Pan you tell time by your pussycat's
eyes? Go and look. I f It ts early
morning the pupils will be quite wide
As ttie light grows stronger
they will grow narrow, until by noon
they arc only little slits. Then again
toward sundown they will begin to
widen out again. Just how It would
lie If n big. black thundercloud came
up. I couldn't say. But It would be
good fun to tell time by Tabby on a
d ea r day. Just as they do in China.—
Picture Story Paper.
How Coal Was Named.
The name of coal was first applied
| only to fuel made o f charred wood, or
what we call charcoal. When the use
o f tnlnc.'al coal liegan it was called
sea coal, because at first only found
along the seashore along with seaweed
und other wreckage cast up by the
waves and thus supposed to be of mi-
; rlue origin. From Its resemblance In
| color and burning qualities to char-
! coal It finally received the simple name
of coal
Jimmy’s Reason.
One day a teacher was trying to keep
the children from being frightened
during a thunderstorm by talking to
them about the wonders o f air, elec-
- trlclty, etc. “ And now," she said, “ can
you tell me why lightning never strikes
| twice In the same place?”
"Because." said Jimmy, confident
that he was right, “ after it has struck
once the same place ain't there any
New Fire Friction Record.
A new Are by friction record among
boy scouts has been established by
j Deputy Scout Commissioner Robert M.
j Y'crgason o f Hartford, Conn. On Feb.
22 Mr. Yergason produced Are In 15 2-5
seconds. The time was taken from the
first stroke o f the bow until the flame
appeared. The best previous record,
1? 3-5 seconds, was established by
Scout L. M. Knight o f Newton. Mass.
New Badge For Scouts.
A badge for scout s rilies has been
authorized. It will consist o f the ten­
derfoot, second class or first class pin,
with two pens crossed beneath i t
English Children's May Bong.
Bprlns Is comtns. spring Is coming;
Birdies, build your nest.
Weave toast her straw and feather.
Doing each your best.
Hprlng Is coming, spring la coming;
Flower» are comlna too.
Pansies lilies, daffodillies,
Now are coming through.
Spring le coming, spring Is coming!
All around Is fair.
Shimmer and quiver on the river,
Joy is everywhere
We wish you a happy May.
And, Curiously Enouflh. That Fact
Won Him a Lot of Fame.
The Commotion a Traveler Freeh From
Australia Kicked Up In the Blue Bear
Tavern by » Simple Request That
Made Him an Object ef Wonder.
T ssle of Carbolla Acid Shewed Smith
He Didn't Went ts Die.
I mllauapolta. — Edward 0. Brnlth,
aged tweuty live, o f OK! North Jeffer­
son avenue, decided to commit suicide,
hut quickly ebauged hta mind after
bo bad lasted a small quantity o f car­
bolic acid.
The customary fateful uole. In which
ho attributed his despondency to n
quarrel with bis wife, was found In bis
Hmlth stated bis attempt at suicide
in a drug store at Illlnota and Wash­
ington etreete.
A fter the clerk bad
sold him the acid he turned around and
held the upturned bottle to bla llpn.
A moment later he gave out a shriek,
threw the bottle and remaining hit of
acid at the clerk and then fell against
: the counter. An ambulance took him
! to the city hoepltal
Physicians at the hospital said that
Smith's tongue was slightly burned,
but that he bad not swallowed any of
: tbs acid.
I cherish the thought, says the author
of the uuttddoeruphy entitled "Ttie
Record o f Nicholas Frrydon." that I
have become something of a tradition
a', the Blue lloar Inn, lu Isnidnu. where
I have reason to tbiuk I am r e in «»
tiered today by a now aged Hoots and
others— many, many other»—as “ the
geneliuuit as ordered n liawtll.”
I happened on the Blue Hoar, a new
arrlvul from Australia, and stayed
there for two nights. On rising after
my first sleepless night 1 went prowl-
lug all about the house In search of the Farmer Flees When He Bees Bride by
Mall Get Off Train.
bathroom. Fluully I was routed back
Kansas City.—When Timothy Illley.
to my room by n newly awakened uiakl
(lu curl plnsl, who told me rather farmer, got one look st his bride to be
crossly tliut I could not have a the romance was "busted.” Riley drove
"buwtb" unless I ordered It “ before- lila brand new farm wagon up In front
'anil." I was in a hurry to get out­ o f the Union station, hitched the team
doors. no 1 did without ury bath and and then stood guard at tbs exit door.
Ha wore a red carnation, by which
promised myself i would see to It later
sign the bride to be was to know him.
In the day.
That afternoon, footsore, tired and all the love making having been done
feeling Inexplicably grimy. I Interview­ by mall. The bride, who was to have
ed the lady again atul begged |>ennle­ ■ome from Nevada, was to wear s
sion to have a bath. She was then In Palm Beach eu lt
A few moments later a Palm Oeacb
much brighter humor and in curia in
place o f pins. Khe promised to arrange salt, garnished with numerous boxes
the matter shortly and to aend some sud bundles, hove In sight. Riley took
ono to warn me when the moment had one look, snatched Ibe carnation from
hta buttonhole and fled. The bride to
arrived. Where could I lie found?
“ Oh. I'll go und uudress at oue».” I lie appeared to be fully twenty yearn
older than he. which probably was the
“ No, don't do that, air: I can't get a excuse for hta hasty flight
buwtb all In s minute." she told me.
“ i*erha|>s you'd like to wlte lu the
smokin' room."
I agreed at once and retired to the
flyblown smoking room, where there
was an ample choice o f distraction for
a writing man between a motbeaten
volume entitled "K in g's Concordance”
and a Southeastern railway time table
cover, very solidly fastened, hut with
nothing inside. Presently Hoots came
in, elderly and sad. but furtively bird-
like both In the way he held hta bead
on one side and In the Jerky quickness
of hta movements.
"You the geuelmun as ordud er
New York.— You can’t keep • good
bawth?” he asked anxiously. I admit­ > song down. When It hae been trans­
ted i t and be gave a long sigh of re
lated into all the living languages It
takes up the dead.
"Oo! All right.” he said, almost
I f whoever wrote “ Tipperary" will
gladly. " I ’ll leteher know when It's visit the New York evening ecbool in
De W itt Clinton high school. Tenth
And he hopped out I yawned, open­ avenue and Fifty-ninth street, be will
ed the concordance nnd shut It again bear there almost any night this lyric
hastily, by reason o f the extraordinary lilt—and wonder what has bnp|iened
pungent mustiness Its pages emitted. to the darling o f his brain:
Then I went pro«|ieotlng Into the pas­
Longa vie ad Ttpperarlura.
Longs vie ibo;
sage between the stairs and the private
Lon s e v ie ad 1 Tippersrlum .
bar. Here I passed a sort o f ticket o f­
Ad pusllem quern cognosce
fice window, at which a middle aged
lady sat. eating winkles from a plate
V ile Ptcldltlum.
V ale Leicester Forum
with the aid of a hairpin. Her face
Lon ga v ia eat sd Tlpperarlum
lighted up with sudden Interest as she
Ibl eat ccw meum.
saw me.
Also, If he listens longer, be will
“ Oo!" she cried with spirit "E r you
hear “ I Didn't Raise My Boy to He a
the genelmun a« ordud er bawth'/**
Soldier" and thsi other songs o f the mo­
Again I pleaded guilty, and with a
ment done Into the purest Latin o f
broad, reassuring smile, as o f one who
should say. “ Bless you. we've had vis­
The exptanaxion. if he aska oue. Is
itors Just as mad as you before this."
that Professor Horace C. Walt, teacher
she nodded her ringleted head and
o f Latin in both De W itt Clinton high
sold: "R igh t you are. sir. I'll send
nnd the evening school baa discovered
Hoots to leteher know when It's ready.”
the way to Interest hts pupils la to
Apart from consideration of her oc­
tiring Latin up to date. O f course.
cupation, which demanded privacy. I
Caesar's legions may have snug the
could not stand gazing at this lady,
same song as tbey realized how far It
and ao I passed on to my only refuge
was from I-ondon town to Ireland, but
from the concordance room—the pri­
even so. thinks P tofeaior W all, to put
vate bar. There was a really splendid
into Horace's
young lady in attendance here, who "Tipperary"
smiled upon me so sweetly that I felt
constrained to order a lemon squash.
For several sessions lately the boys
While I pondered, with one hand on
the counter, the still smiling bsrmald and the processor have collaborated on
the translations o f popular sunga and
opened conversation brightly.
"E r you the genelmun what's ordud then have sung them to detedt imper­
fections in the rhythm. They will con­
er bawth?" she asked engagingly.
I began to feel that there must he tinue to adapt Broadway's beet singing
some kind of London Joke about this songs to tbo Applan W ay os long as
formula. Terhaps It Is a phrase in the the snugs and the Latin verbs hold ou t
As for “ Tipperary.” even tbo German
current comic opera, I thought. As I
hung Indeterminately waiting I heard lads In the class Join In on ths "A d
a voice In the passage outside nnd rec­ puellam quam cognosco.”
ognized It as belonging to that elderly
bird. Boots.
"N o; 1 ain't a-wastln' uv me time," It
snld. “ I'm a lookin' for some one. I
Among Many Items Testator Adm on­
serpose you ain't seed Ibe genelmun as
ishes Children to Be Upright.
ordud er bawth anywhere abart. 'sve
Ind.—The will o f James
Fearful lest further delay should Tobin, a Union City resident who died
lead to the bricking up o f the bath­ recently, baa been died here for pro­
room or to a crier's being sent round bate In the circuit court. A cnong the
the town for the "genelmun" and ao many items the testator adjnonisbea
forth, I hastened out almost Into the his children to walk uprightly and ssys:
"In making this last will ajnd testa­
arms o f the retainer and forcibly
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"Recopd.—Be faithful to yusir rel igion.
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"Third.— Love one another.
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•'Fourth.—Be honest, upright and
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Paid $2,000 In Bounties.
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Collaborata on Songs.
Deliberate with caution, but act with
decision nnd yield with gracious ness
or oppose with firmness.-Colton.
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