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Kansan Wanted a Markst and Braton
Bsc.into It.
Colby, Kau.--Because he niNed 150,-
000 bushels o f wheat In liti I and need
ed a place to market It without u long
haul Ben Koster, a large landowner,
built u town of his own. He erected
an elevator, lumber yard, coal yard
ami store; also residences for Uls em
ploy cos.
He named the town Breton, aud now
It Is getting away from his first Idea.
Other people are moving there, and
Foster Is In u good way to become tho
proprietor o f a thriving country town.
He refuses to sell the lots, hut rents
them mi long leases.
Washington.- In the event of a con
trorersy lietwccu this country and any
foreign power Scuator Stone and Con
greeamnu Flood will lie two o f the
most important members o f congress.
They are chairmen of the committees
on foreign relations. In the senate und
house o f representatives, respectively.
All International mailers o f any great
Importance are handled through 'hose
As fhe Creation of Adam »a s at the close of the Sixth Pay,
the Creation of Mother Evu Is Imllcated as Inning been accoui
pllshed In the beginning of the Seventh Day However we view
the matter, the tlrst pair were created approximately In the be­
ginning of the Seventh Day or Epoch, uhlcb is now nearly
completed. Mother Eve was merely a portion o f Adam sepa­
rated from him for a special purpose—for the propagation of
a race. Adam possessed originally In his own person the qual
ities masculine and fcuilniuc which subsequently were divided
between him and his wife, when she was taken from his side —
Geuesls 2:21-23; 1 Corinthians 11:8.
Adam for a time was alone In Eden, finding no congenial
companionship In the beasts and the birds. Mother Eve was bis
mate, bone o f bis bone and flesh o f his flesh. Their very differ­
ence o f quality and disposition made them the more compan­
ionable to each other, because each found in the other the de­
sired complement. They twain were one; neither one was com
plete without the other. The feminine qualities of Adam's per­
fection he still possessed—In Mother Eve.
Adam was the father of the race and failed to give It life
Jesns Is to become Its second father, the Second Adam, through
whom everlasting life may bo attained.—1 Corinthians 15:21.
Eve was associated with Adam in the sin and disobedience
which brought the penalty. So the Elect Church, the Bride of
Christ, when completed, glorified, will be ills Joint-Heir In His
Kingdom, and His associate in the "regeneration" o f the world
during His Messianic Reign.—Homans 8:1 J; Matthew 19:28.
Another suggestion has been offered: Jesus declared that
those who attain to that resurrection will neither marry nor lie
given In marriage
As Adam originally possessed all the qual
ities o f character, masculine and feminine, so humanity, when
fully restored to the image ami likeuess o f God. will re-nttaln
perfection o f individuality Sox divisions will then lie no more
Earth will be filled with sufficient population —I.uke 20:35. 3«.
je o a o c :
S A V E T H 'S
3000000 -xx:
C O U PO N .
of Committaaa on
Relatione Hold Important Posta.
EVE til EPE«
No. 9.
Send thl* coupon with eleven others from this paper, each bear­
ing a di^If-rent number, and 15 cents in stamps for packing and post­
124 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn, N V., and receive F R E E a copy of “ B IR T H ­
DAYS OF MY F '.tIK N D S “ price 75 cent». This beautiful book is published to
do good—not fer profit Jt contain» an appropriate Scripture text and comment
for ever-, day f a 1
opposite, etc 1 Um i-
somely bound; '^iit edges. Sample on display at the office of this paper
Photo* by American Press Association.
PI.o oW (liLLoW J.
eoniuiltti‘i‘8 whi'u congres* I* In session
und o f coline congres* will bc < alled
to ineet lf development* tunke itila nec-
Would-Be President Nelson Announc­
es Ills Intentions.
Exportation o f war materials to
the w arring nations o f Europe
will be prevented, if N. F. Nelson
o f Brownsville, announced candi­
date for president o f the United
States, wins out in the presidental
election next year. Keeping strict­
ly up to date in his campaign to
succeed President Wilson, Mr.
Nelson has given forth his views
on the latest great question of
national public policy. He is in
accord with President Wilson,
however, in his peace policy.
“ When in the course o f human
events,” reads a statement which
Mr. Nelson has given out, “ it be­
comes necessary to declare that
which is best for the welfare o f
humanity, he it known that, as a
candidate for the presidency of
the United States in 1916, I be­
lieve it to be my duty as such to
announce my firm determination
to forbid exporting all war mater­
ial to countries engaged in deadly
conflict, this policy to remain in
force from and after having pass­
ed both houses o f congress.
“ Furthermore,” says Mr. Nelson
who feels he can couch public
messages in the language in which
presidential messages are writ, “ I
approve o f President Wilson’s e f­
forts in tendering the good offices
o f the United States in bringing
about an honorable peace. W’e,
as a nation, are not governed by
dollars and cents, but by principle
—love to God and good will toward
men.” —Dallas Observer.
Both Senator Htone und Cougre*»mail
Flood liave beeil In Washington n great
part o f the time *lnee President W il­
son uddressed bi* tirasi le note to Ger-
muuy and are in close touch wttb all
It is just jiossible that Mr. Nel­
son is the Moses that will lead the
people o f the United States out of
the Wilderness. Some of the EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY.
ablest men have come from the
Subjects of the most vital Importance
“ common herd” rather than from are discussed in an cntertalnin« fashion
In the following studies—none of the old,
those “ reared in the lap of lux­ dry theological essays:
Weeping All Night.”
ury.” It frequently happens that “ “ Our
Lord’s Return.”
•‘Two Salvations.’
the man educated for a preacher,
“ Necessity For Messiah’s Kingdom.’*
a doctor or a lawyer proves to be “ What God R« quire« of Ua."
“ Cardinal Gibbons' Bermon and Reply.”
a dismal failure while the youth “ Thousands of Demons Infest Earth.”
struggling on the farm or in the “ Jesus No Longer a Alan."
“ ResiK>riMibility lo Creeds."
shop, devoting his spare moments
“ Christ’ s Sacrifice Ignored.”
“ The Lost Key of Knowledge.”
to study rises alxwe all difficulties
“ Many Ministers Breaching Without
and outstrips his more favored Divine Authority Should Htop Breaching.”
“ Foreign Mission Facts.”
fellows. This is a big nation and
“ Jesus Preached to Hpirits In Prison."
“ What Is Baptism?”
needs a great big man to guide
“ Philosophy of the Deluge.”
and Unpardonable 8ins.”
it, keeping clear o f all entangle­ “ “ Forgivable
Preaching to tlie Dead.”
“ Darwin Evolution Theory Exploded.”
ments with other nations yet with
“ Errors of Death-Red Repentance.**
firmness enough to protect all cit­ “ Infants Saved From Torture.”
izens, where protection is deserv­ Name ......................................................
Street .........................................................
ed, be they common laborers or City
and State............................................
“ John D ’s.”
Upon receipt of the above coupon we
Comes to Grief
I> Bins Observer
will send any one of these Bible Studios
F R E E ; any three of thorn for 5 cents
(stamps) or the entire 21 for 10 cents.
SOCIETY, 17 Hicks St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
The Observer on Friday paid the
penalty for stealing “ news” from
its esteemed contemporary across Landlady Kept It and Had to Pay
the way by having the wrath of
$ 102 .
the parties misrepresented fall
Anthony. Kan.—The famous Harper
heavily upon its bald pate. In county umbrella, which ha* been In
giving the filing o f an action for litigation for several months, became
divorce in the circuit court here the undisputed pro|»erly of Mrs. Mary
by one Mrs. Bennett it was stated Schoenernan o f Harper a few days ago
that the defendant is the pub­ when a Jury in the district court as­
sessed her $2 for the property rights
lisher o f the News at Sandy, Chas. attached thereto, together with the
Bennett, a former resident o f Dal- costs In the case, which have mounted
1 is. This proved to lie erroneous, lo $100.
Mrs. Bennett herself making this
Mrs. 8clioencninn Is the landlady at
fact known to The Observer. a rooming house In Harper. Mrs. I.ll-
Mrs. Zlypha E. Bennett, w ife of lle Smith, with her daughter and two
grandchildren, contracted for a room
the publisher of the Sandy News, with the Schoenemnns. Mrs. Smith
is in the city visiting, and Mr. says tho contract price for the bed for
Bennett will follow within a few four was DO cents. Mrs. Schoenernan
w U J.it.yas 75 eetttfk
Took Pair Two Years to Mako
the Long Trips.
HarrUburg. I*». Journeys aerosa the
continent twice on foot within n (io-
rlod of two years marked the unique
honeymoon trip taken by Mr mid Mrs
John Hroxinuu. who I I 'e uour here.
In the twenty-four mouths Unit they
have lH-en away the young murrled
eouple have traversed the parched
sa ml* of the seiultroploal countries of
the »outb, the fertile valleys of the mid
die west and the rugged mountain
paths of the far western states, They
are liuppy und have returned lo their
home without reporting u mishap.
In making their long Journey on find
Mr. nud Mrs. Hroxninu have won both
fame and fortune, for not only were
they cordially welcomed In all the
towns ami citine through wlileli they
passed, hut as tile resUn “ f their long
hike they have been presented with a
large suui of money by a brother In law
of Mrs. Hroxmau In California, and
henceforth they will make their home
on a farm which Inis been purchased
by the bridegroom near Harrisburg.
Mr aud Mrs. Hroxmau were murrled
two years ago and hud planned to
spend their honeymoon quietly In the
east. But Mrs. Broxuiuu's brother In­
law In Sanili A u a , ' al l o g tin nì (luit
he would present them with a sutmtan-
tlul sum of money If they would take
as their honeymoon trip a "stroll" from
llurrUburg to California und back
They decided to try to win
the prize held out to them, ao Imme­
diately after the wedding ceremony
was is-rformed they uturted on their
long hike.
Pat Collie a Haro.
Wallace. Ida. Were dog* entitled to
receive medals a six mouth-old Hootch
collie owned by Horace Langdon
would t»e entitled to recommendation
for such honor. The cabin occupied
by I.nugdon and Charles Haro win de­
stroyed by fire. I.iingdon was roused
by the dog frantically clawing and
scratching his neck and shoulders. He
hastily broke a window and. grasping
the dug, jumped outside and awakened
Bare, who slept tu an adjoining room
M r . H o m e S e e ke r-
[ C O M I TO F A L L « C IT Y . O M Q O N
and Buy O r c h a r d Land
Notice to News Subscribers
A b i u * - p s n o l l oroee m a r k , n th is
no tic e m e a n s t h a t y o u r s u b s c r i p ­
tio n to T h e N a a s h a s a s p i r e d e n d
nsad a f i r i n g
D o It n o w .
Bills Allowed by City Council for
\V. I*. Lewis, salary city
marshal uml fees........ .937.00
W. I*. Lewi*, watei »ifpt .... 33.00
Kreil Zuver, laimr..............
L T Murphy, hauling junk 10 00
K. C. KIrctric Co., light*
and supplies................ 89.0ft
Tom Robiuatn, lib o r ......... 3.00
G W. Brentner, time check
3 00
A. C Fleming,
G. W. Brentner, “
4 00
G, O. Clemeat,
ChM. Mix,
6 75
B. L. Kill*,
2 75
Chas. M il,
9 4ft
l\ Mt'Convill, hauling junk 11 00
K. Sampson,
4 00
R. A.Tilue.
K. C. Hotel, meal« at jail.... 2 00
? C. Warehouse, tile.........
»1 L. Thompami, salary
ami merchandise ............. 76 3(1
Falls City Nous, printing
and rent....................... 10.00
N. A. Lunde, labor and imlee 1.15
G. O. Clement, «alary......... 28 00
Walter L Tooge, salary...... 80.00
Oakdale Items.
Mrs, Dunn haa returned from
Salem where she was visiting her
daughter, Carrie.
Mrs. Wright was a Falls City
visitor last Saturday.
Roy Graham and family hate
gone lo Portland to attend the An*
mini Adventist camp meeting.
A number of young people gave
W. L. Barnhart a birthday sur.
Seattle Man Hadn’t Food or W ater prise last .'Saturday etching; cake,
For Eight Day*.
-trawberrics and cream were serv-
Sewurd, Alaska.—l-cliiml F. Farmer, ed.
a young drnftsmau who stowed away
on the steumer Admiral Evans of the
I'uclflc Alaska Nuvlgatlou company at
Scuttle, was fouud In the lower hold.
He hud been eight days without food
or wuter. but will recover. When dis­
covered he was wedged head down­
ward between two hales of bay.
Furmer had heard that there are ex­
cellent op|K>rtuultles for draftsmen at
Ship Creek. Cook Inlet, where the gov­
ernment Is assembling men and mate­
rial for building the federal ratlniad In
Cork L *g No Holp to Him.
Cleveland. U.—Owen Kelley's cork
leg Instead of acting as a life preserver
a few days ago when be fell luto the
lake from the pier at the foot of East
Ninth street came very near being a
life destroyer. Struggle as he would
he could not raise his head to a level
with lit* leg. which floated buoyantly.
Commander Kelly of the Ohio naval
inllltin steamer Dorothea wag coming
ashore aud drngged tbo drowning man
How’i This?
W e offer One Hundred Dollars Re­
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo. O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J
Cheney for the last 15 years, and bolleve
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and Hnanclally able to carry
out any obligations made by his firm.
Toledo. 0.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
actinic directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces o f the system Testimonials
sent free Price 75 cents per bottle. Bold
by all Drucirlsta.
Take Hall's Family n ils for constipation.
‘4 *
Correspondent* wanted hi every
neighborhood in this section ol the
G ¡od house for sale in Falls
City, part time. Enquire ut News
Falls City people have discovered
that ONE SPOONFUL of simple
buckthorn hark, glycerine, etc., as
mixed in Adler-i-ka, relieves sour
stomach, gas and constipation AT
ONCE. This remedy is well known
as the appendicitis preventative.
M. L. Thompson, druqgist.
Mr*. Smith would pny only DO cents
when she left, and It was accepted.
She forgot her umbrella. Mrs. Schoe-
neman held It for the twenty live cent
bain nee.
Mrs. Smith sued. The Justice court
gave her n verdict for $3.50 and $7 at­
torney fees. Mrs. Schoenernan appeal­
ed to a Jury, and It found again for
Mra. Smith, and Mrs. Schoenernan paid
the costs and qu it
To Head-Off
a Headache
Nothing It Bettor than
Dr. M ile»’ Anti-Pain Pill*
They Give Relief Without
Bed After-Effects.
"I can say that Dr Miles’ Rem
edles hava been n godsend to ms
and my family.
1 usod to have
such terrible headaches I would a l­
most be wild for day* at a time. I
bcnan using Dr. Miles' Antl-Paln
Pills and never have those hend-
aches any more. I can speak highly
of Dr. Mile*- Nervine also for It
cured one of my children of a terrible
nervous disorder.
I can always
speak a a"od word for your Rem­
edies and havs recommended them
to a food many of my friend* who
have been well pleased with them.”
Janesville, Iowa.
Fer Sal* by All Druggists.
25 Dos**, 25 Cents.
M IL IS MEDICAL CO., glkhsrt. Ind.
**L .