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    Wstarfaal Baa
Twicea Week
Saturday Edition
Marriage Licenses.
- July 25 Geoige Vernon And Flor
ence Schotleld. (Married same day
by Justice A. C. Smith da Enter
prlas.) July 28" Fred J. Matthews, and
Prudence Eddlemon, both of Flora.
Joseph Gleason and family went
to Portland Thursday, to reside..
Mlas Luclle Corkins went to Wal
lowa Saturday, or a day visit.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Cook, ylsl
tor IriT our city, spent Friday at
.Mrs. William Dalsleyi went to" Los
tlne, Saturday for a day's visit
with relatives.
i horn as. Siegmund went to Wal
lowa Saturday' to put up bills for
the county fair.
The many friends of Judge Da
vid Reavis will be- pleased to learn
that ho Is regaining his usual health
and Is able to be up and around.
Contractor Haworth'a force have
moved the carpenter shop and lime
house from the court house yard to
a lot he bought la the horth part
of town.
- Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Taylor and five
children, formerly residents' of Cali
fornia, Mo., are here with a view of
loca'ng. They are occupying tem
porarily the George Harrison house,
but. expect to move onto a farm lat
er. The Taylors are relatives of
Prof. A. G. Smith.
1 Mrs. L. A. Duncan of Rochester,
N. Y arrived FrlJay for a visit at
the homes of E. R. Bowlby and
William Hanson. Mrs. Duncani has
been In the Wet three, years. She
was at Los ' Angeles a year,, and
then spent a winter In Honolulu.
She .was a passenger on the Beaver
wheni It went on. a bar at Astoria
a short time ago, and the passen-
gara had a trying time of it.
Miss Carrie Godfrey, an actress
of unusual ability In character parts,
an excellent operatic singer and
. fine pianist, Joined the Lowe Stock
company here Friday and', will ap
pear In. the play tonight. - Charles
J. Boss and W J. Hunt, also Joined
the company today. Mr. Hunit is
, huaband of Mdsa Godfrey, and both
he and Mr. Boss ere sterling act
ors. "Mr. Boss will play leading
. . i
Many friends of Daniel Boyd have
been urging him to become a candi
date for the Republican nomina
tion for the legislature. -Mr. Boyd
said Saturday that while he apprec
iated the honor and' felt grateful
to his friends, he would not be a
candidate. '
Sheriff Edgar Marvin and Char-lea-
Hour left Fiiday with Tom
Tucker for Sa'em, where Tucker
begins a foiy years term in the
penitentiary He was convicted last
November of the crime of partic
ipating In. a riot . at the Baudon
shearing plant three years ago. No
tice of appeal to the supreme court
was filed and Tucker was released
on $5000 cash bail. The appeal was
not perfected, and a few week ago
Judge Knowles. directed Sheriff Mar
vin to again place Tucker n con
finement. x
Much sympathy is expressed for
Tucker In hia predicament, and it
is intensified by the circumstances
of the failure of the attorneys to per
fect the appeal.
The scene at the train Friday
morning, when Mrs. Tucker was
taking leave of her husband, was
quite affecting.
A petition for his pardon Is find
ing many signers, including some
county officiate. Tucker Is ordinar
ily an. . industrious, law-abiding clti
haft jl large number of
friends. ' ' - .
; On the other hand, many people
say he is undoubtedly guilty of the
crime charged, was found guilty by
a Jury, and should suffer the punish
ment prescribed by law.
Mayor Burleigh pleased everybody
at EIln in hia Fourth of July ora
tlon there so much that ha was pre
vailed on to give another address on
the following day. The Recorder had
thLs ta s&v ot hia speech; .
: The oration, delivered by Hon. J
A. Burleigh, a well known Enterprise
Orcsran legislature, was the best ev
er heard in. Elgin, and one of the
most Interesting ever heard1 In' east
ern Oregon: Mr. Burleigh la not
only a polished orator, but is a
thinker of no small ability, and in
stead of making the "eagle scream"
' I. .the method .used on such oc
caslons, he delivered a straightfor
ward talk on. the present condition
of the United States government and
the duty of the cltteens thereof. One
of the principal, ideas conveyed by
him was that no government Is
better than the cl liens who compose
it, and that whatever defects exist
In . the government of the United
State today is- due to the voters.
"A government can be no cleaner
than It people." ws a fact which
.drove home to his hearers. He made
it plain that it was the duty, of ev
ery citizen to think for himself ana
not to vote was worse than being
an, anarchist. Space forbids giving
details of his oration, but It was to
the point, full of good and whole
some advice, and the manner tn
which he delivered held the audience
In rapt attention during the entire
clme. Numerous times he was stop
ped by the applause and the Im
mense throng lnthe pavilion cheered
llm at the closejv.
ireat Crowds At
Oceanside Resorts
Fit Wither Bring the People to
Ntyth Bqkch Many Improve
men Made.
" 1 '''''
We alwayi like to meet with Bra. Brown,
sue naa tne cosiest noma inereis in ivwu,
A " Homey " kind of home, you know, a
place .
Where you can sit and sort of test your
. face.
I know of houses gewgawd ao with style,
That when you enter you pot on a gmile
A fort of social ahine, as you might 7 .
So that you'll hannonix and be an fait.
Bat oh, how dreadful tired I should get
If I should tra in forever with that se t.
Ko, give me Hrs. Brown whoa happy
Can just lounge down and test, and rest,
and rest.
Eer rooms an low and broad, and quiet
That restful green, and all the pictures
At comfortable angles, and yon chat
Ia low and coney tones and there'sacat,
Of course a cat, that yawn then in the aun
A picture of content, like everyone.
Then Hrs.Brown brings out her dainty a? t
Of tea things, and wa know that we shall
The very nicest, dearest cup of tea
Tis C HAS It da SANBOEM'S brand, yon
know, and wa
Save all of us been nsing It 'round town,
. It's always Ufa to copy lira. Brown.
To feel good
All day long
You should drink a
cup of the famous
Chase &
Long Beach. Wash., July 29 The
fine weather prevailing on. the North
Eeach, Is bilnglng hosts of visitors
M the ocean, shore, Intent on secur
ing rest and a good coat of tan. ;
The outlook la. particularly brigni
tor a remarkably busy season; this
summer, the number of visitors at
;hds' time being far greater than
aver before at the same time ot the
The march of progress Is evident
-hroufthout the entire length of the
beach, and development being as
sured, prosperity is but a matter
jT course. Work on the Automo-
Dlle 'Boulevarde Is progressing very
rapidly, beach houses by the score"
are being erected, and new rooming
houses and old are being rapidly
put into shape to .take care of the
hoards of summer transient which
Mil soon be down upon us.
The North Beach Push club with f
.(A combined effort, shouldering me
wheel of orogreas. has awakened
in era of activity which will undoubt
edly secure the proper recognition oi
;he unsurpassed advantages of tne
North Beach for enjoyable outings
and, at the same time, all the
comforts, of home.
Negotiations' are now pending with
Portland capitalists for the install
ation of a water system to supply
.h beach and surrounding country
aide with fine mountain water. With
the culmination of this, project, one
ol the obtsacles to an otherwise
.ncora parable locality Is obviated.
One of the mo3t interesting feat
ures of the Wallowa ( County Fair
association's exhibits will be a tnor-
ouh display -of Wallows county
minerals. Several claim owners
have already manifested the lnten
tlon of making an exhibit of the
leadlner ores of their properties, and
this should Inspire all owners of all
mineral prospects to do likewise,
making a distinct and Invaluable fea
ture of the great fair.
"Wallowa county contains some of
the best gold, silver and copper ores
in the country. While the mineral
is at present undeveloped .that fact
does not argue against the presence
of rich mineral deposits here. As
a matter of fact there are more. low.
grade primary deposits in. this coun
ty than, in ninetenths the miner
al producing sections of the United
States. And lit la the primary de
posit which makes In time the big
producer. Primary deposits, again,
are the synonyms of mineral tn
quantity. 'Primary deposits argue
against mere "pockets'' of rich, high
grade precipitations that must run
out eventually.
With good, low-grade primary de
posits of mineral lying just at the
doors of our county fair, It would
De almost wicked . not to Install a
superb collection of mineral at the
fair. There ia also another view
point: A first-class, mineral depart
merit showing Wallowa county's re
sources in that particular, might
prove the means of presenting to
large capital ,the Invitation to come
Into thia district and open some, of
our prospects and)- convert them
into mines. At least that possibil
ity' Is contingent Right in the
heart of a mineral, district Knter,.
prise would be nsglectlng an oppor
tunity by neglecting such a display
of her minerals as would attraot the
favorable attention of any mine In
vestor who might attend the fair
The fair association la exerting ev-
rv effort to get claim owners to ex
hibit, and It Is to the material ad
vantage of such owners to aid in
the effort by responding with, the
be3t ore on the dumps.
Contract for new city water works
let to J. M. Mitchell for $16,810.20,
who has already begun work on the
Attorney W. G. Trill has forsak
en Joseph and moved to Salem,
whence he came.
Mitchell & Tyler's saw mill on Big
Sheep creek burned to the ground
with no Insurance'.
Forest fire' raging on the West
Fork of the Wallowa river.
Over 200 .tents of campers, now at
the lake.
Grant Hamblen has rented' the
sample room of the Hotel Enter
prise and will open a barber shop
in a few days. ,
Tonight's Play Is
Great Melodrama
Lo.we's Company Will Present; the
Moonshiner's Daughter at Opera
A new bank with a state charter
and $25,000 capital stock will be
started In this city in a few months,
and a new stone building will be
erected for it. C. E. Funk will erect
the building on his lot between tho
new Lltch building and Keltnera
hardware store. Mr. Funk la seek-'
I vug plans now and he will erect a
structure that will be a credit to
the city.
The principal backers of the new
bank are Salt Lake and Chicago
capitalists, represented by Wm. C.
Hlnterman,' at present assistant
cashier .-of the Continental Nation
al bank of Salt Lake. The local
men named In the application for
he charter are L. W. Riley, B.
3. Boyd and A.C. Weaver.
The Moonshiner's Daughter, a
Southern melodrama, is the play
that will toe presented by. .the Lowe
Stock company at the opera house
tonight. This Is the best 'of the
targe number of that class of plays,
and abounds in thrilling situations
hairbreadth escapes.
It is a well written play, the dia
logue being high class and full ot
witty lines. The comedy element
is very strong, a negro character
being especially good. '
It is a great picture of life In; the
mountains of the Southern states
the old moonshiner, his foster
-lun PU1J 'i&pjntn luaqoiun tin 'piiqn
ted States Revenue officer form
ing the central figures in the plot.
Between the acts, splendid spec
ialties will be given. The company
has .been reinforced by four high
class people since last week and
lit .performance will be one, of tbq.
t,est ever presented In this city. NO
lover of music should miss hearing
Mlaa Godfrey sing.
If vou haven't registered you can't
legally sign a petition, and you win
be late In getting the voter pam
phlet from the secretary of state.
Better see Boatman right away.
for breakfast It has
the true "Coffee"
flavor and excellent"
clearness. fEvery
housewife knows the
superiority of -
Chase & San
born's Coffees
and Teas
S T Combs, of the Wallowa firm
of SheflKComtoa. & Co., has sold his
Interest .to Bruce Cox, and. will move
r, Rsihw11 N M. on account 01
his wife's health.
B. B. Boyd, C. M. Lockwood aad
Frank Sheet and their families,
.Mrs. C S. Bradley and Mrs. Char
les Thomas went to the lakei Friday,
.'or a week's camping. -
Mrs. Jos. Mayer, who had been
vlsitlne her daughter. Mrs. W. C
Ketchum, left Saturday for Hot
Springs, Wash., and: from there will
'o on to her home at Lebanon, Ore
W. C. Feaglns of Leap, died 'of
heart disease July 14, a few mln
utes after eating a hearty dinner.
The body was burled in Wallowa
cemetery, services being conducted
by Elder H. E. Merryman of the
R. C. of L. D. S.
Mrs. May Love.1 and children. Gar
re.. Cecil and Venus, left Friday
for Promise to visit her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Peter Henderson, and
other relatives. Her sisters, Ethel
and Hope, who had been, here vlsit-
lnx. returned home with her.
Bruce Dennis, publisher of the La
Grande Observer, and James Spence,
an employee of .that paper, were
here over Thursday night on busi
ness. The Observer In connection
with the News-Record. Is going to
give a big write-up of Enterprise and
Wallowa county Industries.
Many Bears Seen
In West Grossman
Some Shot, Some, Get Away Newsy
Letter From Promiao.
Inspected Minam Bridge.
County Judge- Olmsted and Com
ml-sriloner Lltch were at Minam,
Thursday, inspecting the Jolnt-coun
tr bridge, which has recently been
raised several feet to clear It of
brush and driftwood brought down
by spring freshets.
Sole Agents for
The Red Front
Blacksmith Shop
by the reliable
VT. P. Hnmbltlon A Son
Machine Repairing:
Same old stand
Promise. July 27 F. M. Newlon. is
working on the flh hatchery below
All of the Leffel family have been
on their homestead for the past fe,w
weeks. The children have been at
tending high school at La Grande and
Mr. Leffel has a position as con
ductor on the Palmer logging train.
Mrs Oase shot a bear recently,
but her neighbor women explain
that It was. in a trap.
Mr. Mlaner has trapped two black
bears recently and is still looking
for a big brown one he had sight of
not long since.
A young bear crossed Wright Hen
deraon's door yard a few days ago
He says ho went and chased It wnen
It was out of slight.
The Aiken saw mill at Colpltta la
fclill busy.
Mr. Lvon went to Wallowa a few
days ago. Mrs. Lyon and children
visited Mrs. Clemens. Monday
Timothy hay is about all up and
man are now In their grain.
Lacey Trump was a West uross
man visitor. Sunday.
Beecher TrumD Is staying for a
few we-"ka at his sister, Mrs. Wright
Henderson's. He 1 helping wrigui
bull fence for Mr. Newlon.
Rev. P. G. Potter will preach at
Promise Aiwust 7. at 11 a. m.: at
Jtoola. Auituat 8 at 11 a. m. Theue.
wlM be his last service3 lx-fore the
annual conference which meets at
Joseph beginning August 18, which
lie will attend.
Mrs. E. J.Forsylhe will give a fare
well reception Monday afternoon
from 2:30 to 6 o'clock at her home
on Greenwood street, in honor of
her daughter. Miss Eula, who leaves
Wednesday morning for Ann Arbor,
Mich., to enter a training school for
nurses. The reception Is given that
all Miss Eula's friends may have, an
opportunity to bid her goodbye.
Mrs. O. S. Hulsa went to Beldler,
Thursday, to visit her daughter, Mrs.
21'IJah Weaver.
J. K. Burns of Logan, Utah, who
:ad been working here, went to
.Vallowa, Friday.
Attorney J. A. Burleigh went to La
Grande Friday on a short business
rip, returning Saturday.
A. C. Weaver went to the lake
Thursday and biought home his fam
ily, who had been pimping there.
Mlsa Bertha Bue of Wallowa, and
tslend, Mrs. Rochstad of Portland,
ipent Friday night here with friends.
Mrs. W. W. Wlllett returned to
her home at Lostlne Friday after
a ahort visit here with friends and
relatives. .,- ,;
Mrs. Charlea McVar of North Yak-
!ma. slater of Mrs. W. H. Graves,
after a pleasant visit here, left Frl-
liS for Baker City.
W. E. Taggart. the, Insurance man
has adjusted the fire loss, of Mrs. N.
Falconer's barn, paying the full
amount of her claim, $100.
Mlsa Greta Harman, who Is attend
ing ' Normal! went to Lostlne Sat-
4 to spend the two days vaca-
ion at her, home near there.
Mrs. J. W. Flowers went to Union
Friday, to visit Mrs. Et Rutter.
Her daughter. Llda. who had been
working at Joseph, accompanied her.
William iLuchman of Rock Island,-
111.; left for Walla Walla, Friday,
after a few day visit witn nis.
friends, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. DU-worth.
Mrs. J. . Burleigh and Mrs. D. F.
Steele went to the . Minam, Satur
day, to meet Mr. Burleigh, return-
lrg from La Grande on the after
noon train.
Miss May Dobbin, after a pleasant
visit at the home of her cousin, J.
H. Dobbin, left Saturday, for Ya
colt, Wash., where she ia employed
as a' teacher.
Canfiu Banking lnsurts th Satly of Diposlts,"
Depositor! Have That Guarantee at
CAPITAL 150,000
SURPLUS 156,000
Wc Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. W. Hyatt, President
.... . - T r-m I .1 A
Ueo. n. uraig, vice rreeiueu
W. R. Holmes, Cashier
A. J. Boehmer, AmL Cashier
Mr ni Mm T L. Reavls and
child have moved back to Enter-
nrlim frnm Crowell. Teias. Their
many friends are gtal to know tney
hav dim In become citizens Of the
Geo .B.Craio Gko. W. Hyatt mattik a. holmm
293 acres Alder Slope, $23,000.00
80 acres Alder Slope, $ 8,000.00
160 acres hill land, about six miles out, $2,000.00
320 acres, 12 miles out, $3,200.00
City L,ot, $100 to $300
Residence Property 9GBO to $3,000
Fire Insurance Surety Bond Live Stock Insurance
W. E. TAGGART, The Real Estate M.n.
. Tiir-VT
ENTjUKrKlSlS, : : : : ukuuuix
I best town and county on earth.
at sSZZS
nterpria Oregon