The news=record. (Enterprise, Wallowa County, Or.) 1907-1910, November 14, 1907, Image 3

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Semi-Annual Statement.
Of the amount of Money and Warrants received for Taxes, and Money
paid to the County Treasurer by the Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon, for
uic oiA iiiviiuia cuuuig on me outn uay ox
To amounts received
In Coin and
Currency $22815 29
In County
' Warrants 221 30
$2435 31
$2435 31
$2435 31
Total received $23036 59
By Amounts Paid
$22815 29
221 30
To County
' Treasurer
Total paid Treasurer $23036 59 $2435 31 .'2228 71 2183 98
Total Amount paid Treasurer $29884 59
State of Oregon, County of Wallowa ss. ,...-..
I, J. M. Blakely, Sheriff of said County, do hereby certify that the fore
going statement is correct and true. -
Witness my hand this 26th day of Oct., A. D. 1907,
J. M. Blakely, Sheriff of Wallowa County
Semi-Annual Statement.
, ... Of the County Treasurer of Wallowa County, Oregon, for the six
months ending on the 30th day of September 1907 of money received and paid out,
from whom received and from what source and on what account paid out.
' Amounts received General Funds.
To amounts on hand last report $54253 76
" " Received froni Sheriff . 29884 59
" " " " County Clerk 1379 15
" 1 " " " County Library 266 20
" " " Assessor ' 121 00
" ' " ' " Institute Funds . 70 00
: " State Treasurer
' Amount paid out
Special schools
County orders v
Contingent Funds
County road
County School
County High School
State Road
Institute Fund
Road Districts
City of Enterprise
City of Joseph
City of Wallowa
County Library
Chas. Moore Estate.
Amounts on hand
General Fund , ' 5 '
County High School
County School
Ceunty r6ad
. . . , $92691 52
State of Oregon, County of Wallowa, ss.
I, Frank A. Reavis, do hereby certify thit the foregoing is a tru e and
correct statement of the amounts received, paid out and remaining on hand,
in, the County Treasury of said County for the six months ending on the 30th day
of September A. D. 1907.
Witness my hand this 7th day of November A. D. 1907.
'' .' Frank A. Reavis, County Treasurer.
Second-Haiid Store
' E2C
RODGERS BROS. Proprietors
Dealers in New and Second-hand goods, Bicycles atid Bicycle Repairs.
Furniture Repaired, Upholstering done. Counters, Show Cases, Store
fixtures, and Old Mission Furniture made to Order, . All, goods called
for and delivered any place in town.; We are located in the 'Enterprise
Restaurant Building, west side of the city square. Call' in' and see us.
. Our Fall and Winter Stock of
.. . , ......
has arrived and are selling very rapidly and if you want a bar
gain in a hand-tailored Coat, come at once before the stock is
picked over. Prices range from $ O up as high as $28 and
we think we have the prettiest line that has been shown in
We have a good strong line of these coats and are offering
good values for your money. If you will call and examine our
stock we will please and save you money. Every department
is fitted with fall and winter merchandise and we are kept
busy showing our many patrons the bargains that we have
to offer,' but i? you will call we will try to convince you that
our prices are the lowest. Come and we will treat you right,
Dept., a, u. isui,
the month of
June July
Aug Sept
$2183 98
$2228 71
$2228 71 $2133 98
Total amount received $29884 59
During the months of
June July Aug. Sept.
$2228 71
$2183 93
4248 48
2468 40
$92691 52 ;
General Fund
$1565 62
34796 64 !
677 49 '
4177 00 1
10601 98
4152 75
1956 31 '
96 25
4969 71
341 17
. 865 42
675 51
259 56
79 00
5752 56
10946 89
5701 53
854 56
514 16
707 41
M. &
Semi-Annual Report.
Of the County Clerk of Wallowa Ccunty, Stata of Oregon, showing the
amount and number of claims allowed by the County Court of said county, for
what allowed, amount of warrants drawn, and amount of warrants outstanding
and unpaid, from the 1st. day of April 1907, to the 30th day of Sept . 1907, both in
clusive. On what ac'ct al'ld Am't of claims al'ld Am't of warrant d'n
September. 30, 1907
Road and bridges
Stationary n
Court House and jail
Circuit Court
Justice Court
County Commissioners
Road Supervisor's Salary
Teachers Examination
Rebate on tax '
Board of Prisoners
County High School
Total amount claims allowed and d'n $36386 16 $36386 16
Amounts of outstanding warrants unpaid Principal Interest
Outstanding unpaid county warrants and
not presented for payment on the 30th
day of Sept.' 1907. " 335 07
Estimated interest accrued thereon
Total amount of unpaid County Warrants $335 07
State of Oregon, County of Wallowa, ss.
I, J. A. French, County Clerk of the County of Wallowa, State of Ore
gon, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct statement of
the number and amount of claims allowed by the County Court of said County
for the six montha ending on the 30th day of September 1907, on what account
the same, were allowed, and the amount of warrants drawn, and the amount of
warrants outstanding and unpaid as the same appear upon the records of my
office and in my official custody
Witness my hand and the seal of the County Court of said County this
9ch day of November, A. D.. 1907.
J. A. French, County Clerk.
Semi-Annual Summary Statement.
Of The Financial Condition ef the County of Wallowa, in the State of
Oregon, on the 30th day of Sept. A. D. 1907.
Liabilities Amounts
September 30. 1908. . .
To warrants drawn on the County Treasurer and out
standing and not presented for payment $335 07
To estimated amount of interest accrued thereon '
Total Liabilities
Resources ' ' ',.
September 30, 1907.
By funds in hands of County Treasurer applicable to
the payment of county warrants'
By estimated unpaid current taxes applicable to the pay-
. ment of County warrants
Total Resources
Bauer Recovers His Team. j
The bay team of workhorses cwned j
by Jacob Bauer of the Enterprise Ilctel,
winch liave been missing lor over a
month, were brought to town Monday
night and turned over to the owner by4
James Moxley who found them between
Big and Little Sheep creeks. 1'he
horses got out of Bauer's barn lot here
OctoberO and it was first believed they
were stolen. A filly disappeared at the
same time but she whs found a few days
later in a pasture field near town. The
team was found near the head of Sheep
oreek a few weeks ago but broke Bway.
when being brought in and have roamed
the range until rounded up by Moxley.
Mr. Bauer offered a reward ot 825 for
the horses and $100 for trie arrest' and
conviction of the thief at the time when
it was thought the animals had been
Admires The Scenery.
Hon. Joseph G. Camp, the lecturer,
is enthusiastic about Wallowa valley
and its surrounding mountains. "The
most beautiful country I have ever
seen," said Mr. Camp. He took out
with him a large number of views of
the valleys, mountains and lake, mainly
from F. A. Reavis' splendid collection.
$7612 56
496 84
631 76
5116 80
532 59
1763 90
242 85
271 30
1933 12
19 00
1506 30
74 00
40 47
605 90
195 31
C730 90
$7612 56
496 84
631 76
. 5116 80
532 59
1763 90
242 5 i
271 30
1933 12
19 00
1506 30
74 00
40 47
605 90
195 : 1
6730 90
$335 07
$ 5752 56
22021 24
$27773 80
Real Estate Transfers
2 Weeks Ending Nov. 9, 1907-rrejared
. By Vallowa Law, Land &
Abstract Co.
James A. Funk to William Makin,
se sw see 2, t 2 s, r 44 e. $2000.
William Maklu to Thomas Morgan,
se sw sec 2, t 2 s, r 44 e. $2400.
Charles N. Walker to the George
Palmer Lumber Co., lots 8 and 4, see
19, 1 4 n, r 43; the s half of no and nw
of Be see 24, t 4 n, r 42 e. $1.00.
John McDonald to Lyman' Lydall,
lots 11 and 12, blk 2, in MeDoiiuld add
to Wallowa. 100.
U. C. Couch to Crossett Timber Co.,
s half se sec 12, t 1 n, r 41 e, and lot
No. 4, see 7, and lots 1 and 2, 8 nee 18,
tin, r42e. $1.
Amm M. Whiting to Crossett Tim
ber Co., se ii w se sw and lots 6 and 6,
sec 6, t 2 ii, r 41 e. $1.
Matilda Neal to C. J. Hewitt, lot 5,
block 1, Riverside add to Joseph. $125.
Aaron Wudo to Jos. A. Eggleson,
the se of the lie, sec 13, t 2 s, r 44 e.
W. J. Ktraley to PinK Straley, lots 3
and 4, of sec 4, 1 6 n, r 45 e. $1250.
Newell Btubblelleld to Falicho Ktub
blefleld, an undiv half lilt In lots 2, 3
and 4, blk 4, town of Enterprise.
15 per Cent od Your
'1 wo Houses
Paying $18 a
month rent.
$1500 FOR BOTH
Lots one-fourth Block in Size
for from
$100 to $400.
Residences from
$1100 to foOOO
All atmve property
in Enterprise.
Good Furin Propositions
Special Offer to Subscribers.
In order to help make known the
resources of Wallowa county and the
opportunities here for ., hoinesetker-
and investor, the News Record makes
this special offer: Atiy regular sub
scriher may have sent one or more
copies of the! News Record to any
address outside the county, at the
following rate:
:Yearly subscriptions each $1.00.
Single copies 6 cents, 6 copies same
Issue 25 cents, mailed from ofllce with
out extra charge,
Harness and Saddles
Will supply your needs in the Leather Goods line more cheaply and
give better satisfaction than any other tlealerin-Wallowa county.
Let him lit you out for the season's work. Bepair work a specialty.
Horses Boarded by Day, Week or Month
Good Care of all Stock. .
One Block North of Court House.
J. C. SHACKLEFORD, Proprietor.
Miss Bella Millard Is confined to the
house this week with mumps.
Cleave Weaver returned from Imna-
ha Saturday. He reports the winter
range quite short there.
Miss Stella Laird, who has been ilj
for the past year, is much improved.'
Alder Slope Bitch company has just
completed a new head-gate on the
ditch. .
Bert McCormack and Bort Day
started Friday from Imiiaha with a
bund of horses for winter range.
J. B. Kooch delivered 24 head of
hogs at Enterprise Monday which
averaged 100 pounds each.
J. L. Mcltitiney started for La
Grande Monday with. a load of house
hold furniture for David CornelLson. -
James Hays and Sylvester Millard
returned Sunday evening from a hunt
ing trip on Ininaha. They report hav
ing killed three deer.
Rev. Owen wilU4r4.a singing school
at Alder next Friday evening. I hope
he will have a large attendance ami a
great success.
Frnita, Nov. 7 W. Musty and family
have returned from the Valley, where
they were visiting.
Mrs. Musty iti acting as postmaster
in the absence of Tlios. Rich and family.
School commenced Monday Nov. 4,
Mies Myrta Hays as teacher.
L. O. Pago is busy gathering his
cuttle to be delivered about the 15th.
Mr. and Mrs. (iillaspie, Messrs. E.
(iillaspie and Chns. White were callers
on Tbos. Rich and wife, Saturday.
Mrs. A. W. Hodgin returned home
Monday, after a two weeks visit at
Win. Poth returned to Joseph after
making a visit with his brother, Walter,
and sister, Mrs. Jennie ltlcvims.
The illustrated lecture-sermon given
at the school house here Saturday by
Rev. M. J. Thompson was a decided
success. The pictures were .plain and
conveyed a graphic description of
home life in India, th.'ir cimtoins and
modes of worship. Appropriate songs
were sung with good effect and the
entire program was listened to by an
attentive audience. This is the second
of a series of six lectures. The next
will Iks given about Nov. 20 or 23, and
will be on "Life In Darkest Afrluu."
Boom On at Miriam.
Joe Harvey of Minam was at Elgin
last week, and told the Recorder man
there wuh a boom on at Minam. There
will be quite a tiwn at the bridge fomn
day and no mistake.
North Country Altitudes.
County Commission! r W. C. Wilson
gives the following as the government
HnurcH on altitude along the Enterprise-
I'aradisn road : Enterprise 3740 feet,
Snow hill 5020, Red Fir 4!I50, Carltrn
Akins store, Paradise, 3000, (irando
Rondo ferry, 7 miles north of Paradise
Creditor's Notice.
In the County Court ol the htate ot Oreuon,
fur Wallowa County, fit die of On'Knti.
In the matter ot the Kutnto of Klmer V.
Moore. Deceased.
Sntlep la hereby (riven that the under
pinned, K. Moore, hm been duly appointed
iih the administratrix of the en tutu of Klmer
V. Moore, dei-eimed, by Die County Court of
anld County, and a audi administratrix lots
been duly quulllled; nil peraona holding
clalmk ajcuinM wild palate are hereby nntllled
to prt-wiit the mime to the underpinned ad
ministratrix, Ht the oflWyo
Kiiteprli", Oregon, duly verified n required
bylaw, will. hi aix montha from the date ot
thin notice,
luted tlilt 24th of October, 1007.
E. Moohk,
Adinltil"trnr x of the Extato of Kliner V.
Mnori'. dt- rttf'. MUt
, BniatUjH n Uoto, Attorneys iur Kttute.
Professional Directory
Business Cards
Physicians and Surgeons.
Physician Surgeon
E. T. Anderson, M. D.
Enterprise, Oregon.
Physician and 8urgeon
Independent riione. ,
Olllce up stairs in Bank Bldg.
v :t neys-at-Law.
.1. A, Burklfli
Daniel lloyd
Burleiqh 8c Boyd
Will pructlco in all the Courts of
tlilsSlateatnl before the Interior
and its olllces.
Tho most careful attention
given to all business entrusted
to our care.
Enterprise, Oregon.
When Passing On The Lewis
ton Road, Stop At Tho
Sled Springs Hotel.
Plenty of Sin I lo Rom...
S. 15. CONNER, Proprietor.
Win. Mcllroy an Company.
Farms, Timber Lands, Acreage,
Iots, Residence anil Business
Property For (Sale. Timber Lo
cating a Specialty
Stone Mason and Cutter
Cut stone flues constantly on
Land for short order work,
ulso fresh lime.
L. J. Pihki.l, Wam.owa, Ok.
Ruggles & Lothrope,
The House
We will move your house, barn or
other buildings in a careful manner
also put in new foundations when
wun ted.
If you are in need of any work In
our line, call on or address us at
Order the New lie ;ord sent to an
Eastern friend and hull) bring another
1 settler here.