Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, May 01, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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.1 was notlis-d limi when Buster ran
through the house he made an mid
Though Almovl Blind, St. Louia ta d la sound like pieces o f broken china Jing­
Flour, per sack $1.85, $2, $2.10
Making Remarkable Prograaa.
ling One day Mr Nnhser rubbed Bua
llncoii, per pound 20-22-C*iil*
S t 1.0uW. - Krue-t Smith, live years ter'* «fumarli It Jingled
Mania, |*-r pound 22 cent*
old. leaf, dumb amt almost blind, was
Veterinarian T. A Kragnesa was
l'ionio lianni, per pound 16-t:t nt*
tnknu from the t'lty ho.-pitul three called and removed nine mnrhlea.
years ago. after his mother deserted
Choice Dairy butter U0-centa;
him. by the Missouri Branch Interna
Seagulls at Scautt.
Roll 80 canta.
tlonal Buushlne society ami Is In a fair
Guidon Seagulls, frightened h.T the
per pound 85-centa;
way o f becoming ns remarkable as sudden rising of a German submarine
Helen Keller, according to medical uu pertoeop*. arose In a cloud and thus
Roll 70-oenta.
thoritle*. specialists and Instructors In warned and snved n British cruiser
Egg*, per dogali 20-centa
the Missouri School For the Blind
nnd Wki men o f the North sen fleet
per pound 20 to 46-centa
Thu child, who three years ago was
not expeeted to live and who waa do
Sugar, 13-pound for $1.00
dared to he mentally defective, la nn
Beans, small white, per pound
excellent proof of what euro, the prop
8 cent*.
er treatment and skilled attention will
In May th«» Imivfuot Itoy ap-
Lard, per 5-lb pail 85-cents; per
At five years o f age he
peara, reminding us o f bygone
displays n healthy derotlou to the
10-lb pail $1 05.
when we, too, suffered al'
sports Indulged lu by boys of his age
per pound 2-ceola
(he world over mid an alarming Inter the woes o f busting brickbats
•st lu the carrying out of mls< hlevous
with our toes. The sweet girl
Wheat, per bushel $1.80
Since nn operation performed several
Bran, per sack $1.15
months ago. u bleb restored to him In a the world should run. Orations
slight measure the use of his left eve. on both war und peace will startle
Shorts, per sack $1.75
he has displayed a sense of touch and
Barley, M itivi per sack $2 25
M t ’s
perception which has sot Ills elders men from Maine to Greece.
Boiled Barley, per *aek $1.75
wondering and which lias determined hope the kings will comprehend
'them to secure for hlui the host ad und bring their present strife to
Alfalla meal, per 100-'b* $1.75
vantages obtainable to make himself
other than un ordinary mute.
Speaking of war and peace, the
lie recognises colors readily. Is able
Post Office Time Card
to distinguish his Sunday clothes from month o f May seems always to
those o f the everyday variety, he Is
have taken u pretty free hand in
Offico hours: Daily, except Sun­
quick to notice anything new lu the
wearing apparel or speech o f the vis­ both: A man named Dewey, you day, 8 a m. to 6.30 p.m.
itor In the home lu which be Is being will remember, pulled olT quite a
Mail arrives, from
cared for. and be makes known bis
stunt in Manilla Hay once. It was
Naletn 8.60 a.in., 5:85 p.m.
likes and dislikes In mi emphatic man­
ner In everything, running the gamut May 1. seventeen years ago. The
Mail arrives from Dallas, 8:50
from foodstuffs to persous.
treaty o f Aix lu Chapelle was
"And God »«Id. Let tbe icater» under the heaven be gathered
together unto one place, and let tbe d r ; land of tbe Earth ap
pear; and It was *o
And God called the dry land earth; and
the gathering together o f the waters called He aeaa. And the
evening and tbe morning were the Third I'ay.”
Tbe beautiful simplicity of this statement might mislead us
Into thinking that tbe gathering together of the oceans and the
erection of mountains were works of magic. While Divine op
e rat Ions are all great and wonderful, they are usually accorn
pllsbed by reasonable methods, called the "course of Nature"
And Nature's course must be marked out by Nature's God
Tbe ring theory o f Cosmogony Is that several rings had pre
ctpltated themselves upon the Earth durlug this Third Epoch
Day. These, according to tbe Divine Intention, so Increased the
pressure on the crust of tbe Earth as to cause U to buckle or
wrinkle. These depressions became ocean beds, and tbe up
beavals became mountain ranges Thus was the work o f the
Third Day acoompllshed. The waters were gathered Into seas
and oceans, the dry land wag upbeaved and begao gradually
to drain off In preparation for vegetation
This draining must
bave required a long time —Genesis 1 :b. 10.
We need not assume that all tt>e continents as we now know
them were thrown up on tbe Third Epoch-Day. lo all prob
ability the American continent was thrown up much later than
were Europe, Asia and Africa.
Earthquake disturbances to
our day bave changed the surface of the land. They give us a
reasonable conception o f how the Divine command was execut
ed on the Third Day. preparatory to Earth's vegetation.
Appropriately we next read: "And the Earth brought forth
grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yield
Ing fruit." That Is to say. vegetation began on the Third, or
Carboniferous Day. though It did r.ot reach its perfection until
after tbe tight of the Sun penetrated
There are grasses and
other vegetation which prosper best in darksome shades
signed May
HER “ BABY" PAST SEVEN TY. Haymarket riots occurred in May,
Send till» coupon witn eleven others from Ih l» paper, each bear­
ing a different number, and 16 cents In stamps fo r packing and post­
age to the IN T E R N A T IO N A I. H1BLK F T U D E N T 8 A S S O C IA T IO N . Dept C.
124 Columbia Heights. Brooklyn. N Y . s id receive F R E E a copy o f “ B IR T H ­
D A Y S O F M Y F R IE N D S .“ price 7^ cent- Thin beautiful book le published to
do good—not for profit, it con tain » an appropriate Scripture text ar.d comment
for every day in the year, with apace* for autographs opposite, etc
Han l
soroely bound, gilt edges Sample on display at the office o f this paper
The war god
Mrs. Breaus, 110. Belisvad to Be Old
Diaz it was a good time for him to
ast Mother.
Thtbodaux. lot. I,u foil retie parish Is to quit Mexico four years ago this
boasting o f the oldest mother In the
month. Ticonderoga surrendered
south. She Is Mrs. Paul Breaux. 110
years old. She has children, grand­ May 10, 1775. The last bloodshed
children, great-grandchildren uiid great- of the Civil W ar is said to have
Her descendants
been on May 22, 1865, and the
In tbe direct line arc so fur estimated
at from five to six generations and ex first declaration of war in the
cced 1.000. scattered over the eutlre colonies was made May 28, 1072.
These historical facts, however,
Her youngest child is In Ids seven
ties, mid one o f her children, still llv are mere incidents compared with
Ing. Is more than ninety
the real battles the little Love God
The oldest mother still gets about
is framing up all over the world
her premises unassisted, nnd while her |
eyesight Und been bad. It Is now sutil this month.
clently good to permit the threading of
Hut why talk of marriage and
a needle. She finds pleasure lu getting
war, when both fishing and base­
out in her yard and feeding the cbl< k
eus mui iHJultry. She was married ball are at hand? I f Europe had
when thirteen.
three or four good baseball leagues
she wouldn't have to go to war to
attract attention. And if it was­
n’t for her inter-marriages the
ruling heads wouldn’t have so
much to scrap over. But we
should worry over them; w e’ll let
'em fight it out, and then when
devastation is their lot we'll sell
'em everything w e’ve got. So
while tis May go sow- the seed to
raise the grain the world will
Hereford. T e x . - T h is Is to lie ibo need, and while we’re sowing let
greatest yeur for stockmen of the south us pray and thank our God for
west lu half a century, according to
Dr. George A. Llpp of the bureau of U. S. A.
Best In Halt a Century, Say>
Government EiperL
Fountain of Energy When President
Wilson Opened the Panama-
Pacific Exposition
HE Fountain of Energy when the water was released by President
Wilson pressing a button at Washington on tbe opening day o f the
Panama Pacific International Exposition at Ban Francisco.
fountain Is the work of A. Stirling Calder and la between tbe Tower
of Jewels sod tbe main entrance aEBcott street
Get your butter wrappers print­
ed at the News office.
Walter L. Tooie, Jr., Lawyer,
Dallas, Oregon.
Good house for rale in Falls
City, part time. Enquire at News
animal Industry o f the department of
agriculture, who recently made a tour
of parts o f Texas mid New Mexico.
"Taken as a whole, lust winter was
hard on both cattle mid sheep." says
Dr. Llpp. "but the loss lias been coin
paratively small, less even than In less
severe winters, been use the stockman
has learned how to take cure of his
stock. They have come to realize that
they must feed; that winter range-
alone will not produce the income to
which they are entitled.
“ Cattle and sheep are worth too much
these days to lose. Ewes are worth
$0.50 a head and wool Is likely to be
worth 18 to 22 cents a pound this year.
The proa|>ecls for a big spring crop of
lambs is better than It has been for a
long time. It would take a miracle to
prevent the stockman of the southwest
making some money this year. There
Is very little scab and little Infection on
the open range.”
Conditions In the western part of
New Mexico and In Arizona have not
been good, particularly among the
Moqul nnd Navajo Indians, who have
been heavy losers of sheep from cold
weather nnd deep snows The govern­
ment has begun the erection o f wind
mills on the Indian reservations o f New
Mexico nnd Arizona to foster the live­
stock Industry.
Ha Used to Until Doctor Took Marbles
From Stomach.
C hicago—Buster Is back nt home
FOR S A L E — Victor talking ma­
again, romping and feeling much light­
chine. $10 will buy a Victor talk­ er In spirits nnd weight. Buster Is n
ing machine with 10 records. Can prize Boston terrier belonging to J.
Nnhser. One o f tbe dog’s tricks la to
be seen at News office.
retrieve n ball thrown by four-year-old
Extra copies of The News are Earl Nnhser.
Some time ago Karl nnd Buster be­
printed each week, and will be sent gan playing marbles. Earl would
lo any address desired, postpaid, throw one and Buster would tear
through tbe house after It. But some-
for 5 cents per copy.
bqw Buster„peyer brought them hack.
Mail closes for Salem, 0:00 a in,.
1 p. m. and 5:00 p. m
Mail closes for Dalla* 0:00 a. in.
and 5:00 p. in.
Muil closes for Black Bock 11:00
x. m.
Mail arrives from Black Bock 2
p. in.
S unday O nly
Mail arrives from bulem, 8:50
a. hi .
Mail closes for Salem, 0:00 a. m.
Office hours: Sunday only, 0:30
to 10.150 a.m:
Effective September 4, 1014.
I ra
M k h k l in u ,
For Rent— Dwelling house. Ap­
ply at News office.
Correspondent«) wanted in every
neighborhood in this section ot the
c nintry.
H o w ’s This?
W e offer Ono Hundred DoBara Re­
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall'B Catarrh
F. J. C H E N E Y & CO.. Toledo, O.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J
Cheney for the last IS years, and believe
him perfectly honorable In all business
trnnsii' lions and financially able In carry
out any obligations mado by Ms firm.
Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu­
cous surfaces of tho system Testimonials
sent free price 75 cents per bottle. Bold
by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family ruts (or constipation.
The QUICK action o f buckthorn
bark, glycerine, etc. as mixed in Ad-
ler-i-ka, the a|)|N-ndicitis preventative
astonishes Falls City people. ONE
SPOONFUL of this remedy relieves
sour stomach, gas und constipation
AT ONCE. M.L.Thompson, druggist
--------- 4 »
Bead our subscription pnqios -
tiou on page three.
Notice ¡3 hereby given that the
undersigned M. L. Thompson,
ha3 been duly appointed by the
County Court o f the State of j
Oregon for the County o f Folk,
administrator o f th f estate of
W. B. Officer, deceased, and has
All persons having c l a i t nB
against the said estate are here­
by required to present them,duly j
verified, with the proper vouch­
ers, within six months from the
date o f this notice, to the said j
administrator, at his drug store:
in the city o f Falls City, in said
Dated and first published,
March 27, 1915.
T h o m pso n ,
Administrator o f the estate of
W. B. Officer, deceased.
Oscar Hayter,
Attorney for administrator.
F o r N a u r a lg la , noth ing lo
b e t t e r than
Dr. M i l e » ’ *
U s o d b y th o u s a n d s
f o r a g e n e r a tio n
Those who have suffered front
neuralgic pain* need not be told
how necessary it is to secure re­
lief. The easiest way out of
neuralgia is to use Dr. Miles’
Anti-Pain Pills. They have re
lieved sufferers for so many
years that they have become a
household necessity.
"I have taken Dr Miles' Anti Pain
Pills for five years and they are the
only thing that doe« me any good.
They have relieved neuralgia In my
head In fifteen mlnutee. I have also
taken them for rheumatism, head­
ache, pains In the breast, toothache,
earache and pains In the bowels and
I have found nothing to
equal them and they are all that la
claimed for them."
J. W. HEDGE, Blue Bprlnga, Mo.
A t all druggists—25 doses 29 cents.
Nevsp sold In bulk.