Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, January 01, 1916, Page 2, Image 2

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had been rv|xtrtcd Hint ou« Dixon, nil
Englishman, wlui wan known to he a
1 'lrate. hail bouitht a vessel al Canton, A Qriwionw Csrsmony After Fadre I.
and H vvaa supisised that lie hud titled
Gained His Throne.
her up for plraticul purposes. It looked
I Hi you know what was the rnoet
as If he had eaptured the missing ves
solemn ami Impressive voruuailou ever
«els uud sunk them with all on hoard.
accorded the consort o f a king? Mod­
This Information did not relieve
ern coronations are Impressive, It Is
Wicket-sham's perplexity. I f the ves-
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Kilter*«) a« Mvpinl-tiitt luail at the postoifitN
«el he was chasing wus the one Dixon true, and It 1« all very well lo be a
at Rtlla City. IVIN County. Orv*on, under tb*
As*t o f t V i | r t * » o f March 5,
had purchased, how hud he been able to queen and lo ride In stale from palace
Th<? Boeistm Zeitung finds the 1 how She Plundered W a s
ships, plunder them und sink lu (he cathedral, although Ena o f Bat
T'ltpkeat— News Office, S3.
second note decidedly milder in
them without uny armament? Never­ ten berg, now (Jueeii Victoria o f Spain,
a Mystery.
Subscription Foitea: O r « your. $1.00; six month»,
theless that this had been dnue was found the ride a little too exciting for
tone than the abstract cabled here
(0 cent*; three mo.'thu, 25 cents: ainjrle copy. S cte.
evtdeut front the valuables found on real comfort. But lu spite o f that at
led it to believe. It points out,
(he deserted unarmed ship which whs tempted assassinai loll there was noth
\U T«rtU itif Rates, D m »':*?. 15 cents an inch
Ing In lu-r assumption of the crown
now fleeing before the Taylor.
however, that the note maintains
Basin««« Notice*. 5 cents a line For Sale. Rent.
>•♦♦♦♦♦♦« » » » ♦ — ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ 1 Toward the close o f the second day thut was at all comparable with the
Exchange, Want and Pay Entertainment No* its form er standpoint and adds
coronation o f another princess In tbe
«ices, 5c:a. alin e. Can! o f Thanks 50 ct* legs
Ueutenaut Wickersham. In command j of the chase the Island o f l-'ormosa was
that even if the United States is
sighted, and Wickersham lav an (o fear southwestern peninsula of Europe In
Notices, legal rates
of llil' Culled Stales gunboat /.;u
the year I "50 She tvna lues de Cas­
that his prey would eseape him by put
>f the opinion that new evidence
Taylor, cruising in the M ala; nrrhl
Copy for new adi. and changes ahouUI be sent
ting Into some indentation or Inlet tro, one o f the bluest blooded maidens
polago. received a wireless order from along the Formosan const
to The News not later than Wednesday.
o f Hie haughty and nucleut royal strain
Tbe coin
note still leaves the w ay open for tlie admiral to look out (or a pirate utnnder o f the fugitive vessel ran to o f Portugal.
vessel that had been doing a lot of within a few tulles o f shore, but did
In 1347. when Don I'edro bad been
a further exchange o f notes.
H. J. Gridin, Mayor.
damage to shipping In the South China not put In, evtdeutly waiting for dark betrothed by his father and the court
R M. Woiulerly. Councilman-at Large
sea. No well delined location for the lu order that hts pursuer might uot he lo a Spanish princess, he eloped and
P hillip notti reni
“ One sees by it.” continues the pirate was glveu. since It was uot able to see him wheu he left the o|>eu was secretly married to hla fnlr cous
H. C. Brown,
naner “ that the Am erican Gov- known. Probably the order was sent water. However, reaching a conven­ In. lues. When the king o f Portugal
to e v e r; United States vessel cruising ient ixdnt for hiding, he rau Into It learned o f tha marriage he had hla un­
y interested in
while there was still sufficient light for welcome daughter In law murdered by
In that region.
leoretical - a l l too
a hand o f hired assassins. The reautt
The second d a ; after receipt o f the Wlckersbam to see hint.
The fart of his doing so set tbe lieu
was a devastating war. and when tbe
Ipoint. W ashing- order the watch on the T u ;lo r report
Might she uot have prtneo ultimately came to the throne
ed to the officer o f the deck that a ship tenuut thinking
ii to think o f a
was to be seeu on the starboard quar­ paused In her flight, when she could as Pedro I. he hud the body o f hla be­
can-Austro-Hun- ter. She was changing her course have kept ou, for a purpose? The fact loved exhumed, attired In regal robes
ver; frequently. She did uot look al (hat so many vessels had disappeared and placed In the throne chair. One
all like u pirate, but ou account o f her suggested that the pirate had some fleshless hand clasped the scepter, and
President W il-
mysterious actions the watch thought newfangled device for wrecking them. to this dead queeu (he whole court
to uphold his hu- It his duty to report her.
Might she not come out during tbe was required to do homage.
ulgbt and practice It on the Taylor? night sho was burled with the greatest
x)int at all events
The commander o f the Taylor order
As soon ns It was dark, taking a po­
: he emphasizes ed the ship’s course changed toward sition off where the pirate bad put lu. pomp and solemnity.
the vessel In question. No sooner had
specially against this been done than the other exhibit­ Wickersham dropped his anchor and
ers comes from ed a clean pair o f beets, evidently in ordered every light on the ship put
ned by all Am er- flight When the gunboat came cloae
Foods That Nourish, but That Do Not
enough to the fugitive to discern what to be left burning, though covered lie
Produoo Fat.
central powers, she was like Wlckersbam was sur- resolved to remain nwake during (he
Many foods are very nourishing, but
prised to see a very ordinary looking night, ready for any emergency.
do not produce fat. The two kinds
»* e auu uui allies must recon­ vessel, as unlike a pirate as |>osalble. However, about mldulgbt, becoming n hlcb create fatty tissues are fats of
There were no porta for guus or any drowsy, be went lo sleep In a ham­
cile ourselves to this fa c t— we other evidence o f a capacity for light­ mock. having glveu orders to he vailed all kinds, like butter, lard, drippings
N o w that the holidays are over
have nothing to hope for from ing. About dusk the stranger ran should auytblug uuusuul occur. About (foods cooked lu them), aud the large
everybody will settle down to busi­
group o f foods classed as starches If
Am erica and least o f all may we close Into shore. She was still too far 2 o'clock he was awakened uud told eaten In excess starch will be laid up
ness and strive to make 1916 more
for those on the gunboat to see what that voices had been heard near the
expect a just application o f the was doing on board of her. hut since gunboat. Springing up. he went on In tbe body as superfluous or stored
prosperous than the year past.
Ills hearing was fat.
neutrality’ principle from
t h e the anchor chains could be heard rat- deck and Usteued
Following Is a list o f nourishing
sure that he
W e are ready to fight for the American side.”
which will not produce excess
•lid uot give himself any uneasiness as
The Morgen Post says:
preservation o f our country, but
been Imperfectly muffled, lie ordered fat:
to her getting a fray from him.
Eight meats, like chtckeu, white flsh.
“ The note, with its almost hearty
not to become a target that mun­
By the time the Taylor had come a gun to be loaded on each of the four
lean beef; all vegetables except po
ition plants may be able to man­ concluding phrases, permits the
since the latter craft showed no light his subordinates wondered what be tatoes, parsnips aud other starchy
ufacture more implements o f war. the hope that A ustria-H un gary the gunboat felt obliged to stand off. e x a c te d to shoot at. while the more kinds; fruits o f all kluds except ha
and the United States may reach However. Wickersham. suspecting that su|H>rstltlous o f tbe crew began to fear nanus; grains or cereals except oat­
meal aud rice: beaus and cheese; milk
In case o f government owner an understanding over this sifua- she might escape him under cover of that there was something supernatural
(In small quantity); eggs.
the darkness, sent a boat in command
ship o f public utilities it is pre tion in all friendliness.”
Beer and all malt drinks Increase
of Ensign Throckmorton to recon
But tbe lieutenant ordered every
fatty tendency Tbe diet o f milk aud
sumed that the same tactics will
uoiter The party was gone an hour
man to keep perfectly silent uud re­
eggs will fatten unless exercise la
be observed in re g a rd to publicity
When It returned Throckmortou made mained on watch himself. When (be
jtaken or the body la In a very ran
a very singular report.
first ray o f light came he descried a
as used by various governmenl
, down condition. Cocoa la a fattening
Ue had found the vessel deserted. boat pulling directly toward the T a y ­
and state institutions o f sending
Today, prohibition is in force, On her were all sorts o f plunder, show­ lor. it was a mile away, uud u cable's drink also.
Exercise, plenty o f water between
bulletins to new spapers with per or rather the pseudo prohibition ing that she was undoubtedly u pirate. length behind It the water seemed
meals nod a diet o f lean meats and
mission to publish without cosi law s have become operative. A There was no cargo unless about a disturbed, as though some obstacle many vegetables and frulta prevent
thousand barrels of oil might be con
was moving through It Then sudden­
, fnt. Avoid pastries, cake, fried foods.
(to the institution), as a news najority o f the voters in Oregon vldered such, but It seemed rather that
ly the lieutenant rushed to the gnu
gravies and sauces. Do not eat be-
declared for prohibition, but did
the furnace was constructed for coal, and stood with tbe lanyard In his ► tween meals. IJve lu tbe open air and
, be active. I f possible, perspire freely
they receive w hat they asked for? o f which there was a scant supply.
hand, peering Into tbe hreuklug dark­
It is just possible tb*)t the ad
Wickersham was puzzled. Never bail ness Otbe~< on the deck were able to some time each day.— San Francisco
“ Y e asked for bread and they
’ Chronicle.
ministration will be able to stir up
gave you a stone.” Even so have be beard of a pirate unarmed, un descry the moving boat, but not the
a little scrap with Austria. This
object disturbing the water behind lb
the advocates o f prohibition been was abundant evidence that the vessel
The Long Spoon.
Nevertheless lu h few minutes all
will afford an excuse for an ad
"Tom kyns" recently heard the exprea
The law prohibits the was the one be bad been ordered to could see something that canned a cold
slon, “ I f you sup with the devil you
ditional w a r tax and the universal
m anufacture or sale o f liquor in look out for. The fact that she had chill to run down their spines. It was will need a long spoon." “ Though I
military service now being plan­
the periscope o f a submarine. From
the state, yet an individual is al­ fli lent to condemn her. As for her
never heard It before," he says. "It Is
It every eye was turned to their com
ned. It is very probable that this
lowed a certain amount monthly crew, they had doubtless goue usbore mauder, who was carefully sighting evidently fairly well known, and what
1 should like to know la, What docs It
administration will force the pea and dealers outside may supply under cover o f darkness.
the piece near which lie stood
It did not seem that there was any ing to his next In command to come mean und where does It come from?”
pie to fight, but it will not be ex­ this amount. W h y this discrimi­
It means that If you are going to sit
j need to take further action till morn to him. without taking bis eye off the down
actly in the w ay that is intended. nation?
to a meal with hts Satanic m aj­
“ M ade in O regon,” is ing. The anchor of the pirate being on
periscope, he resigned tbe lanyard to esty you will need a long spoon to
the bottom, there being no crew- aboard him. wltb orders to pull It when be
the slogan, you know.
avoid the necessity of getting too near
W hen the majority o f the people
nnd the sl,ore to which they gave the order. When the periscope the old gentleman, and In Its general
A prohibition law that Permits lo ra,se
came within a hundred yards of the sense, o f course. It Implies that If you
are opposed to w a r w hy should a
each individual enough booze each muP8 distant, the iieuteuant decided to Taylor It slowed down and began to
liave dealings with n dangerous or no­
fe w men who are perfectly safe
month to tank up on every Satur- let the matter rest for the night and settle In tbe water.
torious person It behoove* you to use
from any dangers o f the w a r, be
"F ire !”
day night is a joke. Then how I thf
dn? * ° • bonrd the craft him
great caution. It comes from one of
allowed to engage the country in
There w-as an explosion, and the peri­ , the "Ingoldsby Legends,” and the quo
are you going to gau ge the amount So he turned In. leaving the executive
scope careened, showing evidence of tat Ion reads:
a foolish conflict? It would not
the thirsty individual imbibes?: officer In charge.
being wrecked, then disappeared. In I W ho suppes with Hi* DsvIlU shold* have
lower the United States in the
When the first faint light appeared In a few minutes tbe surface o f the water
a long spoons.
There is no w a y o f attaching a
the east the commander was awak­ was covered by oil. Wickersham gave
—London Opinion.
eyes o f the world (save the Allies)
metre, and the booze-fighter who ened to be informed that the pirate had
to notify all Am ericans that to em­
told the truth about how much he disappeared. Jumping out o f his bunk, every man on the Taylor.
What Ha Would Give.
bark on a ship o f any nation en­
" I understand you have a great many
Tbe men In the boat turned and were
drank and w here he got it has he put on a dressing gown and slip-
tiers and hurried on deck. The vessel
gaged in w a r would be at their
friends In this city.”
long since joined that angel band certainly was not where she had been pulling away lustily when a well ultned
"Yea,” replied the man. as modestly
shot from another gnu scut her to the
own risk; that life w as held too
and is singing, “ H ow D ry I A m .” j the night before, but tbe day bad bottom, leaving her crew, some dead, ns he could.
sacred hy the government o f the
"Could you give me the numea Of
There is nothing that succeeds , broken, and the man In the crow's nest some wounded and some unhurt, float­
reported her or a vessel very like her ing on tbe water.
United States to allow a fe w fool­
aouie o f them to whom I might go wltb
like success, and you might add, I on the horizon. Wickersham, after
my proposition ?"
ish Am ericans to jeopardize peace,
"Man a boat!" cried Wickersham.
there is nothing that proh ibits1 bringing a glass to bear on ber. pro­
“ I could, but I won't." replied* tbe
A boat was soon pulling to the men
life and property by taking any
like Drohibition.
There is no, nounced her the pirate and gave orders struggling In the water. They were man.
to get up the anchor and make chase
foolhardy chances.
"W h y not? It Is generally done.”
picked up and brought on to tbe Taylor.
argum ent in favor o f drinking! Immediately.
“ Perhaps It Is,” replied the man slow­
One of them was Dixon. This wus Ids
Tbe pirate was standing eastward
any more than there is for using
ly, “ hut, you see, I wish to keep all my
friends. Would you like tbe names o f
tobacco. W hile tobacco does not along the tenth parallel o f latitude, ev­
idently making for the open sen. Tbe
a few o f my enemies?” — Detroit Free
reduce a man to the beastly con­ gunboat managed to keep her In sight bought to carry plunder which was se­
cured by means o f n submarine he Press.
dition as does whiskey, yet is an and make a small gain. During the
kept with him. He would put a tor­
Fastidious Pigs.
expensive and filthy habit. Men, day the lieutenant made Inquiries pedo Into a vessel, then while she was
among the crew to learn If any one had
Pigs, Instead o f being read; to oaf
goats and worms are the only ani­ heard any sound during the night. One sinking board ber and aecurc what val­
Announcement Made That He Will mals and reptiles that will eat man said that he fancied he had heard uables be could And. His boarding anything, are among tbe most fastidi­
ous o f animals. Out o f G7G plants the
an anchor chain being carefully slip­ party was well armed, hut seldom goat eats 440 and refuses 120; sheep,
tobacco. On the liquor subject,
Proteat Placing it on Michigan
ped through a hawse pipe, li e bad
as it stands today, which is the called the attention o f the officer o f the gathering the plunder be would leave out o f 62S plants, ent 387 and refuse
Progressive Ballot
the vessel and her crew to go down to­ 111; rows, out o f 404 plants, eat 270
worst, high license or a p r o h i ­ deck to It, but since the officer had
gether, taking pains that no person and refuse 218; horses, out of 474
bition law that does not prohibit? heard nothing himself he paid no at­ lived to tell tbe tale Believing that plants, ent 252 and refuse 212, while
tention to the man’s report Neverthe­
Oyster Bay, N . Y . Dec. 28—
pigs, out o f 243 plants, ent only 72 and
less Wickersham made up his mind the Taylor would eventually get him,
refuse 171.—London Express.
Colonel Roosevelt, it w as announc­
that the pirate had slipped her anchor DLxon had resolved to torpedo her.
Unfortunately for him, the night wus
ed today, will protest against the
The indications are that 1916 and sailed away without It
Too Woll Cleaned.
The mystery worked on the men, dark, and ha was unable to And her
placing his name on the Michigan will be a very prosperous year
Papa -1 cannot conceive what la tbe
some o f whom were Ignorant and su­ till daylight revealed him to his Intend­
Progressive presidential ballot. A for Falls City. There is a proba­ perstitious, and knots were constantly ed prey.
matter wltb my watch. I think It must I
Wickersham reported the facts to the want cleaning. Pet Child—Ob, no, papa. |]
spokesman for the form er presi­ bility o f a new general m erchan­ gathering to discuss the strange craft,
dear! I don't think It needa cleaning,
dent said:
dise store being opened soon and the opinion being occasionally express­ admiral, who directed him to hang the because baby and I had It washing In <
ed that the ship was a phantom. But few pirates he had captured. The or­
“ The colonel will not willingly other acquisitions in the w a y of this did not reach tbe ears o f tbe com­ der was obeyed while the Taylor was the basin for ever so long this morn­
allow his name to go on any pres­ business. *AVith the mill in opera­ mander, who would have taken means making for tbe plunder ship, which ing.” —London Ttt-BIts.
idential ballot, Progressive or Re­ tion this should be a banner year.
Ha Couldn’t Dodgs.
During the day a wireless message that the Taylor would sorely be tor|»e-
The advent o f more business was flashed by the admiral asking If doed, took little care and did not see
H e— As It la to be a secret engage­ 1
“ H is" position has been and is houses means more business for the Taylor had seen anything o f the the gunboat until ahe was well on ment, dearest. It would not be wise for I
me to givo you a ring at present. She—
that he will not enter the presi- Falls City; fe w e r people will go pirate. Wickersham asked for Infor­ them. Then they tried to escape In
mation as to ths vessel that he was or­ boats, but were all captured and served Ob, bat I could wear It on the wrong
dential prim aries o f either party, aw ay, or send a w a y for their dered to capture. The answer was tbe same puntshmeut as the others.
band, you know!—Exchange.
Should he be nominated he would supplies. I jet’s encourage people that tbe admiral bad no description of
Tbe admiral's order to bang the pi­
Wet Weloome.
be inclined to a c ce p t But he wish­ to locate in or near Fal's City, her. It had been reported that several rates without trial enabled him to hush
vessels doe at Chinese ports had not the matter up, which course be deem­
Flinging a Jar o f water over yonr
es it understood that he is not either to engage in business in come In. The weather had been floe: ed advisable, and, although reported to friend la one striking form o f saluta­
scram blin g fo r the nomination town, till the soil or “ pail” the therefore there was no suspicion that Washington, tbe matter never got Into tion adopted by tbe south sea Island
they bad been wrecked by storm. It the newspapers.
an y more than is Justice Hughes.”
fltyg 3^ a lia (City N miib Germans Comment
On Note To Vienna
: The Unarmed
Roosevelt Won’t Let
His Name Be Used
mild-eyed “ bossie.”