The news=record. (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1907-1910, October 12, 1910, Wednesday Edition, Image 4

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Buy While Buying's Best--That's Now
. -1 -J . '.. i ,,
S i. L
vLJvL JI Iw li
ii fi i m i fj ii ii . -.. ii e v v3 e a
McKibberi's Fine Furs
New and up-to-date styles
are noV : ready for the
coming season '
Ladies' and Children's Matched
Sets from
$1.50 to $35.00
A call will convince and save you
"Here's where we're ready for yon. , Ask to see
our extra large, heavy blankets and comforts.
Ladies' Underwear
TaKe advantage of our special 25 per cent dis
count on Ladies' Underwear.
Trunks, Bags and Suitcases
. A full line just received
There's no econo
poor shoes. Econl
something good i
You " can practice"
buying the kind a.
shoes that wear well. . Look ov
er our assortment of Men's and
Ladies' Oxfords and Shoes.
in buying
by is buying
less cost.
economy by
ll quality of
$2.50 to $3.00 values. . ...
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Dollar ShirtsSO cents
Get the habit of wearing one of
our dollar shirts.
Nothing Wrong But the Price
A lot of 175 good fitting, well made
shirts. Fall and Winter patterns ,:
will be cleaned up at
50 cents each
We have gone through our
stock of Men's Suits and
find a number of splendid
styles which we offer at
special "prices. We can
show you a saving well
worth while.
No. 1. A lot of $12.50
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wj m m:wm.
-Pest Make On Earth .
They excel any rubber goods in
the market in service and dura-,
Bargain Lot of Corsets
Yours at Half-Price while they last
A Reliable Medicine) Not Narcojtlo
Get the genuine Foley' Honey and
Tar In the yellow package, , It l's
safe and effective. Contains no op
iates. Refuse substitutes. Burnaugh
& May field. .
The White
If you want a high grade sewing
machine wMch Is a
The machine Is unsurpassed t for
simplicity, durability and the char
acter of the work It will do. It la
made tu two styles, the Vibrator
Shuttle aud the Improved Rotary
Shuttle. The lattter machine sews
either a lock - or a chain stitch.
There are a number of stylos to
choose from and the wood work Is
the handsomest possible. ""'
. Fred S. Ashley
handles the WHITE MACHINE In
Wallowa county.' " " 5
Succeed when everything else foils.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever Sold
. over a druggist's counter; .
After a baffling illness of but two
days' duration, Mrs. Bert D. Smith, a
prominent woman of Pendleton, died
after eating some peaches.
Under the supervision of ,Robert0.
Stevenson, state game warden. Lake
Klamath has been stocked with 10,
000 bass fry. '
Some of the most desirable country
homes on Coos Bay are involved In
contests which the government has
instituted against homesteaders. t
A civil service examination for the
position of forest ranger will be held
at the offices of, the Fremont Forest
Reserve, in Lnkevtew, on October 24
and 25.
State Printer Willis S. Duniwny, j
who has been seriously ill at his home
on large tracts of land on which they
Intend to establish a Bohemian ' col
ony. Klamath County now has one
colony of Bohemians with nearly 100
families. .
Italians - of Portland and Oregon
will ask the state llgislature to create
another legal holiday. They will ask
that October 12, the date on which
Columbus- discovered the western
hemisphere be designated as 'Colum
bus Day." Fifteen states now observe
that date.
: Corvallis will be the scene of the
annual gridiron contest between tl
University of Oregon and the Oregon
Agricultural College football teams
this year. The decision was reached
by the board of control and the ath
letic management alter a careful can
vas of the situation. ".
Lake county is to have the best; auto
mobile roads of any similar area in
the state of Oregon. Its natural road'
in Sulem for six weeks, Is reported by
his physicians to be much Improved waye wli be Improved so that every
and they expect him to be able to grade is made na passable as Is possl
leave his room in a week or so. , ble. and the county court is co-operat-
,' Col. L. Dunbar of the Third Oregon ing with the members of the newly
regiment has ordered that Company formed Lake County Automobile club.
A of Baker City and Company L of I In memory of Francisco Ferrer, the
Pendleton eng.ige in a shoot on the noted Spanish educator, sentenced to
range adjoining Pendleton, Novembor death and executed by the Spanish
According to a statement filed with
the secretary of state by W. S. U'Ren,
the Fels Fund Commission hah,, ex-.
pended $6,400 In this state in the pres-'
ent campaign in the promotion of pro
gressive laws. A large share of this
was expended In connection with pam-1
phlets issued to the voters aside from
. The townslte of Winchester and 800
acres of land lu Douglas county have .
been sold to a syndicate of Alaska ,
and Seattle business men, who will
Immediately , plat aud plant the pro-'
perty, - ,
W. J. Clarke, defeated candidate for
state printer, expended $S55 In his
campaign for nomination In September
primaries, according to his statement
filed ,wlta: the secretary of Btate.
W..C. Hawley, candldrte for re-elec-
government a year ago for his sup
posed complicity in the Barcelona
riots, a celebration will be held in
Portland on the evening of October
13, at 8 o'clock, in the Women of
Woodcraft hall. J :
the regular state pamphlets.
Many candidates have failed to com
ply with the Corrupt Practices Act by
not filing their statements of election
expenses, incurred prior to the re
cent primary election with secretary
of state, and are subject to the penalty
attached for default amounting to $25
per day for each day after the latest
filing date.
The Medford council has declared
war upon all filth within the city.
Butchers who have been accustomed
to haul their meat through the city
streets unprotected from the typhoid
tion to congress from the first district, j Ily must hereafter cover their wagons
spent $1,084.60 to secure his renomln
atlon, according to his statement tiled
with the secretary of state.
Three pages In the election pam
phlet will be occupied by the execu
tive committee of the non-polltlcal Ju
diciary with an argument why the su-
wlth canvas. City Physician Shearer
has been asked to send samples of
milk trom all the dairies to the state
veterinary for examination as to the
presence of tuberculosis.
The Lay of th. Bird.
Oh. Mr. Jones, do please tell me
preme court of Oregon should be tak- which of the song birds you are most
en out of politics and kept out.
Agents for Bohemians have been In
Langoll Valley country, 30 miles south-
fond of T"
"1 prefer the hen. Miss Dorothv."
"But the hen Isn't a stuping bird."
AYpII. It'a I hiA nl 1.1 ...4
east of Klamath Fall j, getting prlcee i car for." -
The census of New Mexico is an
nounced as 327,306." This is an in.
crease of G7 per cent. -
The interstate commerce commis
sion ordered the proposed increase in
lumber freight rates from the Pacific
northwest to eastern points suspend
ed until February 1, 1911. '
. President Taft lias pardoned Ed
ward A. Boy ce, John ,R. Coyle, Pat
rick J. Hennessey and Thomas Kehoe,
four sugar weighers' who are serving
sentences for connection with the cus
toms' fraud at New York." : "
Bertillion measurements and photo
graphs of every citizen for public rec
ord were proposed at the American
Prison Association Congress by A. P.
HifN, of Minneapolis, In submitting the
report of the committee on the crim
inal law reform.
In receiving the delegates to the
International Prison Congress, Presi
dent Taft ctrutloned , them against
making prisons so comfortable as to
furnish a motive for violating the law
and a'so warned against associating
prlroners who were mere offenders
with hardened lawbreakers.,
China le declared to be on the verge
of . another ii:-eaval similar to the
Boxer uprising and ttie lives of for
eigners are In jeopardy Recent ad
rlces from government . officials In
China express the belief that an out
break at any time would not surprise
them.; : .: . . -
Senator RoWrt VI. I.aFollette, of
VVIsconsin, will undergo an operation
I or infected gall bladder and. possible
complications of the appendix. :
Lucy Walker, 84 years or ago, first
polygamous wife of Joseph Smith',
founder of the Mormon church,' is
dead at herv homeT '; After;' Smith's
death she mairied Hober C. Kimball,
another prominent leader of pioneer
days. ' 1 ' "
The trial of Governor C. N. Haskell
of ". Oklahoma, in "the "Musk.ogee town
lot cases,, came to a sudden end when
tfte government announced , that un
der the restrictions laid down by the
court it would be un:b.e to make out
a case. . ;.
With the republican state conven
tion at Saratoga off his hands, ex
President Roosevelt will make a brief
trip through the south and tu ddle
west. His first slopping point will be
Kncxville, Tenn.. where he la to rpcak
at the Appalachian Exposition Friday.
Former Assistant Corporation Coun
sel of Chicago, one of the most
brilliant orators who has ever visited
the coast, will speak at the opera
house in Enterprise,
Capt. Smith is a man of command
ing personality, an eloquent speaker
and his treatment of his subject has
gained him the plaudits of tens of
thousands of his listeners.
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