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lu one hour Three hundred people In
danger. Can you reach us?"
That was the message which the
yarduaster read to us from the «lei»»
of the stntiou at I.attell. He was pal«k
and his hands shook as he spelled the
1 words out slowly
He didn't have any need to tell us
the danger. Nor did he call for voliin
< > leers. To try to get to Yardsley was
An Engineer's Ride Por Life I ! | like buying a through ticket for death
and be done with it
W e atood around ami discussed tbe
and Lives
terrible news and did nothing-except
| I-aunlgan
He appeared at Png Donaldson's
wlndc-r and. leaning tils arms on the
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I sill, looked in with the same humorous
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ I twist to bis lean features
“ Them three boxes there empty?" he
Pug Donaldson. who had boon the asked. Jerking his head backward to­
roundhouse foreman so long that he ward the sidetrack.
thought he owned the entire system,
PoDaldson nodded
gave out his opinion o f I.aunigau at
"I'm goiug to hitch my englue on to
the end o f the latter's first week on | 'em. Jimmy aud me’ll see if we can
git down there aud beat that barbecue.
the M. and S. P. And this was It:
“ That Grandfather Longlegs never 'll Gimme a clear switch!"
The roundhouse foreman only stared;
get to bold down a passeuger lever on
this road, whatever he's done back but. after Lanuigau hud disappeared
from the window, he rushed to tbe
east. It ain't in him."
Then the old man chalked up the door aud yelled after him:
"H ey, you. Grandfather Longlegs!
limit on the side of his little smoke dis­
colored office, spat with emphasis and You'll be fried like a pancake
—well, that closed the subject as far griddle!"
But I.aunigau ouly grinned and leap­
as Pug was concerned.
I reckon if I.aunigau hadn't begun ed aboard the old englue. We didn't
by blowing about his eastern record know what he was up to until he'd
coupled on the three empty box oars
he'd made more o f a hit with us.
He was a tall, awkwardly built man. and rattled away over the switches
with a shock o f sandy hair and a and out o f tbe yard.
"H e's making a bluff," some o f us
smooth, humorous face. His legs and
arms were remarkably long aud thin, said.
Others who respected the pluck It
aud old Donaldson's sobriquet stuck
to him.
"Daddy Longlegs" seemed took to approach the fire thought he'd
never get through, hut would waste bis
to fit.
Lanuigau got a freight, and the worst steam for nothing.
“ Well, Jimmy. It's going to be a hot
bunch of scrap iron on the road, which,
in moments of enthusiasm. Pug called run," the long legged Yankee told bis
an engine. I f there was any man hand­ stoker as they neared the first belt o f
icapped in the race to break the limit fire. "You fill up the furnace, and I'll
it was the new man from the land of slow down so you can Jump. I don't
want to take another man to perditiou
The system o f advancement follow ­ with me.”
"Oh. I guess I'll stop," says Slosson.
ed by the M aud S. P. did uot include
leugth o f service or "pull." Just one kind o f shamefaced.
thing counted-the ability o f a driver
Then they shook hands on it. aud
to get speed out o f his machine over from that moment neither questioned
the worst track the law ever allowed the other's intention of sticking to his
man to lay.
I Job.
The country was new when the M.
But Jimmy had loaded the old en­
and S. P. was surveyed aud laid down. gine for t>ear all right before they
It had been a race between the M. aud reached the fire line. She was whirl-
8. P. and another corporation to see | ing miles under her drivers at a rate
which should reach the terminating to !>eat even our one fast train, aud
town where connection could be made the empty boxes behind were dancing
with the Pacific road first.
like mad over the rough roadway.
We won. but at a cost which crip­
"W e're getting there. Jimmy!" sings
pled the road financially for years, and , out I.annigan at last. "Shin over Into
the renewing o f the first roadbed was the water tank and Oing a pail or so
a slow and laborious job.
over me when you get a chance."
We ran one fast passenger—the L im ­
He stood out on the running board
ited. The through mall cars were a t­ with a hand on the lever, his cap visor
tached to that train too.
shielding his eyes from the smoke and
It was a continual fight all through flying sparks, peering ahead as best he
the year to keep that one train alone could at the rails. Jimmy, up to his
up to the schedule called for by the neck in tbe tank, flung pail after pull
contract with the government.
of water over his long figure.
I f any man on any other train show­
Suddenly the engine seemed to run
ed the ability to get speed out o f his into a veritable wall o f flame. It ex
engine he was watched, and if he tended far across the roadbed, and It
“ broke the limit" he stood a good wrapped the train about In a living,
chance o f displacing the driver then seething mantle as she rushed on.
running the mail train.
It seemed as though no man could
The M. and S. P. in those days was go through that sea of fire alive, but
a “ farmers' railroad.”
Most o f the when the old englue staggered out of
way stations were merely huts and w a­ the fire belt Lannigan still stood up
ter tanks in forest clearings, tapping a right at the lever.
certain section of farming counCry
His sparse mustache, his eyebrows,
stretching westward of the line.
his shock o f sandy hair were gone. He
I.annlgan had been with us since the was as bald as a parrot, and his cloth­
winter before. He was a good driver, ing was afire in a dozen spots But he
but not brilliant. Anybody but a p rej­ turned a horrible grin upon Jimmy and
udiced old fool like Donaldson would waved his hand.
have recognized his good 'points. lAit
"G ive us another bucket!" he croak­
you never could stir the roundhouse ed. And tbe stoker climbed out o f the
foreman when he'd once made up his tank, more dead than alive himself,
and put out the burning garments.
Then they reached Yardsley.
I.annlgan hud learned the road and
his engine.
I f he followed another
I guess If any two men were ever
train be was on its heels all tire time welcomed as angels straight from
and got himself well cursed for it.
heaven It was Lannigan and his stoker,
Some o f us began to see that there though they must have looked a deal
really was more to tbe eastern man more like devils from tbe pit.
than we had believed.
T w o hundred and ninety people, who
That fall was dry. the sun and wind had given up their last hope of con­
all day and every day drying the sap tinued existence, piled Into those three
out o f the trees und brush and burning box cars like cattle. The doors were !
the leaves brown before the frost could closed, aud then It was up to Lannigan
make them pretty.
and Jimmy to run them back to Lat-
By and by the Inevitable happened. tell.
Kiri'- began to Ught np tbe benrens
The old engine was reversed, and
nightly, and by' day streaks o f blue hack through the awful belt o f flame
smoke hid the tk>ps o f the higher hills. and smoke she went with the three
Iteports reached us from all direc­ boxes.
tions of families burned out and set­
Lannigan certainly showed that day
tlements threatened, but fo r a week what be could do when he had tbe
the conflagrations kept away from the
right o f way.
line o f tbe rond.
Scorched almost to a cinder one In­
Then suddenly one Sunday morning
stant and saturated tbe next, Lannigan
a flood o f fire swooped down the moun
tain side and cross«si the tracks some stood at bis post and brought tbe res­
cue train through to Lattell. Tbe box
miles south o f Yardsley.
Tbe IJaiited came through somewhat cars were afire and tbe passengers |
scorched, and the next day traffic on half suffocated when they arrived.
Jimmy was pretty nearly drowned in
tbe road between T.attell and the Junc­
the tank, and we picked Lannigan off
tion was cut off altogether.
This shut off several settlements as the engine Just as he caved completely.
“ Daddy Longlegs” was some time In
well as YardsVby, except by telegraph.
The wires w are still working, and our the hospital and came plaguy near los­
operators shuck to their posts like the ing his sight, and all because o f that
run. But If a man was ever popular
brave fell<Avs they were.
Pretty "bear every livin g soul In a along the line o f the old M. and S. P.
hundred square miles o f territory lit Ills name was Lannigan.
The first day he got down to the yard
out for less dangerous ground. But
Yardslcr was caught napping, and its the super happened to be there him­
300 pecgile were practically hemmed in self. The line was open again and
by the fiercest forest-fire the state had everything running smoothly by that
time, only the mllea upon miles o f .
ever experienced.
The entire ay stem/of the M. and 8 P. charred foreat and tbe heap o f ashes
was pretty well tied up. W e had pull­ where Yardsley had atood telling of
ed freight as near the fire line as we the forest fire.
“ Humph!" said the auper, trying to
dared, and the sidetracks were about
pick out the engineer’s hand which was
fnll o f waiting cars.
" I hear
The fire was still burning fiercely be­ least bandaged to ahake.
side the roadbed in more than one you’ve been doing some tall running
place, and we weren't asked to try to down here. Lannigan.”
And the driver grinned abeepiahly,
pull a train through to the junction.
Naturally there were plenty o f loco­ as though he had done something to
motives and plenty o f drivers at Lnt- lie ashamed of.
"Donaldson's got your record chalk­
tell that day when the news < ante from
the Yardsley operator. It was Iris last ed up on his office wall over the Lim it­
dispatch, for lie had n-mained until It ed. Guess we'll have to find you some­
was too late to escape by any track thing better than a freight to pull out
through the forest, and there wasn’t when you're well enough."
And Lannigan got the mall train tbe
even a handcar left at the Station.
''Wind changed. Fire will reach us next fortnight.
AUGUST H, 1014
Otters exceptionally tine opportunities for the establishment
C o -O p e ra tiv e Cannery
C o -O p e ra tiv e C ream ery
W o o d -w o rk in g Factories
Fruit and Berry Orchards
Manufacturers and Homoseekers who want to know the facts con
corning Falls City and its possibilitcs for future development are
requested to read the information given in these two columns. For
further and more particular information, uddress The News.
The city derives its name troin the falls of the Little Linkiu-
mute River, which Hows through the city from the West.
The first sale of town lots occurred in 1889, tlThui’ h donation
land-claim settlers came here many years Indore that date. In
1900 the imputation was 2l>9; in 1910, 909, 1914, about 1.2L0
T h e Location
Falls City is situated in the south central part of Folk County
Oregon, in section -1, township 8, S., range H.W., Willamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles southwest of Salem, and "¡5 rail miles south­
west of Portland, in the narrow western end I the Little l.ucki-
aniitte River valley, surrounded on the north, south, and west bv
the foothills of the Coast Range mountains. Elevation, 88(1.88 ft
above sea level. Transportation— Salem, Falls City A- Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 80 miles, with S. P. main line connections at Pallas,
Gerlinger, and Salem, and with the Oregon Electric nt Salem
Falls City is incorporated as a city, and contains 758 88 a 'ns,
valuation for taxation $2(18,837. '1 he city administration is com­
posed of mayor, seven counci.men, auditor ami police judge, mar
shal, treasurer, engineer, health otlicer.
Salarns: Marshal aud
water superintendent, $(10; auditor. $25; attorney, $25.
W a t e r and W ood
The citv of Falls City owns the gravity water systei
Its first
cost was $30,000 Pure mountain water is piped from siirings on
Judge Teal’s ranch, II miles away, at an elevati n o' noon' 800
feet above city level.
Oak and fir tiro wood is plentiful nml cheap.
L u m b e r , Frui t, V e g e t a b l e s a nd B e r r i e s
Klectric-powcr planing and saw mill, log pind, dry kiln and
lumber yard in the city, lumber Hume, figging road.« and logging
outfits, all owned and operated by the Falls City Lumber (.'■>.
The surrounding bench and hill lands are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and berries as any other section ol t ic
Pacific Northwest, and development on these lines is going on.
Vegetables ami berries of many kinds grow to perfection, in
and adjoining Falla City, and many acres are planted to straw­
berries and loganberries. Market conditions are improving s t e a d ­
ily, as production is increased.
S c h o o ls , C h u r c h e s , Soci eties, C lu b s
p ro (c 00 ional C a r ta
Iti: \ L E S T A T E KOIl SA LK
I Lots
I, 2, 8, I, 18, 14, block E.
Two lini' building lots in block
G , East View add.
i For rent, house, barn, II lots; $H;
Ellis street. Property for sale.
•* For Sale, 2 good lots, on Pine
stnel in block K, cultivated.
W . B . O ff ic e r , M . D.
P h y a la la n anS S u rg a a n
OHI.-auvvt Thiuupaou'l ilm * .to r. Mu
lual riunir i«| I'buua N l| lill'a ll Ml
' Lots 18. 1 L 15, hi, block O, at a
bargain; $100 cash, bai. o n terms
at 8
•» Two lots, (1 r. house; fruit, ber­
ries, city water, electric light; el >se
in, burguin.
F. M. H E L L W A R T H
OHiee one door east of P. O.
O ffici ami
K« H I . t r i m
Phono 8ti3
For sale. Urn acre, adjoining cily
limits, with 6 room house. A bar­
gain at $125, terms. House to rent.
* For sale — 9 acres, partially im­
proved. house, timber; spring uml
living stream; near western city
limits, price, $1000, half cash.
9 For sale, one aere, i ulti valid,
truit, berries; tt-r. bouse insured
for $ 1 100, elec, light, city water,
n sHpot J , pi ice $1000; all cash, or
$700 cash, terms on balance.
I" For sale, 7 lots (all of block A)
in Montgomery's addition to Falls
City; good garden ground, fenced;
city water; price $111X1 if bought
within the next 80 dtys.
II For sale, line home in city, with
2.5 acres, 10 cultivated.
i For sale, lo ts 7, 8, 11, 2H block K,
and lots 11 and 12 block K. Will
trade for Portland property,
O n g o ti
JA S . O. M C L T Z CL,
A t t o r n e y a t Lav*
Practice In all lb* Slats courts
fiulto 11 Bush Hrrjrmsn Bldy., phone JU
S a le m . O regon
Dr. A.G. Atwood
P h e n e 1931
F a lle C ity , O r.
r t 'N K H A L n ta tU T o H
Fu nera l Directo »
W e altead te ell w erk p r.atplly.
Dalles and Falla City, Or
i' For sale, lot 2 block M, M ad.
n For «ale, HO a. I j ini. north of city
20 a. improved; 25 a. good timber;
plenty of pasture aud water.
» U 0 tnc 00 (T arta
B To rent, I2 r house,
fa lls CitçUotcl
• I'wo acres, cultivated, fruit, ber­
ries • » r. house, sheds; water, elec­
tric light; will divide.
S a m p le R oo m s
B eat A o o e m m o d a tle n e
F. ro s e a . P ro p rie to r
I'lirce acres, adjoining city,
in !• ive acres, in city.
' Six l o i n o im p ro vem en ts; cheap
Lot 5 aud 2d fl. of lot I I.]k D, 70
i. > I front, on North Mailt street, is
lor .-ah'at a bargain; lest building
h>: in town s e F. K. Hubbard.
\ . K.
Hubbard Realty Company
In T h e N e w s o ffic e , F a lla Cily
Ab-lructs ol title promptly fur-
i.i Tied. Rat. •reasonable. Brown A
Sibley, Oil) Mill Si., Dallas, Or.
I be Falls City Electric Light A
l ower ( 'o , will cell 10 watts Tung-
si >ii globe (or 85 cents. 00 watt
1 >r 50 cents.
r ----------------- — \
I ’ m o
Falls City lias a 12-grade school with a four-year high school
course, with principal, assistant, and eight grade teachers. It-
diplouias are accepted by the higher schools in lieu of ex.iminu-
alums. The entire community i« justly proud of the school.
m i
O l
1 he Religious organizations ure; Adventist, Calholic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, Geiman Lutheran.
The Fraternal societies: Ind. C id e r of Oddf* Hows, Keliekalis,
Masons, Knightsof Pythias, PythianSiaters, Modern Woodmen of
Amerira, Royal Neighbors o f America, Woodmen of the World,
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room.
rail» CltJr,
(O re g o n
C. W . M a t t h e w » , P r o p r i e t o r
Gem theatre, photoplay.
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the ialls; owned
by the Falls City Electric Co , W B. Stevens president, II C.
Brown vice-president and manager, A. W. Stevens secretary ami
Telephone system, with long-distance connections. C. J. Pugh
local manager.
Bu s in es s En te rp ris es
Falls C ’ty is well provided with the usual business enterprises.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and professional men of the city :
Bakery, I). Toller,
Bank of Falls City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Win. Bohle.
Carpenters and Builders, Kile A Elio, S. Omh rkirk.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. llarlung.
Confectionery stores: B. L. Ellis, It. B. Harrington.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department store, N. Selig.
Funeral diiector, R. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott & Co.
General stores. N. Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., F. C. Mere. Co.
Hardware fciore. J. C. Talbott A Co,
Hotels: Falls City Hotel, Fritz Droege, owner and manager;
The .Wadena, Mrs. Mae Nichols, Mrs. Dennis, managers
Jewelry store. W. A, I ’ersey.
Newspaper, the Falls City News. I). L. Wood & Son.
Photoplay fneatre, the Gem, C. J. Pugh.
Physicians, Dr. W. B. Officer; Dr F. M. Hellwaifu.
Pressing ami cleaning parlor, I. A. Johnston.
Railroads, Salem, Falls City A Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agent, F. K. Hubbard Realty Co,
Restaurant, The Madeira; Win. Finley, owner.
Haloons: Trie Oregon, C. W. Matthews; The Idaho, Chas. Mix.
For F i n e C a n d i e s
Go To
Lilis’ Confectionery Store
H arrington’s
Ice Cream
Salem Laundry
Bundles sent Tuesday evenings.
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