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(julr.v, the questions, to toll her that It
had happeued.
There was sudden confusion. Tho
•jp|>er sat untasted on the tables while
* search was made of the shacks aud
Then there wss order, and squads
were made up and details given, ami
she saw a gun suddenly spring Into
sight on her father's hip.
: How He Made Good. :
In t(«n minutes the honor camp was
out on the hillsides starting the first
man huut. for this was the first time
a man had brokeu his parole.
The girl ran at ber father's side,
C o p y rig h t by F ra n k A M unw jr C o
. .
lithe and strong tn her short skirt and
trim mountain boots, sileut. listening
to the buss of comment and specula
The groat, pine shaggy shoulders of
the Cascades reared against the tur­
I.lke bloodhound, the squads went
quoise summer sky. Far down below
first to the wash below the high arched
the turbulent white waters o f the
culvert which carried off the most
Itogue river foumed In their wild bed.
threatening of the big mouutaiu's rush-
and their murmur rose to the inountaiu
lug rivulets iu the rains Here lay his
tools, but o f himself or the way tie
H alfway between the two extremes
had gone there was no slgu
a Sne roadway climbed by steady
“ Skipped." said her father disdain
grades along the giant hills.
fully, “ and him a 'trusty' the first
Along this road for a matter o f a
man to play the Infernal Tool, for tt’ ll
mile were scattered little groups o f
mean a long additiou to his term when
men still at work upon it. They wore
: lie's caught. And he'll he caught Now
overalls and sateeu shirts, and there
we'll spread out from here."
was uotbing in their appearance to d if­
But here the girl pushed through and
ferentiate them from other men. yet
stood Just over the long crack iu the
they were convicts.
slanting rock. She leaned forward a
Farther ou the pine shanties and
bit. as if she wished her ringtug young
touts of the honor camp straggled
I voice to carry downward.
along the road, hugging it close by rea
"You're wroug. dad!" she cried
son of the steepuess of the hills.
strongly. “ I tell you you're wrong!
Here there was a cook shack where
The man's been a hunter—a fisher.
the life of the camp centered. There
He’s the putteed. gauutleted. tailored
was no sign of authority anywhere,
khaki kind, and the puli o f the hills
and McConnel. the superintendent,
and woods bus been too strong! He's
went about unarmed as far as any one
gone for a time, but ho'll coine back.
The freedom and the wild have waked
A quarter utile from the camp, just
the old lougiugs in him. and he's filing
below the roadbed, a single man work­
j out to the woods, hut lie'll come hack.
ed alone with pick and shovel deepen­
| I know, for my rifle aud my steel fly
ing a wash from a culvert pipe.
j rod are gone."
He was nltout thirty. d;irk eyed and
"Rosie." said her father gravely,
haired, though the short curls at his
“ you’ve never lieen a fool before. Go
temples were dusted with gray. He
on back to your mother."
was slim and agile, with the sugges­
Obediently, having fallen contentedly
tion o f football and the track meet in
silent she went, and the squads spread
every line o f his body.
up and dowu the great watershed in
H e looked out o f place as he la­
grim and orderly fashion.
bored, stopping from time to time to
When the midnight stars stood over­
gaze off over the feathery, whispering
head there was a tiny, whispering
slopes dropping so sw iftly to the river
sound at the culvert, and a man came
crawling cautiously out o f it. having
"Heavens,’' he said aloud—’’ the good
merely raised the mat of drooping
green earth!”
ferns that concealed the mouth o f as
Presently, as he worked, bedding his
line a natural underground cavern that
eyes to the prosaic task under his
gave at the upper end as one might
hand with an effort, a girl came along
need for such a purpose as his.
around the betid on the road above
Now be straightened cautiously ami
listened. Far up on the ridge he could
"Helio. impostor!" she called in a hear occasional scattered shouts where
strong contralto voice that curried his fellows searched for him.
splendidly in the clear air.
smiled grimly.
He straightened and looked up with
His dark eyes were full o f fire and
a smile.
grim determination, and the excite­
“ Not on your life !" he said. “ H aven't ment o f great hazard marked his clean
I told you I'm where I belong?''
lined face. He was starting for free­
“ N ix!" said the girl shortly, and. s it­
dom. But the first careful step ap­
ting down on the fill, she dropped hur
palled him by Its consequence.
length to the sloping surface a little
put his foot on something that rolled
above him. where she sat down, drew and sent him rattling down the wash,
op her knees, clasped them in her w hile the object of the disaster slid
arms and smiled at him with clear,
with him.
womanly gray eyes.
With bis heart stopped still be put
“ You're an impostor. You're not one
out his bands and felt of it. It was
o f the boys at heart.'*
a steel fishing rod. its joints tied to
“ No?" be said courteoiwly at this
Dangling from it he found,
blunt opening o f the tacitly shunned
as bis fingers slipped along it. a reel
subject o f the camp.
“ You're wide
full of line and a fly book.
It had been placed directly across
She shook her brown head.
the culvert's mouth.
“ I know a man.” she said simply,
With bis face a study in the dark­
“ from a criminal."
ness be crept slowly back, reaching
H e smiled a trifle grimly.
with his sensitive bands along the
“ Not in this cast;," he said. “ You
rocky bed. They came upon the cold !
don't know what's in my h eart"
metal of a gun—a neat light rifle.
She did not speak, but under her
“ Lord!” he said under bis breath j
breath she said tr, herself sharply:
Then be sat back up on his heels, mo
“ Pity I don't!"*
tionless in the darkness.
She was M cfjonnel's daughter, and
The men came straggling back at
her parole '* a s more important than dawn for food. ate. talked, compared
the govern jv 's in the honor camp.
notes and went out again. All day
“ I ndp’ j t be meditating escape Tight they hunted the hills and the gorges,
now," ' ae said, flicking his eyes up­
slept a bit by turns and returned to the
ward at her face as he bent to bis In search.
terr.qpted work again.
McConnel was grim and angry. He
" 'I t ’s a mighty call—a mighty m il—
bated to send word to the authorities
that o f the open woods and the
until be bad satisfied himself that be
could do nothing himself.
He stopped again and looked down
The girl watched slyly from her gray
over the whispering pine tops to til«*
eyes and aaid nothing, though she was
roaring river.
as tense a9 a drawn string.
"T o you more than to those other»,”
The next morning they were a hag
she said, nodding her head toward the gard bunch that clustered around the
bend ahead which hid the scattered long tables in the cook shack, and Me-
groups, “ and a common man might an­ Counel stood at the telephone calling
swer it. You are o f better fiber."
for the valley town. He was sending
They both fell silent, while the river
for help.
roared and the little winds played In
The voices o f the men were hushed
the pine tops.
for his benefit, and there was only the
He did not look up again, and she
clatter o f knives against heavy plates.
watched bis broad shoulders and lithe
Suddenly there was an exclamation,
hips give and take with the motion of the rasp o f a chair pushed back on the
the pick for a long time.
rough floor, and a man sprang up with
Her gray eyes were speculative and a tragic finger pointed to a window
very tender, while a tense line of anx­ that commanded the road.
iety drew in around her lips* Pres­
“ Heavens!” be cried shrilly. "There
ently she shifted her position a trifle. he comes!"
As she did so a tiny stone under her
In one hand he carried the lengths
foot became dislodged, starting to roll o f a steel rod and a string o f trout
down the sharp decline. Watching, she fresh from the cool shadows o f the
saw it suddenly disappear in a narrow spray dashed rocks. In the other he j
crack in the worn rock of the hillside. bore a light hunting rifle, while on his
A moment Inter there came a tiny hack, properly slung with the trick of
thud as it struck bottom, a thud that the true hunter, its slender feet tied on
reverberated with a strangely hallow his breast and Its weight on his shoul­
ders, there rode a young spike buck.
The man did not seem to notice it
“ Good morning!” he smiled. “ By
and looked up as she rose after awhile George. I'm hungry!"
to go ou her way.
McConnel walked up to him, and for 1
"Goodby." he said gently, but she a long moment the two men look<il
did not speak.
each other between the eyes with
A t supper time the men came strag
glances sharp as steel. Then:
gling In. some weary and hopeless, oth­
"W ash lip." said the former shortly
ers singing, a pathetic tile in the high “ You’re Just In time.”
blue shadow o f the mountains, and
As he turned to obey his dark eyes
crowded about the basins and the traveled to where the girl stood at the
far side o f the tables with a dish In
The girl hung upon the outskirts of her hands, and they were full o f a
the crowd, busy at some task, but cov­ smiling light. Her lips were trembling
ertly watching for the figure that was and ber Inshes wet with tears.
He nodded ever so slightly.
not like those others.
Presently as he washed at the baalns
And she knew—long before her fa
tber stood st the cook shack door and she passed him. and her band rented
checked them off by number as they for a moment on bis muscled a m ¡ri
der its torn sleeve with an eloquent
tiled In to the evening meal—she knew
She did not need the sudden halt In caressing touch.
"M an," she laughed tremulously, “ oth.
the roll call, the repetition o f his nuui
ber, its iteration, the glances o f la
T H E H O N O R ii
J U L Y 4, 1014
Offers exceptionally line opportunities for the establishment
o r ------ -----------------------------
C o -O p e ra tiv e C annery
C o -O p e ra tiv e C ream ery
W o o d -w o rk in g Factories
F ru it and B erry O rchards
l Lots 1, 2, 8, 4, 13, 11, block
- Two tine building lots in block
G, East View add.
J For rent, house, barn, It loD; >6;
Ellis street. Property for sale.
5 For Sale, 2 good lots, ou
street in block K, Cultivated.
' Lots 13. 14, 15, 16, block it, at a
bargain; >100 cash, hal, on terms
requested to read the information given in these two columns. For
t For sale, One acre, udjoining city
limits, with 5-room house, A bar­
gain at >425, terms. Hon so to rent.
The first sale of town lots occurred in 1S89, though donation
land-claim settlers CJnie here many years before that date. In
1900 the imputation was 269; in 1910, 969; 1914, almut 1,250.
T h e Lo cation
Falls City is situated in the south central part of Polk County
Oregon, in section 21, township 8, S., range (3,\V., Willamette mer­
idian, 27 rail miles southwest of Salem, and 73 rail miles south­
west of Portland, in the narrow western end o f the Little I.ucki-
anitite River valley, surrounded on the north, south, and west by
the foothills of the Coast Range mountains. Elevation, 886 38 ft
above sea levtl. Transportation— Salem, Falls City A Western
Railroad, which extends from Salem to Black Rock, a rail
distance of 3U miles, with g. P. main line connections at Dallas.
Gerling* r, and Salem, and with the Oregon Electric at Salem
Falls City is incorporated as a city, and contains 768 33 a.’rre,
valuation for taxation >268.887. The city administration is com­
posed of mayor, seven counci.men, auditor and police judge, mar
shal, treasurer, engineer, health officer.
Salaries: Marshal and
water superintendent, 160; auditor. >25; attorney, >2».
W a t e r and W ood
The citv of Falls City owns the gravity water systeu. fts first
cost was >U0,0CO. Pure mountain water is piped from springs on
Judge Teal’s ranch, 8 miles away, at an elevation o' anout 30U
feet above city level.
Oak and fir fire wood is plentiful and cheap.
L u m b e r, F ru it, V e g e ta b le s and B e rrie s
Electric-power planing and saw mill, log pond, dry kiln pud
lumber yard in the city, lumber flume, logging roads and logging
outfits, all owned and operated by the Falls City Lumber Co.
The surrounding bench and hill lands are as well adapted to
the production of fruits and berries as any other section of the
Pacific Northwest, and development on these lines is going on.
Vegetables anil berries of many kinds grow to perfection in
and adjoining Falls City, and many acres are planted to straw­
berries and loganberries. Market conditions sre improving stead­
ily, as production is increased.
* For sale — 9 acres, partially im­
proved; house, timber; spring and
living stream; near western city
limits; price, >I(MX), half cash.
9 For sale, one acre, illltivated,
Iruit, berries; (1-r. house insured
for >1100; eh c. light, city water,
cesspool; pi ice >1050; all cash, or
>700 cash, tenus ou balance.
10 For sale, 7 lois (all of block A)
in Montgomery's addìi inn to Fulls
City ; good garden ground, fenced ;
city water; price >11(X) if bought
within the nex!. 30 dtys
H For sale, tine home in citv, with
25 acres, 10 cult ¡vaimi.
P h ysician and Surgeon
OID, « o v v i
I'll.m. Nlfhl Call 441
F. M. H E L L W A R T H *
Office in Toller Bldg..
pm.'» an.l ,,,
Palla dir.
R v.litviirc I hone o t t o
Or vault
J A S . G. H E L T Z C L ,
A tto rn e y a t L aw
Prartlea In a ll tliv s u t . .'„ u n .
S u ll. Il llii.h Hrvjrnian Hl.ly
|.|i..nv XJA
S a l t m , O regon
__________________ D E N T IS T
Dr. A.G. Atwood
P h e n e 1031
F a lle C ity. O r
H 'X E I t A I , D IR E C T O R
Funeral Direr tot
W e atland la all vrerti promptly.
D . lla. and F all. City. Or
B u s tn e e e ( l a t t o
11 For sulc, lot 2 clock M, M ad.
!♦ For sale, 80 a. I j mi. north of city
20 a. improved; 26 a good timber;
plenty of pasture and wuttr.
15 To rent, 12 r house.
16 Two acres, cultivated, fruit, ber­
ries; O r. house, sheds; water, elec­
tric light; will divide.
D Three acres, adjoining city.
1* Five acres, in city,
i’ Six lois, no improvements; cheap
20 Lot 5 aud 20 ft. of lot 4 hik D, 70
feet front, on North Main street, is
for sale at a bargain; lest building
lot in town See F. K. Hubbard.
F. K. Hubbard Realty Company
I l l ' l l D I M ! CONTRACTOR
In T h . N t w i o fflc a , F a lla City
S a u l O u d e r k ir k
Abstracts of title p-omptly fur­
nished. Rates reasonable. Brown A
Sibley, 610 Mill 81., Dallas, Or.
B u ild in g C o n tra o ta r .
R o palrs
M ade-
Phone 1-.M
For sale, 15 Buff Orpington day -
F a lls
City, Ore.
J. E.
Beezley, phone 271
& Elle
Contractors and Builders
Falls City has a 12 grade school with a four-year high school
course, with principal, assistant, and eight grade teachers. Its
diplomas are accepted by the higher schools in lieu of examins-
ations. The entire community is justly proud of the school.
See us before you build,
We may save you money.
Phone 1411
1 he Religious organizations are: Adventist, Catholic, Christian,
Free Methodist, Methodist Episcopal, German Lutheran.
G . L. H A W K I N S
The Fraternal societies: Ind. Order of Oddfellows, Rehekahs,
Masons, Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters, Modern Woodmen of
America, Royal Neighbors of Annrica, Woodmen of the World,
a n d
g r a n it e
Women of Woodcraft.
Free reading room.
Tbninpvun'v tlruf vlorv. Mu
tuvl yhuuv m i
12 For sale, lots 7, 8, I 1, 28 hlm k K,
and lots 11 and 12 block E. Will
trade fot I’oitluml property.
old chicks with lien, >2 50.
S c h o o ls , C h u r c h e s , S o cie tie s , C lu b s
further and more particular information, address The News.
The city derives it« iiiuiit from the falls of the Li Hi« I.urkia-
mute liner, which flows through the city from the Weal.
W . B . O ffic e r, M . D .
at 8
Manufacturers utul Homeseekers who want to know the facts con­
cerning Falls City ami its possibilités for future development arc
Nam e
_____________ I'll V ill’l AN
* Two lots, fl r. house; fruit, ber­
ries, city water, electric light; cl >se
in, bargain.
tfrofeoelonal d a rt*
D a lla s , Oregon
Gem theatre, photoplay.
Hydro-electric light generated by the power of the falls; owned
by the Falls City Electric Co , W. B. Stevens president, H . C.
Brown vice-president and manager, A. W . Stevens secretary and
Telephone system, with long-distance connections. C. J. Pugh
local manager.
B u s in e s s E n te rp ris e s
Falls C ’ty is well provided with the usual business enterprises.
The News contains the announcements of the following business
and professional men of the city :
Bakery, D. Toller,
Bank of Falls City, W. F. Nichols cashier.
Barber shops, Wm. Bohle.
Carpenters and Builders, Elle A Elle, S. Ouderkirk.
Clothier, Tailor and gents’ furnisher, Chas. HarUing.
Confectionery stores; B. L. Ellis, R. B. Harrington.
Drug store, M. L. Thompson.
Dentist, Dr. A. G. Atwood.
Department more, N. Selig.
Funeral director, It. L. Chapman.
Furniture, J. C. Talbott A Co.
General stores. N. Selig, F. C. Lumber Co., F. C. Merc. Co.
Hardware store. J. C. Talbott A Co,
Hotels: Fails City Hotel, Fritz Droege, owner and manager;
The Madena, Mrs. Mae Nichols, Mrs. Dennis, managers
Jewelry store. \V. A. I’ersey.
Newspaper, the Falls City News, D- L Wood & Son.
Photoplay tneatre, the Gem, C. J. Pugh.
Physicians, Dr. W. B. Officer; Dr F. M. HellwaiIn.
Pressing and cleaning parlor, I. A. Johnston.
Railroads, balem. Falls City A Western, Southern Pacific.
Real estate agent, F. K. Hubbard Realty Co,
Restaurant, The Madena; Wm. Finley, owner.
Saloons: Tne Oregon, C. W. Matthews; The Idaho, Chas. Mix.
Boost for a Gymnasium for the School
I'MONa 1*1
Tobacco and Cigars
Ellis’ Confectionary Store.
H arrington’s
O re g o n
Ice Cream
C. W . M a tth e w s , P ro p rie to r
s__________________________________ *
Salem Laundry
Bundles sent Tuteday evenings.
H A R R I N G T O N ’S
O V E R e s Y E A R S'
P atents
trade m a r k s
D esigns
C o py rig ht s A c .
Antoni» urti din* n RkPlrh and «twicrlptlon mnr
quickly aicf U t n our opinion free whet
further «il
Invention 1« probably patent nblo, Communlre-
•Ictl? confident l«l.HANOBCI I0K on Patent«
___ o. Oiliest fluency for •ecu
* __ imtentfl.
•ecti mi«!
Patent« taken through Munn A to.
< recel*«
tprrial notice, without charge, in the
Scientific JUncrican.
A hendiom elf lllnntrated weekly. I.urrent rtf.
Dilution o f onr •rlentlflo Journal. T«*rnm, f.'l «
rear ; four months, $L Bold by nil newndpnUni
& Co.38'8" - « ’ Hew York
S-'vuch on e», MS r St. Wn.hlumon, D. 0.
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