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    Hlatsrfsai 1st
Saturday Edition
Enterprise, wallow a county, Oregon, Saturday, june 4, 1910.
Cent a word single Insertion, 1
cents a word 2 Insertions. Special
rates by month, and year.
Laid if s' bracelet, on Slope road to
Joseph. Owner can have same by
calling at this office, describing prop
erty, etd paying for this notice.
Faradlse, May 6.
M. E. Hotchkiss of Enterprise has
filed on, some land) oa Joseph! Creek
nar the mouth, of Rush; Creek.
C. D. Akin has sold bis ranch to
O. L. Barnes. -u : , ,
James Barnes, Ida Bowlin, C. D
Akin, O. L. Barnes and D. O. Balls
bed papers made, by the local not
ary recently.
Mat Devia of fclora went to Aso
tin after hte wife. ,
Rev. Jackson and wife are here.
Mrs. Jackson delivered a sermon, last
night at Straley's hall.
George Frazer, the Flora butch
er, was down to Mack Shelton'a and
bought the firm's, sheep pelts.
Mack Sbelton and Don ' Coggtas
made a trip to Wollowa this week.
Thomas Barnes has moved- out
near Enterprise on his homestead.
Bailey Shelton and family were up
from the. river. He saya they will
commence shearing about May 10th.
Dr. Gltoaore of Flora made a pro
fessional call on Mrs.'W. B. Apple
gate. ' , ;"
Rev. Gibson, moderator in the
Grande Ronde Baptist association,
well and " most favorably known
through this' section, of Oregon, left
Enterprise Monday niornlng for
Baker City where he will attend the
meeting of the Baptist asocelatton of
which he is an officer as stated. He
wlU probably remain- from EnterT
prise for some two weeks,' return
ing on or about June 16. He goes
directly to La Grande, and will at
tend to his field duties until the
10th of June, whem the meeting oc
curs at Baker City, continuing until
June 12th inclusive. Mr. Gibson re
porta hte work here as very satisfac
tory, the preliminary duties being
practically through with, respecting
the erection of a new church edi
fice here. "
Stockh adders' Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stock -'holders
of the Enterprise Hotel Com
pany will be held at the company's
b tej In Enterprise, Oregon, on Mon
dav, June 20th, at two o'clock p. m.,
fn. the purpose of electing a board
o! directors, and the transaction of
before said meeting.
GEO. W. HYATT, Secy.
Oakes carries full line of Lowe
Brothers' Paints. 108tf
TV All,
"iVlfri PURCHASES C9 ' -
We Have the Exclusive
W. J. FUNK a GO. i
The Commercial club met Thurs
day night with a good ab'-endance,
and talked over natters of great
Importance to Entorpri3e and Wal
lo(wa county to general. The mat
ter of advertising .this section of Or
egon, that is Wallowa county and
Dniterprlse, was taken -up and dis
euaed at length,
A committee was appointed to con
fer with the . Commercial clubs of
Wallowa, Lostlne and Joseph, and
-hese clubs with . the Enterprise
club to arrange with, ithe county
court of Wallo.wa county for proper
advertising of the county's re
sources and opportunities.
The matter is a most Important
one to every city and every resi
dent In tho county. It la a general
measure, having nothing more to do
wtth ono locality than another ' in
the "county. It promises results to
every township and not to a few.
hdi it is hEed that It may bo en
tered Into by every city and resident
for the common good and the com
mon ' development. The committee
appointed -was as follows: 3. B.
Boyd to confer with Wallowa, Bick
ford and Payne to confer with Jo
seph and the confrere with Lostine
lo be filled by Charles Cro.w.' Thla
committee wilt report at the next
meeting. 1
The matter of the Fourth of July
celebration was taken up, and it was
considered that it were more prac
tical to let the celebration' go by
And devote all the energy toward
thai falT In the fall. A committee
composed of A. C. Miller Geo. W.
Hyatt, B. B. Boyd, C. S. Bradley,
C. H. Zurcher, W. R. Holmes and J.
C.Shackelford,, was appointed to take
the matter in charge. This commit
tee will have the power to appoint
subcommittees and take entire chart
of the preparations' for the fair. It
will report at the next meeting of
the club.
Twq other committees were . ap
pointed, one to look into the mat
ter of rural delivery routes out of
Emterprlce, and the other to confer
wt:h the business men of Enterprise
relative to the advertising fundi pro-ic-'.'i
ocilo weeks a&o, and pai;'a!l
subscribed to.' Tba former commit
tee la composed of Postmaster Ben
Weathers, L. E. Jordan and Geo. W.
Hyatt; the latter committee is com
posed of L. B. Payne, W. R. Holmes
and Geo. W. Hyatt.
Other matters were discussed,
mention of which Is made ln an
other column.
.Mrs. .J. T. Harey and little
daughter returned from La Grande
Saturday evening. Mrs. Harvey's
health Is very materially improved.
Mrs. g
Housewife: I
We do not have
to enlarge on the
merits of
Chase &
Sanborn's f
Teas and Coffees f
for you know all s
about their su
perior qualities.
Agency in Enterprise
W. p. Samms presents a unique
problem for . the chemists' of the
country," in the presence of floe
jl!ow looking U vi wKch was pre
c'pliated in a rainfall upon the sides
of an ordinary galvanized 'iron wash
tub, and appuaiint! to be fine par
tVtltjs of oxidized ihmlstry from
iho H.iltcy roniet's ,tn!l. According
to newspaper report, such "star
dusi" was found in Lewiston, Ida
N). Mr. Samms states that the pre
oipit&tion was not formed' during
that day and evening the earth
wo passing through the comet's
tail, but was deposited! . In a rain:
fall subsequently. It la not improbv
atle that fine particles of the com
et's tail remained in our atmosphere
from the celestial visitor, and were
precipitated In solution with wat
er, or rainfall, and oxldleed on the
Iron of the tubs' as supposed.
Piairie Creek
District Smiles
Crops and Stock Are Looking Fiie
; and All Bids Well For
What every visitor to Wallowa
county should do Is to take a ride up
the valley Into the Prairie Creek dis
trict. He will ' be surprised at
the thousands of acres of rich, level
land extending for miles off north,
aast and southland the .rapid settle
ment of that section of the valley
wll' stagger the mind that is looking
for a "new country." Farms there
are not only fenced but the most) of
them are cross fenced. Some of the
finest hogs, cattle and horses as .well
as sheep are found there. Some of
th best-toothy and, alfalfa lhi the
world are grown there. - Potatoes,
Leans, cucumbers', and all sorts' of
garden vegetables , and apples are
found flowering into perfection, - and
life is contributed to by almost all
phases of ncture. , ." .
Visit Hunt Ranch.
An Enterprise Press representative
visited at the H. S. Hunt ranch. This
ranch is snug against the foothills of
the mountain range, la level, Is pro
tected from winds, on from such
small winds as occur here, and is un
usually ,well protected1 from late
frosts by Its altitude. Mr. Hunt has
beans and cucumbers up out of the
ground. "He grows the most tooth
some sweet corn imaginable there,
ais potatoes have but one fault, and
that is, If he doesn't vatch them
grow too big. And all general farm
produce to grown on the ranch In
Watjer Power 'Handy.
In. addition to the general farming
and stock raising on this ranch,
Prairie Creek flows directly throuBh
the (arm and within ftcty feet, pf
the kitchen door. The fall of the
creek Is sufficient, within about 400
feet, to create good horse power,
and Mr. Hunt has harnessed enough
of this pqwer to do his own and the
neighborhood grinding. For about
that distance a flume baa been built,
conveying the water to a large ov
ershot wheel. This wheel turns the
jhof ting which la turn sets- the chc
min, elevator and all, Into operation.
When either Mr. Hunt or any of the
nelghrtortag ranchers desire barley
chopped or desire graham flour all
he has to do Is turn the water on
and start the mill.
Utilizing the same power, Mr, Hunt
run his cream separator. Formerly
before the timber went Into the re
serve, Mr. Hunt erected am Improvis
ed cross or drag saw, and made the
creek aa,w all his wood for him.
It was a ' pleasant visit Mr. and
Mrs. Hunt and their daughter gave
their guests from Enterpries, who
were: Dr. and Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Jeai
Ellis, and Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Dil
wo th. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and fami
ly spared no pain to make the vis
It one of themost pleasant and all
departed feeling bettered from the
touch of sublime nature with which
the host and hostess and family are
surrounded dally.'
All crops throughout the entire
district traversed wer looking fine.
A more promising year never pre
sented kself to eastern Oregon
Off u the Elop country, too, fol
lowing tb read betwoen Joseph and
Enterprise, alt crops and stock are
in the most promising condition. New
ground lots of It has been broken
and seeled to this or that, and
the en tore topography of the land
scape has been changed by tbls hus
bandry, v
Twenty-three thousand, three hun
dred and otxty-tive acres of good,
rich, virgin Wallowa county land
has been released from thei for
est reserve and placed for entry by
the recent order of Secretary Ballln
gof. Other lands In Idaho, near Po
catello, involving a similar acreage,
were also restored to entry.
. This will be received with delight
ty every resident of Wallowa coun
ty, the lands (restored lying north,
iiorthwest and east of Enterprise,
cju will mean a more rapid develop
ment of the county agriculturally be
cause of a more rapid settlement
than otherwise. It ,wlll be received
with gratitude also by the prospec
tive eastern settler who was liter
ally turned back to his eastern
home by running against a reserve
that simply held new districts
from progress.
Postmaster J. . C. Young died In
Portland early Monday morning, of
cancer of the stomach. He had been
seriously 111 for over two months and
at the time of his death was sur
rounded by his family and Immedi
ate friends.
Mr. Young was appointed! post
master In Portland in 1909. He was
formerly of Baker City, and! ,was at
the time of his appointment as post-,
master serving as private secretary
to .Senator' Bourne. Mr. Young's
daughter married Walter Block, not
long ago, the latter the son of Mox
Block of La Grande. Postmaster
Young was, a nephew of Brlgham
Voung,,,. . ... "
Official Proceedings
Of the County Court
(Continued from Wednesday.)
Fifth Judicial Day.
Tuesday, May 17, 1910.
Court met pursuant to adjournment
when were present as on yesterday.
The following proceedings were
In the matter of allow big miscella
neous bills against the county:
Now at this time the matter oil al
lowing the miscellaneous ' bUI
against the county came on for
consideration, and the catd bills
having been submitted to the
court and the court having pass
ed upon and audited each of said
bills separately as arrears from
toe signature of the court there
on, It Is hereby considered and order
ed by tho court that the saldl bills
be allowed and warrants Issued
by the county clerk ty payment, of
the same as allowed In classes and
amount!, as follows:
High School Fund.
To Whom Drawn. For What. Am't.
D. L. Mc Adams, janitor work..$ 2 50
II. K. Shirk, miscellaneous ex
penses ...... 12 00
General Fund. )
A. H. Meyer, Juror May Term. 19 40
D. S. Church, Juror May term . 23 00
J. M. Frultts, juror May term 21 40
J. A. ClUasple, Juror May tern 9 20
W. B. Daggett, Juror May term 19 20
Fred Bork, Juror May term.. 27 20
Will Tippobt, Juror May term. 9 20
J. II. Williams, Juror May terra 20 60
Leonard Johnson, Juror , Mcy
term .... .... 22 00
W. Q. Trill, defending James
Lane 25 00
Chas. H. Wllllcms, Juror May
tsnu 27 00
J. II. Enuffer, Juror May term 24 00
B. F. Bechdolt, Juroj May, term 23 00
Thos. Morgan, Juror May term 16 00
Daniel Boyd,' defending Henry
Wright 23 00
J. H. YcEIroy, Juror Blay. term 19 00
T." L. Sberod, Juror May terra 19 00
7. Q. Bett'a, Juror May term 19 40
R. E, HealMt, Juror May term 9 80
A. J, Conklln, JurofMay term 85 00
Will IZayea, Juror Kay term 15 70
J. W. Vcmack, Juror May term 22 20
C. M. McFetridge, Juror May
term ..' iO 80
Wrtus Hanson, juror May term 18 40
R. W. ColpKts, Juror May term 24 80
A. J. Harris, Juror May term 12 20
L. F. McAnuUy, grand Jury
bailiff 15 00
H. C. Cramor, grand Jury bailiff 15 00
Ole Pagln, court bailiff 18 00
II. R. Hanoa, official reporter 60 00
N. D. Varnor, Juror May term 15 90
W. C. Boatman, typewriters
cleaned 2 50
Glass Prudhomme Co., supplies 94 90
K. E. Me'rryaian, work Edg-
niand rood 6 00
H. E. Merryman, work Boner
roadi 7 50
Wallowa Mercantile Co., cus
pidors 5 55
Edgar Marvin, help during clr
cult court .' 16 50
Thos. M. Dill, expense during
court ; 20 00
Nole Duncan, duties as con
stable , 2 10
A. F. Sheets, justice fees.... 2 60
(Continued! on page 3.)
Wedding of Well
Known Persons
Forsylho-EIIswortH Nuptials Cel
ebrated In, La Grande
Juna. 1. ',
A beautiful home wedding took
place Wednesday evening, June 'l,
at 8 o'clock at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles W. Ellsworth. 2&02
Ash street, La Grande, when Miss
aernyce A. Ellsworth vtras united in
marriage to Mr. Robert, Leo For
sythe, of Enterprise, Rev. W. H. Gib-
wn officiating. The young people
are Justly popular. Miss Bernyce
is one of La Grande's charming
young ladies who is honored, loved
and appreciated for genuine worth.
Mr, Forsythe la the son of Mr. and
Mrs. E. J. Forsythe and ia one of
he moat respected young business
men of Enterprise.
Miss Maggie Coleman acted aa the
bride's attendant, and Mr. Walter
R. Parker as the groom's best man.
The Ellsworth home was tastefully
aecorated In pink and white. Cu
pid's figure with drawn bow and ar
row-pierced heart was everywhere In
evidence, and thus was told the
story of love's triumph. A three
course welding supper of dainty
and rare abandon oe ,was tastefully
served. The guests were a few se
lect friends of La Grande, and Mr.
and Mrs. Q. J. Forsythe and daugh
ter, Mlsa Eula, of Enterprlne.
A 5 o'clock dinner will be served
today at the home of tae groom's
parents hero, the young couple arriv
ing from La Grande this afternoon. -
Mrs. Mattte Coffnian. left for Oah.
kosh, Wis., Tuesday morning, whith
er she was called by the serious Ill
ness ol her mother there, Mrs, H.
J. Hughes. The latter l an. aired
lady upwards of 80 years, and Is
suffering from blood poison. Little
hope of her recovery is entertained
by the surviving relatives, owing to
the advanced age of the patient and
the nature of her ailment. Mrs.
Coffman arrived In Enterprise Tues
day morning to take the train for
her mother's bedside.
' 293 acres Alder Slope, $23,000.00
" 80 acres Alder Slope, $ 8,000.00 'V Vv
160 acres hill land, about six miles out, $2,000.00
320 acres, 12 miles out, $3,200.00
City L,ota, $100 to $300
Residence Property, $6SO to $3,000
Fire Insurance Surety Bond Live Stock Insurance
W. E. TAGGART The Pioneer Real Estate Baa.
Z.Carfu Bankmf Insurts thi Safity of Dtpofits,"
Depositors Have That Guarantee at
CAPITAL !)0,000 f
SURPLUS 165,000 j
Wc Do a General Banking Business.
Exchange Bought and Sold on
All Principal Cities.
Geo. W. Hystt, President
- Geo. B. Craig, Vice President
Gko A Cbaio Gko. W. Hyatt Mattib A. Holm its
J. H. Dobbin W. B. Holmks
Troy, June 2. The body of Frank
Russell woo found late Sunday ev
ening, one mile below the ranch of
Charles Shoemaker, la the Grande
Ronde river. It was brought to
this city the first of the week for
Frank Russell drowned In the Lit
tle Salmon river, about four miles
above the river's mouth, April 24. He
was attempting to cross the stream
at the time. Searching parties , were
sent out Immediately, and a close
watch has been kept for the body
ever since, though no trace of it
before Sunday was found.
The body had been drifted down
ty the current four miles In the
Little Salmon river and down belov
the Shecmaker ranch on the Grande
Ronde, a total distance of over 25
miles. It la stated that though the
remains had been In the water for
so long a period, yet the, cold tem
perature of 'the rivers had preserv
ed it welL His remaining relatives
and friends both at the time of. his
death and In the recovery and
burial of the body have the sym
pathy of th whole county.
Lancashire Humor.
- There was a Lancashire collier' who
went out on Sunday with his wheel
barrow because, as he said, "I've tost
ml dog, an' a felly looks sich a foo'
gooln' a-walkln' bl hlsself." ,
Then there was the worklngmen's
club committee which wanted to in
dorse the accounts "audited and found
correct and tuppence over" and the .
customer who, on being told that the
price of candles had gone up owing to
the war, asked whether they were
"felghtln' bl candle leot" '
Also one recalls the laggard Lan
cashire lover who, when asked for a
kiss, said be was "gooln' to do it In a
bit," and the old ladles who praised a
certain Darwin clergyman as "a grand
burler," and of the orator who trans
lated "Dleu et mon droit" Into VEvll be
to him what evil thinks!" "Lancashire
Life and Character," by Frank Orme
rod. Japan's Giant WrsitUrs.
Japanese wrestlers are not con
fused with Japanese exponents of Jlu
JHhu. The wrestlers belong to the
older school, In which weight Is a par
amount quality. It la a remarkable
thing that a race which Is on the av
erage four or Ave Inches under the Eu
ropean standard In point of height
should have produced a special cult of
wrestlers who are giants In stature
and strength. The leading wrestlers
of Tokyo or Osaka or Illogo are all
men at least six feet In height and
Weighing perhaps 800 pounds. They
are a race apart. Wrestling Is an oc
cupation which has been banded uown
from father to sou for many genera
tions. And the explanation of their
prowess is that they have always been
meat eaters, while the rest of Japan,
either from choice or necessity, have
been In the main vegetarians.
W. R. Holmes, Cashier
A. J. Boehmer, Ami, Cashier