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    Saturday, Auguri 21, IM A
(Ihr fallii illitiì Nruta
- -
P u b lish ers.
Ent^rwd a* w r^xl t t»M ragli •» Ih*
«t Fallt City Folli CmiMy. Or+ftoa, an«l»r Ih*
4 ut ot Confiras of Marth S. 1H79.
Newt Office. #3.
Subscription R a to . On* year. 11.(4; >lx inonlh«.
no n a t i : ihr»» month». H c w t i «Inai» copr. è ri»
A t n r H l I a l Kat»» P u p i« y . l l n n l H n Inch
S usine». NotlO»». ' c»nt» a lln» Fot Sai». R*nt.
K ic h sn g r. W ant an d Pay I n t* rt» ln tn » n t No­
tte«». » et» a Un». C ard of Than X» » et» : Leg«
Notte»». l»c»l rat»».
Copy for new ad». «nd change» ehould be *eot
to The New« not l«l»r tb « n W«dn»»d«y.
o r ric iA L
d ir e c t o r y
fa lls
e rrr
H J. Griflln. M»yor
R M. W ond*rly, Counollm »n
1’htUlp G oulreid
H. C Brown.
f ' cBir*d 'V r
C ouucilm en
t. 0 Singleton.
C. L. H opkins.
R. A. T itus.
C. E. H cP herren. A uditor »nd Police Ju d g e
W elter L. Toose J r.. City A ttorney
Pet M urphy. M erebat *nd W ater Supl.
M. L. Thomp»on. T reasurer
Dr. F. M. H ellw nrth. H ealth Officer.
from 75 to SOc per bushel that a
"Great Wave of Prosperity” will
strike the country «ml wheat will
advance by leaps and bound?.
If the American people will grive
less attention to conditions abroad
and take up and develop the op­
portunities for advancement at
home far more satisfactory results
will Ite attained in the uplift of
our people. Cedar Rapids da.)
The sheriff of Multnomah coun­
ty will ask permission of the coun­
ty commissioners to put two spec­
ial deputies on the secluded roads
in the county to prevent immoral­
ity arising from motorcycle and
automobile joy-rides. Miss Mary
Klaus committed suicide last Sat­
urday after a motorcycle ride
with a man.
A dispatch from California,
states that there is no great rush
at the recruiting station for the
Th« Council meet* In reg u lar »e»»lon on Ihe flr»l four
week's military training
an d th ird Tuesday night» of each m onth, a t 7 30
course to be given at Presido.
o ’clock. In the office of th e Pall» C ity Sews.
Only forty-seven had enrolled up
S aturday . A i o i st 21. 1915
to the 17th and the enrollment
closes the 20th. It is necessary to
secure 150 before the camp will
The city'treasury of Seattle. be established. Not so blood­
Wash., is empty.
thirsty as some folk imagined.
LaGrande, Oregon was visited
Congressman George A. Loud,
Monday by a rain and hail storm of Michigan says that he can see
that damaged the hay and grain a very bright future for the lum­
ber interests on the Pacific Coast.
This is very encouraging but does
The I. W. W’s., are blamed with not figure very extensively in the
inciting trouble in Mexico. Why payment of last month’s grocery
not credit them with the European bill. Long range prosperity is not
what the people are demanding.
Col. George has extensive lumber
The Royal Edward, British interests and says that he expects
transport was destroyed by a sub­ to increase them. The wonder is
marine last Saturday and about what would be the effect upon
1000 troops lost.
the prosperity of the country if
"No rest for the President?” Congressmen and Senators were
says the Democratic press. Poor selected from a class of men not
fellow! He will get a most need­ so extensively interested in the
railroad, lumbering and other
ed rest after next year.
manufacturing industries.
distribution of said catalogue,
thousands of dollars will go out
of town that should, ami would
A l i g n » ! 21
he spent w ith the home merch­
Fire Warden Martin was in
ants were the proper methods
town Wednesday.
used. The fact that times are h
The No. 1(1 engine has lieeli in
little dull does not deter the mail
repair shop» nt Dallas.
house from advertising; in fact
H a v e (hat tooth f i x e d while Dr.
that is the time they put forth
their greatest efforts, and gather | Aimild i* in Falls C ity.
in the cash and leave the unde­
Mia i e n r ge Nicliols was in Falls
sirable credit to local merchants. City Wednesday on hiisiiii'sa
In fighting the mail order house
Mi<s Clslrice Kimhmugh return
the great mistake is made by ed to In r hum** at Falla City last
misrei resenting the matter.
It Friday.
is as foolish to say that their
Miss Taylor is here »pending a
goods are all shoddy or damaged few U m \ k with her sister, .Mrs. K.
as it would for one local merchant Lara m.
to accuse his competitor ol selling
Remeinhsr, that Dr. Arnold, Den­
rotten cabbage or giving short
ol Sgleni will he in Falla City,
weight. “ Accidents are liable to
happen.’’ it is said, “ in the best
Lee Nichols, ol Coos Bay L here
regulated families.”
It is useless to preach of the visiting his parents, Mr, end Mrs.
duty the people owe to the com­ Isaac Nichols.
munity in which they live. Pres­ Miss Etna Marts left Monday
ervation of life is the first law of for Filvnrtou, where she will re­
nature, and life and the pocket- sume tier work.
book are synonymous. Buy for
The two Misses Skies, Miss Busk
cash and sell for cash at a small ami George Byers were Falla City
profit is the only method that visitors S aturday.
can be used effectively against
M ish Carrie Ghorke is spending
the mail order house. Do not let a few days with Miss Ktiliy Crow­
a five-cent purchase leave the ley and George Byers.
store until the coin is in the till.
The people of Black Bock are
People that pay their hills resent
invited In consult I)r, Arnold, i
the idea of being taxed with the
Dt-i list, Aug. 23-21 ut Falls Citv. {
debts of the fellow that don’t
Ml-s Bessie 11 it lit«*» left M unlay
Ira C. Mehrllng ami O tto Teal
left Monday on a hunting trip
Ttie hunting
good l.ut the find
ra ther light. They returned Wed-
ne.xday night.
A Personal M a tte r
When you want a laxative, you
want one suited to the needs of
your constitution. A good sure
laxative that will not gripe is—
Nyal’s Figsen. We recommend this
candy-lorenge. Boxes at 10c, ‘25c
and 50c. For sale at Thom pson’s
Drug Store.
Prosperity that must be fed on
human blood and misery is not
the kind desired by any. except a The Independence Monitor evi-
few millionaires that are profiting dentally pins its faith to the old T o ll K e e p a r S h a k e s H a n d s W ith W o od -
ro w W ilso n .
adage, “ Its an ill wind that blows C ornish. N. H .—Being p resid en t of
nobodv good.” In the recall now th e U nited S lates does not entlU e
The Welsh miners are becoming being agitated against the county W oodrow W ilson to cross th e C heshire
impatient over the delay in the court, it imagines a division in the toll bridge over th e C onnecticut river,
wage settlement and threaten to Republican party at the next elec­ n e a r C la re m o n t N. H.. w ith o u t pay­
go out on a strike if it is not set­ tion. There is another trite say ing ing th e reg u ln r fee of 15 cents. H e
found th a t o u t recently.
tled soon.
the editor of the Monitor possibly Mr. WUson on his vacation here ha*
has overlooked, in regard to “cat m otored across th is toll bridge per­
The indictment against the five fights.”
h ap s a score of tim es anil alw ay s w ith ­
o u t being recognized by the seventy-
men accused of enlisting men for
the English army at San Francisco The Kind of Democrat Jefferson Was four-year-old toll keeper. E ach tim e he
h as leaned dow n from his s e a t beside
is objected to because it failed to
th e ch au ffeu r and paid th e 15 cent*
state that Great Britain was at
great deal first and last about from his ow n pocket.
A few d a y s ngo th e p resid en t reach­
Thomas Jefferson being a Protec­ ed Into his pock et fo r th e rig h t chan g e
Nearly $25,000 worth of wheat tionist. At any rate, Tom never as soon a s th e c ar slow ed up. b u t he
and farm machinery was destroy­ busted the country with a Free- found th a t a t la st (ho aged keeper had
recognized him os th e c o u n try 's chief
ed by fire Monday night near Wal­ Trade Tariff law and then at­ executive. In stead o f th e accustom ed
la Walla, Wash. The fire started
“ F ifte e n cent*, please.’* Mr. W ilson
from a spark from the threshing palming off on the people a special w as g reeted w ith —
tax to meet the deficit and call it a “ A re you th e p resid en t of th e U nited
“ war tax.” But, then, it shou'd S ta te s? ’’
Mr. W ilson »mlliugly acknow ledged
Another Jap with an unspeak­ not be forgotten that Thomas Jef­ his Identity.
able name is prowling around the ferson was a real Democrat, not a “ I n ev er saw a p resid en t before,”
said th e keeper, “a n d I would like to
country taking lessons in Amer­ galvanized Socialist a thinly ve­ sh ak e h an d s.”
ican ways. This time, it is said, neered Populist or a traveling An­ T hey shook bands, th e keeper col­
he is studying the methods used glomaniac. Besides, Mr. Jeffer­ lected his fee uud th e presIdenU al a u ­
son always took his licker straight, tom obile speeded on back to H arlaken-
in fighting forest fires.
as became a Virginia gentleman, den, th e su m m e r W hite House.
Ex-President Taft criticises the and never sought to rape his MUSIC CHARMS MUTE TO TALK.
report of the Chairman of the In­ stomach with such miserable sub­
dustrial Commission on the labor stitutes as grape juice and similar Italian Corporal, M a d « D u m b In B a t ­
tle, Suddenly Cured.
conditions at the Standard Oil slops. -Moravian Falls (N. C.) Rom e.—C orporal S n tu rn o Squlllaclot-
company’s works. It does not re­ Rascal Whipper.
tl of N aples becam e d u m b lu th e
course of a violent b attle. Since then
flect much credit upon the me­
he has been lying In th e hospital of
thods and management of this big
concern. See!
Last week nearly every house­ All m edical efforts to resto re hi»
holder in Palls City received by speech failed, and th e doctors d e sp a ir­
ed o f his recovery. R ecently on e of
Cotton will be placed on the mail an expensive catalog from a th e hospital physicians, hnvlng been
"contraband” list in time to catch wellknown mail order house. The told th a t R qulllaclottl Is a g re a t lover
this year’s crop. It is also a very cost of this output totaled more of m usic, s a t a t th e piano a n d played,
w ith th e o b je c t o f e n te rta in in g th e un
peculiar coincident that England than all the merchants in Falls happy p a tie n t. T he corporal listened
should cancel wheat orders just City spend for advertising in a w ith In ten se In terest and g re a t ex cite­
m e n t W hen th e m usic h a d ended he
as the new* crop is ready for the whole year, yet this firm eviden- jum
ped to hla feet, exclaim ing: “ B ravoi
market. Doubtless as soon as the tally believe it pays to spend such B ello!” ('‘B e a u tifu l”).
farmer has disposed of his crop at an amount A sa result of th e ’ T h e co rp o ral’» d u m b u ess w as cured.
Drofceetonal datte
1*11 Van ian
P. M . H E L L W A R T H
Office one «loor t*a hi of I*. O.
Olile« « n d . . .
K rtldoiu« F I M O « oO tl
tu li * « II).
O re g o n
E. KHtlHUEMNI.lt. M. D.
o rn i K iio t'K * i a . i i io « r m
o th e r Hour« b y A p |M iltitiiie iil
B lit Intuir «MI of llo ip iu i
Phot)« 441
orni r
Buelncee Gatto
S a m p le R o o m i
Beet A c c o m m o d a tio n «
D ro .o »
for her home hi Woods. She will
return in October to her g r a n d ­
Mrs. Mattie Bose left Saturday
to upend a few days in Portland,
before returning to her home iii
From all reports, the ice cream
social given at the old Spaulding
cook house list S itu rd a y evening
was a failure.
Misses Linnie and Grace Man-,
scum, of Talent, came Monday to!
visit then sister, Mrs. Stephen
Price, and they all left early Tues­
day morning lor Newport to spend j
a few days.
Extra copie* of The New* are
printed each week, and will be Bent j
to any address desired, postpaid, j
for 5 cent* per copy.
The simple mixture of buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc., known a« Ad-
ler-i-ka, the appendiciti« preventa
tive, surprises Falls City. It draw*
so much foul matter from the system
that ONE SPOONFUL relieves sour
stomach, gas and constipation AT
ONCE M. L. Thompson, druggist.
Deafness C annot Be Cured
b y lo c -l a p p lic a tio n s, c s th e y can n o t
re a c h th e d ise a se d p o rtio n cC th o oar.
T h e re Ij o n ly one w ay to c u r d e a fn e ss,
a n d t h a t is by c o n s titu tio n a l r m edics.
D e a fn e s s Is c a u s e d b v n n Inflam e-) c o n d i­
tio n o f th e m u c o u s lin in g o f th o l lust a-
c h la n T u b e. W h en th is tu b e I j In flim ed
you h a v e a ru m b lin g so u n d o r Im p erfect
h e a rin g , a n d w h en It Is e n tire ly closed.
D ea fn e ss Is th e r e s u lt, a n d u n le ss th o In ­
flam m a tio n c a n be ta k e n o u t a n d th lj
tu b e r e s to re d to Its n o rm a l co n d itio n ,
h e a r in g w ill bo d e stro y e d fo re v e r nine
e s s e s o u t o f te n a r e c a u s e d b y C a ta rr h ,
w h ich Is n o th in g b u t a n Inflam ed condl-
tlo n f th e m u co u s s u rfa c e s .
We will give OB# Hundred DeHart for t o r ca«s of
Dea ,fnr** (caused by catnrrhuhat cannot be cured bf
liai! l’s Catarrh Cure. Bend for circulars free.
r J CTI BN E Y, * 0 0 . Toledo, Ohio.
Bold by Druggists, T5c.
Take Hall's t am ilr P«« • for constipation.
l'asta» k 127
lifc a b o
C H A f . M I X , P a s o r s i ia r r o s i
Pain leaves almost
as if by magic when
you begin using “5-
Drops," the famousold
remedy for Rheuma­
tism, Lumbago, Gout,
Sciatica, N e u r a lg ia
and kindred troubles.
It goes right to the
spot, stops the aches
and pains and makes
life worth living Get
a bottle of “5-Drops“
today A booklet with
each bottle gives full
d ir e c ti o n s for use
Don’t delay. Demand
“5-Drop«" Don't ac-
| cept anything else in
place of it. A nydrug-
gi»t can supply you. If you live too far
from a drug store send One Dollar to
Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co , Newark,
Ohio, and a bottle of ’’5-Drops” will be
seat prepaid.
Cool, Refreshing Drinks at
------------------- --------
For Rent—Dwelling house. Ap­
ply at News office.