Falls City news. (Falls City, Or.) 190?-19??, April 10, 1915, Page 2, Image 2

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A PK! I- 10 , 11 * 1 ?»
prof egg to nal carte
üfyr JFaÜH (City Nrimi
I'll YSllTAN
D. L
Kotor*»? at •»«'ond-ctfttt moil at tit* poolerfir*
at r»N| City. Polk t'oanty. Otago«. wk!*r th*
Ait of IVayroo« of klarvb 3. 1ST».
Ttltphsne N«»i Off!«, *3.
Subscription Rat**: On« yaar. HOP; aix month*,
SO cant*: thro« month*, ¿t cants, aingl* copy, g eta.
AdrarlDing Rat*» Pi»p:»T, 15 t . n l u n Inch
Rmln«*» N o tte» 5 cent» » line Por Sete, Reni,
ttaehang». Want end F a r Eniartalnm an» No-
• ce». S et». » line Card ef Thanlra M e t t i .» « ,
Notte»» te t ti rete»
L'opr lor new »de >nd ahange» »hould b* te st
to Th» N»w» noi 1»t»r th tn Wednaaday.
P K R ubbtid. Mayor.
T P Hollowel). Councilm tn t t l .t r « »
Phillip Gottfreid
H. C. Brown
Alb«rt Te»l
A. ham peon.
C. L. Ropkint.
R A. Tltut.
6 . O. Clement. Auditor and Poll- # Judge
»Valter L. Too»» Jr.. City Attorn»»,
W. P Lewi». Marahal and W ater Bupt.
M. L. Thompaon. Tr»a»urer
J : J . Sammons. Engineer
Dr. P. M. Hellwarth. Health Officer.
1 b* Council meet* In r»«ul»r te u to n oil th» flr»t
• nd third Tuesday night» of »»oh m onth, e t 7 SO
o'clock. In th* office ol th» Pall» Clip New»
S a t u r d a y , A p r il 10. 1915
P . M. H E L L W A R T H
Beginning April 1 s t
Office on« door
ol P. O.
puh !
otite» »ml u . ____ u u u
Haaldauc* I noliti JBH
Fall» City,
We Will Sell
»110111000 carte
l-Pound Royal Club Coffee
.f a lls Œ itçlb o tel
Sam ple Room»
for 35c, or
■ e e l A t« o m m e » itl» n i
3-Pound Can For $1.00
O reep e, Prop rieto r
HAHi.KH s u o r*
hurry up and try it as this offer lasts but
Falls City Lumber
Company Store
The question of granting a fran­
chise to the electric light company
will soon come before the council.
This is a m atter that should be
given careful consideration and
not passed hurriedly. A franchise
usually runs for a long term of
years and any mistake in granting
term s might prove to he a calam ­
The average councilman 40 acres near Independence. $1.
F. R. Hedrick t<* E. W . Bai nes,
knows but little regarding such
m atters and in good faith might q. c. cL T racts Nos. 105, 106 .in
Broadmead. $10.
do the wrong thing.
J . P. Anderson to Anna E. An-
his wife, q.c.d. 18.71 acres
sw of Dallas. T 8 S R 6 W. $10.
That there were exactly 25
J . F. Draper to Percy H. San­
more hoboes on 11:57 south bound
derson. w. d. All sec. 11 and sw
Southern Pacific train last night
1 sec 7 T 10 S R 8 W. $10.
than there were passengers was
S. H. Tetherow, wf. to Claud
W ashington.—An exchange of letter»
the declaration this morning, of
Hoisington. w. d. 40.47 acres in T between President Wilson nml two Ut­
Constable Catlin.
“ We decided 9 S R 5AV. $10.
ile Height 1« In Brussels, In which the
to check up just for curiosity”
thanked the president for
A. F. Courier and wf. to Claud children
food sent by American* and the presi­
said the constable.
‘ The count
Hoisington, q.c.d. 40.47 acres T 9 dent expn-ssed his appreciation of
disclosed the facts that there S R 5 W . $1
their gratitude, has been mude known
were fifty hoboes on top, along the
at the W hite House
The children,
G. W. Patterson and wf to J. M.
sides and underneath the train, Chappell, w f, q.c.d. 84.67 acres in twins, nine years old, wrote:
D ear Mr. W ilson—T han k you very m uch
while there were only twentyfive T 6 S R 5 W . $50.
for th e g o a t bread. T he poor people In
v illag es wi re starv in g , fo r they have
passengers.—Albany Herald.
Chas.A. Robertson to Mabel E. nothing
to eat, but now th a t you have
Bodecker, deed, lot 18 blk 16 in sen t o v er tw our d e a r little coun try a big'
provision o f w heat, bot h rich and poor
King wood Park. $375.
can live—th» nka to th e 'A m erlcane. b est
Fred E. Seachrist, wf, to L H, love and wl» hea from little
PU S S Y D E 8 P O E L B E R C H .
Rice, w. d. 8,39 acres sec 34 T 6 S
Pussy's brother added, "I Join In
R 5 W. $587.
Realty transfers recorded for week
with my «lister In thanking you. too.
Oscar H ayter and wf, to B. F. for It If* Jolly good bread, enough to
ending April ¡7. 1915, reported by
satisfy any schoolboy's hunger."
SIBLBY & EVKIN, Abstracters. 515
12, City View add to Dallas. $125
In regdy the president sent this let­
Court Street. Dallas, Oregon.
Christina E. Fellows to J . C. ter In .bisaown handwriting:
Ernest E. Rowe, wf to Joseph 0 .
My Da or L ittle F rie n d s—Y our letter
Michalaon, wf. W. D. lots 1, 2, 3,4. 5 Tracy, w. d. lot D blk 9 Miller’s touclsed rnc v e ry deeply, and I th an k you
for It wV.th :<tl m y h eart I t m ak es m e very
btk B 1st add to Falls City.
happy 4 o thbak th a t w h at generou* A m er­
Beauregard Tartar, to Frank
ican.! hav e do tie to relieve the hunger
M. M. Diel, wf, to A. R. Rich­ and distresai In you r co u n try has brought
Scheytbe, w. d. ten acres near Airlie
ardson, wf. q.c.d. 55 acres south you th e h elp you needed and given you
a IB tie hat gilne»» 1° O '" m idst of those
of Independence. $1.
te rrib le d a y « of w ar. I hope th a t you
L.A. Hecker, wf. to Joseph Lewis,
win grow u p to be atro n g to do the work
w. d. 121.03 acres in T 10 S R 4 W.
th a t will tuiMc to be done In th e day» of
Eliza Estes, w. d, lots 3, 4 blk 15 peaoe tb&t « r e com ing. I t would be a
near Suver,$10.
pleasure- to m e if som e day I m ight
Hill’s town of Independence. $1500 greajt
see you both when th ose happier tim es
W. P. Harris, wf, to John Bird w.
hawe com e. 1 'o u r sin cere friend,
d. lot 2 blk 3 and lot 2 blk 5, City
View add. to Dallas. $1. *
Byron B. Bradley, wf to C.D, Wal­
lace. wf. w. d. lot 11 Strong Fruit And a Mountain Peak to th» Govern-
Wanted Cot rrt ortable Footwear and
Tract No. 1. 14.49 acres. $»100.
Middlebury, VL—A tract of more
(lu ilt In Coffin.
Ira C. Powell, Trustee to P. H.
than 20,000 acres of forest Innd In this
Los Angel ds , Cal.—In case he was
Johnson, q. c. d. lot 8 blk 3 in Out state Is bequeathed to Middlebury col­
murdered $ r,000 was to he tnken from
Lot 5, Monmouth. $1.
lege. to be preserved as a forest park his estate to aid in hunting his slayers.
Alice Foster, h'd. to Ira C. Powell, forever, under the will of the late Jo ­ This wns t’ae provision E. F. Kellner,
Arlzonn bn ntapr and pioneer, who died
q. c. d. S 1-2 of SE 1-4 Sec. 34, T. 8 seph H. Batted.
Mr. Battell, who was publisher of In Venice, OaL. made in his will.
5 R 5 W. $ 1 .
the Middlebury Register, wa* greatly
In givin g mbiute directions as to the
Ira C. Powell to N. E. and Alice Interested In forest preservation and
method o f tils burl«I Kellner directed
Foster, q. c. d. S 1-2 of SE 1-4 Sec 34 had been acquiring virgin timber lands that a coffin be^iecured of copiier from
for more than forty years.
T 8 S R 5 W . $1.
Globe, /iriz., wtiere he resided many
A mountain In Lincoln and Warren, years: *£hnt he lie dressed In a gray
P. H. Johnson, wf. to E. E. and
one of the highest peaks In the state,
Elizabeth Rake, w. d. lot 8 blk 3 Out Is given to the United States govern­ suit nnd com fortable slippers and cov­
ered wlf h a quilt without decoration.
lot 5 in Monmouth. $250.
Rufus M. Smith, wf. to Lelia Bak­ The town o f Middlebury receives two
er, q. e. d. part lot 6 blk 7 in Mon­ large tracts of land for park purpose* HAVE. FLOWN U 16,000 MILES
and a fund of $9,000 for park mainte­
mouth. $1.
F r a n c ia A ir | glen In 10,000 Reeonnois*
S. E. Hambleton. wf, to L. P. Gil­ The landa bequeathed to the college
■ i n c c s H a v t Lost Heavily,
Paris.—An official statement giving
more w. d 'lo t 7 blk 7 and part of lot He along the crest of the Green moun­
tains and extend Into three counties statisti cs coi n-rulng the aerial flights
6 blk 7 in Monmouth. $1,
ot thè Frenc! i air men »luring the eight
J . L. and S, C. Hanna et al to C. and eight townships.
In addition the college will receive monili* of th t war nays:
W. Carter, wf, w. d. lot 5 blk 1, sa a residuary bequest, at the expira­
''Aigprojslm: ilesly 10.000 aerial recon-
Roaedale add to Independence. $10. tion of a ten years' tru s t the Battell nolss.1 necs In r r been made, amounting
Rob Roy W hiteaker and wf. to block, a large business structure In the to 1 *0 0 0 ho »T* In the air. The dls
village: the Middlebury Register and tance- cover« 1 wa# 1 .*00.000 kilometers
Nancv A. W hiteaker, q-, c. d. 614.- a number o f ferra».
lo ver'1.1 li!/» p mile?).
Twins Send Letter to President,
Who Promptly Replies.
Funeral Directo»
W e t t l e a J le ell wert» prom ptly.
D eilea a s » F alla City. O r
"L’nlonunotPly throe result» were
not obtain«) without aerlmi* loss«-»,
which «]unl nml aoim'ttuir» even lur
I'«»» other methods of w arfare."
Rabbit Hunting cn Tiring Lin».
London. — Officer* of the BittUb
j l-'ourtli Dragoon guard i have borrowed
J a pack of hunting do«» and between
fight* In KI m niters bold harp chase*
Daath of Massachusetts Women Re-
v»ala Her Long Masquerade.
Springfield. Mas*.—The death of Mis*
Flores tine Albeitlue Beaudoin, whose
! body was found In Wllllamsett, reveal­
ed that she bad lived dlsguls«! it» a
man for four years. She lived with
her sister as "Albert Beaudoin" nnd
worked In the paper mills of Holyoke.
Tho only motive suggested for her
long masquerade Is thnt she could enrn
more as a man for the support of her­
self nnd her sister, who Is a widow.
Her death was due to heart trouble.
After her duy’s work lu nolyoke she
was loading a wagon with furniture
from the house which she occupied
with her sister. A policeman found
her leaning against the wagon and
nsked the supposed “Albert Beaudoin"
If ho needed nny help. The woman re­
plied that she would be all right In a
little while. Later she was found !y
Ing by the wagon, and she died soon
after a physician arrived.
Zh c
lit e b o
• 'H A i. M IX , PRoFRirrtip
A Boost For Palermo, Cal.
Palermo is a city small,
Upon the Feather wide,
It has a levee tall.
Upon which heats the heavy tide.
It has of orchard land a bit,
And farming land galore,
And forests too, which make a hit,
With what people call the wild hoar
It has a school.
Made of bricks so red,
The school is taught to the rule.
Of hickory stick so dead.
The children all go barefoot here,
The people are all very mild,
And drink no wine nor beer.
And all the pretty girls are very
nicely styled.
Milo Stram,
Palermo, Butte Co., Cal.
Age 13 years.
I was once a resident of Falls City.
o -*■-
H o m e M a d e C a n d ie s
Ol tho Best Brand
K IN D S .
P e an u t and Popoorn
S t a n d in C o n n e c t io n .
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local app lications, a s th ey cannot
reach th e diseased portion ef tho -a r .
T h ere la only one w ay to cu re deafness,
and» th a t 1» by con stitution it r medle*.
D eafne»» la cau sed by an Inflamed condl
tlon of th e m ucous lining of the E u s ta ­
chian Tube. W hen thla tube Is Inflimed
you have a rum bling sound or Im perfect
hearing, and whan It Js entirely cloced
D eafness Is th e resu lt, and unless tho In­
flam m ation ca n be tak en out and thin
tube restored to Its norm al condition,
h earin g will bo destroyed fo rev er; nlno
c a se s ou t o f ten a re caused by C a ta rrh ,
which la nothing but an Inflamed condi­
tion of tho m ucous su rfaces.
Wo will » I t s One Hundred Dollar« fnranr ci»» of
Deafne*» (caused by catarrblthat cannot bo cured br
Hall ■ Catarrh Caro. Send for circular* freo.
Vanilla and Strawberry IceCream
at Ellis. Don’t forget to ask for
F. J. CHBNBT, A OO, Toledo, Ohio.
Sold br Druggists, Tic
Tats Bail's n a i l r i'lli» for coanlptuoa.
List your farm land with D. L.
Wood at the News office.