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Cook Still Clolmi The Pole
Another Crisis
Dr. Frederick A. Cook was in
With 6ermany
Washington a few days ago, and
made his annual claim to the pole.
Dr. Cook insist» that he “ saw it
m uz
first,'-’ and he wants an investi-
N o te S RO l o n g e r SUITICO» nation by Congress, to prove his
t jjji
statements. A good many people
« V IlIV il n i l l l l #%wl
are i,eg jn„ i nif tx> wonder why it
........... — •
is that Dr. Cook should be denied
a>.- The the » ‘ mP1« ju .tise o f “ trial by hi.
U„,ted S U to. ,» perilously d o «
to , cc, pted , lm0>t „ |thout quMtk)l,
a break in diplomatic relations notwithstanding they were quite
with Germany.
as hazy as those o f Dr. Cook. It
So often has the cry‘ ‘ w oIf” been! is an easy thing to keep a man in
raised that the public has become the ’ ’ fakir” class when he is all
Grand Finale of Piano
Contest This Afternoon
Read This Article—Do You Want to Win This Piano?
If You Do You Must Get Out and Hustle For
The Finale Is Approaching In This Contest.
At 4 O’clock This Afternoon, The Bal­
lot Box Will Be Closed and Turned
Over to the Judges.
cvnical. even indifferent, in every *>on* <l“ t« i
rioht to Mate
On Saturday, April 1st. the bal | Advertising pays -in this cam-
. ,
his case before a fair tribunal,
lot box will close at 4 o’clock p. m., j P*i*n, as well as in mercantile af-
new crisis that has arisen. It can
in Piano Contest-and as soon ay i la*rs- Let your friends know in
be said |>ositiveIy, however; in
results in the final count carffan unmistakable way that you are
view o f the destruction o f unarm­
canvassed, awards will be in this contest to W IN.
ed merchantmen in the German
To fully appreciate and under-
You cannot expect them to just
o f the Piano, and also o f the
“ war zone” ai>nut the British Isles, stand the expenses incurred in
or guess, that you are a
that the President has made up the various offices, road and
active in impress­
mind to appear before Congress, school districts a person should
them, and more­
This event, we know, means a
recite the efforts he has made to be personally acquainted with
them to lose
secure observance o f international the parties, givin g and taking. great deal to all o f the contestants
the ballot
law, the assurance given hiiv by With this knowledge a great -and from now on until the date
Irt other
the German government, and the light will breuk in upon you, and above named —why not make your
violations of American rights and you will see and understand many efforts commensurate with the
the assurances by German sub­ things not clear to the casual stakes involved.
marines, and announced his pur- reader, o f the monthly expenses
W e want you to read this article
| h * c to recall Ambassador Gerard published in the County Seat from start to finish and digest And above all—do not permit a
and dismiss Count von Bernstoff, papers. The taxpayers should thoroughly every word o f it. It few refusals to discourage you —
acquaint themselves with such carries a message that is inval­ keep on.
the German Ambassador.
conditions and then prepare not uable to you if your plan is to be
Make it a point to get out on this
submarines nor armored ships— successful and if you are to be the work RIGHT NOW and keep on
Dealing With Traitors but his ballot
victor in this contest. In a way, at the task until the last gun is
your success can only be achieved fired in the campaign and the bal­
by your own personal efforts—but lot box closed.
Creating Sentiment Tbrangh Seiftet»
Metivee That Will Result In
War Is Treason
No. 32.
at the same time we no doubt can
See all your friends! Call on
suggest various ways that may everyone!
prove o f great advantage to you.
All who can possibly do so will
First, we wish to impress upon be glad to help you, and will con­
contestants the necessity o f get­ sider it a privilege to do so. but
ting right out NOW and doing the that privilege is going to be re­
work you no doubt have intended served for the contestant who
to do before the contest came to a asks for it—in but very few in­
close. I f surface indications are stances can the person be expect­
to be relied upon, it would appear ed to hunt up the contestant, and
that not a single one o f the contes­ thus be doing all the work for her,
tants has undertaken as thorough when it is she herself who should
a canvass as it is possible to make be doing the work. You can al­
in Falls City and surrounding most gauge the help you will get
towns and in the country districts. by the enthusiasm and energy you
They have relied too much on develop yourself—so make it a
chance meetings to present their point to get into the fight at once,
appeal to friends and acquain­ and keep in the thick o f it contin­
tances, and while many subscrip­ ually from now on until the close
tions have come through this o f the contest. It will pay you a
means, the number could have handsome dividend. There is ab­
been materially increased by mak­ solutely no ground for discourage­
ing the canvass systematic. It is ment.
No one has gained any material
by no means too late to do this yet.
"A n y course taken with deliber­
ate intent to involve this country
in war with any other power big Possession Will Bo Oison By J.
Thompson on April First on Ton-
or little, weak or strong, is a
Toar Lessa.
course that cannot square with
the concept o f decent citizenship,
nor be approved by patriotism.
All details o f the transfer o f the
The men who deliberately incite business o f the Hotel Gail from
sentiment or bring about condi- J. B. Thompson to K. N. Woods
tions that result in war, when and Lew. A. Cates have been
without such actions such results completed and the new owners
might have been readily avoided will take charge o f the popular
are public enemies in the harshest hostelry on Saturday morning,
sense o f that term. When their April 1. Those who have taken
course is inspired solely for the title to the business have pur-
protection and advancement o f chased outright all furnishings,
their dollar interest in a foreign equipment and fixtures in the
country w’ith whom they seek to building, and have leased the
have their own nation imolved in hotel property at the corner o f
conflict, the offense is contempt- tCourt and Church street, includ­
ible and malignant as that which ing the store occupied by the Gol- Anyone o f the contestants could
den Rule, for a period o f ten go over the town, street by street,
Benedict Arnold committed.
With respect to the Mexican sit­ years. The new owners are well or block by block, and the outly-
uation President Wilson warns the knowr. Dallas business men, one ing towns with greater persistency
country against the machinations having recently retired from part- without material interference with
o f just such men. It is a pity that nership in the Dallas steam laun- other duties, if she set her mind
the president and the government dry and Mr. Cates having been : to the task.
shod Id be content with such warn­ publisher o f The Polk County Ob­
Do not delay! Do not procras
This great government server for about two years. Mr. tinate! DO IT NOW !
should have the shrewdness and Woods will devote his entire time
The days and hours that you
power to smoke out these men: to to the hotel business and Mr.
fritter away now can never be re­
discover the author o f false and Cates will retain The Observer
called—but the advantage o f these
alarming reports; to ascertain and its management.
days devoted to insistent and de­
what interests are involved, and
J. B. Thompson, who owns the
termined work are o f incalculable
if nothing more can be done, ex­ hotel building came to Dallas sev­
pose the traitors in the pillory of eral months ago to relieve Henry
Every subscription or m e r ­
Serr and since taking over the
public condemnation.
chant's voting coupon you get to­
As a national sentiment about business has made extensive im­
day absolutely stops any other
which there can be no mistake, provements. costing s e v e r a l
contestant from getting that sub­
either here or in Mexico, let it be thousands o f dollar.?. Every room
scription or coupon—furthermore,
made manifest that our sole object in the hotel has been thoroughly
the person who gave you that sub­
in Mexico is to assist in the cap­ renovated and new fixtures put
scription becomes impressed with
ture and punishment o f an outlaw in in many places. The halls have
YO U R candidacy, and not satis­
whom we have a right to pursue undergone a complete new attire
fied with having given his or her
and punish because o f his aggres- and the dining room has been re- j
own subscription, becomes a boos­
sion upon our own territory and finished throughout. Mr. Thomp-
ter o f your campaign among his
against our own citizens. Let us son will make further improve-
or her friends.
not do anything to lay the founda- ments in the building later in the
tion for suspicion in the mind o f spring.
We cannot
The new management will con-
the Mexican people,
The Ohio Legislature has en­
afford to be involved in war be- duct the Hotel Gail along the lines
cause o f the outcry o f bloodless that have made it/amousthrough- acted a law providing that mun­
dollar worshippers who would out the state and will cater to icipally owned utilities cannot
willingly secure their fortunes the general hotel trade. Charles create deficits and meet them
and add to their largess by the Mann, the popular clerk, will re­ from public taxation. It must
sacrifice o f good American blood. tain his connection with the hotel raise the rates to meet expenses
The course they advise and urge as will most o f the staff o f work­ and cannot use tax money to
is treason, nothing less. Let us ers. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson keep going at a losing rate. This
recognize it and denounce it as will return to Albany immediate­ law should certainly solve the
question o f municipal ownership.
ly.— Dallas Observer.
such.” —Portland Telegram.
,ead over another thus far.
In fact, the greatest obstacle a
contestant has to overcome is her
own fear that she is beaten. This
is purely imagination and the con­
testant has it within her power to
see that she is not beaten. No one
will be beaten until the ballot box
is actually closed.
Banish all o f those doubtful
thoughts forthwith—A N D GET
TO W ORK. That,, and nothing
else will win this contest.
Bear in mind that the contest
comes to a close at 4 o’clock this
afternoon, and that the degree
o f success you may attain rests
entirely with yourself. W e have
provided the opportunity—but the
initiative, the method o f campaign
and the energy must be supplied
by you. W e can advise, and have
been doing so, impartially, for all
o f the contestants who have come
to this office—
But the vital spark which spells
Success must originate with and
be profitably used by YOU.
This allows competition by pri­
vate concerns whereas a munici­
pal owned industry kept up by
taxation is unfair to competition
and also to the taxpayers. Such
a law would do away with much
political graftin g and place mun­
icipal ownership upon its own
merits. The United States gov­
ernment might also take notice
tc such methods, and, perhaps
some o f the extravagance could
be abolished.
New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods
N ew Millinery
New Middies
N ew Aprons
New Ginghams
A ll moderately priced. You will not regret making
your purchases early this spring. Fin u factu rers
are constantly advising trade o f advances, as an in­
stance, best grade value bib overalls are now $14
per dozen wholesale. Our price is yet $1 per pair.
Y qu can readily see as soon as we have to rebuy
what the price would have to be. Leather is also
advancing. W e will adhere to old prices as long as
possible, but higher prices late are unevitable.
3 Per Cent Discount For Cash.
Selig’s Cash Price Store,
“ Meeting and Beating Competition".
I having defeated the united oppo-
1 sition o f members o f all parties
who had combined to get their
By J. E. Jones.
own appropriations through by
| the old system o f trading support,
is unique in political history. In
f a l L s c i t y n e w s b u r e a u ,
Washington. D. C., March, 19.
Washington Mr. Burton is re­
garded as one o f the ablest men
in public life during recent years.
Burton Stock Is High
He is “ presidential size,” and
A few days ago Theodore E. since he is satisfactory to the
Burton, o f Ohio, visited the floor different elements in the repub­
o f the Senate.
There was a lican party, it is perfectly natural
noticeable stir o f interest, and I that his candidacy should be fa­
some one in the press gallery vorably received among the lead­
ing members o f that party and
called attention to the fact that
particularly those who are most
five men who had been more or familiar with his career in the
less prominently mentioned for House and Senate.
the republican nomination were
in the chamber.
However, as
Blow to Trading Stamps
the weeks and days bring the
The United States Supreme
Chicago convention closer’ the
number o f men who continue to Court handed down a number o f
be regarded as actual ‘ ‘political decisions sustaining the restric­
timber. ” are decreasing. A few
tions placed upon trading stamp
who were “ favorite sons” in
coupon schemes by state leg­
their own states awhile ago, have
already been relegated to the islatures. Under two o f these
The Niiitnal Capital
discard. One o f the pivotal states
this year is Ohio—the “ home o f
presidents.” It is united in its
support o f Burton, and indica­
tions are that it is going to be
the republican field against his
There has been a
great deal o f talk to the effect
that Mr. Wilson, in choosing his
new Secretary o f War from Ohio,
anticipated a contest with Mr.
Burton in the campaign, and used
the occasion to strengthen him-
selt in the state from which his
opponent was likley to come. Mr
Burton has one o f the best re­
cords o f any man who has been
in Congress during recent years.
Hç was a foe to “ pork barrel”
legislation and graft o f every
kind. In his last great fight up­
on the 1914 bill, his arguments
were so strong that President
Wilson was drawn into the open,
and supported Burton, to the
great discomfiture o f partisans o f
his own political faith. This re­
markable instance o f a republi­
can senator receiving the endorse­
ment o f the White House after
decisions trading stamps are driv­
en out o f Florida and the state
It is interesting to
note the lack o f good opinion by
the Supreme Court as evidenced
by the statement in one o f the
decisions, which first treats o f
advertising as “ well defined,”
with “ nothing ulterior, it is the
practice o f old and familiar trans­
actions and has sufficed.”
the schmes o f trading stamp pro­
motors are declared to “ have no
such directness and effect.
rely upon something else than
the article so sold.
They tempt
by a promise o f a value greater
than that article and apparently
not represented in its price, and
it hence may be thought that
thus by an appeal to cupidity,
lure to improvidence. This may
not be called in an exact sense a
‘lottery,’ may not be called
‘gam ing;’ it may, however, be
considered as having the seduc­
tion and evil o f such.”